Men who accuse Michael Jackson of abuse speak out

  • Published on Feb 28, 2019
  • "CBS This Morning" co-host Gayle King joins CBSN to talk about her interview with the two men featured in the documentary "Leaving Neverland." Wade Robson and James Safechuck accuse Michael Jackson of abusing them when they were young boys, an allegation that Jackson always denied.
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Comments • 22 127

  • Could Have Guessed
    Could Have Guessed 58 minutes ago

    U can tell from their bodylanguage that they are lying. Just sayin

  • Imelda Barlaan
    Imelda Barlaan 10 hours ago

    Just one thing is after one time if did that nasty thing with Michael why they're always going or play to Michael place,,,,they have nothing to do,,,

  • moobyworldmine
    moobyworldmine 12 hours ago +1

    Liars. Karma will get them.

  • Ryan Wallace
    Ryan Wallace 12 hours ago +2

    Not believing this I love mj and no will change my mind on him

  • Speed King
    Speed King 13 hours ago +2

    Since they choose to say they lied in court, how about charging these "liars" with Perjury and get them to plead guilty and serve jail time.
    Maybe the prison inmates will pump out the truth about their Michael Jackson tale.

  • Shanedana McCutcheon
    Shanedana McCutcheon 13 hours ago

    They are lying I don’t believe them

    • Liam C
      Liam C 13 hours ago

      Shanedana McCutcheon Your right. There was no evidence, the FBI raided his properties countless times and found absolutely nothing. People never listen to facts and listen to stories. Your smart, as well as the minority of people.

  • Eric Gentzke
    Eric Gentzke 16 hours ago +2

    That lifted eyebrow doesn’t say victim it says perpetrator

  • Yolanda Herkley
    Yolanda Herkley 16 hours ago

    Don't believe them...

  • Konrad Fesk
    Konrad Fesk 19 hours ago

    Rape victims doesn't lie.

  • Nolan Emery
    Nolan Emery Day ago +2

    For people saying kids slept in Michael’s bed he slept on the floor and plus he never had a childhood he was always working to be one of the best out there so the kids was basically teaching him how it felt like and y’all have dirty minds so that’s why y’all saying it’s weird he wanted to have fun and you can’t blame him and wade robson is lying because back then he was defending Michael and now he’s not liars always change their story I love you Michael you will always be in my heart ❤️

  • Riley Marson
    Riley Marson Day ago +1

    They need to release the unedited versions of the interviews in leaving neverland.

  • Crissy Ledbetter

    These two losers need a punch in the mouth, SOB's need to get a lift and a job, everything they've saved as been proven lies

  • Yotta Chase
    Yotta Chase Day ago

    If you truly believe in God and in heaven as being in a better place after someone has passed? Then you should know from your beliefs that no one could Disturbed the peace that God has given them!
    It doesn't matter if someone speak on a deceased persons name with disrespect or respect' The fact is... if they are in heaven with the Lord then nothing else in this world matters no words are opinions.
    So if the Lord has given them peace, it doesn't matter what anyone has to say no one can take what he's giving them point blank! So people can now stop saying please let them rest in peace when they feel as if someone is disrespecting the dead's name"

  • Stargate Keeper
    Stargate Keeper Day ago +2

    We live in a world where anyone can say anything and the MEDIA WITHOUT PROOF runs it as TRUTH...

  • Margaux Debrun
    Margaux Debrun 2 days ago +3

    You want to feed your children with MJ money

  • Paul Houston
    Paul Houston 2 days ago the other side of the story on Wade Robson at 29 minutes the real testimonies begin on who MJ was - must watch

  • Sharon Winger
    Sharon Winger 2 days ago

    These two scumbags sed it wasn't for the money. What they both leave out is that they were suing Michael Jackson for millions of dollars. There cases were denied and are under appeal. But it's not for the money is it? They are criminals not victims.

