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Word for Word: President Trump, Leaders Pelosi & Schumer Spar in Oval Office Meeting (C-SPAN)

  • Published on Dec 11, 2018
  • President Trump said he would be proud to "shut down the government for border security" in an Oval Office exchange with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY). The leaders went back and forth over border security, building the wall, and the congressional support and votes needed to pass funding legislation on this issue. Full video here:

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  • F Mann
    F Mann 5 months ago

    The American people voted for Trump because he said he would secure the boarder and build a wall , like the one Pelosi has around her estate. The globalist fuck tards are refusing to do the will of the American people. Look what this shit did to France Germany Italy. Anti Americans destroying the country for self profit and power.

  • joskemom
    joskemom 6 months ago +2

    Trump talks to Schumer, looking directly at him as he speaks. Chuck does not even want to make eye contact with the guy. Trump talks that way because he is a boss.

  • NPC-Bear
    NPC-Bear 6 months ago +1

    4 million homeless black children get left behind because demoncraps use illegal aliens to vote. Immigrants have papers... Illegals don't. Thats the diff.

  • Michael
    Michael 6 months ago +1

    trump has balls and tell them who is the boss. if it was obama he would be deep throating soros and these politicians

  • Michael
    Michael 6 months ago

    president trump is da best 🏆

  • Third stone from the sun

    When cards are evenly dealt, the outcome is more variable. No arguing about your aces with the freedom coalition and tea party and religious right, frightened of the world turning brown and arguing, not who will have healthcare, but who will not...who will realize the American dream....who will not. et al. This will get much uglier, but if SC and the Law remain at the surface, we will more modestly and confidently purchase our personal freedoms.

  • C T
    C T 6 months ago

    Someone please call me an idiot!

  • jannmutube
    jannmutube 6 months ago

    Individual-1 is getting ready to shut down the government while Ukraine declares military law against Russian aggression and Russia carries out military exercises with nuclear bombers in Venezuela.
    ... Luckily, Cadet Bonespurs has fouled our relations with Venezuela and other South American countries with his wall chant, his trade wars, and his rhetoric about sh*thole countries. And, everyone knows a concrete wall could stop a nuclear assault --right?

  • Pete
    Pete 6 months ago +1

    pelosi and Schumer look very weak!

  • Robert Trotter
    Robert Trotter 6 months ago

    Chuck the politician grinning

  • None Ya
    None Ya 6 months ago

    He's just putting on the same ole song and dance for his Stuck-On-Stupid constituents who gobble up his shite for breakfast, lunch and dinner with a knife and a fork and a spoon. He tells them he loves them while he's actually sleeping around on them, ho'n his ass off, giving the legally and illegally wealthy head so he can make more money, the only thing that he truly loves. The Oligarchy and Syndicate pimps all pay him quite well to turn tricks in any and every position they tell him to! We need to demand that Swamp Thing squat and cough every morning to see what they've shoved up his ass every previous night, because that's definitely where he's depositing and hiding everything, right up the ole cluttered poop chute. With all the traffic going in and out of there, it's got to be deep and wide enough now to build another Hotel...! LOL SMH. Truer words were never spoken...

  • None Ya
    None Ya 6 months ago +2

    If Swamp Thing really cared about terrorists being in the US then he would clean up all the syndicates that are doing business in every major city in America. He'd start with his own Hometown New York and right outside his office window in DC. He's a hypocrite, a charlatan, a trick, and he's a 'ho!! He loves terroists. He's in bed with every last major terrorist group in this country. Various syndicates like the Triads, Yakuza, Russians, Italian, and Jewish syndicates, as well as the South American Cartels - - and, for goodness sakes, don't forget Wall Street, all the rest of them that are killing American at an alarming rate - - making money off of their illegal activities here and around the globe. "...10 terrorists..." he says? He probably hustled them secretly through the border, gave them citizenship papers, flew them to New York where they're now all staying at Trump Towers, they're new home until he escorts them to their individual crime bosses' palatial homes, whom are known terrorists and Swamp Thing's PERSONAL friends...! This is him draining the swamp alright, right into the White House polluting it and America!

