India's Geography Problem


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  • snoozymoo
    snoozymoo Hour ago

    Please dude, just stick to making plane videos.

  • Manoj Kumar
    Manoj Kumar 2 hours ago

    The part where you say India never had a sizable navy or captured other countries is not factually correct the Chola dynasty spread to what is modern day Vietnam, Cambodia, Srilanka, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia at it's zenith...Also there is archeological evidence that The Tamil speaking dynasties had trade relations with the Roman empire, there are excerpts from classical Tamil literature that Yavana(Roman) soldiers guarded Tamil king's court rooms...

  • Abhishek Benjwal
    Abhishek Benjwal 3 hours ago

    And your stupid Love from Britishers is wrong they just try to break us with so many way and railways were build to take our resources later we develop those railways to travel ......
    Now i am 100% sure your other videos would be totally wrong

  • Abhishek Benjwal
    Abhishek Benjwal 3 hours ago

    I mean...i really doubt that you collect data from just normal internet sites much misunderstanding and wrong info.

  • Abhishek Benjwal
    Abhishek Benjwal 3 hours ago

    See we were not Indians before not Indians today we were Bhartiya.... and will be

  • Abhishek Benjwal
    Abhishek Benjwal 3 hours ago

    And so many mistakes man.... and India did not have Navy.....i mean what about chola empire in south... so many mistakes man I can't even type all

  • Abhishek Benjwal
    Abhishek Benjwal 3 hours ago

    India (Bharat) was a country for more than 10000000.... years its not important to have 1 empire to call as a. India we are so interlinked that no one can survive without other religiously and economically

  • rameez raja
    rameez raja 4 hours ago

    What a ghastly, superficial video fit only for Kindergarten children!. Trust the Americans to ignore all history and culture, if there is no Jurassic Age with dinosaurs in it. India had over half a dozen highly centralised Empires, some bigger in extent than the Indian Empire of the British colonials. The first one was the so-called Indus Valley Civilization. Then came the great Mauryan Empire still the benchmark of all subsequent Empires. This was followed by the Asokas Empire. All these Empires were before Christ was born. Then after the advent of Islam came the Empire of the Khaljis, the Tughlaqs and the Lodhis. South India had its own history and Empires. The Chola Empire stretched all the way from Angkor Wat in Cambodia to Thanjavur, the capital in South India and this Empire covered all of Southeast Asia. It was based on a powerful navy controlled by the Chola Empire. And finally came the Golden Age of the Mughal Empire. The Mughal Empire ended in 1862. This video talks only of British colonisation of India, a mere 90 years, which ended in 1947 and was a tiny blip in India's long 5000-year history. The Americas, being country cousins of the British repeat parrot-like whatever is fed to them about India by the BBC. Time to grow up! Both Afghanistan and Pakistan are integral parts of the Indian continent. Both countries are artificial and created by the departing British to create a civil war in India and stump its chances of becoming a superpower. It is only a matter of time before all South Asia will become an economic union rather like the EU. The beginning has been made by SAARC or South Asian nations community. India will achieve its destiny and become one of the world's superpowers in the next 10 years. India is already armed with ICBMs and its GDP is number three in the world after America and China. It has already overtaken Japan and UK. Its annual growth of average 8% will propel it to number two position and by 2030 it will overtake America. It has to be remembered that while India is growing rapidly the other powers are in decline. Both these factors will make India into a superpower sooner than you think. Unlike China, India's rise is quiet and steady. It is true in the service sector, the so-called cyber coolies contribute a significant part of the GDP now. This video concentrates only on this tiny sector but it is not vital to the India Story. That is only a part of the story. India's fundamentals are very strong and its economy is founded on a strong industrial and agricultural base. it has a huge untapped market of 1 billion plus and the economy is largely self-reliant, not export based like China or America. Thsi makes it immune to outside shocks. If there are no wars and no ecological collapse in the world, then there is no stopping India or Indians.

  • Vikram surya
    Vikram surya 4 hours ago

    I expected something about *Geography rather than history. Since this is the only extensively versatile nation, you guys have a lots of things to cover up here. Versatility !

