Wage War - "Gravity" LIVE! @ Warped Tour 2018

  • Published on Oct 29, 2018
  • Watch Wage War perform their hit single "Gravity" LIVE at Warped Tour 2018 in Las Vegas, NV!
    Audio mixed by: Matt Thomas @ AshTone Audio
    Video by: CaliberTV & BVTV Music
    Thumbnail photo by: Luis Velez
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  • BVTV Music
    BVTV Music  8 months ago +37

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  • Hunter Lail
    Hunter Lail Day ago

    Anyone notice the bitch texting on stage behind the set.....what could be more interesting than whats in front of you right now....

  • Max po
    Max po 5 days ago

    I'm losing hope, I'm out of touch
    Too late to say "I've had enough"
    It's like every breath could be my last
    My demons won't stay in the past
    All alone
    On my own
    Pull me close I feel the water reach around my neck
    Don't let go just show me that there's better days ahead
    Make me see how I'm only half the person I should be
    Pull me close set me free from this gravity
    I can't run forward and keep looking back
    Hindsight has left me where I'm at
    I tried to run but I couldn't see
    That you were right beside me
    All alone
    On my own
    Pull me close I feel the water reach around my neck
    Don't let go just show me that there's better days ahead
    Make me see how I'm only half the person I should be
    Pull me close set me free from this gravity
    There is a light in the tunnel but it's distant
    On my own and I don't think that I can fix this
    Set me free from this gravity
    Pull me close I feel the water reach around my neck
    Don't let go just show me that there's better days ahead
    Make me see how I'm only half the person I should be
    Pull me close set me free from this gravity
    Pull me close set me free from this gravity

  • kaetsteak
    kaetsteak 11 days ago +2

    Amazing live performance. I like Wage War more and more everyday.

  • Switch Nigs
    Switch Nigs 20 days ago

    This is not gravity o.O

  • Burrel Vann Jr
    Burrel Vann Jr Month ago



    What kind of pickups do y’all use?? Sounds heavy! ❤️

  • Daniel Lovrich
    Daniel Lovrich Month ago

    that snare sound :OOOO

  • Duane Willis
    Duane Willis Month ago

    Not real live audio. Doctored, like all bands similar. Adding live points to it does not fool me. Cheaters.

  • skizzwins
    skizzwins Month ago

    Those vocals... Bend me over and fuck me sideways. This is SO EPIC.

  • Titouan Benegui
    Titouan Benegui Month ago +1

    How to ruin Amber by Stick to Your Guns for everyone :(
    The ... profound STYG influence on the riffs/ the rip off is so obvious it feels wrong...

  • Dustin Trinklein
    Dustin Trinklein 2 months ago

    Who ever ran that sound check deserves a Blowjob. Band held up their end phenomenally as well.

  • Henry Woods
    Henry Woods 2 months ago


    -WOWMOLA- 2 months ago

    The most beautiful song ive listened to in years. TY Wage War.

  • brutalshoe
    brutalshoe 2 months ago +6

    Excuse me what?
    I've never heard a sound quality like this, this is brilliant!

  • Tom Knox
    Tom Knox 2 months ago

    their "softer" music is soo much better than their harder stuff

  • Xhemoen Maass
    Xhemoen Maass 3 months ago

    drums sound like TJL drum samples

  • Brendan Warner
    Brendan Warner 3 months ago +1

    What a fucking band

  • paolo anacleto wong
    paolo anacleto wong 3 months ago

    Ronnie radke got a face tatoo.how come he is better than that flabby beegees guy.

  • Kenny T
    Kenny T 3 months ago +2

    This is killer audio quality, did you guys do any bands at swanfest???

  • Thibaut Hupperts
    Thibaut Hupperts 3 months ago

    This mix man holy fuck

  • Shilo Murphy
    Shilo Murphy 3 months ago

    Yo, for real though, whatever happened to that DGD set from Concerts In The Park? You kept hyping it up when it first came around and now it's almost a year later. 😆 Come on, let's get it up already.

    • BVTV Music
      BVTV Music  3 months ago

      +Shilo Murphy It’s been done. It’s up to the band when it gets released. If it were up to us it’d already be out.

