that time in Afghanistan

  • Published on Jan 30, 2016
    Song mixed by Jeff kaale :

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  • TwoPancakes YT
    TwoPancakes YT 10 days ago

    It’s weird this video made me order pizza bcuz of the start
    I mean, a vlog encouraged me to buy a pizza

  • Vinnie J
    Vinnie J 22 days ago

    Becuase it's fun is the most valid reason to start anything in life!

  • Danneh ,
    Danneh , Month ago

    Casey: *COME ON LET'S GO*
    Jimmy: *LET'S GO!*
    Jimmy: where are we going?
    Casey: i don't know.

  • Milwaukee Phil
    Milwaukee Phil Month ago

    Casey you didnt experience afghanistan you seem to scared ...

  • A Bizu
    A Bizu Month ago

    Thank you for a great video.

  • Kevin Reyes & Orlando Reyes -ROBLOX And More!

    0:14 looks like Jim bridger power plant

  • Kristy Blair
    Kristy Blair Month ago +1

    He hates friday😤😣😣😵😵

  • TheYoutubeGuy
    TheYoutubeGuy Month ago

    America is the shitest football team (no offense)

  • Zak Kadmiri
    Zak Kadmiri Month ago

    Fuck you roger for your service and involvement in murder and destruction of a once prosperous nation!!

  • Derek Jonez
    Derek Jonez Month ago

    Air Power AEF!

  • Mietn
    Mietn Month ago

    i wish friday was my least favorite day

  • Chad Blankenship
    Chad Blankenship Month ago

    Afghanistan is a very special place with lifelong extreme effects from it. I served during the surge in 08-09 in NE Afghanistan in and all around Jbad and Nuristan\Kunar Province. I was there during the Outpost days.

  • Shoaib Hanifi
    Shoaib Hanifi 2 months ago

    anyone from Afghanistan here ?

  • Escape Adventures
    Escape Adventures 2 months ago

    Roger, thank you for your service! Casey, killer video my friend!

  • Jay Weber
    Jay Weber 3 months ago

    2:33 is that Matt Best in the photo on the right?

  • Edward Cardona
    Edward Cardona 3 months ago

    My mom is in the Air Force and she got attacked by the taliban in afganistan

  • shane xoan
    shane xoan 3 months ago

    Oh my god jimmy has now 125000 subscribers

  • NoPS
    NoPS 3 months ago

    Guy 1: I see some activity west Roger
    Roger: what?
    Guy 2: Roger that
    Roger: what's that

  • Richie Rich
    Richie Rich 3 months ago

    Tattoos 👍

  • X-ision™
    X-ision™ 4 months ago

    I live in Cape Town and I love your yellow "Caprice, Camps Bay" hat. A little bite from home

  • Milan Bosma
    Milan Bosma 4 months ago

    Roger, Roger

  • Robert Passarelli
    Robert Passarelli 4 months ago

    Now you know the feeling that we have for our fellow brothers and sisters that we as veterans have with those that we served with, the bond that you forge through war and service will never be surpassed and broken, we are family...

  • Siro Stauffer a Swiss Patriot

    I dont want to be unfair or want to offend you but are you really a vet?

  • Wade T.
    Wade T. 4 months ago +1

    First off bullet proof vests are useless same with helmets they don’t work

  • Thee one and only Fuccboicion

    Thank you for your service roger

  • vatshal1003
    vatshal1003 4 months ago

    Anyone else notice the title rhymes ??

  • Poots MuhGoots
    Poots MuhGoots 4 months ago

    Thank you for your service, Roger.

  • scott douglas
    scott douglas 5 months ago

    Here We Go......Casey.......You Rock

  • joseph millett
    joseph millett 5 months ago

    Served for a lie?

  • Will Storts
    Will Storts 5 months ago

    Just so you all know: Rager was a PJ (Paramedic Jumper), witch is a Air Force Spec Ops job. The main job of a PJ is to go into enemy territory and rescue downed NATO forces. But, they can also be individually assigned to a Spec Ops team from other U.S. branches as team medics (75th Rangers, Green Berets, Navy SEALs, etc). They are the best type of medic in the U.S. military. They have very similar training to that of a Navy SEAL, as far as the level of difficulty and drop out rate of 90% ("drop out" rate is the ratio of people that quit in every class). Needles to say they are some of the best in the U.S. military.

