Why Robert Mueller Is Saving Trump Aide Roger Stone For Last | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

  • Published on Mar 7, 2018
  • New heat on Trump’s longtime ally and former campaign adviser, Roger Stone after Sam Nunberg alleges Bob Mueller is targeting his mentor. In a new interview, Stone reveals a new Russia-WikiLeaks defense and says he has not heard from Mueller.
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    Why Robert Mueller Is Saving Trump Aide Roger Stone For Last | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Comments • 841

  • Jeff Tatus
    Jeff Tatus 2 months ago

    Stone hasn't likely told a truth... since he decided to get hair implants; maybe longer (if you look at who he worked for/with).

  • Each And Eberything
    Each And Eberything 3 months ago

    LOL. He toatally did it.

  • Frying Pan
    Frying Pan 3 months ago

    Ms. Stone will get 5 years and only serve 18 months. During that time she will have a stroke and die. Nixon would be proud of you Ms. Roger.

  • HeyGuy4321
    HeyGuy4321 3 months ago


  • HeyGuy4321
    HeyGuy4321 3 months ago


  • Dana Corbin
    Dana Corbin 3 months ago +1

    Dude you really need to pick your "mentors" better.

  • Michael_TEACHER-UK Teacher

    This is a corrupt and Mafia style Politician - Trumps top General - the FBI needed to be in complete control here in this arrest and not arrest Stone just turning up at his door! There could have been a 'Tip Off' and many protesters could have formed outside Stones property and caused a riot! That would have turned out really bad! Better to have a good plan and be prepared for the worst! They behaved appropriately on this occasion. Good FBI tactics. I am proud of them. Well done.

  • Andy
    Andy 4 months ago +1

    We got him!

  • Timothy Monhollen
    Timothy Monhollen 4 months ago

    Can’t believe how much a POTUS is hated because he doesn’t give leftists warm fuzzy feelings in their stomach, and hurts feelings sometimes.😪😪😪

  • Mike Villano
    Mike Villano 4 months ago

    MSLSD views are ideological slaves and mental zombies brainwashed to the core like the 2 clowns behind me who commented 10 months ago.
    So pathetic.

  • Eve Rabi
    Eve Rabi 5 months ago

    By now Donald Tramp should know that snakes always turn on each other. Ruthless Stone will be no exception.

  • pacmangs 1975
    pacmangs 1975 5 months ago

    Lock him up.scumbag#1.lol lol

  • Crurned
    Crurned 5 months ago

    Heaven's Gate leader looking mofo.

  • michael demeo
    michael demeo 5 months ago

    I wonder how the Clinton foundation makes out robert Mueller and his team's checks?

  • abc def
    abc def 5 months ago


  • cattycorner
    cattycorner 6 months ago

    Why does everyone on this network yell?

  • Mk Col
    Mk Col 6 months ago

    Sam Nunberg is a weird little man. He comes across as a grade A cronie. It's an odd crowd, him, Stone, that other weirdo the DJ, a very strange gang of self serving creeps, god only knows what they get up to behind closed doors.

  • Julian Jay
    Julian Jay 6 months ago

    This guy sure fancies himself some pinstripes....hopefully he's not locked up where they make him wear a solid color all day (and no hats neither!) 😔

  • Don Anderson
    Don Anderson 8 months ago

    Mueller is just saving the whale feces to last.

  • Tony Dunn
    Tony Dunn 9 months ago +1

    It's a shame democrats are trying to make releasing the truth illegal...be it Wikileaks or the Russians or Trump.

  • Hildebeast Clinton
    Hildebeast Clinton 9 months ago

    MSNBC will be in the 'dust bin of of history,' along with the rest of the swamp.

  • Rosa Orozco
    Rosa Orozco 10 months ago

    Thia mother F...... Have scan art as father eventuality rat stone will be indictments as monald nrump they will be in jail so soon

  • Stable Genius
    Stable Genius 10 months ago

    Aiding a foreign enemy state in cyber warfare and information warfare in an attack on a US Presidential election, no less, would constitute an insidious form is treason. The penalties are severe.

