Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Review After 1 Month!

  • Published on Sep 14, 2019
  • After using the latest flagship from Samsung, the Galaxy Note 10+ for over 1 month, here is my full review! The only phone with the S-Pen, stunning design, and more make this device very appealing.
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Comments • 777

  • Tim Schofield
    Tim Schofield  Month ago +312

    Meant to say 25W charger and not 18W! The iPhone 11 Pro has the 18W one - sorry about that!

    • Johm Capistrano
      Johm Capistrano Day ago

      is okay

    • Zain Gonzalez
      Zain Gonzalez 2 days ago

      Where did you get the Note 10 plus wallpaper?

    • RINGNECK 101
      RINGNECK 101 2 days ago

      @Zoubeir badulla i play music run youtube here and there do google chrome and it stays cool on my end

    • RINGNECK 101
      RINGNECK 101 2 days ago

      Fuck the headphone jack is a must i said it was at one point but if loosing jack means i get a bigger battery then so be it i use my galaxy buds with my note 10 plus and battery is a must over jack i rather finish my day at 35% then charge somewhere down the middle

    • chris jugo
      chris jugo 8 days ago

      How did you put the MOBILE DATA icon in the swipe down menu?@10:56

  • # dragon
    # dragon 3 hours ago

    I encourage you to purchase your gear directly from the manufacturer. That looks like a swap meet knockoff.🤔😳

  • taz200032
    taz200032 13 hours ago

    Is this a worth upgrade coming from s9+? I am upgrading Friday

  • ThatsRight
    ThatsRight 17 hours ago

    This or Sidekick 3 ? which one should i get ?

  • ス リ ー プC r y o
    ス リ ー プC r y o 22 hours ago

    scuffed linus tech tips lol

  • Ariozo
    Ariozo 23 hours ago

    Great and solid phone... always and last Two gens...Exynos ver. less good..But SD 855 is damn solid phone.
    Should have add a 3d Face"id" camera AND skip their own fingerprint sensor that sux..:)
    90-120hz display should been there 2019..:)

  • RINGNECK 101
    RINGNECK 101 2 days ago

    256GB plus expandable up to a 1TB 4300mah battery over 64GB base model on apple iphone pro well take it or leave it i watched this on my new note 10 plus aura glow

  • 5lain
    5lain 3 days ago

    Since I got it I've been asked quite a few times about what phone it is. The massive screen definitely is what attracts people to it.

  • Tamás Gulyás
    Tamás Gulyás 3 days ago

    I m Samsung Galaxy S9 user now and thougt buy this one but I will switch to iPhone. The reason: got bored Samsung phones...

  • Code Finix
    Code Finix 4 days ago

    It looks like kitkat 4.3/4 wallpaper.

  • Paul Marsden
    Paul Marsden 4 days ago

    Great video my friend keep up the good work.

  • Majestic77
    Majestic77 6 days ago

    Does it have carbon water cooling?

  • Rehan Ansari
    Rehan Ansari 6 days ago +1

    One of the coolest designs in 2019 endless beautiful displays Samsung note 10

  • Gacha _Edits
    Gacha _Edits 6 days ago

    I just got one today and i love it

  • Samuel Hartono
    Samuel Hartono 7 days ago

    What wallpaper did u use? it's nice

  • Rayan Altowayan
    Rayan Altowayan 7 days ago

    very cool video ! got mine today , currently transfering all my data from my old iphone to my new samsung. just a quick question , my front facing camera isnt as sharp and HD as i expected it to be , is it normal in low light environments , or is it because of my screen protector ?

  • Nitesh adhikari
    Nitesh adhikari 7 days ago +1

    And I'm still using the note 9

  • evo 8
    evo 8 8 days ago +7

    Im still learning how to FULLY operate this phone its endless.

  • evo 8
    evo 8 8 days ago

    Less than a month...Bixby button problems


    I think Huawei is far better than iphone and Samsung

  • TheRealGamer
    TheRealGamer 9 days ago

    Huawei is a rip off

  • Ramon Key
    Ramon Key 10 days ago

    I miss Chicago

  • kiraedena Quisay
    kiraedena Quisay 10 days ago

    Nice video thanks

  • Alfonso Torres
    Alfonso Torres 10 days ago

    At 6:48 what app is that

  • protectorofillinois3
    protectorofillinois3 10 days ago

    Excellent review bro! The Galaxy Note 10+ arrived at my residence 2 days ago. It's DA BOMB! OFF DA HOOK! DA SHIZNIT YO! (Aura black is my favorite color, but the other colors are HYPE!). Video stabilization is LIT! (@10:04 - thanks for recording my hometown of Chicago, yo 😃).

