ANGEL OF DEATH/Guardian Goblin/DEATH SPRITES: Creatures Saving My Ant Empire

  • Published on Feb 9, 2019
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    The Angel of Death is finally revealed, the creature I've chosen to exterminate all surviving ants infected with parasitic mites in my ant terrarium, called the Hacienda Del Dorado. The Golden Empire, one of our O.G. ant supercolonies on this channel are on the brink of extinction, but thankfully, with the help of some unique creatures, including an unexpected Guardian Goblin and a new team of Death Sprites, our beloved ant empire and their massive home kingdom, may just be saved amidst their on going battle with parasitic blood-sucking mites.
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  • AntsCanada
    AntsCanada  5 months ago +3213

    AC Family, we're back, and MAN, was this episode SUPER difficult and long to make! I even got sick making it! Anyway, hope you like this week's episode! Let me know what you guys think? Please remember to give the video a LIKE, leave me a COMMENT, and hit the SUBSCRIBE button and BELL to join the Notification Squad! Thank you for watching! Ant love forever!

    • Nee Cook
      Nee Cook 26 days ago

      @Scooby Got Waves lol

    • alieo
      alieo Month ago

      You know it's funny hades in mythology is the oldest God but taking the longest to grow as a beetle

    • SuperEdo07
      SuperEdo07 Month ago

      I cant shake the feeling you didn't like making it for the same reason I didn't like watching it. You pump it up and nothing happens. At all. This entire video could be stricken from your series and this channel would lose nothing.

    • Mark Condrey
      Mark Condrey 2 months ago

      The whole premise of this video was to kill all survivors ... least the mites spread. If you are using observation and quantitative would this EVER be possible? I am not buying any of this and I bet this never gets posted.

    • ToxicNova
      ToxicNova 3 months ago


  • mario 950
    mario 950 8 hours ago

    team heades

  • Darren Ramsdale
    Darren Ramsdale 9 hours ago

    lol its a cute frog
    i was expecting a praying mantis

  • Hailey Yang
    Hailey Yang 10 hours ago +1

    *keeps over a million ants*
    *refers to earthworms as gross* 😂

  • Janina Carlucci
    Janina Carlucci 13 hours ago

    Killer Toads

  • Steven Barrett
    Steven Barrett 21 hour ago


  • patrick hart
    patrick hart 23 hours ago

    Kind of a douche move to make us come to another video. Lame asss

  • Gon Freeces
    Gon Freeces Day ago

    #TeamAres u heard

  • Teddy Akwaboah
    Teddy Akwaboah Day ago

    Your are the best. TVclipr and your likes me I’m a animal expert this is an interesting facts about ants is that some ant colonies kill all of the queens when a workers abdomen because like a queens and then every day the worker abdomen because bigger and bigger till it looks like a queen ant a new Generation Begins that a ant fact

  • William Shaw
    William Shaw Day ago

    Name the new golden empire the yellow Republic

  • capricrocker
    capricrocker Day ago

    @AntsCanada hey antscanada! I recently stumbled across your channel while looking for vids related to rhino beetles (as I am a new beetle owner) and I absolutely love your channel! The way you narrate each episode is super cool and easy on the ears and there’s always something interesting going on in each episode.
    You’ve earned a new subscriber and faithful member of the AC family. Keep up the good work!! :D

  • Nathan Negri
    Nathan Negri Day ago

    25:28 “there you are!” This is the first time we heard him indirectly

  • Nathan Negri
    Nathan Negri Day ago

    That mood shift tho it went from a horror movie to a kids show in 5 seconds

  • Nathan Negri
    Nathan Negri Day ago

    “Angel of Death” he called it this boy just called Kermit the frog an Angel of Death

  • Nathan Negri
    Nathan Negri Day ago

    Angel of death part 2, a gripping horror story about the extermination of an ant colony

  • Jayden Lim
    Jayden Lim Day ago

    This toad probably doesnt like you

  • hershey lu
    hershey lu Day ago

    Im in laguna your in manila

  • hershey lu
    hershey lu Day ago

    Im in laguna your in manila

  • Loops oOoOo
    Loops oOoOo Day ago

    all that for a god damn frog

  • Loops oOoOo
    Loops oOoOo Day ago

    you drag stuff out for so long I kind of stop caring by the time anything is revealed

  • Jayden Lim
    Jayden Lim Day ago

    Wow its so intresting. Im not being sarcastic

  • Maoriboi83 Steven

    Why dont you just call an exterminator 🤔 probably wouldnt b posted if it was a pest. So ill shut my mouth 😐😂

