Gangsters in Paradise - The Deportees of Tonga

  • Published on Feb 6, 2019
  • In Gangsters in Paradise - Deportees of Tonga, VICE embeds with four Tongan nationals who have been sent back to the tiny island nation where they were born after serving prison time in New Zealand and the United States. Former gang members, they often struggle to reconnect with the culture, the language, and the people.
    They are haunted by the stigma of their criminal pasts, which casts a pall over their employment prospects and puts a barrier between them and their compatriots.
    Government support for returnees is non-existent, wages are low, and with Tonga in the midst of a methamphetamine crisis, the temptations to revert to the lives of crime they hoped to leave behind when they left prison are high.
    WATCH NEXT: The Motel for the Homeless and Ex-Prisoners : The Stay Inn:
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Comments • 10 609

  • 17Trapqueen38
    17Trapqueen38 Day ago

    Where is this

  • damiansdroid
    damiansdroid 2 days ago

    California LA native anyway you can deport me to this island paradise, thx

  • Chris K
    Chris K 2 days ago +1

    19:58 Did that dude have a hickey on his neck?

  • Emmanuel Bobola
    Emmanuel Bobola 3 days ago

    Interesting story. I wish those brothers find peace and new path in their lives.

  • Photoshop By Alfredo

    This does look like paradise, plus they got a second chance.

  • War Lock
    War Lock 5 days ago

    This place like south east asia

  • Itsyaboyy
    Itsyaboyy 5 days ago

    Legend says to this day he’s still saying “ya know”

  • King Martinez
    King Martinez 6 days ago

    U nuh.

  • Sept Belleza
    Sept Belleza 6 days ago

    I’m from New Zealand and I’m so used to hearing them have a Tongan-Kiwi accent that it surprised me to hear some of them with an American accent. 😂

  • Cam
    Cam 6 days ago

    Can you believe they just gutted Vice's NZ branch, no more content like this!

  • dumpyou dinoun
    dumpyou dinoun 6 days ago

    So white DEVILS went to those People’s Land and Flooded it with drugs and crime like they do EVERYWHERE ON EARTH

  • Mila Utu
    Mila Utu 7 days ago

    Mate Ma’a Tonga 🇹🇴 TCG 🔵

  • Mr Cool
    Mr Cool 7 days ago

    I feel bad for each one of these dudes. Hope they be ok. They are human after all

  • Derek S
    Derek S 7 days ago

    Is that weed that's around him. 5:55

  • TheBrabon1
    TheBrabon1 7 days ago

    its horrible what colonialism and western culture did to these proud people

  • Dudeineedaname
    Dudeineedaname 8 days ago

    Criminals prey on the compassion of society.

  • Carlos J
    Carlos J 8 days ago

    where coolio?

  • Sean Fennell
    Sean Fennell 11 days ago +1

    I ran a glass crew for years. We did all the high rise in San Diego. I had 5 of them fuckers on my crew, I'm 100% Irish and we where a family. We fought together we eat together and when shit hit the fan they hid out at my place. 11 years ago and we still family. Much respect to them and much respect given back.

  • wal
    wal 11 days ago

    Great work, Unlike some other shit where you have the journalist in your face every 30 seconds trying to get famous.

  • cj
    cj 11 days ago

    This man laughing about shooting a kid in the stomach 4 times killing him tf

  • saii terra
    saii terra 11 days ago

    My name is talauli Prescott and I'm a mother fucking gangsta

  • Kevin Mar
    Kevin Mar 12 days ago +1

    I consider these types of videos as poverty porn for mostly rich white folks. Also, as an attempt to humanize generally brutally criminals. I grew up and have lived the majority of my life in two of the most violent/gang ridden areas in the USA. When bleeding heart liberals release these monsters they return to our communities to terrorize us...not you rich white folks. I have zero pity on these gangster mother fuckers. My brother and several friends have been murdered by such men. My sister was human trafficed and raped by gangster shit bags. In truth they are liitle boys mentally, crying like bitches because they dont have their homies to roll with anymore as they terrorize innocents. Fuck them and fuck these rich, privledged White fuckers from Vice trying to make these guys sympathetic.

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 12 days ago

    I’m Tongan

  • Timothy-Paul Chevalier

    18:00 marks a point

  • Edward Yamada
    Edward Yamada 12 days ago

    Thanks for this, VICE. Cause and effect, it rules our lives more than we think. Everything has consequences.

  • Ed. Sawyer
    Ed. Sawyer 14 days ago

    Every video that is on Vice i always love them continue to provide best videos Vice!

