DP/30: I, Tonya, Sebastian Stan (super-sized)

  • Published on Dec 20, 2017
  • Shot in Los Angeles, November 2017
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  • Christen Kimbell
    Christen Kimbell Hour ago

    Holy shit that Jarhead story at 16:02. Why TF would you, if you get a tape that's "too real," turn it away when your film is supposed to be a realistic war story? His intensity is the best and I'd murder for that shit.

  • Ruby Mateos
    Ruby Mateos 3 days ago

    Wonderful movie sweetie 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💝💝💝💝

  • Miriam Marcus
    Miriam Marcus 5 days ago

    What an incredible interview. The interviewer was great. I really appreciated the variety of questions. Also, Sebastian seemed engaged throughout the whole thing, and he is so intelligent and eloquently spoken.

  • Julie Hale
    Julie Hale 23 days ago

    There's a lot of interesting discussion in this interview. It would be fascinating to talk to about these topics, acting, directing, how perception changes over time, etc. But very informative anyway. It was great.

  • Flick My Switch
    Flick My Switch Month ago

    Great interview.

  • Buchanan Winchester
    Buchanan Winchester Month ago +2

    Imagine being his lover where you get to taste him and see at his most vulnerable. I don't think I can handle that

  • yijun21
    yijun21 Month ago

    I could probably.. hear Seb speak for hours

  • Cymopoleia
    Cymopoleia Month ago

    In this interview I realize how much of an intelligent perfectionist Sebastian is. Like, physical appearances doesn't even matter to him. He'd literally jump off a cliff without harnesses on to make a scene perfect. Doesn't matter if it's paying well or not. And to think he downplays his mad skills and innate talents like a wind passing by whenever he's asked about it. That's definitely brilliant passion right there in this humble man. I also love the interviewer. He feels like a friend instead of an interviewer. Hope he gets asked like this more often ❤❤

  • Tabularasa012
    Tabularasa012 2 months ago +1

    This was such a treat. It’s picturesque, the questions were well thought out, his responses were intelligent and the whole process didn’t talk down to the viewers or monopolise time. Really wish more interviews were done this way.

  • Amy Ren
    Amy Ren 2 months ago

    he's such a bumbling bean thank god he exists

  • 86amy
    86amy 2 months ago +1

    What a great interview!! Full of great questions, that gave Sebastian the oportunity to express himself properly. There was no rush from the interviewer either, so Sebastian had the time to actully think properly about what he was trying to get across. It's clear that he is a very well rounded, humble person too. Really looking forward to more great things from him in his future :)

  • wiinterflowers
    wiinterflowers 5 months ago +1

    His beard though 😋😍. And he mentioning Jim Carrey makes me love him twice as much!

  • Natalie Noel
    Natalie Noel 5 months ago +1

    a romanian prince

  • Dolonie Colorado
    Dolonie Colorado 5 months ago

    #predator 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

    • Becca Blue
      Becca Blue 4 months ago +3

      Oh look, the brainless is here too. 😂 you're hilarious. Hey, why dont you use this energy, cause I've been seeing this comment in other videos already, in actually accusing nasty people who've done awful things? Huh? Stop being an internet warrior and go outside denouncing predators and rapists and fucking nasty people. Get a life or maybe stop being so obsessed with Sebastian? 😂

  • LeoLonderLand
    LeoLonderLand 5 months ago

    Sebastian needs to do a master class in New York, I swear

  • LeoLonderLand
    LeoLonderLand 5 months ago +1

    This is by far his best interview. I felt a hug amount of respect on both sides- acting and interviewing. I learned a lot and I just thoroughly enjoyed it

  • LeoLonderLand
    LeoLonderLand 5 months ago

    This is by far his best interview. I felt a hug amount of respect on both sides- acting and interviewing. I learned a lot and I just thoroughly enjoyed it

  • Calitme Dion
    Calitme Dion 6 months ago

    30:42 No, man that isn´t love, it never was, it'll never be love

  • Linda T
    Linda T 6 months ago +2

    "you know"

  • Ramiro Palomo
    Ramiro Palomo 7 months ago +4

    this dude needs oscar for playin himself xoxo

  • Lee48Lee
    Lee48Lee 8 months ago

    I know his doppelgänger. This is so weird!

