Could You Actually Have An Anxiety Disorder?


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  • Life Noggin
    Life Noggin  6 months ago +471

    Hello friends, thank you for watching! If you want to know more about mental illness, check out our video on depression:

    • Slayer 32
      Slayer 32 21 day ago

      Life Noggin your the best your information changed my life

    • bob2build
      bob2build Month ago

      absorbing THC & CBD the chemical from Weed helps with Anxiety. and have no major side effect compare to Anti-depressant and Bezodiazepine. So I recommend getting the type of strain of Cannabis if the country supplies it and talk to a GP. just helping your facts @LifeNoggin

    • Rigel Lolololol
      Rigel Lolololol Month ago +1

      Life Noggin can you do Social Anxiety??? I was just curious what does that really mean????

    • DorienWKS // WildKAT
      DorienWKS // WildKAT 2 months ago

      I have social anxiety could you do a video on just that so a i can know more about it

  • DarkMatterGaming
    DarkMatterGaming 19 hours ago

    im a introvert have ADHD (without the hyper part) AND i have an Anxiety Disorder

    • DarkMatterGaming
      DarkMatterGaming 19 hours ago

      im scared of heights and my anxiety is social anxiety so im a lost cause

  • kata
    kata Day ago

    Okay so, I don't think I have anxiety but sometimes I get this overwhelming amount of fear come over me because I create situations that aren't even happening. Like when I'm home alone I somehow convince myself that someone is inside the house (breaking in) and I get so panicked and don't know what to do. When in reality nothing is happening. Is this anxiety or am I just too worried about non-important things?

  • Itz Nicole
    Itz Nicole 2 days ago

    This is what happens when i drink coffee when i was a kid😕i really dont know why....😶

  • the talking square 9000


  • Rhian Francis
    Rhian Francis 3 days ago

    I’m also dyslexic

  • Rhian Francis
    Rhian Francis 3 days ago

    My muscles always tense even in bed because of my visions of monsters i hate it it’s then sooooo hard to sleep

  • no name
    no name 3 days ago

    I don't like people saying I have different health or mental illnesses I don't know why but I don't want them saying them especially in front of others idk but I don't like grabbing attention😫😯

  • no name
    no name 3 days ago

    This girl keeps saying she has anxiety but omg does it annoy me because she doesn't cause clearly she's happy 24/7 and on her story on social media😑 it's like girl your just saying that your completely fine😂

  • x shy x
    x shy x 4 days ago

    But can u imagine what happened to people who got sick just imagine we got anxiety and got sick and u know what happened our anxiety become more stronger when u sick

  • x shy x
    x shy x 4 days ago

    Damn this so true

  • Fall.leaves
    Fall.leaves 4 days ago

    Fudge I have the anxiety disorder...........................

    THE ANIMAL 5 days ago +1

    I'm diagnosed with anxiety disorder and I have anxiety attacks it is hard to live with it I've always had it i have a fear of being embarrassed and I have emotional problems

  • Dorimukyatcha Chan
    Dorimukyatcha Chan 5 days ago

    I have Anxiety :(

  • iconic swim
    iconic swim 7 days ago

    i don't have anxiety but i do have a compulsive-stress disorder, i respect anyone with anxiety who has to go through that, your beautiful and just be strong it's hard but just keep your head up xx

  • Sky Diver
    Sky Diver 7 days ago

    My teachers talked about me having anxiety on my report card but they think it's ok to make me talk on front of more than 400 people at our leavers assembly... Wtf is wrong with some teachers

  • Sophers Sophers
    Sophers Sophers 8 days ago

    Thanks blocko u reminded me to take my pills

  • LyJay Torrente
    LyJay Torrente 8 days ago

    I always get scared and being i have Anxiety or Paranoia?

  • CaminChu World
    CaminChu World 8 days ago

    I have social anxiety and feel like everyone doesn’t understand what it’s feels like

  • Midori doragon
    Midori doragon 8 days ago

    Oddly enough I actually feel better after having some coffee. But yeah I know full well how terrible Anxiety can be.

