I Tried The Blender Challenge w/ The Dolan Twins And It Was Gross | Noah Schnapp

  • Published on Jun 11, 2019
  • The Dolan Twins challenged me to the Blender Challenge, AKA worst cooking show on the internet, and it was really gross. Still fun though! Afterwards, I taught them how to be real professional actors!
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  • Noah Schnapp
    Noah Schnapp  8 days ago +18319

    I had a super fun time shooting with the Dolan Twins! Who should I do a video with next?

  • ElizaMay 11104
    ElizaMay 11104 23 hours ago

    Can someone just tell me now, if they throw up, I’m done

  • A .J
    A .J Day ago

    Who is Noah Schnapp?

  • Abba Thomas
    Abba Thomas Day ago

    I didn’t like how you could barley hear them talking because of the music?!

  • Inas Rose
    Inas Rose Day ago

    The music sound is too loud..

  • Hannah Grahn
    Hannah Grahn Day ago +1

    He should do stranger things behind the scenes like if you agree!!!!

  • Leah Swilley
    Leah Swilley Day ago +1

    Callab with Brent Rivera

  • Rebecca Balshaw
    Rebecca Balshaw Day ago

    the music is lowkey annoying its too loud but great vid

  • Cherry blossom 876

    Please please please do a video with Millie❤️ #nillie

  • ikdahlv
    ikdahlv Day ago

    does anyone else just think noah is soo cute?

  • Bianca Furlong-Donaldson

    noah do one with brendon urie

  • Sam and colby for ever Nix

    Brother do a collab with millie

  • Sam B
    Sam B Day ago

    Interesting how actors always have sick quality from the start when they start a youtube channel. (Another example: Shay Mitchell)

  • Myah Baeza
    Myah Baeza Day ago

    Grayson: bro! sour cream and onion crickets
    Ethan: bro I can't have that... I'm Dairy Free

  • Esma Ay
    Esma Ay Day ago

    with zendaya??💖💕💝💞

  • Celso Lopez
    Celso Lopez Day ago


  • abgaddis
    abgaddis Day ago

    Congradulations on you new channel!

  • Mara Ferreira
    Mara Ferreira Day ago

    Eu te amooooo Noaaah

  • Alexa Artin
    Alexa Artin Day ago

    Lol Noah has uploaded only 1 video and already has 249k subs

    LIO SOL Day ago

    Love the vibes✨ Love the vlog🌻

  • art zero penmanship

    hay noah schnapp in strager things season 3 are you going to lock like your old self or the new you

  • Kaleb Estrada
    Kaleb Estrada Day ago

    i like the tøp merch

  • savanah wilson
    savanah wilson Day ago

    Do a video with tana or do one with Emma chamberlain

  • Azaylia Faith
    Azaylia Faith Day ago

    CAUSE IM A TVclipR!!!!

  • Makena Lue
    Makena Lue Day ago +1

    You should collab with Millie Bobby Brown

  • Laurel Lovemark
    Laurel Lovemark Day ago

    I loved your dedication 😂😂😂

  • forgeslade83
    forgeslade83 Day ago

    Noah must be protected at all costs!!

  • Karina Garcia
    Karina Garcia Day ago

    Hey Noah, whenever you collab with TVcliprs or celebrities or anyone in general it is common courtesy to provide a link to all of their social media. Don't forget the Dolan Twins!


    no one:
    absolutely no one:
    ethan: iM dAiRy FrEE

  • Kaila Gutierrez
    Kaila Gutierrez Day ago

    Do a vid with Finn nexttt

  • Breyonna House
    Breyonna House Day ago +1

    Ew why did you drink that that was disgusting

  • Breyonna House
    Breyonna House Day ago +1

    Hi Noah Cameron schnapp I love you and can you please please please please. Come to Laurel Mississippi and do something oh and do the video with mille

  • m i a s i m p s o n

    “it’s fizzing like soda”
    *that’s because it’s soda grayson*

  • Zaira Jane
    Zaira Jane Day ago

    I can now say “I’ve been here since the first video!”

  • Jacey Green
    Jacey Green Day ago

    No one:

    Not a soul

    Ethan: I’m DaRiY fReE

  • Gracie Outlaw
    Gracie Outlaw Day ago

    Do a vid with some of your cast members!!

