7 True Scary Camping Horror Stories (Vol. 3)

  • Published on Jul 17, 2019
  • 7 True Scary Camping Horror Stories (Vol. 3) includes accounts from individuals who experience the beauty that is nature, and also its brutal terror...
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    Story 1►0:00 -- bit.ly/2XO9bKL
    Story 2►7:14 -- bit.ly/2JD963Y
    Story 3►17:02 -- bit.ly/2Ggfw6N
    Story 4►24:32 -- bit.ly/2LozCzQ
    Story 5►33:14 -- bit.ly/32xER5C
    Story 6►41:32 -- bit.ly/2YWChEe
    Story 7►48:35 -- bit.ly/2JJ1tI4

    DISCLAIMER: All stories within this video are provided with explicit permission from their respective authors. Thank you to all who participated in today's video!
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Comments • 489

  • Aunt Cynthia
    Aunt Cynthia 3 days ago +1

    Alright mr Davis great story thanks, the people below me are right who goes camping without a knife axe hatchet gun or something , I always. Take a axe and knife ,

  • TheKittengoddess
    TheKittengoddess 4 days ago

    Cows are bloodthirsty.

  • PigzNoze
    PigzNoze 5 days ago

    Who else gets angry when the narrator says," Hello Friends..." and the birds chirping?

  • Shawn Johnson
    Shawn Johnson 5 days ago

    All it takes is one man with the will to do what everyone else is afraid to do. Don't be afraid people. Be fearless. Be the thing in the dark that you're so afraid of. I'd of killed all those bastards from the third story, on God. Sometimes you have to become a monster to fight the monsters..

  • Ashley Huerta
    Ashley Huerta 7 days ago

    Car farts hahahaha

  • reggie mcghoo
    reggie mcghoo 13 days ago

    Final warning OK🐾👽🤖🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • Eric Smith
    Eric Smith 18 days ago

    What is Muba sauce...

  • Mike Sowder
    Mike Sowder 20 days ago

    If a bear or mountain lion gets mad at ya ya make noise and act huge. If cattle get mad you whip out a hamburger and tell em you're about out

  • A B L T 77
    A B L T 77 20 days ago

    Subskribe Like Comment 👍🏾👍🏾

    SUSY LOVE 22 days ago

    Because of You,Mr...I Will Never Ever will Go Camping,Hicking or Back packing not even in my back yard!!! I hate,bug's, fly's,Weird Noises,Showdee figure's Specially like this people,whant to be by themselves UNARMED...to be with crassy nature,HELL NO CAMPINGGGGGGYou Heeerrrdd ME.

  • Katrina Hyke
    Katrina Hyke 26 days ago

    Not really scary at all that’s the worst compilation yet only lasted 33 minutes it was so bad cows charities and pellet guns aren’t scary at all didn’t want to wait for the last two stories about how a guy made a peanut butter jelly sandwich and forgot the jelly pretty lame stuff bro

  • Ada Waters
    Ada Waters 26 days ago

    Haverhill, MA is pronounced HAY VRILL.

  • Link
    Link 27 days ago

    5:30 just fucking shoot them if they come near lmao

  • Anita Hendricks
    Anita Hendricks 29 days ago

  • ibra4mufc
    ibra4mufc Month ago

    I’m playing this so i can sleep your voice is calm

  • Jacob Smith, MBA
    Jacob Smith, MBA Month ago

    The woman tied up was clearly a contestant on one of the haunted/torture tour 😂

  • Asif Ifas
    Asif Ifas Month ago

    No thanks not lil girl tales channel.

  • Stripes Hummus
    Stripes Hummus Month ago

    Hahaha in Britain you get held at gunpoint and the police send out a manhunt squad for carrying an air rifle in the woods. You guys are so cucked.
    Hope u all have your tv licenses and have binned your knives!

  • Bill Younker
    Bill Younker Month ago

    What is a 22 air pellet gun????

