Professor vs Trash Talker 1v1 for $100.. EPIC beach court

  • Published on May 24, 2017
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Comments • 34 891

    KINGS TOWING 37 minutes ago

    Breaking ankles Nd shoulders

  • DOnSteR MaHes
    DOnSteR MaHes Hour ago

    That's Justin Bieber kerchief

  • Jezreel Daniel Vlogs
    Jezreel Daniel Vlogs 2 hours ago

    1:45 exposed ahahaha

  • Elijah Simpson
    Elijah Simpson 3 hours ago

    Your a unbeatable legend

  • MG Panda
    MG Panda 3 hours ago

    Nice intro

  • David Gaugamela
    David Gaugamela 3 hours ago

    YOU the man professor

  • Alex Oliveira
    Alex Oliveira 3 hours ago

    So we are blurring his face or not?

  • Creative Destruction
    Creative Destruction 3 hours ago

    give my little brother a chance hes trying

  • Talavera jr
    Talavera jr 4 hours ago +1

    Professor be like the Eminem of the basketball profession, he be proving stereotypes wrong left aND right.

  • Orfelina Silva
    Orfelina Silva 4 hours ago +1

    Them junkes

  • Mike Redding
    Mike Redding 4 hours ago

    The heckler got broke down !

  • Dave Amog
    Dave Amog 5 hours ago

    Eminem's ballin, really freaking cool.

  • D Storm
    D Storm 6 hours ago +2

    Looks like a rotator cuff strain, not a shoulder socket problem...

  • Darwinian Bonobo
    Darwinian Bonobo 6 hours ago

    With that bandana he looks like he's crippin on the court

  • Lil.hommie _
    Lil.hommie _ 6 hours ago

    Come to Ghana Accra

  • Logan Farner
    Logan Farner 7 hours ago

    Super Mario 2 lol

  • Gravity elite8
    Gravity elite8 8 hours ago +1

    The trash talker was saying watch the hips then the camera man said what the hips though

  • Gacha Jagger
    Gacha Jagger 8 hours ago

    4:52 Thank Me Later

  • The real Jesus
    The real Jesus 11 hours ago

    Do boxing that’s a man sport

  • MaRiNuS ScHuNcK
    MaRiNuS ScHuNcK 11 hours ago

    What a Bitch - talks all that trash . Gets knees broke like 74 times . Losing then fakes a shoulder injury without even touching the ball ? Ahahahahah

  • Benjamin Kyamera
    Benjamin Kyamera 12 hours ago


  • Javon Davis
    Javon Davis 12 hours ago

    He just haven't met Chattanooga ballers

  • David Abraham
    David Abraham 13 hours ago

    Professor sick

  • Mahi K
    Mahi K 14 hours ago

    Pause and go to 1:45 you can clearly see the trash talker’s face

  • Young Prodigy
    Young Prodigy 15 hours ago

    I was just yelling oh shit the whole time.

  • Hayford Brandon
    Hayford Brandon 15 hours ago

    Why was he crawling I thought he said he's gonna lock u up 😂

  • Seven1SixBlock
    Seven1SixBlock 16 hours ago

    Now he wanna bitch and complain his shoulder..... "Oh my shoulder!" FOH!! Anyone ever see that episode of Martin?? Where the women were beating the guys in basketball? They played hurt too... Lol

  • Its Me Dawg
    Its Me Dawg 16 hours ago +1

    When you watch to much kuruko no basket

  • Baines Liu
    Baines Liu 17 hours ago +2

    I like how the editor blur the trash talker when ever he wants to lmao

  • Hamburger
    Hamburger 18 hours ago

    1:44 when you want to keep the guy's identity but failed

  • Jose Lopez
    Jose Lopez 19 hours ago

    Big boi aint stretch

  • Mitchel Asuzu
    Mitchel Asuzu 20 hours ago

    Professer is going easy

  • Atlantic Music
    Atlantic Music 22 hours ago +2

    Yo that dude trash af
    He's like a meatball on the court

  • 4waybutIm3way Peezy
    4waybutIm3way Peezy 23 hours ago +1

    It was nothing wrong with his punk ass 😂😂😂

  • Sweaty Keith
    Sweaty Keith 23 hours ago


  • Christopher DeMatt

    Dude's shoulder was NOT out of the socket. Trust me.

  • mystical phoenix

    Rip ankles

  • Jacobi Edwards2009

    This is what happens when you talk trash in front of professor

  • MrPainfulTruth
    MrPainfulTruth Day ago +1

    Professor needs to hit the weight room he looks like Asparragus

  • Alex•
    Alex• Day ago

    Yo niggas how can I make a half court shot but not even make it up close literally from a 3 pointer

  • xReece2010
    xReece2010 Day ago

    You gotta watch the hips tho!

  • Lennon Roberts
    Lennon Roberts Day ago

    He took his ankles 💀

  • Saniya Makayla Knazze

    He is so good

  • GarnerY- Tv
    GarnerY- Tv Day ago

    U need to stop acting black fr tho

  • Pablo Pulido
    Pablo Pulido Day ago +1

    The scoreboard got lost somewhere w this guys ankles.

  • Pablo Pulido
    Pablo Pulido Day ago

    Professors strengths are his quickness and footwork. To lock him up u need to get close to him. Give him no space to exploit with his speed. Then its aphysical battle. Drop your hips, check his ability to go forward with your shoulder.

  • Jonathan Wimbley

    couldn't watch all the traffic stop travel 😡 sorry but they both trash

  • White owk
    White owk Day ago

    trash talking vainga

  • Concon Gaming
    Concon Gaming Day ago

    That guy just lookin for clout

  • Rusty Shackleford

    Just like a soccer player, the dude faked an injury haha

  • MIhajlo Ratkovic

    This challenger tok a set

  • DreadheadNed Lol

    First time I saw this I thought it meant like a teacher professor 💀

  • Atlantic ASMR
    Atlantic ASMR Day ago

    When you trash talk but get crossed up so bad you walk away from the game with your arm out of place 😂

  • treyla502
    treyla502 Day ago

    Professor vs Jenna Bandy...set it up.

  • treyla502
    treyla502 Day ago

    ankles aint enough. Prof breakin shoulder blades now.

  • Waheeb Nagizaid
    Waheeb Nagizaid Day ago


  • Trevor Deister
    Trevor Deister Day ago

    4:00 that was a travel

  • Timing Music
    Timing Music Day ago

    Dont know what the editor was trying to blurr out

  • SouthSide Chicago

    @6:35 When you're fat, old, and think you can take on a street baller who's half your size and age.

  • William Gullett
    William Gullett Day ago +1

    The professor is a little full of himself with his dribbling. The guy took it away from him a couple times