Men who accuse Michael Jackson of abuse speak out

  • Published on Feb 28, 2019
  • "CBS This Morning" co-host Gayle King joins CBSN to talk about her interview with the two men featured in the documentary "Leaving Neverland." Wade Robson and James Safechuck accuse Michael Jackson of abusing them when they were young boys, an allegation that Jackson always denied.
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Comments • 18 257

  • Kayleen Canas
    Kayleen Canas 2 days ago +2

    If you stop telling lies about me, I'll stop telling the truth about you.

  • Kayleen Canas
    Kayleen Canas 2 days ago +2

    Please watch The man behind the dance @ LAVELLE SMITH Jr and then stop watching HBO please subcribe to Film Family with Michael Jackson kids and Taj Jackson

  • Moonwalkergirl22
    Moonwalkergirl22 2 days ago +2

    There is plenty of Evidence that proves that these two guys are a bunch of frauds and liars! I am disgusted by the lack of decency and loyalty from these two guys and just towards Michael in general! Hopefully the Michael Jackson lawsuit in France will be successful!

  • Ra's Al Ghul
    Ra's Al Ghul 2 days ago

    FBI: Did Jackson abuse you as a child?
    Wade: YES
    FBI: How often did it happen?
    Wade: YES 😑👍

  • El Cheke
    El Cheke 3 days ago

    Mj = beast.😢

    • Lindsey Patippe
      Lindsey Patippe 3 days ago +1

      Michael is an angel and a victim of false accusations. If Wade was a victim of MJ’s, he wouldn’t have begged to get married at his ranch(the place he was supposedly abused at), voluntarily testified in his defense, begged to attend his funeral, begged to direct the MJ cirque du soleil show( of which he was rejected, and then right after came out with these bogus claims). He’s a liar and opportunist and so is his sidekick. They belong in jail

  • HIllary Komna
    HIllary Komna 3 days ago +5

    He is a liar both of them they should have came out quicker. Then let the man rest. He looking down at y'all knowing your lying

  • AppleHeads Lyrics
    AppleHeads Lyrics 3 days ago +6

    Facts don’t lie but people do. MJ IS INNOCENT!

  • CrazyDollAnna
    CrazyDollAnna 3 days ago

    Michael’s dad was an abuser and a narcissist. All children with narcissistic parents either become narcissists them self, or very emotional people with low self esteem and low confidence aka walking on egg shells cause they are so afraid to ruin anything. James is emotional, while Wayne shows a lot of very narcissistic attributes. If you watch videos of Prince, Paris and Bigi as toddlers you notice that they don’t fight like normal siblings. They a very timid, quiet, very vulnerable. There is one particular video when they are at a hotel in Schweiz where Michael shows patterns that are narcissistic. Of course there is untruthful information on both sides,
    however doesn’t the truth usually land in the middle? The brighter the light, the darker the shadow.

    • Guillermo Majores
      Guillermo Majores 2 days ago +1

      @kittens😻 And possible (statutory) rapist. Apparently he cheated on Brandi Jackson (Michael's niece) with multiple people (one of them being Britney Spears causing her and Justin Timberlake to break up), and another being an underage girl... This guy went on record (under oath) calling himself 'a master of deception'...

    • kittens😻
      kittens😻 3 days ago +1

      Oh stop it . You don't know what you're babbling about. The only narcissist here is the perjurer Wade Robson

  • Chris Onyan
    Chris Onyan 3 days ago +2

    Skip to 1:30 and get ready for a good laugh, take note of the tone in his voice and his comedic recounting of a "very traumatic event".

  • Anna Ncg
    Anna Ncg 3 days ago +5

    Facts don't lie, people do. Greedy people will make up the most unbelievable stuff to get money, and MJ had a lot of money, too much money so of course he was an easy target, it's easy to attack the sheep when they are thousands of wolves around, they will just follow, without wondering. I am not saying Michael was a saint, clearly he had flaws, but half of what has been said about him, (if not everything) is fake and was all made up for money. I believe the parents who sued Michael needed money and would even make their kids lie just for their own benefit, but if you are naive, you will believe them, because you don't want to do any further digging you will just assume they are kids and they wouldn't lie.

  • Eliauna Heffran
    Eliauna Heffran 3 days ago +6


  • Changela Gonzales
    Changela Gonzales 4 days ago +6

    Leave Michael alone for god sake the man is dead let him rest.

  • M Jackson
    M Jackson 4 days ago +5

    They only wished that Michael abuse them, because they find him attractive.

    • Lindsey Patippe
      Lindsey Patippe 3 days ago

      Exactly. They have sick imaginations. I think they wish MJ did that stuff to them. Sick

    • kittens😻
      kittens😻 4 days ago +2

      Their cloutchasin mothers did that too: June Chandler, Stephanie Safechuck and Joy Robson were all bedazzled by MJs charms.

