V8 S10 Rebuilt Engine Install and Hookup (Ep.8 Part 2 of 3)

  • Published on Dec 9, 2017
  • Break out the engine crane, it's time to drop in this shiny “new” engine! We will get the engine bolted in and hooked up to everything, fill the fluids, and get everything completely ready to fire up! So close, it's nerve-racking!
    In the final part of this episode, we will start it and break in the cam!
    Timeline of filming: November 30th, 2017 - December 2nd, 2017
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Comments • 163

  • Ligma Nutz
    Ligma Nutz Month ago

    Finally a video using the star pattern on the flex plate, not many “TVclip Mechanics” use this method. Thank you for using proper techniques in this video.

  • VW MountainMan
    VW MountainMan 3 months ago

    Very informative !!!
    I had to tell myself to be patient. I've been turning wrenches for 30 yrs. People of ALL skill level watch.
    I may be buying an S-10 & do the V8 swap.
    Very nice work !!! Keep it up.

  • DrShankenstein
    DrShankenstein 4 months ago

    I cant believe you did this shit by yourself! GREAT JOB!

  • Jeff Mayo
    Jeff Mayo 4 months ago

    This series is very helpful

  • Hillbilly Trucker
    Hillbilly Trucker 4 months ago

    What manifolds did you use?

  • LT7 Automotive
    LT7 Automotive 5 months ago

    You have a lot of knowledge and it's impressive to watch. And you do things like me and liberally lubricate the outside of the PS reservoir.

  • Evan Griffith
    Evan Griffith 7 months ago

    Where are you in md?

  • TheRocketbob22
    TheRocketbob22 7 months ago

    This makes me appreciate a pair of grease stained hands. I enjoyed every minute. I lived in Georgia in the 60,s, had a 64 hotrod Falcon, white, took it to Cumberland Md to have 65 Chrysler green with 2 quarts of silver metallic paint applied, up to Frostburg to have hand painted gold pinstripes, I fell in love with rural Maryland.

  • Maru Maru
    Maru Maru 7 months ago +1

    is there no flywheel cover plates on the old vehicles?

  • trackerrrr
    trackerrrr 7 months ago

    Trans-Dapt....you suck.

  • Daniel Patton
    Daniel Patton 8 months ago

    Someone was supposed to be helping but didn't show up. What a jerk.
    Great videos!

  • JK
    JK 8 months ago

    Excellent Job! I have really enjoyed this series. That engine should last for quite a few years.
    Attention to details.

  • rgbigdog
    rgbigdog 8 months ago

    I thought I saw on your engine bracket mounts, slide adjustment slots where the bolts pass through the bracket to the engine block this should given you the ability to slide the engine bracket forward or rearward on the engine block and that would prevent the bending of the bracket ears when you to tighten the through bolt/nut on the engine mount.

  • iscariot project
    iscariot project 8 months ago

    never seen anyoen do such detailed car work,you have really great skills.

  • Scott Welinski
    Scott Welinski 9 months ago +1

    never ever use spacers between converter and flex plate. say goodbye to crankshaft thrust bearing and or transmission pump bushing.....

    • Fuzzy Dice Projects
      Fuzzy Dice Projects  9 months ago

      The engine had used them before I got it, no wear on the thrust bearing to speak of, no issues noticed. It is pretty common to use washers to get the torque converter engagement set right. What alternative solution would you suggest? Running the torque converter partially engaged on the transmission oil pump has far, far greater potential to damage parts. Surface ground precision spacers/washers would be better than hardware store ones for sure, but as long as the thicknesses are close to the same it shouldn't be an issue.

    CHARLES LINGERFELT 9 months ago

    What manifolds did you use

    • Fuzzy Dice Projects
      Fuzzy Dice Projects  9 months ago

      The driver's side is from a low power (TBI) 305 third gen Camaro (late 80's, early 90's) and the passenger side from one of those should fit but I actually ended up with one from a 90-93 305 Caprice on the passenger side. They do appear to be a little different so I'd recommend using both from a Camaro.