  • Saumya Pathan
    Saumya Pathan 2 days ago +2

    I will never believe that Michael acts like this he was the best man in the world and loved children more than his life

    • H H
      H H Day ago

      Saumya Pathan watch the documentary

  • Janika Norman
    Janika Norman 2 days ago


  • #1 Applehead Fan
    #1 Applehead Fan 2 days ago +3

    This is total crap and they need to stop lying about this HE IS INNOCENT LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!!!!!!

  • not my main account
    not my main account 2 days ago +1

    This guy at first was persuaded by his parents to lie, but now he’s just making a living off of it

  • Jay Ortiz
    Jay Ortiz 2 days ago

    My baby isn’t staying with anyone male or female unless they are a very very very close family member.... that’s 💯.... don’t play games with my kids....

  • Apey B
    Apey B 3 days ago +2

    For the 1st 30 minutes of Safechucks "testimony", when recanting from memory about non-abuse events, conversations, memories etc.. Jimmy's eyes move to his right. Which is where 95% of people naturally look when recanting from memory. EVERY SINGLE TIME Jimmy Safechuck describes the sexual abuse, his eyes look to the left. Which is where 95% of people look when "constructing images".. aka LYING THROUGH YOUR TEETH. May God have mercy on your soul James Safechuck, and Wade Robson.

  • JDub 68
    JDub 68 3 days ago +1

    Kinda hard to be molested in a train station that did not exist at the time of the alleged abuse. I call B. S

  • Claire Peace
    Claire Peace 3 days ago

    I do not believe Micheal abused sexually anyone ? And if your a parent would you leave your child ??

  • Babey Pop
    Babey Pop 4 days ago

    They are my channel for the truth and my story unfolding

  • Miranda Lawson
    Miranda Lawson 4 days ago

    They are hungry for 🤑

  • Miranda Lawson
    Miranda Lawson 4 days ago +1

    Stop having a dirty mind

  • Daisy Dukes
    Daisy Dukes 4 days ago

    And people still love and listen to his music. Smh.

  • Urantia
    Urantia 4 days ago

    i think this people not lies.sorry for my bad english

  • dtrn254
    dtrn254 4 days ago +3

    My doubt is inner voice is telling me something is off about these two stories.

  • duk
    duk 4 days ago +1

    As a human, I understand why people who have been sexually abused don’t tell others so soon about it. Though, how can one really accuse Michael of something that we don’t even know is true? People are known to make accusations towards celebrities. FOLLOWING on that statement, why would they want to make this so public? Huh? Wouldn’t someone who has been sexually abused want to be private about the way they handle things? I don’t mean to come off as disrespectful, but I truly believe these people are looking for attention. They have been on many, many, interviews now, which btw isn’t the mature thing to do, AND THEY ARE MAKING A DOCUMENTARY! If this isn’t a call for attention, I have the slightest clue as to what it is then. This should not be handle in public; it should be handled in private out of respect for ones own decency. Michael is diseased, he can not stand up for himself. Which is just completely wrong! This whole situation is messy, and very unprofessional.

  • Thunder .g
    Thunder .g 4 days ago +1

    The fact that the accusers are suing for money takes away their credibility.

  • Paula Riese
    Paula Riese 4 days ago +2

    Robson and Safechuck competing with Chris Watts for the most hated man in America.

  • Matty Matty Bang Bang
    Matty Matty Bang Bang 4 days ago +1


  • Val Sheem
    Val Sheem 4 days ago +1


  • Dianna Brown
    Dianna Brown 4 days ago

    I believe wade and James because there have been 4 lil boys with the exact story...and should be believed ........and it's difficult to come out....praise them because they did and just because MJ was some big icon. Who has Faults Too !!!!!! He was not perfect !!!

  • Monty Baluni
    Monty Baluni 5 days ago +1

    Their “stories” are based on a sick NAMBLA fantasy-fiction peddled in a book by Victor Guitterez. MJ sued him for defamation & won 2.7 million. Mr. Guitterez promptly fled the country. These two are reciting these sick made up stories chapter and verse. It’s all about money.

