2 Chainz Plays with $165,000 Kittens | Most Expensivest Shit | GQ

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  • Dan Ursu
    Dan Ursu 7 hours ago

    I don't care if the cat was made of Christ's left foot. Over 800$ it way too much

  • Adreanna Morales
    Adreanna Morales 14 hours ago

    They cost more than my car

  • Chippy Crumbs
    Chippy Crumbs 20 hours ago

    this has got to be animal cruelty...

  • a1qfxs
    a1qfxs 23 hours ago

    worlds most expencive cigar?

  • logan floyd
    logan floyd Day ago +2

    You're telling me faze adapt has that much money to spend on a cat

  • NexulOG
    NexulOG Day ago

    Gih miy cat bak bouy

  • valmeow
    valmeow Day ago +1

    There are so many adorable kittens and cats for adoption. Don't shop, Adopt!!!

  • Toanet Dimitrova
    Toanet Dimitrova 2 days ago

    He is clearly not into cats so I don't know whats the point..

  • Whitney Titus
    Whitney Titus 3 days ago

    I got my Serval for free...

  • Ben BJ
    Ben BJ 3 days ago

    -2 chainz- 5 chainz

  • celeste walker
    celeste walker 3 days ago

    That padlock chain I want that

  • Epic face899
    Epic face899 3 days ago

    165,000 for cats that will last 10-20 years maybe to 20 but that's rare

  • Jenny Garcia
    Jenny Garcia 3 days ago

    Why are rappers so dislikeable...

  • Ryan Taylor
    Ryan Taylor 3 days ago

    Ugh I hate animal breeders

  • Shannon Gibson
    Shannon Gibson 3 days ago


  • JScal5
    JScal5 3 days ago +2

    I loath this so much. This woman is awful. And he shouldn't adopt as he has no idea about what cats are about. Hate her 😡

  • X
    X 3 days ago

    Oh my I used to love watching these 😭

  • TrevorTheFishy
    TrevorTheFishy 3 days ago

    These comments make my brain hurt

  • Soojung
    Soojung 3 days ago

    My cat plays fetch and responds to her name and she's a black, domestic shorthair. How much? $40 at the humane society, including microchip, spay, kitten shots. Those cats are hella overpriced.

  • Annedog14
    Annedog14 4 days ago

    why spend that much money to get a cat most people i know with cat got them for free because a stray cat decided it was going to move in with them and did not have the heart to kick out the kitten or cat

  • Gianella Narvaez
    Gianella Narvaez 4 days ago

    this is the cutest but funniest thing ever

  • Donavan Moses
    Donavan Moses 4 days ago

    She hustled that fool hard 😂 I got one for $50

  • istayhighnbarredout oof

    2:34 awe

  • iCoN Wolf
    iCoN Wolf 4 days ago

    If i was as rich as 2 chainz yes i would pay that much for a cat.

  • Diaxminator
    Diaxminator 4 days ago +1

    Even if a saw them on the road, I would probably still run them over.

  • snakepatay
    snakepatay 4 days ago

    I would pay 20K easy, i mean its goldmine if you get that cat laid right?!

  • MaxTheBoss barter
    MaxTheBoss barter 4 days ago


  • Monica Santos
    Monica Santos 4 days ago

    I got mine for free. Took him in 2 weeks old. Never knew what happened to his moms and rest of the litter. He was all alone. We get along like a house on fire. Best cat ever. Friends are supposed to be made not bought.

  • Yaboi Soto
    Yaboi Soto 5 days ago

    I am a cat person but I will not pay 15k for a cat

  • Day Dream
    Day Dream 5 days ago

    I would pay those money if its for medial use or food. And if I'm getting a cat I'm definitely going to the shelter for one. There's plenty of cute and lovable cats there.

  • Journey C
    Journey C 5 days ago


  • Damian Isaac
    Damian Isaac 5 days ago

    50 thousand

  • Trimecca Brooks
    Trimecca Brooks 5 days ago


  • Charles Stiles
    Charles Stiles 5 days ago

    oh my god 2 chains is the tallest man

  • Mark Morales
    Mark Morales 5 days ago

    I will speed that soon for the cat

  • Garapati Raja
    Garapati Raja 5 days ago

    All she care about is money....Not them cats.

