Game of Thrones: Season 7 Finale - Review


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  • Jeremy Jahns
    Jeremy Jahns  Year ago +1032

    So apparently Bran can not see the future. He addresses this but the contradiction in my minds eye was the vision of a dragon shadow flying over Kings Landing (I believe in season 6). Though I took this to be the future, and a shadow of one of Daenerys' dragons, it must be a vision of the past and a shadow of one of Aegons' dragons. However, the same logic addressed in this video applies. If Bran can see the past, then the moment something happens, it is now the past and can now be Glimpsed by Bran. So the best tactic for him would be to keep an eye on the hoard from the north, and Cersei Lannister......and the new love couple. Because why not? Free Porn! #Fewer

    • Dangerz Own
      Dangerz Own Month ago

      Mark Hogan Season 6 and 7 are both non-canon.

    • Mark Hogan
      Mark Hogan Month ago +1

      ​+Dangerz Own Not true at all. In Season 6 he sees things that happen in doors (Mad King, Red Wedding, etc...). In the books it's very clear that his power has nothing to do with what ravens can or cannot see.

    • Cevonn Green
      Cevonn Green 3 months ago

      if you go back and watch the scene when bran finds out that he is not a snow, he tells Sam that John is a sand because he didn't know that Rhaegar and Lyanna were married. Bran can see the past but he doesn't automatically know when something has happened unless he specifically tries to think about it. So unless someone comes to brand and says "hey how's Tormund and his men doing," or "What's Cersei doing right now?" he's not gonna know.....or at least that's what I think is going on.....

    • Abliki
      Abliki 4 months ago

      Yeah but he saw the wildfire explode under the sept in season 6 re watch his vision the same clip of the wild fire blowing up the sept was shown

  • ELZOOL12
    ELZOOL12 Day ago

    Someone is going to have to kill that dragon with Valyrian steel

  • zee shahid
    zee shahid 8 days ago

    7:19 😂😂😂😂

  • Alexey Baal
    Alexey Baal 12 days ago

    Even though people like to hate on D&D, I wanted for them to do full 10 or 9 seasons(or other writers) There was plenty to material to go. Now the last 2 seasons feel rushed.

  • David Cartagena
    David Cartagena 18 days ago

    i thought they dod 7 episodes to fit more for season 8

  • dishwashermadman
    dishwashermadman Month ago

    Anyone ships Jonsa?

  • Flof
    Flof Month ago

    I've never seen the show, looks like some average pg13 fantasy show... meh.

    • parcog
      parcog 27 days ago

      It's VERY R. Littlefinger speechifies in his whorehouse, to 2 of his whores while they are fucking. "I'm going to fuck them. That's what I know, that's what I am" indeed!
      Plus there's the whole "wearing other people's faces to assassinate" thing. And any fight involving a Clegaine. Never get between a man and his chicken!

  • Jack Johnson
    Jack Johnson Month ago

    Bran only knows things that he has chosen to see.

  • Pers Godiva
    Pers Godiva Month ago

    The reason Sansa didn't say "the one who passes the judgement should pass the sentence" is because their Dad never taught either of them that because ... girls. On the other hand, I like to think of those two as a unit so for me, they did the right thing.

  • kazim hussain
    kazim hussain Month ago

    Bran cannot see the Future

  • TWSTF 8
    TWSTF 8 2 months ago +2

    Benioff and Weiss addressed the whole thing with the last season only being 6 episodes in an interview the other day.
    They said that they worked around the clock making season 6, with two, (and sometimes 3 or 4,) production units filming simultaneously in different locations for months longer than previous seasons, and with all the post-production, they STILL didn't have even a one week break before starting production on season 7, and they STILL had to bump the release date back again and could only make as many episodes as we got.
    In other words, unless the production value is DRASTICALLY lowered, or unless somehow God or Einstein figures out a way to make the length of a day significantly longer than 24 hours, there is just absolutely NO way for them to make ANY more Game of Thrones episodes per season than what they have done.
    It is just physically impossible.
    Unless we're all OK with cardboard Dragons and stuffed animal Direwolves, the laws of nature and physics literally prohibits Dave and Dan from making any more Game of Thrones than they have been.

