India's Geography Problem


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  • Steve Reynolds
    Steve Reynolds 11 minutes ago

    It's sick how religion has fucked this world up so much. Sick

  • amblincork
    amblincork Hour ago

    " English literacy got good" ????

  • SNEHAMOY patra
    SNEHAMOY patra Hour ago

    In ancient time all scientific discoveries were made in INDIA.

  • Aaron Numerouno
    Aaron Numerouno 6 hours ago

    lol at 8:30

  • djstr0b3
    djstr0b3 7 hours ago

    Sri Lanka has never been a part of India. Check your facts

  • Thamus Jones
    Thamus Jones 9 hours ago

    How good is Tandoori chicken.

  • avs rathore
    avs rathore 10 hours ago

    My friend, you have to read this book: An era of darkness by Shashi Tharoor.

  • Rahul Koneru
    Rahul Koneru 10 hours ago +1

    I went to a palace in Rajasthan and was told that the walls used to be lined in jewels and gold. When the British came they ripped it all out...that moment made me really sad. I wish I could've witnessed such a beautiful place the way it was intended to be seen.

  • Prranjal Shrivaastav

    One important piece left out of this documentary is that though India was divided into India and east/west paksitan, and India was supposedly meant to be a Hindu country, it was forced to become secular with muslims population allowed to stay back where as pakistan and bangladesh were allowed to become muslim only countries. So while in India muslim population was given a boost from 1947 onwards and it is predicted that by 2050 muslims in India would become the largest population of muslims in any country in the world, Hindus in pakistan, Kashmir valley and bangladesh were murdered, raped, converted and reduced, from over 30% in 1947 to 1.5% in 2015. So no this documentary does not describe the propaganda against the Hindus but only raises the selective issues. We are neither secular nor are we liberal becoz both these attributes have lead us towards destruction. Also India was quite capable of inventions on it's own, the textile production was banned in India by the British and then the textile technology was stolen away to their homeland. MK Gandhi's Charkha symbol represents the right of Indian people on textile technology that British stole from India. There are many other technologies which British and Germans stole from India. Then British stole what Germans had from the Nazis after WW2. Downfall of India begun when Indian people became tolerant of the outsiders and peaceful on their own. Had we been a colonizer, the world history would have been different, Africa would be a prosperous continent, Australia would be a country of Australian natives, none would be a Hindu but still peace loving and many native tribes would still be alive around the globe.

  • Mohsen Ahmad
    Mohsen Ahmad Day ago

    Was there a random photo of Montreal lol? 2:39

  • Roshan Suvarna
    Roshan Suvarna Day ago

    England is developed by loots gathered from India
    India is a golden bird & believe me we will once again rise....

  • surya prakash
    surya prakash Day ago

    Great video.. thanks. I could see good research done for this video .

  • Mythili Iyer
    Mythili Iyer Day ago

    You are talking of India as it is a failure. It isn't.

  • all things fascinating

    This video is opinion. It's not facts. You should mention it before all your videos.

  • Neethu U
    Neethu U Day ago

    Wrong at 3:01 India did have a navy and they "DID" conquor other countries...FYI Read upon Rajendra Chola 1( also known as Rajendra 1)....why r u people never complete with ur research and always coming up with false data about India...simply baffling...

  • Deepak Karunakaran

    India's navy was never world class? You need to read history again dude. India conquered uptil java using navy.

  • Sunny shah
    Sunny shah 2 days ago

    I get tired of explaining to people who believe India wasn't a country before the British.
    Please read history textbooks, or use Google, we have free information on the internet.
    India existed as a country long before the British, it was called "Bharat",
    In fact, Indian empire under the King Chandragupt Maurya, and Ashoka the Great stretched from far West as Afghanistan, and South as Southern parts of India.
    India has had both types of geography, where once, it was a collection of separated stated,
    it was also at times a union of states called "Bharat".
    Please do some research before spreading more lies.

  • Sunny shah
    Sunny shah 2 days ago

    Indians on Social Media and TVclip want bobs and vagena

  • Rocket Man
    Rocket Man 2 days ago

    The truth is, India was rich when Mughal ruled. British stole everything. Muslim fought British because brits didn't let them perform Islam. Brits left only because of Muslim.
    Ghandhi called and he is a respected person as Nelson Mandela.

  • Simrah Siddiqui
    Simrah Siddiqui 2 days ago

    So informative. Wow!

  • Aamir Aslam
    Aamir Aslam 2 days ago

    best video on india!