  • Will Storts
    Will Storts 5 months ago

    Roger was a PJ? Hooah Airman!

  • InSane Kid
    InSane Kid 5 months ago

    He was a pj

  • EricTheBoringOne
    EricTheBoringOne 5 months ago

    I deployed to Afghanistan.

  • John Wayne
    John Wayne 5 months ago

    2018- Roger, thank you sincerely for your service. You’ve most likely saved many lives.

  • Team Lasalle Fan's the best

    Your baby is soooo cute

  • denmark39
    denmark39 6 months ago

    I love Fridays

  • Elyssa
    Elyssa 6 months ago

    unpopular opinion: that card "prank" is homophobic and not funny at all.

  • nikita pawar
    nikita pawar 6 months ago

    Thanks roger for your service.

  • SAJJAD Vlogs
    SAJJAD Vlogs 6 months ago

    bazooka and stuff

  • Chulis Chulis
    Chulis Chulis 6 months ago

    Did he fight isis or al-qaeda or just a normal war?

  • Unusual Army
    Unusual Army 6 months ago

    Who else has been watching a video of this random guy giving free pizza in casey neistat video !! Then i saw pizza on this oen 🤤

  • Foster Schlienz
    Foster Schlienz 7 months ago

    man I still love coming back and watching old Casey videos - I mean he's still really inspiring but there was something about his "new" daily filmmaking that had so much fire to it. Like it was a non-stop rollercoaster of learning and pushing the frontier of filmmaking.

  • Apple  News
    Apple News 7 months ago

    Hi bro i am from Afghanistan You come here again please

  • Kezz mezz
    Kezz mezz 7 months ago +3

    Roger has definitely seen some shit

  • Will
    Will 7 months ago +2

    Haha the ending...

  • Sukrat Vlogs
    Sukrat Vlogs 7 months ago

    your lil baby is very cute

  • Dayton Eckert
    Dayton Eckert 7 months ago

    I love friday

  • Groundbreak Games
    Groundbreak Games 7 months ago

    As a vet, I'd really love to see this finished movie. Does anyone know if he ever released it? I'm just now finding Casey so I'm a bit out of the loop.

  • Possibly_A_White_Van
    Possibly_A_White_Van 7 months ago

    Francine doesn’t seem to happy with your lifestyle... it’s something I noticed a while ago, but she seems kinda put down by it...

  • Operator Ben Me
    Operator Ben Me 8 months ago

    You met jmmy settle to a nother pj also listen to jimmy settels book never quit he has the story of when casey nistat was there and roger getting tatoed

  • reaper_zero
    reaper_zero 8 months ago


  • LokesH
    LokesH 8 months ago

    Did he lose his arm in war?

  • ethancapesauto
    ethancapesauto 9 months ago

    How do u do ur hair

  • ...
    ... 9 months ago

    see my channel for Afghanistan tour.

    THE DAF FAMILY 9 months ago

    that pizza look delicious

  • Aditya Mardi
    Aditya Mardi 9 months ago

    Oh god u r still surviving

  • Ryan Jones
    Ryan Jones 10 months ago

    I was in country back then, I think I heard about this.

  • hiasfq
    hiasfq 10 months ago +1

    War is terrible. There never is a good and a bad side.

  • Liam Gallagher
    Liam Gallagher 10 months ago +1

    Casey, it's called a Flak Jacket, not a bullet proof vest.

  • Bomptonblud !?
    Bomptonblud !? 10 months ago

    the way he talks to the camera gives the vibe of “i’m better than most” granted he has experience in many places and many things but not enough. if i ever saw casey on the streets i wouldn’t even go up to him. just to save myself some embarrassment from a guy who thinks he’s better than the people around him.

  • H23 GAMES
    H23 GAMES 10 months ago +1

    I from Afghanistan

  • A L I E N Salvation
    A L I E N Salvation 10 months ago

    beautiful story. thanks for sharing.