  • Brandon Schiavone
    Brandon Schiavone 2 months ago

    Bran is definitely a boring character and way to weird now. They better end this season flawlessly I’ll be so fucking bummed out if they don’t I’m already pissed that it is going to be ridiculously short.

  • Gopi Chintala
    Gopi Chintala 2 months ago

    2.33 view damn

  • José Ignacio López
    José Ignacio López 2 months ago

    They should've delayed season 7 and made a kickass final season that would blew everybodys mind. 13 episodes, lots and lots of plots reveals, astounishing battles, and the final confrontation between all the mayor characters. But money is money and people is greedy. Still, one of the best shows to have ever existed. Hope you get to read this!

  • ngkos
    ngkos 2 months ago

    So you think Littlefinger really died? Oh, my sweet summer child.

  • Andres Gajardo
    Andres Gajardo 2 months ago

    Worst season by far, the show is now a shadow of what it was, and the worst actors are the ones whose characters keep surviving season after season.

  • Dalton james
    Dalton james 2 months ago

    Ok so for the beyond the wall stuff it takes a racen one day to fly to dragon stone i belive so how long will it take a frekin dragon to do this . prolly not one day

  • Vejs Cvetkovski
    Vejs Cvetkovski 2 months ago +1

    Whole season was shit....also fusk Jon and Danny's soap opera.

  • Dmar Tube
    Dmar Tube 2 months ago

    Cersei has wildfire, if the zombies that are weak to fire win, then why help if they already took out a dragon

  • aaron atwood
    aaron atwood 3 months ago

    NED STARK DIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Conner Nyiri
    Conner Nyiri 3 months ago +1

    I don't give a shit if Jon is a targaryen. The targaryen's were almost all about keeping the bloodline pure. Jon and Dany are perfect for each other and I fucking love them.

  • Arjun Dubey
    Arjun Dubey 3 months ago

    Background is so annoying sometimes. Like really annoying.

  • Guide theLight
    Guide theLight 3 months ago +8

    I watched all seven seasons for the first time this year and I'm absolutely in love with the series. Now time to go through youtube absorbing all the Game of Thrones content I can find until the final season starts.

    • J Dawg
      J Dawg 6 hours ago

      Guide theLight same. I may have started super late last year but it's pretty much my favourite thing since I got into it . Disappointed season 7 was only 7 episodes though.

    • Temas & Historias
      Temas & Historias 3 months ago

      Same. Just finished Season 7 last night (and now im overnighted).
      Im loving it too. Now ill start reading the books while i wait for season 8.

  • Sandor Clegane
    Sandor Clegane 3 months ago


  • Dr. Subhash Chandra Bose

    Aegon Targaryen

  • Tristan Todd
    Tristan Todd 3 months ago

    It was lit af

  • Johnny Boy
    Johnny Boy 3 months ago

    the finale was good but the rest was meh
    danny burinng the lannisters was cool but other than that meh
    all the main characters that have died since the red wedding were "bad" guys
    tywin, joeffery, ramsay, stannis, MAIN good guys have died since the red wedding

    (other than lady margery)
    pretty disappointing

  • Siddharth Selvarajan
    Siddharth Selvarajan 3 months ago

    She is mother of Dragons. She is hot all the time. She can't freeze with chill winds man.

  • Andrea Ac
    Andrea Ac 3 months ago

    omg the Mario reference its the best descriptions ever LOL

  • KoRnEmperor
    KoRnEmperor 3 months ago

    Just found your channel. Really like you so far. The reason it's only 13 episodes combines is because it was only going to be one season. They decided to split it into 2. We're lucky the finished product is most likely going to be amazing.

  • Garv the Gamer
    Garv the Gamer 4 months ago

    Game of Thrones has already lost what it was.

  • colorful squares
    colorful squares 4 months ago

    this season sucked

  • jimboa20
    jimboa20 4 months ago

    Rhaegar may have been Jon Snow's father, but he wasn't his daddy.

  • Waisea Vunilogologo
    Waisea Vunilogologo 4 months ago

    One word totally defines this season in my mind...DRACYRUS

  • RRoJ
    RRoJ 4 months ago

    Sansa and Arya were “anakin and Padme” level of boring

  • SonOfTheShogun 11
    SonOfTheShogun 11 5 months ago

    Just admit it just like I had to, as much as it kills me to say, this show has been on a steady decline that started at the beginning of season 4 into the " not that good of a show " territory. It rips my heart out but I there has never big a bigger drop in quality in any show I have ever seen than this show.