    • Cathleen Valenzuela
      Cathleen Valenzuela 6 months ago

      wow sis what’s your instagram or like twitter i want to see a picture

  • toonssi
    toonssi 9 months ago

    oh my god i was so confused with what that thing was on his knee till i realised it was a cap 💀

  • MayLily
    MayLily 9 months ago +3

    Sebastian immediately perked up and smiled as soon as the interviewer mentioned Chris. "Evans, yeah!"

  • Ariadna Cobain
    Ariadna Cobain 10 months ago

    I could watch/hear him forever. He's so sharp and cerebral, so grounded too. I hope when he gets the recognition (that he absolutely deserves) fame doesn't go to his head tho Seb's a human being so genuine and pure to be corrupted. I love him.

  • Serial Thrill Kisser
    Serial Thrill Kisser 11 months ago

    Your interviews are always fantastic, David! There’s nothing more I love then watching people speak passionately about their careers, life etc. And you always pull the best out of these fantastic actors. I love it!

  • nona aa
    nona aa 11 months ago

    What a great interview!

  • Anjola Akinmade
    Anjola Akinmade Year ago

    What a handsome man 😩

  • Jocelyn Cordova
    Jocelyn Cordova Year ago +2

    L love you Sebastián Stan cute hotting Bautiful hasome sweetheart man baby te amo mucho mi amor

  • Neptune Joo
    Neptune Joo Year ago +5

    This man. I kept coming back watching this interview. It felt like a kind of pillowtalk. First talking about the career, childhood, parents, previous jobs, then it gets philosophical - going to mars, consciousness.
    Just perfect 💯 pillowtalk. Thanks

  • Toivo Kallio
    Toivo Kallio Year ago +1

    Dear David.
    I'm sorry about my negativity in my feedback but I simply have had enough. Why don't you pay attention to your audio recording quality? These are conversation recordings! The audio must work!
    This one for example: Horrible flanging echo because two mics from different distances are mixed together 50/50. Also Sebastian's lav mic doesn't stand moving at all - terrible, loud pops and zipper noise whenever he moves his hands in larger manner. Many other videos have the interviewee's hair scratching and popping the lav. Terrible!
    Good audio quality makes your videos feel better and more convincing. Get a pair of headphones and a separate audio recorder for doing this stuff! Please! I like your work but your audio sucks too often.
    - A disappointed listener

  • daniela paola parga salas

    Such an amazing interview! It's great to hear him talk about this things, and be able to see how smart, deep and wise he is (besides a great actor) he's a really interesting guy

  • Sarah Garland
    Sarah Garland Year ago +35

    This interview actually just highlights how incredibly thoughtful, intelligent, and self aware Sebastion is. He's definitely more than just a gorgeous face. At 35, I can only imagine the great things to come from him. 💖

  • Sarah Garland
    Sarah Garland Year ago +7

    Notice Seb doesn't dispute being called handsome. 😉

  • Loupe
    Loupe Year ago +10

    I can literally watch him talk about anything damn.
    I haven't even seen this movie (sports movies aren't my thing) but this is so interesting

    • simara t
      simara t Year ago

      Hey,im a little late but if you haven't watched it yet maybe you should! I'm not into them also but it's not really about the sport but more of her life and an specific situation. Sebastian's and Margot's performances are amazing btw

    • Loupe
      Loupe Year ago +3

      also I love how tan he looks here.
      very healthy and warm 😊

  • annastina
    annastina Year ago +1

    Such a great and exemplary interview/conversation and interviewer! There's painfully much ones full of repetitive, superficial, awkward, kindergarten like etc. questions that don't serve watchers nor amazing actors/persons like him, on the contrary so thank you very much for this!

  • Martha Kajwang'
    Martha Kajwang' Year ago +6

    When he was talking about changing his look for a role boi if you shave your head...😡

  • MsJeniferDilan
    MsJeniferDilan Year ago +1

    two old men contemplating about "technology"

  • lourdesmaria s
    lourdesmaria s Year ago +2

    Essa cadeira tá parecendo ser muito desconfortável.