  • Skye
    Skye Day ago

    Awe Grayson helped Noah open the bottle of liquid smoke without him asking, such a nice person

  • Be Marinho
    Be Marinho Day ago

    we NEED MILLIE ❤️❤️🇧🇷

  • Sienna Mendez
    Sienna Mendez Day ago

    So hi Idk if Noah can see this but like Millie inspired me to start acting so big shout out to Noah and Sadie and Millie , I am going to audition for a show soon any advice for a young actor

  • Jessie Day
    Jessie Day Day ago

    Wow for his first TVclip video this is great 👏🏻

  • Natasha Avery
    Natasha Avery Day ago +1

    Me: *posts first TVclip video and gets 3 views*
    Noah: *posts first TVclip video and gets 1.1 Million views*

  • Mollie Wilkerson

    I love you so much sorry I kinda sound creepy

  • Lillie Singleton

    Do a video with Millie Bobby Brown!!

  • Lillie Singleton

    My three favorite people in one video!

  • venice toledo
    venice toledo Day ago

    this looks like a movie

  • Magda Mani
    Magda Mani Day ago

    perfection in a whole video

    except the drinks that shits nasty

  • Lucero Garza
    Lucero Garza Day ago

    Bearly a minute in
    Ethan : I'm Dairy free

  • Janessa _blessed

    Liked the vid made me laugh😂

  • Gracie Lepin
    Gracie Lepin Day ago

    I'm soo glad you have a youtube account

  • L.Hop
    L.Hop Day ago +3

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    Not a single soul:
    Everyone: *makes comments like these*

  • L.Hop
    L.Hop Day ago +1

    It's goals to have your very first video on your channel a collab with the Dolan twins

  • Piper Sinrod
    Piper Sinrod Day ago


    I am a HUGE fan of you! I watched one episode of stranger things, and i was ADDICTED. 😊 Will is for sure my favorite character even though I love them all. When I found out that you were started a channel, I got so exited! Please make more videos and please reply! I love stranger things and your channel! Its so fun that you got to do videos with the Dolan twins! I found out about your channel from them. luv u!

  • VictoriaRosë
    VictoriaRosë Day ago

    Film with Emma chamberlain ( see how long she can go without cursing haha lmao ) Liza Koshy , or millie

  • Javiera Gonzalez

    i love you noah i from chile and i went to see you at the comicon and i took a picture with you , chile you love noah like me to you

  • Amaia Murat
    Amaia Murat Day ago

    “Oh no I can’t eat that I’m dairy free” Ethan’s ultimate excuse

  • hannah prather
    hannah prather Day ago

    Anyone else only notice the music through this whole video

  • ASMR Review
    ASMR Review Day ago

    hahah did noah just create a youtube account because he helped them on their channel

  • Lillian Ruwet
    Lillian Ruwet Day ago

    what made you want to do you tube?

  • Rilee mccallister The die

    When are you posting another video??

  • Stephanie Libby
    Stephanie Libby Day ago

    “ it’s good, it’s fresh, it’s like nature”😂

  • Michelle Harris
    Michelle Harris Day ago

    James Charles: BeCaUsE iM a CeLeBrItY
    Noah Schnapp: BeCaUsE iM a YoUtUbEr

  • Mia Erin
    Mia Erin Day ago +1

    He’s only had a channel for a week and he’s gained 246+ K subs🤩😚

  • Cheyenne Burr
    Cheyenne Burr Day ago

    I love u and your acting sooooo much Noah💙

  • Macy Wilson
    Macy Wilson Day ago +1

    Literally nobody:
    Actually nobody in the world:
    Ethan: I can't have that I'm dairy free.

  • twinkstan
    twinkstan Day ago

    did you even edit this yourself?

  • Meeping Boii
    Meeping Boii Day ago

    LIZA KOSHY!!!!!!!!!

  • lovelydreams
    lovelydreams Day ago


  • Layan Alghamdi
    Layan Alghamdi Day ago

    Noah and Millie or finn

  • Stella Arena
    Stella Arena Day ago +1

    This sets a very high standard for a first youtube video

  • Danielle Jackson
    Danielle Jackson Day ago +2

    Noah looks like a 3rd Dolan sibling

    • Laura Hopper
      Laura Hopper Day ago

      because he's so gorgeous-
      i mean.. what???

