Kevin Hart says he's not hosting the Oscars this year


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  • Megan
    Megan 7 hours ago

    I liked him but now he's kinda just acting like a child throwing a fit. He's basically like I said I was sorry if you don't like it oh well... what a attitude to have!

  • knitecrwlr
    knitecrwlr 8 hours ago

    He was making jokes, if people had hardships in their life and want to take it out on Kevin Hart to get their pound of flesh, its just because they are just haters at heart. Don't like the jokes, don't listen to him. THIS is what the meek inheriting the earth looks like, whining/crying, can't understand normal thinking, emotionally unstable, attention whores who figure their feelings are more important than anyone else's. They use derogatory insults such as homophobic to try and supposedly publicly shame while feeling their emotions are more important, and those that hurt their fragile "feeling" should be tortured until they are satisfied.

  • Generation Sigma
    Generation Sigma 9 hours ago

    Enough is enough, grab your flamethrowers, the gays, feminazi's and sjw's need to be publicly executed...there's limit to how much of a damn annoying cult you can be!...

  • Shahram Torki
    Shahram Torki 14 hours ago

    If someone criticised religion in Middle East,, the same will happen to them

  • Dragon Han
    Dragon Han 15 hours ago

    All this BS and he still didnt host.
    He should never have apologized
    Or waste this much energy.
    His fans are his fans already as is.
    They are the ones who made him who he is today, they were not the ones putting him thru this.

  • Google Mailbox
    Google Mailbox 15 hours ago

    Did he just say “because of their choice in life” so he’s learned nothing of he still thinks sexuality is a choice. If a decade had gone by after Hitler killed millions of Jews would he not be held to account ? That’s a pretty extreme comparison I know but I don’t care how much time has passed he was famous at the time and now what he said come back to bite him in the ass. He deserves it...I remember sitting with my straight friends at the time watching his standup and them awkwardly looking at me when he made the gay kid jokes. I felt like shit. So fuck Kevin Hart.

  • Scott Herren
    Scott Herren 20 hours ago

    Strahan your career should have ended with the show with the leather beef jerky chick.

  • Scott Herren
    Scott Herren 20 hours ago

    leave him alone

  • Stephanie Bynum
    Stephanie Bynum 21 hour ago

    Yeah dummy, people like you are the ones who perpetuate it by going on and on and on and on
    This is so diarespectful!!! To have someone on your show and bully them!!!

  • Stephanie Bynum
    Stephanie Bynum 21 hour ago

    this is ridiculous!!! How many times does Kevin Hart have to tell you HE’S DONE WITH IT!!!
    Stop asking him!!!
    Guess you just brought him on your show to harrass him.
    BLOCKED 👍🏼

  • jay dejesus
    jay dejesus 22 hours ago

    leave this man alone already

  • mavis akolor
    mavis akolor Day ago

    What's wrong with this dude.. He said he's over it mann! .

  • DangeloLive
    DangeloLive Day ago

    No matter how or how much he apologizes there will be butt hurt individuals who will find fault because that’s all they do. Screw them.

  • Julius Malone
    Julius Malone Day ago

    Hey Kev, what you should do is host the oscars, break even on transportation, room, and food i.e. the basics... Then you donate the rest of your check to black & minority education/business scholarships & grants... I’m sure you could get the oscars and others to match your proceeds #winwin ❤️ ✊🏾❤️

  • AndHePlaysDrums
    AndHePlaysDrums Day ago

    As the late great Bernie Mac would say "FUCK EM!"

  • Selena Moric
    Selena Moric Day ago

    I don't get it why they won't ''forgive'' KEVIN HART but everyone accepted fake thing Logan Paul did with his apologies..hmm


    Its sad that thats all there worried abt it his movie should of been the topic then oscars

  • Rafael E. Nunes
    Rafael E. Nunes Day ago

    The interviewer is annoying

  • Bradley Moore
    Bradley Moore Day ago

    This interview was completely retarded. Hes told you about 50 times he was over and you keep pushing it. I would have walked out

  • Andre Kelly
    Andre Kelly Day ago

    I wish President Trump, Democrats, Republicans, Wall Street, Federal reserve would apologize for all the crap they put the American people through. Kevin Hart has made it clear.

