16” MacBook Pro - Real Talk

  • Published on Nov 19, 2019
  • Dave2D review of the 16" MacBook Pro from Apple. This is the best laptop they have made in years. i9 vs. i7? 5500M vs 5300M?
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  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee  2 months ago +949

    whatcha think, is this good enough for the money?

    • Lord Tyrannus
      Lord Tyrannus Day ago

      Dave Lee It is, in 2030 when its affordable

      MARK SIM MA KE HCI 8 days ago

      @bastian efefe no lol have you got both products

    • Wooshinwev
      Wooshinwev 23 days ago

      definitely wish i could trade my current macbook pro for it

    • Sunny XIA
      Sunny XIA 26 days ago

      ChunChunMaru That’s probably not gonna happened tbh

    • Peter Chiung
      Peter Chiung 28 days ago

      dave lee too poor to buy the mac pro and review it

  • S B
    S B 3 days ago

    Hi guys. I have Dell XPS 15 i7 16/512/1050Ti/ 4K. I will not buy 16" MacBook Pro from Apple until they return SD-card and make a screen 4K.

  • Felipe
    Felipe 6 days ago

    I have a Air from 2017 with 'works' keyboard. And I will wait for next generation of 13" Pro, without butterfly keyboard problems like this 16" model.

  • Andrea Angeletti
    Andrea Angeletti 6 days ago +1

    For garageband and logic music production or bootcamp an i7 is enough?

  • Cesar B
    Cesar B 6 days ago

    I wonder if a thermal re-paste would make a difference

  • Violet Fyxe
    Violet Fyxe 8 days ago

    Why is everyone looking at the temps like 99°C is normal? This shit it why Apple makes a fortune from us on Applecare. 🤦‍♀️

  • wrangleroooo
    wrangleroooo 8 days ago

    Is the chassis still aluminium?

  • Z3R0 L0G1X
    Z3R0 L0G1X 8 days ago

    This was actually a very down to earth honnest review. Getting mine in a couple of days and I'm very reasured.

    JOAQUIM CRAVEIRO 9 days ago

    I want to buy it , to work with Cinema 4D. What are the recommendations ?

  • bk
    bk 10 days ago +1

    Tim Apple: " Are you satisfied!?"

  • Stefanos Lalic
    Stefanos Lalic 10 days ago

    What machine do you personally use for your workflow and video editing Dave?

  • zohkillerful
    zohkillerful 11 days ago

    Who's hotter? i7 or i9?

  • Kuzey Çetin
    Kuzey Çetin 11 days ago

    tvclip.biz/video/RRJnyMBEjkI/video.html must see Dave

  • wrangleroooo
    wrangleroooo 12 days ago

    Stupid dongle era, bring back classic USB and HDMI. Staying with 2013 model, fuck you Apple

  • Munmun2468
    Munmun2468 12 days ago

    Another great product by Apple to be found here:

  • Jimmy James
    Jimmy James 12 days ago

    I want the base mbp 16 for music production maybe light gaming n editing. Basically all around purpose laptop. but are they creating a new MacBook with their own cpu, Face ID? Etc. Idk so many rumors. I just want a good reliable laptop But want to spend my money into something I’ll enjoy and won’t have to worry about for the next few years, and won’t regret in a few months Suggestions?

  • Bojun Li
    Bojun Li 12 days ago +1

    I'm not sure if any of you have met this problem on your MacBook before but my touch bar and keyboard would malfunction out of nowhere especially every time i lift it open.
    Im not buying my macbook 16 just to compensate for stuff like this. If you advertise your touchbar for better productivities then you should make it a pain less feature.
    This MacBook is bought in store Dec 14 2019. And its the 1TB 5500 4GB version. Buyers beware.
    Just uploaded the videos in my channel

  • Prof. Michael O. Zeee JCD ECS

    And again, no touch-screen! What are you thinking, Tim Cook?? Is it just arrogance, or is it ignorance of the competition?!

  • Joseph Farah
    Joseph Farah 14 days ago

    straightforward, reasonable dialogue. terrific video, Dave.

    NASHIT HASAN 16 days ago

    Is 64gb worth the money or 32gb is sufficient? This is my question.

      NASHIT HASAN 14 days ago

      @Ilya Danilov I work mainly on fcpx and sometimes illustrator, after effects, photoshop

    • Ilya Danilov
      Ilya Danilov 14 days ago

      It depends on your needs. Most people will never cross 32 gb limit like many professionals do. I work with 32 gb (not on Macbook) with really hard files (I’m a 3D artist) and this amount is quite enough to me.

