Gangsters in Paradise - The Deportees of Tonga

  • Published on Feb 6, 2019
  • In Gangsters in Paradise - Deportees of Tonga, VICE embeds with four Tongan nationals who have been sent back to the tiny island nation where they were born after serving prison time in New Zealand and the United States. Former gang members, they often struggle to reconnect with the culture, the language, and the people.
    They are haunted by the stigma of their criminal pasts, which casts a pall over their employment prospects and puts a barrier between them and their compatriots.
    Government support for returnees is non-existent, wages are low, and with Tonga in the midst of a methamphetamine crisis, the temptations to revert to the lives of crime they hoped to leave behind when they left prison are high.
    WATCH NEXT: The Motel for the Homeless and Ex-Prisoners : The Stay Inn:
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Comments • 9 216

  • meat loaf
    meat loaf 11 hours ago +1

    This is bad. First world countries are dumping scums into the third world for pennies. Twc being poor and political pressure has to oblige.

  • Ready for war
    Ready for war 14 hours ago

    I don't feel sorry for these people. Everyone needs to stay in their own country.

  • darko
    darko 14 hours ago

    "Its just me.... and thats the only gang i need". Wow man. powerful shit

  • Delicious filth 3.0
    Delicious filth 3.0 14 hours ago


  • 5645764574
    5645764574 15 hours ago +1

    Fascinating documentary.

  • Khaleesi Romaerys
    Khaleesi Romaerys 23 hours ago

    This documentary wants us to feel sorry for these people. No way. They are even better off in their deported lives compared to honest people in the 3rd world. Playin' victim, eh?

  • Checkerzzz gaming Hi

    Americans this is what we got for vice I suggest we put these inmates back into prison police department feds and CIA building We need national Guard s American s to fix this

  • Zachary
    Zachary Day ago

    Every god damn one of them built like linebackers haha

  • maalintii Burco duuray

    If my country in Africa was this green and lush I would have turned in my American passport in a heartbeat. And this assholes are living in a paradise and still complaining. What's in America we work for corporations and bloodsuckers for 70 years of our lives and nothing to show for it.

  • Kenrick Bernard
    Kenrick Bernard 2 days ago

    cassava nice people ent know about goood food

  • TheDaonx
    TheDaonx 2 days ago

    how can their body so bulky, it's very different from their brother from south east asia

  • Sue Y
    Sue Y 3 days ago

    There should be proper regulations in regards to deportation for sure. All these deportees seem to move to Australia, NZ, US at an early age, which means their system failed them. Its not really the Tonga's accountability/responsibility to take them in and rehabilitate them.

  • MlG_GOD
    MlG_GOD 3 days ago

    *”Been spending most our lives living in the gangster’s paradise”*

  • amyr dela cruz
    amyr dela cruz 4 days ago

    dont mess with tha filipinos

  • Wayne M
    Wayne M 5 days ago

    Interesting doc.

  • Akachan
    Akachan 6 days ago

    i found only bitterness from that laughter

  • Gatorade Me, Bitch
    Gatorade Me, Bitch 6 days ago +4

    The guy in the Lakers jersey & California hat is really insightful and wise. Seems really smart and has a great grasp of reality.

  • Journey Pearce
    Journey Pearce 6 days ago

    go warerser go 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Rainbow derp Julius Pahulu Pahulu

    Only Tongans can subscribe or like

  • Ed Molina
    Ed Molina 9 days ago

    Doesn’t understand what crabs in a buckets means lmao says scratching trying to get by

  • Prophet 281
    Prophet 281 9 days ago

    It will become like El Salvador 🇸🇻 my opinion any way I could be wrong but it’s what it looks like. The more people that get deported.

  • French Andy Bico
    French Andy Bico 12 days ago

    Real filipino her 🙌

  • John Medrano
    John Medrano 12 days ago +1

    Maui from Moana irl

  • CallMeJeff
    CallMeJeff 13 days ago


  • Winnie the Pooh
    Winnie the Pooh 13 days ago

    GOD is not a human being, never was never will be.

  • ExplodingBumfluff
    ExplodingBumfluff 13 days ago +1

    People said Vice fell off but this video was amazing

  • chris the conquerer
    chris the conquerer 13 days ago

    This is the good vice stuff I love. Interviews and experiences of strange or unique people that you would never think about otherwise.

