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European Stereotypes


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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  8 months ago +5276

    Showed the wrong map when talking about Bulgaria. Sorry! Here's a stereotype about Americans: They suck at geography.

  • Skipper 32
    Skipper 32 11 hours ago

    That's not true! Poland not even close😡

  • Caesar Octavianus Augustus

    What a shitties video

  • Dvysk Horn
    Dvysk Horn Day ago

    Western Russia is part of the European continent and Turkey is not an european contry (0:07)

  • Jeffery Hough
    Jeffery Hough 2 days ago


  • nick leback
    nick leback 2 days ago +1

    They all hate americans to an unreasonable extent and brag about how much better their country is than america. And yet they call the americans rude and arrogant.

  • dead meme
    dead meme 2 days ago

    Finally I here about Lithuania!!
    Were are the Lithuanian people at ?🇱🇹

  • Ihaveacatbutwantadog.

    Im sorry but i can speak near fluent hungarian. And the food is very nice. Ive had no stew there in the 7 years ive been going

  • Ulrich von Peßnitzer

    There are so many mistakes in this video for example the flag of Luxembourg looks different

  • Florin Vids
    Florin Vids 3 days ago

    i thought the romanian stereotype will either be about vampires or that we are drunk half the time(P.S we are no vampires but we really are drunk half the time)

    PROFCIG T_T 4 days ago

    1:16 that's Romania

  • Lucia S.U
    Lucia S.U 4 days ago

    did anyone else fastforwaded to their country

  • Nathan Dube
    Nathan Dube 5 days ago

    I know Switzerland, couldn't be in the list but maybe most people will agree that the country is underrated

  • Teh Robloxian D00d
    Teh Robloxian D00d 5 days ago

    Romania is a country with well-paid jobs,but we don't have enough workers and really many gypsies who are not working

  • andu ro
    andu ro 6 days ago

    You are such a shame .Romania isn't Bulgaria

  • German fnaf gaming
    German fnaf gaming 6 days ago


  • The Private Internetter

    You showed the Dutch flag when you were talking about Luxembourg!

  • Lew TV
    Lew TV 7 days ago

    That is Romania not Bulgaria.

  • Important Marina
    Important Marina 7 days ago +1

    The greek stereotype is completely wrong

  • Luxai
    Luxai 8 days ago

    Uh, what? There are sad people in every country of the world, dude, Sweden isn't standing out. In fact, we rank among the top countries consistently in overall happiness.
    I question your sources, which you did not disclose btw.

  • Phil Rubi
    Phil Rubi 8 days ago

    Talks about Bulgaria, shows Rumania

  • Paul Halgean
    Paul Halgean 9 days ago


  • Paul Halgean
    Paul Halgean 9 days ago

    Bulgaria is Romania

  • Nessie il mostro di Loch Ness

    Is it weird that the italian stereotypes are actually true?

  • Tee
    Tee 11 days ago

    What about African Americans stereotypes

  • Mr Leopard 1
    Mr Leopard 1 11 days ago

    The Luxemburg flag is on belguim XD and btw you used the Dutch flag on luxemburg

  • adi farcas
    adi farcas 11 days ago

    you are very wrong. You talked about ROMANIA, in stead of BULGARIA. Shame on you

  • Altstorm Cloak
    Altstorm Cloak 11 days ago

    4:20 tf was that it's pronounced crack (not like the drug) lmao

  • coffebee 123
    coffebee 123 12 days ago

    England is leaving the European union

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin 12 days ago

    Wait finland exists?

  • aedryk
    aedryk 12 days ago

    This video needs to be updated. They need to change the characters to brown muslims of peace and somali grooming gangs. Except you, Poland.

  • ShyShy Lex
    ShyShy Lex 13 days ago


  • Leszy
    Leszy 13 days ago

    Kurwa Polacy wcale nie są złośliwi ty ciulu xd

  • Lara a
    Lara a 13 days ago

    They also showed the Dutch flag while talking about Luxemburg lmao

  • Thomas Huber
    Thomas Huber 13 days ago

    To Austria I can say: Yes yes and yes. The second and the third stereeotype are a no.

  • spatic gamer
    spatic gamer 14 days ago

    tally give me i wanna watch

  • Denislav Angelov
    Denislav Angelov 14 days ago

    Bulgaria is below Romania wtf 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Janka Gniazdowska
    Janka Gniazdowska 16 days ago

    It's wrong...