  • Andrew Sickafoose
    Andrew Sickafoose 2 days ago

    The host begins to talk about an open northwest border but ignores the various greek, persian, and muslim conquests which came over this border and skips straight to British conquests which came over the ocean. I know its popular to knock the British empire but can we stick to a geography discussion here?

  • turban style
    turban style 3 days ago

    Where did sikh country goes


    Rubbish... India as a country was always secular welcoming diversity in religions, language,cultures .And why you show slums man?we have really good developed urban areas. While you show China always shining? And Britain was just a thug , thieves who stole our resources and build theirs! Britishers should be ashamed for what they had done! Low life criminals!

  • Azan Zaheer
    Azan Zaheer 3 days ago

    India was never a united country historically. There were many different kings and warlords fighting each other. India was only formed in 1947

  • Hari R
    Hari R 4 days ago

    If uk is getting separated themselves how we can get our revenge.

  • Hari R
    Hari R 4 days ago

    UK: I'm god.
    India: Pony god

  • Hari R
    Hari R 4 days ago

    Nuke England

  • Muhammad Saleem
    Muhammad Saleem 4 days ago

    Free Kashmir
    Free Khalistan
    Free Nagaland
    India is not a country it has many countries but is occupied by Delhi sultanate

  • G3oNinja
    G3oNinja 4 days ago

    India is very far away from the other major civilizations by sea, but wouldn't the monsoon winds erase much of the travel time that usually comes with such distance?

  • ZuboyTV
    ZuboyTV 4 days ago

    As a Indian , I Say British Did bad and Good But If we Supported Nazi Or Empire Of Japan , We Would Have Gained Independence Early + No partition + More Developed Weapons By Japs + A Strong army Navy + ( British Took Most Indian Gold And Diamonds Before Leaving ) We Got To Keep Our Gold And KOHINOOR Diamond ,
    Even If When Allied Powers Win War , We Would Support Axis For Just Small Time < The Day we Get Independence From Brit , We Support NoT Axis Nor Aliied , to be Neutral For rest of War

  • Brand Market
    Brand Market 4 days ago

    India's population looks like disadvantages but it also an advantage for the country .indian will pass the china becouse of its cheap labour, prices goods and services like IT , it will become a giant faster than any others country

  • Themdude50 YT
    Themdude50 YT 4 days ago

    India sucks, china is way better and so is the United States

  • Shubhankar Nath
    Shubhankar Nath 4 days ago

    India is not a Hindu's secular. Unlike

  • Jim Tuite
    Jim Tuite 5 days ago

    Is there any country that doesn't have a geography 'problem?'

  • Riicho Bamin
    Riicho Bamin 5 days ago

    As a native from Arunachal Pradesh (I am from the Apatani tribe) China's claim over Arunachal is all but real.
    Heck we speak Hindi there (there are around 50 native languages there, hence the need for a lingua franca, i.e. Hindi).

  • Hein Zin
    Hein Zin 5 days ago

    you should not put myanmar into India territory 4:59

  • Dani
    Dani 5 days ago

    8:23 - Ugh... no indentation... lacking *"/"* in title's closing tag... Not to mention the ** typo. And notepad.exe? Great choice for an editor.

  • Hasibul Kabir
    Hasibul Kabir 5 days ago

    Nice one. Very informative. You also could make a video about Bangladesh :)

  • kranthi askani
    kranthi askani 5 days ago

    Thank you... Very educational

  • Eswara Sainath
    Eswara Sainath 5 days ago

    A lot unsaid. As the matter of fact you simply cannot discuss India in a short video like this. And some "assumptions" are wrong, others have already talked about it in comments though.

  • Y S
    Y S 5 days ago

    Have to Correct you on the Perception that India was a country put together by the British - This thoughts arise from Europe's concept of kings to be sovereign rulers of distinct countries - the same was never the case in India. The various kingdoms thru India's history were more of an revenue/administrative/military territories with kingdoms expanding and collapsing. At many points of History Many Hindu Kingdoms have ruled on territory larger than present day India Pakistan Afganistan Burma Bhutan Nepal put together as well as into the South East Asia. Buddism Jain Sikhs are part of Hindu Religion [ oh- u never knew that ]. Compute the Numbers and understand how they spread in south east asia and well into China. Any Idea who build the Angkorwot temples. Rulers from India.
    But yours is not a History Channel - You speaks only what you find in the Left Filter Knowledge Sources like "WikiPedia". Every Century the Perception Changes - In the Era of Internet Once the Indian Population like me who are English Knowing, University Level Educated get over the need to provide for one owns self. You are already feeling the move when Indians are challenging what is being said about them. The Digital World and What we know as History - Changes.. to let the TRUTH Prevail.
    And what is the Truth . We and you are not different - The Concept of Religion and Nationality is a farce. We are just the product of one place in this universe - Earth and we have to learn to live together respecting and indulging in each others differences.