  • That one guy at Taco Bell

    What I find amazing is that there is about 7-8 billion people and why am I me?? Like 9 thousand other people in comments I could be you no I’m me it’s. Amazing to think about like we all in this together to survive why money when we can rule the entire world that would end racism gangs almost everything is money cause that’s pretty much more important than food and water nowadays cause you gotta use MONEY to pay for it

  • AF Bennett
    AF Bennett 14 days ago

    I think it’s Tonga time

  • TiaMalduk 777
    TiaMalduk 777 15 days ago

    There’s my woadies and my hittaz !!!

  • Wesley Venter
    Wesley Venter 15 days ago

    Nobody should feel sorry for these losers. These scum bags should be hung in public.

  • Saskatchewan .
    Saskatchewan . 15 days ago

    he’s so dam handsome .

  • daddyland
    daddyland 16 days ago +1

    If he doesn't feel guilty dealing drugs why does he not show his face on camera and not autotune his voice lol

    • That one guy at Taco Bell
      That one guy at Taco Bell 14 days ago

      daddyland that’s how you get tracked down and thrown in jail dumb dumb if you’ve dealt weed or crack you’ll understand everything about what these people mean but if I are someone who is dealing and haven’t been caught you might understand these peoples pain

  • James Dann
    James Dann 16 days ago

    What cam was this shot on?

  • Brad Meyer
    Brad Meyer 16 days ago


  • akesa vea
    akesa vea 16 days ago +1

    I wish them the best and hope god helps them work out their life so they can have a successful career and when I go back to Tonga I hope to make a change someday so that no one would have to go through that ever again and the people that already have will have a successful future ahead of them

  • Jonas Pater
    Jonas Pater 16 days ago

    they aint see

  • Chicago chicago
    Chicago chicago 17 days ago

    Same type of people in once were warriors?

  • Frank Castle
    Frank Castle 17 days ago


  • strongdan1
    strongdan1 17 days ago

    Factual storys cool respct

  • Cisco4kid1990
    Cisco4kid1990 18 days ago

    I find it crazy how most of them don't understand how they can just ship them away but its like your not a citizen and you did a crime only the blacks can do crimes and not get deported every one else will be kicked out so why do the crime if you know this I mean they probably didn't know but the other kids should know that it's just not smart I wish we could deport the blacks so they can see how great they have it in America and maybe start acting right but I have spent my whole young life being bad but I never did anything like them I never carried a gun I never killed any body I did alot of bad shit but I grew up at 17 I changed my ways I never went to that next level and I just don't see why people never grow up like why you still doing dumb shit after 18 its on you your the dumb one you get what you give you made it to the land of freedom but you want to be a criminal instead of something else like why its stupid so stupid

  • Gomz Hardened
    Gomz Hardened 18 days ago

    Some filipinos are small asf. But they could surely brake your balls probably :) esp in mindanao they usually eat bullets for a living

  • Michael Miner
    Michael Miner 18 days ago

    Jesus is knocking fellas...please answer the door to your hearts!

  • Channy P
    Channy P 19 days ago

    Why did the guy who was born in Australia that moved to new Zealand as a child get deported to Tonga? If he wasn’t born there to begin with???

    NATALIE HARRIS 19 days ago

    *I can't imagine what prison life was like for these men but deporting them to a strange land where it seems they are worse than vermin has to be even worse.*

  • EA7
    EA7 19 days ago +3

    Damn life in Tonga
    Kinda reminds me of Harvest Moon

  • Unread_ Virus
    Unread_ Virus 19 days ago


    KAOS RIP 19 days ago +1

    RESPECT to these boys!!
    To carry on with life dispite all the odds!!.

    JBOBROSKII 20 days ago

    Money doesnt have feeling and neither do I. You get what you want I get what i want.

    I mean he's not wrong.

  • shrimp jesus
    shrimp jesus 20 days ago +1

    Talia is in alot of pain i see it in him

  • Matt Cunningham
    Matt Cunningham 21 day ago

    White people can go anywhere and kill off the natives then can deport and divide anyone they feel like who arent white 👏

  • Gregory Navarro
    Gregory Navarro 22 days ago

    Looking like a Tongan D bo

  • Eman The Oath
    Eman The Oath 22 days ago


  • Arm Jamal
    Arm Jamal 22 days ago

    why Tonga?

  • Keenan Thomas
    Keenan Thomas 24 days ago

    I bet y’all didn’t catch the irony of the first guy, if more paranoid from the outside world thsn before, now brandishes s machete. Where the fuck was that machete years ago? Now he’s bring a knife to a gun fight?

  • Rival Your Worst
    Rival Your Worst 24 days ago

    Pineapple 🍍 headz

  • Muansang Hangzo
    Muansang Hangzo 26 days ago +1

    9:50 he's probably gonna get killed in Mexico.........

