India's Geography Problem

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  • Sam Balboa
    Sam Balboa Hour ago

    Just goes into showing that SOme Americans dont know shit about India.
    India is what it is because of its the religions and cultures played no
    Well Britain and many European states have cultural diversity and yet are one nation.India is a millenial culture....we call it unity in diversity.No mention of PAki sponsored terror....THey could have done a better job.

  • SleepCheek
    SleepCheek 3 hours ago

    You have mentioned both in this video and the China video that these two countries don’t get along. I would love to see a video expanding upon that!

  • Marcos Beni
    Marcos Beni 5 hours ago

    8:23 Doesn't properly close the title tag and misspells the closing head tag, all while developing in Notepad. This is the kind of quality software you get when you outsource your development team to India.

  • Aliff Jamal
    Aliff Jamal 6 hours ago

    “It’s now ingrained in Indian culture to hate Pakistan and vice versa”
    Damn.... that bad?

  • A Normal Guy Who just watches videos

    Get ready for the Salty Indians! (to make this more salty, I am a Pakistani, get rekt)

  • Hasnat Ali
    Hasnat Ali Day ago

    Hi i like your videos i would like you to make a video on Pakistan's geography

  • saleem shahzaid
    saleem shahzaid Day ago +1

    India is mother of terrorists in south Asia.

  • Sarat Sarkar
    Sarat Sarkar Day ago

    Very well balanced. Good work.

  • Tuhinadri Halder

    Yeah, as an Indian, I love my country, but need to develop, hope soon we achieve it in Coming Years.

  • Ashim Saha
    Ashim Saha Day ago

    You are so illiterate that you don't know a fraction about INDIA.

  • Ali Maksud
    Ali Maksud Day ago

    India never conquered other countries because before 1857 there wasn't a "country" known as India. India was a "region" consisting of many states within itself before 1857 mostly hostile to each other. British colonised us into a single country. And all the bad stuff came after that. It's unity as a country is un-natural because there is very less that is similar between the south and the north, East and the western India to be a single country. Each region has a different language and a different lifestyle and culture. It's really a miracle and surprising that the British left us as a single country (two countries but we still got a far larger chunk ie 4 times the other country).

  • Tutoi 3
    Tutoi 3 2 days ago +1

    Canada geographic problems =)

  • Critical Ray
    Critical Ray 2 days ago

    WARNING: Triggered people below, scroll at your own risk.

  • Deepraj Gaonkar
    Deepraj Gaonkar 2 days ago

    Economy growing doesn't matter to us we are busy in fake goddess shit and useless cast system

  • Pankaj Grover
    Pankaj Grover 2 days ago

    Accurate content.. 👍

  • Pablo Neymar
    Pablo Neymar 2 days ago

    there were several empires in India which unified India before before the British came. please do better research.

  • Mokshit Saini
    Mokshit Saini 2 days ago

    Our diversity Is our power

  • yashank mishra
    yashank mishra 2 days ago

    Bullshit. The guy needs to take history course. India was one of the handful countries to defeat the Dutch army. If there was no navy, how on earth south east asian countries have so much in common culturally to India.
    Also though there were different kingdoms, there has always been a civilisational notion. All the pilgrimage locations of Hindus sort of mark the border of territory.

  • R Balasubramanian
    R Balasubramanian 2 days ago

    Commentary is biased. For example, Pakistan got bad deal as the land they got was not rich - but partition was done on basis of population of Hindus/Muslims so where does the quality of land come?
    Second Bangladesh was creation of Pak army atrocities not by India. India only aided the process. Decades before current refugee crisis, India housed millions of Bangladeshi refugees. World was indifferent to our woes and US infact threatened by sending ships to Bay of Bengal.

