Could You Actually Have An Anxiety Disorder?


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  • Life Noggin
    Life Noggin  Year ago +505

    Hello friends, thank you for watching! If you want to know more about mental illness, check out our video on depression:

    • TheDarkHatter
      TheDarkHatter 3 months ago +1

      Life Noggin whenever my mom says we are going out to somewhere I lock my self in the bathroom and watch some asmr to calm myself down for a while but I do it secretly case i did some online tests for anxiety disorder cause I've been like this since I was 5 or 6 ( I'm 15 now ) and i did 10 to 15 tests and all of them said that i had severe social anxiety disorder and when I told my parents about I was sitting on a couch and i was shaking like CRAZY, so much that the couch was shaking too but my parents told that it will go away one day and that I was overreacting and that the last thing that they need right now is to "wast money on my overreaction"

    • Christinewho Gaming
      Christinewho Gaming 4 months ago

      I shared the vids...

    • Slayer 32
      Slayer 32 6 months ago

      Life Noggin your the best your information changed my life

    • bob2build
      bob2build 7 months ago

      absorbing THC & CBD the chemical from Weed helps with Anxiety. and have no major side effect compare to Anti-depressant and Bezodiazepine. So I recommend getting the type of strain of Cannabis if the country supplies it and talk to a GP. just helping your facts @LifeNoggin

    • Rigel Lolololol
      Rigel Lolololol 7 months ago +1

      Life Noggin can you do Social Anxiety??? I was just curious what does that really mean????

  • Red Roses
    Red Roses 7 days ago

    I have an anxiety disorder and I found this app called head space, there is a course u can take that’s made to help manage anxiety. There is also many other courses to take such as self-esteem and stress. This app helped me a lot and I think it’s worth a try

  • Alison G
    Alison G 17 days ago

    Oof anxiety suckss...

  • YoungGamers Team official

    I had a problem where I always think a little injury is massive or I have cancer and Im gonna die and stuff i was a nervous reck every noise scared me I saw a doctor baring I was only 12 at the time now I'm on medication
    And cognitive therapy

  • _MøønEclipse YT_
    _MøønEclipse YT_ 23 days ago

    I got anxiety cause one time my skirt fell of and everybody was staring at me and I put my skirt up very quickly XD

  • Kerri Guzman
    Kerri Guzman 26 days ago

    0:36 at the bottom right there is a poke ball

  • Ved Pel
    Ved Pel Month ago

    I feel great when I'm one on one with a person alone and aren't talking about other people. Anything outside of that I'm constantly checking my surroundings, hearing people talking about me, and worried. If I'm high there's never a time any of that stops unless I'm by myself falling asleep.

  • Ved Pel
    Ved Pel Month ago

    I think being in a car crash with my mom when I was 2 gave me anxiety.

  • Tea Tavartqiladze
    Tea Tavartqiladze Month ago

    Dude im scared of cats😐🐱😱😲😰

  • Mr. Lex
    Mr. Lex Month ago

    I usually chew gum or fidget spin when i get real bad anxiety lol 😂

  • Nem939Wolf Roblox
    Nem939Wolf Roblox Month ago

    I have anxiety im nervous and scared all the time

  • Queenie 14
    Queenie 14 Month ago

    1:04 .... you-you used the wrong your... it should be you're.... my soul hurts

  • Slime Lifee
    Slime Lifee Month ago

    I laugh with friends and 10 min later I find myself sobbing and sitting in the corner.

  • Bailshaubee
    Bailshaubee Month ago

    Wait when I saw the thumbnail I just noticed that I do have anxiety because I get nervous and even scared when my teacher pick me for questions out loud

  • Morgan Bredmose
    Morgan Bredmose Month ago

    I dont like my teacher and im haveing anxiaty and havent gone to school in 50 days

  • Ella 050
    Ella 050 Month ago

    I have anxiety but nobody knows accept me

  • Sally Lawrence
    Sally Lawrence 2 months ago

    I have social anxiety

    why do you think i'm watching TVclip inside of interacting with others

  • Pamela B
    Pamela B 2 months ago

    Haha actually I have two!
    Generalized anxiety disorder and social anxiety disorder, which basically means I worry about social settings, and everything besides social settings!

