Hyenas on the Hunt | National Geographic

  • Published on Feb 21, 2008
  • When it comes to hunting prey, spotted hyenas seem to know the secret: divide and conquer!
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    Hyenas on the Hunt | National Geographic
    National Geographic
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  • Sherif Abdelmohsen
    Sherif Abdelmohsen Day ago +1

    الضبع أقذر الحيوانات

  • πάμε για το τώρα Νικόλας

    I love you buffalo

  • Серикбек Ергалиев

    Мерзкие существа. Так и хочется влепить гиене пулю промеж глаз

  • GLELLEN •-•
    GLELLEN •-• 13 days ago

    0:29 fly hyena fly

  • C.henrythezilla
    C.henrythezilla Month ago +1

    1:18 Mistake. Thats a ruppels griffon vulture

  • Ranjith Kumar
    Ranjith Kumar Month ago

    I Love you national geographic channel

  • Anand dwivedi
    Anand dwivedi 2 months ago +1

    I think heyna NVR fail on hunt ..If it Pierce s teeth in prey body ..No waste will remain

  • Hunna Ferdinand
    Hunna Ferdinand 3 months ago


  • Mounir Saada
    Mounir Saada 4 months ago

    1:18 that's a griffon vulture, not a lappet-face vulture

  • Prehistoric Tank
    Prehistoric Tank 5 months ago +12

    Spotted Hyenas are like terrestrial Piranhas, they just consume nearly the whole animal.

  • George Helnatan Natan
    George Helnatan Natan 5 months ago

    Quero aprender a falar inglês o mais rapidamente possível pra poder entender esses documentários.

  • Сухроб Кодиров

    Гиенов надо унижтожать они предки Ашин Виратху .ашин ебатху .ашин дрочилху

  • güzel yarim
    güzel yarim 6 months ago

    Widerliche Monster diese hyänen🤮🤮🤮

  • ThatOneAnimeKid Official

    It’s 2019.....

  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith 8 months ago

    0:53 - it's a pretty easy strategy. Keep biting the calf to where it is injured to the point where mama can do nothing to protect it anymore and is forced to leave it behind.

  • Diego Carrillo
    Diego Carrillo 9 months ago

    Who is the narrator?

  • Indoril Nerevar
    Indoril Nerevar 10 months ago

    I want one as a pet

  • BlueFox The Cutest
    BlueFox The Cutest 11 months ago +4

    "Thanks mom"

  • Song Song
    Song Song Year ago

    i hate lion..etc and crocadile and wild dog

  • Tara Carver
    Tara Carver Year ago

    Thats cool

  • Сухроб Кодиров

    Надоели со своими чикинг кинг ,сиктинг сик

  • Muhammad Zulqernain
    Muhammad Zulqernain Year ago +3

    They're very brutal killers...

  • AuBurney Tuckerson
    AuBurney Tuckerson Year ago +25

    The jackal wasn't "taking on" the hyena. The hyena clearly had no interest in her pups. If he or she wanted to, she could've easily killed them all. No. The jackal was just gwtly leading the hyena away from her pups as if to say "Go on now. Shoo. You're too close to my pups.", and the hyena is all like "Okay."

  • Sinar Sham
    Sinar Sham 2 years ago +1

    The pack hyena..

    • Gary Meaney
      Gary Meaney Year ago

      @Niaisa Broady A clan is a broad family group of hyenas, a pack is a group of hyenas within a clan which happen to be hunting together.

    • Niaisa Broady
      Niaisa Broady Year ago

      It is clan,pack are wild dogs.

  • Terry J
    Terry J 2 years ago

    Finally,someone saying what they mean instead of using a metaphor to describe it.

  • Homer Simpson
    Homer Simpson 2 years ago

    Hyenas same like chinese , love eating alive

  • Ravi Sub
    Ravi Sub 2 years ago

    Nice video again.......................