  • Tech Karma
    Tech Karma 2 days ago

    British build road and rail to benefit. The crown not for public of india

  • Anthem Corner
    Anthem Corner 2 days ago

    stop showing hong kong when you're talking about China

  • CakeisGroot 213
    CakeisGroot 213 2 days ago

    Before the British it was the Mughal Empire that controlled India the ones who built the Taj Mahal. This guy clearly doesn’t know anything about India before the British came

  • Squid
    Squid 3 days ago

    Why you BROWN ARYAN KEEP ON PRODUCiNG, look at The white aryan they now control most part of the continent from the minorities. (except africa) time to emigrate!!!!!!!!

  • Parijat Singh
    Parijat Singh 3 days ago

    Uttar bullshit.

  • Kucik Kucik
    Kucik Kucik 3 days ago

    It's like i having the best profesor teaching me at home.. So pack with info and easy to understand 👍

  • Ad Il
    Ad Il 3 days ago

    lmao kashmir issue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????

    • Ad Il
      Ad Il 3 days ago

      india forcefully occupies kashmir

  • Asaduzzaman Pavel
    Asaduzzaman Pavel 4 days ago

    indian developers suck big time.

  • Ahmad Shumayal
    Ahmad Shumayal 4 days ago

    Somethings are wrong. You said India and Pakistan would coexist better if there was a geographical hindrance but the same clearly doesn't hold true for China and India which ARE separated by himalayas. You are self contradictory.

  • Animesh Jain
    Animesh Jain 4 days ago

    Get your facts straight
    Read about Mauryan empire

  • Jyotsna Gokhale
    Jyotsna Gokhale 4 days ago

    Wonder, not problem! The stupendous, splendid ancient culture was safe in its growth because of the protection of geography through millennia, until about 700 A.D..

    As for "technological advancements" elsewhere, they followed modern industrial era which was also the colonial centurues, which had India open to the said advance due to Europe's adventures. india was, until then, far more advanced.

    India not being a country before Brits came is a convenient myth; britush isles werent a country, when Roman empire was trampling it, or Viking marauders looted. Identity of either, however, was never in question, else the very name would be non existent. It isn't always political union that's of paramount importance, but that of a land's people via culture and trade, and more.

    Number of major religions in India is more than counted here in video, unless all Indic religions are counted as one, which is ok. Diversity of every other sort in India is more than that in Europe.
    As for the so called two nation theory, which proved false in '71 by splitting of the so called religion based nation, that theory was pushed by British as per Macaulay policy to break up India for interests of Brits rule, and it was a British minor officer who invited and pushed the then unwilling Muslims to form a separate political party after congress had been formed. Partition was just as much planned by UK - the day soviet tanks rolled into berlin ahead of UK and U.S. forces in WWII- and pushed on the unwilling citizens in what is now finally pak, for UK and US convenience of military bases for use against USSR. The votes in punjab were for unionist party, and in NWFP they were strongly in favour of India, so much so most abstained in protest against being forced to vote about partition.
    The video seems to be made to order to suit some anti Indian interests. Notice how India's advances last few decades are attributed to "English language", instead of the competence in intelligence and intellectual fields in general, science and technology in particular. The video credits the British empire for this advance tiday. This fraud is obviius, since the British empire included not only whole of India but far more around the world, famously summed up as the empire sun never set on. Yet it's been only India that went ahead with the technological revolution that was internet. Thisobviously indicates the minimal part that the language and empire plays in the recent developments.
    When constantly comparing India and China, the video harps on equality in China and inequality in India, but forgets to mention the genocide in tens of millions in China that its regime perpetrated post communist rule brought in after WWII, chiefly targeting the intelligentsia, while India had a democracy from the very beginning and still working - as evidenced often enough since '77. The progress and economy of India has to be seen on thus background of a democracy that functions with diversity larger than Europe in every respect and a population three times thst of US but with its diversity intact - a salad bowl, or a thali with over dozens of individual items, rather than a brown melt in pot, to rephrase a pet phrase of US.
    The British did build roads and railways, but this video credits them for doing thus to build India as a nation. They had to do it for the same reason Germany had autobahns in thirties, which was, to move troops, which britush in India needed to control rather than develop the nation of India. Britush were in India to loot and enrich the Brits, as are any colonial regimes anywhere, at expense of the locals treated as subject of slavery in all but name. Any benefits from education to administration to roads etc were strictly designed for British interests.
    Re states in India, the video gets borderline absurd and atrocious. States dividing nation for administration purposes exist in well over half a dozen countries, if not four times that, and who is to decide whether they must follow straight lines as in US and Canada, or erstwhile independent kingdoms as in Germany? That India chose languages as one criteria isn't a reason to put India down (a la imposition of one language, one script, one church, one book, by Roman empire for example, or inquisition by church wiping ou all dissent and nipping progress in bud until renaissance for that matter), but a reason to celebrate the diversity and its value. Admit it, pak broke because it's diversity was not accepted by the racist doctrine allowed, nay, celebrated, by its regime.