  • Chirantan Mahanti
    Chirantan Mahanti 5 months ago +1

    i just have one question...why couldn't Uncle Benji get on the horse with Jon and then ride back to the Wall and maybe then impart some knowledge that he might have gathered during his stay Beyond the seems like the writers suddenly remembered that "hey this guy is still alive...we don't need him right? lets just finish him then"

  • Anthony Ciancio
    Anthony Ciancio 5 months ago

    I didn’t like season 7 It felt like a different show

  • Cole Lannen
    Cole Lannen 5 months ago

    The last 2 episodes are so corny. Got a dragon in a dumb way and it takes down the ice wall in a dumb way. Real cool Bro

  • Ross Sapp
    Ross Sapp 5 months ago

    Lol Bren became boring he was always boring in my opinion.

  • Kailyssia Pym
    Kailyssia Pym 6 months ago

    Watch the Mario is a psychopath theory by MatPat on Game Theory videos. That answers your what if mario question.

  • 1111 tiger
    1111 tiger 6 months ago

    And yes ..Peter Baelish has faked his death

  • Grim Savage
    Grim Savage 6 months ago

    Perfect! & this is how it all can work: 1st, Jon NEEDS to ride Rhaegal (his dad's namesake) before he (Rhaegal) most likely gets 'offed' when that prick Euron blows that mythical Dragon Horn. He's then killed by Theon. Drogon & zombie Viserion would most likely take each other out, but not before Daenerys & The Night King do some dragon jousting. Bran could use his Warg powers to help Drogon win, but might die if Drogon dies. Winterfell will fall to the White Walkers & the final battle will be fought at King's Landing. History repeats itself as Jamie kills Cersei after she tries to blow up King's Landing just like the Mad King tried. Jamie dies in Brienne's arms & Arya kills The Mountain TWICE, cause he's brought back again as a Wight. Bran can see it all happen, which does help them against Cersei, but can only see their own doom against the Night King. (& if you notice, Bran is NOT OP cause whenever he tries to 'look' in on the Night King, Bran gets his ass handed to him.) I have NO clue how they're gonna beat the Night King! Jon wins the Iron Throne, sits in it for a second, & then passes it onto Daenerys so he could just be King of the North. Unless he dies & it falls to Sansa to be Queen of the North. Done.

  • M Chaney
    M Chaney 6 months ago

    who passes the sentence should swing the sword, its their new power pact imho... they will remain loyal to eachother and work together.

  • Christopher Garrett
    Christopher Garrett 6 months ago

    I hope it's jon snow he's shown himself to be a great leader this season.

  • TigerClaw!
    TigerClaw! 6 months ago +1

    Denerys will probably die due to childbirth...

  • Atlantis
    Atlantis 6 months ago +1

    The seasons are shorter because they don't have the writing. It's obvious. The writer is the foundation of a TV show or movie.

  • Subr Subrr
    Subr Subrr 6 months ago

    Well, I used to watch game of thrones, but I don't like it anymore, so I didn't watch season 7, not gonna watch season 8.
    Challenge accepted.

  • Peter Fuller
    Peter Fuller 6 months ago

    Before season 8 starts you should do predictions for deaths and stuff very curious on your opinions

  • JOBO
    JOBO 6 months ago

    Oh shit, I think most of these people are gonna fucking die for sure, for damn sure.

  • Casey Glover
    Casey Glover 6 months ago

    Season 1: Awesometacular
    Season 2: Buy it on Blu-ray
    Season 3: Awesometacular
    Season 4: Awesometacular
    Season 5: Good time no alcohol
    Season 6: Buy it on Blu-ray
    Season 7: Good time if drunk

  • Flickkickhomerun
    Flickkickhomerun 6 months ago +2

    Season 1: Awesometacular
    Season 2: Blu Ray
    Season 3: Awesometacular
    Season 4: Awesometacular
    Season 5: Blu Ray
    Season 6: Blu Ray
    Season 7: Good time no alcohol required

    • Amrit Singh
      Amrit Singh 4 months ago

      season 2 was awesometacular, what the fuck are you talking about

  • pokedude104
    pokedude104 6 months ago

    Just binged the entire series for the first time over the span of a few weeks when I found out the last season was coming. I thought the time investment for this show would be too much but damn those hour long episodes fly by. Cant wait to see what they pull in the last season.