  • Jennifer1382
    Jennifer1382 5 days ago

    I wouldn't pay $90 for a cat. I got my cat for free when I found him in my backyard as a kitten

  • Nicky Gong
    Nicky Gong 5 days ago

    I don't really like how that woman was kind of objectifying the kittens and putting enormous prices on them.
    Also hmmm.... 'she's more expensive because she's female and a breeder' You need both genders to produce a kitten...

  • Zevek
    Zevek 6 days ago


  • Alex[Dank Memes]
    Alex[Dank Memes] 6 days ago


  • David Stump
    David Stump 6 days ago +1

    Bro I died when the mom was carrying its kid😂😂😂

  • Marcus Bryan
    Marcus Bryan 6 days ago


  • i Nightmarez
    i Nightmarez 6 days ago

    Those servals r probably the coolest cats ever I saw one in public and it could eat most dogs

  • William Pollock
    William Pollock 6 days ago

    " Get my cat back boi"

  • Damien Daes
    Damien Daes 6 days ago

    That horrible big fake chain

  • Nathan King
    Nathan King 6 days ago


  • Katylen - Sama
    Katylen - Sama 6 days ago

    I spent 2k on my cat

  • Ba$ed Child
    Ba$ed Child 6 days ago

    "Ion pay sud that much" lmao

  • tom barros
    tom barros 6 days ago

    I expected to see all the comments complaining about how expensive the cats are but its really nice to see that most propel understand the impact breeders are having on domestic cats and dogs, there are thousands each year being put down because there is nowhere else for them. This comment section has restored my faith in humanity lol.

  • Love Jesus
    Love Jesus 7 days ago

    Is this legal???

  • Jaggy
    Jaggy 7 days ago

    i forgot this was a thing

  • Graham Roberts
    Graham Roberts 7 days ago

    I wouldn't even pay $3,000 for a husky

  • CloutGang
    CloutGang 7 days ago

    I love cats but no way I'm paying over 1k for one

  • PuddingHut Games
    PuddingHut Games 7 days ago

    🅱️, my pug was 3k.

  • Clayton whitepower bigsby

    2chains: "say if sed wanted to buy SKunk how much would u sell SKunk for?
    cat lady : "I would sell him for 7,000$"
    2chains:" I don't pay sed that mutch" 😅😅😅😅😅

  • Cooperplayz657
    Cooperplayz657 7 days ago

    Roses are red🌹
    Violets are blue💧
    I just got click baited
    And so did you

  • Dan Madden
    Dan Madden 7 days ago

    what is the song at 4:04

  • Jerry Atrik
    Jerry Atrik 7 days ago

    I got a stray cat that looks just like that. Ill sell it for $16.50.

  • Kevin Denomie
    Kevin Denomie 7 days ago


  • Valkrie Streeter
    Valkrie Streeter 8 days ago

    Oh yes i would if i had the money

  • Lps Pink
    Lps Pink 8 days ago

    Yes yes I would pay that much
    I have 1 of them to

  • Willy BigD
    Willy BigD 8 days ago

    My cat was 20 bucks and she goes on walks feeds her self plays fetch and can clime up vertical walls

  • Dan Madden
    Dan Madden 8 days ago +1

    what is the song at 4:04

  • B vegan Now
    B vegan Now 8 days ago

    don't shop. adopt. many friendly healthy cats r murdered in pounds cause they don't find people to adopt them

  • Easy pezzy lemon squeezy head ahh

    If it was a tiger that's the only cat I'll buy 😂😂😂

  • Jonah Barnett
    Jonah Barnett 8 days ago

    What if you stole all of them and they had a bunch of babies and depopulated their kind of cat and eventyally they were everywhere and like 10 dollars

  • sweet teaNC
    sweet teaNC 9 days ago

    well if say this for an animal I had to go back n change my mind because it all depends on how much of a true hustler you is and what you do with this animal. now if I bought a $15,000.00 cat ID definitely make sure lil itchy n lil scratchy are born hustlers. they will be at the mall with me taking photos $5 apiece I'm getting some of DAT back lol they cute AF though but in reality I don't have it. I dont even have money to survive let alone tryna buy that cat. but I love animals and you hit a soft spot with the animals cause I truly love animals.

