Ralphie May - "Stoned Like a Biblical Wh*re" | REACTION (Jeff Foxworthy-Redneck Fashion Tips Part 1)

  • Published on Nov 18, 2019
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Comments • 363

  • carbonitedreamer
    carbonitedreamer 18 days ago +27

    Woooooo!!!! comedy hour love seeing you both!! trying to read queens shirt but i dont want to be a creeper so what does it say please.

    • DutchDevilXL
      DutchDevilXL 15 days ago

      @Melody Richardson must be hard for you sweety. Bringing up insecurity about manhood because no one wants to fuck ya a 2nd time. Here is a tip. Next time you suck someone off. DONT close the hole like ur playing the flute. That feeling (pun intended) sucks...

    • DutchDevilXL
      DutchDevilXL 15 days ago

      @Duane Snodgrass thanks big ol country man! How's the sister/wife doing?

    • Duane Snodgrass
      Duane Snodgrass 15 days ago +1

      @DutchDevilXL Settle down Francis.

    • Pvt. Sea Otter
      Pvt. Sea Otter 15 days ago +1

      Lol all you people stupid getting mad over a shirt

    • scottallencarr
      scottallencarr 16 days ago

      Have none of us actually just quoted this shirt for Homie? Three days? >I can't because that's funny(?)

  • David
    David Hour ago

    RED solo cup

  • Cj Jones
    Cj Jones 4 hours ago

    Shes too cute. Yall a nice looking couple. Keep up the good work👍👏

  • Mkpryor12
    Mkpryor12 18 hours ago

    Y’all have to do Cuban coffee from Ralphie May too funny.

  • Edith Dlp
    Edith Dlp 21 hour ago

    You make a gorgeous couple. The queen is very beautiful. My respects to you both.

  • chris cormier
    chris cormier 2 days ago

    You should look at a comic call brad Williams part 6 you will not regret it.

  • Jared Penrod
    Jared Penrod 3 days ago

    More Jeff Foxworthy please!! Good stuff.

  • Nick Gomez
    Nick Gomez 3 days ago

    Lol the rest of that Ralphie May clip is hella funny

  • Farrell Ingalsbe
    Farrell Ingalsbe 5 days ago

    Love too see more Jeff Foxworthy And Bill Ingvald trying marijuana for the first time and colonoscopy and removing a stent

  • Nate Limas
    Nate Limas 5 days ago

    I am trying to rewatch this but once i get to jeff foxworthy it says something is wrong

  • 《dobber 》
    《dobber 》 6 days ago

    Anthony jeselnik- the worst crowd I've ever had please

  • elizabooks
    elizabooks 8 days ago

    Denis Leary: the asshole Song is something you might enjoy.

  • MoxieMike66
    MoxieMike66 8 days ago

    Wow, there's a shocker, Ralphie's dead. Morbidly obese & drug addict. Didn't see that coming.

  • David Soltau
    David Soltau 8 days ago

    Ralph SUCKS

  • Mad Mike812
    Mad Mike812 9 days ago

    Copper mug makes the Moscow better.

  • Chris Cunningham
    Chris Cunningham 9 days ago

    Have you ever done any with Christopher Titus?

  • Chris Cunningham
    Chris Cunningham 9 days ago

    The song by Rodney Carrington is call rhymes with truck

  • Sherri McCormic
    Sherri McCormic 10 days ago

    I can't believe you have never heard of Jeff Foxworthy! Epic!
    The Blue Collar Comedy Tour is incredible. That's what made your Uncle Ron famous. 😉
    It had Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall (my favorite), Larry the Cable Guy (funny, but all about farts and poop), and Ron White (a very close second). You 2 will love it! 💥👏

  • Eddie Haskel
    Eddie Haskel 10 days ago

    Queen shirt says; Warning....dynamite comes in small packages!!

  • Mike C
    Mike C 11 days ago

    React to some Joey Diaz cocksucka lol

  • Mike C
    Mike C 11 days ago

    Jeff was first Comedian I got into at like 5 lol I could repeat his whole album by 6

  • Ryaurezh
    Ryaurezh 11 days ago

    Queen's right. You can't have a proper Moscow Mule without copper mugs.

  • John Pelfrey
    John Pelfrey 12 days ago

    Jim Gaffaghan

  • sceneitfan
    sceneitfan 12 days ago

    If you liked Jeff Foxworthy, you should check out Bill Engvall “Pranking my Dad”. OMG!!


  • Ty Hinton
    Ty Hinton 12 days ago

    Jim jefferies taking an md sufferer to a prostitute

  • Eric Wyatt
    Eric Wyatt 12 days ago

    Bunch of fools talking about Bill Engvall, the least funny person ever while the legendary Ralphie May is doing stand up. Get the fuck out of here.

  • lee yoder
    lee yoder 12 days ago

    hey guys me and my ol lady was eating out,nice place.oh damn this couple walks in big big girl and this lil guy cant be more than 100 pounds she was like over 300 easy hands down.they order.we are eatting and doing us.they get the food.now this woman grabs his plate.and gives him some food.we both looked at each other and it just came out.give that man some food.bitch heard me.we are rolling at this time.my 2 yr old could eat what i guess what he gets all the time.cant help it we are rolling. just lol .well i made her go pay.no i fucking paid for it guys.i walk over and scrapped my platei dont remember what i think just green beans and ran the hell out of there. forget get about it.i fucking almost peed myself.as i hit the door full speed.the bitch ask what he give you.done deal.im out.