  • Nut Cracker
    Nut Cracker 16 days ago

    U forgot Turkey!

  • SavageAlpha
    SavageAlpha 16 days ago

    Im slovenian

  • Ana Pavlin
    Ana Pavlin 16 days ago


  • The_Ulrik
    The_Ulrik 17 days ago


  • Србобран Наставник веронауке

    Why didn't you put Serbia?

  • Hernán Uliana
    Hernán Uliana 17 days ago

    You highlighted Romania when talking about Bulgaria. Not funny for any romanian or bulgarian.

  • Ábel Molnár
    Ábel Molnár 18 days ago

    Hungary hasn't got such a grim weather. However in autumn and in winter Hungary has a cold weather but in spring and in summer (especially in summer) the temperature can even reach 40°C. And yeah we are really pessimistic people.

  • Dalvìk
    Dalvìk 19 days ago

    You mentioned Britain being part of the EU 🤨

  • christakisf Christakisf

    The Greeks I must say do gossip a lot but it's they who keep the doors open and the cypriots gossip a tad more

  • christakisf Christakisf

    As a half Cypriot I can say that they definatly do not keep their doors open

  • Emmilou Jewels
    Emmilou Jewels 20 days ago

    These are definantly stereotypes! 😀

  • staszkovov
    staszkovov 20 days ago

    Wasn t Bulgaria but Romania

  • Sára Tomorszki
    Sára Tomorszki 20 days ago

    Let me describe you Hungary. Hungary is that one friend in the squad who's always late, tells terrible jokes and can be really annoying bit without them ur life would be boring. (because we invented a lots of things u use to have fun. Ur welcome🤗)

  • Master Andres
    Master Andres 22 days ago

    Mama mia

  • Its me felix 123
    Its me felix 123 22 days ago

    Ur probs the snobbiest American that I’ve ever heard of
    U say that Germans have bland food and that the British have no money
    Wtf they not true

  • Vendy Schovancová
    Vendy Schovancová 23 days ago

    Czech Republic - we are so bad country... But I want change it. 😣

    Je tu někdo z Česka???

  • Khaled Abodeeb
    Khaled Abodeeb 23 days ago

    he said bulgaria and showed us romania

  • Lorenzo Passero
    Lorenzo Passero 23 days ago

    Hahahaha but why did you put Italians saying bad words... you put also blasphemious expressions... 😂😂😂
    How do you swear (=insults to God) in English? These are things they don't teach at school, so I would really like to know... thank you all.

  • Patricia Moeckesch
    Patricia Moeckesch 23 days ago

    Bulgaria is not Romania

  • stein
    stein 23 days ago

    Dutch people aren't stoned all the time

  • Tomas David
    Tomas David 24 days ago

    but thats not Bulgaria......

  • Rafael Costa
    Rafael Costa 24 days ago

    In Portugal people are actually very lazy

  • blancarlotta BCK
    blancarlotta BCK 24 days ago +2

    1:11 That's ROMANIA🤦🏼‍♀️BULGARIA is under it !!!

  • TheGhost
    TheGhost 24 days ago

    1:13 "And as for Bulgarian, well, we know you don't know much about them". Well, you clearly also don't, since you showed Romania, instead of Bulgaria.
    Also, seeing gypsies everywhere there isn't a stereotype, it's a fact, sadly.

  • Arturi Ja Carlose Eesti keelsed videod

    5:38 But that is the Netherlands flag, Luxembourgs is almost the same but the blue is lighter

  • KubaR mapping
    KubaR mapping 25 days ago

    1:10 you show Romanian territory

  • Alexy Wofgang
    Alexy Wofgang 25 days ago

    Bulgaria??? Romania....

  • Alejandro Varela Staton

    Disappointed by the Spanish stereotypes

  • The New Khan
    The New Khan 25 days ago

    "Don't tell Latvians that they're Russians" well, duh. Don't tell Americans that they're morons.

  • Lolsu
    Lolsu 26 days ago

    jesssssss!!!!! Austria!!!!!!!!

  • Simon Dragos
    Simon Dragos 26 days ago

    Thats so wrong you haved mark Bulgaria on Romanians land, good work... insulting a hole country

  • luka pozgaj
    luka pozgaj 26 days ago

    He say something about bulgaria an show us a romania country

  • Ant John McDonagh
    Ant John McDonagh 26 days ago

    The crayk 😂😂😂

    WILLOWS CHANNEL 26 days ago

    The Irish bit is class it’s just what everyone thinks but Craic is pronounced Crack not Craek

  • richpunk77
    richpunk77 27 days ago

    A dislike for excluding Norway!

