Prospecting River Gold With A Magnet!?

  • Published on Jul 26, 2017
  • Final Weight and Value - .05 gram of gold, Value $1.54
    Today I go back to Clear Creek with my magnet fishing gear to get some black sand and try finding Gold! Thanks for watching!
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Comments • 1 626

  • KleshGuitars
    KleshGuitars  5 months ago +24

    If this video has 500,000 views or more and you don't subscribe, you will die.

  • Phil Prasco
    Phil Prasco 50 minutes ago

    Put the magnet in a plastic baggie, pull the magnet out of the bag, iron will fall into the bucket. Then put on your knee pads, forget about the "black sand". Knee pads will make you more cash.

  • BookGolem
    BookGolem 2 hours ago

    Don't know if i've said this before, but try putting a plastic bag over your magnet.

  • John Orr
    John Orr 9 hours ago

    Is gold magnetic? I don't think so.

  • Michael Copitzky

    Some pyrite is not magnetic though. Enough to drive anyone crazy.

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  Day ago

      Oh yeah that pesky pyrite! No problem I blast right through it and find the gold :)

  • kka hamel
    kka hamel Day ago

    what a waste of time!

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  Day ago

      Sure if you don't enjoy the outdoors! Thanks for watching!

  • Elise T
    Elise T 2 days ago

    Cool I always wanted to try this :)

  • Fail Hillary
    Fail Hillary 3 days ago

    Waste. Of. Time.

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  3 days ago +1

      Thanks Fail Hillary glad you enjoyed it!

  • Redheaded Step Stacker

    You were pointed right on the big nose it at 1:55 seconds. Maybe I misunderstanding and you sought clearly as I did

  • Kevin Parsons
    Kevin Parsons 4 days ago

    I think you will get gold .

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  3 days ago

      Good guess Kevin Parsons, and thanks for watching!

  • Aaron Scott
    Aaron Scott 4 days ago

    Consider using a killing\lathe magnetic indicator base. You can turn the magnet on and off saving you scraping the deposits off with your hands.

  • da nu
    da nu 5 days ago

    awsuhm bruhthr 💗grayt mehthod💗thaynk u💗🌈

  • sherrie sprayberry
    sherrie sprayberry 6 days ago

    What kind of magnet?

  • Delta Lima
    Delta Lima 6 days ago

    a whole lotta work for a very little payout. Thanks for showing us how to not look for gold.

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  6 days ago +1

      Thanks Delta Lima glad you enjoyed it!

  • Cheryl Westfall
    Cheryl Westfall 6 days ago

    This may make separating the gold easier than panning. He shows how to use the magnetic field to slow down the gold into pockets

    • Cheryl Westfall
      Cheryl Westfall 5 days ago

      He was too wordy. I found anther site that he got the idea from and it was done wrong. I am thinking of trying this. We live near some abandon gold mines. I have seen gold flakes in the dry creek beds. +KleshGuitars

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  6 days ago

      Hi Cheryl, thanks for sharing that! I went and tried watching it but he took too long to explain it and got annoyed pretty quickly LOL. Then I tried again, and realized that even though this would work, there's a big problem when the magnets get full of black sand / other magnetic stuff. Might be too much work to be productive, so I think I'll stick to my current way of separating black sand from gold. Thanks for the help though it's much appreciated!

  • Yusup Ashari
    Yusup Ashari 9 days ago

    Nice trying to do that and possibility to get a traped gold on black sand.Then how could you separate it from black sand..!?

  • Don Milo
    Don Milo 11 days ago

    I would think you would use the magnet to find black Sand at least a good spot then dig

  • Tn wild man
    Tn wild man 11 days ago

    Hey dumb ass you cannot get real gold with a magnet omg is this idiot for real! Pure gold is not magnetic! Wonder if his mom had any kids that lived?

  • Quisno Rodonovich
    Quisno Rodonovich 14 days ago

    in 1983 and 4 out of the Illinois river in California with a 4" dredge picked up black sands with Platinum in it as well as gold The illinois river is famous for its flake gold. there was a camp ground with a small creek out of the hill and i panned there and found over 3 oz of super fine gold and another person who saw me panned the rest of the water stream and said he found 5 oz. Went back in 2001 and all that area had been turned into a KOA camp ground no creek. out of the river for 3 months i had 200 lbs of Black sand i sold for 10 dollars a pound.