  • Rya N
    Rya N 11 months ago

    He wasn’t Evan working for trump

  • Fred Freddy
    Fred Freddy 11 months ago

    The Trumpian crowd is pure corruption and lies.

  • Pat
    Pat 11 months ago

    Stone is a full time crook. Likes to hurt Americans.

  • Geo R
    Geo R Year ago

    I just wish I had the money to pay the assassins!!!

  • Geo R
    Geo R Year ago

    Can't wait to see Roger Stone be forced to trade those designer suits for a prison jump suit!!!

  • Michael Luisi
    Michael Luisi Year ago

    Don't put your right hand in your pocket waiting for this case to develop, they will call you lefty. The Russian Collusion Delusion has collapsed. The only ones going to the joint will be the mutts would broke the law trying to destroy Trump. Brennan, Clapper and the FBI cabal get ready you will be doing time soon.

  • Kirk Moore
    Kirk Moore Year ago

    The expression on his face looks like the face on joker card in deck

  • Peter Schultz
    Peter Schultz Year ago

    Don't forget who this guy is: www.cnn.com/2015/07/31/politics/trump-adviser-sam-nunberg-facebook-posts/index.html

  • bradley virgin
    bradley virgin Year ago

    horrible reporting from a hack

  • Doug Mac
    Doug Mac Year ago

    Sounds like another crook. Lock him up with Trump. Maybe they can be room mates for the next 20 years.

  • crezman
    crezman Year ago


  • xl
    xl Year ago

    His eyes are too closer together - Roger Stone's

  • rareandwonderfull

    MSNBC lies, not roger stone, I see 1.9K bots voted this up.

  • Ihate Google
    Ihate Google Year ago

    And WHY is he so ORANGE??

  • lydia woodard
    lydia woodard Year ago

    Gayish move Stoney Nixon From Behind

  • lydia woodard
    lydia woodard Year ago

    wtf Stoney with ur old SAGGY HANGIN SKIN ... Got the nerve to be showing his Fat Titty WRINKLED BODY ... where is ur Bra?

  • Dennis Richardson

    For Roger Stone's sake Robert Mueller should be prosecuted for his role in Uranium One. Donald Trump should not bring that conclusion up at any time with Mueller directly or not..

  • DR Ir M
    DR Ir M Year ago

    Migration from ''Subject'' to ''Target'' a matter of time and progress of the investigation.
    With the sentencing of Alex SP Mueller is sending a message - the investigation is not going to be winded down. It is very much alive and kicking

  • Justino Nilo Perez
    Justino Nilo Perez Year ago +1

    Robert Mueller is a dirty cop he Mueller needs to be in prison. Hes a corrupt man who is part of the deep state who is destroying our democracy on a witch hunt. Get RId Of Mueller. Go Trump Go. Keep America Great 2020! !!!

  • Wo0dy Woodstock
    Wo0dy Woodstock Year ago

    Great Show!!!
    Seems like Roger Stone's worming his way in wherever he can, and so it might as well end in a cell.
    Sam Nunberg needs to get a grip.
    Make America Sane Again, Impeach or We'll Vote.

  • Jon dow
    Jon dow Year ago +1


  • vinnieboibluez
    vinnieboibluez Year ago

    Roger Stone and Sam Nunberg are two nuts. They both present problems for Trump. They shoot off their mouths like lose cannons.

  • ShaunieBNaturalista
    ShaunieBNaturalista Year ago +1

    If you are the last one up, there ain't mad at you!

  • MultiSkyman1
    MultiSkyman1 Year ago

    He had hair transplants for sure!

  • Jason Fogg
    Jason Fogg Year ago

    If you watch fake news (NBC-CBS-CNN) then you will be full of fake info. Keep feeding yourself lies and you will become one.

  • jim bob
    jim bob Year ago

    What is wrong with roger stones facial movements and eye blinking and looking all around when he's lying? Is he autistic or aspergers or something, or are we just watching the worst liar in the world with the biggest tells ever seen?
    This guy is too much of a pro to be this obvious when he lies, does he want us to know he's lying?

  • ahbalone
    ahbalone Year ago

    How do you do a whole show based on your incorrect assumptions?
    Stone is a very cool cat. He's not at all dishonest. Watch the WAR ROOM.

