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  • Cat Cela Ojo
    Cat Cela Ojo 2 months ago

    Came straight over to pixie after watching American horror story because while I love the #spooky I'm also a wimp and need the sparkles

  • poeticlovestone
    poeticlovestone 3 months ago

    So is there a way to turn the light up feature off?

  • Miza Ge
    Miza Ge 3 months ago

    I might need such shoes 🤩🌈

  • HuffleFluff
    HuffleFluff 5 months ago

    When your feet are bigger than your future and are still growing because your a 12 year old....

  • That One Person
    That One Person 5 months ago

    Happy birthday Mico!

  • Sunny Slimes
    Sunny Slimes 5 months ago

    link 4 these shoes

  • QienieBeanie 1
    QienieBeanie 1 6 months ago

    Cute glasses❤👌🔥

  • greenbluepurple000
    greenbluepurple000 6 months ago

    Those dolls aren't giant. That's how big the originals were. I'm in love. I want to go buy one for my baby girl. :)

  • MACSMovies
    MACSMovies 6 months ago

    Happy belated birthday. 🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭

  • rafael uribe
    rafael uribe 7 months ago

    I really want to buy these for my gf but she is a 6 1/2. Idk whether to get a 6 or a 7. What would you suggest?

  • sarah willoughby
    sarah willoughby 7 months ago

    I want theseee

  • Que Jasmine
    Que Jasmine 7 months ago

    happy birthday

  • Jennifer Zufelt
    Jennifer Zufelt 7 months ago

    I love thoses shoes so cute

  • Aleris 01
    Aleris 01 8 months ago

    Happy late birthday nico!!! XD ♥️🎉🎁🎂

  • thyy cutee
    thyy cutee 9 months ago


    EVA LANDRY 9 months ago

    happy birthday miko

  • Thai Thanh
    Thai Thanh 9 months ago

    I like chanel you

  • Kiwi Faerie
    Kiwi Faerie 9 months ago

    I sat through an advertisement for my university's rival because I love you Pixie

  • CrystalWolf
    CrystalWolf 9 months ago

    Happy birthday Nico! 💜💜

  • Trash channel lol
    Trash channel lol 9 months ago

    Omg i used to watch rainbow brite

  • Izella
    Izella 9 months ago

    Happy birthday Nico!!!!!

  • 18 Inches High
    18 Inches High 10 months ago

    Happy birthday Niko! I love the shoes!

  • Alex Wesker
    Alex Wesker 10 months ago

    WTH why am i just seeing this now.. i need them ;^;

  • Nagham Musleh
    Nagham Musleh 11 months ago +1

    Happy birthday Micoooooooh!😅😅😅

  • John Kramer Fan
    John Kramer Fan 11 months ago

    I got my first pair of light up shoes back in the early 90s lol

  • unicornfover21 naytalia

    Pixie can you do a house tour

  • Elizabeth Rose
    Elizabeth Rose Year ago +1

    Can you make a cateo video?

  • Elizabeth Rose
    Elizabeth Rose Year ago

    Happy birthday Neeko!!! The shoes are killin it

  • Luna Margo
    Luna Margo Year ago

    This hair 😍🔥

  • jenita sahye
    jenita sahye Year ago

    This shoe is 😍.

  • Banana_peels123 _

    I need these

  • Namikkah Vassa
    Namikkah Vassa Year ago

    Sorry Miko. Dang auto correct :(

  • Namikkah Vassa
    Namikkah Vassa Year ago

    Happy late birthday, Mijo :3

  • MarinePsychologist

    Wow you are so sweet🍬

  • Flo Antonia
    Flo Antonia Year ago +3

    Hi im just wondering if these shoes have broken in well and get comfier with wear?

  • Dave Ocean
    Dave Ocean Year ago

    Watching you is so calming.

  • Rebecca JCG
    Rebecca JCG Year ago

    Happy birthday MIKO you're beautiful baby boy

  • Ashleigh Uhrich
    Ashleigh Uhrich Year ago

    Happy birthday mico

  • Catherine Phillips
    Catherine Phillips Year ago +2

    I actually just saw these online a while back and I almost went for them, but I fell for the confetti sprinkle Ballet Baes instead, LOL. They look like cupcake delight.

  • Vince W
    Vince W Year ago +7


  • Cadence Martin
    Cadence Martin Year ago

    Happy birthday niko

  • mason macknick
    mason macknick Year ago +1

    How big are the heels on them or the platform? I want to get them but I wanted to know if I'd be too much taller , please help Pixielocks!

  • Jessica Paulson
    Jessica Paulson Year ago

    Omg I want these shoes!!

  • Michelle Louise
    Michelle Louise Year ago

    Pixie !! Where is your glasses from :3 I'm in love.

  • Laneybug
    Laneybug Year ago

    This is late but..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY KITTY

  • Kiwi Cucumber
    Kiwi Cucumber Year ago

    I'm sorry, but queen:

  • Sugar Senshi
    Sugar Senshi Year ago

    I have the Atlantis version of these shoes! I ordered a 9 since I am a nice and they are almost too small. I find that they dig into the backs on my ankles at the top. I am going to try heat molding them so they don't dagger my legs. Do they hurt your legs too>?? lol

  • Fiery Toaster
    Fiery Toaster Year ago

    happy birthday nico even though I'm late

  • Kira Boyd
    Kira Boyd Year ago +2

    "We are the soil gems!"

