Game of Thrones: Season 7 Finale - Review


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  • Jeremy Jahns
    Jeremy Jahns  6 months ago +846

    So apparently Bran can not see the future. He addresses this but the contradiction in my minds eye was the vision of a dragon shadow flying over Kings Landing (I believe in season 6). Though I took this to be the future, and a shadow of one of Daenerys' dragons, it must be a vision of the past and a shadow of one of Aegons' dragons. However, the same logic addressed in this video applies. If Bran can see the past, then the moment something happens, it is now the past and can now be Glimpsed by Bran. So the best tactic for him would be to keep an eye on the hoard from the north, and Cersei Lannister......and the new love couple. Because why not? Free Porn! #Fewer

    • GiggleZenMaster
      GiggleZenMaster 26 days ago

      I love how excited you get when reviewing something you like. It is one of the best things in the world. Plus your humor is on point. Miss you on collider btw.

    • Dirt Floor Poor Gamers
      Dirt Floor Poor Gamers Month ago

      Jeremy Jahns do you do individual episode reviews or just full season reviews

    • Emmanuel Mathew
      Emmanuel Mathew Month ago

      But he can see the future according to the show. In season 6, Bran saw the Sept blow up before it happened.

    • Daniel Schultz
      Daniel Schultz Month ago

      Bran himself says he needs to get better at seeing so it can be assumed he cannot see everything yet

    • Braden Hofmann
      Braden Hofmann Month ago

      wait what show is this

  • Danyelle Dixon
    Danyelle Dixon 3 days ago

    What was up with Tryion at the end of the episode when Jon went in Dany's room?? He was acting very suspicious like he knew something. Am I the ONLY person that caught that??

  • Stephen Wright
    Stephen Wright 7 days ago

    I think that in season 8 we are going to understand why the Starks home is called Winterfell

  • Joseph Raymond
    Joseph Raymond 10 days ago

    i think the dragons body heat keeps dany from freezing even at the high altitudes since they fly high all the time

  • William Perry
    William Perry 12 days ago

    8 seasons is long enough for a series that is essentially a single story.

  • cheikh ahmed
    cheikh ahmed 18 days ago

    Bran can't predict the future u cunt 🤦‍♂️

  • Sean Craven
    Sean Craven 28 days ago

    Slow down

  • Ace Diamonds
    Ace Diamonds Month ago

    cant wait for season 8.

  • SlugfestWizard
    SlugfestWizard Month ago

    Despite the backlash and the quicker pace, I enjoyed this season. Really looking forward to the final season

  • Dharmil Doshi
    Dharmil Doshi Month ago

    Season 7 was shit.

  • Nicolás Beltrán
    Nicolás Beltrán Month ago

    I think there are a couple things people are not seeing
    1. They think this "problem" is bacuse of D&D stupidity but they don't think about the fact that our dear George Martin has part of the fault, this is his story and it's taking it so long for him to finish it, if they want to blame someone they must remember this.
    2. They also forget that everything has an end, and they like it or not this is going to that end, this is the way the show took and will take.
    Some people want more action and some don't, some people want characters to die and some don't, some people want more argue and some... And they still don't understand what kind of show this is.

  • milking cow suprise

    the ending of GOT will be the same as the ending of Gurren lagann... everybody dies, and life moves on forgetting them in the past...

  • Skander Nouara
    Skander Nouara Month ago

    Very funny lol

  • Court Fool
    Court Fool Month ago +1

    Characters that aren't doing shit are wasting screen time. I love Varys but he has nothing to do. Same with Tyrion to some extent, oddly, despite him being one of the most witty and interesting characters. Seriously, what the hell- Varys, Tyrion, and Petyr were always up to sneaky shit, weaving very complex little webs and playing around with other characters. They were totally incompetent in season 7.

  • aryamanW
    aryamanW Month ago

    I didn't like that scene with Arya, Sansa and Little Finger.
    It seemed like it was made just to make a fan-pleasing scene. Making the characters think that the sentence is being passed for Arya, made no sense withen the story, why is Sanse trying to be cool?

  • Makgape Lerutla
    Makgape Lerutla Month ago

    Mario is evil

  • Aaron Kuffel
    Aaron Kuffel Month ago

    Not trying to be negative, just pointing out something, you should get your teeth whitening done... You have straight teeth for sure, just an idea

  • David Hernandez
    David Hernandez Month ago

    yup I was one of those people who long ago saw a game of thrones spoiler review and told myself I would never see the show, here I am 4 months later saying yup I forgot everything he said and spent 3 weeks watching the entire seasons being hooked.