  • Yash Likhar
    Yash Likhar 4 days ago

    You have to talk about geography not something else.... !@$#@

  • Angela Titler
    Angela Titler 4 days ago

    the dirty bastards shit in the streets

  • rocketlaunch99
    rocketlaunch99 4 days ago

    India was collective under Maurya and Gupta empires. Just one look at it and you'll know. It was most prosperous times for India. Then came the muslims and British. We've been cursed. But if there is a God then what goes around, WILL come around.

  • Saliim Mohammed
    Saliim Mohammed 5 days ago

    4:54 , Sri Lanka was not a part of British Raj.

  • Vanessa
    Vanessa 5 days ago

    you just gunna justify colonization like that? ok..

  • Santosh Soni
    Santosh Soni 5 days ago +1

    India is meant for both Hindus and Muslims.. infact India is worlds most heavily populated Muslim country......... And Pakistan just have Muslims..

  • Nilesh Vaity
    Nilesh Vaity 5 days ago

    Westerners have lack of eastern culture understanding, Indian subcontinent is culturally different... India did capture whole of Asia & Russia, but not by killing others, but through spread of ideas/religion that emerged from India such as Buddhism. In Abrahamic traditions there is a savior/messenger (Central Authority) who tells the population what to do, and since the idea of we live only once creates a sense of haste, so the value of a person is the sum total of his achievement.... whereas in India traditions you live many lives so the goal is to discover yourself, this is totally different for Abrahamic traditions where a nation is stated by the ruler (king) vs nation through a single idea. India was always united, we had many rulers (king) but was united through a single idea (Dharma & Karma)... in our tradition many ideas can co-exits that is why India is diverse, when British conquered India it tried to fit the western template (Central authority & one idea fits all) in India and destroy the traditional education system and the consequence we still face today....

  • Imran51408s
    Imran51408s 5 days ago

    Lets all be honest here and admit that the Brits knew exactly what they were doing when they split up the country. They knew that the two countries would endlessly squabble over territory to ever pose a real threat to their 'great empire'. The separation of Pakistani land further exacerbated the problem, as it created three groups of people that all hate each other instead of two.

    P.S. 8:31 shows you get what you pay for with cheap outsourced developers as they can't even close a basic HTML tag properly.

  • techmagazinegroup
    techmagazinegroup 5 days ago

    Most of the details are not accurate, should have researched better.

  • Pranav Mishra
    Pranav Mishra 6 days ago

    I watch videos on India just to check the amount of research the uploader puts into the video,before I watch videos on other nations about whom I don't know that much.
    Some fantastic research you've done!!
    It is the first time I have seen a non Indian explain Indian issues so well.Had to subscribe.

  • Abhishek Poddar
    Abhishek Poddar 6 days ago

    As an Indian I say India's curse is it does not have a Himalaya type mountain in North-West border, to prevent invaders from attacking, which allowed all invaders to come including the Muslims who converted a large number of Indians and very existence of Pakistan and Bangladesh is its result. Historically to protect India from foreign invasion, we needed to keep Eastern Afghanistan, Kabul and Kandahar under our rule, Mauryan Empire and Mughal Empire did that. But since India got partitioned in 1947 the whole scenario changed. India first felt threatened from North in late 1800s as Tsarist Russia was spreading its influence in Tibet. After Chinese capture of Tibet for the first time Gangetic plains, India's heartland felt threatened. Our Eastern border has largely remained peaceful except Arakanese-Bangla Sultanate(not Bangladesh) and Burmese invasion of Assam and Manipur, and it continues to be.