  • siema siema
    siema siema 5 days ago


  • ann landers
    ann landers 5 days ago

    Everybody READ MY LIPS. Wade Robson and James Safechuck are serial liars/perjurers. There are so many holes in their stories that you could drive a truck through them. Do the research on these two guys. Michael Jackson never hurt any child.

  • Isabel Lina
    Isabel Lina 6 days ago +3

    Two unknown men came, and said they were molested by MJ. Nobody knows their background, questions them and everybody believes it. This is the media.(oprah)

  • wonderland78
    wonderland78 6 days ago

    What Bill Burr said was pretty much the truth on this matter.

  • Niclause Bayon
    Niclause Bayon 6 days ago +1

    the illuminati set him up

  • damian
    damian 6 days ago +1

    oh for god sake he *didnt* slept IN the bed with them!!

    • J Vc
      J Vc 5 days ago

      +damian Yeah he did. I think it was MJ who said it or some other kid.

    • damian
      damian 5 days ago

      +J Vc no he didnt

    • J Vc
      J Vc 5 days ago +1

      But there was one time he slept with on a huge bed with like a few kids. A kid there said he did nothing wrong.

  • Jayda Michelle
    Jayda Michelle 6 days ago

    Sad this comes out after R Kelly -.- idk if they are lying or not but I don’t think this is true

  • Samuel Springs
    Samuel Springs 6 days ago +2

    Why get a job when you can sue Michael Jackson?

  • Donovan VanErt
    Donovan VanErt 6 days ago


  • TRUMP 2020
    TRUMP 2020 6 days ago

    I came foward when i was molested and I was told to get over it. By the woman who gave birth to me being a survior of rape and molested . rape while baby sitting molested by family members ..and 2018 i stop talking to all family members 2019 working for my self better my life fir me and only me

  • Kelly Tidwell
    Kelly Tidwell 7 days ago

    Michael Jackson
    If it quackes like a duck and acts like a duck and hangs with ducks...
    Remove the name Michael jackson..and put Harvey weinsteins name and reassess it opinion...
    Michael was gay he liked boys and he drew them to him and used his fame to do is what it is...
    Michael was still a great entertainer..but he hung with boys..he slept with boys..ect...
    It is what it is...move on
    These kids were abused...period
    It isnt unusual that these now adults were sexually abused..and that they now have understood the truth...something they couldn't understand as an adolescent..makes perfect sense...take money out of picture and not one time would anybody not agree..that his actions toward kids werent normal

    • ayame ayame
      ayame ayame 6 days ago


    • Matt Phelan
      Matt Phelan 6 days ago +1

      Oh Kelly, you do know there are hospital wards dedicated to helping people like you. Padded rooms where you can go nuts and medication to help you deal with your delusions. I suggest you seek one of them out if you believe even one word of what these idiots are claiming.

  • Michael Jackson
    Michael Jackson 7 days ago +2


  • Noe Berengena
    Noe Berengena 7 days ago +8

    Oh Jimmy, it's a good thing you didn't get pregnant.

    • SmaLy
      SmaLy 3 days ago

      What mother said? xD

  • Mirabel
    Mirabel 7 days ago +2

    This is brainwashing

  • lilyugi pruductions
    lilyugi pruductions 8 days ago +3

    🖕u wade robson and the other people that make me tickked about michael can you stop bashing him

  • The Walnut
    The Walnut 8 days ago

    Ok so everyone kind of just accepted the R. Kelly allegations and the Bill Cosby allegations which both were, in the beginning, just STORIES from random people. Except so many people are denying these allegations on Michael Jackson...
    ...hmm, maybe it has something to do with popularity? Nah, it can’t.

  • The Walnut
    The Walnut 8 days ago

    Ok so everyone kind of just accepted the R. Kelly allegations and the Bill Cosby allegations which both were, in the beginning, just STORIES from random people. Except so many people are denying these allegations on Michael Jackson...
    ...hmm, maybe it has something to do with popularity? Nah, it can’t.