  • Allat Goddess
    Allat Goddess 5 days ago

    *;15 min. mark: "India has such good English literacy"- NO, they do NOT. The Americans can't understand them. THey have HORRIBLE pronounciation/accents. And we're aware that they've taken away AMerican jobs. This is ending, as Americans refuse to speak with them.

  • cheese chisel
    cheese chisel 5 days ago

    learning a lot from these, thanks +sub

  • Rajiv
    Rajiv 6 days ago

    one big mistake . The unorganized India land was always referred as a single common Country called Bharat , it is a documented evidence in Mahabharata . Thanks

  • Burhan Hassan
    Burhan Hassan 6 days ago

    8:30 didn't close title with and head with

  • Garden Snek
    Garden Snek 6 days ago

    Did you say the two largest countries? No, I know Russia is the largest country, then China, I think, then Canada, I think, and then India, I think.

  • Pawan Kumar
    Pawan Kumar 6 days ago

    Remarkable presentation.

  • General Makaba
    General Makaba 6 days ago

    8:26 haha that will stress them so much.

  • LeaRning daRt
    LeaRning daRt 6 days ago


  • Rajdip Sarkar
    Rajdip Sarkar 6 days ago

    Indians were the Indians. The Kings of smaller territories called themselves Indians. India was like the ancient Greece where people from Macedonia, Troy, all called themselves Greek. The British government never united India. They got lots of princely states within their empire. They just divided India.

  • Argonxx12 1
    Argonxx12 1 6 days ago

    Most foreigners who criticize India and comments on them probably never set a foot on Indian soil and known any problems of the average Indian.

  • rickson50
    rickson50 6 days ago

    9:51 bro, do you even have suspension or does i run out within the first 1000 miles

  • Noah Pritchett
    Noah Pritchett 6 days ago

    the Himalayas is impossible to invade unless you are Hannibal Barca who can go march through the Himalayas yeah talk to Hannibal

  • Jack Warren
    Jack Warren 6 days ago

    Not very happy with this video, it makes far too many assumptions for an ‘educational’ piece. To suggest basically that the British ‘invented’ India in the same way Iraq and others were created is nonsense given it was generally the same size in other empires prior to the EIC and the Raj.

  • Josh Marlow
    Josh Marlow 7 days ago

    8:31 "" i cant be the only one who noticed

  • A. .D
    A. .D 7 days ago

    This is a terrible report, very biased.

  • Tirion
    Tirion 7 days ago +1

    Sometimes i ponder what crosses through this "Indian" commenter head...Then i stopped,and regret it

  • Aniruddha deshmukh
    Aniruddha deshmukh 7 days ago

    is spelled wrong..

  • Ser Garlan Tyrell
    Ser Garlan Tyrell 7 days ago

    Wait, there's 40 million people in the US that don't speak (American) "English"?

  • Sourav Das
    Sourav Das 7 days ago

    Whosoever you are sir, your information is incorrect and not substantial because India was always one country not in form of democracy but in form of monarchy, before the advent of Britishers. We are also known as Bharatvarsh which was the name of the country 5000 years ago. King ChandraGupt Maurya, King Ashoka the great, mughals ruled India together as a whole. Then came Britishers and abolished the kingdom and zamindari system and gave us democracy. But we were always one country right from the time of Mahabharata. Kind Yujisthira was used to called a chakrabarti King means the king of kings.

  • Ramin M
    Ramin M 7 days ago

    It's funny that you use a picture of Montreal (Canada) that has nothing to do with the topic at discussion. Overall, a superficial analysis.

  • Admiral T'mas
    Admiral T'mas 7 days ago

    "Or if its destined to fail"

  • Chin wong ting
    Chin wong ting 7 days ago

    Send bobs and vegans

    JEOGRAPHY 7 days ago +1

    We love India at Jeography! "Whoa, India! Ganges River and the Taj Mahal..."
    Whoa, India, celebrate Raksha Bandhan and Pongal
    Mother Teresa and Gandhi, India is where I want to be!