  • sneakymia1
    sneakymia1 7 months ago

    there are two major battles left, man vs nature (white walkers), and man vs man, (but i dont think dany or jon will kill cersei, i think jaimie will kill her or arya will kill cersei using jamie or littlefinger face)

  • sneakymia1
    sneakymia1 7 months ago

    i dont see either jon snow or dany surviving till the end, jon snow is hte prince that was promised, dany could be sacrifice as jon's wife to bring forth the sword to kill white walkers, or dany could die giving birth, and has a dream for spring, with new heir on the throne, tyrion and sansa, and her child being raised as a great warrior with jaimie, and no more magic

  • austinmj64
    austinmj64 7 months ago

    They most likely cut the episodes down for costs bc the first seasons yea had bigger battles but with more white Walker action that's cgi and movie quality at that so it's only gonna get costlier

  • Lucas Pinheiro
    Lucas Pinheiro 7 months ago

    I don't really think Peter Baelish died.

  • Andrew Pike
    Andrew Pike 7 months ago

    Gandalf on cocaine lol

  • Rain-Zecner
    Rain-Zecner 7 months ago

    I thought the Tyrion and Cersei conversation was pretty cool

  • Cody Smith
    Cody Smith 8 months ago

    I am disappointed with this season

  • Vihan Amarasinghe
    Vihan Amarasinghe 8 months ago

    wait hold up.
    daenerys banged her nephew..........

  • Madalin Grama
    Madalin Grama 8 months ago

    Bran's such a thundering dumb-ass that he can't even use the power of omniscience right. "-You knew I was coming? - Yes, I saw it, I'm The Three Eyed Raven -Uuum...great! -Why are you here?"

  • Hexen Jager
    Hexen Jager 8 months ago

    They have cut down the number of episodes because each episode has the budget of block buster movie and they can't afford to front that much cash

  • ReignOfApollo
    ReignOfApollo 8 months ago

    So a show about walking ice zombies, flying dragons, shape shifting assassins, and an omniscient bird; gets downplayed by fans because of the dragon lady would've gotten cold riding her dragons?
    Hmm... got it 🙄🙄

  • Coada Catalin
    Coada Catalin 8 months ago

    Well, Drogon is larger and more powerful than Viserion, so he could be an effective counter, but only if he does it without Dany on his back, because then he would have to hold back, while Viserion can go at it full strenght, since NK is much sturdier than her.

  • gamerguy19981
    gamerguy19981 8 months ago

    I wonder...did Lyanna even care that her brother and father died because of her? Or that Ned and Robert were fighting to get her back by starting a war? I'm all for true love but that might be a little bit selfish considering the amount of people who died for her. And while there is the argument of most were fed up with The Mad King, it was Lyanna's "kidnapping" that set off this entire series of blood, death and betrayal.
    On a side note, I can't be the only one who thought it was kind of head scratching that Daenerys lost pretty much all of her forces immediately. She had at probably at least 25% of the Greyjoy forces considering the amount of ships she had when she ended last season, along with all of Dorne which held off Aegon when he first conquered, only for one attack to completely wipe them out of the war, and the Tyrell's who were the richest house (since the Lannisters were broke) were beaten in one battle with little to no effort as Jamie remarks that they did "as well as could be expected" my issue isn't that they were eliminated, but at the little effort they were eliminated because the show needs to quickly tie up plots and kill off any non important characters

  • TWSTF 8
    TWSTF 8 9 months ago +1

    lol die of wind chill 😂❄

  • Tyson Wheeler
    Tyson Wheeler 9 months ago

    Jon and Danny will have a baby. They will both die fighting the walkers. They will give the child to Sansa. Sansa will reign like Queen Elizabeth (without husband). Arya, spy master. Tryrion, hand. Brienne, master of knights. Varys, money man. Bran, Bran. Sam, Maester. It's based off of the war of the roses historically. Sansa will reign supreme, her character arc demands it.

