Natalie Portman Is Moving to France (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)

  • Published on Nov 9, 2013
  • Jimmy and Natalie recall an MTV VMA promo they appeared in together long ago, and Jimmy asks Natalie about her upcoming move to Paris
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    Natalie Portman Is Moving to France (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 1 015

  • Dana s
    Dana s 7 days ago

    I think she lost a bet and was forced to wear this dress on camera... it's brutal

  • eliomerguez
    eliomerguez 29 days ago

    "Adaptateur" not "adaptoeoeo"

  • Jero nimo
    Jero nimo 5 months ago

    how can they make fun of french when it is the most beautiful language and when they speak american english which is the language of apes
    fuck the usa , worst " country " ever , stolen from the indians to become the land of the most disgusting subculture

  • Tara's Tarot
    Tara's Tarot 6 months ago

    Oh gosh people hate the dress

  • shan4883
    shan4883 6 months ago

    She should put her Padme white battle suit on once again just for a fan convention, or one of these talk show interviews. She's only Padme once in her lifetime!

  • Anonymous Anonyme
    Anonymous Anonyme 8 months ago

    "Do u speak FRAN... ?" Ne vous moquez de l'accent français. C'est une magnifique langue !

  • vanessa soria
    vanessa soria 8 months ago

    OMG! What is that dress ! Is terrible :(

  • TheStepmonkey
    TheStepmonkey 9 months ago +3

    Wow it's so obvious Jimmy has a crush on Natalie, you can see that in every interview they are together :)

  • Yanisa Mb
    Yanisa Mb 10 months ago

    loooooo it's "adapTAteur" not "adapTEUR" in french
    but i got it tho (that guy was wayyyy off)

  • Altrantis
    Altrantis 10 months ago

    My father has a similar tale, only he tried to say "Cammel sans filtre" buying cigarettes. Which he pronounces "Cammel sont filtres", which means something very different. Also with "Berlin", which he pronounced as "Verlinne".

  • Matt P
    Matt P Year ago

    Natalie was moving like she needs a wee

  • Telestai
    Telestai Year ago

    qu est ce que cette robe de merde

  • you6382tube
    you6382tube Year ago

    Looks like she's wearing a giant Ace bandage.

  • Red Sonja
    Red Sonja Year ago

    She reminds me a lot of Demi Lovate with her voice here.

  • PH W
    PH W Year ago

    She looks like she was squeezed out of a tube

  • Hollins23
    Hollins23 Year ago +1

    Oh, my gosh! They are so cute together. Jimmy is just the best! I love when he got embarrassed, and covered his face with his hands.
    I love also how he disagreed with her experience of trying to speak the language in France. His portrayal was so funny. He's just naturally hilarious! It's great how he's not afraid to make fun of himself. It really takes someone comfortable in their own skin to poke fun at themselves. 😂

  • Histoires sans Fin

    C'est "adaptateur" mdr

  • mel .10
    mel .10 Year ago +1

    She looks so Mathilda here.

  • Bella IB
    Bella IB Year ago

    all comments about her dress and none about how beautiful and sweet she is

  • Rachel Harington
    Rachel Harington Year ago

    Am I the only fucked up mind to sense a sexual tension in this

  • Miles Away
    Miles Away Year ago

    No bra at 1:58. I'm friggin' dying. She is what I want for Christmas!

  • schchen2000
    schchen2000 Year ago

    Jimmy is usually funny but I don't know why they both looked being forced to be hysterical. I see nothing funny at all all throughout the entire clip.

  • N. B.
    N. B. Year ago +2

    Hey she looks like Gal Gadot from one particular angle!

  • Helina Kops
    Helina Kops Year ago

    "Fran" "Adaptor" you're laughing. French is nevertheless a very beautiful language

  • Silent Runner
    Silent Runner Year ago

    Dress was a horrible choice. it looks like it was tightly wrapped around her top making her really flat, and all I could see was the arm and the skin flopping out of it. it looked so unlike her.