  • weian87
    weian87 3 months ago

    gruffy looking matt damon on bass

  • Ryan Chrencik
    Ryan Chrencik 3 months ago +1

    I could see Wage War every year the rest of my life and never get sick of it

  • HAN Lin
    HAN Lin 3 months ago

    which fender is he using?

  • Agustín Ballesteros
    Agustín Ballesteros 4 months ago +1

    Didn't know Theon Greyjoy played bass for Wage War

    • Trividon
      Trividon 3 months ago

      I knew he looked familiar to me haha

  • Collin Dunne
    Collin Dunne 4 months ago

    Again saying it but they are so fucking good live

  • Blood Sweat and Gears
    Blood Sweat and Gears 4 months ago

    The breakdown is fucking just 😍😍

  • Brandon Ogilvie
    Brandon Ogilvie 4 months ago +2

    this song brings tears to my eyes. thank you dudes

  • derrick johnson
    derrick johnson 4 months ago

    No fucking way this is live..if it is im fucki g floorboarded!!!

  • blazeboy798
    blazeboy798 5 months ago

    These guys are amazing live, I saw them in London when they were supporting August burns red. Amazing band, first ever gig i went to just incredible.

  • Daniel Everett
    Daniel Everett 5 months ago

    One of those guitars is definitely not a loud as the other...

    • colorblind101a
      colorblind101a 4 months ago +1

      Check your listening source, just metered it they're matched

  • Gaurav Bundel
    Gaurav Bundel 5 months ago

    that's how every live metal song should be on youtube... great job!

  • Laura MacKinnon
    Laura MacKinnon 6 months ago

    I hope Seth got over whatever was giving him RBF that day.

  • Dustin Trinklein
    Dustin Trinklein 6 months ago +1

    Damn! they nailed it. Fucking flawless performance.

  • Rossi Din
    Rossi Din 7 months ago +1


  • Jaelson Flavio
    Jaelson Flavio 7 months ago

    This Live is so goodd that it's almost better as the recorded song❤

  • Gabriel Santos
    Gabriel Santos 7 months ago

    Cody´s harmonics in the final make the song more BADASS

  • Silvan van den Boom
    Silvan van den Boom 7 months ago

    Wow his live singing is so amazing

  • wecreateourownfate wecreateourownfate

    Love you guys

  • Hattifnattens
    Hattifnattens 7 months ago

    Its like Breaking Benjamin

  • Misael Mendoza
    Misael Mendoza 7 months ago +2

    11 idiots

  • iloveally209
    iloveally209 7 months ago

    That looks like Matt galucci from my ticket home on bass lol

  • Steven Eisenberg
    Steven Eisenberg 7 months ago

    Their "front of house" sound engineer, Shelby, is amazing at getting the best of Wage War!!

  • lilitui
    lilitui 7 months ago

    holly shit!

  • Ryan Charboneau
    Ryan Charboneau 7 months ago

    This isn’t completely live. Listen to any of the other hundreds of recordings on TVclip of them, they don’t sound nearly that good vocally live. This is enhanced audio in post production.

  • Orlando Marin
    Orlando Marin 7 months ago

    Shit they sound great live... Vocals are a great combo :)

  • jkandte
    jkandte 8 months ago

    I've been attending shows and playing in bands live over the last 15 years and never heard something this clean. I don't see how it can possibly be a pure live sound. If you did mix this ashtonaudio that's awesome man but I would think you would be employed by a huge band by now, a much bigger band than Wage War. No metal bands sound has been this clean in the history of the genre haha

    • jkandte
      jkandte 8 months ago

      okay well that explains the quality

    • BVTV Music
      BVTV Music  8 months ago

      +jkandte This isn’t the live mix that the crowd heard. It’s a multitrack recording from the show that’s mixed specifically for the video, so we have the ability to do a lot more compression and processing that you can’t normally do live without running into feedback and latency.

  • Tanner Travers
    Tanner Travers 8 months ago +9

    man, those cleans. Wow

    • Guzzo Projects
      Guzzo Projects 4 months ago

      Tanner Travers they’re amazing but it’s metal not punk

  • Alba Gu Brah
    Alba Gu Brah 8 months ago

    Fantastic vocals and awesome mix. Great job lads.

  • Dalton
    Dalton 8 months ago

    Steven doesn't even use his other kick pedal much in this song lol

  • tristananvilcaster
    tristananvilcaster 8 months ago

    Amazing mix, amazing live band 😁 can't wait to see them again!

