Oscar Isaac - 'Annihilation', Artificial Intelligence, 'Star Wars' - Jim Norton & Sam Roberts


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  • Max Meier
    Max Meier Month ago

    Somewhere in his basement, OG Wigger aka Michael Rappaport is doing a podcast with Tony Danza and the director of Illtown wondering what became of that douche who played the pool boy back in the day.

  • Justin Cordero
    Justin Cordero 4 months ago

    Cool conversation

    MASISO 6 months ago

    Love this show and loved the interview. We need more Teft! Woof Woof! I did a quick review of the film he's promoting. Pretty cool and interesting film! tvclip.biz/video/iWLjErRRBy0/video.html

  • MissAdamLambert888
    MissAdamLambert888 6 months ago

    Awee he's so sweet ! I swear he was such a fantastic actor in the movie. Highly recommend it ! ;)

  • Silenus Sancte Derivatives

    The movie is an allegory of immigration, they come, they mimic you, they change the environment until you are replaced with total annihilation.

  • Steven Padilla
    Steven Padilla 7 months ago +1

    nailed it as apocolypse

  • Last Comment
    Last Comment 7 months ago

    next time ask him how does it feel to be the go to guy for the SJW and PC whores, I mean the guy is so fucking boring to watch in every film , and as far as the AI film goes, it was a fucking Frankenstein movie , just think it over point by point and you will see how you got fooled .......... there you go , exactly, the scientist made a monster and the monster got free with the help of stranger , that is Frankenstein , humans can not write an AI story, they can not get rid of that retard survival concept, at the end every robot "turns" to human , good or bad, but they are our copies or the story does not sell , because we just can not connect with something that got no human emotions as motivation , and the story got to sell , that is why it was made , never forget that are made to make money, and you bought it like a soldier

  • Dylon Myers
    Dylon Myers 7 months ago +1

    I feel like they're just throwing questions at him and hoping one of them sticks. This was a little painful to watch. I felt bad for Oscar.

  • TheAndredal
    TheAndredal 7 months ago +1

    Disney killed his character and Star Wars

  • Robert Frost
    Robert Frost 7 months ago +3

    Annihilation is fucking spectacular btw.

    • Carl Scruggs
      Carl Scruggs 6 months ago

      and fucking IGNORED in the theaters. ah well

  • Devon Hernandez
    Devon Hernandez 7 months ago

    Sam at 4:12 looks like an NPC in Elders Scroll: Oblivion when you just go up and talk to him and the camera does that weird movement. Oh and cause Sam is just as ugly as the NPCs in Oblivion too

  • SethMcFartlane
    SethMcFartlane 7 months ago +2

    7:00 that girls reaction is how everyone reacts when Sam starts talking about anything.

  • SethMcFartlane
    SethMcFartlane 7 months ago

    So your mom died... go.

  • d d
    d d 7 months ago +1

    Sam really is an ass-licking untalented little prick

  • ThirdSpectrum
    ThirdSpectrum 7 months ago +3

    I love how Jim always brings up Stanley Kubrick. I was watching an older interview on Opie & Anthony and he said the same thing to Gary Oldman.

  • Trent Bradley
    Trent Bradley 7 months ago +13

    To be fair Sam, Oscar has been a part of a bad Star Wars film, The Last Jedi. Now that's a bad film, a shockingly terrible film.

    • Carl Scruggs
      Carl Scruggs 6 months ago

      if only it was like those glimmering jewels the prequels

    • Tex Truman
      Tex Truman 7 months ago +3

      Yeah, we call them retards.

    • DADA 5000 - Francis Ngannou's Conditioning Coach
      DADA 5000 - Francis Ngannou's Conditioning Coach 7 months ago +5

      And a lot of people are idiots. Is that how you determine the quality of something? On how many people like it? A lot of people listen to Bieber and Nicki Minaj and a lot of people eat tide pods... Are those things good as well in your opinion? You mongoloid...

  • nnnnnnnnnnnn
    nnnnnnnnnnnn 7 months ago +10

    I feel like A Most Violent Year gets overlooked, even though it got good reviews from critics. Almost feels like a film from the 70's, seen it compared to Sidney Lumet's work of the era, which is totally accurate. Check it out ya fucks.

    • Jake Skywalker
      Jake Skywalker 7 months ago +1

      Reminded me of a young Al Pacino too.

    • Tex Truman
      Tex Truman 7 months ago

      That was surprisingly good, yes.