  • Lokesh Thakur
    Lokesh Thakur Year ago

    lol i actually laughed at jimmy's story for the first time, "Ajapteur" "ajapchaw" jokes lol.

  • Adrien Leblanc
    Adrien Leblanc Year ago


  • Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker Year ago

    Her hairstyle is so beautiful. I'm in love. 😍😍😍

  • Asburt
    Asburt Year ago

    they frenched??

  • MovieFan 77
    MovieFan 77 Year ago

    Jimmy have kissed Natalie ????? He's just a one lucky bastard.

  • James
    James 2 years ago

    she's just out of the shower

  • Kop Kore
    Kop Kore 2 years ago +2

    Oh my God!! Fuck the damn dress!!

  • e
    e 2 years ago +1

    what the fuck is this dress

  • The Skeptic
    The Skeptic 2 years ago +3

    lol, that dress. but she is beautiful anyways

  • James Usman
    James Usman 2 years ago +3

    I think it's awful the way he said things . France has its own language. Don't expect everyone to speak yours assole.

  • Jeremy Lee Mccoy
    Jeremy Lee Mccoy 2 years ago

    the dress gees!

  • Atashak Gem
    Atashak Gem 2 years ago +1

    Weird dress!!

  • Atashak Gem
    Atashak Gem 2 years ago +1

    she is always a bit cold personality,,,

  • shining cat
    shining cat 2 years ago

    the device is called "adaptateur" in french though, not "adapteur".

  • Cacilia Why
    Cacilia Why 2 years ago

    That is one bad-fitting dress.

  • AlMomo
    AlMomo 2 years ago

    Adaptor = adaptateur in french. That's why :)

  • Bass Red
    Bass Red 2 years ago

    Did she just hop out of the shower? Why is she wearing a towel

  • Jeanne H
    Jeanne H 2 years ago


  • Caterina Denice
    Caterina Denice 2 years ago

    Sale pute des egouts. Heureux que tu ais quitté Paris. Plus beosin de voir ta face de chienne chaque matin. Haineuse de merde!

    • Caterina Denice
      Caterina Denice 2 years ago

      Because very recently on the same show, she was vigorously complaining on how Paris was awful (she moved back to LA) and people so cold etc etc. Her argument was based on the fact that she had to follow certain rules of politeness and greet people before asking anything! Apparently she was not very familiar with the importance of respect when addressing to someone. Perhaps she was just used of giving orders to get her stuff done. Plus, when you move to a country, you try at least to show some effort to speak the language a little bit. She was living in the same building as mine, and we hated her so much. Lack of class, and extremely disrespectful lady! Happy she got the fuck out of PAris, it smells better now.

  • Panda pandiux
    Panda pandiux 2 years ago

    OMG! She forgot at home her breast implants! :0

  • Ev#
    Ev# 2 years ago


  • Leon Kane
    Leon Kane 2 years ago +12

    The only reason I can think of to why she was wearing this dress is that her boobs were injured and in healing process.

  • Katherine Valersi
    Katherine Valersi 2 years ago +1

    that bitch doesn't deserve french's respect.

  • Vlad Milo
    Vlad Milo 2 years ago +2

    fuck the usa worst country ever

    • L S
      L S 2 years ago +1

      Oh. Ok.

  • Johann Hamel
    Johann Hamel 2 years ago +4

    no they don't make any effort to understand you. im french canadian. i speak french and because of the accent they kinda laught at you and try to not understand.

  • JRSS23
    JRSS23 2 years ago +13

    nobody told her anything before she left home???

  • MissMel9110
    MissMel9110 2 years ago +20

    lol he says French people don't make the effort but I had the same experience when I went to America and the guy at the airport wouldn't understand my accent lol. Also, it's adaptateur, not adapteur. LOL

  • kathleen woods
    kathleen woods 2 years ago +1

    who cares about her dress....I'm moving to France permanently with my dual citizenship, and I won't be wearing a dress. Toulouse :)

    • adrian chandra
      adrian chandra 2 years ago

      kathleen woods then what will you be wearing?