  • Emily Med
    Emily Med Year ago +13

    I teared up when he mentioned the " Sapiens " book. Well grounded guy. I hope he gets what he wants

    • Evanstan
      Evanstan 3 months ago +1

      chris was started to read that, he tweeted how it's really good

  • scanovi
    scanovi Year ago +38

    Great interview! Boy was Sebastian slept on when it came to award nominations. He was unforgettable! Should have been nominated in every supporting actor category.

  • A.J Taylor
    A.J Taylor Year ago +11

    Thank you so much for this interview!! I love him and having this 55 min. conversation is so relaxing and important. I'm so glad he's getting the recognition he deserves. Even when he wasn't nominated for any important award for I, Tonya; I'm glad they're giving Seb the time to express himself and not just regular plain questions about Marvel and Bucky (not that I don't love his involvement with Marvel) but for me , Seb isn't just a popular actor with a pretty face. He's a fantastic actor who can play a whole wide range of characters not to mention he's the sweetest, most caring and amazing person IRL ; and yes let's face it he's a gorgeous man probably the most beautiful man I've ever seen. He's boyfriend material..Daddy material... Husband material💖😍❤ he's one in a million⭐🙌💗

  • Natalie Zayas-Bazan
    Natalie Zayas-Bazan Year ago +3

    wish he had talked about ‘once upon a time’. And I’m sorry but Tonya Harding is NOT a hero. She’s an awful human being. This movie does not change that.

  • Deidre Wilson
    Deidre Wilson Year ago +5

    Didn’t know he smoked lol

  • Josue Jimenez
    Josue Jimenez Year ago +10

    The dude is great in I, Tonya. Hope to see more from him

  • Tiffany Chan
    Tiffany Chan Year ago +10

    This is really an amazing interview!!
    I love watching interviews that involve people expressing their thoughts about different things in life. I love how the interviewer conversating with the actor and asking something about the development of his career, his thoughts towards acting, and sharing his life experiences, but not just asking some questions about the MCU. It's kind of inspiring for the whole interview, whether the interviewer's questions or the actor's opinions. I love it so much

  • Yiping
    Yiping Year ago +16

    I didn't know he's so well-read and I can't freaking love him more for it

  • snowball platypus
    snowball platypus Year ago +3

    tHeRe iS SOmeThiNG iN HIs HaiR

  • Ammar Nemo Actor
    Ammar Nemo Actor Year ago +3

    The person interviewing him sounds like Steve W. from One of my favorite podcast Collider. What a great interview great job fellas. I hope to work with you one day Sebastian I also hope, I get it interview by Steve if that’s you. LOL one day!

  • soulful Stories
    soulful Stories Year ago +18

    What a great conversation! Big thanks to the interviewer. So much love and respect (as always) for Sebastian for being anything but superficial. Good to see that artists like him also exist in a world full of self-important stars. His attention to little things like “I need to get her name right” says much about the guy. Hope I,Tonya paves way for some really good roles and rewards that he totally deserves. But also hope he won’t burn himself out with the kind of passionate but detail-intensive and a bit overthinking attitude to work. He is too precious.

  • creature57
    creature57 Year ago +8

    Watched I, Tonja with a friend last night. We were both blown away by the film. Margo Robbie should win the Oscar this year. Amazing performance.

  • GreatestAndGreatest
    GreatestAndGreatest Year ago +3

    Great interview!!

  • Chim erra
    Chim erra Year ago +13

    great interview! I love Sebastian he is such a genuine guy, so interesting to hear him be so relaxed and open - amazing interviewer!!

  • Kayla
    Kayla Year ago +18

    I need more interviews like these that aren't the same, boring questions that get asked ad nauseum. Great job.

  • Majd S.
    Majd S. Year ago +20

    can someone please leak his audition tapes? that'd be awesome. i absolutely love the interview it's nice seeing him just talk about things like this

  • Diandra Nobre
    Diandra Nobre Year ago +41

    Ever since he said in the Ellen interview that his accent comes out "here and there" I am trying to find it.

    • Tinker B
      Tinker B Year ago +7

      Right, I hear a NY accent

    • Mariah W
      Mariah W Year ago +12

      ive found he says words with those sounds like "er" funny, but that might be a new york accent?
      i think in general he has a weird sound to his voice, like slow and a bit slurred

    • Deidre Wilson
      Deidre Wilson Year ago +6

      Diandra Nobre he says “rather” weird. I’ve noticed it a couple times here and there

  • Lofa Toa
    Lofa Toa Year ago +95

    He is incredibly underrated. Im glad he is finally getting some recognition.