  • Back yard inventions
    Back yard inventions 9 months ago

    What method did u use to get the top 2 bell housing bolts in

    • Fuzzy Dice Projects
      Fuzzy Dice Projects  9 months ago

      From memory, the top two were actually not too bad and I was able to install and tighten them from the engine compartment. The other bolts took a swivel adapter, two long extensions under the transfer case, and cursing. Dropping the transmission/transfer case down a bit can help a lot with clearance. And/or unbolt the body and lift it a hair if the things are really unreachable.

  • John Gortstowski
    John Gortstowski 9 months ago

    were did you get the oil pan ? I have a 92 blazer

  • Jamie Kline
    Jamie Kline 9 months ago

    What was that Y pipe from? Did you have it made?

    • Fuzzy Dice Projects
      Fuzzy Dice Projects  9 months ago

      @Jamie Kline Here is the link to where the exhaust build starts in that video: tvclip.biz/video/oUCKu2GW2c0/video.html
      1:53 - 3:11 covers the exhaust parts we built. It isn't shown in too much detail but you can see all of the bends and tubing we started out with and then the constructed Y-pipe before and after cleaning it up and painting it. The angle where the driver's side tube meets the passenger side tube was softened up a bit later, but otherwise that about covers it.

    • Jamie Kline
      Jamie Kline 9 months ago

      Looked through episode 3...didn't see the section about the Y-pipe.@Fuzzy Dice Projects

    • Fuzzy Dice Projects
      Fuzzy Dice Projects  9 months ago

      Made it in Episode 3 of this series from a bunch of premade bends and assorted exhaust parts

  • j christensen
    j christensen 11 months ago

    As I recall, my '84 s-10 blazer had 6 bolts. The entire body and front fender group came loose in one piece.

  • j christensen
    j christensen 11 months ago

    The factory method of accessing the top bellhousing bolts was to pull the body mount bolts and lift the body!

    • Fuzzy Dice Projects
      Fuzzy Dice Projects  11 months ago

      Really? I hadn't heard that before but it is so difficult to get to I wouldn't doubt it!

  • FutureRN_Corey _
    FutureRN_Corey _ 11 months ago

    This series is High quality low budget. I love watching stuff like this because it’s stuff anyone can do in there own garage with a little over time

  • Fred Sanford
    Fred Sanford 11 months ago

    Congrats on showing people how to do install the hard way, dumb ass

    • Fuzzy Dice Projects
      Fuzzy Dice Projects  11 months ago

      Well, I'd appreciate if you would offer your wisdom then! What during the install in this video was done so wrong? I know some people prefer to remove the whole core support, but I find it faster and easier just to pull the windshield wiper motor instead. In most cases, you'd install the engine with the mounts already bolted to the block, but with these adjustable ones and where the engine sits, it made it easier to put them on after it was installed.

  • 2kpwned
    2kpwned 11 months ago

    "Im not too worried about that"

  • WhatIsKenDoing
    WhatIsKenDoing Year ago

    Why did you put washers between the flywheel and tc? I've done dozens of GM transmissions over the years and have never had to do this. Did you not match the tc to the specific engine used?

    • Fuzzy Dice Projects
      Fuzzy Dice Projects  Year ago

      Most likely, even without the washers, everything would probably work just fine. Just an added touch for piece of mind that the torque converter has the ideal engagement for the transmission pump.

    • WhatIsKenDoing
      WhatIsKenDoing Year ago

      Interesting. Thanks for the reply

    • Fuzzy Dice Projects
      Fuzzy Dice Projects  Year ago

      All three torque converters used with that engine needed two washers to space it out, I honestly don't know where that clearance comes from but it is always worth checking for it to get the pump engagement just right. Might be something with the trans model year, crankshaft thrust setup, flexplate... (First torque converter came with the 4.3L, second came with the V8 engine, third purchased as a reman 16-1800 stall.)

