Kevin Hart on LaVar Ball and His Least Favorite Son | Cold As Balls | Laugh Out Loud Network


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  • Chris God
    Chris God 9 months ago +4856

    Kevin hart: click to subscribe
    Me: bet kevin 👉subscribed

  • spacco .memes
    spacco .memes 14 hours ago

    Kevin says “it’s me and Lonzo” 😂

  • Alexander Cornier
    Alexander Cornier 16 hours ago

    Wait least favorite song is lamelo or liangelo

  • Meme_luve
    Meme_luve 2 days ago

    This would be a good movie

    BRODANCE08 2 days ago


  • Hunter Pitera
    Hunter Pitera 2 days ago

    He is on meth

  • Boyish Charm
    Boyish Charm 4 days ago

    Lavar knew he was going to miss that last shot lmao

  • Saddat Chowdhury
    Saddat Chowdhury 4 days ago

    He said Lonzo ball instead of Lavar ball

  • Isaac Madden
    Isaac Madden 4 days ago

    I'm giggling so fricking hard right now....

  • Jasper Lapidario
    Jasper Lapidario 4 days ago

    my reaction:hahahahahahaha

  • Lory 10
    Lory 10 5 days ago

    Lavar had to be actor😂😂😂👍

  • Jaxy Ford
    Jaxy Ford 5 days ago

    Lavar ball became lonvo ball

  • Martin Carreon
    Martin Carreon 7 days ago

    when kev got conscious about the size of his mouth!

  • Bara S
    Bara S 8 days ago

    the two fucking funniest ppl in the world

  • Sweetie BreLOVE Phil

    The Ball family trips me out. Love them ALL

    NITRO GAMEz 9 days ago


  • Isaiah Davis
    Isaiah Davis 10 days ago

    1:48 😭😭😭

  • places kid Winston
    places kid Winston 11 days ago

    Sorry Lamelo

  • Someone
    Someone 12 days ago

    Omg I’m officially dead

  • Daniel E. Osarobo
    Daniel E. Osarobo 13 days ago

    I love LaVar. I see LaVar I click.

  • The Monster 0525
    The Monster 0525 14 days ago

    He said lonzo ball

  • SuperBigmike2020
    SuperBigmike2020 15 days ago

    lil greatness :x

  • Shaquille Catchings
    Shaquille Catchings 15 days ago

    Kevin hart: "Highschool number quick"
    Lavar ball: "uuugh I forgot"
    Kevin hart: "dang man"
    lol this is the funniest thing ever haha

    LGY GHOST 16 days ago

    He said Lonzo it’s lavar

  • dj edwards
    dj edwards 23 days ago

    Lavar is a clown. Got to be the funniest one yet

  • Brendan Champion
    Brendan Champion 24 days ago

    Lavar got that hyped up ball coach attitude 😂😂

  • LukeBuckets
    LukeBuckets 28 days ago

    Lmao you told on yourself...Your least favorite son is the younger one

  • selada wreh
    selada wreh Month ago

    Did anyone peep him saying lonzo ball instead of lavar 😂😂😂🤦‍♀️

  • Husky Lover
    Husky Lover Month ago

    Poor balls dying in their

  • Jose Pacheco
    Jose Pacheco Month ago

    "Treated our set like a strip club" 💀💀😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Judge Dredd
    Judge Dredd Month ago

    I fuks wit LaVar hahahaha

  • Onyx Freeman
    Onyx Freeman Month ago

    "I'm the one that get the goddamn rebound to give it to you to give it me!" I'm crying.

  • Bo Pessi
    Bo Pessi Month ago

    Lavar funny than a muthfucka!!!!! Best show on cold as balls

  • Mantap Djiwa
    Mantap Djiwa Month ago


  • NaNoTeK Gaming
    NaNoTeK Gaming Month ago +1

    1:48 when you nut but she keep suckin

  • Kimberley Warner
    Kimberley Warner Month ago



    Is it just me or does lavar ruin this show

  • XxCl4MPG0DxX390
    XxCl4MPG0DxX390 Month ago

    Lavar Ball : " You got to be better at everybody."

  • Eric Nolan
    Eric Nolan Month ago

    Why did an ad for Prager University just come up? I just saw the most biased interpretation of feminism backed by Christian values. Is this a political channel??

  • Emiliano Zurita
    Emiliano Zurita Month ago

    Rip lamelo

  • Sophia Paea
    Sophia Paea Month ago

    Levar, tried to free publicity from the goat Micheal Jordan. He hoped Micheal, would of spoke out and told the world Levar never beat him.

    MANDLA DLUDLU Month ago

    Lavar just makes me laugh man. This dude is a genius man, his so positive about life no matter what people say about him - I love this dude.......and he is funnier than Kevin too.......

  • Snitchesgetstitches512 T

    Lavar ball is NOT funny plz excuse the comments below ... they're white !!

  • diann powers
    diann powers Month ago

    i loved this episode..

  • Bowser Music
    Bowser Music Month ago

    haha that guy is hilarious

  • Dj Fresh
    Dj Fresh Month ago

    Lavar was funnier than the actual comedian

  • d polk
    d polk Month ago


  • kieona allen
    kieona allen Month ago

    He is funny, Lavar is lowkey fine!!