  • Shanley Savage
    Shanley Savage 2 months ago

    I have anxiety because I have hallucinations 24/7 365&6/1

  • mjb
    mjb 2 months ago

    I dont think I have anxiaty...

    Read more

  • Nix Aki
    Nix Aki 2 months ago

    I sleep and try to escape when I'm anxious.

  • your only jig-maker
    your only jig-maker 2 months ago

    I have no tricks to get through my anxiety.
    Wish I could find a way to get rid of it, so I can have a regular day.

  • Stᴉtchᴉe
    Stᴉtchᴉe 2 months ago

    i've had anxiety for as long as i can remember, i start to get anxiety when leaving my house, new places make me so panicy, but going places is what life is and it is so inconvenient -_-

  • Pigmo Maguegue
    Pigmo Maguegue 2 months ago

    hmmmm am i? i dont think so

  • JohnnyBear
    JohnnyBear 2 months ago +1

    I climbed a 4 foot ladder and was stuck for 45 minutes until I fell off...

  • Emma Boyce
    Emma Boyce 2 months ago

    I have anxiety everyday of my life , nothing helps and I tough it out, it’s gotten to the point where I throw up and can’t breath from anxiety attacks. I have GAD and it sucks its definitely not fun

  • Sergio Buenviaje
    Sergio Buenviaje 2 months ago

    Im using my grandpa`s account
    I had depression when i started my channel then things got worse i was bullied it felt that i wanna die but some youtubers helped me to be inspired like life noggin and now im recovering from anxiety :D

  • Pokie Dawt
    Pokie Dawt 2 months ago

    I have anxity disordor it happen ever place I go.I also have social anxity

  • Iced_Cat_YT
    Iced_Cat_YT 2 months ago

    I have A anxiety called GAD

  • Gracieplayz
    Gracieplayz 2 months ago


  • Gracieplayz
    Gracieplayz 2 months ago

    I got an ad for an online therapist before I watched this.

  • Austin Lawrie
    Austin Lawrie 2 months ago

    Anxiety and stress are a result on one thing FEAR. I have never had anxiety a day in my life, because so much bullshit was fed to me at a young age i gave up on caring. I focus on me so i don't have to worry about others around me. If you have stress or anxiety you are in FEAR of the situation YOU put yourself in. All negative things have a positive and im sure we all learned that from out parents. So if you take your thought process from a pessimistic to an optimistic and focus on you and the positives. And if you are dealing with stress and anxiety with drugs... do it natural and smoke weed. And if you are stressed about smoking weed... its most likely not legal where you live which makes it pessimistic😉

    • Austin Lawrie
      Austin Lawrie 2 months ago

      SpaceAGram you arent going to like this but what you said is complete bullshit😂 Years of treatment my ass... when you are raised by pussies, cooped up by pussies you will be a pussy that is afraid of everything. You can be stressed about having anxiety... do you see how you are contradicting your brain to make excuses for yourself because you are scared and need someone or even just minutes to yourself to calm down... not years😂 and no panic attacks do not come out of no where.... panic attacks are quick, negative thoughts that start a chain of negative thoughts because you become so weak and YOU beat yourself up, not anxiety or stress.

    • SpaceAGram
      SpaceAGram 2 months ago

      It's not that easy. It takes years of treatment, and most of the time it's a chronic illness. Some times there is no reason behind panic attacks and It just happens.

  • Clara Hoad
    Clara Hoad 2 months ago

    I'm only watching these videos so I can understand my friend who has it

  • Beatriz Meza
    Beatriz Meza 2 months ago

    I have to chew gum every day all day in order to calm myself down

  • the tea is boiling
    the tea is boiling 2 months ago +1

    i get anxiety days before oral reports i start hysterically crying and breath fast. i also get acid reflex?

  • pongwah1
    pongwah1 3 months ago

    My psychiatrist prescribed me beta blockers off label for the physical symptoms of anxiety (coz he said benzos were bad), and wow they are a major life saver!