  • M Jackson
    M Jackson 4 days ago +16

    Liars and sons of b*tches.

  • kittens😻
    kittens😻 5 days ago +5

    *James Safechuck and Wade Robson should both go to jail. They're both disgusting opportunistic LIARS*

    • J Denino
      J Denino 4 days ago

      And MJ should continue to burn in H*ll for what he did to his victims.

  • Wilma Ballsdrop
    Wilma Ballsdrop 5 days ago +7

    Notice how Wade Robson said that if Michael were alive and they were doing this that they would be saying things differently? Um, why is that Wade? If y’all were telling the truth then why would you be telling things differently if Michael were alive? Oh that’s right, because y’all are lying right now!!!
    And why does James always have to have that “sad, haunted” expression on his face when doing interviews? Now I see why he never made it as an actor, he tries too hard and he is terrible. Go watch “Surviving R Kelly” and see how REAL victims behave! These two bums are frauds and their behaviors this is a huge slap in the face to CSA victims!
    RIP Michael you did not deserve this. Facts don’t lie People Do.

  • motosana1
    motosana1 5 days ago +1

    He is what needs to happen: No more compensation for these two - they were already paid off by Michael to lie under oath!! They got their dues before time.
    Second, the case that was lost due to their perjury should be reopened.
    For the record, I do believe they were sexually molested.

    • motosana1
      motosana1 3 days ago

      @Guillermo Majores You do - tell us!

    • Guillermo Majores
      Guillermo Majores 4 days ago +1

      You have no idea what happened **in** that 2005 case do you?

    • motosana1
      motosana1 4 days ago +1

      @kittens😻 You know what I am talking about so don't ask. I could not be bothered with the rest of your epistle.

    • J Denino
      J Denino 4 days ago

      They were paid by Michael to lie under oath? that's witness tampering...

    • kittens😻
      kittens😻 5 days ago +3

      What are you talking about? Neither Safechuck nor Robson were ever "paid off" by Michael Jackson.
      They're blantantly lying and perjuring themselves, yet again. They do not come off as CSA victims, but rather like bad actors with failed careers. They were caught smiling, smirking and their body language shows they're lying. There are tons of videos showing CSA victims talking about their abuse. Fake Flopson and Jimmy Facefuck's behaviors are the ones of actors. Not victims.

  • Big Man_2090
    Big Man_2090 6 days ago +4

    They are such liars. Why would it take them like 15 years to speak out? Not when micheal was actually IN COURT for sexual abuse and was let go. Nah lets do it bloody 15 years later.

    • Guillermo Majores
      Guillermo Majores 2 days ago

      ​@kittens😻 I figured that..

    • Lindsey Patippe
      Lindsey Patippe 3 days ago +1

      Because their bank balances were running low. They didn’t look at their kids and realize they were abused. They looked at them and realized, I need money.

    • kittens😻
      kittens😻 4 days ago

      @Big Man_2090 don't bother the Denino guy. He's an MJ troll. Obsessed with MJ and his fandom

    • Guillermo Majores
      Guillermo Majores 4 days ago +1

      It's in the news - they lied:

    • Big Man_2090
      Big Man_2090 4 days ago +1

      @J Denino its now just hard to belive after he had been set free once after a trial prooved him not guilty and all popular men nowadays are getting charged for sexual assult even if they didnt do it

  • Joyce Kim
    Joyce Kim 6 days ago +3

    I also wish you both go to jail.
    You both wish this and that. I also wish that all this will happen to ur kids..

    • Lindsey Patippe
      Lindsey Patippe 3 days ago

      Amen. These bums belong in jail

    • Joyce Kim
      Joyce Kim 5 days ago +1

      emilly spencer
      I just act on what accuser act to innocent people and didn't care about innocent people's kids feelings, why must I care.
      No need to act like you are so good ok.. I can't be bothered.

    • emilly spencer
      emilly spencer 5 days ago

      Joyce Kim u foul for wishing anything negative on someone’s KIDS

  • Joyce Kim
    Joyce Kim 6 days ago +3

    I really feel like want to slap on these 2 guys face. I even want to slap both mouth.

    • Joyce Kim
      Joyce Kim 4 days ago +1

      Penguin & Booga
      I cant even force myself to listen to the whole interview because I feel disgusting the way they react and their face expression. DISGUSTING🤮

    • Joyce Kim
      Joyce Kim 4 days ago +1

      J Denino
      Oh U r james
      Oh u r wade
      Thats both of you cannot stand so both of you come from the cave to reply. Oh my god..
      No justice but MONEY
      Thats cheapskate.