  • Victor moucattash
    Victor moucattash 2 months ago

    Maybe the dragons are ectotherms and so they release heat from their body in cold temperatures to adapt to the temperature so all that heat released goes to Dany and that's why she doesn't feel cold?
    Or maybe the dragons are just really warm because they have fire inside of them or something. Or maybe Dany isn't affected by cold the same way she's not affected by heat. Or maybe I'm just mumbling some nonsense and attempting to explain something that is completely illogical with a load of complete bullshit idfk

  • Michael Short
    Michael Short 2 months ago

    Dany wouldn't freeze, she has dragon blood. :)

  • E3ECO
    E3ECO 2 months ago

    Isn't Jon now legally the Targeryan heir? Bran said his father, Rhaegar was legally married to whatsit woman Stark.

  • fahri zulfikar
    fahri zulfikar 2 months ago

    I think cersei's logic is this, whoever wins in the great battle will much likely suffers heavy casualty. So, just about when the battle concludes, she'll lead her army (including Euron's fleet and The Golden Company), to swiftly clean up whatever's left

  • EvanSol919
    EvanSol919 2 months ago

    The reason for less episodes is the cost. GoT is already the most expensive show on television and they can't maintain the same level of quality unless they cut the episodes down. It's been estimated that each of the last episodes will be about $15 million a piece.

  • Meggie Bondy
    Meggie Bondy 2 months ago

    WTF he (Raegar) isn’t fucking cool!!! He ditched his wife and children and ran off with an underage girl after like 2 days of knowing her!!!

  • raindownchoas
    raindownchoas 2 months ago

    I think Bran doesn't tell everyone everything because he can't control his powers completely yet. He didn't finish his training, and I bet what happened to Hodor really messed him up. Bran probably felt guilty. Also, the massive amount of information that he's getting is probably just way to much for his mind to handle, and until he gets a hold of it, he'll probably stay semi-comatose. Hopefully next season he does get control.

  • Asphalt Pilgrim
    Asphalt Pilgrim 2 months ago

    My view is that Jon will die to save Danerys and her baby, and this will finally bury her aggressive tendencies as she respects his memory... WWJSD. ;)

  • Oreo Kush
    Oreo Kush 2 months ago

    Was just about to comment Bran cant see the future lol and then i saw your comment woops

  • Revolutionary Cinema Productions

    I cant stand all the incest. Its too gross and creepy for me.

  • Colin Wilson
    Colin Wilson 2 months ago

    Season 7 is really fuckin dumb

  • Palindrome
    Palindrome 2 months ago

    Late af but I'm fairly certain Bran only sees the past and present, leaving possibilities for the characters future (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong but that's how I've been seeing it so far)

  • kenza abdi
    kenza abdi 2 months ago

    The reason why they don't have as many episodes in seasons 7 and 8 is because they don't have amazing material from the g r r martin books. What they have to offer now is their brain child . I hope they keep up the good work but it s not the same as before

  • Nicholas Campbell
    Nicholas Campbell 2 months ago

    Jeremy. its actually the opposite of what you were thinking, they are not saying no to money by making the last two seasons shorter. they are extending what would be book seven and should just be 1 season of 10 episodes into 2 seasons of 13 episodes for very capitalist reasons. Also, the watch time is 1 hour episodes instead of 40 minute episodes so "A Dream Of Spring" is getting stretched out as far as possible

  • SlyScyther
    SlyScyther 2 months ago

    I just realized...Sansa and Arya were never shown that aspect of their father's leadership. He only showed that to his sons.

  • 186bingo
    186bingo 2 months ago +1

    It's a bit too condensed and fast paced. It needed 10 episodes and they crushed the content into 7. I think the producers are already getting tired of the show since they are discussing the show they are making after GOT wraps up.