  • Prash Nair
    Prash Nair 6 days ago

    This is imperialist propoganda.

  • Joe Bob
    Joe Bob 6 days ago

    Well thats the british way, leave the house without turning off the stove.

  • indra rider
    indra rider 6 days ago

    this channel uploaded on 5 December 2017 but explained only bad things. seems this channel don't know much about INDIA..
    the channel holder of this channel please see INDIA IN DETAILS... u will get knowledge..

    • Avidi Arshid
      Avidi Arshid 3 days ago +1

      he is british. Brainwashed by racist scum british media

  • united punjab
    united punjab 6 days ago

    You are dumb

  • Nick
    Nick 6 days ago

    Indians suck. Their developers suck more. Their politics are best! - From a developer in Silicon Valley

  • Akhand Hindustan
    Akhand Hindustan 6 days ago

    (1) During British rule of India, of nearly 120 yeas, India's average GDP growth rate was *ZERO-POINT-ONE* per cent.
    (2) The literacy rate of India at the end of British *SATANIC CHRISTIAN* rule in 1947 was just *SIXTEEN* percent.
    One has to subtract pre British literacy rate of India to get the so called contribution of Britain in India's education !!
    (3) British *RAN FACIST CONCENTRATION CAMPS IN ANDAMAN AND NICOBAR ISLANDS OF INDIA* where millions of people were killed !!
    (4) British forcefully closed down India's far superior textile industry and banned Indian cloth in Britain by a special law.
    While they kept zero tariff of British lower cast cloth in to India.
    (5) British Christians were manifestation of *EVIL* on earth not only in India but wherever they went.

  • Akhand Hindustan
    Akhand Hindustan 6 days ago

    British left nothing more than *BASTARD* children manufactured after British fucking Indian lower cast women !!

  • Razor X11
    Razor X11 6 days ago

    India is so freaking small compared to it's population!

  • Razor X11
    Razor X11 6 days ago

    Also pak and India won't Fight if only religion didn't exist.

  • Razor X11
    Razor X11 6 days ago

    Warning:: Cancerous Comments from Non Intellect Indians.

  • Pie Mania
    Pie Mania 6 days ago +1

    All problems in India are the legacy of England.

  • Anantha Ramachandra
    Anantha Ramachandra 6 days ago

    Problem with people like you is that you feel excellence in English means people are highly knowledgeable. Please go and get your basics right before expressing such things. India was a great place before the Brits smashed it and made everyone believe that only if you know English, you are great! I'm proud to be an Indian and proud of our history too! I'd advise you to go and read up more about how the spice trade made India the place it was before the British spoilt it.

  • Lei Promot
    Lei Promot 6 days ago

    Shut up northeast is never part of India in history. They have own kingdom.

  • Shah Malang
    Shah Malang 6 days ago

    Love for INDIA From #Afghanistan

  • Aditya Bhattacharyya

    well the railways were built to transport "raw materials from the interior of the country to the harbors"....they were not built to serve the common masses...they only connected some important parts of the was only after independence when Indian leaders transformed the already existing system and expanded the railway tracks to many more remote areas in the country. many people outside India credit the British for our "existing railways" but i do not think that they deserve it.

  • Ashish Mani
    Ashish Mani 7 days ago

    India is south asian terrorist

  • sayanchx
    sayanchx 7 days ago

    The content is factually incorrect. If India did not use the ocean for trade or conquest how did most of South-East Asia and Indo-China become culturally similar. Wendover needs to do some research on the Chola dynasty, Maratha navy, and the Travancore navy. Speaking of naval trade the author needs to do some basic research on Indo Roman relations as well.