  • Travis C
    Travis C 9 months ago

    Finally all caught up. It has been great to watch the Jeremy videos as I finish each season. Can't wait to see where it all ends!!

  • Jose Figueroa
    Jose Figueroa 9 months ago

    I hope J.R.R Martin could be more involved in the finale it makes sense doesn't it.

  • RandomMindz
    RandomMindz 9 months ago

    The Prince that was Promised is the son of Jon and Daenerys the end

  • Alannah McLoughlin
    Alannah McLoughlin 9 months ago

    I don't think Dany will care when she finds out about Jon's lineage... They've gotten close she knows so much about him and the kind of person he is so I think when it comes down I don't think Dany will care that Jon is also a Targaryen. My prediction is they're gunna rule Westeros as King and Queen.

  • Peter Fuller
    Peter Fuller 9 months ago

    I know you're worried about game of thrones season 8 becoming 6 episodes and turning into battle of the five armies but most of the battles have usually been just 1 episode, battle of the bastards, black water. So I dont think the season is gonna be 90% battles

  • Kmagnifico
    Kmagnifico 10 months ago

    Jeremy Jahns is a TVclip GOD! BEST REACTIONS EVER!!

  • HipHopotamus
    HipHopotamus 10 months ago

    Have they explained why Valyrian steel kills white walkers?

  • InstaShotBE
    InstaShotBE 10 months ago

    I honestly don't get the hate for the last 2 seasons we got. It's supposed to be the beginning of the end, so there's no need for the slow pacing, backstabbing and character evolutions in my opinion. I mean damn we got 5 seasons for that! Season 1 and the first half of season 2 are almost only exposition and character introductions with a lot of people telling us stuff instead of stuff actually happening. I'm not saying those are bad seasons, but they're deffinitly pretty slow. The second half of season 2 is much more interesting and when we're getting to season 3 and especially season 4, no one can denie that the pacing goes faster and faster. The second half of season 4 is just non-stop excitement because things are actually going down! Yes, season 5 is a lot slower and more unconventional. I think a lot of people where dissapointed because season 4 ended on such a high note, but because it also marked the end of one period, and I think season 5 was the start of another period of time. There where some good cliffhangers but the overall episodes where indeed slow paced BUT the episodes 8-10 pretty much made up for all of that imo because we all know what happened in those three episodes. The thing is that season 6, just like season 4, marked the end of a certain period of GoT, ending the Bolton villainy, the High Sparrows, etc. all of that had to come to an end, and we had season 5 to show us all their villainy and to get us ready for "the final battles" in season 6. That's why that season was so much more fast paced, and personaly my favourite season not counting 7. YES, season 7 is extremely fast, and yes unexpected twists we are used to don't happen anymore but that's all alright for me because we don't need them anymore. Hell, we had 6 SEASONS for all the character introductions, expositions, plot twits, backstabbing etc. season 7, and probably also season 8, mark the END of everything. If we're going to complain about everything, either we are all just whiny people who aren't happy about anything OR we just can't accept that GoT is a story that will have an ending. It's like having Ron and Hermione betraying Harry during the last Harry Potter movie, it's like Luke killing Han and Leia during Return Of The Jedi. WE DON'T NEED THAT ANYMORE, in the end it's ALL about everything coming togheter, everyone facing the one and true enemy and fighting it togheter. That's what season 7 has done very well and that's why it's one of my favorite seasons. It's about getting everything done and characters moving, not about characters giving us foreshadowing and explanations like they did in seasons 1-5. I LOVE EVERY SEASON OF GOT, just each one in a different way.

  • Tia Esque
    Tia Esque 10 months ago

    Gandolf on cocaine!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Eternity
    Eternity 10 months ago

    Bran is like that one character in your favorite show where people who have super powers where he could one shot anyone but hes never there.

  • Scine Bamm
    Scine Bamm 10 months ago

    Originally we were only gonna get season 7 with ten episodes. But they split the season into 2, between before the wall fell and after the wall fell and added three extra episodes

  • Moonman
    Moonman 10 months ago

    The three eyed raven come from Chernobyl

  • Danyelle Dixon
    Danyelle Dixon 11 months ago

    What was up with Tryion at the end of the episode when Jon went in Dany's room?? He was acting very suspicious like he knew something. Am I the ONLY person that caught that??

