• Published on Aug 18, 2019
  • Exclusive look at a 2020 C8 Chevrolet Corvette in the wild. This 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Mid-Engine C8 was black with yellow brake calipers and yellow stitching and seat belts. We searched the Corvette Museum and the Corvette Track, but had no luck. We eventually spotted the 2020 C8 when I was about to head back to Nashville, Tennessee. The exhaust note on the new 2020 C8 sounded so good. It was loud and fast too! We cruised along side the new Corvette.
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    For everyone asking.. here is my full vlog camera set up
    My camera:
    My lens:
    My mic:
    My gimbal:
    Technically this car will come out in 2021 and will be the 2021 Corvette C8. Will you be buying one for yourself? Should I buy one?
    It was surreal seeing it in person and I am so happy we found one in the wild. The interior of the corvette c8 is so unique with the square steering wheel and the cockpit design of the interior. The Mid-Engine had plenty of carbon fiber options and the mid engine design is something completely new to corvette. The c8 pricing starts at $59,995 and gives you 490 horsepower! The Z51 package is an extra $5,000. The 3LT package starts at $71,945.
    My dad currently has a 2015 Corvette C7 Z06 and I think we are going to wait until the new C8 Z06 comes out to buy that car then. The C8 Z51 is pretty fast too though... or so I hear!
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    My friend @greshamveazey and I spent 6 hours searching all of Bowling Green Kentucky to try and find this car. Our buddy @colbeninglis drove us around for the first 5 hours and then we ended up finding the C8 in the last hour in my Ford Thunderbird.
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Comments • 727

  • Zethus
    Zethus Month ago +224

    You: "interesting lime green, brown, *chuckle*, bronze."
    Corvette dude: "It's yellow"
    Lmao that was funny

    • Vick s
      Vick s 14 days ago

      Tears of joy in the eyes must have multicolored the interiors for this dude😁👍🏼

    • ClearlyConservative
      ClearlyConservative Month ago

      Really love it but i wanna wait till the c9 because i heard of engine issues with the mid engine design so im gonna wait till they master it like Ferrari Lamborghini or Audi

    • jlehm 1982
      jlehm 1982 Month ago

      Cr`/pto MikE jealous of what? Some dude seeing a new C8? Lol

    • Tempest
      Tempest Month ago

      Cr`/pto MikE pretty sure it’s a dude

    • Crypto Mike
      Crypto Mike Month ago +5

      @Francis Carmen You sound pretty jealous, maam.

  • eduardo mendoza
    eduardo mendoza 5 hours ago

    Batimovil and batman

  • Dexter M.
    Dexter M. Day ago

    That spoiler is ugly...otherwise beautiful car.

  • 7015 Nawaf
    7015 Nawaf Day ago

    New corvette look like old nsx and 458

  • Christopher Job
    Christopher Job 3 days ago

    nice hat stains ;)

  • James Charles
    James Charles 4 days ago

    This or the 2020 Supra

  • 김민석
    김민석 4 days ago

    sound like e92 m3

  • דניאל אלון

    Dear Friends!!!!! This is a very important message. Anyone who buys a new car from GENERAL Motors the chance you threw your money into the trash is very large. In this company there is no customer service, the company's management does not care at all, if you have a problem or a malfunction, you can only pray to God there is a chance that the help will come faster. GM is a very dangerous company, be careful and keep your money safe.!!!👎👎👎👎👎😬👎😬👎👎

  • kangasero100
    kangasero100 5 days ago

    american lamborghini???

  • Angelica C
    Angelica C 7 days ago

    I feel like the dealer markup is gonna be insane for this car for awhile

  • Thai Tastic
    Thai Tastic 8 days ago


  • Cairo Alexander
    Cairo Alexander 10 days ago

    ever think to go to the dealer?.....thats kind of why his plates said "dealer" make videos im sure he knows how to drive for the camara

  • Jacob Lawyer
    Jacob Lawyer 10 days ago

    I hate to say that I liked the c7 rear better

  • Omar Mufreh
    Omar Mufreh 11 days ago +1

    looks like GTA cars

  • TheFightaz
    TheFightaz 12 days ago

    Aww no carbon ceramic rotors!

  • 천웅
    천웅 12 days ago

    OMG. crazy.. my dream car

  • robert gorham
    robert gorham 13 days ago

    They did a nice job on the new vette..the Z06 should be ridiculous.

  • Salty Floridian
    Salty Floridian 14 days ago

    oh shit, first video seeing ya and I saw your 615 name and I was like, must be Davidson county and then saw the tenn hat. used to live an hour south of Nashville. awesome seeing a Tennessean youtuber

  • Sea Kay
    Sea Kay 15 days ago

    I don’t like the looks at all. If I saw that on the road I wouldn’t even think it’s a corvette.

  • Oldschool Opeltreter
    Oldschool Opeltreter 16 days ago

    Im always been a corvette fan but this sucks

  • Chino Mustang
    Chino Mustang 16 days ago +1

    OK relax dude is just a corvette. Anyone can get from a dealer. Show me custom Hot Rod then will talk.