  • Toni Casta
    Toni Casta Day ago

    All these complainers!! Just enjoy the show!!!! It’s entertainment, and fun learning and appreciating all the work he does not only with the ants and other animals but all the filming and editing. Just enjoy the show... jeesh!! 😒😂🐼🐜

  • Christopher White


  • Brother and Sister World

    the answer is a cane toad

  • Cheryl Baker
    Cheryl Baker 3 days ago

    I can't wait for the beetle games to begin!!!!!!!!!!:)

  • Xx_gachawolie_xx Annaie


  • Alexandre
    Alexandre 3 days ago

    You are exaggerating the suspense.. repeating the same thing over and over...

  • Kane Regester
    Kane Regester 3 days ago

    im not an ant keeper and im not sure how i found this content but im glad i did keep up the good work bro

  • thi chanh ngo
    thi chanh ngo 3 days ago


  • Velcro Shoes
    Velcro Shoes 3 days ago

    I knew it was a toad 😂

  • Ace Shaw
    Ace Shaw 4 days ago

    she was pregnit when u got her then she had babies

  • Pagliacci
    Pagliacci 4 days ago

    Should have played audio of mating calls

  • CJ So Lit
    CJ So Lit 4 days ago

    It’s bufutoxin

  • Sammi S.
    Sammi S. 4 days ago

    Painted death XD

  • Mr. PBR
    Mr. PBR 5 days ago

    I didnt know your filipino🤔

  • DE Mass
    DE Mass 5 days ago


  • Furqaan rizvi
    Furqaan rizvi 5 days ago

    I really wish the Golden Empire returns back to it's succes

  • Robo Pippin
    Robo Pippin 5 days ago


  • Epic
    Epic 5 days ago


  • Alexis Burton
    Alexis Burton 5 days ago


  • Mask Scar
    Mask Scar 6 days ago

    Somebody get my man his own TV show on like animal planet or something

  • TheMonkip
    TheMonkip 6 days ago


  • Rob P
    Rob P 6 days ago

    7:53 is what you came for

  • Kamalakannan Aray
    Kamalakannan Aray 6 days ago

    Allo keep on talking

  • Bnkboys coolcat and trotftw 119


  • Scarecrow
    Scarecrow 7 days ago

    Aren't cane toads a super invasive species? Or are they native to the Philipines?

  • ChibiSquad PopDrop
    ChibiSquad PopDrop 7 days ago

    Heres Some Things!
    Last time you said extinguish the ants,
    *Pun Police Come*
    PP:Im Sorry But You Had To Say That For Fire Ants!

  • Heather Hartman
    Heather Hartman 7 days ago

    Im very impressed by your set up, knowledge and videos. Thank you!

  • Ronald Paren
    Ronald Paren 7 days ago

    Are you mikey bustos? Hehehe .. from philippines? They have same voice.. i watched one of his blog when he show to kuya kim his ants hehehe..

  • TafTabTah
    TafTabTah 7 days ago +1

    Bro...your videos should only be 10 mins
    You have waaaaaaayyyy too much filler

  • BB Dude
    BB Dude 8 days ago


  • Horatio yen
    Horatio yen 8 days ago

    No its a pest

  • Dallas Townsend
    Dallas Townsend 8 days ago


  • game tube commander
    game tube commander 9 days ago

    i laugh Soo bad here LOL the Sound effect 29:16

  • Christopher Hull
    Christopher Hull 10 days ago +1

    There once was a woman who swallowed an ant, fancy that she swallowed an ant.
    She swallowed a toad to eat the ants, low and behold she swallowed a toad...and I sat there doing absolutely nothing. 😂

  • iron devistator
    iron devistator 10 days ago

    I'm going for the underdog #teamhades

  • BLUNTS Gaming
    BLUNTS Gaming 10 days ago

    Team Ares

  • Toasti Roast
    Toasti Roast 10 days ago

    hey guys, tublualr ant heer and im heer to lanch the new ANGEL OF DEATH bob

  • Todd Stone
    Todd Stone 10 days ago

    I know absolutely nothing about ants, but you are an amazing story teller. I subscribed and am determined to learn all I can. Great videos