    • Guillermo Majores
      Guillermo Majores 4 days ago +2

      @J Denino Why are you lying?? It's actually part of the 2005 court documents!! To quote directly: _"Jackson's insurance company _*_negotiated and paid the settlement, over the protests of Mr. Jackson and his personal legal counsel_*_ and was _*_the source of the settlement amounts_*_ ."_ So why are you trying to lie??

      Just to be crystal clear as well, that settlement was for 1 of 2 *types* of court cases - the *civil* one (for money). The other type was the *criminal* case (for justice/sexual abuse). The Chandlers only wanted to go through with the civil case but not the criminal one?? That's extortion. If you child (even if it's your nephew/niece/brother, any family member) is *sexually abused* JUSTICE COMES FIRST. Not money. They're not prostitutes. They are your family.

    • Guillermo Majores
      Guillermo Majores 4 days ago +2

      It's in the news - Leaving Neverland exposed:

    • Guillermo Majores
      Guillermo Majores 4 days ago +2

      Ok, *J Denino is just lying* - which is malicious! Why though? I have no idea (maybe he's actually Dan Reed, Wade Robson, or James Safechuck, pretending to be someone else - I don't know...)

  • Zay Stripling
    Zay Stripling 6 days ago +3

    Gayle king a sellout fr fr

  • Nick Berg
    Nick Berg 6 days ago +6

    Honestly, can the U.s. government please arrest Wade for perjury please

  • Alexandre Zowko
    Alexandre Zowko 6 days ago +1

    Devastating documentary , for M.Jackson's reputation . . .
    It left his fans incredulous. . .

  • Elizabeth Dunlap
    Elizabeth Dunlap 6 days ago +2

    Gail don't u know money hungry white folks when u see them I mean get real Gail u believe them shut up

    • Guillermo Majores
      Guillermo Majores 4 days ago

      @J Denino What's wrong with you? Spreading hatred and animosity first thing on Monday?

    • J Denino
      J Denino 4 days ago

      Yeah, I see MJ's money hungry white kids, he had Debbie Rowe artificially inseminated with Arnie Klein's sperm and that other man's sperm, Mark Lester. and his money hungry black rest of his family with their hands out because none of them works. They all have their hands out to the Estate for their monthly allowance.

  • Elizabeth Dunlap
    Elizabeth Dunlap 6 days ago +1

    Liar liar

  • candyDander
    candyDander 6 days ago +5

    Some of these commenters are acting like Michael Jackson asked these parents to drop their kids off in his bedroom and drive back home. *NO!* The whole family would visit, and the kids would go to his room to hang out because they liked being around him, their parents did too. He was a likable dude. If any of these parents actually thought Michael was a creeper they would NOT have been ok with letting their kid be around him. It says a lot that most of the the former kids he hung out with have nothing bad to say about him, and the ones that said bad stuff did had financial motivation. The sad part of this is now some folks don't even fully realize how awesome MJ actually was. He truly loved children, and had a respect childhood, believed in being childlike from a religious perspective. He would *NOT* have taken those kids childhood and innocence away like that. This world lost a very special person who, with all his success and influence, gave of his money, his time, himself to help children, help people in general. These lies are shameful and disgusting!

    • Guillermo Majores
      Guillermo Majores 4 days ago +1

      @J Denino Actually, still alive he likely would have generated _at least_ that much (hence the calculation). But you're right. His life is obviously worth more

    • J Denino
      J Denino 4 days ago

      @Guillermo Majores Well, Mrs. Jackson lost her case so her son's life wasn't worth $40 Billion obviously.

    • Guillermo Majores
      Guillermo Majores 4 days ago +1

      @J Denino Is there a price you can put on a life? How much for yours

    • J Denino
      J Denino 4 days ago

      Mrs. Jackson had financial motivation when she sued AEG Live for $40 Billion and lost, for MJ's wrongful death. Talk about GREED.

    • Sahar M
      Sahar M 5 days ago

      candyDander Exactly.Considering that Wade’s father was a CSA victim , his family would NEVER let him be alone with Michael if they thought for a second that he might be an abuser!

