How To Text A Girl Like A Man (Copy these text examples)


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  • The Attractive Man
    The Attractive Man  Month ago +4

    How long do YOU wait till you text her?
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  • True Colors
    True Colors Day ago

    When you meet someone online and they ask you “ what do you want here in n this website?” How to answer this question?

    • Phil Fry
      Phil Fry Day ago +1

      Be honest and upfront, you'd be surprised. If they don't answer back they aren't worth your time. This is coming from me as a 28 year old. I've learned my lessons lol

  • A. Jahtu
    A. Jahtu 2 days ago

    How to text a girl like a man? What in the entire fuck is wrong with you? How about speaking with her face to face or actually calling her. You did meet her face to face right? Oh, I forgot this is the age of social media where you meet bitches online. God forbid if you actually had to speak to a woman. This is the Weirdo Generation.

    • Phil Fry
      Phil Fry Day ago +1

      Dude, you gotta do what you gotta do. Yes, women are severely involved in social media, so us men have to go with that flow. Sucks, but it is what it is. Gotta go with that they like and get them that way if you understand what I mean.

  • 11320
    11320 3 days ago

    This guy definitely had herpes

  • John117 Master Cheif

    U know whats better?
    It just takes a few steps, from her bedroom to her front door! NEXT!

  • ZiSt1989
    ZiSt1989 5 days ago

    command my crush. in a fun, yet interesting way. got it.

  • Manuel Morales
    Manuel Morales 6 days ago

    What about calling her? Do we do that or only texts?

  • Brave Warrior Motivation

    When will you email me the conversation cheat sheet? I've submited my email twice and did not get any response.

    • The Attractive Man
      The Attractive Man  7 days ago

      Please check your spam folder or email us at and we can manually send it again. Thanks.

  • TheIncredibleHieb
    TheIncredibleHieb 9 days ago

    Those kind of "fun" questions bore the shit out of me :D

  • Sidhant Gurung
    Sidhant Gurung 9 days ago +2

    Bt ur suggestion doesnt work completely😡😡

  • Jameson Sahariah
    Jameson Sahariah 10 days ago

    Very gud tips but for a boys from middle class family & skinny never have any chance

  • abadiqaisy123
    abadiqaisy123 12 days ago

    Girls are aliens. You dont know what u expect from her. Even though she tells your good person!

  • War Is Wrong
    War Is Wrong 12 days ago

    You will all learn it's better to be rich but can never leave your city. See "It's a Wonderful Life."

  • cs d
    cs d 13 days ago +2

    What if you don't have a phone, but only a walkie talkie?

    • Timothy McDonald
      Timothy McDonald 2 days ago

      You have to finish your sentences with “over” so she can understand you.

  • Nolan Regent
    Nolan Regent 15 days ago +1

    I wanted to buy the special $7 offer you have but it keeps asking me to buy your premium package with excessive video sales pitches. Sort your website out.

    • The Attractive Man
      The Attractive Man  8 days ago

      Nolan Regent simply click the button that says you are not interested in the upgrade.

    • Nolan Regent
      Nolan Regent 8 days ago

      Sadly not the case. It kept on refusing my payment and instead asking l purchase the premium package.

    • The Attractive Man
      The Attractive Man  13 days ago

      the premium package offer is only offered after you selected the $7 offer. You don't have to get the premium package you can just get the $7 one.

    • The Attractive Man
      The Attractive Man  15 days ago

      Hey, man! You can email us at regarding your concern. Thanks!

  • federico alex
    federico alex 16 days ago

    This advice is so Mystery-like. Old corny boring stuff aimed at US guys only. Pass. It's 2018 and no girl is going to ever fall for this PUA shit

  • Kayden5675
    Kayden5675 18 days ago +1

    If ur watching this I am guessing u can’t text a girl u like just like me and u are lonely

  • Killer Legend 11
    Killer Legend 11 20 days ago +1

    Remember guys your dick picks don't usually turn them on. Especially as a first text

  • folah brian
    folah brian 21 day ago

    Still haven't received the cheatsheet despite filling in my name and email.

    • The Attractive Man
      The Attractive Man  21 day ago +1

      Please check your spam folder or email us at and we can manually send it again. Thanks!

  • dani daniel
    dani daniel 21 day ago

    THEY DONT`s our sick society

  • kaicooper87
    kaicooper87 21 day ago

    that Green screen though

  • Jay Murudkar
    Jay Murudkar 22 days ago

    Im not able to download cheat sheet...!

    • The Attractive Man
      The Attractive Man  22 days ago

      Please check your spam folder or email us at and we can manually send it again. Thanks.