  • Jim Lahey
    Jim Lahey 2 months ago

    so fucking painful to watch Jeremy shut the fuk up

  • fatoumata suso
    fatoumata suso 3 months ago

    I don't think Daenerays is going let Jon Snow get the throne she worked all her life for that shit she ain't letting him snatch that throne

  • MikeFainted
    MikeFainted 3 months ago

    The reason the seasons are less episodes is because the CGI costs even more now, bigger dragons doing more things, big cgi undead armys, wall coming down costs hella $, the main actors are worth even more $ now so that takes from the budget aswell, and idk wat else tbh, but ya it sucks but there just isnt as much $ to go around

  • Dixie Normis
    Dixie Normis 3 months ago

    Jeremy kinda contradicts himself a little bit. He said that if Cersei dies and then Dany becomes queen by default, would be boring and then he says if Dany dies that it would suck because they've built her up so much. Like how can it end any differently than those 2 ways? It's not like she's gonna fight Cersei personally in a trial by combat and win the throne that way lol

  • goran osmanov
    goran osmanov 3 months ago


  • Matt Thake
    Matt Thake 3 months ago

    Westworld review?

  • Vesper L
    Vesper L 3 months ago

    Please check out westworld on HBO and review it!

  • Wuwarrior 2917
    Wuwarrior 2917 3 months ago

    Poor Robert Baratheon tho, he truly loved Lyanna

  • Noob Fury
    Noob Fury 3 months ago

    They clamed Season 8 will be longer than any other season meaning each episode will have to be ATLEAST 1hr and 30mins or 90mins each. 90x6=540mins which is the length of the longest season.

  • TheDiligentMafia
    TheDiligentMafia 3 months ago

    Breaking Bad knew exactly when to end, GOT is pushing it. Hopefully season 8 is great tho

  • Julio Acceus
    Julio Acceus 3 months ago

    Madman King chokes a man to death as his father is burned alive and proceed to call for the head of the burned man's son.
    Bran: "Robert's Rebellion was based on a lie.."
    Me: "NIGGA!"

  • Eduar Torrealba
    Eduar Torrealba 3 months ago

    He is legally Aegon Targaryen... his parents got married which makes him legal and not a north-bound bastard, not even a bastard of Dorn but a legal Targeryen-Stark heir.

  • batshineman
    batshineman 3 months ago

    I had to watch the entire show just to watch this video.

  • Umair Ahmed
    Umair Ahmed 3 months ago +1

    -short season -1
    -less plot, more dialogue -1
    -brienne + tormund = no chemistry -1
    -less logic, more plot armor -1
    6/10 it was just "ok"

  • Gee Cee
    Gee Cee 3 months ago

    I wonder why Cersei didn’t order the Mountain to kill Tyrion when he dared her to? Does she care for Tyrion deep down? Their relationship is quite confusing.

  • Joe Teller
    Joe Teller 3 months ago

    Hey Jeremy you do know while not 100% as its going to be in the books, the last two seasons are following the rough outline of how George wants the story to end

  • Anthom Aha
    Anthom Aha 3 months ago

    Little finger should have died in season 1 but that's still cool game of thrones

  • John Despo
    John Despo 4 months ago +1

    Jon the Auntfucker

  • DavesWorld
    DavesWorld 4 months ago +1

    If Bran wargs into Jon he'll be inside two Targaryens at the same time.

  • Jad Bourjeili
    Jad Bourjeili 4 months ago

    Review lost plz

  • Javier Lopez
    Javier Lopez 4 months ago +1

    My "issues" with this season are but a few. Here I go:
    1) I get that time is short, and the budget is tight, but you cannot leave things in the air and expect the viewers to assume that something happened. The storytelling suffered a bit due to the odd editing and transition between some scenes/episodes. For example: how many days were the magnificent seven waiting in that lake? One day? Two days? A week? We only had a single indication, which wasn't that noticeable, that a day had past. Like I said, how are we supposed to know how much time passed between Gendry's return to the wall and everything after that? I slight better editing or a random comment from a character could've cleared that out.
    2) I know that this season was supposed to show fulfillment of everything that was been said years ago, but the Arya seen killing the Freys had no impact on the story at all. I also get that main-stories have sub-stories in them and that every event doesn't have a magnificent effect on the main plot, but couldn't that scene be placed somewhere else? The scene was great, but wrongly located in my biased opinion. If that scene were to happen after Dany and Cersei were at war, it would've had more weight on both Cersei and Dany, seeing how Arya unknowingly aided the Dragon Queen and caused the loss of an important ally of Cersei in the Riverlands. I don't know, guess it just nitpicking.
    3) I have zero complaints with Baelish's death, but how he got his throat slit was weird. Everything about the Sister-plot was weird. Not terrible, but weird. Like I said in the first point, were we to assume something there? What was all that about? Arya and Sansa didn't hate each other so the rift between them didn't make any sense at all. Yes, they got mad at each other pretty easily, but it was out of character. Were they acting? Did the walls of the Gray Waste have eyes and ears? What were they doing?
    4) Everything Benjen was a disappointment. They could've easily made him help out Gendry in order to introduce us to him again, or find some other way to associate him with the magnificent seven. It was almost as bad as the Sand Snakes acting during their temper tantrum in Dorne.
    Guess this is all.