  • leeberian girl
    leeberian girl 6 days ago +4


  • fantastic man
    fantastic man 6 days ago +3

    Money is all about on this world

  • James Safe suck resentful gay paranoid

    *HELP ME: Don't row against me, I NEED MONEY; Michael did not want to submit to my perverse desires as a gay boy and I resented him after 13 years also because now he cannot react against and sue me, so it does not make my situation worse and I sleep peacefully ... Help me, I am poor perverse paranoid .... Neuropsychiatry doesn't even want me after the surreal crap I invented ...*

  • Magical Motivation
    Magical Motivation 7 days ago +5

    People are actually believing these peole

    • Lindsey Patippe
      Lindsey Patippe 3 days ago +1

      Because they’re gullible and don’t investigate

    • Sahar M
      Sahar M 5 days ago +1

      Magical Motivation Mostly because of Oprah’s special 🐍

    • Wilma Ballsdrop
      Wilma Ballsdrop 5 days ago +3

      Magical Motivation 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️sad times we live in. But nobody is talking about fatass Weinstein aka Oprah and Gayle’s buddy

  • Queen hart
    Queen hart 7 days ago +2


  • sirj j
    sirj j 8 days ago +2

    Lies. They have no emotions, no tears, etc. They are in it for the $100,000,000. They sound well prepared for this and $$. Notice that one of them actually defended Michael and now has turned to the other side.

  • Kia Davis The Pedophile Hunting NigNog From Hell

    The FBI just discovered that jacko paid out more than $650 million dollars to dozens of young boys and anyone who could put him in prison for child molestation. They were paid off through non-disclosure agreements to make sure jackos filthy pedophile secrets would never be known by the media and always be kept a secret.

    • Lindsey Patippe
      Lindsey Patippe 3 days ago

      More tabloid bs.

    • kittens😻
      kittens😻 5 days ago +1

      The FBI just discovered the existence of unicorns too and
      Deal with it!!

    • Guillermo Majores
      Guillermo Majores 7 days ago +3

      Here's some smoke for you though... Apparently (and this could actually be true) Wade not only cheated on Michael Jackson's niece (Brandi Jackson) with Britney Spears (causing Britney & Justin to breakup), but he also cheated with an **underage girl...** That is literally *the definition* of paedophilia! AND (statutory) rape! 👀

    • Guillermo Majores
      Guillermo Majores 7 days ago +3

      No link - proof? Just believe it because you said it, on youtube, in the comments?..

  • Pastor Bright Amegazo
    Pastor Bright Amegazo 9 days ago +2

    How can Oprah and CBS add their voice to these liers, whose case was thrown out of court for a long time? Why will Oprah not interview the FBI about the Wikileaks publication that the FBI investigated Michael Jackson for ten years but found him innocent?

    • BezoomnyBratchny
      BezoomnyBratchny 4 days ago

      The FBI did NOT investigate Michael Jackson for 10 years. That's a lie.

    • Sahar M
      Sahar M 5 days ago +1

      Pastor Bright Amegazo Cause Oprah is a back stabber snake who doesn’t care about an innocent black man as long as her beloved white friend Harvey is safe. F*ck Oprah 🐍

  • Fabiana Snapp
    Fabiana Snapp 9 days ago +3

    Leave the man alone! He is dead! His family have nothing to do with that! They had their chance to do anything when he was alive and they didn't. Seams that's all about money.

  • Анна Пульникова

    Shameless you both

  • Leilana Vatan
    Leilana Vatan 10 days ago


    • Sahar M
      Sahar M 5 days ago

      Leilana Vatan 🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • Leilana Vatan
    Leilana Vatan 10 days ago


  • Leilana Vatan
    Leilana Vatan 10 days ago


    • Lindsey Patippe
      Lindsey Patippe 3 days ago

      Tony safechuck who is James cousin, said on Twitter in 2013 that MJ is a great man, the accusations are bs, and there was no settlement.

  • Mikaylen Tucker
    Mikaylen Tucker 10 days ago

    😡 they are SOOO MEAN!!!!

  • Blake Thomas
    Blake Thomas 11 days ago

    Why would you say stuff like this to the victims if Michael might actually be guilty. Messed up.

    • Guillermo Majores
      Guillermo Majores 9 days ago +2

      In fact - according to Brandi Jackson (Michael Jackson's niece), she was told that Wade cheated on her with an **under-age girl** ...isn't that the literal definition of a paedophile??

  • Blake Thomas
    Blake Thomas 11 days ago +5

    Moral of the story is don't leave your child alone with strangers.

  • Parda Yang
    Parda Yang 11 days ago +3

    He's dead and those peoples still talk about him let him rest in peace, leave him alone!!!!!! He is innocent

    • Parda Yang
      Parda Yang 2 days ago

      @Coco Lime I hope the world needs to know

    • Coco Lime
      Coco Lime 4 days ago

      he may be resting in peace, but his victims still suffer to this day. the world needs to know.

  • Faby Dubois
    Faby Dubois 11 days ago +1

    i thinks this two guys are "salopards"...juste for money..why now ? shamr on you
    you are a good actor good comedy
    shame on you!!!!

  • Haris Naeem
    Haris Naeem 11 days ago +1

    Whether michael jackson molested them or not.....what`s the use now????are they going to sue his bones????????

