Caleb Landry Jones Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters | GQ

  • Published on Mar 12, 2019
  • Caleb Landry Jones breaks down his most iconic characters, including his roles in 'No Country for Old Men,' 'The Last Exorcism,' 'X-Men: First Class,' 'God's Pocket,' 'Get Out,' 'Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri,' 'American Made,' 'The Florida Project,' 'Twin Peaks: The Return' and 'Heaven Knows What.'
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    Caleb Landry Jones Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters | GQ
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  • Esmé
    Esmé 5 days ago

    I think it’s a bit too early in his acting career to do a most iconic roles video. He just started

  • David Godfrey
    David Godfrey 17 days ago


  • patrick jayson ralla
    patrick jayson ralla 20 days ago

    Boy he talks like Marlon Brando

  • Fiona Cahill
    Fiona Cahill 21 day ago +1

    Loved his character in Byzantium.. .but I could not place the accent he has in it. Definitely doesn't sound British...or American,.I thought he was Scandinavian.

  • Alexandr Melnikov
    Alexandr Melnikov 23 days ago


  • Jose Gonzalezzz
    Jose Gonzalezzz Month ago

    He never talked about Contraband

  • e. r.
    e. r. Month ago

    I thought there was never going to be anyone who held the amount of sheer insanity and psychotic likability that heath ledger brought to the joker... but I think caleb landry jones could be exactly that.

  • 9rass Ng
    9rass Ng Month ago

    His voice sounds sleepy, i like it

  • Emilia Bergström
    Emilia Bergström Month ago

    He didn't talk about his greatest roll, Luis on Breaking Bad.

  • ViewfinderVlog
    ViewfinderVlog Month ago

    guys picture this. Breaking Bad 2 : Jessie's Rise- This dude plays Jessie's younger brother and the two of them go on drug rise just like he and Walter did before...Pretty amazing sequel , right?

  • Jimmy Figueras
    Jimmy Figueras Month ago

    I think he's an excellent actor. When i first saw him in Byzantium i thought he was british. He was awesome in Three billboards... capturing the midwestern mannerism and way of living.

  • taffaridude
    taffaridude Month ago

    Interesting fellow. It seems very premature in his career to be featured in this context. His characters are hardly iconic, but he’s still very young and seems quite talented.

  • Dakota Lustick
    Dakota Lustick Month ago

    I feel like he's just doing his best 90s Brad Pitt impersonation.

  • Gab riella
    Gab riella Month ago +3

    He’s so attractive

  • rick louis
    rick louis Month ago

    He was amazing in get out

  • Camila Ulloa
    Camila Ulloa Month ago +1

    Every actor should be high for their press stuff.

  • Cremate My Remains
    Cremate My Remains Month ago +2

    I think with the right hair and makeup he could be a good joker

  • Anthony Hart
    Anthony Hart Month ago

    So this is not Mark Zuckerburg?

      ARMTOAST 18 days ago

      no, but he was in the social network, coincidentally

  • Melle Jobs
    Melle Jobs Month ago

    Fresh jacket

  • murderus4600
    murderus4600 Month ago

    Wasn't he os Get Out? Shouldnt that have been covered?

  • Jamila Brown
    Jamila Brown Month ago

    He looks like Macaulay Culkin

  • Britta Moline
    Britta Moline Month ago


  • Horacio Trujillo Jr
    Horacio Trujillo Jr Month ago +1

    This guy always looks like a junkie in his roles.

  • Berra Saral
    Berra Saral Month ago +2

    I want him to play an absolute maniac

  • David Lauritzen
    David Lauritzen Month ago +11

    He's like a cross between Brad Pitt and Macaulay Kulkin

  • Sullivan H
    Sullivan H Month ago

    The guy that I see in every other movie. i don’t and will never know his name. Even if I tried.

  • Incognito Mode
    Incognito Mode Month ago +1

    Brain D boy on bike #1

  • Edgar Juarez
    Edgar Juarez Month ago

    Never thought Get Out was the only movie where he basically plays himself

  • jay Badloss
    jay Badloss Month ago

    Id flick beans right in your face with a spoon...ctfu

  • poppy harnett
    poppy harnett Month ago +1

    caleb _MUST_ be in the eventual adaptation of ‘the secret history’ - he’s got francis and bunny written all over him

  • Gateway Realtor
    Gateway Realtor Month ago

    I was actually thinking that while I was watching get out. He has this very unnerving quality about him, especially the way he just walks around a room casually

  • Edgy Veggie
    Edgy Veggie Month ago

    Dude totally looks like Macaulay Culkin

  • Filmmaking Tools, Tips, and Trade Secrets!