  • Brynlee Montoya
    Brynlee Montoya 22 days ago

    I love you ❤😍

  • michael phraze lusanie

    Your are Mr seduction. I buy into your points

  • Mahdi c87
    Mahdi c87 25 days ago

    Thanks body

  • Raihan Rana
    Raihan Rana 28 days ago +1

    Tip1. Get lot of money

  • Win-Win Real Estate
    Win-Win Real Estate 28 days ago

    Your cheat sheet didn't download

    • The Attractive Man
      The Attractive Man  28 days ago

      Please check your spam folder or email us at and we can manually send it again. Thanks.

  • Edward Dominguez
    Edward Dominguez 28 days ago

    the man has got game

  • Sumit Sethi
    Sumit Sethi 29 days ago

    Ur amazing man!

  • Angelina Natalie Lopez

    I'm blushing 😊

  • Nemo Herrera
    Nemo Herrera 29 days ago

    It works😱

  • Segun Truth
    Segun Truth 29 days ago

    There is a lady I see once/twice in a week, she works in the same building I’m working but in a different organization. We always say hi whenever both of us have eyes contact but after few weeks I went up to her and asked her little stuff about the dress you were putting on and with smiles she responded to me and told me her name, but when I asked her for her number in order to continue the conversation and she said NO with smiles . What should I do? Because I am still going to see her as our companies is in the same building

  • Shubhashish Kumar
    Shubhashish Kumar 29 days ago +1

    I never receive your cheat sheets

    • The Attractive Man
      The Attractive Man  29 days ago

      Shubhashish Kumar Make sure to check your spam folder and if you still don’t see it just send us an email thanks

  • Adam LaFlash
    Adam LaFlash 29 days ago +2

    “Cancel all plans tomorrow night.” What if she texts you “sorry I have work.”

  • Adam LaFlash
    Adam LaFlash 29 days ago +2

    “Mmm i wish I could have a milkshake” I would think of replied with “you have 2 great ones on you. lol.Come with me.” But I don’t cause to scared to think that I want her for her body is that Right or should I Message her that?

  • Pooqua
    Pooqua Month ago

    I send my texts in Haiku. Yeee buddy. Also, two truths and a lie. I made out with Jennifer Lawrence, I partied with Prince Harry getting bottle service in London, my cock is 11.5" full mast.

  • DontHitEm Up
    DontHitEm Up Month ago

    What if you’re in high school?..there are no dates😞

    • Bob Farney
      Bob Farney 29 days ago

      Football game or school event, try to hang out afterwards too

  • Brandon Reeves
    Brandon Reeves Month ago

    Check out Dr Jordan B Peterson! Clean your room BUCKO

  • Sandip Majumder
    Sandip Majumder Month ago +3

    Love From India.

  • Javier García
    Javier García Month ago +14

    It's crazy how movies, books, hollywood makes us think that a girl wants a man falling for her... but it's the opposite

    • War Is Wrong
      War Is Wrong 12 days ago

      Exactly. I realized this when I was 47 and have since dated more 18-25 year olds than in all my life previously, in parallel of course. There isn't time to do serial relationships

    • Pedro Ribeiro
      Pedro Ribeiro 24 days ago +2

      If it was only that man...its a sad reality...brainwash people.

  • Eddie Allen
    Eddie Allen Month ago

    Relationship traits women are looking for in a budding romance is: adventure, fun, a chance to loosen up inhibitions, express her crazy side, a chance to play into her fantasies, and an opportunity to indulge in some of her desires.

  • Eddie Allen
    Eddie Allen Month ago +1

    Positioning yourself as the one screening the female implies you have leadership over your life, that have direction and standards for the quality of life you want.

  • Friche Charles
    Friche Charles Month ago

    If girl say something​ bad about you in after one week she say hi in see in she move

  • MD Asraful Islam Sagor Durrany

    What a great video man ❤️

  • Marrtius
    Marrtius Month ago +1

    Are you still in Lviv?

  • OutLawStar
    OutLawStar Month ago +2

    Ya I totally agree with the video. I don't like texting. I would rather talk on the phone but no one really talks on the phone. The tips on over text, send command text, being playful, and be random shows your busy. Great tips

    • OutLawStar
      OutLawStar Month ago

      +ChrisJ Fox Yeah I totally agree with you.

