i catfished my 14 year old sister and this is what happened.. (she wilding lmao)

  • Published on Jun 8, 2019
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  • rubee
    rubee  Month ago +16708

    hi luvs just wanna clear up some things :
    1. i made a editing mistake @6:25 so pls ignore it :(
    2. she doesn’t care that i posted this so I’m not “embarrassing “ her.
    3. please stop comparing me to other people! im myself and nothing less
    ty for watching ily

    • gabrielle .
      gabrielle . Day ago

      still toxic tho..

    • morgyn ditty
      morgyn ditty Day ago

      wait what’s was the editing mistake? i’m confused

    • Janina
      Janina 2 days ago

      rubee u might wanna ask ur sis to change her Snapchat name or edit it out of the video, some people who shouldn’t have ur little sisters snap might get it by watching the vid. Just looking out, the video was hella funny tho

    • John Deacon and Joe Mazzello is a cutie.
      John Deacon and Joe Mazzello is a cutie. 3 days ago

      I love your intro. Cuco-Lover is a day. U love cuco

    • Grace Eleanor
      Grace Eleanor 3 days ago

      Your lashes😍😍

  • Iam Just Nae
    Iam Just Nae 7 minutes ago


  • Pity Party
    Pity Party Hour ago

    Omg your do pretty 😍

  • Mia Zi
    Mia Zi 2 hours ago

    4:07 maddie roonie does

  • Jada Renee
    Jada Renee 5 hours ago

    Lo key offended when you said “what girl says sup like a guy” 😂

  • Bridgett Diaz
    Bridgett Diaz 6 hours ago +1

    11:27 y’all ready gonna ignore the fact she put “do you think cute? “😭

  • lululemon
    lululemon 6 hours ago

    Ight idk why but like I'm that kne friend that only has Male friends and is like tough and says sup and wassup like idk I was just raised with a bunch of guys but like I'm a female and I'm not lesbians no hate but idk

  • bossly Gaming
    bossly Gaming 6 hours ago

    Bro why does she keep touching her hair

  • Galaxy Milkshake
    Galaxy Milkshake 7 hours ago

    Why do TikTokers keep making YT channels?

  • joy steph
    joy steph 7 hours ago

    Imagine being the little sister 😂

  • Dakota jenkins
    Dakota jenkins 7 hours ago

    first vid I ever watched but I gotta say your bootiful ma'am

  • Purple Love
    Purple Love 8 hours ago

    Tbh kids these days are Wildin when I was fourteen I still watched cartoons....

  • Lilly Pierce
    Lilly Pierce 10 hours ago

    Omg omg I fond you tiktok and your yt amazing ILY ❣❣

  • La Habichuela Mágica
    La Habichuela Mágica 10 hours ago +1

    Why is u callin bois daddo

  • blosm cake
    blosm cake 12 hours ago

    I follow ur like

  • gacha hot chocolate
    gacha hot chocolate 14 hours ago

    4:08 i say sup like a MAAN

  • Ice Turtle
    Ice Turtle 16 hours ago +1

    Oh my god, I followed you on insta just cause I came across you one day and I love your aesthetic, I didn’t even know you had a TVclip channel! 😄

  • Liliana Guerrero
    Liliana Guerrero 16 hours ago

    I know from tik tok 😁😁

  • Shivani Patel
    Shivani Patel 16 hours ago

    Nah I feel sorry for her sis

  • Avery The Red Rose
    Avery The Red Rose 16 hours ago

    Tbh I just laughed 😂👌🏼💀

  • Maya Ceballos
    Maya Ceballos 16 hours ago +1

    How do you and Vereena look exactly the same

  • Airiana Ascencio
    Airiana Ascencio 17 hours ago +1

    Vereena who??😂

  • Peachu
    Peachu 18 hours ago

    I liked the vid btw 😂

  • SpOwOky Boi
    SpOwOky Boi 18 hours ago

    “What girl says sup?” arE yoU FuCkInG StuPid?