    • Quisno Rodonovich
      Quisno Rodonovich 13 days ago

      +KleshGuitars at that time thats what they were paying for Illinois black sands. there is platinum in the streams in Cottage Grove Oregon also. the largest i've seen was a 20 gram nugget..

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  13 days ago

      You can sell black sand for $10 a pound? Who's your buyer! LOL

  • jannis joplin
    jannis joplin 14 days ago

    you need the speed 3 model brother. trust me

  • The Chair Company
    The Chair Company 14 days ago

    Oh shit nice shirt lol

  • Lukáš Weselý
    Lukáš Weselý 16 days ago

    Gold isnt magnetic

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  15 days ago

      Thanks Lukáš Weselý for watching! I detailed an explanation for this commonly asked question in the description for you. Thanks for watching!

  • Gort Newton
    Gort Newton 16 days ago

    Just saw your adventure with Vo-Gus Prospecting. Subscriber here now! Black sand (BS) with gold is gravitationally separated with sluicing/panning. You've presumed you'll pick up gold with the magnetic BS using a magnet. You won't for the magnet reason. But, friction by the BS will carry some gold with it to the magnet. I think what you've found is a very nice method of determining whether you should go back and pan and you should, because A. you got lots of BS. B. you pulled up some little bits of gold (through friction). You quickly showed that there's gold there, probably a lot more than you got with the BS. Nice method, I must try it. That's a fast easy method to 'prove' a creek.

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  15 days ago

      Thanks glad you subbed! Yeah this works good for testing a creek. I've done it other times and found even bigger flakes. Correct it's all about the (friction) or the wet sand clumping together, trapping the gold. Thanks for watching@!

  • Ivan Novak
    Ivan Novak 16 days ago

    why not put the magnet in a plastic bag-- just remove the bag -no fighting----

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  15 days ago

      Tried it and the bag rips. Don't want to litter

  • Lorrie Wyble
    Lorrie Wyble 17 days ago

    I think you should just find a way to melt the Garnet, and the Gold together, and make some BEAUTIFUL stones to sell ! :-)

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  13 days ago

      Good Idea Lorrie Wyble! Thanks for watching!

  • Kalfax plays
    Kalfax plays 18 days ago

    why not just pan it? its faster.

  • bullion bull
    bullion bull 23 days ago

    you can melt it and but copper init and it pulls the gold away from the slag

  • haflong ka bhai
    haflong ka bhai 24 days ago

    Come in our hills

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  13 days ago

      Where are you? Email me details I can make a trip.

  • kribby
    kribby 25 days ago

    very cool way to separate the black sand.

  • Luchild Baby
    Luchild Baby 27 days ago

    Good videos, I am interested.

    • Luchild Baby
      Luchild Baby 25 days ago

      +KleshGuitars U w. Dear I am an amazon seller. I am interested in your TVclip videos. I am wondering if we can work with you. We really appreciate it if you can help us promote our products-fishing magnets. We would love to send free products to enrich your videos. Looking forward to your reply!

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  27 days ago

      Thank you Luchild Baby!

  • Michael Kurtz
    Michael Kurtz 27 days ago

    I bet if you tie plastic around magnet it would be easy to clean .

  • Wes Anderson
    Wes Anderson 29 days ago

    Don’t give up the day job....just say’n⚫️

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  29 days ago

      I did almost 2 years ago doing this, now I make much better money and beats working for a living!

  • itsamemario444
    itsamemario444 29 days ago

    3.5 hours for $1.50... no thanks

  • Travis Dunn
    Travis Dunn Month ago


  • Coinfinders
    Coinfinders Month ago

    What a great idea with the black sand. Where there’s gold there’s black sand. Lol 👍

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  Month ago

      I agree Coinfinders, and thanks for watching!

  • John Hayes
    John Hayes Month ago

    What type of magnet you used?

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  Month ago

      Check my video "Magnet fishing in Colorado", I show you exactly where to buy it cheap

  • Neil Sessions
    Neil Sessions Month ago


  • TG Lab
    TG Lab Month ago

    Black sand usually yields gold

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  Month ago

      I agree TG Lab, and thanks for watching!



    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  Month ago

      Thanks ECTOGEOS ZETHIP glad you enjoyed it!

  • Chuck Gotshall
    Chuck Gotshall Month ago

    You're looking for the wrong thing. You are looking for geo's when you should be looking for geodes.