  • Driftwood The seawing

    Headspace is the ad

  • TheSuperBunny
    TheSuperBunny 9 days ago +1

    Blocko u just describe my life i didn't know i had anxiety and talked with my mother about it after i watched the video and got help with it thank you sooooo much ☺

  • Potatoes Are amazing

    Pooh so that’s what anxiety is XD one day I was thinking about minders and then I got scared cuz my sis was across the room and I though she was a murder and I started panicking my breathing went up the roof I started sweating and cried and my sis looked at me like wtf idk 😐 OMG XD

  • Ramisa's Gaming
    Ramisa's Gaming 10 days ago

    How to know if your a sociopath??

  • Chinno Chinn
    Chinno Chinn 10 days ago +1

    School and social interaction are my worst nightmares.. in school i feel like everybody is whispering or saying somebody to me :( i dont know how to make this stop.. but this is my life now i accepted it :(

  • Em Gardner
    Em Gardner 10 days ago

    The first sign i have before a panic attack is extreme tightening of the chest,and makes it hard to breathe sometimes,even when wearing loose clothing.
    I first got anxiety when my very first relationship went in the completely wrong way.Turns out my partner (who i will not name) was being manipulated by their friends,the ones i once used to call friends.So,almost everyone,except my angel of a best friend,turned against me.I already have a bad fear of being alone,i honestly cant stand it.So when those days came around when my best friend was sick,i had no one.For the entire day my chest would be extremely tight,making it hard to breathe.I became emotional,on edge,and overall panicked and frightened.Frightened of my ex's friends,because i knew exactly what they were capable of.How cruel they could be.I gradually got better,i was still wary though,until my anxiety was very minimal.I no longer had bad panic attacks a few times a day,although,at the slight sign of annoyance on the face of a friends face,it would send me into a frenzy.Somehow i also believed i was the cause,knowing fully well i probably had nothing to do with it.
    Unfortunately,my anxiety has spiked again.I bare a great problem on my shoulders,i always strive to keep people safe,happy and comfortable.But what can you do when your childhood friend who you have been very much close with since you were toddlers,gets depression? God,im scared for her safety,and the affects it has on all of us around her...

  • Mstar star
    Mstar star 10 days ago

    I think I have social anxiety but I'm too anxious to tell my mum.

  • JustAnotherEllie
    JustAnotherEllie 11 days ago

    My anxiety comes from my rabbit...I've had 3 hamsters die in the past, 2 lived for only 2 months...I don't want my rabbit to die soon as well, so when I can't find her I get major anxiety 😂
    the moral of this story: hamsters suck and are terrible pets if you get, like, SUPER emotional over your pets (like me lmao)
    Also, I WOULD get help for my anxiety and possible depression, but I don't want to take a pill because I'm too weak. I would rather fight it, and that might be a stupid decision, but I'm stubborn okay ;^;
    Also, avoiding caffeine if you have anxiety?
    But I need my coffee ;^;

  • J U L 999
    J U L 999 11 days ago

    i have anxiety disorder
    3x Worse

  • Rachie Plays
    Rachie Plays 11 days ago

    I have the panic, and social disorder. Ever since i did something so embarssing i dont even want to talk about it i keep worrying that some people still have it in their mind. I keep worrying about things in the past and i randomly start shaking.

  • Dynamite May
    Dynamite May 12 days ago

    I have an anxiety problem, it usually arises when I have problems and i work it out by telling myself i would do it, i will solve this problem

  • Antony Gomez
    Antony Gomez 13 days ago

    I have real bad social anxiety

  • TheDeadChanel
    TheDeadChanel 13 days ago

    "30 persent of *adults* have an anxiety disorder"
    Me being a 12 year old haveing social anxiety disorder: ......ok? :/

  • Haha yes
    Haha yes 14 days ago

    Hell, I've never been to an actual psychologist before- I've never been diagnosed with anything, but I'm pretty sure I do have some kind of anxiety, mostly the "generalized" one. I sometimes also get panic attacks for no reason and I don't like being stared at, I'm always in fear someone is going to laugh at me, and trust me, small accidents like these already destroyed my life.
    Edit: I am 15 years old, so there's a chance my "anxiety", or whatever it is is just a phase all teenagers have to pass through- anyway, I'm going to a psychologist soon, hopefully there's nothing seriously wrong with me.

