• Published on Sep 22, 2018
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    Hey beautiful people! Today I have a new slime series for you guys that I hope you'll like! I'm reviewing ZERO star etsy slime shops, which means they have no reviews on their shop! After how much you guys seem to love my 1 star vs 5 star slime shop videos, I decided to do this one and hope you like it just as much!
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    1 STAR vs 5 STAR Etsy Slime Shop Review!
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    $1 WISH SLIME REVIEW! Is It Worth It?!
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    $1 WISH SLIME REVIEW! Is It Worth It?!
    1 STAR vs 5 STAR Etsy Slime Shop Review!
    SLIME SHOP RESTOCK!! MySlimeShack July 21, 2018

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Comments • 5 138

  • Rachel Newman
    Rachel Newman 3 days ago

    Once I bought the slime from her and it was like three times as much as the ones in this video and it was way worse the packaging was broken and I was very disappointed 😕

  • Andrea Lazarevic
    Andrea Lazarevic 6 days ago

    U gave 4.5 stars cuz it cracked... they did all they could ... so dumb

  • Jennifer Bell
    Jennifer Bell 11 days ago

    You don’t judge the slime or the boxing you don’t know what happened and it do enter mean it’s bad so stop your just being mean to the see so stop stop stop it makes me angry 😤

  • Jennifer Bell
    Jennifer Bell 11 days ago

    I love your reveiws

  • Jennifer Bell
    Jennifer Bell 11 days ago

    I don’t get it their not rated how are they good and maybe because when I watch other channels their good to still don’t get it

  • The Basic Besties!
    The Basic Besties! 15 days ago

    #bubble pop squad

  • Rae-Rae G
    Rae-Rae G 21 day ago

    Awwww...she gave the cracked slime a 4.5 ( not to mention her fav slime) . It’s not their fault. They even tried their best to help it from cracking. That’s so not fair 😭

  • Mateen Yousaf
    Mateen Yousaf 23 days ago +1


  • ichigopuddin
    ichigopuddin 24 days ago

    I don't think that bubble envelope was reused. It was likely opened at customs and resealed by them. Not the sender's fault.

  • Gacha Kylie
    Gacha Kylie 25 days ago

    I think the slime Rome rose is perfect and the other one

  • Genesis Leon
    Genesis Leon 27 days ago

    I think they over actuate it so wen it gets gets there its not melted

  • Halle Misha
    Halle Misha 27 days ago

    LOL i love how all of the comments are telling her how unfair it is to judge based on packaging and she still keeps her mouth shut about it. it’s not fair courtney you need to stop being such a hard ass when it comes to packaging or slimes that are not activated. they give you borax for a reason girl 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • emily knight
    emily knight 28 days ago

    But if their package broke despite their best efforts how is it their fault?
    Similar if they sent it out but the carrier need made it to you. It’s not their fault

  • SlaimifaidKai
    SlaimifaidKai Month ago +2

    i just realized that if you comment on higher viewed videos you're more likely to get likes.
    that doesn't work for me tho.

  • Vyansya
    Vyansya Month ago

    Why people complaining when she rate it 4,5 bcs the broken packaging?? 4,5 is still high and reasonable. 5 is when all the items are perfect. Yall need to chill.

  • Star Heart
    Star Heart Month ago +1

    You guys are hating on her because she is complaining about the packaging. She is trying to help the owners! She is not trying to hate on them because of the packaging!!!! She is pointing out the flaws so just in case they watch they will know what to fix so they can get their ratings up and get more money. She is also human and have has feelings. You are unbelievable, she is helping them! Gosh -.-

  • Kayleen d
    Kayleen d Month ago

    Nothing is ever good for you is it. If you dont like most of slime shop slimes dont buy them its that simple.

    • Tiny cookie
      Tiny cookie 25 days ago

      She's helping the owner she's not hating on them

  • Regiionalatworst
    Regiionalatworst Month ago

    Arent butter slimes supposed to be clay based?... also you admit the girl took the measures to protect her slime and gave it a 4.5. It obviously wasnt this persons fault. Please fix your logic before posting reviews.

  • ViVi Fierce
    ViVi Fierce Month ago

    Why take .5 points away from the shop when they did everything they needed to do to prevent that. That’s an issue with how the mail carriers treated your packages. I know it’s not that big of a deal but I notice slime review channels do this a lot for some of the weirdest things that aren’t really the sellers fault.

    • ViVi Fierce
      ViVi Fierce Month ago

      Also want to add that she constantly complains about packaging. Idc if they send it in an ugly vomit green envelope with scratches. As long as it’s not dirty, already open, and the shit inside is pristine (unless roughed in shipping) and protected with the necessary precautions inside then I really don’t care.

  • Golden Gacha
    Golden Gacha Month ago +2

    At the 3rd slime shop I would give it a 3.8 stars

    SUPERSLIMEZ ! Month ago

    *she plays with slime


  • 赤ちゃんのラフ
    赤ちゃんのラフ Month ago +1

    You hardly review the slime, all you talk about is the packaging. Not everyone can afford fancy packaging.