  • Nadia Robertson
    Nadia Robertson 19 hours ago

    Lmao🤣🤣🤣how old is she

    Y NUTMEG 20 hours ago

    You are so beautiful 😍

  • regina phalange
    regina phalange 20 hours ago +1

    My sister would have killed me

    • regina phalange
      regina phalange 20 hours ago

      Actually never mind I don't want to know how my sister talks to boys

  • Habib Saani
    Habib Saani 22 hours ago +1

    And I oop-😭🤣

  • Draven Wolfy
    Draven Wolfy 23 hours ago +2

    You should've met her at the park, saying "DaDdY cHuLo"

  • jess Curts
    jess Curts Day ago +1

    Anyone else notice it was like 12:38am?

  • Autumn Rose
    Autumn Rose Day ago +1

    She used @curlyheadmonty picture to catfish😂😂😂😂😂🥴💀💀💀

  • stephanie Marshall

    why in the thumb nail did i think it was vereena

  • halls x
    halls x Day ago

    13:33-Anna Ou

  • CactuzChan
    CactuzChan Day ago

    duude you gotta say no chromo

  • Sarah Pellman
    Sarah Pellman Day ago

    Yo u Fuk In suck.. Olders days had way better pranking doll💋💙

  • Its_yo_ girl_mckenia

    You used montey😍

  • wellbuttermybiscut
    wellbuttermybiscut Day ago +1

    You DAddyIsH

  • anna mcmanus
    anna mcmanus Day ago

    Your laugh was so cute at 5:58

  • sofia_babes3
    sofia_babes3 Day ago


  • XxJosi Xx
    XxJosi Xx Day ago +1

    damn she is so beautiful

  • Jada Cars
    Jada Cars Day ago

    Hey rubeee I love all your tik toks so much your so beautiful and gorgeous I just wish to see you in real life

  • Lilly Moorefield
    Lilly Moorefield Day ago +3

    Wait, not saying this is fake AT ALL, but if you posted on Instagram and asked if you should catfish her, wouldn’t she have seen it? (Only like 2 minutes into the video so idk yet 😂)???

  • Alex D
    Alex D Day ago

    Why i thought that green hair was a messy wig she done put on her damn head lmao

  • • fairy lights •

    I know that you’re trying to protect her but I feel like this is a little mean

  • wendy alecio
    wendy alecio Day ago

    Omg ur lashes 😍😍

  • speechless ?
    speechless ? Day ago +4


    Not a soul:

    Not even the lord himself:

    Her sister:HeY dAdDy ChUlO

  • Miyana Sarai
    Miyana Sarai Day ago

    no shade but she wants to be vereena.*yikes*

  • Sassy
    Sassy Day ago

    LMFAOOOO *and I oop-*

  • Chloe The Galaxy Queen

    I never knew u have a Yt Channel

  • Ponce •
    Ponce • Day ago

    And I oop 👀

  • Shelby Clift
    Shelby Clift Day ago

    4:54 you’re a model omg

  • Cyiia Coleman
    Cyiia Coleman Day ago

    Your very pretty

  • Junior Fan
    Junior Fan Day ago

    You are from TikTok

  • WorldWideHandsome

    For a second I thought you were vereena

  • rose nana
    rose nana Day ago +6

    Don't u hate it when someone comment something and u be like why didn't I think of dat 😂

  • Aasia Ali
    Aasia Ali Day ago

    It is curly head monty

  • Tapiwa Hope
    Tapiwa Hope Day ago

    I love your hair
    I follow you on tik tok and TVclip

  • uwu luis
    uwu luis Day ago +3

    nobodys thirsty if they reply fast, man our phones jus dry and this gerneration everyone a freak and if u not then ur jus weird.

  • Sylvia Romero
    Sylvia Romero Day ago

    Bae means poop

  • Someone
    Someone Day ago +1

    Tryna be vereena

  • Desi Blankenship

    snap map

  • jill
    jill Day ago +1

    you look like kali uchis !