  • SuCKeRPunCH187
    SuCKeRPunCH187 18 days ago

    no wifi 6 and one of the shittiest webcams on a laptop. Bitch moves Apple!!

  • Kokainarienv0gel
    Kokainarienv0gel 19 days ago

    "I dont want to do a technical review of this devices"
    for real? you dont want to do a technical review in an obvious hi tech device?
    Its technically really interesting - the CPU/GPU, but at all, the 5500M performance is.... ok, nothing more.
    and all talk about the switches? really, congratulations, Apple reused the old keyboards, one of the reasons, the older MacBook Pros were famous for. I expect from a 3k $+ a superb keyboard.... not the cheap ones from the 15" 2019.
    The biggest problems with the newer MBPs are maintenance, everything is soldered, including the display cable... come on!
    And the price is fair? really? I got a Notebook with a more powerful CPU and muuuuch faster GPU for 1000$ less.
    Just said... i like MacBooks, im writing this text on a MBP Mid 2010, but since 2011/2012, i cant recommend them anymore. Aslong Apple doesnt listen to users and make at least the battery and the SSD replaceable.... they are overpriced, consumer-grade Aluminium shells with regular hardware glued/soldered together.
    And i can remember the times where people cried about Apple as they put a sticker on the battery "Do not remove", at least you COULD replace the battery by yourself, but since 2012, Apple gone crazy, and many other companies followed then with their ultra slim notebooks. Damn!

  • Anthony C Brown
    Anthony C Brown 19 days ago

    If one is using this 16" MBP for batch video rendering while plugged into power, I have noticed under large batch jobs (20-30 renders back-to-back) the unit stops charging as all power is devoted to processing, fan operation, etc.. As such, the battery starts to drain (as it appears it is designed to do) making the device unstable over time. As the battery gets low, the fans shut off and the rendering continues to run (more slowly) until the unit eventually shuts down. The charging of the device never resumes and the power from the adapter cannot sustain the rendering operations.

    Are others seeing this issue? discussions.apple.com/thread/250876841

  • Kamlesh Mallick
    Kamlesh Mallick 19 days ago

    MacBook Pro started at around $ 1300
    MacBook Pro starts at around $ 2300
    The old MacBooks had more ports.
    The new MacBooks need adapters.
    Old MacBooks had a non Retina screen option for cheaper costs.
    Now there is no such option. Not everyone needs Retina, liquid LCD or whatever crap they call it.
    A Mac Mini seems to offer more value. But Apple will refresh them once in 4 years so more people buy these hyped up new MacBooks.
    On one hand I love Apple for their software and hardware integration but These slimy corporate practices and ever increasing prices are a big issue for me.

  • Xiao-Meng Wang
    Xiao-Meng Wang 19 days ago

    For macbook pro I only trust this channel

  • Johnny X
    Johnny X 19 days ago

    Good review. Thanks

  • Aaditya Clyde
    Aaditya Clyde 20 days ago +1

    I came here to check if he’s sitting. I think he is.

  • aaroney132
    aaroney132 20 days ago

    Here I am still (happily) using my MacBook Pro 13' with Retina since 2013. Gotta love Macs. Say what you will about the denigration of iPhones (and as an Apple user, I understand it), but Macs are pretty difficult to outmatch. Yes they aren't the best for gaming, but they are: built with high quality materials, consistently reliable, long-lasting, easy OS, etc. This new MacBook looks incredible, great job Dave! Love your channel and your videos! Keep up the great work!

  • User 6174
    User 6174 20 days ago +1

    The keyboard is pretty _small_

  • world tec
    world tec 21 day ago

    Nice 👉amzn.to/39iKwjs

  • Howard Anderson
    Howard Anderson 21 day ago

    Excellent review, Very pro. Thank You!

  • tobias the owl
    tobias the owl 23 days ago +1

    Hi, Dave. My 16 inch i7, 64 gb, 2 tb laptop sparked last night, smoked a bunch, then died. I use my laptop mainly for music production. I was really bummed out to call Apple and get really, really poor service. The computer smoked up my bedroom. I thought Apple would be really helpful, but they were really rude, and they still haven't given me a refund at this moment. The laptop was about 2 weeks old. My previous computer was a 2012 MBP. Thoughts? Has this happened to others? Have you heard of fire, catastrophic failure issues with the 2019 16 inch MBP? I wasn't doing anything particularly intensive. Shocked that the customer service was so bad. (Also, please, please do a list of recommendations for music production laptops.)

  • worldwidehappiness
    worldwidehappiness 25 days ago

    I've been conned by the reviewers. I went into the shop and tried the keyboard - it's rubbish. The key travel is the worst and it's clicky. Beware.