  • missiletarget2
    missiletarget2 2 years ago +24

    When lions hunt people are like yay awesome when hyenas hunt they say stupid hyenas, hyenas are better hunters the Lions

    • Hailey Q
      Hailey Q 10 months ago

      hyena hunting strategy is soo amazing, I have always seen them as incredibly smart animals, they dont have soo much strenght than lions have, they have to have very good strategy

  • Fo Reel
    Fo Reel 2 years ago

    hyenas are scum

    • bofursgun
      bofursgun Year ago

      for unreal Hush *TROLL...*

    • Fo Reel
      Fo Reel 2 years ago


    • Lena TheHyena
      Lena TheHyena 2 years ago

      I'm not a hyena, I'm human. I'm just saying hyenas aren't rlly different then any other animal. Like other animals they are trying to survive.
      But hey, if u hate hyenas and think they are scum, so be it. That is ur opinion. In my eyes they are just trying to survive and shouldn't be hated.

      Honestly I bet if they were very cute and adorable, people wouldn't have so much hate on them XD

    • Fo Reel
      Fo Reel 2 years ago

      I'm biased against you too, Lena. Because you're hyena. I hate your family.

    • Lena TheHyena
      Lena TheHyena 2 years ago

      Ur opinion
      But every animal basically does the same thing, lions and wolves are no worse

  • 5 Star Chick Edgerton
    5 Star Chick Edgerton 2 years ago +9

    Hyenas are fascinating animals.A Hyena can actually kill a lion if it wanted to.Examine the skull of a hyena.Its teeth can break bones and tear flesh.A hyena laugh helps them communicate with each other.Those are facts you didn't know about a hyena.🐾

    • Gannesh Bhat
      Gannesh Bhat 10 months ago

      A single hyena cannot kill a lion. But yeah a few of them can trouble a lion.

  • Ǥⱡiţȼⱨ
    Ǥⱡiţȼⱨ 2 years ago +1

    i love how the just says "Welp, you're dead, bye!"

  • Rage Coder
    Rage Coder 2 years ago

    that mom buffalo was a dickhead always wants to mate

  • Kunduse Asanova Asanova

    These ants aren't vegans :-)

  • fabrisultanof
    fabrisultanof 3 years ago

    madre bufallo cobarde.....

  • metalrave
    metalrave 3 years ago +52

    "Nothing goes to waste". Its truly incredible how the African Serengeti is one of the most advanced ecosystems in the world, mainly due to minimal human interference (besides poachers). Almost every species there plays a role, from mammal to insect.

    • gert holtzhausen
      gert holtzhausen 7 months ago

      And stupid humans still wants to interfere wherever they can.

    • Khorps
      Khorps 10 months ago

      yeah, almost like every ecosystem in the world

    • adamgrogory
      adamgrogory 2 years ago +17

      That's ridiculous. Poaching is nothing but detrimental to nature.

  • Grzegorz M
    Grzegorz M 3 years ago

    Perfect representation of situation in middle east Iraq Syria being te pray.

  • , PackJackal
    , PackJackal 4 years ago +8

    I love that brave mother jackal at the end!
    It's a shame that jackals are given the bad reputation as "cowardly" when jackals are actually extremely brave!
    I've seen a video where a jackal is chasing a sloth bear in India!
    Don't believe me? Look it up!

  • Jackal head
    Jackal head 5 years ago +48

    It is fascinating how that female jackal is willing to take on this hyena far more larger than her to protect her pups

    • Nojorooney
      Nojorooney 7 days ago

      Naseem Ahmed no, as you can see the mother jackal is feeding her pups milk in the end.

    • Naseem Ahmed
      Naseem Ahmed Year ago

      Jackal he

  • Jeff Lucas
    Jeff Lucas 5 years ago +36

    Lol @the vulture at 1:01..."I'll wait"

  • Courtney Geltzeiler
    Courtney Geltzeiler 5 years ago +9

    So adorable!

  • Medieval Baker
    Medieval Baker 6 years ago +17

    @Marta T that is partially incorrect about hyenas. Spotted hyenas, seen in this video, kill upwards of 95% of what they eat. The Aardwolf, another type of hyena, eats insects, primarily termites, eggs, and occasionally small birds/mammals and do not scavenge or hunt larger prey. The other two types of hyenas, brown and striped, do tend to eat carrion more often than they hunt for it. Although they still do hunt if the opportunity presents itself as with most predators. Just thought that i might shed some light on the subject seeing as its not too hard to look up some info about the subject before commenting.