    • joskemom
      joskemom 6 months ago

      Damn, get off the crack pipe.

  • Lupa 444
    Lupa 444 6 months ago

    Shut it down and don't pay the bitches either. Get these fuckers to do their job and keep us safe.

  • Ronda Doolin
    Ronda Doolin 6 months ago +2

    Amen President

  • Asahel Smith
    Asahel Smith 6 months ago +2

    Trump just won again.

  • HuggieBear39
    HuggieBear39 6 months ago +3

    I am confused, who is gonna paid for the wall? I thought drumpf said Mexico would.😳🙄

    • HuggieBear39
      HuggieBear39 6 months ago

      @unpaid troll Yeah you keep believing that shit. Tariffs are paid for by those buying the products being tariffed, cars, produce, steel. Not the country that the tariff is imposed on. If it cost more to make a car due to tariffs then it cost more to but that car. Tariffs are never just adsorbed by the country being tariffed, but by the country imposing the tariff. aka US

    • unpaid troll
      unpaid troll 6 months ago

      extra tariffs collected from Mexico since Trump took office = $17.3 Billion.. they are paying whether they like it or not.

  • Justin Andreozzi
    Justin Andreozzi 6 months ago +2

    Poor Mike.

  • Terri Waugh
    Terri Waugh 6 months ago

    Hahahahahaaaaaaa! Heeheehee! Ahahahaaaaaa! ROF LMBO!

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson 6 months ago

    Too bad the Mexicans have developed a high technilogical advancement for climbing walls... It's called a ladder

  • mjs1231
    mjs1231 6 months ago +4

    At least trump has the balls and leadership skills to take the Raines. Schumer just wants to play the msm scape goat. This is why chuck is not a leader and will never be a leader.

  • mjs1231
    mjs1231 6 months ago +4

    For all you non adults. This is an adult disagreement. If your offended then move on. These are the kinds of adult meetings that we all deal with. You need thick skin and a solid determination. I mean come on. Look at the children's comments. They would not last 1 day at trumps lvl this is how you work out differences. Look, they have all known trump for many years. Hes raised money for them. Went to parties with them. This is how negotiations go. The children see this and freak out. But this is normal and healthy.

    • Kenny Baker
      Kenny Baker 6 months ago

      mjs1231 Right. I actually kind of enjoyed it. They were talking tough, but more or less civil. It’s like finally being in the room! Imagine Obama/Boehner, Bush/Pelosi, etc. doing this. It’s even better than Kanye! 😎

  • cokerockstop2
    cokerockstop2 6 months ago

    All 4 of those people are corrupt. We want higher wages. Healthcare infustructure a green new deal. So many fucken problems that we americans face. Yet you 4 ass hats are yelling about a wall a very very small amount of people want.
    Ur all a joke.

  • warrior messiah
    warrior messiah 6 months ago

    Wall Street

  • Mcfishy First
    Mcfishy First 6 months ago +2

    Trump is a terrorist trump needs to be deported to prison bunked w a guy named tiny

    • Lupa 444
      Lupa 444 6 months ago

      Welcome to adulthood!! That's how shit gets handled. Say it out say it loud. We are in this mess coz our previous presidents have sugar coated the fuck out of everything. Tell us wat we want to hear!!

    • Cameron McCleary
      Cameron McCleary 6 months ago +1

      you are a dumb F*ck

    • Charles Long
      Charles Long 6 months ago +2

      You're an idiot

  • Mike Stephens
    Mike Stephens 6 months ago +4

    No matter what Chuck U Schumer says he and the dems shut it down last time

  • Kimberley Rose
    Kimberley Rose 6 months ago +2

    Democrats PATHETIC sabotaging everything PRESIDENT TRUMP from Day ONE obstructionist BIAS Corrupted lying HATEFUL evil Rats

    • 4c1dr3fl3x
      4c1dr3fl3x 6 months ago

      Get a real job, Tovarish.

