Mom still does WHAT for her adult son??? | Family Feud

  • Published on Oct 17, 2019
  • If a 30-year-old man still lives at home, what wouldn't he want others to know that his mother still does for him...
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  • XNarutoNineTaleFoxX
    XNarutoNineTaleFoxX 4 days ago +3

    I feel sorry for them. After all these answers, it all got stolen.

  • Mohammed Yakub
    Mohammed Yakub 5 days ago

    That's so sad, they clear the board apart from one and the opposing team gets that one. If only it was the top 5 answers not 6

  • Mohammed Yakub
    Mohammed Yakub 5 days ago

    I would never be able to call another man's wife 'pretty'. I just think it would be cringy for me

  • dadarkvador24
    dadarkvador24 12 days ago

    Was thinking mom does shopping for her son. Surprised it's not up there

  • TheEko
    TheEko 19 days ago

    Yo ass on youtube... Ya whole damn family gonna be on youtube

  • John Kfoury
    John Kfoury 19 days ago

    A Potential Game that is Always a good Opportunity to have in the Nation

  • Nancy Watson
    Nancy Watson 19 days ago

    Lol 😂

  • Hector Vergon
    Hector Vergon 20 days ago

    I hate when the others say gooood answeerrrr

  • Gowtham N.E.K
    Gowtham N.E.K 21 day ago

    Dear lord! Have mercy!

  • jon Doe
    jon Doe 21 day ago

    Sounds like that lay still tucks her son in at night?

  • jon Doe
    jon Doe 21 day ago

    I was thinking wiping his azzzzz

  • Rebecca Lloyd
    Rebecca Lloyd 21 day ago +3

    Sean’s adorable and manly!

  • drlee2
    drlee2 22 days ago +3

    Tucks him in was the first thing I thought of. Embarrassed to do his laundry is #1? Hell, I wouldn’t care if people knew that! Lol

  • Daniel Goodrich
    Daniel Goodrich 23 days ago +2

    How many people saw the title and thought "breastfeeds him?"

  • Charlie Abbot
    Charlie Abbot 23 days ago

    If this was my 1/2 brother, it was all of the above.
    That loser sack of shyt lived at home until he was 48.
    The he went to live in prison.
    Can you say looooossseerr.

  • Jacob Witmer
    Jacob Witmer 24 days ago +1

    I would’ve laughed if “Changes his diaper” was up there! Lol

  • Nancy Howard
    Nancy Howard 24 days ago +1

    Nice suit

  • Why you wanna know my name!?

    Ouch! That must hurt, getting all but the last answer to have it stolen from you.

  • jarvis alexandro
    jarvis alexandro 25 days ago

    steve is original , authentic, n absolute funny guy ever...#funniestmaninauniverse

  • R
    R 25 days ago +13

    Still bathes and dresses him? Seriously

  • Anthony Guarino
    Anthony Guarino 26 days ago +2

    I’m 30 years old and still living with my mother but I took showers myself and always goes to bed every night. My mother always check to make sure my room’s clean but unfortunately, I’m a lazy slob.

  • Carol Howard
    Carol Howard 26 days ago +44

    But when a man gets married, now his wife does all those things his momma once did. Hmmmm

    • LemonZeppelin
      LemonZeppelin 12 days ago +1

      @Daniel Goodrich this is why you set boundaries and be honest about what you want with women. The women who you're talking about will soon filter themselves out. And it may seem unlikely but not all women these days are deluded and entitled.

    • Daniel Goodrich
      Daniel Goodrich 17 days ago

      @Traitor Doge unfortunately many women these days expect a man who works his ass of pays all the bills to come home and do all the housework. That's why one ofthe reasons why I quit dating.