  • Miranda Vallejo
    Miranda Vallejo Day ago

    Emma Chamberlain ❤️💯🥀

  • you ya
    you ya Day ago +1

    beep beEep 😂

  • Yemmø Banditø
    Yemmø Banditø Day ago

    Omg wait is Noah wearing a goner hoodie?!?! (Sry I really like twenty øne piløts and that hoodie has goner birds on it if I'm wrong just ignore me)

  • Alexandra Pitman

    i love the editingg

  • Kat Bland
    Kat Bland Day ago

    Here from the Dolan Twins video. I love Stranger Things and it was really awesome to see you on a TVclip video. Gained a Sub from me!!

  • nina Bustillo
    nina Bustillo Day ago

    ᴇᴛʜᴀɴ: ᴡʜʏ ᴅɪᴅ ʏᴏᴜ ᴅᴏ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ᴛᴏ ʏᴏᴜʀ sᴇʟғ 😨
    ɴᴏᴀʜ: CAUSE IM A TVclipR 🤣🤣😂👑👌💝

    ᴍᴇ: ɴᴏᴀʜ ɪs ᴀ sᴀᴠᴀɢᴇ 😱💘

  • SennaVLOGS
    SennaVLOGS Day ago +1


  • Daniel Paul
    Daniel Paul Day ago

    ok this is def not gonna be seen, but Noah, what’s your opinion on Peyton Wich? he’s a good friend of mine but i’ve never actually seen if he really is a good actor!

  • Paris Saekan
    Paris Saekan Day ago

    Love you guys💕

  • Paris Saekan
    Paris Saekan Day ago

    Love you guys💕

  • Paris Saekan
    Paris Saekan Day ago


  • Hannah Brooks
    Hannah Brooks Day ago

    bEcAuSe Im A yOuTuBeR
    i love you noah!

  • Obsessed Stranger Things Fan



  • Kate Lisi
    Kate Lisi Day ago

    This was such a good video!! I really enjoyed this!

  • Zoeknappert Knappert

    Anyone else think the music is way to loud.

  • salty kermit
    salty kermit Day ago

    Noah DEFINITELY has what it takes to be a youtuber lol

  • Blaze Thaø
    Blaze Thaø Day ago +1

    Why is the camera better than my eye sight tho?

  • To My Future Self
    To My Future Self Day ago +1

    Hey Noah!!!! When this popped up on my recommendations, I literally almost stopped breathing I was so excited! This video was so funny, and it made me laugh so hard! I think it's so cool that you get to collaborate with so many people like this! I think you should do a video with Liza, Emma, or someone else, it doesn't matter who, I don't care! Hahah! Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for being such a inspiration to me, and to so many. You make me laugh, smile, and cry when I feel like I can't. I love you literally so much, and can't wait to meet you at Stranger Con in November! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Jule Aoi
    Jule Aoi Day ago

    OMG AMAZING 😂😂😂🔥💞 жду следующее видео )))

  • Malakai Waldrobe
    Malakai Waldrobe Day ago +1

    Do a cooking with Liza #lysm 💜

  • n b
    n b Day ago +1

    No one :
    Literally no one:

    I'm dairy free

  • Kat Duds
    Kat Duds Day ago

    when ethan got the banana i was like “you’re such a lucky boy”
    like if you’re a true fan and you get this😂💞

  • ruby x
    ruby x Day ago

    Since when the hell is Noah a TVclipd

  • Katelynn Barnes
    Katelynn Barnes Day ago

    I love Noah...He is Amazinggggg

  • Never Back Down
    Never Back Down Day ago

    I love that you spat in yours and then mixed it with the others

  • Samantha Flores B

    Was Noah on Liza on demand the first episode or second?

  • Asummermisty
    Asummermisty Day ago

    I love you

  • Roviellene Soriano

    this is super chaotic omg i love it😂❤️

  • bailey s
    bailey s Day ago +1

    so no ones gonna say that noah literally has the best first video ever

  • Mia Monae
    Mia Monae Day ago

    Such a good video omg😂 Love this cute trio!! 💖
    So excited for season 3 of Stranger things