  • ahbalone
    ahbalone Year ago

    SETH RICH! Not the Russians, you lib-dorks!

  • ahbalone
    ahbalone Year ago

    Stone will slay you, MSNBC. MAGA!

  • Kamarus Omar
    Kamarus Omar Year ago

    Because mueller is working with trump to bring down the shadow govt. Next indictments of podesta bros that ll lead to hillary.kaboom!

    GINO SPIMONI Year ago


  • Frank jones
    Frank jones Year ago

    This Stone is certainly as crazy as Trump looking at those senior citizens having their own criminal group themselves is a joke that’s why Mr Mueller is investigated Trump & look at the senior group of criminals Mueller has had confess & those going to jail it’s pathetic unbelievable.

  • Steve C
    Steve C Year ago

    Roger Stone is a nut job.

  • 4 Fake
    4 Fake Year ago

    Lol MSDNC is such disinformation

  • guest
    guest Year ago

    If trump is innocent, he has nothing to worry about, riiiiight? So why is he making a big deal of this? And what bombshell is he hiding in his tax returns!!!??

  • Paradox Dea
    Paradox Dea Year ago +1

    Mr. Stone, you are staggeringly senile.

  • Frank jones
    Frank jones Year ago

    People usually save what’s best for last. Roger Stone is a fruit cake I’ve never seen people like the ones associated with Trump I don’t think to many people have. Trump & his group of senior corrupt criminals are unbelievable when you sit back learning so much from MSNBC News sometimes you have to laugh it unbelievable.

  • Dutch Touch
    Dutch Touch Year ago

    Have you ever seen a more rat-facet, reptilian shmuck than Roger Stone? He is straight out of a nightmare. Evil often makes a person physically repulsive. This guy should be barred from public, just for the Ick Factor.

  • jbgrooves
    jbgrooves Year ago

    Roger must have dirt on this guy.
    What did Roger know, who or what did he pay for, and when did he tell Trump about his knowledge and actions?.

  • Beverly Boyd
    Beverly Boyd Year ago

    Stone in handcuffs without his. Shirt. Lol.

  • lion fish
    lion fish Year ago +1

    Hillary Rodham Clinton and Obama sold 20% of our Urnim for Nuclear weapons to the Russians. The Obama administration and Hillary secretly were colluding with the Russians to throw the Republican party. It's Hillary not Trump. The Deep State want's Trump out or dead. Trump will expose them and the Corrupt Government and The NEW WORLD ORDER. Trump 2O20.

  • John A.
    John A. Year ago

    Roger Stone is a genius, he works for Alex Jones. He is great.

  • John A.
    John A. Year ago

    Roger Stone is a patriot.

  • beverly a
    beverly a Year ago

    easy voting coming up= if you are republican you are out

  • jesaliga
    jesaliga Year ago

    Roger Stone is the man who carried out the political assassination of Al Franken.

  • 늘경외함!
    늘경외함! Year ago

    A man allowed by GOD
    Donald Trump president

  • liefhebber179
    liefhebber179 Year ago

    one of many trump nutjobs

  • Clavers1369
    Clavers1369 Year ago

    Roger Stone will eat Mueller alive. Bring it on!

  • Seattle Wa
    Seattle Wa Year ago

    Roger Stone for Prison!

  • Bertus Kamphof
    Bertus Kamphof Year ago


  • Bertus Kamphof
    Bertus Kamphof Year ago

    Why was Seth Rich murdered ?

  • Bertus Kamphof
    Bertus Kamphof Year ago

    Bear in mind Julian Assange's WikiLeaks has never been wrong on 1 publication ...cos the leak actual information...like the John Podesta Emails . Idd The Whistleblowers Julian Assange like Chelsea Manning & Edward Snowden are True Hero's . tvclip.biz/video/_qral3JzDCE/video.html

  • Bertus Kamphof
    Bertus Kamphof Year ago

    Roger Stone is 2 strong 2 clever ...