  • iAmJester
    iAmJester 9 days ago

    I could watch 2 chainz all day

  • Lovee Roses
    Lovee Roses 9 days ago

    i would int even pay $5 for no stupid useless cat 🐱 their dumb pets

    • Lovee Roses
      Lovee Roses 6 days ago

      correct, what a waste of money

    • Eye
      Eye 7 days ago

      Lovee Roses like most animals

  • Evan Darrow
    Evan Darrow 9 days ago

    I don't pay Sudd that much

  • kayden doesthings
    kayden doesthings 9 days ago


  • nebula roalty
    nebula roalty 9 days ago

    I pay 30000 2 baby tigers then raise them

  • Kyle Bob
    Kyle Bob 9 days ago

    My cat already does this plays fetch and everything

    • Kyle Bob
      Kyle Bob 9 days ago

      Very crazy how he does that

  • DisappointingPizza
    DisappointingPizza 9 days ago

    Expensivest ? Emm no. Most expensive not expensivest. Grammar

  • Robotic Cow
    Robotic Cow 9 days ago

    that white chick was so confused with 2 chainz and how he talks lmao

  • Aias Stocco
    Aias Stocco 9 days ago

    These cats are made of platnium

  • Ashton Wilson
    Ashton Wilson 9 days ago

    its spelled ocicat...

  • ew
    ew 9 days ago

    2 Chainz is into Stacy.

  • Des V
    Des V 10 days ago

    If it ain't foreign it borin'

  • kingamer1234
    kingamer1234 10 days ago

    Animal Cruelty

    • Eye
      Eye 7 days ago

      kingamer1234 how?!?

  • cayley fitzpatrick
    cayley fitzpatrick 10 days ago

    two chains sounding like woupie

  • snowy knight
    snowy knight 10 days ago

    the best kittes are free

  • Sabrina Besh
    Sabrina Besh 10 days ago

    When 2chains dog has a better life than you

  • Brittany Bea
    Brittany Bea 10 days ago

    I dont know trappy

  • Ben11&5
    Ben11&5 10 days ago

    I would love to have a kitten to flex, be like yeah I dropped 20 racks on a cat

  • Mimi Sanchez
    Mimi Sanchez 10 days ago

    Idk why but I love how he says kittens 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Trang Thach
    Trang Thach 10 days ago

    I die laughing while reading the title!

  • JakeDoesGames 1
    JakeDoesGames 1 10 days ago

    My family caught an abandoned kitten in a field, he's grown up now and he normally comes when called and he's not a special breed this is dumb, dogs are way better, as an owner of both I can say this, cats are useless other than killing mice, dogs bond with humans way more and are more fun

  • Georgina Marlin
    Georgina Marlin 10 days ago

    There so cute

  • EndMyLife
    EndMyLife 10 days ago

    Lady: I would not even accept 100,000 for the cat right now.

    2 Chainz: The talking cat bout to come out now.


  • Cracky TheCanadian
    Cracky TheCanadian 10 days ago


  • melanie z
    melanie z 10 days ago

    Most Expensive*

  • Sapphire gem
    Sapphire gem 10 days ago

    9 days and they're eyes are already open? Doesn't that usually take 2 weeks?

  • ray hanes
    ray hanes 10 days ago

    Seems that white woman didn't wanna play with 2 Chainz

  • Mae West
    Mae West 10 days ago

    I'm not sure if you'll even see this because this video is a year old. However, you asked if the viewers if we would pay that amount of money for a cat. First off, I love all animals! And because I love all animals, I would not pay that much. I would use the $2,000 or $15,000 to save an abundance of animals that are in shelters ready to be euthanized. hopefully if you are considering adopting a cat you can go down to one of the shelters and pick up an amazing fur baby.

  • William Miller
    William Miller 11 days ago

    2 chains didn't even touch the cat

  • A Soto
    A Soto 11 days ago

    Trappy, (⬅️if I spell it wrong mb) like chew chainz

  • Eddsworld Fan
    Eddsworld Fan 11 days ago


  • Mystic Odyssey
    Mystic Odyssey 12 days ago

    If I had the money I would be willing too.

  • II_xBrxndx_ II
    II_xBrxndx_ II 12 days ago

    Why 2 chains acting like he in a classroom as a 2nd grader