  • Kissubee
    Kissubee Year ago +16

    Soil is just earth confetti 💖🌎🎉

  • Sophie Marie
    Sophie Marie Year ago +21

    I just clicked on the video for the socks

  • apple !
    apple ! Year ago +1

    i was legit confused to why there wasnt snow on the ground
    ive never seen canada in the summer LOL

  • minituremuirin
    minituremuirin Year ago

    happy birthday nico :) ^. .^

  • Pale Purple
    Pale Purple Year ago

    Raaaaiiinnnbooowww briiiiiiiite

  • ThatBitch
    ThatBitch Year ago

    Sooooo cute!!!

  • sister Jules
    sister Jules Year ago

    Cute I subscribe

  • August
    August Year ago +1

    Does anyone know where I can get the iconic Pixielocks socks? I want them for Pride next year but I can't find that exact pair anywhere! Even a similar version will do, just does anyone know where I can get ankle-height pastel mainly-white rainbow socks? Specific, I know, sorry.

    • Sailor Venus
      Sailor Venus 11 months ago

      Jack well this is a super late reply, I’m sorry D: I got a pair from forever 21!

  • Sara A
    Sara A Year ago

    This shoes are very cute! I really like the pattern...^-^
    You cats are so cute!

  • Opal Lily
    Opal Lily Year ago

    Happy birthday Neko

  • LetsPlayK
    LetsPlayK Year ago +1

    Super cute shoes! 🦄💟 love

  • Maggie L.
    Maggie L. Year ago +1

    happy birthday neko!! those shoes are SO so cute & literally perf for u omg. also ur hair is SO bomb in this video my bright rainbow bby

  • Diana Neko
    Diana Neko Year ago

    Happy belated bday Neko 💜💖💜💖😘

  • avøcado skelentøn

    You're beautiful ❤️😍👌

  • Jassie Bell
    Jassie Bell Year ago

    OMG pixie you did cut your hair

  • Rue's views
    Rue's views Year ago +1

    just bought two " go get em sweetheart" baby blue and light grey...woot woot!

  • koyokopon
    koyokopon Year ago

    I love the shoes Pixie!!! Happy Birthday Nico!!

  • Taylor Ann Bicica

    Happy birthday Neko! (Saw someone spell his name that way, and so i'm guessing that's right? Haha.)

  • CallmeKira
    CallmeKira Year ago

    What camera are you using? :D

  • CallmeKira
    CallmeKira Year ago +1

    I just wanted to say that you are pretty cool ;)
    Love from Norway

  • Caroline M
    Caroline M Year ago

    Happy birthday Niko!!!!

  • Kimberlee Catena
    Kimberlee Catena Year ago

    Happy birthday Neko! Those are cute. Congrats.

  • Jess in king
    Jess in king Year ago

    this was so freakin darling

  • ViolentOrchid
    ViolentOrchid Year ago

    They look like they glow in the dark.

  • lizard lace
    lizard lace Year ago

    hapy bday neko!! 🎉✨

  • Isela Cruz Sanchez

    Que hermosas tennis, Donde se puden conseguir?

  • very responsible friend

    Happy birthday neko

  • AmberAndGolden
    AmberAndGolden Year ago


  • Luminescent Dream
    Luminescent Dream Year ago +2

    I am not even a big shoe person but these babies right here? I would throw down all the muns for them! Btw, luvin the Rainbow Brite dolls in the back!

  • DeerlyBelovedNicole

    Happy (belated) birthday, Neeko!!

  • Haley Holehan
    Haley Holehan Year ago +1

    they look like kawaii jordan's lol

  • gloomy brenda
    gloomy brenda Year ago

    i love you

  • Michelle Forcier babybatstlyes

    Adult twinkle toes

    • Sarah Griffore
      Sarah Griffore Year ago

      Michelle Forcier babybatstlyes yes finally!!!!!!!

  • Sara Roach
    Sara Roach Year ago

    but where thay

  • Neo hammond
    Neo hammond Year ago

    You should come to CaperCon in october!

  • Pixib
    Pixib Year ago

    happy birthday kitties!!

  • OlliCuppatea2
    OlliCuppatea2 Year ago

    Your cateo is bomb af!

  • Pixib
    Pixib Year ago


  • shimmerbrite
    shimmerbrite Year ago

    TICKLED PINK...... YIPPPEEEEE....They better be binging out MoonGlo....

  • Kimberly Joncas
    Kimberly Joncas Year ago

    when there's an AD right when you're about to tap shoe...whyyyy lol

  • Alma Celeste
    Alma Celeste Year ago

    That cat made me yawn

  • Chelsea Martin
    Chelsea Martin Year ago

    Happy birthday Neko!

  • Brie Skurski - Chiarelly

    Legit need to know.. Is that tickle me pink new or vintage and where did you snag her?

  • Starburst Sydney
    Starburst Sydney Year ago

    You are my favorite kind of person.

  • LadyJay872
    LadyJay872 Year ago

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY NEKO!!! (I hope I spelled his name right) Thanks so much for featuring me :) luv ya xoxo

  • TokyoDollie
    TokyoDollie Year ago

    Love pink to death.... I think Rainbow laces would be so cute too *-*

  • sonicleaves
    sonicleaves Year ago

    Your videos are always so fun! I look forward to them. :) The shoes are amazing! Did you get those Rainbow Brite dolls on the Hallmark site? I have been eyeing them for months!

  • karlamoon
    karlamoon Year ago

    Pixie, could you please not use glasses? They reflect a ton and it's a little annoying... idk if i'm the only one thinking this....ILY

    • tasha b
      tasha b Year ago

      karlah montoya she mentioned it in the video

  • i hate snakeu
    i hate snakeu Year ago +1

    Wow you're so cute im in love

  • Kim
    Kim Year ago +2

    Your cats are too damn cute for this world I love them *^*

  • seaofclay
    seaofclay Year ago

    Love your cats XXX