    • Bertus Kamphof
      Bertus Kamphof Year ago

      Do not under-estimate Roger Stone ...very very few dow understand The Game This Political Game like Roger Stone , btw check this about Robert Mueller III tvclip.biz/video/IYSOmD5LyYs/video.html

    • Seattle Wa
      Seattle Wa Year ago

      Bertus Kamphof 2 Stupid. And not nearly as smart as Mueller.

  • bren106
    bren106 Year ago

    If for no other reason Stone should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for *crimes against fashion*

  • greg romero
    greg romero Year ago

    STONE , STONE.............use big rocks. organized crime trump, stone..no friend of america.

  • moondust
    moondust Year ago

    American justic system is looking more like Gestapo everyday.

    • Seattle Wa
      Seattle Wa Year ago

      Rem Anderson The Trump Administration looking more and more like organized crime everyday.

  • Nils Telle
    Nils Telle Year ago

    The Rabbits run to there holes to hide knowing that there are lies to be found and time catches them up as crooks run with crooks,he is one good lier and twister of the truth, as crooked Trump mate gets some good American Questioning knowing that Goal is his next trip away,

  • pvbaelen
    pvbaelen Year ago

    lol, was that muscle flexing picture really necessary? You people are such a joke. lol

  • Normie Army of America

    Roger Stone is a patriot and needs to open a school of guerilla politics

  • Frank Graham
    Frank Graham Year ago

    Russia never published the DNC e-mails. They were published by Wiikileaks. Wikileaks does not work for Russia. They publish leaks and not hacks. The Liberal media continues to falsely imply that wikileaks works for Russia. Wikieaks has been in business for many years and has never been accused of working for any government. Wikileals depends upon whistle blowers from inside political and corporate entities to publish its material. In this case the leaks came from Seth Rich, a Bernie Sanders supported who was then murdered.

  • Jsmes Wagner
    Jsmes Wagner Year ago

    He already talked to him..there's nothing to find..

  • Cheryl R Leigh
    Cheryl R Leigh Year ago

    Looks like Stone becomes the fall guy for this entire fiasco. Shame.

  • Joan Meijer
    Joan Meijer Year ago

    You went to work for the wrong man honey and you'll do exactly what you're told to do or you'll go to jail. Trump is going to take everyone down.

  • Reina Montero
    Reina Montero Year ago

    Stone and trump go to the same tanning salon 🙆

  • Martini Ballard
    Martini Ballard Year ago

    Another orange cheeto!

  • Matthew ferrari
    Matthew ferrari Year ago

    Hajhahahaga you hot steaming piles rofl better to just delete this video

  • marc bochner
    marc bochner Year ago

    Enough with the Russiagate nonsense already. It’s been over a year and all they’ve come up with are two people who failed to register and pay taxes asked for and lobbyists to people who lied to the FBI and 13 people at a click bait farm that had nothing whatsoever to do with the election. They posted Memes and ran pages on all sides of all issues so they could spam advertising Targeted based on who or what they like.
    But what have they accomplished with Russia gate? They have managed to create algorithms which are censoring social media, suspending accounts, burying independent journalists in searches And deleting posts or preventing them from showing on newsfeeds based on content.

  • Slick Smoke
    Slick Smoke Year ago

    Blah blah blah fake news

  • I'm just sayin'
    I'm just sayin' Year ago

    Roger Stone will forever be mad at the whole world because he is just plain ugly!

  • Stev3
    Stev3 Year ago

    Fool, you guys messed up with Roger, he's been in this game for 40+ years. You will lose

  • Morris Reitzel
    Morris Reitzel Year ago

    U are Schiff

  • Ken Call
    Ken Call Year ago

    The list that they showed are ALL GREAT AMERICANS.

  • Christine Freeman


  • Marc F. Nielssen
    Marc F. Nielssen Year ago

    Roger Stone won't be last. After Stone there will be Kushner (plus possibly Sessions and Tillerman), and finally Ivanka and Don Trump jr. The indictments against the president might be held back until he has been removed from office.

  • Fitawrari Fitness

    The very best people!!!

  • Andrew Egan
    Andrew Egan Year ago

    Roger should have bleach bit his servers and smashed his phones.... Roger should have got in on the Uranium 1 scam. What a loser

  • drbrunch
    drbrunch Year ago

    Play them off Keyboard Cat