  • Yoona Lee
    Yoona Lee 2 years ago +2

    Does anyone know who she is wearing? I'd like to know which designers to avoid ..

  • Maurice Williams
    Maurice Williams 2 years ago

    Do celebrities wear the same outfit more than once?

  • Aurélie
    Aurélie 2 years ago +1

    It's funny that Jimmy Fallon complained about french people not understanding the american accent because I've heard his joke a hundred times but the other way around, like french people complaining that the american do not understand them even if they say the right word. So we all have the same problems haha

  • Fabio Ramirez
    Fabio Ramirez 2 years ago

    That dress looks really uncomfortable..

  • ElArteEsSoloCreatividad
    ElArteEsSoloCreatividad 2 years ago +1

    Esa man siin paro se fue en toalla al show

  • Pauline Petit
    Pauline Petit 2 years ago +2

    *3 years later and she messed up our country XD*

  • Richard Link
    Richard Link 2 years ago +1

    Oh ,,.. oh i do not care for you silly americans and all your voting ,.. i am french you see !!!

  • you and i are like my buttcheeks after all the shit that goes between us we always get back together

    how did a hot woman like her manage to make herself look average? oh hello the dress

  • Bienvenue Atous
    Bienvenue Atous 2 years ago +9

    And that journalist hates France because of an "adapter" (adaptateur) ? Poor narrow minded man !

    • Thomas D
      Thomas D 2 years ago

      In Arabic countries, they spend more time with you because they want you to buy all their store !! ;) I'm french :)

    • madmoose144
      madmoose144 2 years ago +2

      To be fair, I studied French for several years before I went to France, and I had the same experience Jimmy described (although in tougher situations than getting an adapter). If your accent is a bit off, many (but not most) people will pretend they don't understand you - even if you;re off by one letter, they won't put in the effort to figure out what you mean. Had a totally different experience in an Arabic speaking country, people will spend minutes trying to get you because they appreciate you trying to speak their language.

    • Danny Bangsat
      Danny Bangsat 2 years ago +2

      it was a joke

  • taha amer
    taha amer 2 years ago

    French are assholes.

    • Raphaël GAUTIER
      Raphaël GAUTIER 2 years ago

      Ta gueule

    • Bienvenue Atous
      Bienvenue Atous 2 years ago +3

      taha amer, French are what they are. The Americans who travel abroad can't expect every country to have the same way of life and speak their language. Don't travel then !

  • Poupou le chou
    Poupou le chou 2 years ago +9

    The correct word is "adaptateur", not "adapter" or whatever he was trying to say ahah, no wonder the guy didn't understand

    • Bienvenue Atous
      Bienvenue Atous 2 years ago +4

      Do american people know what the word "culture" means, apart from food, movies and TV ?

  • Max Tagliatelle
    Max Tagliatelle 2 years ago +1

    stay in your usa bitch

  • miss misery
    miss misery 2 years ago


  • Mosa Zainb
    Mosa Zainb 2 years ago +1

    Natalie Portman I love you ...

  • Lara Debbane
    Lara Debbane 2 years ago

    her dress is like a toilet paper roll

  • Shirinka Derky
    Shirinka Derky 2 years ago

    it's adaptateur haha xD

  • Grégoire Ezanno
    Grégoire Ezanno 2 years ago


  • Back Stabbath
    Back Stabbath 2 years ago +6

    Is no one gonna comment on how she would just hang out with the SNL crew and drink when she was in HIGH SCHOOL

  • KlassyKat45
    KlassyKat45 2 years ago

    Horrible dress. She looks very uncomfortable.