  • Bastiaan Ceelen
    Bastiaan Ceelen 27 days ago

    He swaped the flag of belgium and Luxemburg in the beginning

    • Bastiaan Ceelen
      Bastiaan Ceelen 27 days ago

      And they justed the flag of the Netherlands when he talked about the luxemburg stereotype

  • Mikkelwish
    Mikkelwish 28 days ago

    Solo Denmark only consists of the Jutland Peninsula now?

  • Gamberillo Troll
    Gamberillo Troll 28 days ago +1

    Greetings from belgium (i’m spanish, but i live in belgium)

  • Croatia Off the Beaten Path

    Personally, I find it one of the funniest videos at the Infographics and I don't get those people who feel offended. The topic is basically how others percieve European countries, and not how the countries see themselves! And I totally recognized the most of the stereotypes. I guess the point of this video is to have fun, that's why things are oversimplified. Don't take it too seriously, guys!

  • Mikołaj Kantor
    Mikołaj Kantor 29 days ago

    yes thats bulgaria

  • Patryk Ptak
    Patryk Ptak 29 days ago

    "they have special relationship with goats" ;D;D;D

  • Tomas Bracek
    Tomas Bracek Month ago

    Czech republic

  • Joe Marron
    Joe Marron Month ago

    Sacre bleu

  • Max Skripp
    Max Skripp Month ago

    I think you confused Bulgaria and Romania.

  • Lee Jean
    Lee Jean Month ago

    I saw a fat british person before

  • Donald J. Trump
    Donald J. Trump Month ago

    Stop posting wrong maps ffs

  • Alexander
    Alexander Month ago

    Greetings from Austria :)

  • Shaun Stafford
    Shaun Stafford Month ago

    When you're an American but suit the English stereotype 100%

  • AleXxX gg
    AleXxX gg Month ago +1

    As a big TVclip creator you should know better than mistaking Romania for Bulgaria. It might be just a mistake, but it is also a proof that you did no research whatsoever about the topic you are speaking about, you just copy-pasted information. For a small TVclip channel that is ok, but for someone like you it is a big mistake.
    Just because you are a TVclip doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat the content that you make as seriously as a(for example) film producer. That is the difference between big youtubers and small ones. Just imagine what would happen if you saw a movie at the cinema and they got the facts wrong.
    Good luck in the future!

  • Gina Deaville
    Gina Deaville Month ago

    when did people from the UK become poor

  • ianira fernandes
    ianira fernandes Month ago

    Stop confusing Portuguese with Spanish.

  • kim-nija viktoría anna sveinsdóttir

    I'm from Iceland

  • Dj Slavman
    Dj Slavman Month ago


  • Claudio Iacupi
    Claudio Iacupi Month ago

    These are European stereotypes acording to the Americans.

  • Germán Palomares
    Germán Palomares Month ago +4


  • the depressed dino
    the depressed dino Month ago

    Im insulted rigth now

  • Erika Gnieser
    Erika Gnieser Month ago +3

    Luxembourg wrong flag

  • Jaqen H'ghar
    Jaqen H'ghar Month ago

    You seriously didnt do Russia biggest country in europe... WOW I hate Americans

  • George007
    George007 Month ago

    1:10 excuse me this is romania

  • Wole Oyeyele
    Wole Oyeyele Month ago

    Speaks of finnish stereotypes

    *Forgets to mention racing drivers*

  • Francesco Bonfiglio

    Russia is part of Europe.

    • Francesco Bonfiglio
      Francesco Bonfiglio 14 days ago

      +12 inches unbuffed white race or caucasian race or indoeuropean race was born in russia and ukraine

    • 12 inches unbuffed
      12 inches unbuffed 14 days ago

      +Francesco Bonfiglio yeah some little asiatic mixure like finns but yeah white

    • Francesco Bonfiglio
      Francesco Bonfiglio 14 days ago

      +12 inches unbuffed russians are white too

    • Francesco Bonfiglio
      Francesco Bonfiglio 14 days ago

      +12 inches unbuffed and russians too :)

    • 12 inches unbuffed
      12 inches unbuffed 14 days ago

      +Francesco Bonfiglio finnish people come from ural mountains by the way ^^

  • Guuster Rojas
    Guuster Rojas Month ago

    Soo tipic, speak of Spain saying that they speak French :b