  • Egoistic Altruism
    Egoistic Altruism 4 hours ago +1

    The racists like to say that Europe is developed because whites are better than others but they fail to understand that Geography plays a big role on a countries development. Geography, climate, diseases, exploitation of foreign lands, slavery... all contributed for Europe's financial development.

  • Bhaskara Reddy Devarapalli

    Hostile terrain?..Dude have you ever been to India

  • Suryapratim Paul
    Suryapratim Paul 5 hours ago

    India is nasty as said by most westerners. Overpopulated, shit on street, poverty, slums everywhere. Still I believe India is better than most because India is self sufficient and not dependent on any county(including US, Russia and China). We don't give a fuck. Fuck sansactions. We don't care. We have problems that are too complicated and may need a century to get solved. We are not jealous of any country's growth either. Look at our films, we don't even bother about international viewers. Our population is our strength. Our filmmakers don't even think much about marketing their films outside as they make huge profits here only. Big produces like China, US sees India as a market. Come on business need consumers which we are. Like us, love us or hate us. We don't care. You need us more than we need you. That's the power we have. Funny enough...most hate monger westerners don't realise their brother make Indian content to get views and in turn make money from TVclip ad sense.😂
    So we indirectly provide you the money.

  • Argonxx12 1
    Argonxx12 1 5 hours ago

    Can you make videos about the rest of the British Empire and there geography problems?

  • VoiceForJustice AndProportionalResponse

    The concept of a nation-state is a new one - so india clearly wasn't a country in the modern sense. However, to say that there was no concept of india is misleading. My opinion is that there was in the geographic sense in the same way these concepts existed in other parts of the world at roughly the time frame at which britain came into india. During that time, India was united and administrated under Mughal rule almost completely by the time of Aurangzeb (barring the southern most tip). They also had a name for the land, hindustan. Prior to that numerous other empires also united india (e.g. mauryans, guptas). Its misleading to say that the concept of india came into being only with the British, in my opinion.

  • Robert M
    Robert M 6 hours ago

    Yeah India never had any threats by sea.... They were just friends with Britain all that time and liked to give away all their wealth.

  • Sivakrishna T
    Sivakrishna T 7 hours ago

    India is a federal republic. States have their powers.

  • Sivakrishna T
    Sivakrishna T 7 hours ago +1

    Let me correct you sir,
    Thailand, Indonesia were invaded by Indian Navi. Do some research on Chola empire.

  • हिन्दुस्तानी

    English language history really gets on my nerves.
    Why is it called British Empire when it should be called Windsor Empire? Isn't that what you cunts do? "Mughal Empire", "Bahamani empire".

  • razpor
    razpor 9 hours ago +1

    Many inaccuracies

  • schranztech
    schranztech 10 hours ago

    India's main problems: rape&street shit

  • True Scholar
    True Scholar 10 hours ago

    Indians are trash

  • hmmer
    hmmer 15 hours ago

    All these invasions gave more pain than benefits. Thanks for the Himalays, we were stopped from Chinese & Mongolian inventions.

  • Udit Gupta
    Udit Gupta 16 hours ago

    That's true. If Indians don't realise it sooner the coming 10 years will be the worst nightmare. Water is a very scarce in India. Ground water has declined at a very alarming rate. I don't know will the Government makes it citizens drink electricity and Gas..

  • Lilz
    Lilz 16 hours ago

    You forgot to mention that the people living in the NorthEast are no where near Indian-Blood They're just Indian by nationality

  • Dhruv Patel
    Dhruv Patel 20 hours ago

    Kashmir belongs to India 🇮🇳

  • Primus Productions
    Primus Productions 20 hours ago

    I think you're understating the amount of pre-modern contact between China and India.

  • Nplos Le
    Nplos Le 21 hour ago +1

    India should expel the Muslims to Pakistan and Bangladesh

  • kewell65
    kewell65 21 hour ago +1

    So basically the British are the biggest terrorist in history ?

  • easycase_00
    easycase_00 23 hours ago +1

    Send bab and vegene

  • Rose Smith
    Rose Smith 23 hours ago

    Yeah, India reminds me a little too much of New York City and it's too frickin hot. Looks interesting though.