  • Ras Al Paul
    Ras Al Paul 2 years ago +6

    Terrible hair and dress

  • Hewa Mamyounis
    Hewa Mamyounis 2 years ago +1

    Natalie being there officially makes France the greatest country in the world

  • Batty1977
    Batty1977 2 years ago +4

    She's beautiful but yeah that's a terrible dress...
    But can we just think about Jimmy's hair back in early 2000s???

  • CitizenOWorld
    CitizenOWorld 2 years ago

    Whoever styled her should be shot. That dress looks like torture!

  • Courtney Mahoney
    Courtney Mahoney 2 years ago

    weirdly fit dress ha

  • annagrace
    annagrace 3 years ago +78

    Someone didn't try sitting down in that dress before going out on the stage...

  • A 880209
    A 880209 3 years ago

    was she punished for appearing on this show ! it looks like somebody bound her body and made it more tiny. Trump would not approve. Clearly she is not 10 anymore :)

  • Heather Griffin
    Heather Griffin 3 years ago +13

    She is perfect...but that dress is ALL WRONG and ill-fitting. Shame on you dress-designeurrrr ;) lol

  • Pili MT
    Pili MT 3 years ago

    That is one ugly ass dress.

  • NikonChic 954
    NikonChic 954 3 years ago

    I'm in pain looking at her dress!! Ouch man that uncomfortable!!!

  • LoveofVelvet
    LoveofVelvet 3 years ago +2

    This can't be it!!! 😕😟 I love Natalie Portman! I ADORE HER!!!! She always dresses so impeccably, always! But who said to her that this is a good idea?
    This corset is so badly designed, making her look like a stuffed sausage. It's hard to watch!!! 😥 I will love her still and always. 💘

  • Brandon Green
    Brandon Green 3 years ago +11

    I love Natalie Portman, but that dress is not flattering at all. Her boobs did a Houdini!

    • Kop Kore
      Kop Kore 2 years ago

      Bahahaha a Houdini? Crazy... 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Aguilian Aguilian
    Aguilian Aguilian 3 years ago +2

    is hat a medical corset? scholiosis brace?

    • Laura Delalande
      Laura Delalande 2 years ago

      Yes! I wear one and it feels like that. I feel her pain!

  • saliea
    saliea 3 years ago

    Adapteur LOL

  • byronvampire
    byronvampire 3 years ago

    the dress looks to tight and too high.

  • Rishik Changwal
    Rishik Changwal 3 years ago

    Somehow..Alison Brie and Natalie Portman relates to me !!

  • Close7o Thesky
    Close7o Thesky 3 years ago

    oh my gooosh what a beautilful choice of dress

    • Close7o Thesky
      Close7o Thesky 3 years ago

      Jimmy Fallon trying hard on not to laugh...

  • Israel Cazares
    Israel Cazares 3 years ago +1

    She´s is so symphatic and is contagious !!

  • Robert Taggart
    Robert Taggart 3 years ago +1

    You are lovely natalie portman

  • Alizée Moimoi
    Alizée Moimoi 3 years ago

    ADAPTATEUR not "adapteur" :p

  • wildflowers2007
    wildflowers2007 3 years ago

    The dress is chalking her , it's hanging her

  • Marius
    Marius 3 years ago +8

    3:12 I keep coming here for her reaction

  • Thomas Zizzo
    Thomas Zizzo 3 years ago

    what did natalie say at the beginning? "We crunched?" ?

  • Camille Langlois
    Camille Langlois 3 years ago +507

    I scrolled down just to see the comments about her dress...

  • Ashleigh Leahh
    Ashleigh Leahh 3 years ago

    Her dress!!!Why???

  • Jck pkmon10
    Jck pkmon10 3 years ago

    there was a terrorist attack there is she alright

  • SmithsonianSamurai
    SmithsonianSamurai 3 years ago

    damn that dress look real stupid. she looks like she just got ou tof the shower

  • Leena Park
    Leena Park 3 years ago +1

    The epitome of skinny fat.