  • Teddy Quake
    Teddy Quake 26 days ago

    They are just old school ,

  • I Shakespeare
    I Shakespeare 27 days ago

    Man crazy, I used to go to school with Sione. He was a mean rugby player! Sad to know he can't come back here to NZ, I guarantee there are much worse people born and bred here

  • Oboy Phan
    Oboy Phan 28 days ago

    People dont do bussines with shiiit asholwr

  • Oboy Phan
    Oboy Phan 28 days ago

    Thats why u are living like shiiit

  • Oboy Phan
    Oboy Phan 28 days ago

    Then sont go around creat trouble

  • bruno pissoni
    bruno pissoni Month ago

    Loser negro

  • Nugget Reaper
    Nugget Reaper Month ago

    Why are you in the car with this scary man.

  • 711 Hardcandy
    711 Hardcandy Month ago

    Bottom line of this Story , You don't know how good you have it until you loose it all , stop trying to be something you are not ,or you will learn the Hard way ,prison or Death .

  • oneofthafree 5O1
    oneofthafree 5O1 Month ago

    A+++++? 😆.😊.😊 @oneofthafree5O1

  • glockumollie
    glockumollie Month ago

    They are from Tonga that's why they are deported back to there so how can the Sheriff say they are dumping trash but they belong to this country. This guy sounds like for the most part he takes responsibility for his crimes.

    • AK Jay
      AK Jay 27 days ago

      glockumollie he says that because there are no gangs in Tonga and crime used to be rare. Yes it’s not America’s responsibility but it’s their country that turns some boys into criminals

  • Kathryn Simanu
    Kathryn Simanu Month ago

    glad to see documentaries about this, I feel like we don't address it enough. I'm Maori/Samoan, living in NZ and I think we should talk about this more to educate the future generations. I'm very grateful to be young and have my family in my life.

  • Riamú 676
    Riamú 676 Month ago +1

    mad respect to the tokos out there✊🇹🇴💯

  • Valincia Pruitt
    Valincia Pruitt Month ago

    This is excellent! A lot of young people in America need to watch this, especially the ones going down the wrong path.

  • Untro
    Untro Month ago +1

    Who else read 'Baby Crap' on the thumbnail 😂

  • paul suiqa
    paul suiqa Month ago

    For Fijian that was deported to Fiji got deported back to countries they got deported from because they were no longer Fijian citizen

  • Benny Feletoa
    Benny Feletoa Month ago

    🇹🇴 blessed

  • Evan n
    Evan n Month ago +1

    Ya know that seems like a good place to go back to, nice calm environment

  • Adriel
    Adriel Month ago

    Life teaches you to be humble at some point in your life. For many right before they die...

  • Cody Mauga
    Cody Mauga Month ago +1

    Well that was kind of racist “ONLY MEXICANS GET DEPORTED” it’s all good I laugh too no worries I’m only half anyways lol mixed with Samoan.. I actually like this video made me realize I’m not living bad at all

  • Janet Chang
    Janet Chang Month ago

    This is crazy!!!!

  • Tyana Alexandra
    Tyana Alexandra Month ago

    They all seem very lonely an isolated

  • dea cindy
    dea cindy Month ago

    Am i the only one who think the person on the thumbnail looks like Mark Hunt?

  • Rascal W.
    Rascal W. Month ago

    "Money's not racist neither am I, If your'e in love with drugs I'm your best friend. You get what you want I get what I want." The future of Tonga with all the bad ass deportees on the way is looking a bit rough man. The place needs to start making preparations.

  • Stan Kabz
    Stan Kabz Month ago

    The best part is deporting them actually works. They end up realising their mistakes. Only bad side is they only allowed to become feudal Lords

  • akiyatan
    akiyatan Month ago

    Why don't they deport the white kids who shoot up schools?

  • ettio360
    ettio360 Month ago


  • Patrick Monden
    Patrick Monden Month ago

    Its so boring in paradise, all the food we can eat, all the weed we can smoke...Let's get all wannabe hip hop,

  • Devin Holmes
    Devin Holmes Month ago

    14:05 I wonder why Trump doesn't want them!

  • S Sam
    S Sam Month ago +5

    Oh my Lord, Jesus, help these poor people lead a good life with their families. They're human beings after all.

  • Shane McDowall
    Shane McDowall Month ago

    I was impressed by the honesty and self-awareness of these men. No bullshit excuses. And the Tongan policeman is right, there should be better liaison between New Zealand and Tongan authorities in respect of the deportees.