  • SS Starscream
    SS Starscream 4 months ago +1

    I don't think anyone caught the fact that those Walkers couldn't have attached a chain to the dragon at the bottom of the icy water. How did they manage that?

  • Chrisfragger1
    Chrisfragger1 4 months ago +1

    I'm pretty sure Danny can't freeze to death... She's a dragon.

  • NickToVa
    NickToVa 4 months ago

    I was expecting more critize from you Jeremy, this was by far the worse season.
    Guess you're just another fanboy

  • spectacular raymond
    spectacular raymond 4 months ago

    It's funny the rightful heir is the only that doesn't want the iron throne

  • Benj Buddy
    Benj Buddy 4 months ago

    I like the part where Theon Greyjoy got kicked in the balls but he has none. Dat dude have nothing to lose anymore.

  • Thejetlifejd
    Thejetlifejd 4 months ago

    The titles of a new season should be:
    The Game and the Thrones
    2 Game 2 Thrones
    The Game and the Thrones: Tokyo Drift:
    Game & Thrones
    Game Five
    Game & Thrones 6
    Thrones 7
    The Fate of the Thrones

  • Luke Stubbs
    Luke Stubbs 4 months ago

    Poor dragon, can’t see all of Westeros beating the White Walkers

  • Siyabonga Zwane
    Siyabonga Zwane 5 months ago

    "Gandalf on Cocaine, riding a dragon, burning the wall....."


  • sawy sauce
    sawy sauce 5 months ago

    It sucked

  • Austin Njagi
    Austin Njagi 5 months ago

    How sweet would it be if Cersei's baby turned out to be a dwarf?

  • Ben Jen
    Ben Jen 5 months ago

    You did not talk how Gendry , Jon and Daenerys are all related and could have three some

  • XtremeGameplayVidz
    XtremeGameplayVidz 5 months ago

    I think the ending was great! They did leave us on a huge cliff hanger which is a complete dick move because now we have to wait like a year to find out what happenes and I could die in that time span lol.

  • Jeremy Brookes
    Jeremy Brookes 5 months ago +1

    Please review Stranger Things for all our sakes Please!
    especially since season 2 is coming out in a few weeks.

  • Umair Ahmed
    Umair Ahmed 5 months ago +1

    The episodes should've been longer considering there were only 7 of them in this Season. There was NO scene of Ghost. The logic of the show was ruined this season. And way too predictable, way too much plot armor on jon snow. Meh 7/10

  • Jermey G
    Jermey G 5 months ago

    Actually in royal families in the 1300-1900. Kings and queens would marry their cousins

  • JP Alpha
    JP Alpha 5 months ago

    Not only are characters gonna die, they are gonna be Walkers

  • Itilosi99
    Itilosi99 5 months ago

    watch game theory Mario is a psychopath lmfao

  • Dimitri Romulus
    Dimitri Romulus 5 months ago

    I like your review

  • Kuro Maxima
    Kuro Maxima 5 months ago

    Actually one of the main reasons why GOT7 was so short this year was budget problems. According to one source some of the locations that were shot (mainly Dragonstone) was so exspensive that the show runners had to cut the story down. If there are other reasons, I’m willing to be wrong

  • Kishuy
    Kishuy 5 months ago

    h,,, Jeremy... you do know that inbreeding and blood marriages were common in royalty, including "Western". 99% of the European Rulers at various points in history were all cousins. How do you think we got stuck with Sick rulers that inspire Joffrey...

  • John Smith
    John Smith 5 months ago

    Season 8 is 2019 - 2020

  • Mr White
    Mr White 5 months ago

    the fact that they cut the episodes is a joke

  • Garrett Brewster
    Garrett Brewster 5 months ago

    Raegar and Lyanna were legally married so Jon is the true heir: Aegon Targaryen (is it the third or the fourth?)