  • Yvann Saculo
    Yvann Saculo 10 days ago

    go for insecticides

  • Tea Bee
    Tea Bee 11 days ago


  • Phoebe Melvin
    Phoebe Melvin 11 days ago


  • dallas thompson
    dallas thompson 11 days ago

    You should have released a Turtle some turtles eat bugs

  • Boon Swallow
    Boon Swallow 11 days ago

    you say hacienda del dorado so much its aggravating

  • mynew insignia
    mynew insignia 12 days ago

    29:58 slightly jump scared lol

  • mollyblue cat
    mollyblue cat 12 days ago

    Team hades :D

  • LynZee Ann
    LynZee Ann 12 days ago

    Am i the only one who started watching AC videos not knowing it was Mikey but thinking to myself each time I watched an AC video how much it sounded like him... then after watching 10+ videos finally decided to check if it was and come to find out it is?!?! (🤦‍♀️🤣 me feeling dumb right Aloha from Hawaii!! Love everything you do!!

  • Airbear
    Airbear 12 days ago

    You are pronouncing Hephaestus wrong

  • Squiddy The Pun-isher
    Squiddy The Pun-isher 12 days ago

    How could he possibly fit a while colony of raccoons in there. the alpha raccoon alone is about half the size of a human just ask @racconeggs

  • Curtis Bell Jr
    Curtis Bell Jr 13 days ago +1

    Are we gonna talk about the fact that he actually has a good singing voice? No? Ok

  • Leahkim XL
    Leahkim XL 13 days ago


  • chunges man
    chunges man 13 days ago

    You have beautiful voice

  • tanek gaming
    tanek gaming 13 days ago

    If I had ants and the risk of losing them.
    ..a well time to sale the ones with red bumps on them and say there a new type of ant

  • Autumn Mason
    Autumn Mason 13 days ago

    Team Dionysus

  • some more potatoes
    some more potatoes 13 days ago

    AOD is stuck!

  • Dragoncat 261
    Dragoncat 261 14 days ago


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    Andrew Wick 14 days ago


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  • Icide Efrost
    Icide Efrost 14 days ago

    why is it itching everywhere aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh

  • Aaron Flare
    Aaron Flare 14 days ago

    You live in the Philippines too

  • Stephon Howard
    Stephon Howard 15 days ago


  • Marcus Guldbrandsen
    Marcus Guldbrandsen 15 days ago

    #TeamAres the god of war! REEEE

  • DaniellikesBTD5
    DaniellikesBTD5 15 days ago

    *The Plot Thickens*

  • TheDevil
    TheDevil 15 days ago

    bufotoxin are used as a medicine in China and Vietnam, various compounds can be synthesized.

  • TheDevil
    TheDevil 15 days ago

    I absolutely love to watch the Toko in action in Philippines when on vacation there, I can watch it for hours in the light beam hunting for incoming insects. In the house I stayed last time there was a huge toko living behind a big painting in the living room, mostly coming out in the evening. I also enjoy the toko sound it makes, reminds me of the greate nation of Philippines with its manny wonders and beauty of nature both under and over water.

  • Elise Sotu
    Elise Sotu 15 days ago

    The toxin is bufotoxin

  • Michael Evans
    Michael Evans 15 days ago

    Christ that cane toad was the worst, turned this episode into the kind of stereotype joke of an orgasm that a woman tries to wait for :/

  • pokecraft Johnson
    pokecraft Johnson 16 days ago

    A TOADally good look

  • Mozon Animations
    Mozon Animations 16 days ago +1

    You gud sing man

  • Cookie Belmonte
    Cookie Belmonte 16 days ago

    Too much talk 😅

  • Jacob ensey
    Jacob ensey 16 days ago

    Your absolutely great holy shi dude your good smart and very explanatory I know nothing about ants and was able to guess things based off info you where giving up to the point you showed what happens next. Interesting as hell and looking into getting and ant farm going myself just for fun

  • Nicole Pauline De Guzman

    I guessed it right, a toad! I knew it. We have a lot of those in Philippines. We just hunt them for our biology classes. Ha!

  • MiniWorldz 14
    MiniWorldz 14 17 days ago

    We have cane toads in Florida

  • John Metzner
    John Metzner 17 days ago

    Lucky, I hate house spiders
    I’d rather have house geicos

  • lil nugg 1642
    lil nugg 1642 17 days ago

    This guy could be the new ed Sheeran with that voice

  • Tiranniek '
    Tiranniek ' 18 days ago +1

    Damn your videos are like reading a book, audible with video 👀💜

  • mineprogamer 123
    mineprogamer 123 18 days ago


  • Dat Birdie Boi
    Dat Birdie Boi 18 days ago


  • Byron Burkhammer
    Byron Burkhammer 18 days ago +1

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