  • Aleshire LTD
    Aleshire LTD Day ago

    This talk show host is the worst, he answered man, stop pushing the topic, this is pathetic...

  • Aleshire LTD
    Aleshire LTD Day ago

    People want to push the topic for the drama effect. The man apologized, move on...

  • Rizon
    Rizon Day ago

    This man is very very intelligent, I’ve got nothing but respect for Kev.

  • Cheynita Watkins

    Michael Strahan is such a tool.....puppet show participant.

  • Yong San Chia
    Yong San Chia Day ago

    This is what happens when an alpha steps in. your size, height don't matter, and your instinct to be aggressive takes over. this is what happened with the interviewer, he felt threatened and attempted to gain dominance in the room. he didn't want kevin to look like the man in the room, who has immense weight in his words, who was able to casually question him like someone of higher authority.
    you can so easily tell that interviewer was trying to create an equal relationship with kevin but failed. i hope he can accept a 'beta' stance instead of trying to compete, it's ugly as fuck. good luck.

  • Stephanie Rodriguez

    I love him! My brother is gay.....and he loves him too! People need to stop focusing on drama, just to have drama! There are more important things in life to focus on!

  • Dennis Empey
    Dennis Empey Day ago

    Michael just doesn't get it

  • Lex Hersuccess
    Lex Hersuccess Day ago

    The starting of the fall of somebody.

  • Marlen Hidalgo
    Marlen Hidalgo Day ago

    BRAVO Kevin I’m so proud of you for standing for what is right. If people don’t want to get it then fuck it 🤷🏻‍♀️ . BRAVOOOOOOOO👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Tiny Dancer
    Tiny Dancer Day ago

    I’ll tell you what - the ONLY ones who aren’t tired of hearing more is the media. Personally, I’m sick of hearing about it. Would have preferred to hear more about Kevin’s current movie in theaters because it looks great. Such a shame to waste everyone’s time on this. GMA... rise above it. No one cares.

  • She Lovez
    She Lovez Day ago

    Well said Kevin.

  • For Comment Purposes

    Nah kevin host he oscars please

  • Emily Mintern
    Emily Mintern 2 days ago

    Comedians shouldn’t have to apologise for there jokes
    There JoKeS fffsss

  • Suman Kumar
    Suman Kumar 2 days ago

    I am with Kevin. LGBBHDDQ.......whoever the fuck got offended are losers snow flake. Fuck'em.

  • Colin A
    Colin A 2 days ago

    Now it’s just time to say thank you to all the gays that got him all this air time he got more publicity then he woulda got hosting the oscars

  • Houssam Zakaria
    Houssam Zakaria 2 days ago

    2 yrs from now, we won't be able to laugh at anything since everythin will become offensive

  • Cleveland Scott
    Cleveland Scott 2 days ago

    This is utterly ridiculous! It doesn’t matter how many times he apologizes for what was said. This country’s need to suppress anything even slightly offensive is way outta hand. I say let’s have a discussion on all stereotypes surrounding each of us as a people and finally clear the air along with the LGBTQ community, just like with Racism. We can’t keep biting our tongues for the sake of sparing someone’s feelings

  • ManUP JC
    ManUP JC 2 days ago

    Stupid Michael Straham trying to grill Kevin Hart on this while KH is just saying, "IM DONE, IM MOVING ON, If you don't get it, ITS YOUR PROBLEM."

  • ManUP JC
    ManUP JC 2 days ago

    This goes to show that the LGBTQ community if full of mentally/emotionally unstable people that don't want help with their dysfunction.

  • ManUP JC
    ManUP JC 2 days ago

    HE DOESN'T HAVE TO APOLOGIZE, bunch of butt hurt LGBQs (...absolutely no pun intended). How terrible to tear down a great comedian and movie star like this, its Stupid. How strange that Hollywood can't back up one of their best showbiz people, shows what Hollywood is really made of.

