European Stereotypes


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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  7 months ago +5089

    Showed the wrong map when talking about Bulgaria. Sorry! Here's a stereotype about Americans: They suck at geography.

    • TeenFun
      TeenFun 2 days ago

      I love your vids but c'mon man I know you apologized for the mistake but still this made me very angry hearing it from!

    • Galaxy Gacha Gabby
      Galaxy Gacha Gabby 3 days ago

      Oh my god some peopel just can't take apologises like calm down

    • Morariu Lucian
      Morariu Lucian 6 days ago

      Just take the video off down and fix it. Wtf it's full of errors.

    • sgd
      sgd 7 days ago

      What about other countries?

    • Ben Fulmer
      Ben Fulmer 8 days ago

      What about Norwegian stereotypes?

  • Thomas
    Thomas 6 hours ago

    That is Romania not Bulgaria!!

  • NickiLondon VEVO
    NickiLondon VEVO 12 hours ago


  • Diogo Cardoso
    Diogo Cardoso 13 hours ago

    You wrote a lot of bad words in thr italian streotype lmao

  • adam kurent
    adam kurent 19 hours ago

    Im a slovenian (litlle true you sed)

  • Skye
    Skye 22 hours ago +1

    Hell yeah I love riding on my bike stoned out of my mind!

  • Taco Chan
    Taco Chan Day ago

    People think greek woman are hairy???

  • christinaaa pap
    christinaaa pap Day ago +1

    3:46 hairy😂 I'm crying. The last time I looked at the mirror I was Ok.
    Except that it broke. That's another story... 😂😂

  • Kenji The Gaming Bastard

    The netherlands is 100 precent fake

  • Birna Gudlaugsdottir


  • Nik 0660
    Nik 0660 Day ago

    Finland has more saunas than cars XD

  • PyroCZ
    PyroCZ 2 days ago

    What Did You Just Said About My Country!?

  • Juul Moose
    Juul Moose 2 days ago

    The Netherlands stereotype is so not right, yes we can speak perfect english with a funny accent, yes we all bikeling, no nevery body is ever stoned, no we don't go to our tullips our windmills. And we don't have mountains, oops you have made a mistake!
    The only people who are stoned are tourists, the only people who are checking the tulips and windmills are tourists.
    The only people who smack the ground when they are bicekeling are tourists.

  • N1njaPUG
    N1njaPUG 2 days ago

    You show Romania instead Bulgaria

  • Patrick Wentz
    Patrick Wentz 2 days ago

    Poor Andorra never gets any love.....

  • Arianna Pomella
    Arianna Pomella 2 days ago +1

    The stereotype of "mama mia" really got me tired... And besides, not all Italians are superficial and dishonest, we're not all the same. I hope that the people who will come here in Italy will be well and will not consider these stupid prejudices😔

  • Suga’s Sugar
    Suga’s Sugar 2 days ago

    Swedes makes jokes about Norwegians-
    And we had jokes about Swedes in children’s school books

  • Galaxy Gacha Gabby
    Galaxy Gacha Gabby 3 days ago

    DAMN all these people got ofended REAL FAST

  • jan Senekovič
    jan Senekovič 3 days ago

    1:15 looks like you dont know much about then either cuz you showed romanian land bulgaria is one country south

  • Filip
    Filip 4 days ago

    How do you call a pretty girl in Germany?
    A tourist

  • EdwardRCL RCL
    EdwardRCL RCL 4 days ago

    Also.. UK is a multirace country .. like USA and USA is the one copying UK so far

  • EdwardRCL RCL
    EdwardRCL RCL 4 days ago

    And.. UK as also RUGBY , Cricket ,AFL, NFL and Baseball ..popular ones
    As it is very similar to USA

  • EdwardRCL RCL
    EdwardRCL RCL 4 days ago

    UK is almost the same as USA with Holland and Canary Island .. so far only central or south EU is Europe real one .. but UK & Holland is very very close to USA & similar (UK is even faster and more organized than USA*)

  • kittensofdeath
    kittensofdeath 5 days ago

    I would be surprised if he's not hanged by Bulgarians for mistaking Bulgaria for Romania

  • Ahmet Taner Emre
    Ahmet Taner Emre 5 days ago

    Irkını siktiklerim

  • The Greco Gamer
    The Greco Gamer 5 days ago

    Greek are not hairy

  • Ana Maria Petrescu
    Ana Maria Petrescu 5 days ago

    You are such a idiot I am from Romania and when you say Bulgaria highlight Romania and after you say Romania highlight again

  • Noel Perković
    Noel Perković 6 days ago

    LOL, you just called Denmark gay!