    Dude was in like so many good movies back to back...

  • c v
    c v Month ago +3

    Caleb your the most diverse actor of our time. I love how much I hated you in get out. And I loved your character in 3 billboards. Your amazing

  • Norm K.
    Norm K. Month ago

    This guy was my pick for Carnage in Venom before Woody Harrelson got casted… I think he would’ve KILLED it.

  • Saint Etienne
    Saint Etienne Month ago

    Quite bizarre

  • Black Porcelain
    Black Porcelain Month ago +1

    What a delightfully odd person, I saw him in a teen vogue video years ago.... such an interesting face and good actor.

  • Marisa Smith
    Marisa Smith Month ago

    i'd flick beans right at your face with a spoon

  • Andrew Deen
    Andrew Deen Month ago +1

    this was the best one of these ive seen. i liked this guy before but dammit now im a fan.

  • hyuck
    hyuck Month ago +1

    You forgot Antiviral!

  • Householder Films
    Householder Films Month ago

    He’s high on acid😂

  • Paola Andrea Denizard

    Is he okay?

  • Kelsi
    Kelsi Month ago +2

    This guy is strange. I love him.

  • FashionPanda AndTheShapes

    I think he needs to smoke more🤪

  • HinHwood
    HinHwood Month ago +1

    I wish more people had watched Twin Peaks and we'd gotten another season. I think they would have picked up with his character and Amanda Seyfried's.

    • Will Watt
      Will Watt Month ago

      Would be kinda difficult considering what happened to his character haha

  • pjtiger10
    pjtiger10 Month ago

    Heaven Knows What is the best movie that no one has seen

  • Who is
    Who is Month ago +2

    The whole video in the back of my head I’m asking myself, yeah but are they gonna ask him about Twin Peaks: The Return? Much respect ✊

  • Wario29
    Wario29 2 months ago +1

    Not to be hating on Caleb Landry Jones, because I like him in his roles, but... shouldn't you have 'iconic' roles before you can break them down? Either scale down the title, or get those who truly have iconic roles, not actors like Jones, who are good but also at the start of their carreer.

  • Diego Pisfil
    Diego Pisfil 2 months ago

    ¡Caleb Landry Jones and Tom Holland should do a movie together!

  • Kenny Gray
    Kenny Gray 2 months ago +1

    8:35 suddenly going full Steve Brule

  • Dylan Rivera
    Dylan Rivera 2 months ago +1

    7:25 minutes in and I just can’t watch anymore lol watching this guy is like watching paint dry 😂 Jesus

    • Dylan Rivera
      Dylan Rivera Month ago +1

      Larz Justice lol yes and I stated the reason why I had to stop watching. But you have enough time to respond to a complete stranger to try and make him feel a certain way. Start looking at your own character.

    • Larz Justice
      Larz Justice Month ago

      Dylan Rivera Congrats. You were more than halfway through and you quit... wonderful insight into your character. And the fact that you had to voice it!
      Be blessed, Dylan.

  • Wills Pat
    Wills Pat 2 months ago

    When you're trying so hard to be "quirky", but you just come off douchey, boring, and dum

  • George Wyatt
    George Wyatt 2 months ago +11

    this guy reminds me of the turtle out of finding nemo

  • Tim
    Tim 2 months ago +4

    Iconic? Man has been around for a second. Get it together GQ. Or at least stop overusing the word "iconic".

  • Capricorn_Kun
    Capricorn_Kun 2 months ago

    8:48 whoa buddy I'm eating beans with a spoon @.@

  • Capricorn_Kun
    Capricorn_Kun 2 months ago +4

    I came here for his most iconic role yet in #Antiviral and you disappointed me GQ

  • Buke
    Buke 2 months ago +6

    He’s going to kill someone. If not already, I’m calling it.

  • fung csmfung
    fung csmfung 2 months ago +1

    Patricia Arquette Breaks Down Her Most Iconic Characters !!!!

  • Ichsuka
    Ichsuka 2 months ago +1

    This guy always looks so shaky and anxious in movies... great actor.

  • Kwenspi
    Kwenspi 2 months ago

    Great video! Great insight into a great actor. Ian McShane would be another good interview.

  • Nerd in the Library
    Nerd in the Library 2 months ago +2

    It's kind of wild how many of this guys movies I've seen without ever realising he was in all of them

  • Ashyblubear
    Ashyblubear 2 months ago +1

    Omg my god ❤️ I never knew I needed this!!

  • Rino Eliassen
    Rino Eliassen 2 months ago +2

    He reminds me of a drug addict. But he’s cool.

