Most common idioms in russian language

  • Published on Nov 20, 2017
  • In this video you are going to learn most common idioms in russian language
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  • Eduardo Escota
    Eduardo Escota Month ago +1

    I understood almost everything. Thank you for making this, it´s a great video :)

  • elias eliasi
    elias eliasi Year ago +1

    я с канала вашей подруги суда пришел и подписался, вы тоже хороший преподаватель..
    удачи вам в преподавание русского языка и нам в изучение его (:
    with best wishes.

    • Make it easy with LILU
      Make it easy with LILU  Year ago

      elias eliasi спасибо за просмотр🤗 удачи в изучении русского языка 😉

  • Maires A.
    Maires A. Year ago +1

    you should put subtitles in English too...because subtitles in Russian go so fast for beginning and intermediate levels...

  • 陈胜龙
    陈胜龙 Year ago +1

    Оч приятно что я все понял , видио супер , большое спасибо, и это нам полезно !

    • Make it easy with LILU
      Make it easy with LILU  Year ago

      陈胜龙 и вам спасибо за приятный комментарий😊

  • Simon Tolson
    Simon Tolson Year ago

    Did not understand anything, way too fast and hard plus the subtitles did not work!

    • Make it easy with LILU
      Make it easy with LILU  Year ago +1

      Yep, I added Russian subtitles, for improving your listening skills, not english

    • Vikingsintheroad
      Vikingsintheroad Year ago

      example: premium or choose worship so address the delicious monkeys Lana doesn't yet.
      I highly doubt that is whats being translated. That's not even a sentence lol.

    • Vikingsintheroad
      Vikingsintheroad Year ago +1

      I think he means the subtitles for english don't work. Since they are auto generated, it takes your russian language and makes it close to what the words SOUNDS like, not what the word actually means when translated into english.

    • Make it easy with LILU
      Make it easy with LILU  Year ago

      Simon Tolson it's for intermediate level) and turn on the subtitles next time