    • ChrisJ Fox
      ChrisJ Fox Month ago +2

      Yeah... Communicating with her face to face (the body language, the eye contact, the touch) is far more exciting and telling as to whether or not there's chemistry. So texting *needs* to be straight to the point to link up with her again

  • Anthony Beckham
    Anthony Beckham Month ago


  • kize esi
    kize esi Month ago


  • Delano Williamson
    Delano Williamson Month ago +2

    I use every thing and any thing he say to do I do you turn the boss of the ladies in no time

  • Delano Williamson
    Delano Williamson Month ago +1

    I can tell you anything that Matt say and do it works like a boss

  • mso008
    mso008 Month ago +1

    your content is awesome bro!

  • Nick Robinson
    Nick Robinson Month ago

    If we all use these examples how the FUCK are we gonna stand out??!

  • D.W.L.F GAME
    D.W.L.F GAME Month ago

    This is dope af

  • Martin Necromatix
    Martin Necromatix Month ago +4

    you are very creative with your texts. how did you become so creative matt? this is actually insane. i can think of some random texts here and there but your texts are mindblowing man

  • An!ket Bhamodre
    An!ket Bhamodre Month ago +7

    One of the Best Channels out there on TVclip i must say😍
    Matt is just amazing💙
    You guys deserve better😉
    500k subs soon🤗

  • Godwin Ameya
    Godwin Ameya Month ago +16

    I'm just glad I'm not the only guy who can't get laid. Brighter days are coming my brothers.

    • Godwin Ameya
      Godwin Ameya Day ago

      +Kelly Cover nope

    • Kelly Cover
      Kelly Cover Day ago

      you Nigerian Kid?

    • Godwin Ameya
      Godwin Ameya Day ago

      +A. Jahtu but wait if you get pussy on a daily why are you watching this video😂

    • Godwin Ameya
      Godwin Ameya Day ago +1

      +A. Jahtu You're right.

    • A. Jahtu
      A. Jahtu 2 days ago +1

      If you're a guy and you can't get laid maybe you should instead try being a man. Men get laid. Know the difference. Women gravitate towards men, not guys. A man can support himself, Has his own place to live, is clean, irons his own clothes, can cook for himself, is educated, employed, and moves with a purpose. He never involves himself with stupid shit.

  • Kevin Marquet
    Kevin Marquet Month ago

    1:39 Damn, who is she? 😍

  • Knight Fire gaming
    Knight Fire gaming Month ago +15

    I cant stop watching u r videos man ❤️👍🏻

    • The Attractive Man
      The Attractive Man  Month ago

      Thanks, man! Glad you like them!

    • Bane Pepe
      Bane Pepe Month ago

      Stand out from the other doing exactly what I tell you. Sounds legit.

  • Grasime
    Grasime Month ago +7

    Do a video about how to get attractive girls that speak with a lot other boys, like how to stand out

  • Khalifa AAhmed
    Khalifa AAhmed Month ago +1

    i wnna this text book

  • Khalifa AAhmed
    Khalifa AAhmed Month ago +1

    great my friend

  • Your Alpha Dude
    Your Alpha Dude Month ago +7

    Standing out with non-needy texts works very well .

  • MTB214
    MTB214 Month ago +2

    The command text to go out hasn't worked! Ive done it to girl of my dreams (she got annoyed that it was like I'm telling her what to do) and a few others. She may thought i like her just for looks even though she knows I said she's funnt and smart.

  • Darth
    Darth Month ago +4

    It doesnt show how you build attraction through text? there is no initial interaction from online dating so we need to have better text game from using tinder or instagram

    • ChrisJ Fox
      ChrisJ Fox Month ago

      There's nothing at all exciting to me about online dating. Face to face interaction is far more attractive to me

  • Happy Singh
    Happy Singh Month ago +6

    *This Trick Works Very Well To Get Laid With Orhodox Muslim Ladies*

      TIMELESS 11 days ago

      Animals have much higher status than all of you virgin retards.

    • Tarun Reddy
      Tarun Reddy Month ago

      Mohan Agashe

    • Shiva Dandgat
      Shiva Dandgat Month ago +1

      +Durjan Bhosle

    • Durjan Bhosle
      Durjan Bhosle Month ago +1

      very true.
      Moslem Babes Are Tighter than hog
      oooh yeah.

    • Mohan Agashe
      Mohan Agashe Month ago +1

      Mohammedan Penguins Are So Fuckable....
      I Like Them Big Boobies

  • DaedraBlast
    DaedraBlast Month ago +27

    Tip 1: become interesting and attractive for women

    • chris_ exotic
      chris_ exotic 3 days ago

      Tip 3 don't worry about what she wants all the fucking time. if she has a problem tell her to kick rocks.