  • Vilaysak Phone
    Vilaysak Phone 5 months ago

    I've watch all game of thrones season just to watch this review.

  • venkat kumar
    venkat kumar 5 months ago

    Yeah, there are less episodes this season but the plot move fast asshole!
    The night walkers cant swim you cunt, at the least read the book before you spray your shit on people!
    people in twitter are dicks! lol, what are you? A saint!! you mofo should be a the guy that gets roasted by the dragon. Do you even have a dick you cunt!
    you say baelish is expendable, your are the one that is completely expendable asshole!! your mom was looking at you for couple decades and thinking why you were still alive!!

  • Sleepy Effy
    Sleepy Effy 5 months ago

    I thins season 7 was shit

  • UserSub
    UserSub 5 months ago

    Fewer...fewer episodes ;)

  • s blagg
    s blagg 5 months ago

    Not "less episodes,"-- "FEWER episodes." -- Stannis Baratheon

  • nickyboy22071989
    nickyboy22071989 6 months ago

    He does know the White Walkers broke through...

  • Christopher Tan
    Christopher Tan 6 months ago

    Jeremy starting to look more and more like Keanu Reeves

  • Amazing 101
    Amazing 101 6 months ago

    Bran can't see Cersei,because there's no the red tree in King's Landing

  • Abbott Is Death Process.

    Daenerys didn't get there that quickly. Watch again.

  • Jaih S.
    Jaih S. 6 months ago

    Ancient Egyptians married brothers and sisters to keep their blood line pure so it is earthy. It's just ancient.
    + I think Bran is not supposed to reveal what he sees. He said something like I remember what it felt like to be bran but I'm the three eyed raven now. So it's his job to see but not talk I guess

  • S.N Kousthubha
    S.N Kousthubha 6 months ago

    I had a lot of problems with the show. I didn't understand how the House Highgarden got crushed, it was just told, and suddenly, Jaime is offering poison. Was there a siege? How did the richest family just lose like that? I just hated the beyond the wall scenes. It was just really, really bad. Bran, who is now just so disconnected from the world suddenly comes for trail, and everyone just accepts his word, without any question, whatsoever? Littlefinger and Varys not doing anything. I mean, from what I know of Littlefinger, e would just send this really powerful assassin he just got, to kill off whoever doesn't fit into his plans neatly. Instead, he tries to have her killed. Wow. And yes, no more Game of Thrones...

    • Paul C
      Paul C 6 months ago

      S.N Kousthubha highgarden got crushed almost immediately because more than half of their bannerman turned on them with the Tarlys in the lead.
      all the lord protectors/wardens need their bannermen to protect their side of the realm

  • MusicisLife8393
    MusicisLife8393 6 months ago

    GoT got boring af

  • GameNReader
    GameNReader 6 months ago

    I'm still gonna call him Jon Snow

  • Hollywood 123
    Hollywood 123 6 months ago

    u sound like a mad social media troll

  • John von Shepard
    John von Shepard 6 months ago

    Jon/Aegon #ForWestross

  • lady nymeria
    lady nymeria 6 months ago

    Elia Martell deserved better ya little shits

  • Thomas K
    Thomas K 6 months ago

    this season sucked balls

  • Yulia
    Yulia 6 months ago

    ג'רמי :)
    This show is stupid

  • Zademan
    Zademan 6 months ago +1

    I liked game of thrones newest season, but it had so much fan service I'm afraid that the guys behind this season are going to go mad and murder all my favorite characters after building them up to such high levels of DND Mastery, like making a certain black cloaked character into the biggest god among men then slaughtering him just to make the execs laugh at all the twitter broad casted fan trauma after committing such a horror.

  • TJ Jordan
    TJ Jordan 6 months ago

    Ned: "The man who passes the sentence, must swing the sword."
    Sansa: "Well, I'm no man. Arya, you do it!"
    Arya: "With a girl's pleasure."

  • joker Darker
    joker Darker 6 months ago

    "Gandalf on cocaine riding a dragon" fuckin' hilarious ;-))

  • Merrick Stark
    Merrick Stark 6 months ago

    I loved seeing Petyr Baelish down on his knees begging Sansa. That was just epic and then watching Arya walk up and slice his throat without even flinching or missing a beat and then walking away like nothing even happened. The whole scene was epic. And then there was that whole Zombie Dragon burning down the wall thing at the end of the episode that just sucked rotten balls.