  • Apoorv Nigam
    Apoorv Nigam 7 days ago

    Thank you for showing an approx correct map of my country !!

  • Cheeseatingjunglista

    This is crammed with nonsense that denies India and its people their achievements over thousands of years, mainly because this idiot thinks there are no passes or ways around the Himalayas - India traded with Rome, do you think a few hills would stop them when they wanted to trade with China?

  • Ajeet Singh
    Ajeet Singh 8 days ago

    Who told you India wasn't a country before we were ruled by British morons India was indeed a country thousands of years also and even the best

  • Ajeet Singh
    Ajeet Singh 8 days ago

    Why you have shown Arunachal Pradesh and Kashmir in white mark instead of yellow, they are integral part of India including pok . Edit it and make it correct and don't publish wrong content

  • Waqar ul Haq
    Waqar ul Haq 9 days ago

    yes thats why they built Railways, exactly!

  • Jordie Alba
    Jordie Alba 9 days ago

    Indians can’t speak proper English

  • bp9887
    bp9887 9 days ago

    What goes around comes around...Stop whining about immigrants !

  • Malcolm L
    Malcolm L 9 days ago

    When Islam or commies are around it all ways goes to shit.

  • Malcolm L
    Malcolm L 9 days ago

    India like China needs to reduce its population by at least 70%

  • J Cline
    J Cline 9 days ago

    Guess we're not getting a bonus video on that big-little chunk of the Indian subcontinent known as Sri Lanka. Complex as it is, Sri Lanka at least deserved an honorable mention.

  • Hongyang Su
    Hongyang Su 9 days ago

    india is a country where a girl cannot walk around the street alone.

  • Qwerty Man
    Qwerty Man 9 days ago

    India never belonged to Britain, "British occupied India" is more appropriate. Also, India was united long ago going back to the times of the Mauryan empire and also Maratha empire to an extent. Also, the Chola dynasty in South had advanced navy which explains the spread of Indian culture to Southeast Asia.

  • dilipkumar patel
    dilipkumar patel 9 days ago

    Francis tham is a cocksucker, lol.

  • varun ghosh
    varun ghosh 10 days ago

    china and india go back in years!

  • Navneet Kaur_Dhanjal
    Navneet Kaur_Dhanjal 10 days ago

    the american accent sometimes sounds sooooo weird.

  • pierrepepi
    pierrepepi 11 days ago

    Before i watched this video as it was going along i expected: 1) Hate towards the British for no reason other than its fluent to jump on the Britain grew fat on the backs of African slavery and ruthlessly invading other countries band wagon. 2) poisonous tirades dotted around the comments section as probably seperated by weeks or days with no retort or condemnation; citing hatred towards islam...because why not. 3) ignorant and predominantly western people mocking India for women shitting on streets and their supposed low education which is a lie even told now in the day and age of instant internet information.
    Im not even going to read the comments because it'll just disappoint me more tham i am.

  • Rj lives
    Rj lives 11 days ago

    india never had navy _? WTF.

  • Sanjida Farhana
    Sanjida Farhana 11 days ago

    Unfortunately for what British sucked up our property. Weird man

  • Harambe ,the horny gorilla

    Small landmass, huge population, high population growth, slow inefficient government.

  • Kyle Noe
    Kyle Noe 12 days ago

    Buddhism is tee real reason for them not pursuing domination of other faraway lands. Peaceful enlightened.

  • Nitish Haldar
    Nitish Haldar 12 days ago

    India have nearly have same muslim population compare to Pakistan. Muslim from Pakistan and Bangladesh always illegally settle to india. India was a country from secular. Hindu, parsi, Jain, christian all settle there from Pakistan even the Muslim.
    But now are facing a Hindu nationalist wave for couple for good reason. leaders who call them secular were corrupt from core, let Muslims do whatever they want to do (which make them fundamentalist), don't care about other minorities (they care about muslim religious leaders but overall muslim development never happened) and every bad things a leader can do. congress did them all. and lead Hindu nationalist party bjp to power.


    there's error in the code written in HTML at 8:24 where the programmer closes the head tag using heaf instead of head.

  • Afras Ansar
    Afras Ansar 12 days ago

    I believe Sri Lanka never been a part of British India.

  • Gamer X
    Gamer X 12 days ago

    For those always crying about India being rapist know the facts Indian ain't the most rapist country let me present facts 1.8 per 1000 Japan has 1.2 per 1000 America has 24 per 1000 and Sweden 64 per 1000 check wiki and spout nonsense western media likes to show the country this way

    • Gamer X
      Gamer X 10 days ago

      And yeah India does have a high rank up the charts of rape ranking because of the overall population criteria it is like taking a whole continents rape no into account after all there are a billion ppl.