  • Igstar
    Igstar Month ago +19


  • jonathan smith
    jonathan smith Month ago +2

    Farcry 3

  • frøst hyphy
    frøst hyphy Month ago

    SOS Sa Gang

  • Cabron Sliver
    Cabron Sliver Month ago +1

    Filipinos are just mexicans that are good in math.

  • Sarah Riedel
    Sarah Riedel Month ago +1

    I lived in New Zealand for two years from 2006 to 2008. For about six months I was living up in Paihia which is a summer resort the middle of winter. My boyfriend at the time was a bartender and the bouncer was a massive, hulking behemoth of a Maori named Ben. He was at least 6'5" and had been a high-ranking member of the Mongrel Mob which is one of the big bikie gangs up in Northland. He would do crazy things like point out a bridge and casually mention "There's a body buried up under there" and simultaneously he was this big gentle giant. He supposedly left the gang when he had kids and this had apparently gotten him on the outs with the current gang members, so he was always looking over his shoulder. One night I was killing time in the bar and looked over and caught Ben surreptitiously sketching my portrait on a cocktail napkin. He was an INCREDIBLE artist it turned out. I sort of laughed and said hey lemme see that and he got all gruff and embarrassed and ripped it up. Last I heard he ultimately died of a heart attack several years ago. One of the most interesting human beings I've ever met.

  • shit zoo
    shit zoo Month ago

    kaimua kai fale malolo a he tainimi pea tuku a lea fkpalangi pea moe fetuku e mahaki ki Tonga, lea fktonga a oua kaimua nau kumi koe o hae kasele vale kaitae

  • shit zoo
    shit zoo Month ago

    ikai mau ha mea ia he gang koe mea pe mau ai koe movete famili moe mau he mahaki H.i.v pea ke kai falemalolo leva he toengo ho moui, fele pe mea ke mou asi ai feinga he sipoti ngaaue malohi he ngaaue aga kae pehe ki uta ngaaue malohi he ngoue koe ako ako malohi fele pe mea lelei kae tuku e kai falevao heku ikai vale ha taha hono kamosi e meafana

  • shit zoo
    shit zoo Month ago

    kaaimua lea fktonga a kai ke mou o ai ha mea oku sai ka mou o fkngali valei e fonua mo fetuku mai e drugs ki Tonga kai falevao mene kaimua ai ha mea oku sai laho toe sii pau kumi koe haeua

  • vagalN
    vagalN Month ago +3

    Where is the responsibility of countries deporting these men?- they made them....

  • Lil DustMop
    Lil DustMop Month ago +5

    i speak english and understand them but i still read the subtitles????

  • 123spleege
    123spleege Month ago +1

    Vice, at least the comments are not disabled which is happening more and more on yourscrewed. shit, I mean youtube. This is why we need to stop watching some or many youtube videos. Tubby tooby makes money. They have a method of making money and a part of that used to include its viewers the ability to express thoughts. Tubby Tooba, get your head out of your ass, support your viewers or see your bottom line thinner and thinner. it's your choice. 60 minutes Australia routinely disables its comments whilst blathering on youglued, Most likely because Australians seem to be just so incredibly gullible and ignorant to the rest of the world in the 60 minutes broadcasts. However, this is not the case at all. It's as simple as how they are projected and used to create controversy and are a large media source of a "dysfunctional Australia". BTW, youblewme......uh youtube, it is even more ignorant to not allow comments. Controversial comments will generate more viewing Mr. 60 Minutes Australia and you cant tell us you disable your comments with an honorable intent. Being that you are the media prostitutes that you have become, sloppy whores that would sell my mother, not theirs,. for a dollar. Australia's recycling issues are so incredibly amateurish in how they are discussed and portrayed. extremely basic. I just hope Australians are aware of how 60 minutes Australia and additionally you tube represent you. However, thank you Vice which I believe is a Maher production and actually has testicles and is about as comparable to Youlose, ( youboobs) oops, ( yougoob), damn I mean no no....I mean youmakemesnooze....oopsy again. comparable to the 1970 versions of 60 minutes. yeah you're happily.... digging your own grave.

  • Yannick G.
    Yannick G. Month ago

    anyone saw the weed on the field

    • Yannick G.
      Yannick G. Month ago +1

      @Jesus Christ but still i like to smoke and live in germany

    • Jesus Christ
      Jesus Christ Month ago

      Weed is legal

  • Tika Lee Ho Tanga Meemee

    The meth dealer got me triggered - fucced up mentality. Still caught up in a palangi game on an island that is anything but. Tae ofa kiheetau kakai moetau fonua naa tau tupu ai