  • Taehyung's personal ramen maker

    Where did you get those lashes sis?

  • Tilda May Xo
    Tilda May Xo Day ago

    Bih you tryna be vereena brooooo

  • jo cote
    jo cote Day ago +3

    is no one gonna talk about how it repeatedly says shes screen recording in the chat lmao

  • Erika Patao
    Erika Patao Day ago

    Opening song title?

    ELENI MEGALOUDIS 2 days ago

    i’m screaming

  • lila
    lila 2 days ago

    ok my gosh i’ll watch it

  • Davi_ Playz
    Davi_ Playz 2 days ago


  • Jeasia Robinson
    Jeasia Robinson 2 days ago

    the picture you sent to your sister that’s curlyheadmonty he’s a good good dancer

  • Gammer Girl123
    Gammer Girl123 2 days ago

    Curly head Monty is his TVclip name

  • Lola Karavan
    Lola Karavan 2 days ago

    You should've made a bitmoji

  • Emily not a cOOl KiD

    i swear 😂

  • Makiya Golden
    Makiya Golden 2 days ago

    This little girl has some thot behaviors they need to get her outta that mindset before she fucked up for life😬

  • hey
    hey 2 days ago

    Are you happy recommendations??........fuck

  • Anime wolf games gacha
    Anime wolf games gacha 2 days ago +1

    Omg it my mom's model lol if you don't know who I'm talking about my mom is mediumgreystudios / jasmine

    SUPREME_ TAVON 2 days ago

    At 10:14 she said rescreen recording lmfao😂✌👎

  • It’s mäłäñï
    It’s mäłäñï 2 days ago

    “Sis what u hidin” 😂😂😂

  • Vika Bond
    Vika Bond 2 days ago

    Girl you look like vereena

  • Jada Brown
    Jada Brown 2 days ago +2

    You could've just said "my bro wanted to see the messages so i started screen recording" 💀😭.

  • E L I S T R U X I S
    E L I S T R U X I S 2 days ago +2

    12:31 when her sister said “and I oop-“ I laughed so mf hard for no reason😭

  • Sydney Garretson
    Sydney Garretson 2 days ago

    4:51 Yeah you are

  • nav santinez
    nav santinez 2 days ago

    what lashes do u wear thooo

  • ジョジョThatOneFujoshi

    "What girl says 'Sup' like a guy?"

    Me: .. uMMM

  • Alba Shqipe
    Alba Shqipe 2 days ago

    13:31 and i oop HAHAHAH

  • Jayla hackworth
    Jayla hackworth 2 days ago

    tik Tok followers me

  • jc
    jc 2 days ago

    stupidly fake

  • Becca Minecraft
    Becca Minecraft 2 days ago

    Nice phone percent

  • army blink
    army blink 2 days ago +1

    She only laughing bc she know she got caught

  • Lyrical Channel
    Lyrical Channel 2 days ago +1

    👇 support me too

  • Lise
    Lise 2 days ago

    When I looked at the thumbnail I thought she catfished her sister by pretending she was vareena idk why 😂

  • Lina Lay
    Lina Lay 2 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks this girl looks like vereena

  • Caliyah Holden
    Caliyah Holden 2 days ago

    Wats ur intro song

  • janessa
    janessa 2 days ago

    Omggg what lashes are you wearing ? 😍

  • Lucie Eckstine
    Lucie Eckstine 2 days ago

    shes thristy lol im dying

  • val mendez
    val mendez 2 days ago

    I love your laugh😭💀

  • val mendez
    val mendez 2 days ago


  • Delilah Englund
    Delilah Englund 2 days ago +2

    dude she was trollinggggg

  • Makaylah Chan
    Makaylah Chan 2 days ago +2

    What lashes mom

  • Gloria Pita
    Gloria Pita 2 days ago +6

    Honestly the only thing that I’m looking at is her nailz,, cause she’s rocking the Trinity Amorisette “Kindness matters nails” 💖💖💖😂😂😭