  • Real World Garage

    That’s a GM, ATF works “just fine” in the Power steering.

  • Kieran Linsdell
    Kieran Linsdell Year ago

    what trans?

  • Montney
    Montney Year ago

    when you were putting the pully on I so wanted to take that wrench off the mount andclean the block and put that ground. LOL

  • Jeff Collins
    Jeff Collins Year ago +1

    That engine, orange & black, just screams Halloween.

  • Fancy Polak
    Fancy Polak Year ago

    These videos are awesome and informative! Makes me want to swap a V8 into my Jeep... :D

  • Dylan d
    Dylan d Year ago

    Keep this type of video for us . Very helpfull and not as corny no offence love this. Helps alot

  • X-Man
    X-Man Year ago

    You made high effort to be meticulous, that's a good thing. Just a couple of hopefully helpful, constructive comments.
    1. Thread locker comes in small bottles for a good reason. Not very much is needed. A small spot on the end of the, (must be CLEAN) threads is plenty. Also, no need on water pump pulley. Fine threads generally don't need thread locker. Even on Damper if fine threaded.
    2. You are torque wrench happy. I worked in Rocket engine assy for 25 years. All our torque wrenches were calibrated and then checked again on calibrated meter before each use. You'd be astonished at how inaccurate your torque wrench is. Don't care if it's a Matco, Snap On or Chinese special. Only use on things like head bolts/ flex plate bolts were "consistent " torque is needed. Everything else, if you are experienced enough to be doing this work, skip the torque wrench and tighten.
    3. Motor mounts to frame mount are in "shear". No need for clamp force (tensile) by adding washer(s) in there.

    • X-Man
      X-Man Year ago

      OK, I do things because it just makes me feel better too, like anti-seize on my sparkplugs and lug nuts/wheel studs. BTW, a little anti-seize goes a long way too.
      By watching you work, you are one of very few mechs on TVclip I'd let touch my truck.

    • Fuzzy Dice Projects
      Fuzzy Dice Projects  Year ago

      I appreciate the feedback!
      1. Fair point, I always end up using too much threadlocker (usually) on accident. Fine threads definitely are less likely to walk loose and have less free space to take up but it still makes me feel a little better.
      2. You're right that torque wrenches are often inaccurate if not calibrated frequently, and mine definitely are not spot-on. But it makes me feel better to have that additional feedback and getting each fastener on each assembly (close to) as tight as designed for or as tight as the hardware will allow.
      3. There aren't washers on the motor mounts to frame, just the original flange bolts. The washers on the mount-to-engine bolts and the through bolts are to fill in the gaps around the bolt heads, since they are all cut as slots to allow for position adjustment.

  • schitler
    schitler Year ago

    will the stock oil pan work or do i need a different oil pan? my s10 is a 1991 and 350 is a 77 motor

    • Fuzzy Dice Projects
      Fuzzy Dice Projects  Year ago +2

      The only way it would work is if your S10 is 2WD. Still might be case-by-case but it is fairly likely a stock oil pan would fit. On a 4WD you need to modify one or get a purpose-built aftermarket pan.

  • Borkzilla
    Borkzilla Year ago

    18436572 is also a common password for some reason.

  • Gary Wright
    Gary Wright Year ago

    Hey man what is that power steering bracket??

    • Fuzzy Dice Projects
      Fuzzy Dice Projects  Year ago

      Sorry, but I'm not sure exactly what you mean. The big steel one that holds the power steering pump, alternator, etc.? That came from the front of the (1988) 4.3L engine that came in the S10. The V8 came with an aluminum one but it didn't end up fitting quite as well

  • Joey Gunz
    Joey Gunz Year ago

    Idk if it's different in the states. But in Canada the 1988 S10 came with a 2.8 V6. The 4.3 wasn't available til 1989. Are you sure the original engine was a 4.3?