  • Stephen Wright
    Stephen Wright 11 months ago

    I think that in season 8 we are going to understand why the Starks home is called Winterfell

  • Joseph Raymond
    Joseph Raymond 11 months ago

    i think the dragons body heat keeps dany from freezing even at the high altitudes since they fly high all the time

  • William Perry
    William Perry 11 months ago

    8 seasons is long enough for a series that is essentially a single story.

  • Sean Craven
    Sean Craven Year ago

    Slow down

  • Ace Diamonds
    Ace Diamonds Year ago

    cant wait for season 8.

  • SlugfestWizard
    SlugfestWizard Year ago

    Despite the backlash and the quicker pace, I enjoyed this season. Really looking forward to the final season

  • Dharmil Doshi
    Dharmil Doshi Year ago

    Season 7 was shit.

  • Nicolás Beltrán
    Nicolás Beltrán Year ago +3

    I think there are a couple things people are not seeing
    1. They think this "problem" is bacuse of D&D stupidity but they don't think about the fact that our dear George Martin has part of the fault, this is his story and it's taking it so long for him to finish it, if they want to blame someone they must remember this.
    2. They also forget that everything has an end, and they like it or not this is going to that end, this is the way the show took and will take.
    Some people want more action and some don't, some people want characters to die and some don't, some people want more argue and some... And they still don't understand what kind of show this is.

  • milking cow suprise

    the ending of GOT will be the same as the ending of Gurren lagann... everybody dies, and life moves on forgetting them in the past...

  • Mikasa Ackerman
    Mikasa Ackerman Year ago

    Very funny lol

  • 𓊈 𝐀𝐬𝐩𝐡𝐨𝐝𝐞𝐥 𓊉

    Characters that aren't doing shit are wasting screen time. I love Varys but he has nothing to do. Same with Tyrion to some extent, oddly, despite him being one of the most witty and interesting characters. Seriously, what the hell- Varys, Tyrion, and Petyr were always up to sneaky shit, weaving very complex little webs and playing around with other characters. They were totally incompetent in season 7.

    • Yeah
      Yeah 8 months ago

      Gwendolyn Petyr wasn’t incompetent...he was scheming, he was manipulating Sansa to win favour and eliminate a threat.
      He thought he was manipulating Sansa and he underestimated her as well as ran into the brick wall of preventing schemes known as Bran Stark and he was bested.
      Sometimes there are people above you on the ladder that you can get past and that will kick you off if you fuck with them too much.

  • Teekayhuey TK
    Teekayhuey TK Year ago

    Mario is evil

  • Aaron Kuffel
    Aaron Kuffel Year ago

    Not trying to be negative, just pointing out something, you should get your teeth whitening done... You have straight teeth for sure, just an idea

  • David Hernandez
    David Hernandez Year ago

    yup I was one of those people who long ago saw a game of thrones spoiler review and told myself I would never see the show, here I am 4 months later saying yup I forgot everything he said and spent 3 weeks watching the entire seasons being hooked.

  • Victor moucattash

    Maybe the dragons are ectotherms and so they release heat from their body in cold temperatures to adapt to the temperature so all that heat released goes to Dany and that's why she doesn't feel cold?
    Or maybe the dragons are just really warm because they have fire inside of them or something. Or maybe Dany isn't affected by cold the same way she's not affected by heat. Or maybe I'm just mumbling some nonsense and attempting to explain something that is completely illogical with a load of complete bullshit idfk

  • Michael Short
    Michael Short Year ago

    Dany wouldn't freeze, she has dragon blood. :)

  • E3ECO
    E3ECO Year ago

    Isn't Jon now legally the Targeryan heir? Bran said his father, Rhaegar was legally married to whatsit woman Stark.

  • fahri zulfikar
    fahri zulfikar Year ago

    I think cersei's logic is this, whoever wins in the great battle will much likely suffers heavy casualty. So, just about when the battle concludes, she'll lead her army (including Euron's fleet and The Golden Company), to swiftly clean up whatever's left

  • EvanSol919
    EvanSol919 Year ago

    The reason for less episodes is the cost. GoT is already the most expensive show on television and they can't maintain the same level of quality unless they cut the episodes down. It's been estimated that each of the last episodes will be about $15 million a piece.