Desperate Escape | Boeing 777 Crash in Dubai | Emirates Airlines Flight 521 | 4K

  • Published on Jun 15, 2018
  • Find out why this Emirates Airlines Boeing 777 crashed in an attempt to land at Dubai Airport.
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  • Travelling and Gaming With Wahab & Hareem

    On that day 3rd August 2016 my emirates my flight from dammam to london via dubai was cancelled because of this accident.... after 1 hour of delay we reached dubai airspace then waited another hour to land and we saw that plane with our eyes when we were going to london the plane was near taxing to runway it was whole black and it was scary

  • Ziarmal Prince
    Ziarmal Prince 2 days ago


  • thatkiddiasim
    thatkiddiasim 2 days ago

    Watches a Emirates video

    *Emirates ads shows up*

  • raja pamungkas129
    raja pamungkas129 3 days ago

    Ugh I'm sorry to bother but I will let it happen again for your birthday is coming over to her

  • aafaq khan
    aafaq khan 3 days ago

    Emirates is the best airline all over the world.

  • avia dean
    avia dean 3 days ago +1

    Honestly Emirates has the best skilled pilots

  • K Family
    K Family 5 days ago

    So glad no one died.

  • shafaq arif
    shafaq arif 6 days ago


  • shafaq arif
    shafaq arif 6 days ago


  • Nicole Jessica
    Nicole Jessica 6 days ago +3

    Why no mention of the firefighter who was killed?

  • Kobe Beef
    Kobe Beef 6 days ago

    Boeing is stupid, emirates should get an A350-1000 instead.

    • Kobe Beef
      Kobe Beef Day ago

      When did I say that they had to land without gear?

    • Kokila Gunasinghe
      Kokila Gunasinghe 6 days ago

      Kobe Beef So trying to land an A350 without landing gear would end differently you think?

  • shafaq arif
    shafaq arif 7 days ago +1

    Posture brace

  • shafaq arif
    shafaq arif 7 days ago

    Eminem's crash

  • Andrew LFN
    Andrew LFN 7 days ago +1

    Love ❤️ those magic words “EVERYONE SURVIVES”

  • shafaq arif
    shafaq arif 7 days ago


  • shafaq arif
    shafaq arif 7 days ago

    Lo jjjjjiii

  • shafaq arif
    shafaq arif 7 days ago

    plain crash

  • shafaq arif
    shafaq arif 7 days ago +1

    Fly Bad

  • Bauman
    Bauman 7 days ago +3

    Am I the only crazy person googling imagines of these accidents after I watched the video? 😖

  • 80s Music
    80s Music 8 days ago

    2:12 looks like it is flying away from Dubai not approaching !

  • Советский Союз

    Is this the First Emirates Crash?

  • Stephanie Smith
    Stephanie Smith 11 days ago

    I’m confused-why didn’t the flight crew see that the wheels retracted when they aborted the first attempt at landing? They landed thinking they still had gear down? Someone plz explain?!! Ty

  • Robert LaRoque
    Robert LaRoque 13 days ago

    Excellent work by TFC again.

  • Diren B
    Diren B 14 days ago

    Boeing sucks! Why does everyone protect vested interests?

  • CMDRFandragon
    CMDRFandragon 15 days ago

    TOGA...but forget to power the engines up...oooops

  • Elias Ziad
    Elias Ziad 16 days ago

    hahahahha stupid uae dick heads

    FORTNITE GAMER 17 days ago

    fake my cuzun was on that flight and he's a live

  • Liviu F
    Liviu F 18 days ago


  • Rayyan Kakar
    Rayyan Kakar 20 days ago

    This is a game

  • حمدHAMD88 حسام
    حمدHAMD88 حسام 20 days ago


  • Rhyen Wilson
    Rhyen Wilson 22 days ago

    The comment below me does not relate to the following video.

  • Rana Ayyan
    Rana Ayyan 23 days ago

    Joth na bola karo

  • Srinivas Reddy Marella

    MCLain Simpson U better not use such kind of words in the replies ok I don’t want to say the word but I have too ..... Do not say FUCK !!!! 😷😷😷

    • Srinivas Reddy Marella
      Srinivas Reddy Marella 26 days ago +1

      If it repeats I’m gonna report Abuse to the TVclip management ... McLain Simpson !!!

