Kevin Hart on LaVar Ball and His Least Favorite Son | Cold As Balls | Laugh Out Loud Network


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  • Chris God
    Chris God 3 months ago +4051

    Kevin hart: click to subscribe
    Me: bet kevin 👉subscribed

    • Big Boi Sosa
      Big Boi Sosa 2 days ago

      this da funniest episode lavar krazy as hell😂😂

    • blau Bayou
      blau Bayou Month ago

      Trump got his thieving son out off a Chinese prison ball should show some respect! Lavar is wring

  • Samuel  Oyewusi
    Samuel Oyewusi 7 hours ago

    "listen... i'm a christian" ded.

  • Saiyan Hokage_YT

    That's Lavar bruh

  • Mark A
    Mark A Day ago

    Doesn't Lavar represent big baller brand but he has under armor shorts

  • Buzz light Beer
    Buzz light Beer 2 days ago

    Lagreatness Ball

  • Nick Gaschler
    Nick Gaschler 2 days ago

    lmao lavar just chillin while kevin straight up having an orgasm tryna get in

  • Fa L.
    Fa L. 4 days ago

    how are these bathtubs called?

  • Dom vasquez
    Dom vasquez 4 days ago

    I’m sorry but Lanzo was hyped up by magic Johnson as the next Kobe and the lakers where going to be carried by homeboy , but yeah he played all right ..😒🤫🤫🤫 but honestly all the hype and couldn’t get the team nor lead it to the playoffs .. idk just my though not saying he ain’t good just saying they hyped him up to much and the outcome spoke for its self , I know it ain’t just him the lakers all need the step up . Hopefully next season it’s different , I would like to see the lakers back where they belong ,

  • GreenThumbP
    GreenThumbP 5 days ago

    High school number quick 😂😂😂😂

  • GreenThumbP
    GreenThumbP 5 days ago


  • GreenThumbP
    GreenThumbP 5 days ago


  • Golden Life
    Golden Life 6 days ago

    Can Kennan Thompson do this skit on SNL

  • Josue Corella
    Josue Corella 7 days ago

    Man up Kevin!

  • jacky toliver
    jacky toliver 10 days ago

    Heart too balls😢😭😭

  • Evon Arnold
    Evon Arnold 12 days ago


  • Evon Arnold
    Evon Arnold 12 days ago


  • Ham 2.0
    Ham 2.0 12 days ago

    That’s the first time I seen Kevin laughing 😂 lol

  • hiitsmeeeeeeeeeee
    hiitsmeeeeeeeeeee 12 days ago

    Well now we know Gelo is his favorite son.

  • World Of Sports Network

    9 Mill Views... wow congrats.. I just watched your Valuentertainment Interview and i'm blown away by what i've learned in such a short period of time

  • Daniel Vanriel
    Daniel Vanriel 13 days ago +1

    I’m the one who get the got damn rebound to give it to you to give to me😂

  • Log Fire
    Log Fire 14 days ago

    This is some legitimate comedy!!

  • Jeuvana Cadman
    Jeuvana Cadman 15 days ago

    Best show ever!!!

  • Techstyle-Security
    Techstyle-Security 15 days ago

    he sounds like JB smooth

  • Ollie Smith
    Ollie Smith 16 days ago

    That was legendary

  • Andrei Morosan
    Andrei Morosan 16 days ago

    is this a rip off from hot ones?

  • Gods1st 322
    Gods1st 322 16 days ago

    Sometime i think laver the kid and Lorenzo i the adult

  • AVP
    AVP 17 days ago

    He said him and Lonzo ball not lavar

    SNAKE DΞLTA 17 days ago

    hahaha big up dad

  • Torchmanz
    Torchmanz 19 days ago

    Hot Ones Rip Off.

  • worst gamer
    worst gamer 19 days ago


  • Bryce Krispiez
    Bryce Krispiez 21 day ago


  • francis stafilopatis

    I live Lavar 😂😂😂😂👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

  • Fraket
    Fraket 22 days ago +1

    Somebody put this guy in a Friday movie lamo!

  • The7th Raikage
    The7th Raikage 24 days ago

    NO TAPE!!

  • Mon Janiola
    Mon Janiola 24 days ago

    Kevin does this a lot I would think he'd be okay to this even if it's just a little

  • TherealGeorgeSt-Pierre

    Hart to ball lol

  • Dhahran Hart
    Dhahran Hart 25 days ago +1

    LOL Network he needs to do one with MEEK mill

  • Dhahran Hart
    Dhahran Hart 25 days ago +1


  • Samalvin_009 YT
    Samalvin_009 YT 27 days ago

    Why’s Kevin so funny ? 😂

  • Jovani Cruz
    Jovani Cruz 27 days ago

    I didn't grow up with my Dad. It's good to see someone who loves his boys like a real man. Gotta get there education though. Get back to school boys

  • sonny lee
    sonny lee 28 days ago

    Turned into Chris tucker with all that ice

  • TimeForAReview
    TimeForAReview 28 days ago +1

    Oh my gosh this dude was funnier than Kevin Hart

    • B R
      B R 28 days ago

      TimeForAReview True. But he could be less mouthy.

  • Michele Bianchi
    Michele Bianchi 29 days ago

    Pretty good acting , and that is not ice.

  • Eelis Heikkinen
    Eelis Heikkinen 29 days ago

    normally policy sponsor fighting shortage opposite remote practical

  • Elnando Wongkar
    Elnando Wongkar 29 days ago

    Its so funny 😂😂

  • Izumi Inoue
    Izumi Inoue 29 days ago

    Is that Keegan’s dad?

  • Delishia Hollingsworth

    wow Lavar is on fire, he's the alpha lol

    • B R
      B R 28 days ago

      Delishia Hollingsworth lol.