  • ViVo_ KOTH
    ViVo_ KOTH Day ago

    Lol The British separated the country precisely to cause war and chaos. Its a way for them to keep ahead. This kind of maneuver is common practice for all western nations.

  • damen whelan
    damen whelan Day ago +1

    English literacy got good....
    But grammar died.

  • David DM
    David DM Day ago

    It was all divide an conquer by the evil brits.

  • antony kolony
    antony kolony Day ago

    2:39 = Montréal!

  • Deeraj Nayak
    Deeraj Nayak Day ago +1

    Bharat matha ki Jai vande mataram

  • Himalayastar
    Himalayastar Day ago +1

    Dude this video is very very .... totally wrong.... it’s filled with so much wrong information ..

  • kingdesmith
    kingdesmith Day ago

    Great series. Can you do smaller countries? Like Trinidad and Tobago! Trinidad and Tobago is a good one.

  • NMD
    NMD Day ago

    The british did not help with literacy. Independent India is the one that had very sucessful literacy program. The british gave almost nothing and took and did unimaginable damage to India. This not an opinion but fact.

  • Supreme Leader
    Supreme Leader Day ago

    Without British India wud be like EU now, rich but not together

  • Jurgen Anderson
    Jurgen Anderson Day ago

    Great channel! You should a video on Mexico

  • Rajat Kumar Singh

    An eye opener

  • Chaitanya Singh
    Chaitanya Singh Day ago +1

    5:55 No it's not, update your sources from late 1900s - it's different now not to mention now we don't even care except for Cricket matches

    • Jaydeep  Bose
      Jaydeep Bose 5 hours ago

      Chaitanya Singh Nah it's still there..

  • sandy blaze
    sandy blaze Day ago

    Emgland was most evil country in history of mankind they killed millions of indians including children & women they mass murdered whoever raised voice . And you assholes say they did good to india?

  • X Marks
    X Marks Day ago

    India's Rape Problem: The gang rape and murder of an eight-year-old girl in Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir earlier this year.Asifa Bano, an eight-year-old Muslim belonging to a nomadic tribe and living in a Hindu-majority of Jammu, ventured into the forest to round up the horses in the afternoon of Jan. 10, but never came home. Five days later her mutilated body was discovered - visibly tortured, with both legs broken. SCUMBAGS!!!

  • s leach
    s leach Day ago

    "English literacy got good"....the irony

  • bipola telly
    bipola telly Day ago

    Pakistan would last 5 minutes against India...
    It's like saying China is in danger of invasion by Tibet. lol

  • bipola telly
    bipola telly Day ago

    "Not influenced by technology from far away"?
    Do you know ANYTHING about Indian architecture?
    India had no need of outside influence!

  • bipola telly
    bipola telly Day ago

    There was little poverty in India before it was raped by the British Empire.

  • Kaushal Kavekar
    Kaushal Kavekar Day ago

    I think.. its a poorly researched content.. :) I guess you have not read about "Chola Kingdom" / Kind Vikramaditya, International trading at Kochin...

  • Shahriyar
    Shahriyar Day ago

    Fun fact: Pakistan is the real historic India, whereas the Republic of India is actually Bharat.
    Fact is India is too corrupt and will never reach its potential. O expect South India to secede in the next century.
    South India might turn out great. North India is just a mess...culturally retarded.

  • いしわたりしょう

    thank God India is separate from China.

  • lensha chlaide
    lensha chlaide 2 days ago

    Still we are best
    I don't hate Pak people
    But the creation of Pakistan and India is a big adjustment
    Not in the ground of religion but on the grounds of power sharing
    Jinnah and Nehru want Power
    So they split up.
    Not Akhand Bharat

  • Rakesh Mehra
    Rakesh Mehra 2 days ago

    5:55, no, we don't hate Pakistanis or Pakistanis hate us. It's all political dramaa

  • Satyanarayanmurti Katta

    Whatever situation of India is today because of the Party which ruled India after Independence and divided it into multiple religion and casteism. Otherwise India would be much ahead of China. Now India started its development. But the same party doesn't want India to be Developed Country. And wants its people to fight with each on basis of religion and caste. See the current affairs of country.