  • Officer Krupke
    Officer Krupke Month ago

    This has to be a rental home that he is using the sink to pan in LOL. That is like pouring concrete down the main drain line. Kill my landlord, kill my landlord.

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  Month ago

      Definitely a rental. I wouldn't destroy my own home LOL. However, the landlords can afford to fix it. They take all my money, so I'll make them pay me back one way or another. Thanks for watching!

  • Zack Benedict
    Zack Benedict Month ago

    it's true that gold isn't magnetic, but it is magneto-inductive, meaning, if you had a small steel slide with a bit of water running down it & you stuck a magnet to the underneath of the slide, you could dump your refined sand down it & anything that is metallic will fall down the slide slower than everything that isn't. Or, better yet, you could stop any metallic bits from sliding down at all if the magnet underneath your slide was rotating, for example; a diametrically magnetized cylinder magnet attached to a small electric motor. make sure the top of your magnet is rotating in the direction of the top of your slide. this way, when the gold tries to run down with the water, it comes into contact with the flux lines emitted by the magnet & will produce it's own resisting magnetic field for a split second as it attempts to find magnetic harmony, However, if those flux lines are rapidly alternating (north, south, north, south) constantly, the gold will simply not want to go down the slide because it won't be able to achieve magnetic balance until you shut the motor off.
    After giving it some thought, when your casting your magnet into the river, your probably pushing more gold away than you are trapping in the black sand. i'd bucket the sand out, dry it, extract the iron, then do the magneto-inductive gold filtering. you'll probably get more that way.

  • Charles Neilio
    Charles Neilio Month ago

    I think I saw a speck.

  • Dale Searcy
    Dale Searcy Month ago

    if I did what your doing I'd end up getting bit by an alligator or snapping turtle not fun.

  • Vic Rattlehead
    Vic Rattlehead Month ago

    it took you two or three hours of work to get $0.03 worth of gold dust good job buddy

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  Month ago

      Thanks man! It's always fun out there on the river!

  • ronald lucier
    ronald lucier Month ago

    so have you considered chemical separation of gold using regular household chemicals?

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  Month ago

      I have an instructional video on how to chemically extract gold from black sands.

  • Robin Hardy
    Robin Hardy Month ago

    Cool to see Spectrum Bills Store. 👍

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  Month ago +1

      I had no idea he was a TVclipr until he told me! Yeah he has a great little shop there in Golden.

  • Karl Ferguson
    Karl Ferguson Month ago

    i would not spend my time on this method

  • swany
    swany Month ago

    sugggest you make a metal box to put your magnet inside...then when you retrieve it place over your pail and pull magnet out to release the black sand....also attach some 1/2-1 inch metal wires to the metal box so they can get into deeper crevices than the flat surfaces can

  • Pirate Labs
    Pirate Labs Month ago

    Nice video. I always enjoy watching them. One idea might be to use an electromagnet, easy to make a pretty strong one using a small battery, and then when you cut the power, it will drop off all of the sand into your bucket at once. You could get a lot more sand easier and faster. PS I am glad I found this video where you explain your magnetic tool. Excellent and simple design, nice job.

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  Month ago

      Good Idea Pirate Labs! Thanks for watching!

  • Brandon Galindo
    Brandon Galindo Month ago

    Great vid!! New sub!! Whew! Escaped death! 😎👍🏻

  • haribo stinky
    haribo stinky 2 months ago

    You could have a magnet that is powered by a battery so you can clean it off quicker after it is pulled from the river might save some time then you can get twice as much black sand in one sitting. Pleas let me know if this is doable I’m not an inventor ...and if you think off an electro magnet thick at a salvage yard to pick up old cars

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  Month ago +1

      Yeah this would be my #1 choice for all the suggestions, the only problem is playing around water with high amounts of electricity. Thanks for watching!

  • Crazy Wayne Google
    Crazy Wayne Google 2 months ago

    Way too much blather.

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  2 months ago

      Thanks Crazy Wayne Google glad you enjoyed it!

  • FreeOpenTruth
    FreeOpenTruth 2 months ago

    Gold is not magnetic! Smh...

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  2 months ago

      I agree FreeOpenTruth, and thanks for watching!

  • altarush
    altarush 2 months ago

    Iron pyrite more likely.