  • Abhishek Mishra
    Abhishek Mishra 7 days ago

    pakistan was created for moslims but india was not exclusive for anyone india was secular india is secular...
    so you need to correct it

  • Prasad Landge
    Prasad Landge 8 days ago +1

    Nice video 💕

  • Mahesh Indana
    Mahesh Indana 8 days ago

    India is was United by religion although there were many languages and kingdoms and all languages had roots in one parent language i.e. Sanskrit.

  • Mahesh Indana
    Mahesh Indana 8 days ago

    Monks travelled across mostly from China to India. Video says both nations developed independently which is not true.

  • zodiacfml
    zodiacfml 8 days ago

    That problem is nothing if there is excess, cheap energy

  • Kaylib Perera
    Kaylib Perera 8 days ago

    nigga that aint india thats sri lanka

  • krishna N
    krishna N 9 days ago

    Not for long, with all these automation and unemployment, struggling days are ahead!

  • Pratik Dubey
    Pratik Dubey 9 days ago

    very impressive, excellent.

  • Adan Järvinen
    Adan Järvinen 9 days ago

    I don't think you have a thorough understanding of how population and education work. Maybe you should have done more research or sticked to transportation related videos.

  • Ghaley raja
    Ghaley raja 9 days ago

    india is made by unbalance facts
    still monster endia have legally occupied the territory of NEpAL
    darjeeling/ gorkhaland
    and half of BiharBihar is territory of NEPAL
    jai Nepal
    back off rapest, beggar, and toilet less country india

  • Ghaley raja
    Ghaley raja 9 days ago

    india is made by unbalance facts
    still monster india have occupied territory of nepal
    darjeeling/ gorkhaland
    half of bihar
    jai nepal
    back off rapest, beggar, and toilet less endia

  • Patrick Wumbo
    Patrick Wumbo 9 days ago

    This is a backwards ass country that has assigned days to shit on the sidewalk.

  • TheGarvito
    TheGarvito 9 days ago

    dudes that montreal 2:41 ma city

  • Primordial Pete
    Primordial Pete 9 days ago

    Very good impartial video, as an Indian I give it a thumbs up.

  • Alex Sharma
    Alex Sharma 9 days ago

    Thanks for considering us, we are developing, every single seconds changes something here. But I believe it's due to lots-lots of false beliefs inherited by old people's made this process slow. No worries we are growing everyday.

  • Altus
    Altus 10 days ago

    *"English literacy got good."*
    _- Wendover Productions_

  • Joey Lock
    Joey Lock 10 days ago

    Gotta love how many Indians are offended by this.

  • Alex
    Alex 10 days ago

    ah the good old tag, one of my favourite

  • ajay yadav
    ajay yadav 10 days ago

    Video shows misleading information about India. Speaker is talking about India being divided before british came. But since last 5000-8000 years India has gone through cycles of integration and disintegration. There were times when whole of Indian sub continent was one and when it was divided in small kingdoms.
    Also he gives credit to british rule for recent economic growth is lots of horseshit. When britishers came Indian gdp was 23-25% of whole world and there GDP was 1%. By the time they left this reversed.

  • Shwetha B.K
    Shwetha B.K 10 days ago

    BHaratha is the name of thia piece of land not India nor HIndusthan... and this is historically mentioned in Arthashastra... and in this book greeks are refered as foreingers... so gods sake stop praising British, or its english language, or the rail networks, India ranked 1/2 contributing 25% of world GDP till 18th century thats untill barbarians called british .. oh yeah ppl who followed aparthied till 1991 in SA.. looted and ruined economy culture. nad hell NO British did not take India fm he hands of Muslims but from Marathas. so India weak ..? After Alexandar it took 1000 years for any foreinger to attack India, and after Ghori again 150 years .. and most of India remianed In Indian Kings/Queeens hands till Moghals akbar , but that did not last more than50 years, Maratha was in control of most of India driving out Moghuls. But with so many wars / multi front war s and gun technology not utilised in India. India lost to Brits. and this gist does not do nay justice so many war battles won by Indian kings/Queens. And i Culturally Buddism spread to CHina its not that closed road bw India CHina.