  • rbk
    rbk 2 days ago

    India is destined to fail because it has not fully decolonized. The history thought in schools is the Europeans’ view of the ‘other’. So Indians end up growing up as self-loathers. There is also a demographic siege by the increasing birth rate of Muslims, who identify with the Arab world than with India. Then there is Christian proselytization funded by the west, which has a destabilizing effect with neophyte Christians owing allegiance to the Vatican and to Churches in the US rather than ‘heathen’ Hindoo India. With a fractured sense of identity, any nation is doomed to fail.

  • Francisco Martins
    Francisco Martins 2 days ago

    Portugal invented the fast tool thing

  • Nayan Arya
    Nayan Arya 2 days ago

    this video should be renamed as "Wendover's Geography Problem" - root cause: ignorance & judgemental

  • Harishankar Ramachandran Nair

    For getting more views and for your business you made this video using my country as your topic . but in this video certain things are false facts. this one example for the Navy quotes there are many to prove you are wrongly viewed india.british came to india and first they destroyed our history then how come the world come to know the real facts.

  • Mufakkir Hussain
    Mufakkir Hussain 3 days ago

    Show me bobs and vagana.

  • haleem aslam
    haleem aslam 3 days ago

    "English literacy GOT GOOD" LMAO narrators grammar GOT BAD.

  • Saikrishna T
    Saikrishna T 3 days ago

    It's destined to excel :-)

  • worldwidederp
    worldwidederp 3 days ago

    The fact they still play into this "victim hood" of being split - and still havent sorted it out to this day is fucking ridiculous. There is no one currently to blame for Indians hating Pakistani's and vice versa - Other than themselves.

  • Soumendra Phukan
    Soumendra Phukan 4 days ago

    And they say the British rule didn't last for long 😕😂😂😂

  • puncru
    puncru 4 days ago +1

    India is the mother of civilisation!

  • arpit jakhmola
    arpit jakhmola 4 days ago

    only religion is holding india back

  • John Lemelin
    John Lemelin 4 days ago

    Outsourcing in India is yesterday news... ... 1998 news.... Tried and failed... Cheaper $ but you pay for what you get....

  • Barock Johnson
    Barock Johnson 5 days ago

    If Pakistan attacks India, HAHA say good bye to Pakistan😂

  • Barock Johnson
    Barock Johnson 5 days ago

    Isn’t China and India allies?

  • BlueGang The men in blue

    It's gonna be INDIA = China.
    Pakistan = Tatti + terrorism.

  • Konayo
    Konayo 5 days ago

    I now know why you don't use numbers in your videos.
    You don't research.

  • Konayo
    Konayo 5 days ago

    6:58 the two largest countries in the world - what? china and india? - you don't even need research to know this is not true.

  • Bharat Mulki
    Bharat Mulki 5 days ago

    somethings are wrong in u r video

  • Mohit Sharma
    Mohit Sharma 5 days ago

    We may partially lack in urbanization...but do not lack humanity.....proud to be an Indian

  • Mohit Sharma
    Mohit Sharma 5 days ago

    India will never fail......look into the history of our existence and survival through various unsuccessful and partially successful invasion attempts.....but eventually we made through all of them

  • ଭ୍ରୁଗୁରାଜ ପ୍ରଧାନ

    india as a country is mentioned in in the vedas (400 years ago).. even after that kings like ashoka and akbar ruled whole india... THE BRITISH DIDN'T CREATE INDIA.. WE WERE A CIVILIZATION WHEN THE BRITISH PEOPLE WERE LIVING IN CAVES

  • ben detti
    ben detti 5 days ago

    This video is bunch of nonsense propaganda
    Dont believe western propaganda

  • Kamal Kafaltia
    Kamal Kafaltia 6 days ago

    Not true fully

  • Ch Vo
    Ch Vo 6 days ago

    Nothing down to see here just a bunch of westerns being racists as always

  • TDawg
    TDawg 6 days ago

    Here's the deal...India is NOT one country. Never had been prior to WWII, and is hardly united even today. It's another one of those states created through the process of decolonization: unlikely alliances, nonsensical borders, unstable relations, and all, much like the Arab states.

