The OLDEST CHINATOWN In The World! Street Food Tour of Binondo Manila Philippines

  • Published on Mar 6, 2018
  • We went to explore the 400-year-old Chinatown Binondo where I got a taste of some Chinese Filipino food.➨ENTER my Food Adventure GIVEAWAY [Ends March 20]
    ➨Get tickets to the best show on earth!!!
    3:25 Quick Snack

    7:50 Eng Bee Tin
    9:30 Chuan Kee
    11:22 Masuki
    13:43 Shanghai Fried Sio Pao
    14:28 Ongpin Manosa Restaurant
    15:46 Sincerity Restaurant
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  • Lorein Litusquen
    Lorein Litusquen 8 hours ago

    The toppings in the rice cake aren't bits of pork. It's actually a caramelized/toasted coconut called latik.

  • Paula Egar
    Paula Egar 14 hours ago

    1:23 saw a cat then a barbecue... then imagination.. Filipino siopao myth. it made me uncomfortable hahaha Filipinos would know why lol

  • mikko molina
    mikko molina 18 hours ago


  • Brandon Xu
    Brandon Xu 20 hours ago

    你怎么能在一天里面吃那么多,太厉害了。BTW,你的中文好标准,你和成龙真的很像。Proud of you man!

  • Alvin Christopher Guevarra

    I love watching this video but I have to stop it. Its just making me hungry. 😅 new subscriber here from the philippines.

  • Maricor Marcelo
    Maricor Marcelo Day ago


  • Freshwater Steam

    I love watching your Chanel I am hungry everytime I saw you eating.. You are similar also of my idol Jackie Chan

  • Alia
    Alia 2 days ago

    I thought you’re jackie chan son... my bad

  • Guy Fir
    Guy Fir 2 days ago

    Ongpin mañosa ftw !!!

  • Che Aupam
    Che Aupam 2 days ago

    Im kinda wondering., where did u put all that food? watchin u just makin me feel so full.. haha

  • Bryan Rabilas
    Bryan Rabilas 2 days ago

    Soup #5 is the first I seen him dislike something.

  • Angela Losole
    Angela Losole 2 days ago

    Sticky rice- Yum

  • Charles Dave
    Charles Dave 3 days ago +1

    I didn't know jackie chan went to philippines

  • fruitcane charms
    fruitcane charms 3 days ago

    that lemon seed on @2:30 isn't a lemon seed but calamansi lol

  • Jpgoeagles
    Jpgoeagles 3 days ago

    this man just ate cow dick

  • uymark15
    uymark15 4 days ago

    Have u visited sincerity chicken? Their kikiam is a lot better there.

    • uymark15
      uymark15 4 days ago

      Oh u did visit. U just didnt get to try their kikiam.

  • Diwani Kamatoden
    Diwani Kamatoden 4 days ago

    Imagine you can eat them all!

  • Dos Sa-is Cinco
    Dos Sa-is Cinco 4 days ago

    Ok.. The way you. Should. Prepare mami. Before. You. Eat it. Out some sweet soy sauce, ad the poweder. Mix. Well. You dont. Put. Ketchup on mami. Add litte sugar if preper sweeter mami

  • Darryl Arriesgado
    Darryl Arriesgado 4 days ago

    I see we Filipinos are still arrogant if somebody is talking to a camera (mga bobo!)

  • Shannon Banks
    Shannon Banks 4 days ago

    This towns map looks like the map of morioh in jojo part 4

  • Nina Dee
    Nina Dee 5 days ago

    I hope you visit ling nam and wai ying also famous restuarant in binondo xie xie

  • Jon Ramirez
    Jon Ramirez 5 days ago

    I love fried siopao bro!

  • Sasha Alex
    Sasha Alex 6 days ago

    Are you sharing any of those with the cameraman ?

  • kim macapinlac
    kim macapinlac 6 days ago

    nice place

  • Vans Baingan
    Vans Baingan 6 days ago

    I love Mazuki! Their Siopao is yum!

  • Jeff Melchior
    Jeff Melchior 6 days ago

    Haha the soup with the penis in it is “really beefy.” I’ll let myself out...

  • Lehiyan Velasquez
    Lehiyan Velasquez 7 days ago

    I use to work n live near ongpin Manila......I miss the food there as i watch you.

  • Bing Ortiz
    Bing Ortiz 7 days ago

    Draw #5 and what will you be reminded of??? Does this answered your question of why #5??

  • Mack Man
    Mack Man 7 days ago

    I never thought you have a bulky body yet really into food hehehe... 💪🏻👍🏻👏🏻🇵🇭

  • osiris
    osiris 7 days ago

    Quick Snack ✔
    defenately on my list.