  • Joe Day
    Joe Day 14 days ago +1

    "@18:01 he says other countries deporting their own people back to them in tonga is "Like dumping rubbish", those are YOUR own damn people getting put back where they belong.

    • Green Sea Eagle
      Green Sea Eagle 11 days ago

      The people in those poor islands didnt raise and educate them. It was the damn American society that corrupted them. The Police Minister hasn't a point. If your dumb ass nation raised and educated these people when they were small. You don't have the right to deport them back. You own the damn mess.

  • Joe Day
    Joe Day 14 days ago

    Well grow out of the hormonal teenage mentality,quit being longterm fuckups and you won't get deported... physically strong guys in the video but mentally lacking.
    On a separate note 8 would imagine if your a deported in tonga and you fuckups up again they probably deal with it harshly.

  • Jase Poag
    Jase Poag 15 days ago

    Looks pretty nice. What does a white boy need to do to get deported to Tonga? I'm a reef aquarium enthusiast, and I've heard great things about their reefs. haha

  • Free YNW Melly
    Free YNW Melly 15 days ago


  • akeria Singh
    akeria Singh 15 days ago

    I lowkey think ila is sexy.😉

  • Michael Mack
    Michael Mack 16 days ago +1

    Id move there right now for some cheap land. But i dont think a brotha is treated right there either? Anybody know?

    • Joe Day
      Joe Day 14 days ago

      Africa might be a better bet

  • Hannah Wanjiku
    Hannah Wanjiku 16 days ago

    The moral of the story is, don’t do crime in someone’s country or else you will be sent back home after so many years without nothing or plans . Take advantage of the resources in the host country as well as trying to invest in case you get sent back.

  • nadine vennard
    nadine vennard 16 days ago

    If you commit violent crime don't complain when u get deported duh

  • Samuel Patterson
    Samuel Patterson 16 days ago +1

    "Had a talk with my wife. She's not feeling it anymore."
    -Huge hickey on neck-

  • Sw1ft MontanA
    Sw1ft MontanA 17 days ago +1

    I don't usually feel bad for criminals in these types of situations, but Talia'uli Prescott actually seems genuine when he said "I was a bad guy, but now i wanna be a good guy" you could tell he regrets his past. He knows that he put himself in this situation. Also Sione Ngaue the American deportee that was in prison for 15 years also seems genuine, prison definitely gave him a new perspective in life as well as his wife and sons giving him purpose. I wish the best for these 2 men. The others can rot in Tonga for all I care.

  • jerusjesrael
    jerusjesrael 17 days ago


  • Lucky Deuce
    Lucky Deuce 17 days ago +2

    7:49 im Talia'uli prescott.... And im a motherfuking gangsta yeahh

  • Sam Jackson
    Sam Jackson 17 days ago +1

    2:25 did they have to linger on that shot of those fake ass Nike’s lol 😂 this is a cool story but that was funny.

    • Sam Jackson
      Sam Jackson 17 days ago

      Sw1ft MontanA lmao that’s that real gangster shit bro 😂

    • Sw1ft MontanA
      Sw1ft MontanA 17 days ago +1

      +Sam Jackson bro even the blue jersey he was wearing was fake lol

    • Sam Jackson
      Sam Jackson 17 days ago

      Oh shit I feel you they the new nike tongian express

    • Sw1ft MontanA
      Sw1ft MontanA 17 days ago +1

      Naw bro those are the new Nike air max 90 free run flyknit

  • Comkid Althiser
    Comkid Althiser 18 days ago +2

    Whose here from the song gangsters paradise?

  • Cozmic Firefly
    Cozmic Firefly 19 days ago +1

    I try not to think of good guy vs bad guy, but good choices vs bad choices.
    We are all good and bad, and we make good and bad choices.

  • Endee’s Kitchen
    Endee’s Kitchen 19 days ago

    Man this is worst than jail i guess !

  • Gerard Barber
    Gerard Barber 19 days ago

    My dad used to beat me everyday to thought I was pretty messed up from it I see this people way worse off than me

  • INflu3nc3 187
    INflu3nc3 187 19 days ago

    It’s sad he sounds as if he’s not happy to be in his own island from where his roots are. How can a man come from a place of tropical and still be unhappy being where your roots is? Explain

    • Sw1ft MontanA
      Sw1ft MontanA 17 days ago

      Listen to what he says at 7:05 and you'll know. Just because it's considered a paradise to you because those islands are temporary vacation spots. You go live there for the rest of your life and you'll see

  • CeeCee Collins
    CeeCee Collins 19 days ago

    Look Up!!! God is LOVE x

  • G Kane
    G Kane 19 days ago

    So he Crip'N ?