    • TDawg
      TDawg 6 days ago

      Sam C
      Congratulations. You missed the entire point in your "educational" spiel. Protip: don't assume you're talking to idiots. I know all of the above. And yet, the fact remains that the modern nation of India is united by nothing but a manufactured uber-nationalism and exaggerated patriotism. Why? Because there is literally nothing else that could possibly unite the disparate cultures and histories contained within it. It has all of the hallmarks of post-colonial gift-states. I suggest you step back and take a look at history (including that of the rest of the world) without taking it too personally. And please stop treating people like ignorant fools without knowing anything about them or their depth of knowledge.

  • Chaitanya Chakradeo
    Chaitanya Chakradeo 7 days ago

    If India was because of british, how did the word India came into be???

  • Kayoz
    Kayoz 7 days ago

    I wish India and China could become friends, we would really be able to help each other

  • Asifami Bangladesh
    Asifami Bangladesh 7 days ago

    খুব ভালো একটা বিশ্লেষণ।

  • Aloke Das
    Aloke Das 7 days ago

    India is the cancer for the world.Country full of world's most fucking people.Feel ashamed to be an indian.

  • Chris Musix
    Chris Musix 7 days ago

    Sons of Japheth squabbling!

  • Soccer Star13699
    Soccer Star13699 7 days ago


  • Vivek Mathur
    Vivek Mathur 7 days ago

    what an ill-formed article looks like the source to this article is BuzzFeed.

  • Kavya Negi
    Kavya Negi 8 days ago

    Britishers did have a role in uniting India but when they left, these state resorted back to forming their princely nations and that was when Vallabhai Patel (our legendary hero) united them at gunpoint.

    AJEET KUMAR SAHU 8 days ago

    Railway wasn't for Indians but for British to transport cheap raw material from hinterland to port for shipping off to mills in Manchester and Lancashire.

  • X Marks
    X Marks 8 days ago

    All of India's neighbors Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri lanka, Bangladesh and China hate India 'cuz Indians are rude, obnoxious, and cheap.

    • X Marks
      X Marks 3 days ago

      "India, the greatest civilization and the strongest army." but can NEVER qualify for the World Cup. #meradoosradesh lol

    • ben detti
      ben detti 3 days ago

      X Marks
      X Marks
      You people going extinct
      Others taking over your country
      Dont you see
      WAKE UP

    • X Marks
      X Marks 4 days ago

      "If you come across a cobra and an Indian, get rid of the Indian first." lol

    • ben detti
      ben detti 4 days ago

      X Marks
      I already advised you
      Your race is finished and foreigners taking over your country and they producing a lot of babies.
      I give you advise that if you dont make even babies YOU ARE GOIFG TO BE INSTINCT
      It is very serious, can you understand the predicament you are in?
      Do I need to shout it aloud in your deaf ears or cant you see that your race is finishing?
      Others in world are laughing at you
      WAKE UP

  • dezrtluver
    dezrtluver 8 days ago

    8:32 . Good example of how outsourcing to this country results in crappy code.

  • Messiah de jude
    Messiah de jude 8 days ago

    why chinese streets and cities are so clean and Indian ones so terribly dirty and ungainly?

  • shaoqiA
    shaoqiA 9 days ago

    Put it at .25

  • Molly Brown
    Molly Brown 9 days ago

    Love England ❤️

    • ben detti
      ben detti 5 days ago

      While India has lions roaming on terrain, you have 3 lions on flag only

  • Abhinandan Kansari
    Abhinandan Kansari 9 days ago

    It's actually big ad for squarespace.

  • Hang Chung
    Hang Chung 9 days ago

    wrong wrong wrong! India was invaded by the UK which then led to partition of India

    • ben detti
      ben detti 5 days ago

      Hang Chung
      You talk Absolute nonsense

      In fact let me educate you as I am local Indian
      and we know know what our forefathers told us.
      You outsiders want to teach us?
      Who do you think you are?

      You want to believe western propaganda?
      Then you want to teach people on the land of India?
      Do I know more than you about your Lands?

      Do not swallow western propaganda and come to tell us.
      When the British came they sided with some Indian kings against others.

      Then the Indian king(maharajah) requested assistance and British sent some troops.

      Their numbers are insignificant.
      All the foot soldiers were Indians.