  • HanSoloxcs
    HanSoloxcs 7 months ago

    Can this fucking 55 Year old worm eventually mature and develop a self esteem he doesn't need to reference every fucking time he talks to someone?

  • Keith Johnston
    Keith Johnston 7 months ago +7

    who's the totally bored girl staring at her phone in the background?...jeez

  • Grumpy
    Grumpy 7 months ago +10

    One of the best actors working today along with Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Michael Shannon.

    • d d
      d d 7 months ago

      I just did, you sound like a triggered little bitch

    • Grumpy
      Grumpy 7 months ago

      Murk Bernson LOL reread both of our replies and see which of one use sounds upset.

    • d d
      d d 7 months ago

      Grumpy lmfao, you do care you fucking idiot, you keep replying to me in such a butthurt, angry toddler way, and you're really obsessed with your own opinion so much you're calling me wrong? lol get a fucking life dude, you're pathetic and totally in love with yourself. That robot Tom Hardy sucks a fucking dick and so do you, objectively XD

    • Alatina Thucklemuggin
      Alatina Thucklemuggin 7 months ago

      and makes it look effortless

    • Grumpy
      Grumpy 7 months ago

      Murk Bernson How am I butthurt? I couldn't care less what some random person on the internet thinks of something so insignificant. You're just objectively wrong.

  • wiedzmapokladowa
    wiedzmapokladowa 7 months ago +3

    The interview ends in a bit abrupt way. Is there more by any chance?
    You guys have fantastic chemistry. Great conversation. Thank you :)

  • David Caldwell
    David Caldwell 7 months ago

    Sam is such a fucking retard sometimes! Spoils ENTIRE movie, then says "spoiler alert". God damn, I always have tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, but he's completely awful.

  • ewignichjesehn
    ewignichjesehn 7 months ago +1

    that movie will hit hard.

  • In Korea
    In Korea 7 months ago +25

    He's a very underrated actor.

    • In Korea
      In Korea 7 months ago

      Gyorkland I'm sure Hollywood will take your opinion into consideration.

    • Gyorkland
      Gyorkland 7 months ago

      Hmmm good point and so eloquently put, I think he sucks now...

    • BaraZulu
      BaraZulu 7 months ago


  • jager streak
    jager streak 7 months ago +1

    Never heard of him

    • Maxx Doran
      Maxx Doran 5 months ago

      jager streak Too cool for the room or under a rock?

  • radioguy801
    radioguy801 7 months ago +37

    What a nice, likable guy! Sam and Jim with another great interview!

    • Matthew
      Matthew 7 months ago +1

      He is an everyday guy.

    • NoJaYorK
      NoJaYorK 7 months ago +1

      radioguy801 too short with such a cool actor, so short that they kept talking about Oscar Isaacs career after he had left.

  • shelley olsen
    shelley olsen 7 months ago +8

    I wonder what movies he didn't like doing? That would be interesting to find out

    • Robert Frost
      Robert Frost 7 months ago

      Absolutely X-Men. 1:47 he basically spelled it out there.

    • One-Eye
      One-Eye 7 months ago +1

      Shit movie and he sucked in it.
      Anyone could have been cast in that role.

    • Hating me is conforming
      Hating me is conforming 7 months ago +15

      shelley olsen definitely X-Men Apocalypse.That movie was shit.

  • experiment54
    experiment54 7 months ago +24

    Disney killed starwars

    • Gayvon Fartin
      Gayvon Fartin 7 months ago

      Yea, it just isnt star wars without a bunch of brown people and mary sue's running around, huh Captainridley?

    • BaraZulu
      BaraZulu 7 months ago +1

      Jar Jar Binks

    • OniSyphon
      OniSyphon 7 months ago

      Yeah, because Phantom Menace wasn't a hot piece of shit.

    • Tex Truman
      Tex Truman 7 months ago +2

      Oh you're totally right, but like I said, the retards will pay shitloads of money to see this even though it will suck ass. Such is the modern state of society......

    • experiment54
      experiment54 7 months ago

      Tex you only have to watch Anthony InGruber Harrison Ford impression to know Disney aint going to give us the Han Solo we know and love. The only reason I can see not to go with Anthony is because they dont want that version of Han. They are beta male'ing him. It would be nice to be wrong but :(

  • simonal1989
    simonal1989 7 months ago +20


    • Christian Tyler
      Christian Tyler 7 months ago +2

      16 more likes than you should have, but alas, I could not help myself.