    • Gamer X
      Gamer X 10 days ago

      Aaron Richards Sir,that isn't rape but harassment in India there have been brutal incidents of rape that western media has been showing ok America leads the chart of rapes and in India there in fact was the mentioning in the report of some rapes going not mentioned but the polls suggested in comparison to 2008 when am quite some went missing now because further strengthening of laws like to death penalty to child rape the rapes have bee n lowered and because of more support ppl are more willing to report rapes. And the surprising fact is that is throughout the world the rapes not definite because some don't file it. It is expected around 1-10% go unreported throughout the world.
      In numbers India seemingly the number of rapes high in terms of population because it's a billion ppl so to compare it with other on a rightful criteria it is compared on percentage basis. In Sweden rapes are high because of radicalized jihadists because sometime before the rate was excessively low.

    • Aaron Richards
      Aaron Richards 10 days ago

      those are REPORTED rapes, genius. How many Indian women are brave enough to go to the police? Sweden also has the world's toughest rape laws meaning even if you look at a woman the wrong way, or bump into her in a train, she could potentially file for a rape charge.

  • Rajat Chandra
    Rajat Chandra 12 days ago

    Terrible error there!
    Only Pakistan went ahead with seeking a separate country for Muslims, while the framing of India as a country was always on the fundamental principle of secularism, while there have been communal groups which have propagated the idea of a Hindu nation, India as a Nation, in its very constitution beholds Secularism to its core. Hindus, Muslims, and any other minority community have lived together in this nation. Please update the information.

    ATHUL DOMINIC 12 days ago

    The best person to answer you is Dr. Shashi Tharoor.

  • Itchweed
    Itchweed 12 days ago

    The island at the bottom, Sri Lanka, was never ruled as part of British India. It was known as Ceylon during British rule and was sovereign for ~2500 years prior to European colonisation

    • Itchweed
      Itchweed 10 days ago

      The Cholas never controlled the entirety of the island. Rajaraja I invaded in 933 and his son Rajendra I sacked Anuradhapura before moving the capital down to Polonnaruwa. The Sinhalese moved down south past Kandy into more fertile lands around Tissamaharama and Magama and established Ruhunu Kingdom. In 1070 King Vijayabahu I would drive them out and retake Polonnaruwa. Thus there should be a border bisecting the south-eastern corner of Sri Lanka as a separate political entity to the Chola Empire.

    • Aaron Richards
      Aaron Richards 10 days ago

      except for the Cholas, mate.

  • Shreetam Mohanty
    Shreetam Mohanty 12 days ago

    Pakistan can nowhere invade Infia...they have lost 4 wars ...INdian economy will excel faster ...

  • Shreetam Mohanty
    Shreetam Mohanty 12 days ago

    Wrong...india was for all religions not only Hindus ....Pakistan was created only for Muslims ....

  • utsav msra
    utsav msra 13 days ago

    Now we are going good strong and ready to take over the world

  • Strand
    Strand 13 days ago


  • Jashandeep Kumar
    Jashandeep Kumar 13 days ago


  • The Primeval Void
    The Primeval Void 13 days ago

    So much salt in the comments, Gandhi walked all the way from his home to pick this up.

  • Xuekai Du
    Xuekai Du 13 days ago +57

    Greetings from China.
    India's population boom happened later than China's.
    And several years ago we were getting the same criticism India is getting now.
    India will be the next power that strikes western dominance.
    Turn people into economic and military power. Become strong, all your problems will go away.
    I met a lot of Indians in college. They are all smart and hardworking.
    Give Indians the right education and opportunities, you have Pichai.
    Wish for the best.

    • Scuttlebug
      Scuttlebug Day ago +1

      i hate commies

    • ramandeep .singh
      ramandeep .singh 2 days ago

      Xuekai Du right bro, greeting from India.

    • Virendra Akiwate
      Virendra Akiwate 2 days ago

      Greetings to you too. Love from India.

    • kung646
      kung646 3 days ago

      +Xuekai Du no bro, never, I like peaceful people.😅

    • Xuekai Du
      Xuekai Du 3 days ago

      So you like British people better?

  • Anindya Das
    Anindya Das 13 days ago

    India isn't a country for Hindus, its a secular country...