  • Niala Adiva
    Niala Adiva 8 days ago +3

    Why wait for the ten years death anniversary?

  • Charles Charlemagne
    Charles Charlemagne 8 days ago

    MJ was a scumbag. He used his fame and fortune to lure these boys and their families in.

  • Peter Ainsworth
    Peter Ainsworth 8 days ago

    The king of pop. What was he popping though?

  • Tibi Sonemi
    Tibi Sonemi 9 days ago +3

    Were looking at vindictive vultures here, not victims.

    • Matt Phelan
      Matt Phelan 6 days ago

      Charles Charlemagne Well he failed then, as Jackson was only at Neverland on four of the occasions that Robson and Safefuck were. So your research if your preschool lets you look up grownup stuff.

    • Charles Charlemagne
      Charles Charlemagne 8 days ago

      the vulture was Michael Jackson...luring these boys and their families in with money and fame hoping that he could one day be with the boys sexually.

  • your wife's ex wife
    your wife's ex wife 9 days ago +1

    MJ is not innocent. Theres so much evidence!

  • Agustina aguilar
    Agustina aguilar 9 days ago

    I mean, it is pretty obvious that he was guilty of everything, but people just think him innocent because of who he was. He could get away with everything...

    • J Vc
      J Vc 5 days ago

      Stfu lol it's not OBVIOUS.

  • UniqueGeekFreak
    UniqueGeekFreak 9 days ago

    Many say: who would leave their children alone with anyone?
    The truth is many of you already do and will.
    Either at kindergarden/daycare, babysitter, relatives, school teachers, team sport coaches, instructors etc.
    You have no idea and never will know who may be preying on your children, either physical/mental/emotional/sexual abuse.
    Even female teachers can be very abusive w the kids, personally seen it.
    Dont trust anyone!

  • Tinamarie Mellodge
    Tinamarie Mellodge 9 days ago +8

    Don’t believe a word, the film was manipulated to show what they want. It’s called retakes to get what the director wants to show. These guys have lied in all interviews.

  • Summer Bright Bright
    Summer Bright Bright 10 days ago

    To these who belive in the innocent of the of King of pop music the King MICHAEL Jackson
    Should remember that sleeping in bed with Little boys secretley little boys only. That is not innocent. That points to only
    one thing He was definitely sex predictor with little boys unfortunately He himself was sexauly abused as child
    His family is to blame especially his father and brother's they are responsible to why he turned out to be hommersexuals Peodiphilar
    Sham really he got away with crimina on

  • Matthew Bourgholtzer
    Matthew Bourgholtzer 10 days ago +1

    Wow that’s really sad.grown men still trying to profit from lies. That’s what u get when the parents misraise children

  • Mike Nguyen
    Mike Nguyen 10 days ago

    This is bad real bad Michael Jackson, now mad real mad joe Jackson

  • observer 33
    observer 33 10 days ago +4

    if you were a victim of sexual abuse, would you go on a tour of the tv trays to tell the details of the sevices you were subjected to, and you would take a picture with the documentary producer, as if it were a poster movie? In addition, robson recalls being abused just after the failure of the "circus of the sun" and the other safechuck just after robson complains, that's not too much of a coincidence?
    For me, if michael jackson had really abused children, it could be on other children ( even if a really don t believe it )but surely not on these two scavengers

  • rem kanji
    rem kanji 10 days ago

    I think he did it

  • observer 33
    observer 33 10 days ago +3

    One year after having been refused by the "cirque du soleil" to be the main choreographer of the show, he lodged a complaint for sexual abuse, that means that if he had been accepted, there would have been no complaint?
    And also an accused of sexual abuse who asks his victims to come to testify for him, with the risk of cracking them during the cross-examination of the prosecutor, you really believe it frankly?