  • Jerjer King
    Jerjer King 7 days ago

    4:42 BABALU

  • kara badger
    kara badger 7 days ago

    daaaaam you can eat bro...

  • Rahman Hajamaideen
    Rahman Hajamaideen 8 days ago

    They call it soup number 5 because they needed to sell the unwanted parts that were available aside from soup number 1 which was fish 2 is chicken 3 is pork 4 is beef 5 is .... you guessed it mystery meat 😅

  • blind worm
    blind worm 8 days ago

    hit like if you would like him to food tasting with gordon ramsay

  • blind worm
    blind worm 8 days ago

    i wonder how gordon ramsay would react after he taste this.

  • Extra Challenges
    Extra Challenges 8 days ago

    my god where did this guy put all he eat...😒😢

  • Khobar Boy
    Khobar Boy 8 days ago

    You look like Jackie Chan when he was still young..hehehe

  • Kristelle Baluyot
    Kristelle Baluyot 9 days ago

    Oh how I miss that fried siopao

  • 10 days ago

    Very good.

    ARAM ACTION 10 days ago

    Man, you missed "MA MON LUK".

  • Catherine Perez
    Catherine Perez 10 days ago

    That wasnt pork on the top of rice cake. It was toasted grated coconut :p

  • Miss Jai
    Miss Jai 10 days ago

    I love how you eat.

  • Mrs. Ai Takahashi
    Mrs. Ai Takahashi 10 days ago

    Try to eat at Chinatown Yokohama and you’ll get angry 😤 at the chef, their yakisoba (pansit canton) taste nothing no salt nor meat taste, disappointing

  • theresidentone
    theresidentone 10 days ago

    Young Jackie Chan can eat.

  • honey alferez
    honey alferez 11 days ago

    I'm sooo full watching u.. Huge stomach! 😂

  • Dong Shan Cai
    Dong Shan Cai 11 days ago

    My favorite Filipino - Chinese food is Lumpia/ Lumpiang shanghai, Siopao, Siomai, and Tikoy.

  • Geocinia Tolosa
    Geocinia Tolosa 11 days ago

    Eng bee tin! My favorite hopia to take home..

  • Phil Antonio
    Phil Antonio 11 days ago

    jackie chan....

  • Haruhi
    Haruhi 11 days ago

    He is the king of hot sauce

  • Yu Wang Wee
    Yu Wang Wee 11 days ago

    Thanks for visiting Asian countries.

  • Kalko
    Kalko 11 days ago

    that dude in the background holy moly xD

    BLUE ANGEL 03 11 days ago

    You should go to vigan it's located in the Philippines and try the longganisa and empanada there

  • Earl Undaloc
    Earl Undaloc 11 days ago

    Jackie Chan?? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Naomi
    Naomi 11 days ago

    “lemon seed” 😂😂 that’s calamansi mike lol

  • meliodas sin of rage
    meliodas sin of rage 12 days ago

    This isint an insult or anything but how can he eat all that food

  • EJ Shin
    EJ Shin 13 days ago

    If there is something you should not miss in the Philippines, those are the rice cakes. And There are a lot of varieties.
    Japanese rice cakes are subtle; Philippine rice cakes burst in your mouth.

  • Ricky Garcia
    Ricky Garcia 13 days ago

    the top of "biko" rice cake is not a pork.. that's called LATIK "scum of coconut milk"...

  • Vcent Lee
    Vcent Lee 13 days ago +1

    Wondering who is his camera person?!?!
    Who also miss the Double Chen Show?!?! I do! I wonder what the rest of his friends are doing now? Diffinitly Dan Chen????
    I wonder what those two person thought about you asking them about them soup after you left the place.
    I notice that your traveling, you don't eat a lot of strange foods like other foody channels on here. Your eating is just a everyday not strange food.

  • savrtuthd
    savrtuthd 13 days ago

    7:34 captions tho

  • christine garcia
    christine garcia 14 days ago


  • MrKaizercordoba
    MrKaizercordoba 14 days ago

    bro ur video is mouth watering..!!

  • Joseph Paul Doyaoen
    Joseph Paul Doyaoen 15 days ago +5

    "Quik Snack"
    Buys everything on the menu.
    Man i love your work!

  • Adventures of Gerald and Rhia

    Wow, what a filling day. ;) There are still many hidden gems in Binondo Chinatown, some stores which you were not able to taste still but overall, pretty good tour. ;).

  • Roa A.
    Roa A. 15 days ago

    I grew up in Binondo (Chinatown). My favorite is Quik Snack's Sate Mi Guisado and their Fried Lumpia that you pair with their vinegar with garlic! Mañosa's Ma-ki as well is good. Watching this made me miss my childhood. Thanks for this video. 😊

  • Sixtus
    Sixtus 15 days ago

    I love how everytime the camera cuts, that one employee is at a different table still staring at him 🤪.