  • Kawaii SisterCat Iluvcats

    I'm always really scared about people laughing at me idk why! Whenever someone whispers and then giggles i think "pls don't be spreading rumors about me pls don't be laughing at me pls!" I know i have my friends tho

  • Anthea Russell Pick
    Anthea Russell Pick 3 months ago

    Woah I have anxiety and I am infp personality 2:22

  • Jupitermoons
    Jupitermoons 3 months ago

    I'm just scared about everything. I'm scared that i'm driving Insane and get schizoid or get a psychosis. I know its part of the Anxiety Disorder - but this is the only thing I'm REALLY scared of!! I just want to be like all the others. Not scared and enjoy life! Like im not depressed or something, but just sick of this

  • Cassandra 89
    Cassandra 89 3 months ago

    can kids get anxiety disorders? idk im just curious please reply or something.

    • Alex Jordan
      Alex Jordan 2 months ago

      Yep, I’ve had anxiety and OCD since I was 6

    • SpaceAGram
      SpaceAGram 2 months ago

      Yeah it's possible, especially in teens.

  • N.E. O.
    N.E. O. 3 months ago

    Great video for children. Not for Adults.

  • Lisa Mikes
    Lisa Mikes 3 months ago

    I think I have this order 😰

  • J3RY
    J3RY 3 months ago

    When ever the is a place dark, I look around like there is someone watching me. It makes sleeping, getting clothes, and going in hallways tough.

  • Mr. airstrike!!
    Mr. airstrike!! 3 months ago

    i have social anxiety

  • Embrace Anxiety Channel

    This illness fvcked me up big time for 3 years (panic attacks everywhere, even in the bathroom), but I adjusted and got out. It is possible.

  • Josephemojie
    Josephemojie 3 months ago

    I have anxiety disorder
    I had It checked by a docter

  • AlphaAmoeba
    AlphaAmoeba 3 months ago +1

    JaidenAnimations anyone?

  • Butterfly Life
    Butterfly Life 3 months ago

    I have anxiety disorder
    My classmates think im weird and crazy because I always go to restroom. My anxiety always triggered out of nowhere, so i have to go to the bathroom to calm myself down because my heart beats fast, had a short breaths and panic attacks, though my classmates seem to noticed that. And they thought I was doing something else there. Some of them are trying to avoid me and mocking me that I'm always at the bathroom doing something else.

    Having anxiety really sucks....

  • FlowerHeart 312
    FlowerHeart 312 3 months ago

    Bless you LifeNoggin, I have anxiety and everyone says i dont accept my mom because she knows it passes down on her side of the family. And i showed everybody this and they finally understood. Thank you LifeNoggin

  • Help me get 1 subscriber

    Could you actually have *L I G M A ? !*

  • PonyoNoodles
    PonyoNoodles 3 months ago

    Is it weird that sometimes when my mum or brother would say that they wanted me to go out with them I got really upset..? It doesn't happen as much now that we have moved to India, but when I lived in London it would happen quite a bit after I finished school for the summer... Alot of the time I like to be alone and sometimes I just randomly feel like crying. I think it is mostly because I don't like the way my body looks (because I dont like having "girl parts") but what do you think... And alot of the time I don't know how I feel or why I feel a certain way... Like for instance, while I'm writing this comment I feel like I need to cry but I'm not sad... I'm actually quite happy right now! Also I sometimes get angry really quickly. Is it just puberty and periods or is there actually something wrong with me?
    I haven't talked to anyone about how I feel partly because I'm scared and also because I just don't know how...

    Edit: so..... My mum says she thinks I have Asperger's... 🤷

  • send help gacha
    send help gacha 3 months ago

    I just had anxiety I thought I was home alone and I thought that my mom left without me bc my dad is out (we're on vacation and were at a family members house) thanks for telling me this I can relate to this video now I know I have anxiety (not this one though) :)

  • /Zoe Greene
    /Zoe Greene 3 months ago


  • eggplant iguana
    eggplant iguana 3 months ago

    Testing meds is hard but Zoloft saved my brain. For real.

  • eggplant iguana
    eggplant iguana 3 months ago

    I used to pass out in public or throw up in public because of my anxiety disorder. It’s horrific. Waking up panicking, not being able to breathe, sweating, throwing up and shitting all over just from the absolute terror and fear. This was the height of my illness and I’m extremely proud to say that was three years ago. Therapy twice a week and an insane support system. I never knew people could care as much as I learned they could during this time. That doesn’t make sense but you k ow what I mean.