    • Sahar M
      Sahar M 5 days ago +1

      Haris Naeem They sued his state for 1.6 billion dollars 💵

  • King K. Rool
    King K. Rool 12 days ago +1

    Fans will continue to defend his creepy d!ck going up little childrens @$$.

    • Lindsey Patippe
      Lindsey Patippe 3 days ago

      We are defending him from false allegations by two money hungry, opportunistic parasites

  • Sukanjana Chuaiprasit
    Sukanjana Chuaiprasit 12 days ago +3

    Wade is a gold digger!

  • The Queen 3
    The Queen 3 12 days ago +4

    Mj is dead... get over it!!

  • fatima ali
    fatima ali 12 days ago +7

    Let the man rest in peace for God's sake everyone immediately jumps to conclusion and besides MJ is not even here to respond to these allegations.These people are really messed up and it just really breaks my heart seeing him still being humiliated like that

  • Полина Евич
    Полина Евич 13 days ago

    Сейфчак и Робсон за вранье,будет расплата! Её не избежать! Иуды проклятые! Душу дьяволу продали,он вас утырки,ждёт! Готовтесь!

    • Полина Евич
      Полина Евич 13 days ago

      Лучше бы Майкл родился в России! Такого гения вы не достойны!

  • Trine Jensen
    Trine Jensen 13 days ago +3

    Just because a kid has cancer it doesn’t make it more trustworthy, the parents can push the child to lie and use the kids disease to try winning the judges sympathy 🙈

  • Trine Jensen
    Trine Jensen 13 days ago +5

    This makes me SICK 🤢🤮 Poor Michael 😖😢

  • iCe 83
    iCe 83 13 days ago +5

    its all about MONEY. . . You two are the lowest form of human being. . You are both bankrupt , resulting to selling your soul to the devil! Afraid of being dirt poor!

    • iCe 83
      iCe 83 11 days ago

      Selling their life for MONEY!!! for 1.5 billion dollar , that's a fact! . . Thats some justice to claim!? . .

    • Blake Thomas
      Blake Thomas 11 days ago

      More like selling their soul to Michael

  • kim sims
    kim sims 13 days ago +3

    These two people are calculating opportunist and so are some of their family members. that is what i got from the evidence that the public was privy to. (this is my opinion and im entitled to it ) the case Tom Sneddon was involved in , well he falsified evidence and it was proven. i listen and/or read the facts. that is how i base my opinion. the same goes for Evan C. and his was down right obvious what they wanted. i really dont care if some dont like what i said. its my right to believe what i want and speak it. if the evidence would have proved something then id stand up for it. no child should ever go through that and i would do the unthinkable to someone who hurt my child,and waste no time doing it. Michael J. is and was innocen !!

  • kittens😻
    kittens😻 13 days ago +6

    *Safechuck and Robson are proven LIARS - Leaving Neverland was a SCAM*

    • Sahar M
      Sahar M 5 days ago

      Blake Thomas Yes. PROVEN.

    • kittens😻
      kittens😻 5 days ago

      @Blake Thomas
      Google it. The fact is out there if you care to know more about it.
      I'll give you hints:
      First off, what the media didn't tell you is that both these men have a number of failed attempts of suing the MJ estate. And now they are waiting for an appeal. the judges laughed at them, they didn't believe them.
      Secondly, Wade was caught lying in court, exposing emails he had sent his mother to fabricate lies. For example claiming that he wasn't in the Grand Canyon with his family. He also claims he was raped "100" times in Neverland ranch, while himself AND his mother both testified under oath that they were in Neverland 14 times, in which MJ was present 4 times out of the 14 times. They said that in court. BOTH OF THEM.
      Look up BRANDI JACKSON, Michael Jackson's niece who dated Wade.
      And the most important BS of them all is Safechuck claiming he was raped in a train station between 1988-1992. Turns out that train station wasn't even BUILT until 1994. So it's all a bunch of LIES.

    • Blake Thomas
      Blake Thomas 11 days ago


  • Neïsha laibhen
    Neïsha laibhen 13 days ago +1

    I respect all religion but people who are Christian all I'm say is that when the day of ur judgment come the Big man going to send u were u belong if u lied

  • Sruthykm 18
    Sruthykm 18 13 days ago +3

    The greatest Liars in the world 😒😒_Mjinnocent♥️

  • Billie Linden
    Billie Linden 13 days ago +5

    I just can’t believe that two men who defend and Michael Jackson are now the men who lie an accuse him.

    • Guillermo Majores
      Guillermo Majores 2 days ago

      @Lindsey Patippe They're systematic

    • Billie Linden
      Billie Linden 2 days ago

      Guillermo Majores
      That’s so sad

    • Lindsey Patippe
      Lindsey Patippe 3 days ago

      Guillermo Majores these attacks on MJ are very calculated.

