Everything You Missed In The Last Jedi Trailer

  • Published on Oct 10, 2017
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    With only a couple of months to go until the film's release, Disney tantalized Star Wars fans with a new trailer for the latest chapter in the Skywalker saga — Star Wars: The Last Jedi. According to director Rian Johnson, fans who want to go in completely clean might actually want to skip watching the trailer. But if potential spoilers hold no power over you, let's take a look at what you might've missed in The Last Jedi's new trailer...
    Luke's biggest fear | 0:23
    Rey's journey | 1:07
    Kylo's moment of truth | 1:52
    Finn's weapon | 2:33
    New creatures | 3:20
    The Battle of Crait | 3:47
    Snoke's identity | 4:19
    The Millennium Falcon soars again | 5:16
    Poe's fire | 5:47
    Frenemies | 6:11
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  • Looper
    Looper  2 months ago +187

    What other small details in The Last Jedi trailer do you think should've made this list?

    • A. Ie Stewart
      A. Ie Stewart Day ago

      Looper. i. L ove. it

      AWSOMUS PRIME 9 days ago

      Looper How luke loose his covering on his hand?

    • Nathaniel. K
      Nathaniel. K 14 days ago

      Looper I think the part where rey breaks the ground and Luke say he saw that kind of raw strength before if he wasn't scared then he was scared now he was referring to when he himself fought darth vader and cut off his dads hand,and at that point you saw Luke was fighting with anger or the dark side of the forced,and saw his dad had a mechanical hand just like him and was afraid to be like him

    • the chef
      the chef 14 days ago

      Looper TR-8R

    • Marianne Guilbaud
      Marianne Guilbaud 23 days ago


  • Window cleaner
    Window cleaner 4 hours ago


  • Window cleaner
    Window cleaner 4 hours ago

    Raeh turns to the dark side I'm calling it.

  • CringeDD
    CringeDD 22 hours ago +1

    I feel like ben solo is Rey’s dad

    LENNY FACE Day ago

    M1 abrams speed is 30 mph
    Walker speed is like 5
    X wing rpm about 600
    F-35 3000

  • lavacreep12
    lavacreep12 Day ago

    It’s a penguin 🐧 (da thing on thumbnail)

  • thedarkness97
    thedarkness97 Day ago

    More like 2 days now 😊

  • well_ then
    well_ then 3 days ago +2

    I think snoke is palpatine

  • MacePort
    MacePort 3 days ago

    wait dont u voice the genderless child in smashbits animation "if undertale was realistic"

  • Jené Riddell
    Jené Riddell 3 days ago

    This guy sounds like a worker from SmashBits Animations

  • RandomNerfer 13
    RandomNerfer 13 4 days ago

    Snoke is mace windu

  • Starfishkid 34
    Starfishkid 34 4 days ago

    Ur the guy from smash bits

  • Jasper-Dean Croll
    Jasper-Dean Croll 4 days ago

    He still could be plagus because he can change body's just like vitiate in swtor

  • That Xbox guy
    That Xbox guy 5 days ago

    Is this dexter manning

  • lewis gibson
    lewis gibson 6 days ago

    can't wait for the film !!0!!!!!0

  • Ding dong Bing bong
    Ding dong Bing bong 8 days ago

    just ten more days!

  • Bella Bean
    Bella Bean 9 days ago +1


    Just kidding but he or she is so cute

  • Elijah Howard
    Elijah Howard 10 days ago

    Cost gaze cut potentially service useful regarding draw research finance

  • Aoife Mullins
    Aoife Mullins 11 days ago

    liar I saw everything in the trailer

  • Plan C
    Plan C 15 days ago

    It's obvious Leah will die as she died in real life

  • Ash 5
    Ash 5 16 days ago

    "Sky Walker Saga"?

  • Petteri Kaura-aho
    Petteri Kaura-aho 16 days ago

    If not mistaken it seems that Kylo is limping in the overhead shot with stormtroopers.

  • Holographic Unicorn
    Holographic Unicorn 17 days ago +1

    nope. i think this is wrong. Luke saying that "he's seen this raw strength only once before" might lead us into thinking that it is Kylo Ren. actually, i think he is talking about Palpatine. Therefore meaning, Rey is the daughter of Palpatine. This makes sense that Luke doesn't want to train Rey in the end because after all, Palpatine didn't even use a lightsaber to hurt Luke, he used "raw strength" lightning like, power from his hands. Also when Rey opens up the lightsaber it makes the exact same screech that Palpatine makes while he is killing the other Jedi. Also, Snoke is saying to Rey that she needs to fulfil what she is meant to be. I'm pretty sure that's Snoke referring to the fact that her dad or possibly grandad is evil, therefore she has to be evil. Someone made a theory about this, go and watch it ;)

  • Swag Lord420
    Swag Lord420 18 days ago

    u sound like the guy from smash bits

  • Trouts of Insanity
    Trouts of Insanity 18 days ago

    Yay Dexter Manning

  • William Ogle
    William Ogle 20 days ago

    so i also think rey is snokes grand daughter

  • William Ogle
    William Ogle 20 days ago

    snoke i think is palpatine

  • Alpha Brick Studios
    Alpha Brick Studios 22 days ago

    Snoke is Darth Sidios

  • Michael Fitzgerald
    Michael Fitzgerald 22 days ago

    Mr Looper, you are making connections that the trailer WANTS you to make. Any veteran movie-goer will know that trailers are almost always misleading, particularly on things that they seem to link.