  • C N
    C N 19 days ago

    Living in a gangster paradise...

  • G C B
    G C B 20 days ago +1

    Deportation is becoming popular. Will the NZ government confiscate NZ passports to anyone convicted of crime that involves prison.

  • derekzan
    derekzan 20 days ago

    Why aren't Maori gangsters not deported to the United kingdom?

  • swisstrader
    swisstrader 23 days ago +1

    So many great quotes from these guys who have seen the bottom

  • swisstrader
    swisstrader 23 days ago

    Too many ads. Sucks

  • Jeffrey Kircher
    Jeffrey Kircher 23 days ago +1

    They don't even understand how blessed they are to go back to how God wants it. And leave the United States. God has them where he wants them. I wish the best for these guys.

    • Sw1ft MontanA
      Sw1ft MontanA 17 days ago

      It's more about the materialistic things that they can't have in Tonga. But in a way you are right, they are alive and free instead of being in prison

  • Ben Kuleshov
    Ben Kuleshov 23 days ago


  • Papa Chase
    Papa Chase 24 days ago +2

    "When you have nothing, from rock bottom" 16 acres is not nothing

  • Swordkiller
    Swordkiller 24 days ago

    Iam the guy with the pig knows whats up, there is no reason to be gangster in place like that , i guess its hard for people who had that kind of life to adjust to society, kinda the fault of the americas just throwing them there instead of actually telling Tonga about them so that they can be dealt with.
    Same kind of shit is happening in europe, with alot of influx of people who might not know any other life then the crimelife, and dont get adjusted into the society they are supposed to live in.

  • Anthony West
    Anthony West 25 days ago


  • tokoz 4life
    tokoz 4life 26 days ago

    miss my countryyyyyy

  • Nicholas Apostolakes
    Nicholas Apostolakes 27 days ago

    they should all form their own gang

  • Natsu Dragneel
    Natsu Dragneel 27 days ago +2

    Why do most Pacific islanders and stuff look black?

    • dek heay
      dek heay 17 days ago

      they look more similar to southeast asians

    • AK Jay
      AK Jay 26 days ago +1

      And they have Southeast Asian genes so it mixed and made Polynesian

    • AK Jay
      AK Jay 26 days ago

      Natsu Dragneel they have a whole mix of genes, I think the black genetics come from Aboriginal Australians or Melanesians

    • Lay OBLIV
      Lay OBLIV 26 days ago


    • Natsu Dragneel
      Natsu Dragneel 27 days ago

      +uino they defeniently do

  • Director Lunchie
    Director Lunchie 28 days ago

    the west corrupted their culture!!!

  • Nendisiswanto Edotdoclo

  • NoaTsu
    NoaTsu 29 days ago +4

    Wel this certainly is different from Switzerland

  • Shadooow 23
    Shadooow 23 29 days ago +2

    Everyone is known as a bad guy until they get shot down. Then they are victims. The real name comes out, then, he was a dad. blah blah blah. Remember we are humans made from flesh and bones. that's it.

  • tx welder
    tx welder 29 days ago

    None of these guys are gangsters

  • Adam Tour
    Adam Tour Month ago

    got a friend from Tonga so this is so cool and interested

  • Michael Bowles
    Michael Bowles Month ago

    I’m happy they deported. Theses people there no good. You help them and they will put a nife in your back. I don’t feel sorry for any of them . I’ve been around them and all they talk about is gang shit all day. They don’t care about any one . But themselves and there races Lazy any thing you do that good. Them and there people will turn it bad. There not good mother or father. And never marry one. Because all them will just marry you for you family money. And to live of you. And turn around and lie and say your doing it to them. A good one is a dead one. There the shit of the earth. I don’t want any of them around me or my people. Never make friends with them . You see one dieing on the side of the street. Walk over them and keep moving.😒

    • Sw1ft MontanA
      Sw1ft MontanA 17 days ago

      Daaaamn lol. One must of really pissed you off bro

    NICKEL & DIME Month ago


    NICKEL & DIME Month ago


  • Anna Crawford
    Anna Crawford Month ago

    At 4 minutes that guy is so articulate and intelligent

  • das ORAKULUM
    das ORAKULUM Month ago

    "I think when you brought down to your bare essetials, thats the Character that you are, thats the Person you are...when you have nothing, from rock bottom"

  • Canadian Ghost 0o0
    Canadian Ghost 0o0 Month ago

    If to him his dad was God does that make him Jesus

  • Turkish Delight
    Turkish Delight Month ago

    Can I get deported??? I'm white and Canadian so it might be tough.