    • Guillermo Majores
      Guillermo Majores 9 days ago +2

      Something funny going on. It's like a new accusation *every 10 years* - like clockwork. 1993 (Chandler), 2003 (Arvizo), 2013 (Robson)...

  • Marcelo Orozco
    Marcelo Orozco 13 days ago +6

    Man, this guys are lying. Look the body language, the raised eyebrow is ridiculous. These guys are broken and they need something. And where were the parents of these guys when this supposedly happened?

  • chiuansheng
    chiuansheng 14 days ago

    Believe victims!! Otherwise you will scare away the real victim!!!(sarcasm)

  • Bart. nl
    Bart. nl 14 days ago +2

    Wade is so selfish and a lying monster himself. Did not testify for his own good, money and life. While other children fell victim to this ped...

  • Ryan Master
    Ryan Master 14 days ago +3

    These are real lies

  • Νίκος Ρήγος
    Νίκος Ρήγος 14 days ago

    It's for many whi allnow that

  • iCe 83
    iCe 83 15 days ago +21

    Shame on you. . .how could you live a life and sleep peacefully . . .

    • Sahar M
      Sahar M 5 days ago +1

      iCe 83 I’ve been wondering about this since the release of that bs doc. HOW DO THEY SLEEP AT NIGHT?!!

  • Alex. M the red ninja
    Alex. M the red ninja 16 days ago


  • vaughn jones
    vaughn jones 16 days ago +3


  • Jamothon 2019 Keepitreal
    Jamothon 2019 Keepitreal 16 days ago +4

    Wonder how much they got paid to lie on Michael

  • TMT Müzik
    TMT Müzik 17 days ago +24

    Why are they so calm ? I’d be swearing and cussing him... they are talking about MJ in such a relaxed way... if this is true it should be traumatic.. so I don’t believe it.

    • JG
      JG 6 days ago

      Not everyone acts the same way but I still believe MJ no matter what.

    • aria 27
      aria 27 8 days ago +1


    • Jamothon 2019 Keepitreal
      Jamothon 2019 Keepitreal 16 days ago +9

      Probably because they have there story routine down packed .I don't believe any of it .and I wonder how much the industry paid them to lie on mj

  • Mihaela Raluca
    Mihaela Raluca 17 days ago +1


  • Tracey ivy
    Tracey ivy 17 days ago +4

    ....Gayle acting like she research it and find it to be true..they just taking the words of 2 shady Bad actors...

  • ajdoman317
    ajdoman317 17 days ago

    MJ was unbelievably talented, but he was definitely a strange individual. Is he a child molester/pedophile? I lean towards the answer of yes, but the aura that he built around himself has made him almost impervious to criticism and people almost feel bad to consider it, because he was MJ.

    • Sahar M
      Sahar M 4 days ago +1

      ajdoman317 Dude! Just because you consider one’s behavior to be ”strange” it doesn’t mean that they must be guilty of any crime they’ve been accused of.You’ll never know what he went through in his life so please stop judging people.Michael was indeed a damaged individual, but he wasn’t a child molester. If you really wanna know the truth please do some research about his life and the allegations. You don’t have to believe what ever the media says . And when I say research I’m not talking about Tabloids or some 4 hour NAMBLA movie.

    • kittens😻
      kittens😻 13 days ago +1

      No he's not a child molester. It's not about the artist anymore.
      The FBI, a jury verdict in a lengthy criminal court, unannounced ransacking of his ranch, mediatic scrutiny etc etc have found him INNOCENT on all charges.
      You need to do your research. Go after the real predators instead, not Michael Jackson.

  • mel grant
    mel grant 17 days ago +2

    Calling these two liars is like calling all child abuse victims liars.

    • Guillermo Majores
      Guillermo Majores 4 days ago

      @mel grant They lied Mel...

    • mel grant
      mel grant 5 days ago

      @kittens😻 you are disgusting by not taking them seriously. If it were your children you would take them seriously.

    • kittens😻
      kittens😻 5 days ago

      Absolutely not. I find it quite offensive and insulting that you would conclude that these 2 perjurers represent real CSA victims.

