Difference: ПОМНИТЬ - ВСПОМНИТЬ - ЗАПОМНИТЬ (to remember, to recall, to memorize in Russian)


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  • STOPandsaid
    STOPandsaid 4 months ago

    Надеюсь, что вы запомните, как правильно использовать эти важные глаголы русского, потому-что они будут вам помогать улучшить свою грамматику, и также помогут вам быстрее понять людей из России. Привет Ника! мне интересно узнать, кто тебя учил английскому языку?

  • Hossam Syed
    Hossam Syed 5 months ago

    это можно взаимозаменяемо исползаваться обо глаголы помнить и вспоминАь ؟

  • Dudu Mou
    Dudu Mou 7 months ago

    😍😍 thanks

  • Fast Raccoon
    Fast Raccoon 11 months ago

    Very, very useful and informative video, as always! Much appreciated!

  • logarithm0
    logarithm0 Year ago

    Nika, can you please recommend a russian grammar (in english) that we can use together with your videos?

  • Sebastian Nordstern
    Sebastian Nordstern Year ago +1

    well explained

  • جبل مايهزك ريح

    you explen you self

  • Abdujabbor Olimov
    Abdujabbor Olimov Year ago +1

    thanks a lot dear Nika

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    Eric Sing Year ago +1

    Thank you 😊

  • Talal Hatko
    Talal Hatko Year ago +2

    I chosed the correct answers, thank you so much!

  • Asaad Audy
    Asaad Audy Year ago +3

    Best channel for learning Russian language but i really want to know what the difference between мой и свой and when we use them and thank you very much.

      RU-LAND CLUB  Year ago +3

      You already have many answers, and they are great, I will just add one little lifehack:
      If in the sentence you have a noun or personal pronoun in Nominative case (он, она, они, друг, подруга...)and after it you use "СВОЙ", then this word will be connected to this pronoun or noun:

      Отец потерял свои ключи. - FATHER lost HIS keys.
      Мама забыла свою сумку. - MOTHER forgot HER bag.
      Они сделали свои уроки. - THEY have done THEIR homework.
      Ты уже отремонтировал свой компьютер? - Have YOU already fixed YOUR computer?

      If in the sentence there no pronoun or noun in Nominative case, then you cannot use "СВОЙ":
      Это мои ключи - These are my keys
      Это её сумка - This is her bag.
      Это твой компьютер? - Is it your computer?

    • Сазонов Вячеслав
      Сазонов Вячеслав Year ago

      Yes,that's right.This difference is harder to explain than it seems at first glance. Example :1 he pulled out his(свой) key from his pocket.2 she went to his(свой) house. Mine(мой) it belongs to me personally. : I pulled out my(мой/свой)wallet, I open my(мою/свою) car.

    • Dx4c8
      Dx4c8 Year ago +1

      свой can mean anything: наш , твой, мой, его,...
      Depends on the subject at the beginning of the sentence. But свой can only reference a subject of a sentence, not an object!
      Я знаю мою маму и её друзей.
      Here you can't replace её with свой because it references an object (мама).
      But you can say: Я знаю своих(/моих) друзей
      Мы знаем своих (/наших) друзей
      because я and мы are subjects.
      I'm not russian but that's how i've learned it

    • Сазонов Вячеслав
      Сазонов Вячеслав Year ago +2

      мой -my ,свой -own

  • jacob 01
    jacob 01 Year ago +3

    the best Russian TVclip teacher I have ever seen so those of you who follow and watch her must respect and thank her because she teaches for free !!!!!!! by the way I am not able to follow you teacher on the facebook anymore because my Facebook account has been stolen but I have opened new messenger and I will send you friend request please accept it because sometimes I need to ask you some questions about russian language thank you .....

      RU-LAND CLUB  Year ago

      Hi Jacob, thank you a lot for your support! If you only could know how much I appreciate it! :) Seems I've added you in FB, didn't I? I visit it very rarely because it really takes too much time from me(

    • VictorsVideos
      VictorsVideos Year ago

      If you're learning Russian, I can suggest my sister for language exchange conversations in Skype. She's learning English and needs to practice it. She's not a language teacher, just a regular person, in her early 50s. Her Russian is excellent in terms of grammar and style.

  • جبل مايهزك ريح

    she's don't care about questions

      RU-LAND CLUB  Year ago

      Thank you Boblee for the support, it is true, I didn't answer because I had a lot of work, and now I am answering to about a hundred of comment right now))))

    • BobleeSwaggner
      BobleeSwaggner Year ago +1

      Harder Mohammed Тихо, тихо, тииихо, друг. Я думаю, что она очень занята. Наверное, я могу тебе помочь. Что ты хочешь узнать?
      I don't know what level your Russian is, so tell me your question and maybe I can help.

  • جبل مايهزك ريح

    she doesn't answer my question

      RU-LAND CLUB  Year ago +1

      Sorry, I have too much work except youtube channel and usually answer to the comments once per month or 2 weeks. I have answered your question already.

    • جبل مايهزك ريح
      جبل مايهزك ريح Year ago

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    김범석 Year ago +1

    thank you my love!!!

  • 김범석
    김범석 Year ago +1

    thank you my love!!!