    • observer 33
      observer 33 8 days ago +1

      +Charles Charlemagne why do you say for months, they made us listen to one or two voice messages, and I say again, jackson always said at the end of his messages, whether in concert or in private, I love you .. you can do as many lawsuits as you want with this element, there will never be a prosecution, because it is not a proof of guilt

    • Charles Charlemagne
      Charles Charlemagne 8 days ago

      +observer 33 lol, you dont say that to little boys that arent your own over and over for months on their answering machines. Michael was sexually attracted to young boys & was trying to pursue it

    • observer 33
      observer 33 8 days ago

      +Charles Charlemagne michael jackson said " I love you " to everyone..

    • Charles Charlemagne
      Charles Charlemagne 8 days ago

      a year is a long time. If you honestly think that MJ didnt try to get with Wade sexually, you are totally naive. The guy left countless voicemails on his answering machine for months saying "I love you" and whatnot. The guy was totally attracted to young boys and wanted to be with them sexually. The only question is how far did he take the molestation

  • chloe champlin
    chloe champlin 10 days ago +1

    This is freaking gross I mean they must of liked it cause what like 10 years go by and you just now come out and say somthing.

  • Renata Koloper
    Renata Koloper 10 days ago +4

    This is an abuse of a death man! 👎🏻 #muteoprah #muteking #mutehbo

  • reina
    reina 11 days ago +1

    I don't care if this is true but NEVER let your child sleep in another man's bed. It doesn't matter if he's famous or not, just use common sense.

  • GazZy BwOi
    GazZy BwOi 11 days ago

    Disgusting CREEPS

  • Larry Hardy
    Larry Hardy 11 days ago +1

    as long as mikes estate makes billions their will always b poor white boys trying to get a piece instead if making their own way smh lozerz

  • Lora Ball
    Lora Ball 11 days ago +1

    What is it that they want now Michael is dead the only pain they are gonna cause now is to Michaels children you guys are full of crap what happened whether it happened or not is over get it leave the family in peace

  • Walter Schloss
    Walter Schloss 11 days ago +1

    filthy liars

  • Danilda Rojas
    Danilda Rojas 12 days ago +4

    cowards, liars! how easy it is to accuse someone who can not defend himself now that he is dead! When they do something bad to you, they want that person to pay in jail what they did, if you are offended you DO NOT WANT MONEY FROM THE PERSON WHO ABUSED YOU! opportunists! but there is a God and he can not be lied to!

  • Tara Rae
    Tara Rae 12 days ago

    How can anyone believe that Michael was innocent? The man surrounded himself with little boys. He shared his bed with little boys. I can’t believe that the public allowed for this kind of behavior from a grown man. If it were anyone else that wasn’t famous then they would’ve been arrested in a heartbeat.
    Also, of course the children lied. They were being heavily manipulated.

  • denna56
    denna56 12 days ago +6

    Mentally ill narcissists.

  • Super Toy Bonnie
    Super Toy Bonnie 12 days ago

    I mean it kind of the parents fault as well because you know to not leave your children with strangers and check I mean he said “he loved him” it is not all Michael fault

  • Philo Nyembo
    Philo Nyembo 12 days ago +5


  • KatherineT
    KatherineT 12 days ago +2

    People don't understand how easy it is to manipulate a child, just imagine how easy it was for MJ to manipulate a child with all those toys he had and all those beautiful places he took them. I remember when I was a kid and when I got a toy from someone I would adore that person. So don't pretend like these kids were aware of what was going on cuz they weren't and that's why they stay quiet, cuz they didn't know better...

  • dn08Hf1xK0q1
    dn08Hf1xK0q1 12 days ago +3

    Wade could have told you he was gang raped by the entire Jackson family in the 1930's in Trump's bedroom and you would've believed just all of it. No evidence needed , just a cheap documentary will do it. You're good.

  • jessie page
    jessie page 12 days ago +4

    sounds like 2 obsessive stalkers, their parents should be ashamed of themselves

  • Chizoba Oranu
    Chizoba Oranu 12 days ago +5

    Hungry people. why didnt they come out since rubbish

  • Chizoba Oranu
    Chizoba Oranu 12 days ago


  • nacionalcapo
    nacionalcapo 13 days ago +1

    If this case wasn’t about MJ but about a nobody, Im absolutely sure that 99% of the people would be saying “guilty”. Sad but true!!!