  • Jay
    Jay 15 days ago

    Hey Mike, you look like Jackie Chan. Are you related?

  • Mar21 NaiTai
    Mar21 NaiTai 16 days ago

    Yummy yum Sarap.

  • Ianne Go
    Ianne Go 16 days ago

    I am a Filipino but I don’t eat Soup Number 5 hahahahahahahahaha

  • Sea otter
    Sea otter 16 days ago

    oh my gosh, he ate all this food in one day.

  • Rob
    Rob 16 days ago

    when he ate cock i was rollin :D

  • Dave Cachuela
    Dave Cachuela 17 days ago

    Did you just ate the whole thing in just a day??? 😂😂😂

  • Mario Antonio
    Mario Antonio 19 days ago

    Ha ha, the owner is at the back 😀

  • Edgar Arvin Perez
    Edgar Arvin Perez 19 days ago

    I want a job like his. Lols

  • Moi Cao
    Moi Cao 19 days ago

    Seriously, you look like a young Jackie Chan...

  • Jigs Arquiza
    Jigs Arquiza 20 days ago

    Heavily po.

  • enrico santos
    enrico santos 20 days ago

    All the food so mouth watering even just watching I can taste the goodness!

  • nebpro
    nebpro 21 day ago

    Lakas kumain amp

  • christopher caparros

    You have a really good appetite cant believe how all that food got in to your stomach lol haha

  • Meghan Stufflebean
    Meghan Stufflebean 21 day ago +1

    I love a man who can eat!

  • Yuval Friedman
    Yuval Friedman 22 days ago


  • Kind Person
    Kind Person 22 days ago

    Had my mouth go watery but i ain't eating no penises nope...

  • Andrew williams
    Andrew williams 22 days ago

    I'm so hungry

  • Kring Bambi
    Kring Bambi 22 days ago

    Just waching you eat makes my pressure high hahahahaha so much meatttttt!

  • tupe mangon
    tupe mangon 23 days ago

    you miss the ma mon luk resto in ongpin

  • tupe mangon
    tupe mangon 23 days ago

    you the ma mon luk in ongpin

  • sanzkie sanz
    sanzkie sanz 23 days ago

    the sticky rice cake is called bico =)

  • midnight 009
    midnight 009 23 days ago

    I was laughing so hard when eating/sipping soup number 5... rofl when he said he never seen one 🤣🤣🤣

  • Cecily Cook
    Cecily Cook 23 days ago

    Your audience within the restaurant IS HILARIOUS ..... theyre like .... how is such a fit guy eating SO MUCH and talk so much 😉😆 like americans version of chicken and waffles 🤣🤣🤣

  • PinkDragonKitty
    PinkDragonKitty 24 days ago

    How many stomach do you have?

  • xevious2501
    xevious2501 24 days ago

    though ive pulled away from the fried for health reasons, man do i miss it. and i gota say, Asians particularly the Chinese are the masters of fried foods

  • Teresita Davis
    Teresita Davis 26 days ago

    Ohm all that pinoy foods ur eating it’s all my favorite ,, it’s making me hungry every time I’m watching you eating yummy 😋

  • Wan Seng Chin
    Wan Seng Chin 26 days ago

    Simply love the fact that almost every dish is loaded with Pork. Manila is truly a pork lovers haven. Please dear filipino, don't ever let islam set foot in Manila or else all your wonderfully delicious food with lots of pork fillings and meat inside will vanish.

    • ida kristine de mesa
      ida kristine de mesa 3 days ago

      Wan Seng Chin Muslims have been here even before the Chinese. Many are in Southern Philippines

  • jericho
    jericho 26 days ago

    it’s pronounced as maNYOsa since the n with the hypen on top is a spanish letter enye (ñ)

  • Andy Marie
    Andy Marie 28 days ago

    3:09 lmao that’s suman and that thing that looked like pork is fried coconut milk or- idk what it’s called lol but that’s definitely a coconut milk 😂

  • Elio Mozhui
    Elio Mozhui 28 days ago

    Why do I torture myself watching your videos when I am hungry 🐸

  • Mouhd Tahfiz
    Mouhd Tahfiz 28 days ago

    Go to an asian grandmother house then the smell come from a candle you ask your grandma what candle is this then she said its SOUP NO.5!!!

  • sun
    sun 29 days ago

    as a filipino kid i am really shocked that i haven't eaten almost all of the food you tried in this video i'm sad

  • sun
    sun 29 days ago

    the penis i'm deceased

  • oli boi
    oli boi 29 days ago

    It's official this food vlogger is my favorite.

  • Roblox Studio
    Roblox Studio 29 days ago

    So delicious I forgot the same foods there in chinatown