  • Ryan Booth
    Ryan Booth 23 days ago

    Interceptor's are my fav, what's yours?

  • spring trap
    spring trap 23 days ago

    Of course he’s gonna Kill her. Her actor is dead

  • Stopmotion Frames
    Stopmotion Frames 24 days ago

    Snoke is ...

    ... the Stormtrooper who hit his head in a new hope!

  • That guy You don't know

    Are you from smashbits...yes? I KNEW IT

  • Melissa144800
    Melissa144800 24 days ago

    Omg smoke looks exactly like emperor palpatine

  • vanhouten64
    vanhouten64 24 days ago

    I hope no younglings are killed in this movie

  • brandon Raine
    brandon Raine 25 days ago


  • Mr. Dead meme
    Mr. Dead meme 26 days ago

    Snoke is a Porg.

  • Gabrielle Dawson
    Gabrielle Dawson 26 days ago

    You should watch the super Carlin brother analysis of the trailer they did a really well

  • Sour Introvert
    Sour Introvert 27 days ago +1

    Mat on December the 15th dammit

  • The BeastMuffin7
    The BeastMuffin7 27 days ago

    Your the dude from smoshBits

  • Continuous Rift
    Continuous Rift 29 days ago

    Dexter manning should stop voicing for these people and stay with arcade cloud

  • neemguy81
    neemguy81 Month ago

    How come no one has talked about the possibility that Plagueis created Anakin "There was no father." and possibly Rey through the manipulation of the force?

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  • Marco Geração
    Marco Geração Month ago +1

    I bet that freaking ridiculous flying chihuahua in chewie's scene, will be the next toy for Disney to sell. Milk it while it lasts Disney because you're destroying the franchise. Graaaaawwwwwwllllllll !

  • Sean O'conor
    Sean O'conor Month ago

    Thanks for showing that clip at the end I've not seen all the force awakens yet

  • Isabella Nash
    Isabella Nash Month ago

    Snoke is Jar Jar plot twist

  • Yves LaFayette
    Yves LaFayette Month ago +1

    Who thinks the Millenium Falcon is a bit outdated?

  • Taylor Barbieri
    Taylor Barbieri Month ago

    I hope they Nerf Rey. She was too O.P. last movie. She was too powerful with no training...

  • kikeelmacho
    kikeelmacho Month ago

    Disney is not magic any more.  Now everybody can use a light saber, gggg, Troopers has jedi skills to gggg. KM Disney. Lucas please, protect the force and the legend.

  • Testing123Testing123Testing123Testing123 Preston

    I really hope that Kylo Ren is still on the, well, borderline side of the force. It's not unseen in Star Wars. If you think of it, it could be Anakin all over again. Good, then bad, then good.
    Then good...hmm

  • Harlo Bizzaro
    Harlo Bizzaro Month ago

    Who’s hand pops out of the burning wood? That’s what I want to know!

  • Ricky Chan
    Ricky Chan Month ago

    That little new creature with black, white and orange looks like a emoga from pokemon.

  • A
    A Month ago

    Kylo will kill leia because the actor of leia died last year.

  • Sloth Productions
    Sloth Productions Month ago

    Smoke is darth plagas the wise

  • Sheriff Squidd
    Sheriff Squidd Month ago

    I'm only here for Porg

  • Plush Time Djjackolantern

    Can we have more fetts hmmm like porg fett

    • -SSB-
      -SSB- Month ago +1

      Jar-Jar Fett

  • Rosie Mandala
    Rosie Mandala Month ago

    That orange thing was awesome. (the animal)

    • qazwax
      qazwax Month ago

      Rosie Mandala Porg.

  • Favcrunch Hiew
    Favcrunch Hiew Month ago

    Was the voice dexter maning?

  • Jack Buchanan
    Jack Buchanan Month ago

    Landos gonna be the millennium falcon captain again

  • NihilisticPancake
    NihilisticPancake Month ago

    Rey is Luke and Leia's incest child and that's why they dumped her in a remote planet and why Luke looks so freaked out when he saw her. Oh and why Leia gave her hug in TFA.

  • GravityBoy72
    GravityBoy72 Month ago

    Intercourse the penguin.

  • austin powers
    austin powers Month ago

    Kylo simply doesn't abduct rey from luke

  • Carter W
    Carter W Month ago

    am i right lads or am i right lads

  • the troll boss
    the troll boss Month ago

    You know u sound just like that voice actor from smashbits animations am i right lads?