    • Traitor Doge
      Traitor Doge 17 days ago +2

      Man here. Relationships are about balance. If he ain't doing 50% he ain't it. Unless the woman in interest is a stay in home wife then he should help around. If he's not paying all the bills he better be folding his own damn shirt

    • cataa mardones
      cataa mardones 21 day ago +1

      They should to that themselfes. 😑

    • Daniel Goodrich
      Daniel Goodrich 23 days ago +4

      Hopefully that includes "SPANKS HIM".

  • Joseph Taub
    Joseph Taub 26 days ago

    Steve harvey is one dumb fucking dude

  • utarian7
    utarian7 27 days ago +3

    That was a brutal steal!

  • x
    x 27 days ago +2

    I thought for sure "changes his diaper" was gonna be up there. Oops

  • Seth Struble
    Seth Struble 27 days ago

    Why the hell does a Marine need a bodyguard? As a solider who served our country of all people should know that everyone has the right and should be able to defend themselves. Whether they exercise the 2nd Amendment or choose a different method.

    • Sean Orquiola
      Sean Orquiola 26 days ago +1

      Just a joke there Seth. Just adding a little comedy to the intro. Thanks for your service and happy early Veterans Day brother.

  • Abhideep Singh
    Abhideep Singh 27 days ago

    That was insane

  • eDgar EMilio
    eDgar EMilio 27 days ago +3

    The way he said Queeeen. He didnt mean it. Lol

  • William Bilinski
    William Bilinski 27 days ago +5

    I thought someone was gonna say breastfeed 🤣

  • Mr Ckapm
    Mr Ckapm 28 days ago +2

    A Marine that has a job after getting out? That's impossible

  • Steve SIPUL
    Steve SIPUL 28 days ago

    First time I've seen a steal

  • Joe M
    Joe M 28 days ago +3

    “Chris, one ansa leff”

    • NNN
      NNN 27 days ago +1

      @Doctor Main Never try to be rational with an irrational person, especially if they're mentally ill.

    • Joe M
      Joe M 27 days ago +1

      Doctor Main - Never!!! Or as Steve would say, “Nevah!!!”

    • Doctor Main
      Doctor Main 27 days ago +1

      Bro pls stop

  • Joe M
    Joe M 28 days ago +2

    “Awright Kat ya ready?”

  • Joe M
    Joe M 28 days ago +2

    “Awright less play”

  • Joe M
    Joe M 28 days ago +4

    “Top six ansas on da board”

  • painful1978
    painful1978 28 days ago +2

    That was a steal

  • Chazz Treat
    Chazz Treat 28 days ago +3

    At least spanking is not up there

  • welbeck plange
    welbeck plange 28 days ago +61

    You know he is a marine by the way he stands and that haircut and the fitness

    • soulfulsinger 7
      soulfulsinger 7 23 days ago +1

      welbeck plange what fitness looks like he has a dad bod

    • utarian7
      utarian7 27 days ago +2

      Forreal, was practically waiting for him to say it.

    • sam s
      sam s 27 days ago +3

      and the douche vibez

    • Sean Orquiola
      Sean Orquiola 28 days ago +4

      Thank you! Semper Fi

  • James j
    James j 28 days ago +3

    The only 2 excuses for living at home when your 30+ is if you lost your job and had to move back or they have a disability. I can understand those things perfectly but all the other reasons no way.

    • Marilyn Monroe
      Marilyn Monroe 27 days ago

      Unfortunately, I have a mental disability and my mom kicked me out. Its been a year this October.😔😣am so fuckin depressed, I was in coma on April 3 bc I tried to kill myself.

    SKP HMU 28 days ago +22

    The last lady said “Tuck it in at night” irony - she knew right away because she still does that for her 30 years old son 🤫

  • letchon kawali
    letchon kawali 28 days ago

    hes so annoying

  • Loyal Smith
    Loyal Smith 28 days ago +2

    In some cultures the mamas bath their boys into the adulthood. It’s natural, not a big deal.

    • Ni Ro
      Ni Ro 14 days ago +1

      It's not natural, man. Are you crazy?