  • ツXimeee ツ
    ツXimeee ツ 14 days ago


  • ChasmNasm
    ChasmNasm 16 days ago

    I also have a fear of cockroaches and I scream when I see one.:(

  • therobloxfangamer
    therobloxfangamer 16 days ago

    I'm arachnophobic

  • AKDM Gaming Wow
    AKDM Gaming Wow 17 days ago

    I do grounding, when you ask yourself can I see three things? Can I touch three things? Can I smell three things? And can I taste three things

  • Alec -Mia- is Random
    Alec -Mia- is Random 18 days ago

    People who have Anxiety Disorder raise ur hand Up! ✋
    (not proud of mine)

  • elleisrandom★
    elleisrandom★ 19 days ago

    2:25 when i saw the mbti i nut

    QUEEN ELIZABETH WHO ? 19 days ago

    I have this disorder, and I get it even when I talk to my mom

  • Ella
    Ella 19 days ago

    (That clown you should at the beginning is giving me nightmares... ) I am pretty positive I have anxiety disorder. POSITIVE. I can't sleep, always thinking about the worst things that keep me awake, sweating and clenching my blankets. Stomach hurts. I have been to my parents room 'cause I can't sleep so many times, they lose it and say, "Your Fine! Just Relax and go to sleep!" but like the video said, its not at all that easy. I have been really nervous. The things I think about are very frightening, and I cry over why did I have to see it. I think I have Generalized Anxiety and/or Panic Disorder. Which one do you think it is if I have it?

  • Maddymaehey Games and things

    I have ocd :(

  • aiden palermo
    aiden palermo 20 days ago +1

    My mother is a professional nurse and she says that I have mild anxiety issues.

  • the crazys- randomness fun and more

    My friend might have anxiety disorder

  • Nanami Tamaki
    Nanami Tamaki 20 days ago

    I have anxiety, one time my friend was moving school so we organized a party with a few friends. One of them invited many many people that the friends that was moving didn't even know. One of the friends use to bully me for 7 years until I went to highschool. When I told this girl named Rachel that was my best friend friend she told me that it wasn't about me and I should just deal with it. :( I feel really bad now and I'm not sure if I should apologize

  • Scratchy Badger
    Scratchy Badger 21 day ago

    Wait i have 3 of the types of anxiety that u mentioned wow i scared now.......

  • J_O_Y Annie
    J_O_Y Annie 21 day ago

    I have it

  • Mad Hattress
    Mad Hattress 21 day ago

    Generalized anxiety disorder and Social anxiety disorder, It doesn't help.

  • EdgyKyleTM
    EdgyKyleTM 21 day ago

    Oh wow today is ok I'll be fine. *Takes one step into middle school.* . . . I wanna go home I think I will die these people are judging me my outfit isn't good omg I'm gonna fail I'll never find love im gonna die alone.

  • angela 5234
    angela 5234 22 days ago

    could you do depersonlization?

  • Kate Plays
    Kate Plays 22 days ago

    I have had an anxiety disorder since I was a baby, even social and speech anxiety.

  • Shaelin Rollman
    Shaelin Rollman 22 days ago

    I have this weird fear of closing my eyes while alone. If someone else that I know and trust is there, that's great, but I have this weird feeling of "There's someone in the room that I can't see." And that prevents me from closing my eyes other than sleeping, when I feel pretty safe. But if I were to close my eyes right now for less than a minute, I would have a full-blown panic attack, screaming and crying and kicking to get things away from me. It's terrifying, thinking there's someone else in the room with you and you can't see them. I can't find any way to combat that, even though it's completely stupid and doesn't make any sense at all. But because I'm a Christian, I tell myself that God won't let me down and that He has my life in His hands and He won't let go of me. Still, my biggest fear is the unknown, and being alone. If I were stuck in the middle of the ocean alone on a tiny raft, I have no idea what I would do. I don't want to think about it. So if I went blind I would probably kill myself. It's an awful thought that I hope will never happen, but if I was no longer able to see, I would be too scared to do anything. I would be in constant fear that something will come get me that I wouldn't be able to live... I think I have anxiety.