  • Andrew Clark
    Andrew Clark 8 months ago

    RIP Warped😥

  • Fernando Vasconcellos
    Fernando Vasconcellos 8 months ago +1

    Love this channel

  • ah00362
    ah00362 8 months ago

    Don't change a thing. Jeremy McKinnon is doing a great job.Mix them both on vocals on every song. Sold out arenas across the country.

  • Chronic_Breakdown
    Chronic_Breakdown 8 months ago

    So amazing.

  • Rafa Gallart
    Rafa Gallart 8 months ago +1

    Those live clean vocals... OMG!!!!!!!!! AWESOME

  • Wandesson Souza
    Wandesson Souza 8 months ago

    Cadê os BR nos comentários ?

  • Alec Minor
    Alec Minor 8 months ago

    This is def a studio and live version in one mix. Sorry these guys aren’t that good live. Great song but come on people. Seriously.

    • AltimusPrime8
      AltimusPrime8 6 months ago

      Lol gtfo. Not good live 😂😂

    • Dalton
      Dalton 8 months ago

      Hahah aren't good live?? Show me a video that they weren't good live

    • BVTV Music
      BVTV Music  8 months ago +3

      This is 100% from the live show, just mixed in post for the video.

  • Cristopher Nostim
    Cristopher Nostim 8 months ago +1

    Very tight , well mixed . Great vocals and guitar tone .

  • Paintgun Massacre
    Paintgun Massacre 8 months ago +4

    It's bands like you guys that is worth any price to go see live ! Keep making life HEAVY 🤘

  • MrcLMusicGER
    MrcLMusicGER 8 months ago +8

    Did he actually spilled Monster Energy on his head ?

    • TheExodus14
      TheExodus14 8 months ago +5

      MrcLMusicGER “monster tour water” it’s just water in a monster can for branding purposes.

  • Pollock330
    Pollock330 8 months ago

    this is a really good performance

  • Seath Bay
    Seath Bay 8 months ago +2

    Hey guys im really inspired by wage war! my band recently dropped their first single it would be amazing if I could get a couple of you guys to give us some feedback ill drop a link: @

  • Kevin Wetzel
    Kevin Wetzel 8 months ago

    One of the Best Live Vocals in the Scene right now! Keep it goin guys!

  • Aaron Frotten
    Aaron Frotten 8 months ago

    Metalcore is so gay lol

  • jkandte
    jkandte 8 months ago

    people know this isn't live right?? haha

    • Dalton
      Dalton 8 months ago

      @ashtoneaudio lol ik I was talking to jkandte

    • ashtoneaudio
      ashtoneaudio 8 months ago

      I mixed this. This is live.

    • Dalton
      Dalton 8 months ago

      Lol what are you smoking??

    • ashtoneaudio
      ashtoneaudio 8 months ago

      This is absolutely live.

  • Agiird
    Agiird 8 months ago

    I love this honestly ❤

  • Kirstie Barton
    Kirstie Barton 8 months ago +9

    Briton NEEDS to do more cleans. 😭 I absolutely love his clean vocals

  • j3ssexxx
    j3ssexxx 8 months ago

    I like this band but this would be so much better raw without all that auto tune.

    • Dalton
      Dalton 8 months ago

      Lol what autotune?

  • Lucas Gasques
    Lucas Gasques 8 months ago


  • Ollie Huxford
    Ollie Huxford 8 months ago

    Damm this is soo good. Love the Acoustic version to.

  • Tyler Hagen
    Tyler Hagen 8 months ago

    Does Briton pour Monster on his head at the very beginning?! Man...I have been using it wrong all these years.

    • Grant Gleason
      Grant Gleason 3 months ago +1

      Tyler Hagen monster is the sponsor of warped tour so they give bands the monster cans put just put water in them

  • War Ghost squad
    War Ghost squad 8 months ago

    What the point in having a lead singer if the gutair play sings lol just kick the extra dude and have bass sing lol

    • Dalton
      Dalton 8 months ago +1

      First time listening to wage war I I would guess?

    • BVTV Music
      BVTV Music  8 months ago +3

      The lead guy screams. This is the only song that he doesn’t have any significant parts in.