  • bf8scqs
    bf8scqs 13 days ago +4

    Oprah is transferring her helplessness, anger and guilt (?) over her girls' lack of justice to convicting & annihilating Michael Jackson in the court of public opinion. It is frightening how out of touch she has become, how full of her own gravitas. On balance I have alot of respect for Oprah but she was a journalist, an interviewer and now FACTS, INQUISITIVENESS, and HEALTHY SKEPTICISM are NOT warranted over INCONSISTENT "subjective truths" & $1.5B financial benefits????
    This is a woman who was fooled by Lance Armstrong, by the author of A Million Little Pieces ... her judgement (especially on something so personally painful to her) is not infallible. Annihilating someone's character and labeling them something as heinous as a pedophile warrants due process and intelligent investigation.

  • Nina Swiech
    Nina Swiech 13 days ago +4

    "No alarm bells."....whatever. LIAR!!!

  • B.K.L.N G.R.L
    B.K.L.N G.R.L 13 days ago +1

    Im disgusted at how cruel people are the man is dead why cant they let him rest in peace please let the hate stop I need my Micheal back not the animal people are trying to portraying him as
    Robson is a whole lier I hate him as an individual becuade sexual abuse is a tough subject to talk about so how are you not crying as your saying any of these things you psychotic freak rot it help, and
    Safechuck is a whole lier he got caught in his lies like 3 times and same with the other guys lying disgusting pigs.
    How could he possibly do any of these things to kids I really hate them and hate is a strong word but they are just in this for the money I camt it's so disgusting.

  • Angelina Boschetti
    Angelina Boschetti 13 days ago +3

    Its funny how oprahs pal also did an inteviiew with them

  • unknown yuhdoneknow
    unknown yuhdoneknow 13 days ago +2

    Big stink liars. Better come out and tell the truth

  • idiocityproductions
    idiocityproductions 14 days ago +1

    Hope they die from cancer. Don't care. Going to scream laugh when they get what they deserve.

  • Malla Israel
    Malla Israel 14 days ago +2

    Why they wait soo long...

  • Loose Change
    Loose Change 14 days ago +1

    I'm no expert, but if you've been sexually abused, wouldn't you shed at least ONE tear when describing the details ?

  • Killer or Traitor
    Killer or Traitor 14 days ago

    There had many kids sleepovers and 2 or 3 of them say that Michael abused them.

  • Lamont De Foor
    Lamont De Foor 14 days ago +1

    He said he wish he could have helped Gavin Alviso when the family was recognized as know scammers.

  • gloriatab
    gloriatab 14 days ago

    Sorry for his inconditional fans, but nothing in Michael Jackson was normal and/or real: His behavior, his face, disfigured by multiple surgeries, his childish voice, and, first of all (and most creepy), his adiction to surround himself with prepubescent kids, and invite them to sleep in his bed. Why an adult man would want to sleep with children? Those fans are so blinded as abused children mothers were!

  • Genevieve Hansen
    Genevieve Hansen 14 days ago

    They aren't prepared , they had to stop doing interviews after a few days to keep their shot straight now their babysitter does all the talking .... investigate these men all three of them....... obviously they knew it was wrong your contradicting yourself....and Gail I've talked to child physiologist that say they do not believe their story for various reasons,,,ypu can have 20 different doctors in this field split on this coming from these two men you've got to know that

  • Genevieve Hansen
    Genevieve Hansen 14 days ago +1

    Your showing Brett not Jordy, how aweful Gail horrible journalist Hope Brett sues you and your station no fact checking ,,,,,,this was first time since 2013 WAde has mentioned Gavin or any remorse and it was hardly any I watched him over the years waiting for him to mention other victims if he felt bad and what about MJ own sons no concern, why can't ppl see through this.......this is crap a story taken from a book written in the 90s