  • Natefisher
    Natefisher 10 months ago

    Come on, gaaAahhh

  • Frosty Boi
    Frosty Boi 11 months ago

    Roger:Follow me
    Guy1:Roger Roger

  • Hash 007
    Hash 007 11 months ago +29

    Anyone from Afghanistan 🇦🇫

  • StanleyTheGamer
    StanleyTheGamer Year ago +1

    Francine is so cute!

  • Parker Libby
    Parker Libby Year ago

    Roger is fucking huge. He looked like a total badass giant with all his gear on.

  • farjam gaming
    farjam gaming Year ago


  • B Adventures Travel Vlogs

    Cool story and friend.

  • Turtlenugget
    Turtlenugget Year ago

    watching in 2017

  • Charlena Dwyer
    Charlena Dwyer Year ago

    Thank you Casey

  • kennedy hime
    kennedy hime Year ago


  • john smith
    john smith Year ago

    I always hate it when people think spec ops is all navy seals or army rangers......everyone seems to put aside the fact that airforce has spec ops .....who do u think saved mark walhburg in Lone Survivor? CSAR.....I was at Hurlburt Field for 7 yrs and deployed many times... it’s just nice to see this as a veteran.

  • JacobW
    JacobW Year ago

    My Dad fought in Afghanistan and got shot!(He survived though)

  • Ashy Zee
    Ashy Zee Year ago


  • Carson Thacker
    Carson Thacker Year ago

    "Where we goin'? I don't know.."

  • E. Vasquez
    E. Vasquez Year ago

    You're such a bad ass, Jack of all trades.

  • Khoi Nguyen Nguyen


  • haltorne.mp4
    haltorne.mp4 Year ago

    special forces is only army, its spec ops for other branches

  • IdentificationError
    IdentificationError Year ago +2

    He looks like Gideon from AW.

  • Ben Paka
    Ben Paka Year ago

    I may not agree with you Casey all the time, I respect you and thank you for this video. I want to be a pj

  • Travis King
    Travis King Year ago

    Pjs all the way also rangers lead the way

  • BazTV
    BazTV Year ago +1

    Fuck roger

  • Don't read my profile Picture

    I am from Afghanistan

  • no 1971
    no 1971 Year ago


  • M CAT
    M CAT Year ago

    Large rubber ball placed into a very large open net, ok, lets pass on that..Very nice of them to do that for the soldiers..I hope Roger is doing well...

  • Gmail Account
    Gmail Account Year ago

    Hijackers were mostly saoudies not afghans. The soldiers in this video are war criminals. And if not, they are really very stupid ignorant rednecks. All they did was protecting americas heroin trade.

  • Gage Davidson
    Gage Davidson Year ago

    Damn, Roger Sparks, you are one hell of an amazing man! Same goes for the men you saved whom passed in your arms, you did everything you possibly could. You sure as hell deserved the silver star for that amazing performance, thank you for serving our country, you and every other person that has served are the reason I feel safe in my country.

  • x_marcus10Gaming
    x_marcus10Gaming Year ago

    You go to war?

  • Traveling Chopsticks: Life is yummy.

    Thanks for sharing a small part of his story.

  • RK800 Prototype #1000


  • Juan Cruz
    Juan Cruz Year ago

    I'm so happy I came across this page. You are a huge inspiration to me and I was wondering about joining the army? Would you recommend?

  • Daffy Bigbear
    Daffy Bigbear Year ago

    Roger is NOT special forces LOL no disrespect intended , i served 25 years , most of that time in the Ranger battalions . but we call Pararescue guys Shake and bakes, because they get assigned to Special operation command and its like a short cut into spec ops without having the intense special operations training. but as far as special forces no lol

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  • creme shaver
    creme shaver Year ago

    This guy was a soccer player. And wants to be a TVclip. They should be more likely to conquer the world

  • Russian boy
    Russian boy Year ago

    I just subscribed

  • Communist Hacker Boi

    There is an interesting thing Casey doesn't know that a uh60 Blackhawk is a transport helicopter not an attack helicopter.

  • Hamza Mohmand
    Hamza Mohmand Year ago

    Who is from Afghanistan? I Am.

  • Rayan Issa
    Rayan Issa Year ago

    what do yo work casey?

  • Philip Iven
    Philip Iven Year ago

    Casey, that wasn't the first vlog I have immediately re-watched, because all your vlogs and videos are super interesting and very good made! Thank you!