  • lexi cusher
    lexi cusher 3 months ago

    I am anxious every single day. And I am also in college but I started becoming anxious a couple months before I even started college.And I didn't even know I wanted to go to college.But before I started getting anxious everyday I had a panic attack and now I get anxious everyday and have anxiety and panic k attacks everyday

  • Anaya Siraj
    Anaya Siraj 3 months ago +1

    Social anxiety sucks DX Mostly because of school. I've told my teachers about my problems and they tell me "If you practice being social and presenting in front of the class, you'll get over it" Like who tf says that? XD

  • Anaya Siraj
    Anaya Siraj 3 months ago +1

    2:40 Ughhh I hate this so much XD

  • TigerLilly
    TigerLilly 3 months ago

    I have social anxiety

  • Cody Austin
    Cody Austin 3 months ago

    When I feel anxious I normally go pet my dog and he helps me calm down. He’s a very sweet dog.

  • Aizhan Sakenkizi
    Aizhan Sakenkizi 3 months ago

    I have social anxiety and I really can't tell people how I feel

  • xXEnnacatXx
    xXEnnacatXx 3 months ago


  • BradPwnsU
    BradPwnsU 3 months ago

    Let me express my symptoms, I have general nervousness in 90% of social situations and experience random panic attacks nearly everyday, usually more frequently if I have ingested caffeine, or something triggers me. I’ve been diagnosed with GAD and bipolar disorder. Life is fun

  • Butrint Godanci
    Butrint Godanci 3 months ago

    Anxiety relief by me because i have it.
    1 : stop smoking
    2 : when i wake up u clean my face for 5 times every 10 minutes with cold water.
    3 : stay on balcony and relax, dont take phone when you wake up, it ruins your brain.
    4 : take a calcium c and vitamin b6. (B6 is for calm)
    5 : buy transition glasses, it helps your eyes from sun and lights, your face will be more calm
    6 : take eye drops for eye pressure.
    7 : eat good and call a friend for a coffe, and talk stop phone when outside, try real life.
    8 : read religion book it helps alot.
    END : It will not help you to remove forever but it helps you to have less, last suggestion : when it attacks you have to know that is coming, try to not make panic, dont worry it happens because we use brain more than others, just try to ignore panic as much as you can. Only guys who have anxiety and panic attack will understand.

  • The AquaSphere
    The AquaSphere 3 months ago

    *This is a spam comment, a comment posted before the video has started based on the title.* Yes, you can have anxiety disorders. I have major anxiety problems where I lose complete control over my body and impulses and instincts take over. Because of this, I’ve actually hurt people and nearly ran away from my home.

  • Snow Fall
    Snow Fall 3 months ago

    I’m trying to understand this “Anxiety Disorder” someone I know has anxiety and they treat it by smoking weed. So far I’ve come to the conclusion that taking any type of drugs prescription or non is not the answer.

    • Snow Fall
      Snow Fall 3 months ago

      Ok so I’ve come to a solid conclusion. If somebody I care about comes to me to tell me there is something affecting them like anxiety then I will take them very seriously and do my absolute best to help them.

    • Snow Fall
      Snow Fall 3 months ago


    • Snow Fall
      Snow Fall 3 months ago

      But in some (most) cases people just need to deal with it.

    • Snow Fall
      Snow Fall 3 months ago

      I don’t agree with “just deal with it” anymore...

    • Snow Fall
      Snow Fall 3 months ago

      I’m going to keep thinking on it a bit longer 🤔

  • GamingOrungutang
    GamingOrungutang 3 months ago

    I think I have social anxiety. I always feel judged by people.

  • Un Average Weirdo
    Un Average Weirdo 4 months ago

    1:09 the wrong you're, this bothers me h

  • Anonymous Potatoe
    Anonymous Potatoe 4 months ago

    I have social anxiety,and some of my friends have general anxiety disorders and panic attacks.I showed them I simulator of having social anxiety,and they said it was weird,stupid,crazy,and unrealistic.I tried to explain to them that I had this,and many other people do,but they just would listen or understand.Now,im used to being ignored and left out of things,but that got me shocked. *Oh well.*

  • The life of XandiraTM
    The life of XandiraTM 4 months ago

    I have generalized anxiety disorder. I only have to words for it
    Living. Hell.

  • Lâm Quốc Việt
    Lâm Quốc Việt 4 months ago

    Suicide :D !

