Billie Eilish Gives Us A Look Inside Her Tour Closet

  • Published on Jul 10, 2019
  • It may feel like Billie Eilish came out of nowhere, but the truth is the enigmatic 17-year-old singer’s stardom has been on a steady climb since she released her 2016 song “Ocean Eyes.” She has been praised by peers like Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande, earned the respect of greats like Dave Grohl and Thom Yorke, and has managed to achieve both commercial and critical success. And while fans can’t get enough of her ethereal yet edgy music, her distinctive sense of style has played a huge role in her meteoric rise to success.
    On a recent tour stop in Canada, Billie invited HYPEBAE backstage before her sold-out show at Toronto’s Budweiser Stage to give us a look at her tour closet. She shared with us her favorite pieces to wear on and off stage, told us why she only wears shorts when performing, and showed off her interesting storage solution for her trademark jewelry collection.
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  • Natasja Pronk
    Natasja Pronk Day ago

    I want her closet -v-

  • Blue Trash
    Blue Trash 2 days ago

    Does anyone know what kinda rings like the silver ones she wears are called?

  • Jossiri Yamileth Jimenez Carretero

    No hablo ingles pero solo se una cosa eres increible y veas o no este comentario te queria decir que me encanta tu ropa has creado algo unico tu ropa es genial y eres extremadamente hermosa esos ojos hermosos y tu cabello es un cabello adsolutamente increible

  • Fernanda Huerta
    Fernanda Huerta 4 days ago

    Hermoso tu estilo y tu igual

  • bilsamils
    bilsamils 4 days ago

    she has such good style wtffff

  • What ?
    What ? 4 days ago

    But they're not shorts "like bitches' shorts"😂

  • Bergen Buschmeyer
    Bergen Buschmeyer 5 days ago

    *cries in poor*

  • Joelle Eldeek
    Joelle Eldeek 5 days ago

    I love her

  • alesa gordienko
    alesa gordienko 5 days ago

    Можно перевод

  • DanaG Aguirre López
    DanaG Aguirre López 6 days ago +1

    Soy la unica pendeja qe ve videos en ingles y no sabe hablar .solo lo hago por bilie

  • Victoria Garcia
    Victoria Garcia 7 days ago

    Who else loves Billie more then you love yourself only me ok

  • Andreas Nael
    Andreas Nael 7 days ago

    When billie speaks : are you kidding me
    When billie sings : who are you??

  • Kelly Johnson
    Kelly Johnson 7 days ago

    Billie's my queen and I love that she's an outspoken vegan and animal rights activist. I wish she wouldn't support these designer brands that use real leather, calfskin, and fur in their items. It's surprising to me that she would wear these things 😔

  • L. Sofía Franco R.
    L. Sofía Franco R. 8 days ago

    Alguien más que hable español?

  • sara d'msp
    sara d'msp 10 days ago


  • Alexa Moonlight
    Alexa Moonlight 10 days ago

    Off stage and on stage...Alll i mean this is not costumes. As a performer this is weird.

  • Andini Wahyuni
    Andini Wahyuni 13 days ago

    Liat bilie suka baju oversized, aku keinget daster dong. Gimana kalo bilie pake daster.

  • IQ Tech
    IQ Tech 13 days ago

    Why she’s so beautiful 😍

  • Rafael Sánchez
    Rafael Sánchez 13 days ago

    Bitches shorts hahha

  • Emilia
    Emilia 14 days ago

    1:30 I FEEL OFFENDED 😂

  • ElBastardo
    ElBastardo 16 days ago

    Billie i love you

  • H K
    H K 16 days ago

    she has an AMAZING sense of style!

  • Brittany Deleon
    Brittany Deleon 16 days ago

    I feel poor now.

  • Brittany Deleon
    Brittany Deleon 16 days ago

    😯 😯 😲 😮

  • Kiky Arteta
    Kiky Arteta 16 days ago

    this girl who called illuminate?? duh... but she's glow allright...

  • v Givoltia v
    v Givoltia v 16 days ago

    Her hands are better without long nails...

  • Sophia’s Editing
    Sophia’s Editing 17 days ago

    i would do anything to meet her

  • lit pappi
    lit pappi 17 days ago

    white trash bitches from bakersfield looks like her lmao

  • Franklin Sky
    Franklin Sky 17 days ago

    Can i know what is background music?

  • Gabriel Gillespie-Hewitt
    Gabriel Gillespie-Hewitt 17 days ago +2

    Somebody give this woman a microphone

  • Jenn Saldaña
    Jenn Saldaña 18 days ago +1

    she is so humble and beautiful
    I love her 🥺💓

  • Unjoyful
    Unjoyful 18 days ago +1

    The logic:
    Famous people who are rich - don’t have to pay for any clothes or products
    Poor people get the reverse

    • PShort
      PShort 5 days ago

      Unjoyful If famous people wear their clothes, they get known and make lots of money. That’s the logic

  • Pac Man
    Pac Man 19 days ago

    Wow she does seem that horrible of a person

  • lasagna lasagna
    lasagna lasagna 19 days ago

    yes finally

  • Mika XD
    Mika XD 19 days ago

    omg yes

  • yuhnira _depressed
    yuhnira _depressed 19 days ago

    she's so fvcking white, i mean does she even have a blood?