  • triofer1
    triofer1 Year ago +1

    When does. he talk about Margo ?

  • Hadi f.
    Hadi f. Year ago +34

    I absolutely loved every single minute of this. It felt like I was seeing Sebastian just having this nice (and kinda deep) conversation about various things and I dunno I just loved it very much. Lol the end tho "i feel like i could talk to you forever" aw Seb haha

  • Serenity113
    Serenity113 Year ago +54

    This was great. It didn't feel like an interview, to me at least, but a conversation between two people about acting, film, and life, etc so it doesn't feel forced and a promotion for anything. And I'm a fan of Sebastian so it was cool and interesting to hear him talk about certain subjects about his craft. :)

  • Aseela Almousa
    Aseela Almousa Year ago +34

    Who was interviewing him? Also this was an amazing interview it felt more natural because it wasn't compressed into four minutes

    • Matt Hatton
      Matt Hatton Year ago +1

      David Poland - that's why it's called DP 30. And the 30 is pretty self evident. And Google is your friend. That's what I did. Quarter of a second! I agree the longer form makes it natural and gets deeper than the other junket interviews happening at the same time. Love them all.

    • S
      S Year ago +11

      david poland is the one interviewing him

    • Yuki Ame
      Yuki Ame Year ago +1

      Sounds a lot like Steven Weintraub (Frosty) from Collider. And yeah, great interview! Those small film junkets can be (occasionally) quite fun, but they are never as informative and captivating as a good long one. Also, now that I know Sebastian wants to work with one of my favorite directors Richard Linklater, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed :)

  • Ryan Thomas
    Ryan Thomas Year ago +24

    What an excellent interview and what a fantastic actor.

  • Ayesha Nygma
    Ayesha Nygma Year ago +12

    This is such a chill yet blooming fantastic interview that I just want to say thank you!

  • Evanstan
    Evanstan Year ago +5

    When does he talk about chris evans?

    • MayLily
      MayLily Year ago +10

      Around 18:55 - His face lights up and he says that both him and Chris love those romantic drama movies like Before Sunrise!

  • Asef Maghsoudlou
    Asef Maghsoudlou Year ago +13

    Thank you very much for your different interesting conversations I always enjoy your interviews specially this one because it's "super sized". I don't usually comment but this time I felt like I had to pay my respects

  • Jessica Welsh
    Jessica Welsh Year ago +12

    This is a fantastic interview with Sebastian. Thank you so much!

  • ruffsilver122
    ruffsilver122 Year ago +97

    Absolutely fantastic interview. It's so nice to see Sebastian getting a chance to really express himself. What a change from those 4 minute blurbs on talk shows. Thank you for posting this

  • Shar M
    Shar M Year ago +66

    Loved this! Great to have a lengthy, meaty interview that wasn't just about him playing Bucky (a character which I do love) and not even only about I, Tonya but delving into the acting process and beyond into some current events. Very interesting questions - great job. Thanks for posting it!

  • Anon Creamsicle
    Anon Creamsicle Year ago +221

    WONDERFUL interview. Love hearing him talk about his craft and not just the Marvel universe (granted, I love his Bucky Barnes, but he's so much more than just a superhero/pretty face)... I'm glad the industry is finally starting to acknowledge his potential as both a leading man and a character actor.

    • Xena Be
      Xena Be Year ago +1

      Ikr. I can't think of many hot actors who can do Ugly Man Screams properly. Matt Cedeño can't. Even (formerly hot) Mickey Rourke, who is a damn fine actor, couldn't convince me of his character's anguish. Alfie Allen can, but I can't think of anybody else besides him and Seb who scream so well. I'm looking forward to seeing more of Seb's range :)

  • Elizabeth Máximo Cueva

    Amazing interview, one of the BEST I've seen. You asked very different, interesting questions, I loved that and I'm sure he appreciated it.

  • Sherry Owens
    Sherry Owens Year ago +44

    i really appreciate the meaty questions and how you've given Sebastian a chance to talk about them. thanks for this