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  2 months ago

      Nope, but there was a small amount of Pyrite and Mica in there as well.

  • Ronda Kelly
    Ronda Kelly 2 months ago

    Gold does not stick to a magnet it’s non ferrous.

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  2 months ago +1

      Good Observation Ronda Kelly, and thanks for watching!

  • ken thomas
    ken thomas 2 months ago

    Same today as during the gold rush. The guys who are getting rich are the merchants selling prospectors mining tools...etc.

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  2 months ago

      I agree ken thomas, and thanks for watching!

  • justan payne
    justan payne 2 months ago

    The only thing that I would do different is put a plastic Ziploc bag over your magnet makes it easier to collect the black sand

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  2 months ago

      I tried and the bags just rip and get lost

  • tony tymoszek
    tony tymoszek 2 months ago

    Ha Ha waste of time

    CHEFTECH86 2 months ago

    Try wrapping the magnet in some heavy plastic to make removing the sand easier.

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  2 months ago

      Thanks CHEFTECH86 for watching! I detailed an explanation for this commonly asked question in the description for you. Thanks for watching!

  • Glen Spryszak
    Glen Spryszak 2 months ago

    IF you had dropped the magnet into a spot and hit black sand, it would have been REALLY wise to use a small hand sucker in that spot and work it hard. The black sand is just a clue.

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  2 months ago

      I agree Glen Spryszak, and thanks for watching!

  • James Wester
    James Wester 2 months ago


    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  2 months ago

      yeah, I wasn't planning on anything crazy that day.

  • William Coley
    William Coley 2 months ago

    Pretty smart thinking, I’ll subscribe

  • William Coley
    William Coley 2 months ago

    Oh you just mentioned the crevasse tool. You should try a slim Jim tool that is used to open locked vehicles,,, grind it down to a hook on one end and a flatter point on the other end,,, it will get in almost the thinnest cracks

  • William Coley
    William Coley 2 months ago

    Hear is my thought process on gold mining in today’s rivers.
    Why is it that no one moves the big rocks to where they can look under them.
    All it takes is a nice 4 ton hoist, some cables , and a little effort.

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  2 months ago

      They do, and there's gold under them. Thanks for watching!

  • Kenny H
    Kenny H 2 months ago

    Only 2-3 hrs of work? what a waste of time!

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  2 months ago +1

      Yeah, definitely a waste of time if you hate nature and the outdoors! Of course I don't do it for the money if that's what you think. Dont' waste your time, save the great outdoors for those of us who enjoy it.

  • F Fletch
    F Fletch 2 months ago

    Get a hair cut, you’re not 17 anymore.

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  2 months ago +1

      Been thinking about cutting it off again, since it's much easier to take care of when it's short. Plus just got scuba certified and makes things easier when dealing with that as well. When I was in the military it was pretty necessary, but not as much anymore.

  • nomad terry
    nomad terry 2 months ago

    how long did you heat black wet sand in oven

  • Billy Snake'Hawk's Adventure's

    I remember when I was in the state of North Carolina gold prospecting way back in the early 2000s there was a magnet I used for gold recovery and I remember dropping it a few times behind this big rock that I was digging and throwing it in a bucket and I took all the magnetite and brush it off into a mason jar and I took it home and actually panned it out little by little like you said in your video and actually found little specks of flour gold and Tiny flakes as well back in 2002 to 2003 and 2004. So I know the strategy works cuz I tried it long ago with a kind of mistake I made by leaving the heavy magnetite in my black pan I was going to dump it out later and forgot and it was stocked in the truck and later I panned it out just seeing because I thought I seen gold glittering underneath some of the heavy magnetite. I thought it was pyrite but was not sure until I panned it out and realized it was actually gold. So I was puzzled until I realized it was because it was stuck to the magnetite from the magnet and this is why and how it was collected with a small amount of gold with the magnetite.

    • Billy Snake'Hawk's Adventure's
      Billy Snake'Hawk's Adventure's 2 months ago +2

      No problem I also just subscribed and following you.

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  2 months ago +2

      Yep, I believe it! Especially if I was getting small specks slamming this weaker magnet in the river against rocks etc..and still getting some gold! Thanks for watching!~

  • Dave Sundquist
    Dave Sundquist 2 months ago

    stuff stays magnetic even when wet so why dry?

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  2 months ago

      When it's wet, the gold gets trapped so I dry it out.