  • Ritz Cracker
    Ritz Cracker 2 days ago

    Kevin Hart, dont worry bout the academy or social media, they are all a bunch of worthless cunts!

  • Angel Payne
    Angel Payne 2 days ago

    I’m offended when people use the name of “Jesus Christ” as a swear word. Or when the world mocks Jesus. You are mocking my Father, my Savior, my creator. Where is the outrage? This world is full of pure hypocrisy and it’s sickening. Kevin Hart, I hope you are reading this. You are a funny dude. Comedy offends and always has, it’s awkward and inappropriate and that’s what makes it funny. It comedy you don’t have to be PC. I’m proud of you that you are letting this go and that you are over it. I’m sorry that you are experiencing this backlash. Think of our President. I know you can relate.

  • Triinity
    Triinity 2 days ago

    just like how Ellen said it. “if you don’t host the oscars, they win” that’s exactly what’s is going to happen.

  • khashayar mesgar
    khashayar mesgar 2 days ago

    i mean the tweets that i saw weren't even bad! i don't understand what they want him to apologize for....

  • Mick Hicks
    Mick Hicks 2 days ago

    why celebrities keep saying sorry for jokes all this bullshit is plain wrong.WTF is the world coming to.

  • Grizzlyjds
    Grizzlyjds 2 days ago

    He is a fucking comedian. Get overyourself snowflakes

  • Lavi Ki
    Lavi Ki 2 days ago

    This PR campaign is very inauthentic. You’re done with it, but yet your going on media outlets to discuss how you are “done”. What are you done with? And why did he make this about him...again🙄That ego....🤦🏽‍♀️

    • Lavi Ki
      Lavi Ki Day ago

      menubea opare There is no upside. Kevin did this to himself. All he had to do was humble himself and apologize. He would’ve been hosting the Oscars. He’s obviously more than pissed and I’m tired of this pity tour he’s on right now.

    • menubea opare
      menubea opare 2 days ago

      He was to discuss the upside. They choose to not asking him about it

  • Stuart Ireland
    Stuart Ireland 2 days ago

    Good for him. Fuck them. If you are a comedian, you apologise for nothing.

  • Its Alfredo
    Its Alfredo 2 days ago

    He is over it damn it leave Kevin alone!

  • Kalid Ali
    Kalid Ali 2 days ago

    Hey Kev. This situation and how you handle it made me LOVE you Moooooore .... we are with you ma man

  • Peter Thomson
    Peter Thomson 2 days ago

    Kevin Hart is an inspirational superstar that has a beautiful moral compass. We are very fortunate to have him in our lives and on our screens, he brings happiness to me and my family’s lives every time we see him.

  • MH Mridha Abid
    MH Mridha Abid 2 days ago

    We're over it

  • D Loescher
    D Loescher 2 days ago

    Strahan lost all my respect, I mean u sold yourself and values out to be on tv man, WTF happened to you..and I seen u cheering on the little boy dressed like a drag queen..u fucking disgust me Michael strahan

  • squeaker squeakerson

    Ffs leave him alone fkn media scavengers

  • DroneLife RC
    DroneLife RC 2 days ago

    Really Micheal, he told you over and over he was Over It , how do you not understand that

  • LaTangler Tyler
    LaTangler Tyler 2 days ago

    Amen Amen. Why people don't address how people have been mistreated over and over. God will destroy all wrong doing. I agree with Mr. Hart. He apologized. Do people apologize for the wrong they have done or doing. Mr. Hart God Bless. When you made the statement as a comedian why are they so angry about it but they are not afraid of what God warn them. In the bible, the chapter of Leviticus God warns us. God never put Adam with Adam or Eve with Eve. Well, everyone doesn't believe in God, Jesus Christ nor the Holy Ghost. I don't understand why you keep going to these places unless they are giving a fee then and only than I would understand. God Bless.