  • Zachary Dunn
    Zachary Dunn 10 days ago +2

    Holy moly, Tim! I remember back in 2010/2011 when I first started watching you about the Epic 4G. I thought of you the other day and was like, " Iwonder if he's still around." Today, I see you have over half a million subscribers. In those days, I think it was something like 2k. I see you are well and wish you more prosperity. Nice review. Still the same excellent experience. Thanks.

  • james Armijo
    james Armijo 11 days ago

    I went to Wal-Mart and bought a UB Type C for my overhead head set.
    THE speaker is out of this world! Stereo sound is loud and clear. You can hear the instruments.
    The S-pen is cool for photos and selfies
    But I do wish I got the Galaxy Fold...

  • Nov Tagailo
    Nov Tagailo 11 days ago

    That's not finger frint that's oil

  • Robert Horvat
    Robert Horvat 11 days ago

    This phone is unusable.

    yes, it has best camera, best display and so on and so on.

    But you know this is still a phone. Even dual sim. And I use those 2 sim crossing a national border every day. Note 10+ sometimes needs 30 mins to change network, or shows you have new network, but you get sms, you had a phone call 2 hours ago (and phone did not ring).
    I really do not know, where did you find how long battery last! If you live next to antennas, you are good (so so), otherwise.... at 13h 30% battery.
    1h5min to fully charge phone? Who belives this? If you have 40% battery and charges, you have to wait over ca. 50 min. And if you do not leave the phone while charging, it will charge much much longer.
    You ever try to make a phonecall and use data? E.g. open door or checking something? NO GO. You have to cancel a call, do what you have to do, and call back.

    • Legoindie Comments
      Legoindie Comments 9 days ago

      Congratulations, you described how any existing phone is and complained because the Note 10+ is like that as well

  • CryBite
    CryBite 11 days ago +1

    Theres literally not that much good comming with a higher refreshrate for a phone.
    For internet use 60 hz is just enough.
    If you're a heavy gamer just buy a gaming phone with a gaming screen. Sacrifices there will be noticeably lower brightness compared to normal 60hz devices of the same price range. But you'll get that tasty 90+ hz when you want your game to play smoothly.
    For videos you can barelly get anything above 60hz which any screen should be able to play on 100% speed without dips in framerate. And mostly movies are shot in 24-30fps range anyway so theres not much of a real advantage for someone who only scrolls trough facebook posts/makes calls/uses instagram+snapchat/It means you get less vibrant colors, noticeably less brightness for use in the sunny days.. The only advantage is if you really really play games. (ESPECIALLY 2D games - not pokemon go, possibly not even pubg.. Games that can actually run at 100+fps on your phone thus use up the actual 90hz refresh possibility.
    It'd be pretty pointless to have a 90hz display you could only use for the internet where videos are usually 30-60hz. And only see your text scroll a little bit faster. The usual user will make their phone lag in about half to a one year anyway with the bloatware they'll mess their phone up with so it most likely wouldn't even reach those 90fps in daily use in a while.. Where the 60hz would even keep you a better battery life.
    Get a razer/Oneplus/asus if you need fast refreshrate because U'll be sacrificing stuff even if samsung made 90+hz phones they'd only be criticized by more profesional users or people that really like display quality because the quality of the colors and the cool things new expensive 60hz phone displays and panels bring you would pretty much be lost with a display focused on high refresh rate..
    Its the same with PC monitors. A regular monitor with the prize of a 144hz monitor would be a much more ideal choice for someone who works with photos or just enjoys the vibrant colors of a good display.

    HUMBLE GREEK 11 days ago


  • matt leberman
    matt leberman 11 days ago

    Would you buy the note 10 plus over the OnePlus 7 pro or the S10 plus of they were all the same price ?

    • 5lain
      5lain 3 days ago

      Yes, not even a question for me.

  • Zain Gonzalez
    Zain Gonzalez 12 days ago

    What's his wallpaper? Where can I download?