  • Kimberley Rose
    Kimberley Rose 6 months ago +7

    Shut it down PRESIDENT TRUMP BUILD THE WALL 65 MILLION Americans Stand with you Protect America♥

    • Charles Long
      Charles Long 6 months ago

      @cokerockstop2 yeah, didn't think you would be able to bring facts

    • cokerockstop2
      cokerockstop2 6 months ago

      @Charles Long oh god. Always have to bring uo hilary or a dem. Fuck them too.
      If ur a trumo supporter, im not even ganna try with you. We have a corrupt system BOTH sides are fucked.

    • HuggieBear39
      HuggieBear39 6 months ago

      @Charles Long N Carolina 9th

    • Charles Long
      Charles Long 6 months ago

      @cokerockstop2 but we can look at the vote count and if we just simply drop the illegal immigrants, the dead people and the people that voted twice in different counties for Hitlery....we know who had more votes

    • Charles Long
      Charles Long 6 months ago

      @cokerockstop2 yeah well bring your source to those facts idiot

  • Luke Sinclair
    Luke Sinclair 6 months ago +9

    I find this more entertaining than watching SNL.

  • ALX Armed Liberation Xecutive

    ©™ ALX 💥 Armed🔫Liberation⛓ Xecutive🕶 Observation ✍ ✍
    Trump moronic meglomaniacal goofball President unhinged paranoid delusional behavior.
    The Wall will NEVER be built NEVER!!!!

  • Ruff House
    Ruff House 6 months ago +1

    all 4 are cornballs

  • D T
    D T 6 months ago +3

    But I need 10 more votes but I need 10 more votes, ask the Mexicans, maybe the Russians or the Koreans

    • D T
      D T 6 months ago

      @Mike Stephens some people would call your comment WeakSauce I would call it intellectually imploded cognitively impaired drivel

    • D T
      D T 6 months ago

      @Mike Stephens I don't need to ask anybody Trump already told us

    • Mike Stephens
      Mike Stephens 6 months ago

      D T ask your mom

  • D T
    D T 6 months ago +7

    Like a petulant child Donald Jim Crow Trump raises his voice and squeals like a snowflake

    • D T
      D T 6 months ago

      @joskemom squeal like a snowflake some more for me

    • D T
      D T 6 months ago

      @joskemom you're not African American are you.. you're a reprobate misanthropic sociopathic trumpanzee

    • D T
      D T 6 months ago

      @joskemom Republikkkans don't even know what a life is

    • D T
      D T 6 months ago

      @joskemom nothing says thank you to Russia more than going to Helsinki and saying that Donald Jim Crow Trump believes Vladimir Putin over 17 intelligence agencies and numerous intelligence agencies across the world...
      I mean either Trump is innocent and every goddamn news Outlet on the planet every intelligence agency that isn't connected to the communist or Russia are all conspiring against poor Donald Trump..
      Or number 2,
      Donald Jim Crow Trump is a goddamn criminal and everyone is telling the truth except for Trump

    • D T
      D T 6 months ago

      @joskemom when Trump was first asked about sanctions on Russia Trump said we don't need them I think I can get along with Putin, which no man has ever said

  • Kenzie T
    Kenzie T 6 months ago +1

    Spending $16 billion to prevent crossing illegally? A misdemeanor. 54 entry points into the US and he wants to spend $3 billion a piece on only six of them? If everyone crossing the border was charged a dollar the fence would pay for itself in 43 years.

    • Quantum resonance Frequencies
      Quantum resonance Frequencies 6 months ago

      Kenzie T and what would be the welfare cost for all these illegals triple.