  • BammerD
    BammerD 12 days ago

    Blue Collar Comedy Tour, "One For The Road" - Embarrassing Photos

  • Krystal Greenwell
    Krystal Greenwell 13 days ago

    Love your videos! Especially with the Queen (no offense). Y'all should react to Bill Engavll's "Vicodin land". It's hilarious! Keep the AWSOME videos coming 😁

  • dareaperman creator
    dareaperman creator 13 days ago

    Rhymes with Truck

  • Tom Blacker
    Tom Blacker 13 days ago

    Skip to 3:20 for comedy/reaction

  • Master Carbuncle
    Master Carbuncle 13 days ago

    Foxwothy, "with your wardrobe and that gay walrus moustache, you look like one of the Village People on casual Friday. You look like Magnum P.I. with AIDS." _~Greg Giraldo_

  • LIBICU812
    LIBICU812 13 days ago

    Larry the Cable Guy. Gotta do this.

  • Ethan Hughes
    Ethan Hughes 14 days ago +1

    Can’t believe you haven’t heard of Jeff Foxworthy, he is actually one of the best selling comedians of all time

  • Chris Jennings
    Chris Jennings 14 days ago

    hey! moscow mule is my favorite drink!

  • Brian Bulluck
    Brian Bulluck 14 days ago

    larry the cable guy ohhh and Brian Regan

  • Daddy Vapor
    Daddy Vapor 14 days ago

    You should find some John Caparulo and also Henry Cho I don't believe anybody has done either one of those

  • Daddy Vapor
    Daddy Vapor 14 days ago

    You got to have a cup man

    RKO_LEGENDS 14 days ago

    just look up rodney carringtion bit by bit

  • Ignatius Q. Snerd, II, Esq.

    Al Murray on Nations

  • Christopher Armstrong
    Christopher Armstrong 15 days ago

    Check out John Pinette.,,Katt Williams,-motorcycle-George Carlin. Eddie Murphy is who got me into Comedy!
    Back when parents didn’t sensor what we watched. Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor and George Carlin got me into comedy .

  • Christopher Armstrong
    Christopher Armstrong 15 days ago

    Rodney Carrington-on TVclip look up Do You wanna do something, TVclip will give you right song. Or check out the entire Rodney Carrington live at the Majestic
    It’s 53 minutes I think. Its worth it to watch it all the way through..
    Love your shows! The Queen is Gorgeous and funny..

  • Nfs Rocks
    Nfs Rocks 15 days ago

    Jeff foxworthy’s colonoscopy story

  • MrBcraze513
    MrBcraze513 15 days ago

    Hippy dippy weather man by George Carlin

  • Marvin De Jesus
    Marvin De Jesus 15 days ago

    Try Christopher titus

  • J Pennington
    J Pennington 15 days ago

    I Love you guys.
    Love your Channel and I hope your Channel blows up HUGE.
    Good Luck and God bless

  • Steven Sutton
    Steven Sutton 15 days ago

    Been a sub for awhile love when the queen is in session too love yalls chemistry

  • Southern Born Northern Raised

    Lucky man. The queen is a gorgeous lady. Much love TMG fam.

  • Southern Born Northern Raised

    Lucky man. The queen is a gorgeous lady. Much love TMG fam.

  • SepticTank72
    SepticTank72 15 days ago

    You need to watch the rusty trombone song. tvclip.biz/video/6ib221mvrK4/video.html

  • Sanjay Shetty
    Sanjay Shetty 15 days ago +2

    Here you have Bill Engvall “Here’s your sign”, Brad Williams, Jeff Dunham and more Jeff Foxworthy.

  • George Dimock
    George Dimock 15 days ago

    I meant John pinette.

  • George Dimock
    George Dimock 15 days ago

    You should try John Linette he is so funny. You should listen about the time he went to England. I laughed so hard I nearly lost my breath.

  • Bossman Jr
    Bossman Jr 15 days ago +1

    I don't see it mentioned Jeff foxworthy was part of a huge comedy calab "blue collar comedy tour" with him, uncle ron, Larry the cable guy and bill engvall...you HAVE to check out all their stuff man legendary!!!

  • joshy the hand
    joshy the hand 15 days ago

    I have to be honest.. i live in the small town in Arkansas where ralphie was born and raised. He is buried at the cemetery less than a mile from my house... where the hell did he get that completely fake , urban style, talk from. Its a complete fake. I can promise you he didn't talk like that naturally.. its literally the most culture vulture speech pattern I've ever seen stolen lol

  • SideKick
    SideKick 15 days ago

    React to Christopher Titus

  • Sean Dudley
    Sean Dudley 16 days ago

    My Brother Rodney by Arnez J, funniest comedy bit I've ever seen.

  • cooley
    cooley 16 days ago

    you can hear all those stoner losers clapping thats funny

  • Michael Golliher
    Michael Golliher 16 days ago

    Have you done Jeff foxworthy part2

  • Amanda Patch
    Amanda Patch 16 days ago

    Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, Larry the Cable Guy, and Ron White all got together and did three different "Blue Collar Comedy Tour" videos. All of the guys are hilarious. One really short joke buy Bill Engvall is "dorkfish". You have got to see it. Along with vicodinland.