  • ThoughtGaze
    ThoughtGaze 2 months ago +1

    he was my fav in heaven knows what

  • TheCarlScharnberg
    TheCarlScharnberg 2 months ago +2

    My dude sounding like Marlon Brando on benzos.

  • Sterling Mixon
    Sterling Mixon 2 months ago


  • acrophobe
    acrophobe 2 months ago +2

    He's killed people.

  • Hide Yo White Women
    Hide Yo White Women 2 months ago

    He could play Joker in a few years

  • Mr Help
    Mr Help 2 months ago

    I was scrolling by, and I thought it was senior zucc

  • Dionna McPhaul
    Dionna McPhaul 2 months ago +6

    Are we gna ignore the fact that he played on Antiviral as Syd March? That was such a chilling movie and his performance was outstanding!!!

  • Dionna McPhaul
    Dionna McPhaul 2 months ago +3

    Hes the most eccentric, down to earth loveable person ever. These 2 years have been his best years on film. Congrats Caleb!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Ariwhiteson99
    Ariwhiteson99 2 months ago +7

    Gotta have Jacob Tremblay breaks down his most iconic roles next... guy‘s a legend

  • Sebastian Gonzalez
    Sebastian Gonzalez 2 months ago

    I see the Joker in this fella

  • zer0 95
    zer0 95 2 months ago +1

    at first i thought the title is "CELEB Landry Jones" because i've never heard of him and lots of other people didnt know he was a celebritiy or whatever but then i realized the dude has 3 names

  • imblygrimbly zimbly
    imblygrimbly zimbly 2 months ago +6

    Incredible talent, can't wait to see him in more stuff

  • the--noxious-1
    the--noxious-1 2 months ago +2

    He looks drunk or high. Either way he is not sober for sure.

      ARMTOAST 18 days ago +1

      as someone who grew up with him...nah, he’s just like that lol

  • the--noxious-1
    the--noxious-1 2 months ago +2

    He could play The Joker, highly Underrated actor! He was amazing In Get Out.

  • siera grace
    siera grace 2 months ago +7

    he really is an incredible actor, i would also say his roles in antiviral and byzantium are spectacular and super underrated... great interview!! (does this count as an interview)

  • MrPhenom444
    MrPhenom444 2 months ago +2

    Can’t wait to see what’s next CLJ!

  • Julie Schwartz
    Julie Schwartz 2 months ago +3

    omg i love him so much

  • Marquis Fomby II
    Marquis Fomby II 2 months ago +1

    This guy went to my theatre teachers high school

    • wvwvwvwv
      wvwvwvwv Month ago

      I swear everyone in the comments knows him lmao

  • kaduzy
    kaduzy 2 months ago +15

    "I'd flick beans right in your face with a spoon." LOL this guy is about the weirdest person I've seen in ages. Glorious.

  • Danielle Jackson
    Danielle Jackson 2 months ago +2

    'Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missour' is still some racist bull

  • thesuperfatty
    thesuperfatty 2 months ago

    This guy does alot of drugs.

  • Bradley Stocker
    Bradley Stocker 2 months ago

    this blokes a proper KNOBHEAD!!!

  • John Gulyas
    John Gulyas 2 months ago

    He would make a great creepy Game of Thrones villain

  • Lazerdisck
    Lazerdisck 2 months ago +1

    If they dont bring up "heaven knows what" imma be mad

  • Bill Richardson
    Bill Richardson 2 months ago +3

    Lol I love this guy, big fan of his!

  • CrackerMac
    CrackerMac 2 months ago

    I've always thought this dude would make a great Joker, comparable to Heath Ledgers in originality.

  • Nikeel A.W
    Nikeel A.W 2 months ago


  • Isfi29
    Isfi29 2 months ago +1

    He'd make a great Joker

  • Sarah Smith
    Sarah Smith 2 months ago +3


  • RCL 1221
    RCL 1221 2 months ago

    Well... I guess he's never going to be hired by Disney. 🤔😂

  • Hanayuni
    Hanayuni 2 months ago

    I... I need subtitles for this.

  • Drug User
    Drug User 2 months ago +1

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    • Drug User
      Drug User 2 months ago

      YaY! I got a Like, I have a friend!

  • Ramiro Belmares
    Ramiro Belmares 2 months ago

    They should've kept him as Banshee!!

  • Music IsMyLife
    Music IsMyLife 2 months ago +2


  • coreys crypt
    coreys crypt 2 months ago +25

    yall didn't mention his best movie ANTIVIRAL

  • charles mckowen
    charles mckowen 2 months ago +4

    What about his role in contraband? Also this dude is out there....and loving it

  • Zaina Abraham
    Zaina Abraham 2 months ago +3

    He is amazing 🤗🤗