I Tried The Fanciest McDonald's In The World


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  • goldiiil0x
    goldiiil0x 2 days ago

    My McDonald’s has hard fries and sprite that tastes like static

  • Long Kiu Tse
    Long Kiu Tse 3 days ago

    I am so proud of my home--HK

  • Laraib Zahra
    Laraib Zahra 9 days ago

    H..ho-w....b-but..did u just eat that food!?

  • Stunting
    Stunting 9 days ago

    Where is this McDonalds in China?

  • Salty B0i
    Salty B0i 10 days ago +1

    This video remind me the "black guy tries asian kfc"

  • Jordan Espinoza
    Jordan Espinoza 20 days ago

    You make me want to move :D

  • Jon Wick
    Jon Wick 23 days ago

    Plot twist:...oh never mind.

  • Potato Potato Potato! ._.

    When I go to nd dkanldd my order is 2 ice coffees and 2 large fries legit k never eat anything else lol

  • Harry Sanjaya
    Harry Sanjaya 26 days ago

    Sensor porn???? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. No no no

  • jimmy savile
    jimmy savile 27 days ago +1

    Why does she talk like a hentai charachter

  • Wendys
    Wendys Month ago

    Is the beef still frozen

  • Lps Candlespree
    Lps Candlespree Month ago

    Did you order everything off the menu?

  • girlsrockurboyz
    girlsrockurboyz Month ago

    beautiful asian women can eat like well, alot!! your english is spoken better than most americans. oh and the food looked amazing.

  • Jayden Allen
    Jayden Allen Month ago

    Y Japanese people always have to one up everything it's just too much effort

  • Master Blaster
    Master Blaster Month ago

    McDonalds is a PriceTag

  • Anna
    Anna Month ago

    Clearly you haven't seen it at noon---where students and manyyyyyy people basically fill up the space

  • vipul vivart
    vipul vivart 2 months ago

    She got some crazy appetite.

  • vanessa Lin
    vanessa Lin 2 months ago

    Does anyone know the name of the classical, ballroom track that was playing in the video?

  • Chris Angelo Demetrio
    Chris Angelo Demetrio 2 months ago

    The Ice cream machine is broken again!

  • kalani Athapaththu
    kalani Athapaththu 2 months ago


  • Mega Bucks
    Mega Bucks 2 months ago

    damn should go to hk to eat that next time

  • Renato Rivera
    Renato Rivera 2 months ago

    so mcdonalds broke the paradigm by implementing self-service and the speedy service in the 70s and now that is adding waiters and making people wait 10 mins, they are amazing? the change is cool, but innovative? not every change is innovation, they are just modifications or adaptations i fink.

  • Harmony Galaxy
    Harmony Galaxy 2 months ago

    Don’t people go to Hong Kong and eat authentic Chinese food? Why tf are people eating at Maccas?! Or eat some egg puffs, highly recommend them

  • Josh Lincoln
    Josh Lincoln 2 months ago

    4:15 "you can actually see the meat...in there"
    I would hope so

    GULNASMOSH 2 months ago

    I’ve been there before and it’s AMAZING

  • Jonathan cc
    Jonathan cc 2 months ago

    meanwhile im a chinese that have lived in hong kong my whole life and i dont even know the existence of this, what am i doing with my life

  • Gabby Kim
    Gabby Kim 2 months ago +17

    "Where do you work?"
    "I thought you were a five star chef"
    "I am a five star chef "

  • Adam Chambers
    Adam Chambers 2 months ago

    Concerned Citizens Join US:
    Myself and many others will now be boycotting McDonalds due to its blatant advertising/propagation of the homosexual lifestyle.

    This is an issue that should be neither denounced nor propagated in the media--and a burger fast food restaurant certainly does not have the place and/or authority to take sides on this (or any) sociopolitical issue.

    Sell your burgers and let people live their own lives--gay or straight, etc. We do not want our children being brainwashed by what you perceive as a just lifestyle.

  • D R I P C I T Y
    D R I P C I T Y 2 months ago +3

    Bet the ice cream Machine still broken

  • Jowe fire
    Jowe fire 2 months ago

    My McDonald's here's a chicken burger that's dry so we put a mountain of mayo so much that breading soggy.

  • artastic galaxy
    artastic galaxy 2 months ago

    My local McDonald's is just like this except It doesn't have the charger

  • Player Guides
    Player Guides 2 months ago

    I never knew trash could be so fancy...

  • sabine sabine
    sabine sabine 3 months ago

    over 200 dollars ?? you will NEVER order this again so stop lying 😂

  • Aviation Tim
    Aviation Tim 3 months ago

    *sponsored by Mc Donald’s*

  • Ivan Bartimeus
    Ivan Bartimeus 3 months ago

    Focusing to the girl, 😁she beautiful

  • Keith C
    Keith C 3 months ago

    5:10 soos

  • Mary Ann dela Cruz
    Mary Ann dela Cruz 3 months ago

    I have been there on my lay over.. But still i ordered the value meals 😂😂😂

  • xbnxlol123
    xbnxlol123 3 months ago +2

    3:18 Penelope from Wreck it Ralph?

  • p.s.
    p.s. 3 months ago

    The bottle of perrier whas 25 dollar ???

  • bryan lester aviso
    bryan lester aviso 3 months ago

    Its so goooooooood!
    (Imitates Inga's cartoonish voice)

  • Dr Cake
    Dr Cake 3 months ago

    :( never got to meet you I wanted your autograph

  • &&&
    &&& 3 months ago

    Sorry McDonald's can't be fancy

  • Micheal Barnes
    Micheal Barnes 3 months ago

    Omg I'm in love
    I could watch this beautiful lady all day! 😍💖💓💟

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    Hong Kong is so lucky

  • Wong Kobe
    Wong Kobe 3 months ago

    I would gladly become bankrupt here

  • Lau ZK
    Lau ZK 3 months ago


  • leilazakkk.
    leilazakkk. 3 months ago

    ayy ive been theree. its in admiralty hk island

  • odelia koh
    odelia koh 3 months ago

    singapore also has this

  • Jimmy rui
    Jimmy rui 3 months ago

    crazy,how could you eat so many foods