  • Technologic
    Technologic 16 days ago +2

    For only $60k, move over italy

  • Nosaj Rekooh
    Nosaj Rekooh 17 days ago

    Love the car.....hate those taillights

  • tupaei01
    tupaei01 17 days ago

    Once upon a time, from C2 until C6, partially C7, one could ask a six year old child to draw a Corvette and she'll/he'll would do it accurately quite often. I remember myself doing it. It's a great car this C8 no doubt. Wonderful to drive due to the mid-engine layout and other advanced stuff surely. Handsome to look at. But and here's the huge but, this millennial art piece could be anything from the modern super car world basically. To me this is not a Corvette, as the creators of this American legend C2 which I consider to be the ultimate Corvette masterpiece would see it. I'm sorry.

  • lando hoth
    lando hoth 17 days ago +2

    That back end is MEAN, imagine the body kits you can put on this thing.

  • ExotikZBoy17
    ExotikZBoy17 19 days ago +1

    Finally MID-ENGINE🤩🤩😍😍

  • andrew hsu
    andrew hsu 19 days ago

    This looks so good

  • Erik Hohler
    Erik Hohler 19 days ago

    I saw one last week on I75 north towards DTw!!

  • Fred Taj
    Fred Taj 19 days ago

    Wait is it a corvette? Or a camaro ? No no wait it’s a Ferrari wow GM can’t even design a car that’s original and MSRP 60 grand after dealer mark up 120 grand for a confused car

  • Alain Vargas
    Alain Vargas 20 days ago

    Of a normal deportive car to a Ferrari 🤣

  • frank mundo
    frank mundo 20 days ago

    Sounds like a truck its to much I can't take it

  • Don Xeon
    Don Xeon 21 day ago

    Looks like an aborted kit car. What a disappointment. The ass end is an abortion, no heritage there. The cockpit is far removed from any Corvette type of arrangement. The scoops on the side are worse than any 14 year olds drawings. Wow...this will end up being the most forgettable corvette yet. The 1960's Chrysler steering wheel, biggest joke yet, are you f***ing kidding me ???

  • viperfan
    viperfan 22 days ago +1

    what camera you use guys ?

  • king troy
    king troy 22 days ago +1

    Wow counter

  • Shami’yah Ban Yasharahla

    Headlamps looks like alien eyes...

  • CxmboSigz-
    CxmboSigz- 23 days ago

    I promise to get this car before i turn 21

  • Aaron Phelps
    Aaron Phelps 23 days ago +2

    Base price $60,000
    What is the cost for top of the line

  • Gerry Castillo
    Gerry Castillo 23 days ago +1

    Wowwww 😯, can’t wipe the smile off my face...and my tears 😭

  • Blue Bomber
    Blue Bomber 24 days ago

    Intro song anybody?

  • Tony Nguyen
    Tony Nguyen 24 days ago

    Ugly car... design....ain’t worthy for $ still America made.....

  • Binh
    Binh 24 days ago

    this dude's like 7 feet tall.

  • Jim Bob
    Jim Bob 24 days ago +2

    Definitely my next used car for 2021

  • Eamon _
    Eamon _ 25 days ago

    Kinda satisfying

  • sote ful
    sote ful 25 days ago

    the front reminds me of a 1999 firebird

  • Golden 77
    Golden 77 25 days ago

    C8 would look better if the rear was re-designed, had better wheels and wasn't as long as a lading strip for the sake of being able to fit 2 sets of golf clubs

    VENGER G 26 days ago

    Rear of the corvette looks like a camaro, and the rear of a Camaro looks like a corvette 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • ISIP
    ISIP 26 days ago

    That integra at 6:57 tho🔥

  • Robert Brid
    Robert Brid 26 days ago

    Im not convinced about that azz

  • Roll Tide
    Roll Tide 27 days ago

    Wow the glorified Acura NSX is such a game changer.

    • fernando snips
      fernando snips 26 days ago

      lol its funny because i was thinking the exact same thing except its why i like it. corvettes are not cool cars, they are toys for boomers with too much money, and GM knew that. they played the boomer-mobile corvette until it stopped selling. the coolest sports car to 30-somethings with the money to buy a corvette is the NSX. if they didn't do this then the corvette was going to end up a dead name because this is the first time i've associated a corvette with cool since 1997

  • TM Snacks
    TM Snacks 27 days ago

    The car is amazing....but it’s uncomfortable as hell to drive

  • Robert Rietkerk
    Robert Rietkerk 28 days ago +1

    I was concerned that you may crap yourself.

  • Timpala44
    Timpala44 28 days ago

    They will be for sale at your local Home Depot very soon.

  • Skip741 x
    Skip741 x 29 days ago +1

    Fantastic camera work bro! beautifully shot,very professional.....the car does Almost look exotic

  • Peter Jackson
    Peter Jackson Month ago

    Why is there not a single dashcam vid of these? I’m assuming gm made the owners/etc sign something saying you cannot film interior cam footage until a certain date. Thoughts?

    • Skip741 x
      Skip741 x 29 days ago

      I say the same thing bro, whats going on that the people who DO have one and are toodling around in them? we never see any video at all from those lucky bastards...why not? Man, if i had one of those, id be posting vids left and right all over the web LOL

  • TZN V
    TZN V Month ago

    Give it a V12 engine swap

  • Armando P. Problemas

    The 2020 Toyota Celica GTS..........nice.

  • My2017Raptor
    My2017Raptor Month ago +1

    Awesome video buddy. Been a long time. Hope all is well! Keep up the good vids! Still ready for a fun vid anytime you're in CA.

    • Drive 615
      Drive 615  29 days ago

      sounds good my man! appreciate you. hope you are well!!

  • Saudi Tate
    Saudi Tate Month ago


  • ahmad asmar
    ahmad asmar Month ago