  • Nil Mer
    Nil Mer 21 day ago

    I love how her style is so oversized and heavy and then boom! Her megalong pointy fucking nails. I live for them

  • Nico Kuwano
    Nico Kuwano 22 days ago

    Where does she get ALL THAT jewelry?

  • Roblox Mobile
    Roblox Mobile 23 days ago +3

    Billie: breaths
    Teens: SoOoO Deep
    Adits: umm okay

  • Isabella Hampson
    Isabella Hampson 23 days ago

    pls dress normally billie

  • Cécile Paupiette
    Cécile Paupiette 23 days ago

    So so interesting.......................

  • Dija Dar
    Dija Dar 23 days ago

    Her personality is just super cool !! 💙 She's so genuine. 😍

  • House of Mendoza
    House of Mendoza 24 days ago

    Did shr just admit to all her clothes being fake?

  • Methis on Point
    Methis on Point 24 days ago +1

    Squatting Slav TV glasses 🔥🔥

  • captain P
    captain P 24 days ago

    You know you're cool when you wear sunglasses INSIDE !

  • Koxse 98
    Koxse 98 24 days ago

    she looks like man ...

  • annabel perez
    annabel perez 24 days ago

    Loooook at Billieeeeee....girl done got her CLAWS did!!!! I 👀👀👀 ya girrrrrrrl!!!!! I'm loooow key shook 😱😲😮😧 #getemgirrrrll ❣️ yaaaaa bbygirl

  • Keith Knight
    Keith Knight 24 days ago

    She's a joke.

  • Shynie_eviie
    Shynie_eviie 24 days ago +1

    Honestly I hate her style.. but I love her personnality

  • The elephant on tae's arm

    *when billie's closet is bigger then your room*

    LEXAAA G 25 days ago

    Hmm every time i see a video of her or a insta post or snap it becomes more sad and depressive. Its really sad she needs a time of and relax for her mental health

  • Anna Kristina
    Anna Kristina 26 days ago

    i loved how she mentioned sasha

  • Bin Abubakar
    Bin Abubakar 26 days ago

    Billie wearing Billie.

  • mrssaradee
    mrssaradee 26 days ago

    Those claws tho

  • indigo kid
    indigo kid 26 days ago +3

    Bro I’m living in a simulation. She has a plug necklace that I’m wearing RN WHAT SHSJSJWJE

  • AMermaidWhoCantSwim
    AMermaidWhoCantSwim 26 days ago

    those clothes are really not cute, but i came for billie lol

  • Lexi Duncan
    Lexi Duncan 26 days ago +3

    I love oversized tees and hoodies. Her style is right up my alley. However those nails ain't lol

  • Lightskin Jay
    Lightskin Jay 26 days ago +2

    Shii Billie wearing acrylics now! Otayy😝✨

  • Rougui Barry
    Rougui Barry 26 days ago

    1:45 Rip when you're wearing headphones

  • *•Summer•*
    *•Summer•* 26 days ago +3

    She laughs like my 4th grade Teacher lmao

  • Lisa Musser
    Lisa Musser 26 days ago

    You’re so pretty why do you hide it with baggy clothes it looks unkept

  • Gatcha gal Productions
    Gatcha gal Productions 26 days ago +12

    One pair of her shoes coats more than my whole closet.

  • Unknown :/
    Unknown :/ 26 days ago +1

    What’s up with her hair colour?

  • Bee Grennell
    Bee Grennell 26 days ago

    Why does she always look sleepy ? Or are her eyes just like that. I want to know!! Lol

  • 光饼饼
    光饼饼 26 days ago

    I can see a Max in this body

  • sofie L V
    sofie L V 26 days ago

    Nails? Or just mess! 🤮

  • Jaionna luv
    Jaionna luv 27 days ago +3

    Never even noticed bille gets her nails done 😱💙💙

  • dansza
    dansza 27 days ago

    Why take a look at a 14 year old aesthetic on steroids and the epitome of consumer wasteland attitude

  • Russel Furtado
    Russel Furtado 27 days ago

    Shes a dude!

  • Playboi Jimmy
    Playboi Jimmy 27 days ago +1

    I bought some replica air maxes from a custom open market.Can anyone cheer me up about them?I love them so much they even dazzle when light hits them.

  • Carrie Ann LaShelle
    Carrie Ann LaShelle 27 days ago

    I don't pay for shit anymore.

  • Kate Foran
    Kate Foran 27 days ago

    Unsure of why she keeps up this I was so poor shit. It's super lame just do you, no need to hyperbolize.

  • Pia Emilia FOR
    Pia Emilia FOR 27 days ago

    She desearves all of this

  • Savannah Brooke
    Savannah Brooke 27 days ago

    so real wit it