    • Curve57
      Curve57 Month ago

      It is one of the new pellet calibers. Actually quite powerful

  • Cathy Desmarais
    Cathy Desmarais Month ago

    I think u have the most beautiful voice I have heard..like ur stories as well

  • SavageOutcast7
    SavageOutcast7 Month ago

    I live twenty minutes from outlaw liquor in crystal springs Arkansas

  • Jean Strong
    Jean Strong Month ago

    Tsk tsk tsk lmao city boys, you can’t just camp anywhere you want. You have to stay off people’s property, it’s not like the movies where people just pick a random spot.

  • marni kraus
    marni kraus Month ago

    Too overly detailed making it boring and long.

  • Hacker Games
    Hacker Games Month ago +1

    When I went camping 2 horrible things happened on the same trip...was with my brother and Boyfriend
    #1 a creepy guy with a cordless chainsaw came to our camp wearing an outfit that was 100% I still know what you did last summer. Rain gear... He was drunk and kept asking if we wanted him to cut up some wood for us (it was pouring down rain and night so we had no use for a fire and it wouldn't have lit anyway. He was creepy and kept staring at me. Apparently he had been living in the woods for 3 months. This was a trip we all had guns, thankfully and also not so thankfully....
    #2 after that guy left we all went to bed and my brother kept his riffle next to him.I called his name before opening his tent. Guess he didn't hear me because I had a loaded gun point blank in my face, his finger on the trigger... He started crying... My big brother never cried.... He said he almost shot me in the face.
    We were all very quiet the rest of the trip and he refused to go target shooting as planned. My brother almost killed me
    Turns out the danger was not from the stranger

  • Hacker Games
    Hacker Games Month ago

    Boiled pooh

  • Roddy Fowler
    Roddy Fowler Month ago

    That second story was all over the map....literally. Somehow they ended up in Missouri.

  • Roddy Fowler
    Roddy Fowler Month ago

    Afraid of...... cows. British cows must be real badasses. I've walked though fields hundreds of times with cattle. Yeah, sometimes they follow you.... sometimes they keep their distance. If they are getting so close that you're afraid of them just turn around, start yelling, and charge them. They will take off like a bullet.

  • Nicolle Herr
    Nicolle Herr Month ago

    There were multiple of you and yall couldn't take those guys? They better have had guns, you...

  • BigBennKlingon
    BigBennKlingon Month ago

    Like a lot of these type of compilations, some of the stories are genuinely creepy and some of them are shockingly mundane. Like, you have to have lived a sheltered life to believe that cops showing up at a camp because somebody was spotted with a pellet gun is "horror". The cops weren't even dicks or anything lol.

  • AmericanPewDiePie
    AmericanPewDiePie Month ago

    Going directly to the stories in a NORMAL voice? Instant sub.

  • Derrick Flyr
    Derrick Flyr Month ago

    Good reading voice.

  • elaineongpp
    elaineongpp 2 months ago

    Give me cereal bars and peanut butter over bunny meat..365D.

  • Connor F
    Connor F 2 months ago +1

    Listening to Dropkick Murphy's around a fire is what I would rather be doing right now

  • ftdefiance1
    ftdefiance1 2 months ago

    Better a cheap pistol or knife then expensive marijuana

  • Samantha Dixon
    Samantha Dixon 2 months ago

    Why does itt look like the skinwalker on the video look like he has someone on all fours using them to get a better view?!?!?!? Wtfrik like the slaves from 300

  • UK Paranormal Study
    UK Paranormal Study 2 months ago

    The narrator sounds like Garfield lol! Sorry mate lol! had to say it lol!

  • Dirt Worship
    Dirt Worship 2 months ago

    11%? You've obviously not been to Colorado brewery's.

  • sean hiler
    sean hiler 2 months ago

    Can you record louder?

  • F Joseph Gonzales
    F Joseph Gonzales 2 months ago +1


  • mii
    mii 2 months ago +3

    The second story was so unnecessarily long for “we got scared by cows lol”

  • MrsVenus27
    MrsVenus27 2 months ago

    I'm 10mins from the Brecon Beacons, So strange when I hear about 'home' on these stories- even if it was a crap one 😂 Police in the UK arent total assholes... who knew?! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  • Lee Lorenz
    Lee Lorenz 2 months ago

    Not sure I believe story 3. It's too horrible for America. I could believe it in Africa or the middle east. A club that looked 100 years old? Sounds like the Walking Dead.