  • b e e t
    b e e t 22 days ago

    My parents don’t take me to get diagnosed for these things but I probably have the fear and social anxieties especially when it comes to my emitephobia (idk how to spell it but the fear of vomit) and talking to people that aren’t my BEST FRIENDS OR IN MY HOUSEHOLD I don’t want to have it but I probably do

  • TheWaddling
    TheWaddling 23 days ago

    I Have Anxiety And Its Annoying when ever something comes in my head I'm just crazy

  • Simply Skye
    Simply Skye 23 days ago

    My mom has anxiety

  • sophia
    sophia 24 days ago


  • DragonNess
    DragonNess 24 days ago

    i dont brobaly dont have social anxiety disorder. but once a teacher calles my name to answer a question oh boy i start panicing my brain starts hurting i start crying i feel like its getting hot outside. and crying gets harder to hold in every seccond that goes by. and when its over i am still thinking about what the others where thinking about me

  • Jynger Beverly
    Jynger Beverly 24 days ago

    I have anxiety and my mom has even told the hospital. Its hard especially when loud noises

  • CollieDawg Playz
    CollieDawg Playz 25 days ago

    I think my dog has anxiety because she tries to BREAK DOWN THE DOOR when I’m away.

  • Fandom Fun
    Fandom Fun 25 days ago +1

    I have severe social anxiety and my teachers always make me say things In front of the class I hate it 😭

  • Pine Drop Pye AJ
    Pine Drop Pye AJ 25 days ago

    I know.... anxiety sounds fun and all but ITS NOT... it stops me from making friends and stops me from going outside and having fun... also I can’t do any after-school activities... my social anxiety is mostly triggered by thoughts of being judged by other people. So if there is even a SLIGHT CHANCE that I could get judged by someone else I would just NOT GO... don’t worry I’m getting rid of it though... it’s all good.

  • Momo Jjang
    Momo Jjang 25 days ago

    Whenever I have a conversation with someone before saying something I’ll think it over in my head but then by the time ive said it a few seconds have passed and I feel really awkward

  • I am awesome
    I am awesome 26 days ago

    I have anxiety

  • Framr
    Framr 26 days ago

    When my anxiety flares up, it leads to depression episodes that usually last anywhere from 8 hours to 5 days :/

  • NotACupcake
    NotACupcake 26 days ago

    my friend would always tell me "look around, do you see any visible danger right at this moment?" "No, no I don't.." "Then you are safe. You can calm down."

  • Emma Flake
    Emma Flake 26 days ago

    I have the panic anxiety disorder

  • [Liam] BlizzyGamerYT
    [Liam] BlizzyGamerYT 26 days ago

    I think I have this because I am afraid about when I die

  • Guest 114562
    Guest 114562 26 days ago

    This is litterally exactly what happens when I see a bee or especially a wasp or hornet. My parents tell me to stop and get over it right now. They won’t listen things like this that say it’s actually hard and serious, and say it’s “absolute bull $#!%. And they say that especially whenever it says that my brain works differently. I think it is insectiphobia. It happens less seriously whenever I see any insect other than a bee, wasp, or hornet. My parents say that I don’t have insectiphobia and that is total bull $#!%. And they won’t take me for treatment because 1. They don’t think there is anything wrong with me, that I’m just over dramatic for literally no reason and there

  • Dissonant Fates
    Dissonant Fates 27 days ago

    2:49 Haha. Ha.. Snakes on a Plane.. good reference.

    What are you doing here?

  • funnyblog1967
    funnyblog1967 27 days ago


  • cheeto b
    cheeto b 28 days ago

    i have ptsd and severe anxiety. this is because i had surgery. i feel very traumatised. i am going through therapy but its not working. i have been through years of councelling. i am on my second year of ptsd, and my fourth year of anxiety. i feel very scared and i need help. do you have any suggestions?

  • Fudanshi - Kun
    Fudanshi - Kun 29 days ago +1

    This is the only video where I can be free. You know, Social Anxiety has took over me.
    For example, I can't do things normally like before, I always think that everyone around me is whispering and talking about me and makes me irritated, confused, angry and even more emotions come to me. (No typos cuz' of social anxiety too)

  • GammerGirl 123
    GammerGirl 123 29 days ago

    Why am i watching this i have been diagnosed with 5 diffrent types of ai xity disorders and mild bipolar dosorder 😅😅😅😅😅

  • Snowstar
    Snowstar 29 days ago

    At night I’m I think im gonna. Die

  • The Happy Deer
    The Happy Deer Month ago

    I draw

  • Allia Arrow
    Allia Arrow Month ago

    can someone tell me if i have social anxiety or am i just really socially awkward?
    I usually behave like an introvert in public. But when my parents tell me to order something, talk to someone I don't know, or attend family events (although I am more comfortable with my dad side relatives), I usually say "No, I'm just going to (insert activity." I often do this to avoid being embarrassed, and to avoid people looking at me.
    I really loathe being the center of attention, so I usually talk to my close friends and family.
    Feel free to criticise me.