  • Kevin Josephs
    Kevin Josephs 26 days ago +1

    I’m about to pull the trigger on a new (base model) 16” MBP. Besides the SSD space, which upgrade is more important: Ram or Graphics? I plan on editing TVclip videos and doing some light photo editing in PS & LR

  • Kevin Josephs
    Kevin Josephs 26 days ago

    Dave can I pleeeaaassee get your assistance in choosing a MacBook?

  • Divyesh Sinha
    Divyesh Sinha 26 days ago +2

    if the razer blade beat this laptop in performance at a cheaper price
    which also has a 4K OLED touchscreen option
    then i dont see any reason to buy this macbook

  • Doing Suff For Youtube
    Doing Suff For Youtube 26 days ago +1

    good vids , out of the budget
    I have a 2011 MacBook Air 13inch 128gb

  • Marco Starink
    Marco Starink 27 days ago

    R U a jedi master?!?

  • Liam Nash
    Liam Nash 29 days ago

    Are you kidding me? People still talk about apple in 2019/20? I mean, like, seriously.

    • Wesley Richmeier
      Wesley Richmeier 29 days ago

      You get talked about a lot when you have the best products.

  • NightRush
    NightRush Month ago +1

    Hey Dave, Silver or Space Gray?

    • Ryder Wilson
      Ryder Wilson 29 days ago

      NightRush im not Dave, but go with space grey

  • TaKuMii Ferraghini
    TaKuMii Ferraghini Month ago

    Should I get Mac for my university I am planning to major in mechanical engineering also is an ipad is a good things to buy ?

  • moeketsi motaung
    moeketsi motaung Month ago

    Dave You Love Pissing Off Apple Don’t You😆Creative Criticism or A Big F-U?i Love It!!!!

  • kxr
    kxr Month ago

    Why not have an AC adapter and a USB C port for charging? So that both could be used?

  • Jonathan Giraldo
    Jonathan Giraldo Month ago +1

    I got my 16 inch a week ago and i notice a clicky sound when I open it. Like right before the Apple logo pops up. Is it normal? Is it normal? does that happen to any of you? I don't remember it happening on my 15 inch.

  • shobhan singh
    shobhan singh Month ago

    Hey, Dave. Which mouse are you using in the video? Is it as good as magic mouse?

  • Tung Sunny
    Tung Sunny Month ago

    Dave can you please do a comparison video on Razer Blade Pro 17 and Apple MacBook Pro 16". They are around the same prices, i’m struggling to choose a new laptop.

  • John Lu
    John Lu Month ago

    Hi dave, just going to ask what is the best build laptop with the best hinge. Because 2 of my laptops from acer had been broken. :(

  • Mario
    Mario Month ago

    There isn't a single "fairly" priced similar specs sleek looking laptop, so I wouldn't really ever bring it up. Yes, I am aware that there were few sleek looking gaming laptops (thank god, gaming laptops that don't look like aids).

  • Hasan Khan
    Hasan Khan Month ago

    Awesome video! What wireless mouse are you using?

  • atif chaugule
    atif chaugule Month ago

    @davelee MacBook pro16 or the Lenovo Legion Y-740?

  • Wigga Wieger
    Wigga Wieger Month ago

    Is this the refresh for the next 3/4 years (look)

  • elwingy
    elwingy Month ago

    not only that but if they included an rtx, in order for the laptop to perform as intended it should be plugged to the wall constantly. When unplugged the GPU would not be able to get the power it requires from the battery which results in fucked up performance. But hey ignorant folk dont look at those things all they care is about spec sheets and stuff like that whereas apple will engineer this thing to work optimally in all conditions...

    DEATHCOFFIN Z Month ago

    Even though Apple will use this new shape for several years, but they may change the screen to mini LED in 2020. So who wants to buy this version?

  • LulzRoyce
    LulzRoyce Month ago

    I still don't know how one can sub if they loved it yet are already subbed? I can only express my likings to you now, Dave. The love is gone.

  • dj miXin
    dj miXin Month ago

    Still using my 2010

  • vOo DoO
    vOo DoO Month ago

    How did you know apple is going to use this shape for a while?
    I like your video thu

  • worldwidehappiness
    worldwidehappiness Month ago

    Finally temping to me - they moved up to 16 inches, fixed the keyboard, fixed the thermals.

  • Yiannis K
    Yiannis K Month ago

    First reviewer ever to mention the USB-C design aspect. Worthy!

  • Merriss Ccin
    Merriss Ccin Month ago

    wow...I got a MacBook pro through alexandriaxteam on Instagram....so amazing

  • Merriss Ccin
    Merriss Ccin Month ago

    wow...I got a MacBook pro through alexandriaxteam on Instagram....so amazing