  • McKayden Howard
    McKayden Howard 2 months ago +2

    The second story reminded me of a South Park episode!

  • gimme them beans
    gimme them beans 3 months ago

    This is why I don’t want to drink in the woods

  • Baron Num Nums
    Baron Num Nums 3 months ago +2

    to give the cow story credit, there was this time I truly feared for my mothers saftey where we were hiking across the mountains and came across a bunch of free-roaming cattle which included a mother cow and calf. And let me tell you these were a little bigger than what we considered normal and I guess my mother got a little too close or something cause that mother cow singled her out and began getting aggressive with her. The details are blurry, I think I remember telling her not to run just *hurry* so not to encourage it into charging her. Luckily there was a barrier not too far away. Might not sound frightning but you forget just how big these animals really are.

  • Tallulah
    Tallulah 3 months ago

    Scottish listener here 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 that accent on the cow story was just 👌😂 That story though 😂 I mean it's happened to me as a child wandering the fields with friends and it is scary. Made me laugh a bit though to hear it classed as a horror story. Anyway don't hesitate to visit, you'll get a warm welcome. Just watch out for the killer zombie cows 🐄😂
    Also the Brecon Beacons guys were never in danger of being shot by the armed police. Over here they don't tend to go around straight up murdering people and asking questions later. The situation in the US with police shootings is quite disturbing to me. It's pretty rare to even see armed response here unless there's a big event or terrorist threat etc. I just went and looked it up the stats. On average there are less than a dozen incidents per year of armed police discharging their weapons and an average of 2 of these incidents per year result in fatalities. Fun fact of the day from the UK 🤓👩‍🏫

  • Ashley
    Ashley 3 months ago

    The drunken dudes stumbling upon a tied up woman... what a bunch of pussies.

  • Alex Bennet
    Alex Bennet 3 months ago

    I was not expecting to hear a horror story about Delamere forest. 😂

  • Jeremy Barker
    Jeremy Barker 3 months ago +1

    I prefer camping in the woods but I normally always carry 40 rounds with my rifle and 50 rounds with my pistol

  • Britta Olson
    Britta Olson 3 months ago

    That cow 🐄 story. Scary as hell... I had no idea!

  • Abomb 604
    Abomb 604 3 months ago

    I remember the time that I caught that train to the forest...

  • Jo Jo
    Jo Jo 3 months ago

    These are not true stories

    • Sam Riding
      Sam Riding 2 months ago

      It's hilarious to think you go through life being so sure you're right about things you're completely wrong about.

  • Kasey Loftis
    Kasey Loftis 3 months ago

    The second story was wayyyy too long, with so many unnecessary details just for the scary part to be super lame. Cows? Really? After twenty minutes? Please cut out some of these unnecessary details on stories like this.

    AUDE SAPERE 3 months ago

    *_SHITO means big in Indian??? Now i just know u made that up...lmao_*

  • Miller Time
    Miller Time 3 months ago

    #6 was probably an abused child and their parent

  • Miller Time
    Miller Time 3 months ago

    Any anti gun people out there, that girl in the clearing would have made it out of there for sure if he was packing

  • Usad Plebs
    Usad Plebs 3 months ago +1

    The narrator has a nice voice but the reading drives me crazy. Every sentence starts with the same tone and also almost ends with it every time. Has to stop listening because all i could hear was a mocking rythm.

  • mugglehuggles
    mugglehuggles 3 months ago

    "Have-er-hill Massachusetts."
    You tried, dear. You tried.

  • Caesarfuckinplays
    Caesarfuckinplays 3 months ago

    Fucking cows... spoooooky

  • Weight Overload
    Weight Overload 3 months ago +1

    Now I see why people get nervous in red dead redemption 2 when we approach their camp