  • Troy Moore Jr
    Troy Moore Jr Month ago

    Lavar funny af!

  • chiko barajas
    chiko barajas Month ago

    The funniest one so far!!!

  • xOneAudience
    xOneAudience Month ago

    Still the best episode of all the series.

    [TENN]FOLD Month ago

    How can LA handle us,nice player,hard baller from beyond

    [TENN]FOLD Month ago +1

    Lol great stuff Kevin

  • Surrayya Asia
    Surrayya Asia Month ago

    1:13 dead X/ :D :D :D XD

    KINGS ROAR Month ago

    La'Greatness LMMAO heck yeah!!

  • Steven Proctor
    Steven Proctor Month ago

    "Nobody's got you tapping the backboard." 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Maximillian Ortiz
    Maximillian Ortiz Month ago

    How many years did you play all four years of high school? Afuidhejjcfijebd

  • caleb Eubanks
    caleb Eubanks Month ago +1

    The amount of energy in this video

  • ghost gang Powder
    ghost gang Powder Month ago

    How lavar walked in there had me dying .

  • Christian Calderon
    Christian Calderon Month ago

    Hart- " nobody have seen you taping the backboard " Dead lmaooooo. "What tape?" There is no VHS lol.. those 2 need their own tv show..

  • allen iverson
    allen iverson Month ago

    This the funniest one I done seen

  • Mike Tython
    Mike Tython Month ago

    are we just gonna ignore the fact that Lavar admitted he doesnt like lamelo

  • Dont use
    Dont use Month ago

    "Im a Christian " lmbo!!!!

  • B Ledezma
    B Ledezma Month ago


  • Phil K
    Phil K Month ago

    When he asked him “did you play all 4 years of high school?” Hahahahhaha

  • Life as Nevaeh h
    Life as Nevaeh h Month ago


  • Matt S
    Matt S Month ago

    Know this man is crazy way he sat down in the ice water like it was a jacuzzi

  • Variety Vids
    Variety Vids Month ago

    Haaaa lavar is a G

  • Christopher Morrison

    I used to hate this guy, I fucking love him. He’s hilarious

  • Somalian Jesus
    Somalian Jesus Month ago

    anyone watching this after gelo didnt get drafted

  • O P
    O P Month ago

    This IS the only footage of him dunking.

  • Kodak Gaming
    Kodak Gaming Month ago

    How many dislikes can I get

  • Terrance Jeanes
    Terrance Jeanes Month ago

    This was a good one

  • Rayvon Grayson, Jr
    Rayvon Grayson, Jr Month ago


  • Qundray Gray
    Qundray Gray Month ago

    This is funny? 🤔

  • Crimson Inc.
    Crimson Inc. Month ago

    Most people create an idea and turn it into a business. Lavar created his sons and turned them into a brand. Normally, id consider that pure scummery. But this dude really wants his kids to succeed just as much as he wants them to make him money. I still don't like the guy though, too narcissistic

  • Zahir Spencer
    Zahir Spencer Month ago

    Beginning LMAO 😂 🤣

  • derekandchase boss
    derekandchase boss Month ago

    all I saw were man titties

  • Big Jada
    Big Jada Month ago

    Kmsl 😂😂😂😂😂 where is da footage

  • Jalen Morris
    Jalen Morris Month ago

    4:38 total faxxxxxxxx

  • MJD 3
    MJD 3 Month ago

    Hart to ball😂

  • Daniel Drake
    Daniel Drake 2 months ago

    My man Lavar was afraid to actually bet that 10 grand at the end

  • vinny2times
    vinny2times 2 months ago

    lavar with those big titties

  • Lor Dj
    Lor Dj 2 months ago +2

    This was pure gold comedy

  • PPO Cebuano
    PPO Cebuano 2 months ago

    Lavar is Mr. Satan in DGZ in real life..😂😂

  • Carson Neff
    Carson Neff 2 months ago

    This is the best TVclip video I’ve ever seen

  • Mark Aranita
    Mark Aranita 2 months ago

    When your dad look like me .you gotz to know he great 🤣🤣🤣

    FIRE SIGN 2 months ago +7

    Him and Serena FATHER....just BELIEVE!!! IN THEIR! KIDS!!!✌

    FIRE SIGN 2 months ago


  • Jacob Parker
    Jacob Parker 2 months ago

    Hahha he’s actually pretty funny

  • Austin Ateek
    Austin Ateek 2 months ago

    Kevin your short Dawg

  • Dwayne Harris
    Dwayne Harris 2 months ago

    Lavar got crazy confidence

  • Buddha 3g
    Buddha 3g 2 months ago

    I watch this at least once a week.

  • Adrian's talent
    Adrian's talent 2 months ago


  • Adrian's talent
    Adrian's talent 2 months ago


  • Melvin Cruz
    Melvin Cruz 2 months ago +1

    Lmfao yo Lavar needs to b in a comedy movie

  • John Marston
    John Marston 2 months ago

    Lavar needs to clean his ugly teeth godamn he ugly his sons get their looks from their mother definitely not from the father

  • tre_wood
    tre_wood 2 months ago

    My fourth son will be named LaGreatnyss

  • Burt Kins
    Burt Kins 2 months ago


  • Legendary Mkp
    Legendary Mkp 2 months ago

    4th ball brother