  • Prranjal Shrivaastav
    Prranjal Shrivaastav 10 days ago

    The only problem is presence of jihadi and missionary terrorists

  • Waqar video
    Waqar video 10 days ago

    Pakistan's got CPEC. Indians are feeling salty :D

  • u06jo3vmp
    u06jo3vmp 10 days ago

    News flash, India's GDP growth rate dropped below China's in 2017.
    BTW because China's economy is much bigger than India's, even at the same growth rate, China can literally grow an entire India worth of GDP every 3 years or so.

  • Silverback Gorrilla
    Silverback Gorrilla 10 days ago

    All of this can be summed up as "Good fences make good neighbors"

  • mild mix chintu
    mild mix chintu 10 days ago

    8:30 it was the moment when he knew, he fucked up 😂 he mistyped the closing tag

  • akash sharma
    akash sharma 10 days ago

    There was much larger indian empire in terms of culture before british and muslims

  • akash sharma
    akash sharma 10 days ago

    Those who did not want to be called were invaders before british like turks afghans persians and bastards from above muslim invaders pakistan is cunt-ry of such bastards.

  • Rishi Sonowal
    Rishi Sonowal 10 days ago

    india did used it's naval to conqure Sumatra Maldives etc...

  • Nikhil Dharmavaram
    Nikhil Dharmavaram 11 days ago

    4:29 British rule dint last for long?? Haha 200 years is quite a long time

    • Rakesh Kumar
      Rakesh Kumar 6 days ago

      Nikhil Dharmavaram Britain actually thought "sun will never set on their empire" but then 1947 came too early!

  • Nishanth Salahudeen
    Nishanth Salahudeen 11 days ago

    5:10 is a grave factual mistake. Pakistan was for Muslims who wanted separate country, and India, according to its Constitution and founding principles is pluralistic.

  • Santosh Bannur
    Santosh Bannur 11 days ago

    Please check about Chola dynasty naval strength!
    It's been one of the biggest economies until British came along

  • Rahul Deharkar
    Rahul Deharkar 11 days ago

    Thank you for the video, of the first time I have seen a video well thought out and researched :)
    as for your last sentence, we will do our best to make our country a super power :)

    FA KHAN 11 days ago +2

    India is ghoing to divide into 67 parts & Sikh community can make Khalistan
    The Khalistan movement is a Sikh nationalist movement, which seeks to create a separate country called Khalistān in the Punjab region of South Asia. The territorial definition of the proposed country Khalistan ranges from the Punjab, to parts of Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, and Rajasthan. Chandigarh.

  • Prasad Shinde
    Prasad Shinde 11 days ago


  • Kamran Bashir
    Kamran Bashir 11 days ago

    8:50 You are doing it wrong !!

  • NW Oista
    NW Oista 11 days ago

    The chicken neck will be cut off India one day. Its unnaturally connected to India, people there are also anti India

  • SandyRocks
    SandyRocks 11 days ago

    Transportation of india is better than USA . Technical Education quality is 1000 times better in india . Phd education is better in US due to investment and research facility. Transportation in China is better than both. But india kicks ass of China and USA in cost of living. It is cheap with better quality as hell. Specially food

  • tdr
    tdr 11 days ago

    This is pure bullshit. All that is favorable to India is due to the yellow teeth Brits and all that is bad with Indian is due to Indians according to this white supremacist idiot.
    Fix your own homelessness, illiteracy and drug abuse before you criticize India. And stop invading other nations and then losing the war, whitey!

  • Brian Gleeson
    Brian Gleeson 12 days ago

    Irony at 7:50 "English literacy got good"

  • Daniel Moolman
    Daniel Moolman 12 days ago

    Please do another one of these!

  • sumitron2k
    sumitron2k 12 days ago

    Good job. Great fan of the channel.

  • prateek gantayat
    prateek gantayat 12 days ago

    Misinformation. When Pakistan was created, most of the fertile lands of Punjab and Bengal went to Pakistan.