  • Dawn's world
    Dawn's world Month ago

    Can u plz rate the slime NOT THE PACKAGING

  • Dawn's world
    Dawn's world Month ago

    Some edvice not trying to hate your supposed to crunch the swirl
    Cuz you did not crunch it with the clay slime

  • xRaVeN Pizza
    xRaVeN Pizza Month ago +1

    # bubble pops squad

  • Helen Hollis
    Helen Hollis Month ago

    The Crafting Bliss is a zero star shop on Etsy

  • Lori Ann
    Lori Ann Month ago

    Not everybody can afford fancy packaging

  • Unicorn Mermaid
    Unicorn Mermaid Month ago


  • Tina Thiel
    Tina Thiel 2 months ago

    Every time you said "but" I thought you were going to say something negative and ended up saying something positive. It was killing me lol

  • Tegan Hofmeyr
    Tegan Hofmeyr 2 months ago +1

    4:22 you never know at airport or mailing stations they often open up a package to see if it like illegal or not. Not trying to be mean but maybe next time keep that in mind. :)

  • Gacha Gaming
    Gacha Gaming 2 months ago

    I think the spikes are overestimated so when they arrive they won't be under activated. That could also explain why they didn't give extra activator

  • Jsmn
    Jsmn 2 months ago

    Has bubblewrap, breaks: 4.5 stars
    No bubblewrap, didnt break: 4 stars
    All about the packaging. And extras.

  • sobia farooq
    sobia farooq 2 months ago +2

    Everyone in my school is talking about you
    Love you 😘
    Edit:please like

  • Maya P.
    Maya P. 2 months ago +1

    00:08 whats the background music? Im trying to find if for probably a year xd

  • I Love Launcelot
    I Love Launcelot 2 months ago +1

    Ur so rude they tried their best

  • Jj wigren
    Jj wigren 2 months ago +9

    I’m so glad to see people are defending the 4.5 rating. The broken container wasn’t her fault. She deserved I five star 🙄🙄🙄

  • Jj wigren
    Jj wigren 2 months ago +2

    Can you rate the slime and not the packaging??? Geez.

  • scribbled tea
    scribbled tea 2 months ago +1

    i thought the first squishy was a grape

  • Donttheroses Smellnicetoday

    She seriously took off points because the container was broken smh

  • Katie and Autumn
    Katie and Autumn 2 months ago


  • FoFeh Gt
    FoFeh Gt 2 months ago

    U didn’t rate the last slime

  • Elias Green
    Elias Green 2 months ago

    It sounded like you were saying find instead purchased. I’m skeptical.

  • Asma Gomravi
    Asma Gomravi 2 months ago

    Girl, you didnt pay for the packaging, the borax or anything else besides the slime, so why are you comlaining?!?!

    • The_Crafter_Fam
      The_Crafter_Fam 2 months ago

      Technically she did. I'm not hating at all, but when you pay for a slime package you pay for not just the slime, but also the extra things such as borax. Although I do agree that she shouldn't take off points for packaging, as she didn't pay for that.

  • Arylmyxes 114
    Arylmyxes 114 2 months ago +8

    Courtney: "You should over-activate them before shipping just in case"
    Also Courtney: "ThEsE sLiMeS aRe OvErAcTiVaTeD"

  • bbubles_13 uwu
    bbubles_13 uwu 2 months ago

    Ur nails are so pretty

  • dogella Ml
    dogella Ml 2 months ago +1

    No offence but it doesn’t really matter about the opinion

  • Cornett judeel
    Cornett judeel 2 months ago

    Hi I love your slime videos. And your slime on your shop

  • Kiqqwaa
    Kiqqwaa 2 months ago

    Omg you really give a 4.5 just because the package broke? Like she tried. Jeez give me a darn break. SOOO ungrateful.

  • SaHarr Curry
    SaHarr Curry 2 months ago

    #buble pop squad

  • Dua Waseem
    Dua Waseem 2 months ago

    Go on Etsy. Type pink lemonade cloud.the first one is from sisterslimeshopp

  • itz me Gwen
    itz me Gwen 2 months ago

    Whos scrolling at the comments while playing the video?😂

  • Stephanie Jones
    Stephanie Jones 2 months ago

    some people don't have the money to have super nice packaging you paid for the slime not what it comes in chill. grow up you expect way to much from these shops, sit down

  • Bloodwumps UwU
    Bloodwumps UwU 2 months ago +2

    I don’t think you realize these are KIDS making these.
    Adults don’t make slime, for the most part.
    They tried to control the fact it broke.
    You called the slime the most important part.
    Please be consistent with what you say, you rated a slime which was worth 5, a 4.5
    - and by the looks of it, the butter slime seemed fine. It might be your personal preference, I would have given it a 3, but you included the package.
    I do suggest you focus on the S L I M E.
    I don’t give a damn if it’s a normal/disappointing package but the slime is the best I’ve ever touched.
    Again, the suggestion to put bubble wrap is the best suggestion you’ve given.
    Focus on the slime, that’s what you paid for.
    I give this video
    A 2 o u t o f 5 .

  • The Tiger
    The Tiger 2 months ago

    Courtney says slime should include borax but her slimes don’t come with borax! ( IDK if she put them in but when I bought from her I didn’t get it)

  • Cosmattack uwu
    Cosmattack uwu 2 months ago

    I only watch these videos to see if anyone gets an infection

  • Denisse Gomez
    Denisse Gomez 2 months ago

    These videos are so addicting LOL. Btw love how you review the slime + the packaging.😌

  • Prince Minnie
    Prince Minnie 2 months ago

    Me: MoCHi
    Her: MoSHi
    Me: theres a difference my cat it named MoCHi

  • Rainbow 86548
    Rainbow 86548 2 months ago

    Stop rating the package it’s annoying 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻X10000000000000000

  • Jay What
    Jay What 2 months ago

    It’s not really fair to the her.. you gave her a 4.5 just because the slime container cracked it’s not her fault it’s the way it was mailed to you! I mean she did her best she put bubble rap so there not much she could’ve done.

  • Charry Ong
    Charry Ong 2 months ago +1

    Why does my hand feel icy hot? 😂