  • Sypher Zest
    Sypher Zest 27 days ago

    Bismila alrahman alraheem

  • Akshay Dwarakanath
    Akshay Dwarakanath 27 days ago


  • Chris 777
    Chris 777 28 days ago +2

    Now is 2019, did you get final/complete report?

  • icy’s wrld.
    icy’s wrld. 28 days ago +2

    My dad flies the emirates 777 😳

  • Sheyn Berkin
    Sheyn Berkin 29 days ago +1

    We can’t say that every air plane is 100% safe plus it depends on every situation and the pilot itself who is driving the plane.

  • Ballistic Gaming
    Ballistic Gaming 29 days ago

    Pay Respects for The Firefighter That Died in the Horrifying Incident

    1 like = 1 Sorry to the Firefighters family

  • Tia Loseth
    Tia Loseth 29 days ago +2

    I’ve been on emirates 2 times and so far I haven’t experienced anything dangerous or bad. Aside from this “crash” Emirates is a very safe airline

  • Farhan Omar
    Farhan Omar Month ago

    Its a game video making fool

    MUHAMMAD ABDULLAH Month ago +1

    3 rd August is my birthday

  • M4T4S
    M4T4S Month ago

    But this plane didnt even had to go around it is nice

  • Sugith Kumar Thangamariappan

    It was a third crash of this plane. Trust me I saw it on Wikipedia.

  • Haseeb Aqeel
    Haseeb Aqeel Month ago

    I mean Qatar airways is better than emirates

  • supernovasuper Plays
    supernovasuper Plays Month ago +6

    Pilots: **take gear up before landing**
    Life: *am I a joke to you?*

  • theNCTzen
    theNCTzen Month ago

    Thiruvananthapuram? Woah, that's a district of Kerala (my birthplace) and I wasn't aware of this

    • Asif Ahmed
      Asif Ahmed 8 days ago

      All keralites, try to show their smartness to the world but they dont realise that they look so cheap and dumb ass people and they think themselves that they are the only smart people. I hate them all cheap bustards.

    • Asif Ahmed
      Asif Ahmed 8 days ago

      All keralites, look so cheap dumb ass people when they try to show themselves, that they are the only smart ones. Bustards I hate them all.

  • IanInVan
    IanInVan Month ago

    Assumption #1: I'm probably an idiot passenger who doesn't understand aircraft management;
    Assumption #2: these pilots are extraordinary idiots;
    Assumption #3: having watched 100's of these videos, the computers are NEVER wrong;
    Question #1: why are humans on the flight deck?

  • Graham kingston
    Graham kingston Month ago

    Unreal airplane

  • Extinction
    Extinction Month ago +1

    Pilots were to blame! These pilots sounded like amateurs. Does Emirates not train them properly?

    • joon makes it right
      joon makes it right Day ago

      Extinction uhm im pretty sure they cant control the wind knots and the speed rate of which the plane sinks and the landing gear comes down ??

  • Archie the Aussie
    Archie the Aussie Month ago

    that’s my country

  • Aaron Thomas
    Aaron Thomas Month ago

    But what I don't understand is, ok I understand that you need speed so you put your gear up but come on, you should only put your gear up if you have a positive rate which clearly they did not. They should have kept the gear down and tried instead

  • Martino Tuso
    Martino Tuso Month ago +1

    Emirates is safe, they always have quick rescue...

  • Victor Victor
    Victor Victor Month ago

    Those Planes Should Have After Burners In Case of an Emergency .

    • M
      M 23 hours ago

      Victor Victor wrong type of engine

  • Meesie Gamer
    Meesie Gamer Month ago

    Emirates is the most safe aircraft ever

  • GaMeRGuY 1638
    GaMeRGuY 1638 Month ago +1

    How stupid was the pilot?
    He could've just land the front gear.

  • estoniahuman
    estoniahuman Month ago

    It did not even touch the ground when it crashed

    ANIMATO STICK Month ago

    what kind of game is this I will download it

  • Super DuperVideos
    Super DuperVideos Month ago +24

    Me landing in infinite flight all the time

    RIP fireman
    Stay safe everyone🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • lol Gamerz
    lol Gamerz Month ago

    OMG Thiruvantampuram, Kerala.. I'm in the the next state Tamilnadu