10 CREATIVE WAYS to use SEESAWS in Super Mario Maker 2

  • Published on Aug 16, 2019
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    Slopes are the most epic new addition to Super Mario Maker 2 and an item that was made possible by those is the Seesaws, or as I like to call them : the tilting platforms. How can we use those creatively? Let's check out some of my ideas!
    ▶️10 uses for Icicles - tvclip.biz/video/KjG1rXDD2-s/video.html
    ▶️10 uses for Twisters - tvclip.biz/video/X5jfDP2TR18/video.html
    ▶️10 uses for ON/OFF switch - tvclip.biz/video/qvyyMXLXqpg/video.html
    Mario render in thumbnail by - www.deviantart.com/nintega-dario/gallery/
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    🎶 Music Used 🎶
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    🎵 SMB Forest (Edit)
    🎵 SM3DW Ghost House (Edit)
    🎵 Athletic [Super Mario Bros. 1]
    🎵 Castle (New Super Mario Bros. U) - Edit
    🎵 Airship (Super Mario Bros.) - Edit
    🎵 Overworld (Super Mario Bros.) - Edit
    🎵 SM3DW Airship (Edit)
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  • TheSuperPlushieBros. Fanfare 2019

    Pipes floating in midair aren't nakad if they're double-ended.

  • Mario The plumber
    Mario The plumber 7 days ago +1

    Can you do 10 creative ways to use multiplayer

  • Harry Best
    Harry Best 15 days ago +1

    But You Can't Slide On Seesaws :(

  • Barnaby Cole Butler-Knights

    Play my couses

  • trifon jacobs
    trifon jacobs 21 day ago

    Sorry nicobbq, but your levels look ugly. You need to decorate your levels like put semi- solid platforms in in wall structures.
    Also use vines and a decorated floor! Go watch Ceave Gaming’s “how to decorate your Super Mario Maker levels” video. It’s an older video, but a good one!

  • Sam Hornyak
    Sam Hornyak 23 days ago

    9:22 Neither of those look good. I hate naked pipes too but I also consider the one on the right a naked pipe. If your gonna have pipes in a level, they should be completely attached to the ground, ceiling or a wall and not just floating blocks because they still look dumb. What I like to do is either have pipes come out of walls or stretch vertical pipes so that the tops of downward ones are at the very top of the level so you can't see it and the bottoms of upward pipes go to the very bottom of the level. Either that or I just stretch naked pipes so that part of them is offscreen so you can't see them

  • Primarina Queen
    Primarina Queen 23 days ago

    There are way more things one can do with seesaws thanks to some quirks involving offscreen object weights (or lack thereof) with seesaws.

  • IV unAlejandro 5
    IV unAlejandro 5 23 days ago

    Am I the only one Who hates sponsors

  • Hawke Gaming
    Hawke Gaming 24 days ago

    6:54 What's a bullet bill lawn chair?

  • Floral Eevee
    Floral Eevee 24 days ago +1

    I’m watching this on a toaster, legit.

  • Blazeisafire
    Blazeisafire 24 days ago

    Great video!

  • BuilderBunny100
    BuilderBunny100 24 days ago

    Not only SMW style in NSMBU and SM3DW style

  • Matthew Lols
    Matthew Lols 24 days ago

    I kinda feel like these aren’t really advanced tips. If you don’t mind, can you make advanced tips? You can post something and have the comment section put tips that you compile into a video. Thank you for helping the little guys in smm1 and 2, keep up the good work!

    DrCREEPYFRI 25 days ago

    Epic Gamer nico

  • Dylan Hernandez
    Dylan Hernandez 25 days ago

    Your eye on your profile was blinking

  • DEMONOX 400
    DEMONOX 400 25 days ago


  • ツDestiny
    ツDestiny 25 days ago

    I love how he just says: DA BILL LAWNCHER

  • Mauro Padrón
    Mauro Padrón 26 days ago

    Korekiyo: *Sweats nervously*

  • ExplodedMushroom
    ExplodedMushroom 26 days ago

    "10 Creative ways to be Ceave"

  • I’d say follow me but I forgot which website I’m on

    The next video will be about using snake blocks

  • Entbrat and flarto play fortnite

    0:39 if you look closely you can see the lane between the two frames

    PK FIRE 26 days ago

    essly charming, and it's nearly impossible not to crack a smile while playing.
    I'd also offer up a comparison to Cave Story. Not only because it takes place underground and has a similar name, but also in the way it handles characters, storytelling, and tone. Everything may seem cute and pleasant at first, but as soon as one thing goes wrong and secrets begin to be uncovered, there's no telling who to trust or what might happen. And also, let's face it, Toriel is basically a Mimiga

    PK FIRE 26 days ago

    Pure happiness

    Every once in a while, a game comes along

  • big chunguss
    big chunguss 27 days ago

    The games 11£ would have been nice to mention that huh?