    • Ethan Skerry
      Ethan Skerry 5 months ago

      Medieval Baker omg THANK YOU 🦴🐾

  • khd kh
    khd kh 6 years ago +2

    سبحان الله
    حتى النمل في غابات أفريقيا يأكل اللحم 1:33
    والشعوب الأفريقية أفقر شعوب العالم ومنها من يموت من الجوع !!
    هذه دليل على استغلال شعوب ودول اخرى لمدخراتها.

  • Tyler Kuykendall
    Tyler Kuykendall 6 years ago +27

    There are four hyenas: spotted, striped and brown hyenas and aardwolves. You think it's mean when a spotted hyena kills a lion cub, but lions kill spotted hyena cubs; and cheetahs and leopards kill lion and spotted hyena cubs and vice versa. You may also say "Hyena cubs kill each other!"; only spotted hyena cubs do that, but so do eaglets of some species (including bald eaglets); and a lion kills all of a pride's cubs when he takes over. And male offspring are forced out when they're mature.

  • Tyler Kuykendall
    Tyler Kuykendall 6 years ago +14

    What hyenas do are honestly no worse than what other animals do; it'll take me several comments, but I just want to explain why they're not bad like you think. To start, you can't morally judge animals since only humans have morals; if someone doesn't buy that, pandas eat small animals. They're bears though their diets are 99% bamboo, so I'd just need my TVclip account and a trip to the zoo with a video camera and a puppy if I wanted to make millions hate pandas. It's Mother Nature.

  • Mister Double Sevens
    Mister Double Sevens 6 years ago +6


  • brentlion
    brentlion 6 years ago

    Hyenas are not that way in real life, of course.

  • Dastanh
    Dastanh 6 years ago +9

    They killed the lions. They kill the lions. They're gonna kill the lions. Always and forever : the hyenas are queens!

    • güzel yarim
      güzel yarim 6 months ago +2


  • King Scar
    King Scar 6 years ago +3

    What are you accusing me of? There was no conspiracy to kill Mufasa, he died in the stampede because of Simba.

  • Cewlakow
    Cewlakow 6 years ago +2

    FUN FACT: Hyenas don't have a large enough mouth to strangle their prey (like lions do) so they usually gut their prey while it's still alive.

  • deltamac
    deltamac 6 years ago

    Good film but pity about the flippant commentary!

  • Cera Putra
    Cera Putra 6 years ago

    kasian :')

  • Clarence X. Mouzone
    Clarence X. Mouzone 6 years ago +3

    Right-if the "laugh" expresses anything, it expresses frustration. It's why there's so much laughing at kills. The laugh also communicates something about the hyena making it: it has info about the rank of the hyena in the pack and the age of the hyena. A hyena that hears another hyena laughing must decide whether or not to yield to the laugher or not. Since hierarchy in hyena clans is rigid and enforced with violence, often extreme, frustrating a higher ranking hyena can be *very* dangerous.

  • Derek Chang
    Derek Chang 6 years ago

    Lions and Hyenas both kill to survive. Stop calling ppl stupid. It's common sense. Why the fuck wud a lion kill in the first place if it doesn't get food u stupid fuck

  • Sandra Venema
    Sandra Venema 6 years ago


  • TheAmazingamerica
    TheAmazingamerica 7 years ago


  • TheAmazingamerica
    TheAmazingamerica 7 years ago

    too bad people don't understand that either.

  • The King of the Penguins

    0:20 Stragety? Stragy? What?

  • The King of the Penguins

    But they always wait before Scar gives the signal

  • BarbarianLion
    BarbarianLion 7 years ago

    Yeah they kill the young of other male lions when they take over a pride because they see those male cubs from other lions as competition

  • Nekminute
    Nekminute 7 years ago +1

    Stupid herd if they ran towards them theyd crush the hyenas....