    • WhatIsKenDoing
      WhatIsKenDoing Year ago

      My 88 2wd has a 4.3. The 4.3 was first used in 85 in the Astro. Not sure when it first came in the s10 87 or 88.

    • Fuzzy Dice Projects
      Fuzzy Dice Projects  Year ago

      Cool! I had to look up the Gypsy package as I'd never heard of that one before, seems like it is a decal package with the Tahoe trim, neat! What was involved in a 10 inch lift on an S10? That is pretty intense, had to be a solid axle swap right?

    • Joey Gunz
      Joey Gunz Year ago

      Fuzzy Dice Projects that's good to know. My parents bought a 1988 Jimmy Gypsy and it had the 2.8 litre. The engine had oil pressure issues from day one. After 6 months and a rebuilt my parents traded it in for the 89 model with the 4.3 high output. Doesn't surprise me cause I've noticed over the years even different models of cars and trucks available in the states aren't available here. In Canada the 4.3 HO was available from 89-92 then in 93 they went to the 4.3 vortec. Very similar to the HO but 10 more horse and little more torque. I built a 1990 S10 short box with a 10 inch lift. Never 350 swapped it but I did what I could to the 4.3 ho. Cam headers Ect.

    • Fuzzy Dice Projects
      Fuzzy Dice Projects  Year ago

      I believe 1988 was the first year they used the 4.3L in the US, maybe 1987 but I'm not too sure. It definitely is original, it had the emissions stickers and the VIN engine code matches it.

  • Samuel Foote
    Samuel Foote Year ago

    Your starter brace is all you need for your alternator,weld on a piece and make a Y shaped bracket.

  • Narkis
    Narkis Year ago

    please dont stop making these videos Thank you for the s10 build!!!!!!

  • Chris Go
    Chris Go Year ago

    Is that bent mount safe?

    • Fuzzy Dice Projects
      Fuzzy Dice Projects  Year ago

      Yeah, I gave it a close look to make sure I couldn't see any stress marks or weld cracks, but it really is just the steel giving a little. Should be just fine.

  • Michael Dorado
    Michael Dorado Year ago

    18:31 cant wait for the oil cooler.

  • Jennifer Carter
    Jennifer Carter Year ago +2

    Love your production values! Small channels with high quality content, like yours, is TVclip at its best. Keep it up!

  • Hunter Deel
    Hunter Deel Year ago

    All this work for like...idk 200 hp?

    • Fuzzy Dice Projects
      Fuzzy Dice Projects  Year ago

      Probably 250hp 300 ft/lbs, that is about what the TBI engines were rated stock. So at the wheels, yeah lol

  • William
    William Year ago

    Flywheel is backwards. The in dent is to get bolt heads resessed from block as well as proper reach to torque converter.

    • Fuzzy Dice Projects
      Fuzzy Dice Projects  Year ago

      It is on the right way around, the raised pads are toward the torque converter

  • hurtadoa1
    hurtadoa1 Year ago

    While I may not do this anytime soon, watching you gives me an idea of how big of a task this will be. I very much enjoy it. Thank you for sharing your knowledge 😊

  • Marco Ceccarelli
    Marco Ceccarelli Year ago

    You do nice work really like your videos good job

  • Jamie Milam
    Jamie Milam Year ago

    I put a 350 with a 350 turbo transmission... But the driveshaft is to short? What driveshaft is everyone using?

    • WhatIsKenDoing
      WhatIsKenDoing Year ago

      Jamie Milam if you replaced a 700r4 with the th350, you need to use a long tail 350 from a pickup or a 72-76 Impala. It's the 9" tail instead of the more common 6" tail.

  • sirgallium
    sirgallium Year ago

    It's kind of funny how you have one valve breather to atmosphere and the other to your intake. Is there any reason for this? You just care about the environment a little bit but not a lot? haha I kid. I do wonder why though.