  • dippin kid
    dippin kid 27 days ago

    You should do a walkthrough of all the mario games in order ( like if you guys also wanna see this)

  • Agave rules
    Agave rules 27 days ago

    you can turn the mad lad boom boom into the ninja pom pom in 3d world style to make even MORE EPIC bossfight with the seesaw considering pom pom can make clones and throw shurikens at you

  • Anthony Salkauski
    Anthony Salkauski 27 days ago

    For the bob-omb one I put the Thwomp on above another seesaw so you have to stand on the other side of the seesaw so the thwomp could explode the bob-omb

  • Shiny Sentret
    Shiny Sentret 27 days ago

    huH.. wE dO...

  • Ritathecheeta
    Ritathecheeta 27 days ago

    huh funny the seesaw is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE ITEM IN THE GAME

  • owen Ansari
    owen Ansari 27 days ago

    I have a creative use for a seesaw: *killing Angie Yonaga*

    OMEGA CHEEZBALL 27 days ago

    Actually I have found something in Mario 64 ds. I hope u can make a vid about it. If u do, mind dropping a link to my channel? I digress. But it's a weird glitch in Mario 64 ds, yes the DS remake. So here's how u do it.
    1) go to ranbow ride stage
    2) go backwards to the place with the red coins and blue switch
    3) go to the donut platforms and here's where it gets tricky.
    4) pass the 2 weighted bridges, and go to the donut platforms ABOVE the 2nd bridge
    5) stand on the edge of it closest to the other set of donut platforms to the left
    6) let it fall, and if u do it right, Mario will be squished and immobile. Press start to get him out of it, but it looks really cool. The donut platform he was squished on won't drop, and only pausing will free him.

  • Kendi Braxton
    Kendi Braxton 27 days ago

    I was already certain I was getting games like Suprah SmSsh Bross, Pooper Mayro Mahker and Mayro Krat, But now Blaze Rush is also on the list!

  • KraftySMM
    KraftySMM 28 days ago +1

    Video Idea: Can you beat Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels without touching a single coin?

  • Nargiss Oliver
    Nargiss Oliver 28 days ago

    Niccobq Nintendo Officially Announced They Would Be Making 2 More Nintendo Switch’s Later On This Year

  • FunnyGamer426
    FunnyGamer426 28 days ago

    Play new super Mario Bros u with Mario without touching a single coin please

  • Vinnie 2947 Proz
    Vinnie 2947 Proz 28 days ago

    Like the comment if you want to see is it possible to beat super Mario odessey

  • Luca C
    Luca C 28 days ago

    Play my level. Jxnrh4g0g

  • james wiley
    james wiley 28 days ago

    Do it yourself or do you not have the game

  • Sonic Lover
    Sonic Lover 28 days ago

    10 creative ways to use Claws I’m Super Mario Maker 2

  • Demil
    Demil 28 days ago

    Holy fuzzy, I’m downloading Blaze Rush!

  • TheAwesome WiiMaster
    TheAwesome WiiMaster 28 days ago

    Hold up! No 3D World footage?
    ....oh wait

  • Rémink
    Rémink 28 days ago

    "and voilà" you speak french or is it a english expression too?

  • Svante Idecrans
    Svante Idecrans 28 days ago

    2:33 animal abusing

  • Deimees !!
    Deimees !! 28 days ago

    Looking for play/like swaps so can actually get the level i love i made into endless haha. HJS-VKY-2BG.

  • Charlie Ng
    Charlie Ng 28 days ago

    Nico where is pikmin 4 it's been 4 years

  • Richard Gaming
    Richard Gaming 28 days ago +1

    *10 CREATIVE WAYS to use GROUND in Super Mario Maker 2*

  • sawacard.
    sawacard. 28 days ago

    my childhood content creator right here

  • QZ Bolt
    QZ Bolt 28 days ago

    So it's Mario kart but more violent

  • Xavier Bonney
    Xavier Bonney 28 days ago


  • Heather Devoe
    Heather Devoe 29 days ago

    Next: *_10 Creative Ways to use Mario in Mario Maker 2_*

  • Gamemaster64 Hello
    Gamemaster64 Hello 29 days ago +1

    Here's the level I themed with tipping seasaws that I worked really hard on if you want to try it! 0V9-XR5-HQG

  • Lavender Krackerz
    Lavender Krackerz 29 days ago

    Bullet bill lounchers.

  • Jade Otter
    Jade Otter 29 days ago

    you now what would be cool in smm2?



  • GD Boy XD
    GD Boy XD 29 days ago

    Nico use COINS nico use COINS nico use COINS

  • Vivaldithe2nd Reptiles and Amphibians

    BicoNNQ came back!

  • GD Boy XD
    GD Boy XD 29 days ago

    10 Ways to use no coins in SMM2

  • Puroo Kumar Roy
    Puroo Kumar Roy 29 days ago +1

    8:19 Wait, why isn't your coin counter at 0?

  • GD Boy XD
    GD Boy XD 29 days ago

    Nico next vid remaking super Mario bros silent ver

  • GD Boy XD
    GD Boy XD 29 days ago

    Why dont u like coins do u like dollar bills

  • TheAdvertisement
    TheAdvertisement 29 days ago +1

    2:35 At least you don’t kill him.