Harry Kane vs Son Heung-min | 'Who Am I?' Tottenham Teammates Quiz

  • Published on Jan 15, 2019
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    Tottenham's Harry Kane and Son Heung-min go head to head in our ultimate teammates quiz! How much do they REALLY know about the rest of the Spurs squad?
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Comments • 1 806

  • Cecilia Muyumya
    Cecilia Muyumya 20 hours ago


  • Adams Tetteh
    Adams Tetteh 2 days ago

    Spurs with the VAR jokes..

  • John_Lock
    John_Lock 3 days ago

    I was checking if there is an English caption because I didn’t understand anything harry Kane says

  • Will Allen
    Will Allen 3 days ago

    Kane talks like he has Southgates schlong in his mouth.

  • Ryan Spurs10
    Ryan Spurs10 3 days ago

    On 0:38 Son just press it first before Kane did!!!

  • Chirag Bakshi
    Chirag Bakshi 4 days ago

    Someone get her number

  • Sanasar Mehrabi
    Sanasar Mehrabi 4 days ago

    kane is speaking english??

  • Yeetus my Meatus
    Yeetus my Meatus 5 days ago

    Son sounds European for somefreason

  • Bro-de Smith
    Bro-de Smith 5 days ago

    0:47 wagwaan am I death?

  • Wanizame
    Wanizame 5 days ago +1

    Love the tight trousers on Laura.

  • Jaydenafc
    Jaydenafc 6 days ago

    I understand son more than kane

  • Tashi Tsephel
    Tashi Tsephel 6 days ago

    Son English better than Kane

  • 28 387
    28 387 6 days ago

    3:47 what did he say?
    I can’t understand;

  • Drizzy HD
    Drizzy HD 6 days ago +1

    Guys what is kane saying i am confused? No literally

  • viggo440
    viggo440 6 days ago

    Not only sucks harry kane’s english, its impossible to understand😑

  • JackHDGamer Jack
    JackHDGamer Jack 7 days ago

    HEUNG MIN SON:surprise pikachu face
    Harry Kane:WHAATHHHH???

  • Naija Pikin
    Naija Pikin 7 days ago

    Am an Arsenal fan and can't believe I am smiling to this!!!

  • Wallace Jennings
    Wallace Jennings 7 days ago +1

    I'm not sure who speaks better english?

  • Jeff Fliper
    Jeff Fliper 8 days ago

    Why does it sound like Kane’s got water in his mouth when he speaks

  • G Linka
    G Linka 9 days ago

    Like watching these videos, but why do they only feature the 'bigger' clubs, it's like a f××k you to the other Premier League sides.

  • MÄTTÖ juusmat
    MÄTTÖ juusmat 9 days ago

    Had to turn subtitles on...

  • Celin Dijon
    Celin Dijon 9 days ago

    Does Harry Kane have a some kind of speech defect or what ??

  • Fernando Mendoza
    Fernando Mendoza 10 days ago

    I could understand Son better than Kane😂

  • somi
    somi 11 days ago

    someone please bring me captions

  • Juanito productions
    Juanito productions 11 days ago +5

    Harry and son are the best players in my opinion

  • خالد الجهني
    خالد الجهني 12 days ago

    whats her name

  • Sebastian JN
    Sebastian JN 12 days ago

    I understand the man who’s second language is English more than the English man

  • Việt Anh Vũ
    Việt Anh Vũ 12 days ago

    I can't see Sons eyes

  • Elias Swift
    Elias Swift 13 days ago

    "I am a notorious diver". Son: "Me". Kane: "No, me!"

  • Peter Do
    Peter Do 14 days ago

    Hahaha “VAR”

  • Jorian Lubbers
    Jorian Lubbers 14 days ago

    I can't understand a word this man is saying 😂😂

  • Ignatius Rocky
    Ignatius Rocky 14 days ago

    0:24 the video started like this hahaha i'm dying

  • Shawn Wellington
    Shawn Wellington 15 days ago +3

    That chick got a pretty great sense of hearing because im still cant understand harry kane words even with headphone

  • Ckbruinfan
    Ckbruinfan 16 days ago

    Harry Kane has either been having a stroke for the last 10 years or a terrible addiction to horse tranquilizers

  • og87
    og87 16 days ago

    The Camera is focused horrendously

  • Asphaltguy
    Asphaltguy 17 days ago

    1:00 “My middle name is Manuel.”
    Son and Kane: wat

  • physicalfitness
    physicalfitness 17 days ago

    Honestly I can’t understand harrry Kane

  • Molly Marshall
    Molly Marshall 18 days ago

    they really like touching each other

  • Xiaolang Tao
    Xiaolang Tao 18 days ago +115

    “I have won 11 trophies.”
    Both players looks stunned AF

  • Juan Siagian
    Juan Siagian 18 days ago

    Kane looks 10 yrs older than Son while in reality Son is a year older than Kane

  • Deathkampdrone
    Deathkampdrone 18 days ago

    can somebody please make a supercut of this, where its just Kane's lazy banter without pause? xD

  • xV3n0m02x
    xV3n0m02x 20 days ago

    I put on subtitles ffs😂😂

  • Samuel Leo
    Samuel Leo 21 day ago

    Jan Bert Vertonghen

  • The Philpotts veiw
    The Philpotts veiw 22 days ago +1

    I'm an arsenal fan

  • Mrskipper303
    Mrskipper303 23 days ago +2

    Harry kane would make a great frankenstein

  • Call Me Kai
    Call Me Kai 24 days ago +1

    Does she have to use translate to understand Kane

  • Burak_
    Burak_ 24 days ago +1

    What is the name of the reporter ?

  • Koljoe
    Koljoe 24 days ago

    harry kane, not able to tie his shoes properly..

  • Zo Zial
    Zo Zial 25 days ago


  • [Rise] vRxge
    [Rise] vRxge 25 days ago

    **thigh slapping intensifies**

  • Lali puna Jayden
    Lali puna Jayden 25 days ago

    kane speakin russian?

  • Jamie E
    Jamie E 25 days ago +2

    Couldn't they have put subtitles up for kane ffs

  • Aman Tukrel
    Aman Tukrel 26 days ago

    1:29: Put on the auto generated subtitles. Fernando Llorente has won *Syria* two times.

  • Aboleo80
    Aboleo80 26 days ago

    Son was only one trying to play for the win on Spurs team during that champions league final. I felt bad for the dude...

  • Vegeta The Prince of Saiyans

    The Korean can speak better English that the english captain himself

  • w windows
    w windows 26 days ago +2

    Sons cheeky little 'VAR' comment😂😂rubbing it in

  • Vuksa
    Vuksa 27 days ago

    Jan Birth Vertonghen

  • Jeremy Cabrera
    Jeremy Cabrera 27 days ago

    What’s the girls name?

  • Sami Kose
    Sami Kose 27 days ago +1

    Son's father: Why did you lose to Harry Kane?
    Son: it's just a game dad relax.
    Son's father: we're gonna train more in this who am I quiz don't worry.

  • Spaaadez Games
    Spaaadez Games 27 days ago

    1:51 i legit knew this so fast lmao