  • richard klegin
    richard klegin 4 months ago

    its called weed . make it legal

  • richard klegin
    richard klegin 4 months ago

    so what about people who dont have fear

  • Super Slime
    Super Slime 4 months ago

    I don’t know if I have one. I feel like people don’t know the real me, I hid behind a fake bubbly personality. When I hurt really bad I think I am gonna die, I am only n grade five.

  • Kithri Shadowdragon
    Kithri Shadowdragon 4 months ago

    I am always scared and worried.
    I always feel like there is something is watching me, following me, or coming to kill me...

  • Mély love Beppi the clown

    Each i have something im scared to lose, i have too much anxiety

  • Emiko AtomBean
    Emiko AtomBean 4 months ago

    So,i have Depression,Anxiety and Panic Attack Disorders?If this is hows my life going to be then i don't want it anymore.

  • I’m a stupid idiotic retard it’s true

    All I do is smack my self and go “BITCH IMA FUCKING MAN” I’m serious

  • I’m a stupid idiotic retard it’s true

    I’ve had it for 2 years and I have learned to deal with it

  • Jaimee Nel
    Jaimee Nel 4 months ago

    No thank you! Also, I definitely have social anxiety disorder.

  • barbara p
    barbara p 4 months ago

    I constantly pace around the room whenever I have to talk in a huge crowd that’s what I do to help deal with anxiety :p.

  • A Human that likes to breathe air

    I don’t think I have social anxiety, but I can’t do much in public (eat, represent, fight back, say no, etc.) and it’s really annoying because I know that I’m doing it.

  • MissCreeperLady
    MissCreeperLady 4 months ago

    I have minor anxiety and I only get it if I'm performing on stage or taking a test

  • green titiani
    green titiani 4 months ago


  • - Ari -
    - Ari - 4 months ago

    I just came back from therapy and then I see this in my recommended

  • Jerome Presnell
    Jerome Presnell 4 months ago

    I panic randomly whenever I am alone for no reason whatsoever.

  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y. 4 months ago

    I have a anxiety disorder and it SUCKSSSSSS

  • Sylvia Setlock
    Sylvia Setlock 4 months ago

    I have a very severe anxiety disorder. Oh! And I’m 11, :p I also committed self harm, and get daily anxiety attacks, weekly panic attacks and a constant stomach ache. ALL because of freaking anxiety. So I absolutely hate anybody who thinks that anxiety isn’t that bad or that I’m just stressed, like NO! SHUT UP!

  • Minhoismyhoe17
    Minhoismyhoe17 4 months ago

    My anxiety attacks are different my chest tighten and I can't breath or talk I'm just frozen sometimes I cry silently and I feel like I'm gonna die it's like a heart attack I'm always in so much pain sometimes it last for 5 mins or longer the longest was 27 mins I actually couldn't breath and I was so scared and I was struggling and I remember thinking this is it I'm gonna die

  • Dyylan_Galaxy
    Dyylan_Galaxy 4 months ago

    Uhhh. I think I may have it.. usually strangely I panic for no reason.
    Edit: I have trouble sleeping and most of my time I start to think of a lot of scary things and start to fear so many things I never usually think about

  • Robloxian Geojoco
    Robloxian Geojoco 4 months ago

    Kid dances to Gucci gang on America’s got talent felt the same feelings as one of these people

  • Lissie Foxx
    Lissie Foxx 4 months ago

    2:35 I have agoraphobia, that is not agoraphobia. That is claustrophobia my dudes

  • Zoey Rauterkus
    Zoey Rauterkus 4 months ago

    What about Misophonia

  • Saffire Power
    Saffire Power 4 months ago

    Panic disorder is horibble. It's a type of anxiety disorder and it's main symptoms is panic attacks. It's like drowing but with no water.

  • Zanman
    Zanman 4 months ago

    I am a 10 year old with a disorder and have all of these symptoms

  • POP!Corn Animations
    POP!Corn Animations 4 months ago +1

    Music helps me a lot.

  • Meemabubba
    Meemabubba 4 months ago

    I've been on the edge of an anxiety attack for about three days now, sEnD hElP

  • Jabba Jane
    Jabba Jane 4 months ago

    How to get anxiety disorder:

    Edit:and teachers

  • snappity snappleee
    snappity snappleee 4 months ago

    social anxiety? me

  • simels liv
    simels liv 4 months ago

    I have all types of anxity😫