  • Jiden Hum
    Jiden Hum 18 days ago

    Its sad that they ask so many times why now. Its very common for a rape victim to not be able to Talk when they have to. they do It when they can.
    Its also sad that so many people blame the parents, blame Michael jackson, blame the music industri, blame the disproportionate power that money gives to people. (Sorry mi inglés gringos sin empatía)

  • Shawna Bryant
    Shawna Bryant 18 days ago +27

    i think he inoccent
    i think u all dont understand
    his lost of his childhood
    so freak off
    and leave
    michael to rest in peace damn

  • james mertz
    james mertz 18 days ago +3

    Wade Robson is acrylic liar you want to know the truth about Michael read the interviews watch them watch the real ones not the edited ones this isn't one-sided documentary all about money they don't care they just want money Wade wants money because he is financially broke nobody wants to work with him he's a very Broken Man and James is taking statements from a book called Michael Jackson was my lover written by somebody else because he needs money is a broke man and Gavin Arby's on I pay for that can but he's a liar too anybody that makes up rumors about Michael Jackson wants money that's all it is about and and Dan Reed is a bullshiter we listen to the things he says he's not even sure if he believes it he doesn't want to believe it I don't think he does he just wants money because he's a broke white man and it's sad because they see a black man dominating for over 30 years he's been dominating the music industry since he was 4 and 5 come on now you should damn eyes open your damn ears listen to the facts Michael Jackson was really there and Neverland when he was there he was in his Studio oranges Game Room Main Street Fighter Sonic the Hedgehog Tekken need I say more cuz I will mysterious out until next time yes I'm a Michael Jackson fan but I'm putting that aside cuz there's a difference between real and fake abuse take it from somebody that was really sexually abused Wade Robson and James aren't real victims what does Ho mean to movement in this whole social media era we live in and makes it hard for actual victims to come out Donatello Jinkins is there music he's dead now but that just goes to what I'm saying real abuse beats fake abuse every time goodbye until next time

  • Rowboaty
    Rowboaty 19 days ago +1

    Michael Jackson was a paedophile and he has ruined the lives of many. Honestly anyone who denies it is excusing his abuse and condoning it whether they intend to or not. Wake up. Look up the dynamics of abuse, scapegoating, control, bystander effect. It’s textbook.

    • Sahar M
      Sahar M 4 days ago

      Rowboaty Unless you have some actual PROOF of his guilt please sit down. No one can tell if these guys are %100 telling the truth and since Michael Jackson is dead they can make up anything they want. Don’t ever forget that they have financial motives. You weren’t in the room, I wasn’t either. Don’t talk like you witnessed him abusing children and don’t take James and Wade’s words as gospel. YOU WILL NEVER NO WHAT REALLY HAPPENED FOR SURE AND I WON’T EITHER.

    • kittens😻
      kittens😻 5 days ago

      Blablabla Michael Jackson was not a pedophile. You're ill informed. That's all

    • Guillermo Majores
      Guillermo Majores 9 days ago +1

      These 2 have been exposed - it's in the news (they lied):

    • Le 0077251
      Le 0077251 19 days ago +2


  • Kelvin Gillett
    Kelvin Gillett 19 days ago +1

    Fathers in the church do this all the time what they are accusing Michael of and nothing comes out of it .just saying .

  • freshpaint
    freshpaint 19 days ago

    Sicko pedofile.

  • Okay
    Okay 20 days ago +3

    I’m glad he can’t hurt kids anymore

    • Sahar M
      Sahar M 4 days ago

      Okay Like Stefanie Safechuck was before his son even realized he was abused himself ?!😂😂😂 LMFAO

    • kittens😻
      kittens😻 5 days ago +1

      He never hurt anyone, dumbo

    • kathryn webber
      kathryn webber 12 days ago +2

      Okay he didn’t!! Please do some research, Leaving Neverland is a highly emotionally manipulative fake documentary, full of proven lies and inconsistencies

  • Betül Bo96
    Betül Bo96 20 days ago

    What was written on mjs testament, who got all of his money doea anyone know that ?

  • R& M
    R& M 20 days ago +4

    I wanna cry cause this is lie. Why they do that? For why? I can’t understand...#ilovemichaeljackson

    • R& M
      R& M 19 days ago

      Okay Yes, I looked and I think that this is nonsense

    • Okay
      Okay 20 days ago +2

      R& M are you sure it’s a lie? Maybe you should see the documentary

  • Onechi Lwenje
    Onechi Lwenje 21 day ago +3

    All false. A judge heard their story in 2013 and threw it out saying anyone who believed these two liars would need to have their heads checked. FOH.

  • Jakby
    Jakby 21 day ago +4

    Michael Jacksona Innocent!!

  • Ava Lit
    Ava Lit 22 days ago +2

    Granny Gayle and Granny Oprah helping to push an agenda.

  • Lisa Berry
    Lisa Berry 22 days ago +1


  • pumpkaboogamer
    pumpkaboogamer 23 days ago

    Reeks of b*** s***

  • Savannah Lafreniere
    Savannah Lafreniere 23 days ago +9

    Michael Would Never do such a thing

  • Damo 007
    Damo 007 23 days ago +2

    LIARS ! Two individuals suing for hundreds of millions of Dollars. No Train Station James! You went to the Grand Canyon Wade .....PROOF That the whole story in Leaving Neverland is a LIE.