  • alberto032973
    alberto032973 2 days ago +1

    I'm glad he hates gay people

  • David Edwin Roy
    David Edwin Roy 3 days ago

    God is using you.
    He loves you.
    He is guiding you.
    Dont worry for wrong things if u r.
    Let me know if u need me to handle the ones who think they can rule or ruin.
    U r right. Its them. Not u.
    God Bless.

  • Brain320
    Brain320 3 days ago +1

    It's brutal what extreme left fascists are doing to people in USA...

  • Chris Carroll
    Chris Carroll 3 days ago

    He needs to STOP apologizing for WORDS spoken in the past and ALL PEOPLE NEED TO GET THICKER SKIN ! CRYBABIES !

  • the nig pho
    the nig pho 3 days ago +1

    I'm racist all the time. I don't apologize. He doesn't need to either.

  • angeliina ramsey
    angeliina ramsey 3 days ago

    he just wants to talk abt his movie stop asking omg

  • BigLove101
    BigLove101 3 days ago

    Go Kev! I LOVE COMEDIANS! lol Mike's sock sagging @6:21 Mike says what "I'm used to catching people by the way" @7:40 and those socks @7:46 Mike's socks suck.\what's happening here/ Kevin says what @9:33

  • The Flow Show
    The Flow Show 3 days ago

    Wow mike ... why you drilling him for ? Oscars keep being a boring show giving awards for movies that only the Oscar want !

  • BigLove101
    BigLove101 3 days ago

    Go Kevin! The UpSide previews look pretty good . I hope They knock us off our feet.(Kev&Bryant)

  • Holly Fraser
    Holly Fraser 3 days ago

    👏👏👏👏👏 to you Kevin Hart!!!

  • Destiny Whyte
    Destiny Whyte 3 days ago

    oOOooo watch people get triggered over 'choice' oooOOOooOooooooo

  • Holly Fraser
    Holly Fraser 3 days ago +2

    There really ISN'T sucha thing as freedom of speech anymore in our current United States Of America!!! It's truly sad!!!

    • Eric Hinton
      Eric Hinton 3 days ago

      Holly Fraser not it is only the LGTBQ think they exempt

  • Destiny Whyte
    Destiny Whyte 3 days ago

    i liked the part where he said he's over it...

  • Destiny Whyte
    Destiny Whyte 3 days ago

    i wonder how long it'll take until its all a joke.
    i actually can't wait. it's getting boring now

  • Benedict Eduard de Pio

    He deserved respect. It's over. move on people!

  • siennah's songs
    siennah's songs 3 days ago

    Yay Go Kevin Hart. He is done. He is so right. I support you Kevin.

  • chaoo1977sg
    chaoo1977sg 3 days ago

    Stay true to GOD Kevin hart you will have your reward from him at the end.

  • chaoo1977sg
    chaoo1977sg 3 days ago

    Kevin hart already apologized if u don't take his apology that's your problem,us straight people support him .

  • Mercedes Chaney
    Mercedes Chaney 3 days ago

    This nd r kelly stuff is a distraction from what’s really goin on like ppl have to go to work nd not get paid #staywoke

  • Aymo Tube
    Aymo Tube 3 days ago

    Love Kevin

  • Mieya Glory
    Mieya Glory 3 days ago

    Ohh my gosh, if he ask him one more time.....!!!! I can’t believe ben finish this video-

  • A Marcano
    A Marcano 3 days ago

    Leave him alone. "He's over it" He is an equal opportunist he makes Jokes about everyone. He's a comedian people.

  • Caleb Benefield
    Caleb Benefield 3 days ago

    4:53 "I tell him....stop being gay"

  • TheKosuko213
    TheKosuko213 3 days ago

    By the way for those of you that were offended by my comment: thank you for your reaction. Its honestly the best feeling to know that i can make a GROWN ADULT react a certain way to an immature comment ON THE INTERNET.

  • TheKosuko213
    TheKosuko213 3 days ago

    LGBTQ community is so gay.