  • Jay MF Clark
    Jay MF Clark Month ago

    Umm.... I feel like a moron because while this video is CRAY CRAY, I can't help but to notice how FOINE these men are. I'm smfh at my damn self. 😂. I'm 💀

  • Press Productions
    Press Productions Month ago

    Malie Uli! Looking good Cobraa...
    Toko remember you still owe me 80 dollar?
    Alu ki western union ta mai pa'anaga money transfer pls toko ok ofa atu...... Jokes lol good to see the bro!

    • Sw1ft MontanA
      Sw1ft MontanA 17 days ago

      He was probably my favorite dude in this video, i know there's a good guy under the gangster in him. Wish him nothing but the best

  • Nunya Bidness
    Nunya Bidness Month ago

    They don’t look bad.. they look like they can be good productive members of the world.

  • rae gruder
    rae gruder Month ago

    Love vice real news not like the fake cnn !!!!!!

  • Capronic2 Dethroned

    This is where all Americans should live

  • some random crap
    some random crap Month ago

    I'm Tongan and seeing this I'm a little disappointed in us. :(

  • Rafito Guerrero
    Rafito Guerrero Month ago +1

    The only thing i know about tonga is

  • Majestic Cherub
    Majestic Cherub Month ago

    The of people of The Kingdom of Tonga live the most pure lives. They must not take this for granted and get too caught up in this bullshit materialistic world. Their culture is beautiful.

  • marshie1337
    marshie1337 Month ago

    I only know of Tonga because of Angry Boys. Thanks Chris Lilley 👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿

  • Taamz Heart
    Taamz Heart Month ago

    i didnt even know there was a show like this bout us oml

  • Æstebaи
    Æstebaи Month ago +1

    I hope some day to be part of vice being the cameraman. I have been a fan of these Amazings documentaries since 2015/2016. As always an excellent job.

  • Fastjoe Corrigan
    Fastjoe Corrigan Month ago

    Well then!

  • raptor 1-2
    raptor 1-2 Month ago

    Living the good life as an outcast in ur own country. You had the golden opportunity being in the USA. Hope u enjoy ur stay. But people like you give bad name to the rest of the immigrants. That do come here to do better. But u wanted to be a gangsters. Now shut the f up and enjoy petting ur pig. That's gangster

  • Saint Gori
    Saint Gori Month ago

    Filipino ✊🏾

  • lofthousehh
    lofthousehh Month ago

    Until about 14:30 i liked the place😅

  • pakijew4
    pakijew4 Month ago +6

    i still have faith in islanders ..... they are good souls

  • Yn Ab
    Yn Ab Month ago

    That is some good sort of journalism. Thank you.

  • Tiempo Nuevo
    Tiempo Nuevo Month ago +1

    So, why is Tonga the dumping ground for gang members. Were they all from Tonga originally or has it become a Deportation prison for released deportees? It looks to me that the Empire Building nations have leaders who should be in prison for crimes against humanity...if they are not already dead.

  • undermysaviour
    undermysaviour Month ago

    Tonga needs a death penality against drug dealers and a serious punishment against robbers. Deportees you're better in your paradise change that to a real one.

  • sb grind
    sb grind Month ago

    21:24 "The first thing is to tell the truth", yeah but can you tell the truth on about how you got that Hickey on your neck while wifey is in NZ?

  • 2Smart4Uapes
    2Smart4Uapes Month ago

    As a ex Tongan Gangster God I am proud of them

  • Moo Cow
    Moo Cow Month ago

    Am I meant to feel sorry for these violent criminals?
    Also that pig needs to be saved from that dude.....

  • Mobeek
    Mobeek Month ago

    I think it should be easier to kill them all... society will be a better place.

  • Russell Schaare
    Russell Schaare Month ago

    Why should criminal foreign nationals be sucked up by their host countries? Of course they will be discarded like rubbish! (17:55)

  • KenNY G
    KenNY G Month ago

    I always remember what my cousin told me. When the plane ✈️ is Approaching the Tongan airport and you see all the 🌴 Coconut 🥥 trees don’t cry 😭 you only going home

  • ZachyOfficial Playz
    ZachyOfficial Playz Month ago +6

    i just wanted to listen to gangsters paradise
    Then found this..

  • hoodrich sayso
    hoodrich sayso Month ago

    Mate ma dick 😂fuk tonga

  • Donald Webb
    Donald Webb Month ago

    God Bless Tongan's