  • Practice CH
    Practice CH 23 days ago +2

    false and fake news. they are being paid by some other popular musicians

  • Javid M
    Javid M 24 days ago +3

    These two really are a pair of evil, rotten little sleazebags. Just awful humans. My heart breaks thinking that Michael thought these two weasels were actually his friends. How LOW do you have to be, to stab a DEAD man in the back and try to make the whole world go against him - ESPECIALLY considering he already had to deal with that the whole time he was alive!!! 🤬 What kind of friends/fans are they huh............

  • Vicky Rangel
    Vicky Rangel 24 days ago +6

    Fun fact: Wade Robinson had inappropriately touched underage girls while taking pictures with them, Sooooo.... there's that

    • Sahar M
      Sahar M 4 days ago

      Brooke Holsten Ask me about the Chernobyl accident how dare you ask her for proof when you believe Wade Robson’s story even though he had no proof or evidence either? Hypocrite...

    • Guillermo Majores
      Guillermo Majores 9 days ago

      @Brooke Holsten Ask me about the Chernobyl accident You wanted proof that Wade Robson touched underage girls? I don't have any.... BUT - according to Brandi Jackson (Michael Jackson's niece), she was told that *Wade cheated on her* with **an underage girl** 👀 .....I don't know about you, but that sounds like the literal definition of paedophilia to me. And (statutory) rape!

    • Vicky Rangel
      Vicky Rangel 23 days ago

      @Brooke Holsten Ask me about the Chernobyl accident just tell me this...
      Just tell me this..
      Why did safechuck say in one of his interviews that Michael molested him when he was 14 at a train station? The train station wasn't built until he was 16

    • Brooke Holsten Ask me about the Chernobyl accident
      Brooke Holsten Ask me about the Chernobyl accident 23 days ago

      Now let's make peace

    • Brooke Holsten Ask me about the Chernobyl accident
      Brooke Holsten Ask me about the Chernobyl accident 23 days ago

      @Vicky Rangel You cant really any thing you got this info from the internet LOL

  • orrben
    orrben 24 days ago

    What happened during the lie detector test??

  • Niall O'Shea
    Niall O'Shea 24 days ago +3

    These ppl shud be locked up for fasley accusing someone of something so serious like child pedophilia and anyone else who believes them shud join them

  • anna maria facchiano
    anna maria facchiano 25 days ago +2

    I have on ly one word for these 2 'gentlemen': SHAME ! ON YOU AND YOUR MOTHERS!!!!!!!!

  • Zach Lee
    Zach Lee 25 days ago

    Anyone who believes these Jabronies is a total dunce

  • Lauren James
    Lauren James 25 days ago +1

    all they are doing is making their parents look like idiots

  • Salty Chips
    Salty Chips 25 days ago +1

    According to a psychologist report involving molesters, one man was on trial for molesting several boys. Some of the boys denied under oath that anything happened. Later the molester broke down and confessed that he had indeed molested the boys. People who adamantly defend MJ do NOT understand the dynamics of the relationship a molester establishes with his victims, especially boys who face the stigma of being thought of as homosexual. If anyone would bother to research the profile of a serial molester, MJ fit that profile.

    • Sahar M
      Sahar M 4 days ago

      Salty Chips I have seen many CSA victims who don’t believe James and Wade so stop making it look like people who don’t believe these two have no knowledge of child abuse. Stop blaming every proven lie and inconsistency in their stories on the trauma. Open your eyes. People do lie about being abused sometimes.

    • Lizzie Allen
      Lizzie Allen 25 days ago +1

      Not according to anybody who actually evaluates pedophiles every day for a living. Oh and congratulations on telling REAL VICTIMS who were abused for years that they DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE DYNAMICS OF MOLESTERS.

  • Shazzy Fez
    Shazzy Fez 26 days ago

    good documentary.. very detailed and fab background music n aeriel shots.Jacko fans would say otherwise but it's hard to believe these men are lying.

    • Lizzie Allen
      Lizzie Allen 25 days ago +1

      Oh really? What makes it so easy to believe them? That you hate Michael Jackson. That they're men and therefore you think 'they couldn't POSSIBLY make this up JUST for billions of dollars, ONLY women would ever do that'.

  • Football Entertainment
    Football Entertainment 27 days ago +4

    of course they are lying. Wade did not make it in music and entertainment industry. he was turned down to direct One in Cirque Du Soleil hosted by MJ Estate. These are two opportunists that did not make it in life and try to grab some money of Michael. such pathetic losers.

  • James Mann
    James Mann 27 days ago +4

    To sit here and degrade a man who's already in his grave just gain Fame notoriety that you have been accustomed to is sickening