    • Bane Pepe
      Bane Pepe Month ago +2

      Tip 2: Have lots of money and you don't need to be attractive

    • Noel Runega
      Noel Runega Month ago +3

      well, looks like I'm already eliminated.

  • OutLawStar
    OutLawStar Month ago +2

    Yo Matt happy Friday and great video!!!

  • R.Jonathan Tan
    R.Jonathan Tan Month ago +7

    ITS 2018 WHO ON EARTH DOESNT HAVE THEIR PHONES EVERY HOUR OR EVEN MINUTES??!! We can tell if they are playing games or hard to get, or is it just me that i have no life? who can relate like this

    • ChrisJ Fox
      ChrisJ Fox Month ago

      Nah. People may have their phone on them at all times but they're attention is sometimes occupied by other things (e.g., cooking, cleaning, banging out a last-minute essay, having dinner with parents, on the treadmill at the gym, etc).

    • Jamil Thwaites
      Jamil Thwaites Month ago +1

      Most ppl do for the vast majority of the day but then have a few periods throughout the course of the day in which they may not lay attention to their phone for an half an hour, 1 hour, maybe even 2 - 3 hours. Driving, getting a haircut or manicure, working out at the gym, cooking, or being somewhere with no reception. Other than that I would say 75% of ppl have their phones in their face.

    • shianeru
      shianeru Month ago +1

      Some people have so much stuffs in their life. It's you that doesn't

  • Mohamed Shaarawi
    Mohamed Shaarawi Month ago +3

    Dude please im in egypt and all the dating stuff like America isn't here so please any tips?! How to start an a good conversation with a girl i meet in the street

  • Tejas Shinde
    Tejas Shinde Month ago +2

    Oooooooooooohhhh!!!!! 😮
    Thanks man, really appreciate your work. 👍

  • John Gonzalez
    John Gonzalez Month ago +2

    Awesome video 👌🏻

  • TotallyHeroicOnion
    TotallyHeroicOnion Month ago +2

    OK so minimum roasting please I think this girl liked me until I randomly tried asking her out giving her flowers saying I love you and walking away without rescheduling after she said she couldn't go that day. She's ignored me ever since and its been almost 2 years but I still like her a lot. HELP, is there any hope left, what should I do to get her to realize I didn't mean to creep her out??!?

    • kaminatorXD
      kaminatorXD Month ago

      You want a relationship, she doesnt.
      Else she would have responded with the same feelings.
      Just move on

    • Adrian Horczak
      Adrian Horczak Month ago +1

      Try to do stuff to keep your mind off of her. I know it's hard. She's not good enough for you anyway because she's really rude for being so ignorant.

    • Jeremy Deacon
      Jeremy Deacon Month ago +2

      I'm sorry bud but there's almost no hope just ignore her a bunch

  • Apollo1981
    Apollo1981 Month ago +17

    Great video, definitely worth the look. But could you do a video for guys who use dating sites like plenty of fish or OK Cupid with opening messages that could be used or tips on how to make an attractive profile combined with useful opening messages

    • Apollo1981
      Apollo1981 Month ago

      u2ube tell ya what funny man, why don't you Google them and you tell me

    • Ayrton Senna
      Ayrton Senna Month ago

      Apollo1981 😂 plenty of fish and ok cupid are they real sites ??! 😂

  • mjax jones
    mjax jones Month ago +16

    Guys this really works use it 😀😀

    • MTB214
      MTB214 Month ago

      The command text to ask out hasn't worked.

  • Mfuneko Buya
    Mfuneko Buya Month ago

    This is Great.
    I'm no PUA but when I Ask out a girl I always Lead and Qualify her to come. E.g Come join me for Wine on Saturday but... only If you Bring a "Pen"
    Now she will ask Why a pen and i just say You ask to many questions.
    And at the Date I just make something up like Draw me or something.
    Also for Preventing paragraph Texts, I make Voice Notes and keep them under 1 min so she won't loose interest

  • A TK
    A TK Month ago +8

    MilkShake at 2am Rocks 🤘

    • Jay Khan
      Jay Khan 29 days ago +2

      Blowjob at 2 am rocks also

  • Timothy Chipa
    Timothy Chipa Month ago +23

    I managed to get a gf in a day by using the "can I be your boyfriend " thanks Matt

  • void
    void Month ago

    Just be yourself. If you need to create a character to text, you will need this persona forever. If being yourself does not work, fuck that, there’s a lot of women out there


    I think push-pull technique works well for text messages.

  • Kalvin Sanchez
    Kalvin Sanchez Month ago +2

    First comment!!!!