    • sirgallium
      sirgallium Year ago

      I see. I only know modern cars where none of the crank case or valve cover vents to atmosphere, it all goes into the intake. I thought that the breathers always shot out air I didn't know that they pulled it in. I had a 1.8t where I disconnected the valve cover breather from the intake and it was always blowing out air at idle. Maybe from worn out piston rings at 165k miles, I'm not sure.

    • Fuzzy Dice Projects
      Fuzzy Dice Projects  Year ago

      PCV valves serve a couple of purposes, mainly they keep the crankcase from becoming pressurized (bad for efficiency, seals, etc.) and prevent the buildup of combustible gases inside the crankcase (which could end very badly). PCV on one valve cover and a breather on the other is a pretty traditional and common setup, when the engine is running it should only be pulling air in through the breather and everything the PCV pulls in is being burned in the engine, so not particularly an environmental concern.

  • Jay Wade
    Jay Wade Year ago +7

    Oh my God, THE TRUCK!!! After coming here for the $200 Blazer and after watching all of these videos of engine and trans work I almost forgot about the Blazer lmao

  • QQTrick1QQ
    QQTrick1QQ Year ago

    When you install a distributor with number 1 on top dead center and rotor pointing to number 1 you can turn the motor by hand and the rotor will follow the engine till the oil pump shaft drops in. Gr8 video series.

    • Fuzzy Dice Projects
      Fuzzy Dice Projects  Year ago

      Good tip! This one was being a bit funny (I think something with that steel driveshaft) and the rotation probably would have helped it line up!

  • Gear1993Head xxx
    Gear1993Head xxx Year ago

    18:21 been there lol

  • ordinaryJeff
    ordinaryJeff Year ago

    Surprised you didn't install a remote oil filter kit yet.

  • Charles Graham
    Charles Graham Year ago

    wish i had all the money back i spent on vehicles over the years lol. nice vid!!

  • john fallen
    john fallen Year ago

    What engine and trans did you use for your s10?? Also, was there any custom fabrication you had to do? Ive been thinking about buying an s10 and installing a v8.

    • Fuzzy Dice Projects
      Fuzzy Dice Projects  Year ago

      Check out the earlier videos, specifically episode 2 and 3. Pretty much everything, or at least the bigger things, are covered there.

  • Jeremy Smith
    Jeremy Smith Year ago +1

    Installing a Stage II XTD clutch in my sons Jetta VR6 (fucking rocket on wheels) and watching you have room to get to the bolts without extensions and swivels with a mirror and blind luck has me wanting to work on an old school 350 again...I have a '66 Pontiac LeMans out in my shop with a 326... maybe I'll pull that bitch and detail it for fun😳

  • THE BATeman
    THE BATeman Year ago +1

    Automatic transmission. :(

  • emman sioson
    emman sioson Year ago

    You should paint the engine bay too

  • David Leupitz
    David Leupitz Year ago

    Really enjoy watching your vid and cool little tech tips. Keep them coming man!!!

  • umokul
    umokul Year ago

    You just earned a sub! Amazing videos you make, good details and amazing editing. Keep it up!

  • Dut420
    Dut420 Year ago

    Ur awesome dude

  • Noah Keeton
    Noah Keeton Year ago +3

    What exhaust manifolds? I've doing a 4x4 swap just like this right now and every header I have gotten hits

    • WhatIsKenDoing
      WhatIsKenDoing Year ago

      These manifolds are 78-87 G body or possibly 80-86 B body.

    • Fuzzy Dice Projects
      Fuzzy Dice Projects  Year ago +1

      Which ones have you tried? I have heard that even the swap headers don't clear on 4x4 trucks, which is why I skipped dealing with that. Wish I had that header exhaust sound though... The driver's side manifold is from a 1989-ish TBI 305 Camaro, and the passenger side from that would work too, but my passenger side one is from a 1990-ish Caprice 305 since that's what I found cheaply. There are some good (but old) pictures about halfway down this page of the ones that fit the best: www.superchevy.com/how-to/46298-chevrolet-s10-v8-engine-swap/