    • Shmendan
      Shmendan 23 days ago

      @Loyal Smith Maybe some cultures are just you know...a bit crap. Crap cultures.

    • Loyal Smith
      Loyal Smith 27 days ago +1

      Shmendan your ‘normal’ percentage rate depends on the cultural or ethnicity of the 100 people surveyed I would think 🤔, but I get what you are saying. My cousins, male and female are used to bathing together into their teens; which to me is weird as my mom raised my siblings and I extreme modesty .

    • Commodorefan64
      Commodorefan64 28 days ago +1

      @Shmendan Well this being the US we are talking about it's more like 99.999% of people where that's not normal.

    • Shmendan
      Shmendan 28 days ago +11

      It is not normal to 99% of people, thus, not normal.

  • Haris Naufalia
    Haris Naufalia 28 days ago +3

    Yeah..sweet home alabama

  • Trains and Band in Louisiana

    I will not live at home!

  • Semo Halan
    Semo Halan 28 days ago +1

    man !! what a lost

  • malataur
    malataur 28 days ago +18

    Glad they stole, but I never would have guessed tucks or bathes. I thought for sure that "cuts his hair" would've been up there.

  • I Play One On T.V.
    I Play One On T.V. 28 days ago +118

    Neither family gave one bad answer here. All had potential to be up there.

  • Christopher Pham
    Christopher Pham 28 days ago +18

    Sean: Let's be real. Some spots you can't reach. Got to get up in here.
    Steve: Your mama bathes you.

  • Seann Thor
    Seann Thor 28 days ago +31

    I was suprise it wasn't tity feed him. Lol

    • SmashSSL
      SmashSSL 21 day ago

      Yup, after she bathes him and tucks him in.
      And then she dresses him the next day

    • Marilyn Monroe
      Marilyn Monroe 27 days ago


    • shoobadoo123
      shoobadoo123 28 days ago +1

      ImIronic 123 a titty is a breast you dumbfuck

    • ImIronic 123
      ImIronic 123 28 days ago +1

      You mean breastfeed?

  • Mike Brown
    Mike Brown 28 days ago +5

    That is a 30 year old with serious mamma's boy issues. Where do they find the people they poll?

    MRCHOCOTACO 28 days ago

    Gets rid of pee jugs

    ROSSELLA DI PEDE 28 days ago +5

    Bathes him! That’s so specific! wth?

  • Christoffer Boman
    Christoffer Boman 28 days ago +14

    Bathes him.... hmmm... reverse JOKER anyone??

  • cyrusd johnson
    cyrusd johnson 28 days ago +5

    1:45 trash answer

  • Ismail Choudhury
    Ismail Choudhury 28 days ago +6

    All answers were very good though...

  • francisco jeannot
    francisco jeannot 28 days ago

    Hey guess what! Six years ago at Summer Camp, I flipped the table at Ms. Megan and broke her leg and her body so badly because she was being rude to me

  • Hinyikiwile Mithi
    Hinyikiwile Mithi 28 days ago +4

    Kat looks familiar. Is she famous?

  • Hellstormangel
    Hellstormangel 28 days ago +7

    Sucks him off

  • Poetic LadyChelle
    Poetic LadyChelle 28 days ago +78

    Bathes him, that's crazy. lol

    • Ni Ro
      Ni Ro 14 days ago

      And creepy!

    • Sewar Mahmoud
      Sewar Mahmoud 23 days ago

      Haven't you watched the joker?

    • Umario Taal
      Umario Taal 24 days ago

      It way common in Africa. Our moms still treat us adults like the child we were especially if you're not married.

    • NNN
      NNN 27 days ago

      @S. C. Pretty sure that would work!.....NOT!!

    • abady com
      abady com 27 days ago

      Its a question not talking about someone

  • Saralicious _786
    Saralicious _786 28 days ago +3

    He cuddle his mom when he sleep