  • Henri Jeanlamour
    Henri Jeanlamour 3 days ago

    Mr.Kevin. The Lord Jesus Christ is calling you to get out this industry. Flee from the word and come to Him for your salvation. Acts 4 : 12

  • Tapiwa R
    Tapiwa R 3 days ago

    What's so wrong about Kevin disliking gay people??? Those people are doing something that messes with what he believes do you like that? You want him to say I wish my son would be gay??? Wtf is wrong with people...he doesn't like gay people leave him alone this is bullying wana fuck him now?

  • Khadeer Hussain
    Khadeer Hussain 3 days ago

    Such intelligently put @KevinHart

  • Good Newz
    Good Newz 3 days ago

    The LGBT community fucked up the 2019 Oscar sensitive thugs they all need hugs

  • Chalky White
    Chalky White 3 days ago

    He looks tired. Working so hard.

  • Juan Ruiz
    Juan Ruiz 3 days ago

    Media wants to milk this so much, let it go!!!

  • Natasha Powell
    Natasha Powell 3 days ago

    these LGB what what people need to realize not everyone will and nobody is obligated to accept how they live, yes they are human and all but these people wanna force their lifestyle choice on other people which isn't ok many people believe its wrong due to religious beliefs or its how they are and that's ok, I mean like its 2019 and people still don't like people of other races and immigrants legal or not and people and they wanna be drama queens that people wont support their lifestyle choices and be an allies, I hope someone can tell them its a choice not a right to be what their are and they need to chill with the cyber bullying ,insulting and intimidation
    i mean isn't it enough that we have racists and these crazy vegans that throw veggies at people and those misunderstanding old testament "Christians" and those PETA people now this damn we have enough crazy angry groups in the world

  • mc k-no
    mc k-no 3 days ago

    FFS this is uncomfortable viewing lol wish people would move on

  • Stephen Yount
    Stephen Yount 3 days ago

    Go on the show so you could be badgered by Michael Strahan ?
    From football player to the media's favorite SJW . You've turned into a soy boy and a joke Strahan.

  • Sammydreddi
    Sammydreddi 3 days ago

    The only way u can be done with this is to fondle another male comedian.

  • R.L Jordan
    R.L Jordan 3 days ago

    Yall owe kevin an apology

  • Murtaza .M
    Murtaza .M 3 days ago

    Apology ACCEPTED love u Kevin❤❤❤❤❤💕💕💕

  • neha doe
    neha doe 3 days ago

    Bwahahahaha you Liberals are destroying your own supporters..nice

  • ItsCourtneyHugs 23
    ItsCourtneyHugs 23 3 days ago

    I remember a interview that Eddie griffin did with djvald where he talked about Bill Cosby and other black stars. He said “there’s a systemic effort to destroy every black entertainer”. I know this is a different situation with hart. But honestly it still falls in the same category it seems. The media always gotta find something that happened a long time ago. This right here don’t make no sense. And clearly Eddie griffin is right about the system. Kevin hart apologized multiple times. He gets an opportunity to host the Oscars and then all of sudden the media wanna dig back to the past smh. I’m just saying!

  • Jonathan Martinez
    Jonathan Martinez 3 days ago

    y'all need to leave Kevin Hart alone you fucking idiotic dramatic fools

  • Just an average gamer

    So you’ve said your over it, but what would you like to say about the matter?
    Like wtf! Give the guy a break!!

  • Latrice Anglin
    Latrice Anglin 3 days ago

    Leave Kevin alone, he apologized accept it or reject it I accept it

  • Marlin C
    Marlin C 3 days ago

    Ur apology doesn't like the way they pictured it in their head like when you said u picture the way yah kids should do shit when u tell them to do it 😂😂😂😂

  • Augusto Sosa Escalada
    Augusto Sosa Escalada 3 days ago +1

    Some people are bad. And some people are gay. And some people are both.
    And they use their identity to push their agendas, and it makes me feel sorry for the gays because they are a minority whose radicals abuse the attention they get and they make gays look bad as a whole.
    The minorities are always the loudest. And the radicals are always a minority.