  • Narrow gamer
    Narrow gamer 2 months ago

    You will probably get gold

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  2 months ago

      I agree Narrow gamer, and thanks for watching!

  • Anglo America
    Anglo America 2 months ago

    Gold is a nonferrous metal and will not be attached to a magnet.

    • Chris Parker
      Chris Parker 2 months ago

      Watch the video before commenting.

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  2 months ago

      I agree Anglo America, and thanks for watching!

  • Robert Lemp
    Robert Lemp 2 months ago

    Sorry my friend, but GOLD is NOT MAGNETIC...

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  2 months ago

      Nope, but i was still able to get some using a magnet. Of course Gold isn't magnetic, but the wet black sands that the gold hides in is able to trap the small flakes of gold when fishing in this way. I just assume you didn't get to that part of the video where I have that mentioned. Thanks for watching.

  • John Buck
    John Buck 2 months ago

    I tried magnet fishing once but all I could catch was a gold digger woman who got my wallet

  • Mary Salvador
    Mary Salvador 2 months ago

    I love this video, I never thought it's so simple to remove gold from black sand, I want to know the last part when you put something on the bowl with water, was it liquid soap?

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  2 months ago

      Jet Dry, or any surfactant will work. I use it to break the surface tension of the water so the tiny flakes of hydrophobic gold cannot float away. Thanks for watching!

  • Clifton Stickler
    Clifton Stickler 2 months ago

    Will someone please hack the "Wiki Buy" chicks life? I really want her to know what hacking really is. I despise her ads more than death. Thank you.

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  2 months ago

      Thanks Clifton Stickler for watching!

  • Randy Aivaz
    Randy Aivaz 2 months ago

    I think the magnet is great for finding the Magnetic Sand, wherever you find concentrations, I would dig down to Hardpan, or as far as possible, Gold may be underneath, may be in a Paystreak. Also Mercury in the pan will attach to the Gold, then a Retort to separate, and reclaim your Mercury?

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  2 months ago

      Good Idea Randy Aivaz! Thanks for watching!

  • J Kok
    J Kok 2 months ago +1

    try the bleu bowl

    • Rosemarie
      Rosemarie 2 months ago

      the woman at the mining shop told him that wouldn't work.

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  2 months ago

      They work pretty good but I don't have room for one yet.

  • Michael Keith
    Michael Keith 2 months ago

    Black sand? Isn't that iron ore? When I was a kid we would use magnets in the dry riverbeds around Riverside/San Bernardino and collect buckets of the stuff. We would sell it to a foundry (they'd give us $5 for a coffee can, in 1980 that was a lot of money to an 8 yr old)... at any rate, this is an interesting experiment. Nice work!

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  2 months ago

      Thanks Michael Keith glad you enjoyed it!

  • Achaeos Salisbury
    Achaeos Salisbury 3 months ago

    Cool stuff there. But I definitely want to dredge behind you because you only got the tiny tiny gold & not much of it.
    All the big stuff is still in the creek & a bunch of black sand has been removed meaning less of it confounding my
    poor sluice box. I never prospected in Colorado but I would like to try sometime soon.
    Is it very friendly to panning & metal detecting?

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  3 months ago +1

      Colorado has certain areas open to recreational prospecting. This area is open for it, but dredging is only allowed with battery powered equipment. Unfortunately you won't find any big stuff in this area it's all float gold like I'm finding here with the magnet. The areas I'm getting the black sand may have some bigger flakes but that's about it. Never found a nugget in this area even when digging deep or crevicing. Thanks for watching!

  • Ed Moore
    Ed Moore 3 months ago

    What a dipstick. I watched 3 minutes..enough for me. Any asshole wearing sandals is asking for snakebite..dumbass.

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  3 months ago +1

      Well for a guy that's always looking for snakes, I'd be happy to find one. Thanks for watching and supporting the show with your 3 minutes of view time (plus a comment!)!

  • Peter Sam
    Peter Sam 3 months ago

    Nice, I think i'll just buy some gold when I need it.

  • Tom Weidler
    Tom Weidler 3 months ago

    Can't wait. Be Awesome You Is Indeed 😎👍👍

  • Tom Weidler
    Tom Weidler 3 months ago

    You're very welcome friend. How's the placer panning & lode ore panning in your Magical location of Colorado? If I may ask.