  • Frediboy06 lmao
    Frediboy06 lmao 6 days ago +2

    Where is Norway?

  • Simple User
    Simple User 6 days ago

    French and German hate each other.
    damn snail sucker

  • KayToxq
    KayToxq 7 days ago

    We don’t have mountains in the Netherlands and it’s quite a lot more flat then Denmark.

  • KayToxq
    KayToxq 7 days ago

    OMG, you used Romania for Bulgaria

  • KayToxq
    KayToxq 7 days ago

    But spain is transcontinental too

  • Nëutt Matthew Nord
    Nëutt Matthew Nord 8 days ago

    Next Time: Asian Stereotypes

  • Damqn Dochev
    Damqn Dochev 8 days ago

    Wtf this is not bulgaria

  • Hel kskss
    Hel kskss 8 days ago

    Greetings from estonia :D dont tell to baltic nations that you are from russia because that doesnt go well :D haha :D maybe yes before but now we are kind of over it ....I think :D

  • Calamityj
    Calamityj 9 days ago

    Don’t the Swiss yodel rather than the Austrians? This video is s bit of a hot mess and not really funny OR informative imo

  • antisty
    antisty 9 days ago

    Witam janusze 😂🇵🇱

  • francesco salsiccia
    francesco salsiccia 9 days ago


  • Kichrist Wt
    Kichrist Wt 9 days ago


  • Muffi
    Muffi 10 days ago

    Bulgaria ? that was Romania

  • Rezzonix
    Rezzonix 10 days ago +1

    Romania is not a poor country, no one believes in witches and no one lives in sewer, I got very offended by this video, I know you warned, but your stereotype made me feel like a retard... The only people that live on the STREETS, not in the sewers are the homeless people that are usually gyspys.

  • Francis Major
    Francis Major 10 days ago

    I have only been to the UK but I can say that stereotype isn't altogether true. Well, except for drinking in the pubs. In London, I don't think I was ever out of sight of a pub. Even in Hyde Park I ended up downing a couple pints.

  • Technical Calculator
    Technical Calculator 10 days ago +2

    4:14 Ireland, and it's not "crake" it's "crack"

  • Skyfyre2002
    Skyfyre2002 11 days ago

    Luxembourgs flag is wrong hahah

  • Dumitrascu Denis
    Dumitrascu Denis 12 days ago

    Im sick of those people triggered that bulgaria is on romania... It ain't that easy to edit, make good content, and other things...

  • Роман Радейко

    Where is Ukraine?

  • Raluca Valdez
    Raluca Valdez 13 days ago

    Uhm... Guys... That's Romania, not Bulgaria...

  • ceother 102
    ceother 102 13 days ago

    This id nota bulgaria is romania

  • Ashley Ihde
    Ashley Ihde 14 days ago

    In the Italians part, I thought the three F's would be food, fashion, and f***ing

  • Jorian Verbeek
    Jorian Verbeek 14 days ago

    Shows dutch flag
    Come on how hard is it?

    USERNAME 14 days ago

    Lol Finland

  • Win Tutorials
    Win Tutorials 14 days ago

    Its so funny how you talk about the netherlands while its basically just like in an American ghetto. at least where i live

  • Joseph McLuckie
    Joseph McLuckie 15 days ago

    If English you hate the French, Scots and Irish and you think the welsh are okay except they spend a little to much time with there sheep also you complain about the weather.

  • Joseph McLuckie
    Joseph McLuckie 15 days ago

    If you’re Austrian then all you want is to be a part of Germany.

  • ČínskýBůhSrandy
    ČínskýBůhSrandy 15 days ago

    women spend half of their lives in pub watching sports and drinking beer, too. what do you think? that we're some kind of backwards country?

  • Zistigy
    Zistigy 15 days ago

    They’re true

  • MaximeMilianMus
    MaximeMilianMus 15 days ago

    5:10 I'm Latvian and I was legit eating fish while watching this

  • Radek Kostelník
    Radek Kostelník 16 days ago

    No😂 You have marked Romania, but you were talking about Bulgaria.

  • Ra ven
    Ra ven 16 days ago

    The "che palle" and "porca miseria" made my day 😂😂

  • Ala Smile
    Ala Smile 16 days ago

    Poland is better in real. You show people bad stereotype

  • Faschy Goy
    Faschy Goy 17 days ago

    Portugal, that is such a LIE what you say there, i am Portuguse and you described us very badly

  • uyiuit
    uyiuit 17 days ago

    Flawed geography is an american stereotype as depicted in this video.

