i catfished my 14 year old sister and this is what happened.. (she wilding lmao)

  • Published on Jun 8, 2019
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  • rubee
    rubee  5 months ago +19152

    hi luvs just wanna clear up some things :
    1. i made a editing mistake @6:25 so pls ignore it :(
    2. she doesn’t care that i posted this so I’m not “embarrassing “ her.
    3. please stop comparing me to other people! im myself and nothing less
    ty for watching ily

  • Safari Loves You

    how did your sister not question that sc was ratting on you when jt said hes screen recording

  • Judy Smith
    Judy Smith 2 days ago

    Next time you should meet up w her

  • Ash Idk
    Ash Idk 6 days ago

    I’m seriously confused are you a boy

  • Ash Idk
    Ash Idk 6 days ago

    Are you a boy?

  • Santana Ramirez
    Santana Ramirez 6 days ago

    Whats the name of the song in rubees intro

  • FazeW4VY
    FazeW4VY 7 days ago

    The boy is curly head Monty 6:20

    PERIOD POO LOVE 7 days ago

    love you guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Katrina Mcivan
    Katrina Mcivan 8 days ago

    just found you and subbed

  • Stannn Vibes
    Stannn Vibes 8 days ago

    Your makeup looks sooo good

  • DedCorp
    DedCorp 8 days ago

    Came from Cyrus

  • 《Hi its me》
    《Hi its me》 8 days ago

    This was posted 5 months ago but.
    You're beautiful!

  • Sophie Dear
    Sophie Dear 8 days ago +1

    The dislikes is the sister with different accounts

  • C Marshall
    C Marshall 10 days ago

    The pic was monty

  • Pamela Gonzalez
    Pamela Gonzalez 12 days ago

    "Annaoop" lmao

  • neyney love
    neyney love 14 days ago

    your not ugly

  • Record Player Gymnastics
    Record Player Gymnastics 16 days ago +1

    Who else came here from Benji, just me-

  • Vivi \/
    Vivi \/ 17 days ago

    Her saying daddy while him looking like her son killed me

  • Sara Codrescu
    Sara Codrescu 17 days ago

    And i oop

  • gigi bergh
    gigi bergh 17 days ago


  • turtle skittles
    turtle skittles 18 days ago

    Cyrus sent us

  • Victor sandoval
    Victor sandoval 18 days ago

    This video was KEWL... 😂

  • Bianca F
    Bianca F 19 days ago

    13:30 and I oop-

  • Gwen Spruill
    Gwen Spruill 19 days ago

    How u get 3.8mil 😭 ppl ion know how to subscribe

  • emily conen
    emily conen 19 days ago

    she’s 14 and the video is 14 minutes long haha

  • Edward Marigny Jr.
    Edward Marigny Jr. 19 days ago

    my sister said "I NEeD A MaNs"
    im like 0-0 girl you already have one
    my sister said
    "Oh right.."

  • I see Everything
    I see Everything 19 days ago +1

    Her sister calling people daddy
    Me: still watching Mickey mouse at 14

  • Promise Edwards
    Promise Edwards 19 days ago

    Intro song?

  • Evelyn Westendorf
    Evelyn Westendorf 23 days ago

    Pure softie right here

  • Marcia Wignall
    Marcia Wignall 23 days ago

    Isn't that curly head monty 😂😂👀🤪

  • ?lily?
    ?lily? 24 days ago +2

    Omg! you are absolutely beautiful 😍😍

  • Best Food Reviewer
    Best Food Reviewer 24 days ago +1

    4:50 bro no ur not

  • Ash And Ann
    Ash And Ann 25 days ago

    Your just like vereena I luvvvv it we need more happy people like you and vereena 💞💞

  • Adam
    Adam 26 days ago

    this is fake af bruh, you know damn well also why ur hair look like a whole lemon pop.

    • NiggaBoy3000
      NiggaBoy3000 14 days ago

      Lemons aren’t green...

    • sunshine teehee
      sunshine teehee 23 days ago +2

      First of all lemon is yellow...and it aint fake😬...

  • Robloxian 728
    Robloxian 728 27 days ago

    Her: calling kids daddy
    Me: praying to get signed out of school so I can finish my LEGO set and play roblox

  • Emie
    Emie 28 days ago

    I watch you videos on like

    KING CRANKY 28 days ago

    10:40 when u text ur girl but she leave u on red

  • Gabi's World
    Gabi's World 29 days ago +1

    the “and I OOP” got me

  • NukeNuke
    NukeNuke Month ago

    you are on tictok

  • Kenzie May
    Kenzie May Month ago

    I thought you were verenna

  • Bush
    Bush Month ago

    I thought this was vereena lol

  • MSP Queen
    MSP Queen Month ago

    I love your hair

  • Hospitalized
    Hospitalized Month ago

    That’s my friend’s nickname from now on
    *daddy chulo*

  • Lily.08.15 Yeet
    Lily.08.15 Yeet Month ago

    Can we take a minute 13:31 AN I OOP

  • Lily.08.15 Yeet
    Lily.08.15 Yeet Month ago

    Can we take a minute 13:31 AN I OOP

  • Celina Romo
    Celina Romo Month ago

    If u sniched you 69

  • Its Flist
    Its Flist Month ago

    She is too small

  • Cookie_ Gacha
    Cookie_ Gacha Month ago +1

    Every like I’ll add a emoji


  • Isabella Martinez
    Isabella Martinez Month ago

    if you accept someone with no bitmoji u boring

  • Patxy Marte
    Patxy Marte Month ago

    “ I cannot believe she said that”
    Girl tfymmmmmm 😭
    SHES 14
    Yk she on that freaky deaky shit on the down locs 😭

  • Destiny -
    Destiny - Month ago

    and i oop- 😂

  • KyA LoveLL
    KyA LoveLL Month ago +2

    Before the video played I was like “... doesn’t it send a message that you are screen recording?🤔🤔🤔” then it played and I was like “🤦🏾‍♀️😆 I knew it”

  • Candy Cotton
    Candy Cotton Month ago

    I spell cool like kewl😹

  • Abbyy_R 08
    Abbyy_R 08 Month ago

    Maybe she don’t got a mans since she takes Froebel to reply😂

  • nariah nixon
    nariah nixon Month ago

    Oh him, that's lilmonty or sum like thatt

  • Hannah Seward
    Hannah Seward Month ago


  • Sofía desiree Sánchez Jiménez

    Por favor ponle subtítulos en español 👏

  • Aurélie Buta
    Aurélie Buta Month ago

    Good girl

  • Okay Okay
    Okay Okay Month ago


  • Øcëån S
    Øcëån S Month ago

    And I’m here telling my crush I don’t like him and she’s here like “oh yeah daddy chulo”