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  3 months ago +1

      Very small gold. I was out today filming a crevicing video. I'm waiting until tomorrow to film the final panning when the sun's up.

  • Tom Weidler
    Tom Weidler 3 months ago

    Absolutely 😎👍👍AWESOME!!! I use a magnet while dry panning, so glad to see another one who knows how to find GOLD. That was some beautiful outdoor scenery. Many thanks for making your video. Always Good Vibes & Lots of Luck for Au from Las Vegas Nevada.

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  3 months ago

      Thanks Tom Weidler glad you enjoyed it!

  • Adam Vesely
    Adam Vesely 3 months ago

    Brilliant!....And/I think: Stronger the better magnet = to attract more "complete " "clumps "/trapping higher ratio

    • Adam Vesely
      Adam Vesely 3 months ago

      +KleshGuitars Nice....Maybe financial stability ahead...I'm kidding man

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  3 months ago

      Yeah I think so too. I did another video with a much bigger and more powerful neodymium magnet and the results were pretty surprising. Thanks for the comment Adam I appreciate it.

  • Adam Vesely
    Adam Vesely 3 months ago

    Beautiful Water!

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  3 months ago

      I agree Adam Vesely, and thanks for watching!

  • Beeps & Eat's Finding food & treasure

    Great idea, at least for prospecting an area. Why not just test the sands and see if it's worth setting up shop.

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  3 months ago

      Good Idea Beeps & Eat's Finding food & treasure! Thanks for watching!

  • Jacob Crigger
    Jacob Crigger 3 months ago

    Holy crap man that's how I find the heavies in a river even in dry sand to better to use a thin piece of metal on ur mag so u can just pull and drop

  • eman Dejnozka
    eman Dejnozka 3 months ago +1

    Yes, I have done this in Arizona many years ago ( I am 73 yrs old). I used a speaker magnet. I also suggest you crush your residual black sand and pan it again. If you want to get more technical, wash the black sand (let it sit awhile) in nitric acid. Be careful to flood flush with water to remove the nitric acid and do this outdoors. Nitric acid is dangerous stuff.

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  3 months ago

      Thanks for the comment eman. I do have a video going through the process of extracting the gold from black sand using Nitric acid and mercury. Thanks for watching!

  • technojewal ak
    technojewal ak 3 months ago

    Nice 👍

  • hossam Slime
    hossam Slime 3 months ago

    What about magnet fishing it s consist of this magnet

  • hossam Slime
    hossam Slime 3 months ago

    Hi. I am from Egypt l have not this tool and there is no shop for.selling this tool

  • chuck Core
    chuck Core 3 months ago

    What a great video!

  • Spencer Mann
    Spencer Mann 3 months ago

    I'm the 666,013 viewer is that unlucky or what

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  3 months ago

      That is a pretty unlucky number! Thanks for watching and have some good luck today!

  • Expedito Calixto
    Expedito Calixto 3 months ago

    Hey, nice vid, bro! I just didn't get the last part, how do you separete the gold. New to all this staff. Thanks

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  3 months ago +1

      Thanks. I have another video explaining the process of separating gold from black sand in my Prospecting playlist, about a year ago. Thanks for watching!

  • brian truax
    brian truax 3 months ago

    put the magnet in a plastic baggy then do that makes it easier to remove the black sand from your magnet..a dredgers idea btw

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  3 months ago +1

      Good Idea brian truax! Thanks for watching!

  • Jim Befit
    Jim Befit 3 months ago

    SHANE, STOP SHAKING THE MAGNET! To my way of thinking, if there was a small nugget in the black sand in the river bottom, and your magnet latched on to 3/8 in of black sand trapping the nugget, your shaking and pounding the magnet is going to sift It out and free it! It's heavier AND non magnetic. Ever levitate a mouse with a magnetic field? Look THAT up! Science is freaky!

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  3 months ago

      I think you're right, but at the same time I'm pretty sure any nuggets would get trapped in the black sand. I only expected to maybe find small flakes doing this, but in the future, if I'm using a stronger magnet I'll keep this in mind. Thanks for letting me know

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    Great fun !!

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    I'd love to do this kind of stuff where I live. Problem is any magnet I throw in the water will probably get hung on rebar or old piping or even grab all the iron out of the clay. Gulf coast and all.

    • KleshGuitars
      KleshGuitars  3 months ago

      Thanks Jeauxeph Shadeaux for watching!