    • John Reuter
      John Reuter 6 months ago +1

      Not sure exactly your point. Not sure you are even making one.

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson 6 months ago +14

    I thought Mexico was supposed to build the wall?

    • joskemom
      joskemom 6 months ago

      4cidr3nut Are you just pulling crap out of thin air? The ignorance that you guys on the left like to spread is astounding.

    • 4c1dr3fl3x
      4c1dr3fl3x 6 months ago

      @joskemom Maybe you should ask your boy why he deliberately didn't spend most of the funds he was budgeted to support the Border Patrol we already have?
      We know why. He deliberately sabotaged their spending so border patrol effectiveness would go down, and he could claim that a wall and kiddie prison camps were the only viable answer. He's engineering border security faults so he can get what he wants. And Schumer called him out on it.

    • joskemom
      joskemom 6 months ago

      John Johnson What are you a simpleton? How many people used ladders to get over the Berlin Wall? What, you think we are going to send all the border guards home because we have a wall?

    • lb8825
      lb8825 6 months ago

      The new President of Mexico has agreed to pay 30 billion towards illegal immigration

    • HuggieBear39
      HuggieBear39 6 months ago +1

      @Haily Bonnet What color is the sky in your land? 👴🏿

  • MadATLSwagga
    MadATLSwagga 6 months ago

    Fuck him...he promised that Mexico was gonna pay for the wall. If Mexica is not willing to pay for the wall, he should pay the cost for the wall.

  • Jacob 56
    Jacob 56 6 months ago +6

    Build the damn wall

  • thrashermario
    thrashermario 6 months ago +1

    Crying Chuck

  • WhatndafukdadOG
    WhatndafukdadOG 6 months ago +6


    • D T
      D T 6 months ago +1

      Today is December 15th if Donald Jim Crow Trump doesn't get his wall by January, the Democrats are going to be laughing their asses off at your petulant shitgibbon wombat, sad Vlad Putin's chose for his wannabe celebrity, criminally embedded apprentice oligarch in our White House..

    • D T
      D T 6 months ago +1

      Jesus Christ your trumpanzee ignorance is so glaring I need sunglasses to read your fucking comment ..
      Who's going to build the wall the crowd repeats Mexico who's going to build the wall the crowd repeats Mexico..
      ¿Promises made Promises Kept¿
      what a goddamn sociopathic narcissistic lying motherfukkker you people believe in

  • cantthinkofone77
    cantthinkofone77 6 months ago

    Trump...taking no shit!

  • J. Muller
    J. Muller 6 months ago +10

    Trump sure made a fool out Nancy Pelosi and showed everybody just what she was up to.

  • Mr. White
    Mr. White 6 months ago +7

    Trump talks tough but then governs like a milquetoast establishmentarian.

    • Mr. White
      Mr. White 6 months ago +1

      @Mike Stephens,
      Name a single piece of legislation on immigration or a single inch of wall. Remember the executive order on birthright citizenship? Only a tweet. Remember investigating South African land seizures? Only a tweet.
      He talks about a lot but does nothing.

    • Mike Stephens
      Mike Stephens 6 months ago

      Mr. White you’re a complete idiot

  • June April
    June April 6 months ago +12

    It's become a reality show and I love it #trump2020

    • 4c1dr3fl3x
      4c1dr3fl3x 6 months ago

      @Jim Prosser Have you never seen the call in videos? Good grief, it's literally dragging a $20 bill through a trailer park on a fishing line.

    • Jim Prosser
      Jim Prosser 6 months ago +2

      C-Span is a first rate public service that I’ve always appreciated, and Brian Lamb is a great man. But, holy smokes, when did it become the favorite gathering place for wing nut idiots?

  • Daniel Campbell
    Daniel Campbell 6 months ago +2

    Blah blah blah...worst and best oval office convalencense...

  • Kathleen Gooch
    Kathleen Gooch 6 months ago

    Oh my gosh what an ass