      What I am biased?
      You foreigner know better than local Indian?
      You know next to nothing on India.

      Now the western propaganda is fashionable for foreigners

      and they have temerity to talk about India and on matters they know notthing

      Yes just like Iraq had WMD and then nothing found.

      It is only because Indians themselves invited the British troopers
      that they came and sided with some Indian rulers.
      Initially only British traders came through Bay of Bengal.

      Let me tell you that if foreigners came to India and did not have
      Indian collaboration, they be smashed to pieces.

      You do not know the nature and prowess of Indian people and dense forests etcetc which is literary unsurmountable.

      The foreigners themselves know this whilst in India.

      Once India realised that their hospitality was taken for granted they told the Brits to leave.

      They left in great fear and in a big hurry.

      What to admit?
      Your western propaganda?

      Just like it 'international agreed' standards that Iraq had WMD.

      In fact British desperately begged India to help them and Indians
      with their generous heart could not refuse.

      Then of course Indians hammered the Europeans in WW1 and WW2 theatres in Europe, North Afica, Middle East etc.

      During WW1 in which Indian regiments got the most Victoria crosses,
      our forefathers said that when the Europeans saw Indian soldiers, they immediately went running.

      It was the great Indian soldiers who had stopped the German advance at Ypres in the Autumn of 1914 while the British were still recruiting/ training their own forces.

      Intense hand to hand engagements at Neuve Chappelle, at Gallipoli,
      and fought in Mesopotamia against the Ottoman Empire, Germany's ally.

      The Germans were taken aback by the ferocity with which the Indians fought. One enemy soldier, who had witnessed Sikh troops in hand-to-hand combat at Neuve Chapelle in 1915, wrote: “At first we spoke of them with contempt. Today we look on them in a different light …. In no time they were in our trenches and truly these brown enemies are not to be despised. With butt ends, bayonets, swords and daggers we fought each other and we had bitter hard work.”

      That is why in WW2, Hitler also had India regiments in German army.

      The Indians had also terrorized German tank divisions in Africa, fought the Japanese in Burma, took part in the invasion of Italy, and played a significant part in battles in the Middle East. The Indian Engineers were a part of every division in the army.

      The Battle of Kohima and Imphal was the bloodiest of World War II in India, and it cost Japan much of its best army in Burma.“And it gave Indian soldiers a belief in their own martial ability and showed that they could fight as well or better than anyone else.” “Military historians refer to it as one of the fiercest battles in world history.”

      Indian troops fought with the Expeditionary Force in France in 1940, including the withdrawal at Dunkirk, in the North African desert, in Greece, in Abyssinia, in Eritrea, in Mesopotamia, in Italy , jungles of Malaya, Burma, Hong Kong and Singapore.

      The first actual victories won by the British Army in the war were in North Africa in late 1940 (Dunkirk was not a victory in real terms) were when Lord Wavell repulsed the Italians with a largely Indian force of about 20,000 troops

      Dont come and tell local Indians what e know from our forefathers

      You can swallow western propagaganda but we know our mighty land.

      Go and read those Chinese travellers accounts on India thousands
      of years ago what Indian people are the land that gave kungfu and
      buddhism to China.
      Look up Siege of Cawnpore - Bibighar Massacre
      All because Indian collaboration

    • Hang Chung
      Hang Chung 6 days ago

      Sam C let me re-educate you. You of course think this is not an invasion because you are biased or have been white washed. The British empire sending troops to India is clearly a form of invasion by all international standards. Admit it.

  • Vivek Rai
    Vivek Rai 9 days ago

    4:25 Britishers ruled India for 200 years. How much fortunate they would have wanted themselves to be?

  • Abinash Patiri
    Abinash Patiri 9 days ago

    The information is wrong when talking about historic ties, because there were a lot of political and religious ties between China and India.

    MEHRAB ALI 9 days ago

    Make a video on pakistan.
    Dont get offend
    I am indian

  • DJ possum
    DJ possum 9 days ago

    All of the borders between india and china are disputed except for that small border with the Skim state in india

  • Aleem Haider
    Aleem Haider 9 days ago

    Well what about the fact that when industrial revolution started in West we were building TAJ MAHAL.