  • Semaj Jarrett
    Semaj Jarrett Month ago

    I had a very bad episode just a while ago, I thank you for notifying me of this

  • Veronica Martinez
    Veronica Martinez Month ago

    What is anxiety? I serously don't know what it is. Well, I do know what depression is right now I have it. But please tell me what it is. Please no hate 🙏🙏

  • steef4000000
    steef4000000 Month ago

    yeah i recognize 3 of 4 in myself

  • MMadison
    MMadison Month ago

    I’m just gonna pop a Xanax I hate talking to people

  • Fernanda Hader Logan Paul Og Elsker Harry Potter

    I think i have anxiety but i also think i dont

  • Dolla Bills
    Dolla Bills Month ago

    All these things happen to me.
    It's why I stay in my room all the time. It's like my safe haven, I feel like I'm safe from other things. But sometimes, I get *major* panic attacks. My anxiety get really bad a school. I've had panic attacks countless times and I always feel like people are watching me or whispering about me.
    Honestly, this is just the tip of the iceberg, and I didn't even go into detail.
    I don't even know why I'm commenting here.

  • Dopamine
    Dopamine Month ago

    Anyone seeking to argue a neocon-style "Just grow some balls" type of point; Save your keyboard the trouble. You'll get nowhere. All I wish to add is that you are wrong, but so are the people who think being a little bit nervous around strangers is a serious illness.
    Middle ground.

  • MxsterCerys
    MxsterCerys Month ago

    Anxiety changed my life, horribly. I can't do anything normally without worrying. I always feel like someone is staring at me and judging. I worry 24/7.

    Plus along side with anxiety I have autism, anger issues, depression and hyper activity.
    I have half days at school because of it. I'm dumb and I hate myself

  • *insert a cool name*

    I have extreme anxiety on planes too lmao

  • *insert a cool name*

    I get anxiety at school and going to places where I don't know anyone

  • xx127292xx
    xx127292xx Month ago +1

    I have an anxiety disorder and my mom always tells me to get over it and to let it go... your right, it isn't that simple

  • Andre_www
    Andre_www Month ago


  • Evan Cook
    Evan Cook Month ago

    Here go 2,000 people talking about their anxiety

  • SushaQvQ
    SushaQvQ Month ago

    just a reminder.
    don't diagnose yourself. visit a professional.

  • somegamernerd
    somegamernerd Month ago

    whenever I feel a panic attack about to start, I take deep breaths, and if I have one, I focus on my senses. it surprisingly helps

  • Katja Merlung
    Katja Merlung Month ago

    I just stop and check my heart and breath deeply. And close my eyes and think about my life and why I should continue. And it helps when I think about my dog is wanting for me to come home 🙂

  • pinkieskeelo
    pinkieskeelo Month ago

    Okay but where’s OCD? OCD is an anxiety disorder


    I was dionosesed with anxiety and when i was at school i had a attack and i went to charge my ipad that was not dead i did so i could sit alone for a sec and calm down than this girl came up to me and said you can go panic at ur desk

  • Ella Swizzle
    Ella Swizzle Month ago +1

    They spelled *You’re* wrong.

  • Wilo Polis
    Wilo Polis Month ago

    Once I had a panic attack late at night, and people telling me to calm down just made me completely lose it

  • Salty Spoons
    Salty Spoons Month ago

    What if you have social anxiety and get anxious about going to a therapist?
    Cuz I'm kinda in that predicament

  • l. m
    l. m Month ago

    I have anxiety and this made me feel a little bit better about it

  • Ender ninja 303
    Ender ninja 303 Month ago

    I guess I have soical anxiety then...
    Along with autism
    I need help in life