  • Conner McGregor
    Conner McGregor Month ago

    Um no... you mean Ben Skywalker Luke’s son kylo ren

  • Nicholas Christopher

    I have one thing to say Kylo ren will shoot down the bridge on the ship because Leia’s actor has died so Disney will have to kill off Leia.

  • husaan shabendri
    husaan shabendri Month ago

    Kylo's moment of Jar Jar
    Snoke's identity is Jar Jar
    Luke's biggest fear is Jar Jar
    Poe's Jar Jar
    Battle of Jar Jar
    Frenemies:Ray and Jar Jar

  • JNT_ Gaming YT
    JNT_ Gaming YT Month ago

    We have a cute creature though

  • David Mighton
    David Mighton Month ago

    I know that leia dies cuz her original actor died

  • Matthew Soto
    Matthew Soto Month ago

    Saw new type of at- st for the first order behind Finn and phasma

  • allan das
    allan das Month ago

    Snoke may be super old palpatine

  • Len Lemon
    Len Lemon Month ago

    Why does this guy sound like the guy from smash bits animation

  • Pulsar Thuban
    Pulsar Thuban Month ago

    Am I right lads or am I right lads?

  • Liam Sales
    Liam Sales Month ago

    The ship with Leia on has to get destroyed as the actor who played her died towards the beginning of filming.

  • Michael Bobb
    Michael Bobb Month ago

    cool to see that snoke isn't a 30ft tall guy(I guess my dad was right, he is just normal sized) but this was kinda spoiled cause of lego

  • Evgeni Asenov
    Evgeni Asenov Month ago

    He is not that bad pilot himself LOL.Maybe in the top 3 pilots in the universe

  • Scooby douchebag
    Scooby douchebag Month ago

    Statement: If only hk-47 was canon, that way he could've shot snoke in the knees from 120 kilometers away using an aratech sniper rifle with a tri light scope

  • Jahlina  Allen
    Jahlina Allen Month ago

    Omg the animes are so cute..........CRAP IM STILL ON THE Force awakens

  • Big Stuff
    Big Stuff Month ago

    Finn is a gayer Jar Jar Binks

  • reignofrock
    reignofrock Month ago

    Should still be Plagueis.. It would tie things together beautifully.

  • Jr. Jorge  Dandoval
    Jr. Jorge Dandoval Month ago

    I’m calling that porg is a smartass bird of the series.

  • Quay
    Quay Month ago

    Snoke is obi won

  • Gay is magic
    Gay is magic Month ago

    I hope Rando returns in this movie

  • sirpugls123
    sirpugls123 Month ago

    i think that luke was afraid of either kylo or palpatines 'raw power' because palpatine had strength that luke had never seen. it didnt scare luke then because he was focused on battle. kylo is self explanetory.

  • Gengar Phantom
    Gengar Phantom Month ago

    There goes my dislike

  • micheal huertas
    micheal huertas Month ago

    okay stop with the titles. nobody missed the porgs. my girlfriend kept rewinding just so she can see the creatures.. all of this is just context not on you missed something or hidden meaning within the video

  • Blair Matheson
    Blair Matheson Month ago

    why does Everyone think obi wan is sets dad you do know the force awakens is 30 years after retern of the jedi

  • PayPal no-reply
    PayPal no-reply Month ago

    Anyone else think that snoke looks like obi wan kenobi?

  • Kaj van der Molen
    Kaj van der Molen Month ago

    collect rate overlook feedback discussion associate perform zone alien

  • Austin Devnich
    Austin Devnich Month ago

    I think he has to pull the trigger mainly because the role of her died. So sad to see a legend like her die

  • Kaelan Evans
    Kaelan Evans Month ago

    Snoke could be sideous

  • SusantheRestorer
    SusantheRestorer Month ago

    Wow-I liked the Force Awakens, but this film just looks both a tad intriguing and creepy. I really hope they don't ruin the main characters, like Rey or Luke.

  • Jinisinsane
    Jinisinsane Month ago

    Kylo will pull the trigger because cgi-ng a dead person is expensive.

  • The Crosseyed Cyclops

    Ok, I wanna point out that we haven't gotten canon confirmation that Plagueis was an alien, but even if he is, there are many alien species that look very human. I still hold that Snoke could be Plaueis, due to the script leak earlier this year implying he is Anakin's father, or had some sort of paternal interest in Anakin.

  • sos wave
    sos wave Month ago

    Do I know that voice...it couldn't be...ITS THAT GUY WHO DID THE IF_______WAS REALISTIC

  • Toby 0997
    Toby 0997 Month ago

    I think that snoke is palpatine

  • Ahunterpenguin The tech penguin

    Maybe snoke is darth sideous (the senate)

  • George Oelke
    George Oelke Month ago


  • Noah Whiteaker
    Noah Whiteaker Month ago

    If anyone had watched Star Wars rebels that big “treehouse” looked like that force animal that Kanan talked to and that little hamster thing looked like the flying mantarays

  • The Red Demon
    The Red Demon Month ago

    Dats because snoke is Jar Jar binks