  • Nerdistswagger
    Nerdistswagger Month ago

    Lavar is the ultimate dad wtf. I love it.

  • moustachebro4life
    moustachebro4life Month ago +1

    These two need a comedy show 😂

  • FireFist Rodriguez
    FireFist Rodriguez Month ago

    funniest one XP

    • B R
      B R Month ago

      FireFist Rodriguez Would be funnier if they didnt take the Lord's name in vain.

  • DarkMatter 2130
    DarkMatter 2130 Month ago +1

    Rip lamelo😂😂

  • Jeffrey Ray
    Jeffrey Ray Month ago +1

    Thumbs up I love watching this vlog

  • Dashall  Vazquez
    Dashall Vazquez Month ago

    Love this interview! But not a fan of Kevin Hart. Seems like he is copying hot ones. I bet he doesn't write these questions he asks his guest. Also the video where he was on hot ones he was nothing but rude and didn't even look at the host in the eyes.

  • Melanie Bailey
    Melanie Bailey Month ago


  • AndroidG LGD
    AndroidG LGD Month ago


  • Gregory Marshall
    Gregory Marshall Month ago

    I'm weak asf 😂😂😂😂😂 funny asf

  • Sky Hi Records
    Sky Hi Records Month ago

    "U mean to tell me nobodys got a vhs "😂🤣🤣

  • Vey
    Vey Month ago

    He actually has favourites? 😑

  • Some Guy Inna Chair

    We need more "cold as balls" episodes

  • flappa jack
    flappa jack Month ago

    Zo2s seven hunnid thousand dollars

  • Waleed Khalfan
    Waleed Khalfan Month ago

    The best episode in the whole show,, actually, they could be a successful dual

  • Karim Geadah
    Karim Geadah Month ago

    It was nice of Lavar admitting that La Melo is his least favourite 😄

  • Gio Zuccolo
    Gio Zuccolo Month ago


  • Anthony Wilson
    Anthony Wilson Month ago

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  • Kayla Greene
    Kayla Greene Month ago

    Did he say his son was called Jello?? 😂

  • Justin Li
    Justin Li Month ago

    Lavar didnt want to donate to a charity... dunks it in 😂😂

  • Boypotato
    Boypotato Month ago


  • Jay_baby _lacy
    Jay_baby _lacy Month ago

    I hate and LOVE Lavar ball at the same time 😭😂

  • D. A131618
    D. A131618 Month ago


  • Broken Anduseful
    Broken Anduseful Month ago

    I was looking out for more of these. Maybe one with Usain Bolt.

  • Sam Richardson
    Sam Richardson Month ago

    Far bias frame require like example freshman aggressive price relationship regard.

  • Daouda Ndiaye
    Daouda Ndiaye Month ago

    Oooooh Lavar u gonna play Melo skep like that???😂😂😂

  • Skylar Groce
    Skylar Groce Month ago

    This is a rip-off of hot ones

  • N
    N Month ago

    Blatant rip off of hot ones

  • sol
    sol Month ago

    This was great

  • Christian Welp
    Christian Welp Month ago

    cant believe he does not like lamelo he is a baller

  • DP 23
    DP 23 Month ago

    Blatant rip off of Hot Ones and you know it

  • Christian3807
    Christian3807 Month ago

    He said Lonzo not Lavar in the intro...

  • Onyx Gaming
    Onyx Gaming Month ago

    The guy looks like steve harvey on crack

  • G H
    G H Month ago

    Lavar is a old idiot😂😂😂😂😂

    • B R
      B R Month ago

      G H He is only 50 years old.

    KRAZO G Month ago +1


  • The Last Knight
    The Last Knight Month ago

    Sounded like he farted when he got in the tub

  • JaBari Garner
    JaBari Garner Month ago

    Lavar says things to get people on TV to entertain his question

  • JaBari Garner
    JaBari Garner Month ago

    Kevin Hart, can't you tell lavar is possibly lying

    1M Views Month ago

    No homo but lavar ball is in great shape

  • the_Chil1One
    the_Chil1One Month ago

    still my Favorite Cold as Balls Ep !

  • Sophie
    Sophie Month ago +1

    « Hot ones » rip off, much?

    • Chris Camper
      Chris Camper 17 days ago

      Al Or uh no . Not even close . Nice try though

  • Nick Joost
    Nick Joost Month ago

    On Seans show, n uses his idea for a show. A thumbssssss down mr hart.

  • MaarikMari
    MaarikMari Month ago +1

    This is a poor copy of Hot Ones

  • Brayden K.
    Brayden K. Month ago

    That father looks like Steve Harvey's head on a thin the rock body.

  • fernika jamison
    fernika jamison Month ago


  • Bandit Chavez
    Bandit Chavez Month ago

    Melo Ball (LaVar Ball’s son) is OMGG

  • Jahiem Payne
    Jahiem Payne Month ago

    Lavar trash af

  • Z
    Z Month ago

    there are 4 years in highschool not 3

    • crashlong
      crashlong Month ago

      It changed around the whole country in the early to mid 90's

    • Z
      Z Month ago

      In France it's still 3 years, where do you guys change?

    • crashlong
      crashlong Month ago

      yaahman74 back in the day highschool was 3 years

  • saucey drip
    saucey drip Month ago

    He said lonzo ball

  • Giovanni Sanchez
    Giovanni Sanchez Month ago

    can you bo wesbrke

  • Wonder Man
    Wonder Man Month ago

    Strip club hahaha

  • William Haver
    William Haver Month ago

    lavar is the better comedian highkey

  • Dennis Delacruz
    Dennis Delacruz Month ago

    I love lavar 😂

  • Rodgers Family
    Rodgers Family Month ago

    Man Kevin Hart thinks lavar ball is crazy like super crazy