  • Hardcore Dad
    Hardcore Dad 8 months ago

    Hey Brighton we don need you to this one broh

  • Trevor Sullivan
    Trevor Sullivan 8 months ago +23

    Could really use some ice nine kills if you got any

  • Voyta Pacesny
    Voyta Pacesny 8 months ago

    this song is so fucking bad, wage war can write amazing music, but these clean vocal filled songs where the singer just awkwardly walks around on stage for 80% of the songs are horrendous

    • Dalton
      Dalton 8 months ago +1

      I think your stupid so I guess we both have our opinions

  • Silence Machine
    Silence Machine 8 months ago +1

    we need more of this dear caliber tv !

  • Eldy Khongjee
    Eldy Khongjee 8 months ago

    Always my favourite band....keep up..

  • Schnoot On mi nootss
    Schnoot On mi nootss 8 months ago

    Yo who ever mixed this is a fucking god

  • Cringelord Divine
    Cringelord Divine 8 months ago +1

    Getting a bit tired of this kind of crowd in almost every live video of a band I see. Move a bit, make the band playing feel a bit nice don't sit and stare like standing corpses Jesus.

  • Karina Perusset
    Karina Perusset 8 months ago +6

    akhirnya ada juga yang soundnya bagus gini:(

  • Casey Martz
    Casey Martz 8 months ago

    Twenty one and the River by wage war as well

  • Mr Str
    Mr Str 8 months ago +1

    That snare

  • Pete Paul
    Pete Paul 8 months ago

    Pretty fxckin rad, definitely tight live. They killed it day in and out.
    Looking forward to a stage presence in the coming years..

  • Leonel Aranda
    Leonel Aranda 8 months ago

    alguien de argentina?

  • blandbrothers
    blandbrothers 8 months ago

    such a clean mix

  • Ahmad hebriansyah
    Ahmad hebriansyah 8 months ago

    soundnya mantap

  • Rahul Barman
    Rahul Barman 8 months ago

    Wow ❤❤❤

  • R. Clark
    R. Clark 8 months ago

    God they're so good

  • Raphaël Laliberté
    Raphaël Laliberté 8 months ago +2

    This is such a great song

  • Douglas Souza
    Douglas Souza 8 months ago

    Porraaaaaaaaaa, love this music

  • Sweet Jones III
    Sweet Jones III 8 months ago

    Somebody's going commercial 👎💩

    • Dalton
      Dalton Month ago

      just because they have a slow pace song doesn't mean they are going commercial

  • Vasage X
    Vasage X 8 months ago

    they are Freaking killer

  • Wage War
    Wage War 8 months ago +609

    Thanks for watching everyone!

    • Christopher Lee
      Christopher Lee Month ago

      Thank you

    • Paul MachineVIP
      Paul MachineVIP 3 months ago

    • Nahvell
      Nahvell 5 months ago

      Come to Argentina pleaseee!!

    • RageQuitSchmitt
      RageQuitSchmitt 7 months ago

      You guys really are my new favorite band and have helped me big time with a very tough split with my ex fiancé. Love you guys and you have my full support.

    • Jonny Reid
      Jonny Reid 8 months ago

      An absolute kickass band! fkin love it! Seeing you live is on the bucketlist!

  • josesaso0
    josesaso0 8 months ago +2

    Sounds insanely good, Great job!

  • Felipe Mangabeira
    Felipe Mangabeira 8 months ago

    Issues pls

  • fat jesus
    fat jesus 8 months ago

    Fuck these guys are good

  • Dillon Jones
    Dillon Jones 8 months ago

    My jam

  • DrumsAndMetal
    DrumsAndMetal 8 months ago +188

    This audio could deadass be used on a live CD absolutely fantastic mixing shout out Matt Thomas

    • Sean Shields
      Sean Shields 9 days ago +1

      @Jesus Christ the video is the live performance, but the track sounds like a studio track mixed with the live adlibs. Compared to the other live videos from this same show.

    • Sean Shields
      Sean Shields 9 days ago +1

      @Jesus Christ Sweet! Mix just sounds really good.

    • Jesus Christ
      Jesus Christ 9 days ago +2

      @Sean Shields its live. I was there.

    • Sean Shields
      Sean Shields 27 days ago

      That's because it's a mix of studio and live, no way this is live, compared to other tracks from the same show.

    • ashtoneaudio
      ashtoneaudio 8 months ago +17

      Thank you!