  • The BJ
    The BJ 18 days ago

    Thats why we moved all stupid people in America 400 years ago.

  • Games and Vlogs TV 2
    Games and Vlogs TV 2 18 days ago

    hey wheres finland,norway,serbia,bosnia,albania,montenegro,macedonia,moldova,ukrain,russia is in europe too like turkey and wheres switzerland!!!!!!!!??????

  • ninodnoob
    ninodnoob 18 days ago

    bugaria is romania hahahahahha

  • matthew cooper
    matthew cooper 19 days ago

    Germans are good at everything? loses both wars

  • Andrea di Martino-fumo

    It's a huugge stereotype in Germany that people from poland steel everything they see

  • Yeet Skeet
    Yeet Skeet 20 days ago

    1:15 that's not Bulgaria that's Romania

  • Little Big
    Little Big 20 days ago

    What you said abour Greece is so true

  • XJustLennyX
    XJustLennyX 20 days ago

    The netherlands is wrong. Where not stomed. We just like our bike. And no one has a windmil

  • Turcsányi Ditta
    Turcsányi Ditta 21 day ago

    Big do not know anything about European countries. It is like I said all Americans are fat, spoiled and egoistic. You focused on negative things only..

  • Zoltán Marosi
    Zoltán Marosi 21 day ago

    1:15 That's Romania!

    GEORGE RANGO 21 day ago

    1:13 reeeeeeee

  • Emily T
    Emily T 21 day ago

    Thats not even Bulgaria. That's Romania. Bulgaria borders with Greece

  • Cătălina Bunea
    Cătălina Bunea 22 days ago

    1:20 that is romania

  • Klauss Michael
    Klauss Michael 22 days ago


  • Trash Lapiz
    Trash Lapiz 24 days ago +1

    Lol the uk one XD

    oh well at least you never showed Ireland as apart of the UK

  • Yo Ignasy
    Yo Ignasy 24 days ago

    Jajajjajajajajaj the summary of Spain was great. I am Spaniard and yeah all that thing are completely truth about our people

  • zalán lovas
    zalán lovas 24 days ago

    1:18 XD

  • Velocity HDMI
    Velocity HDMI 26 days ago

    The germans are good at everything besides winning a war

  • thetruesurvive
    thetruesurvive 26 days ago

    Turkey is soooo not in Europe.

  • SweManTV
    SweManTV 27 days ago

    You missed norway

  • Ninja Kitty
    Ninja Kitty 27 days ago


  • _ _
    _ _ 27 days ago

    Is that The thing that people think about Finland? :DDD i’m shook :DDD

  • Martin Pytr
    Martin Pytr 28 days ago

    Slovakia NEVER belonged to Soviet Union countries

  • Wolfy Kaname
    Wolfy Kaname 28 days ago

    Halfway through I forgot this was about stereotypes and thought it was some racist rant. Lol

  • Kevin Bejdo
    Kevin Bejdo 29 days ago

    Where is Albania

  • Neko Girl
    Neko Girl 29 days ago


  • Iker Canseeapas
    Iker Canseeapas Month ago

    1:15 that's Romania

  • Lucas Eklund Lindgren

    Its fun because its true that we swedish people joke about norway but we also joke about poland and other scandinavian countries

  • Fuzzy Gay Wolf Trap

    A fact about us Swedes tho, when there is sun peeking. You go outdoors instead of staying inside (if you're not lazy).
    So take advantage of getting the sun on you when you can. :D

  • Christian Navarro
    Christian Navarro Month ago

    You forgot about Norway.

  • Kenneth Chipps Jr.
    Kenneth Chipps Jr. Month ago

    You should do one on Asian stereotypes of Asia

  • Bificalera2
    Bificalera2 Month ago

    The stereotypical romanian is a geepsy , don't want to be rude but is true...

    I am Romanian

  • Bificalera2
    Bificalera2 Month ago

    As for bulgarians *show Romania*

  • Golempich GamingYT
    Golempich GamingYT Month ago

    That moment when the infographic show shows a version of Bulgaria that was true 1000 years ago (the shape of the country now in days looks like a sheep)
    Edit:My mistake they actually showed Romania

  • MCcala LP
    MCcala LP Month ago

    ....Bulgeria was Romania...

  • Teglo Rator
    Teglo Rator Month ago

    1:17 that's Romonia not Bulgary

  • Ethan Gladwell
    Ethan Gladwell Month ago