  • Saleem Khan
    Saleem Khan 12 days ago

    samsung galaxy note 10 plus is best phone

  • Name Withheld
    Name Withheld 12 days ago

    3:50 I like the sides are curved because my cheetos and fruit loops I eat off the phone just slide off the edges 😊

  • Jamil Estella
    Jamil Estella 13 days ago

    I've gotten a very light crack on the screen because i accidentally dropped it on a ground of rocks. I was forced to remove the plastic screen protector for a glass protector which failed. Samsung should give us a great pre installed protector because this device is freakingint expensive. I am heartbroken. 💔💔💔

  • Ricki B.
    Ricki B. 13 days ago

    My battery goes dead too fast I only had this phone for 2 and a half days

  • Ricki B.
    Ricki B. 13 days ago

    I use the face f recognition and fingerprint

  • terrellma
    terrellma 13 days ago

    Did you smear bacon on it?

  • Khalid Hashemi
    Khalid Hashemi 13 days ago


  • Marco Maldonado
    Marco Maldonado 13 days ago

    what theme are you using?

  • Erwin Dumanais
    Erwin Dumanais 13 days ago

    I like the wallpaper of your note 10..where did you download it...?i wanna know..

  • carlos a esteban
    carlos a esteban 14 days ago

    Like that wallpaper ?????? Get it from the google wallpaper app in the Google play store, enjoy

  • carlos a esteban
    carlos a esteban 14 days ago

    Hi Tim, how i can download this nice wallpaper for the note 10 plus in this video, can you please send me the link to download
    i search in the galaxy store and everywhere and i can't find it, looks like the one for my old nexus phone, thanks

  • ryosukekan
    ryosukekan 14 days ago

    I'm not sure why he doesn't mention how samsung now profits from a missing headphone jack. Obviously they followed in apple's footsteps and are trying to sell their new bluetooth pods.

  • Jim Thyne
    Jim Thyne 14 days ago

    Good review however, I couldn't tolerate the HRT or upspeak! So irritating and makes one sound so dumb!

  • Michael Olsen
    Michael Olsen 14 days ago

    Where can I find your wallpaper :)

  • Sarnandu Dutta
    Sarnandu Dutta 14 days ago

    Do you really think samsung is best in its smartphones???

  • Blindeye tuber ➊
    Blindeye tuber ➊ 15 days ago

    Kiss me

  • Mario Aja
    Mario Aja 15 days ago

    Droolin for the screen

  • Wissell
    Wissell 15 days ago +1

    For durability I think I am going with the iphone 11.

    • Wissell
      Wissell 12 days ago +1

      @Ricki B. The iphone xr is even cheaper hmmmm

    • Ricki B.
      Ricki B. 12 days ago +1

      @Wissell note 10 plus

    • Wissell
      Wissell 13 days ago +1

      @Ricki B. Uuuuum. What phone do you have?

    • Ricki B.
      Ricki B. 13 days ago +1

      @Wissell The back feels like plastic

    • Ricki B.
      Ricki B. 13 days ago +1

      @Wissell Lol really,I'm glad I bought a case before I left out the cell phone store.Im upset I paid fifty dollars for the case and thirty for the screen cover that's not even glass.

  • Takamura
    Takamura 15 days ago +7

    Note 10 plus is the best looking phone ever

  • Ezzat Akbari
    Ezzat Akbari 15 days ago

    The sound and power keys are too loose !! I don't think they are very durable.

  • Ezzat Akbari
    Ezzat Akbari 15 days ago

    What is the resistance of the Type C port to the Note 10+? Doesn't using too much handsfree and charger during the day cause it to fail early?

  • Berniece Asuncion
    Berniece Asuncion 16 days ago +3

    Bruh! Give me a Note 10+ too!😩😭💔

  • K Young
    K Young 16 days ago

    Apple gets zealous

  • AG Coarseman
    AG Coarseman 16 days ago +1

    Cant get the Edge lighting to work with Email on mine no matter what I try.
    Other than that-absolutely fantastic phone and a very worthy upgrade from Note 8 for me. I am especially happy with the battery life, which is MUCH better than the 8.

  • Julianna_Owl
    Julianna_Owl 16 days ago

    Can u use a wireless headphone with it?

  • TZ- Funny Compilations

    wallpaper please

  • Undergroundkid
    Undergroundkid 16 days ago

    The only review that satisfies i mean this review was dope man of i end up buying it you'd be the reason my guy