I Tried Magnetic Eyelashes

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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  8 months ago +1938

    hey loves! so sorry for the lateness of this upload - i thought i would be able to get way more editing done at playlist live than i was actually able to! lots of videos coming this week - hope u enjoy this one and sit tight for more!!! im going for some ~may madness~, hoping to edit like the wind and post clear pants on tuesday! LOVE U ALL!

    • Adrianna Fulbright
      Adrianna Fulbright 23 days ago

      The best thing to do with the lashes not looking flush is to bend the lash on your finger before putting it on- this is something people usually do with falsies but you obviously wouldn’t know that if you don’t wear lashes a lot ☺️

    • FIRE FIT
      FIRE FIT 2 months ago

      I found a very perfect magnetic eyelashes! And very cheap! ! a.co/fVD4jon

    • Dannie-Marie Baldassi
      Dannie-Marie Baldassi 2 months ago

      Lol love ur vids Safiya! Have a nice day!

    • rexxed757
      rexxed757 2 months ago

      try link neals version of magnetic lashes it was in an episode of gmm

    • Andrea Gagnon
      Andrea Gagnon 3 months ago

      Safiya Nygaard i

  • Verity Elizabeth
    Verity Elizabeth Hour ago


  • Shelly Buringa
    Shelly Buringa 11 hours ago

    You make the cutest mad faces ever!!

  • lamexicana32
    lamexicana32 21 hour ago

    This was entertaining! LOL... thanks for sharing, it was a lot of help to see it in action with someone put them on & wear them, who isn't trying to "sell" them.

  • Barbara Vance
    Barbara Vance 2 days ago

    Thanks so much for this video! I've been looking at them for a good long while. I think they would be better with maybe smaller magnets in more than one place. What do you think???

  • Tina B.
    Tina B. 3 days ago

    That's why I didn't want these! Why the hell would you put something on your face that could disrupt electronic devices?

  • Angelina Hegarty
    Angelina Hegarty 3 days ago

    Does the intro sound different to anyone ??

    RENEE W 3 days ago

    It's like a Gia Gunn wonky lash! Lol

  • Baby Kiya
    Baby Kiya 3 days ago

    Is it me or in the beginning her eyes look reeaaallly red

  • Jessica Mcdonald
    Jessica Mcdonald 3 days ago

    Who else think this would be good for bhad bhabie because of her eyelash video

  • Mysvie
    Mysvie 3 days ago

    should’ve curled your lashes and the magnetic ones

  • Dexter Anthony
    Dexter Anthony 3 days ago

    the music tho

  • Elise Heikkila
    Elise Heikkila 4 days ago

    Other TVcliprs: “Too difficult! I don’t like!”
    Me: “Safiya will give it a real go.”
    Safiya: “HONESTLY I will stay here no matter how long it takes until these things work.”

  • Jennifer Grasso
    Jennifer Grasso 5 days ago

    You should try to put mascara on before putting on the eyelashes... I feel like there would be a bit more grip

  • Kelsie Ramacca
    Kelsie Ramacca 5 days ago

    this video was so annoying......

  • LuvYrGurlAsh
    LuvYrGurlAsh 5 days ago

    Just like contacts... Damn it. Lol

  • Cynthia Rodriguez
    Cynthia Rodriguez 5 days ago

    I’m sorry why is everyone doing it the hard way like one eyelash at a time? lol it’s easier to to them together at same time welp that’s just me

  • soccer 11
    soccer 11 5 days ago

    Hilarious!!! Loved watching this.... :-P ....

  • Vivien Vaz
    Vivien Vaz 6 days ago


  • Natalie's Channel
    Natalie's Channel 8 days ago

    This music tho 😂 Perfect soundtrack!

  • Sexygrl Miami
    Sexygrl Miami 9 days ago

    Lol this is so funny love it👌🏻😊

  • Kathy White
    Kathy White 9 days ago

    I think I'll pass. I can't even do wings, so anything that takes any kind of talent is way pass my pay grade!!!!

  • Milica Djukich
    Milica Djukich 9 days ago

    mine did not work would not stay on, i hardly have any real lashes, is that why?

  • Alexandria Gregg
    Alexandria Gregg 9 days ago

    You are so gorgeous. And very adorable. Thank you for staying committed.

  • Hannah Aquino
    Hannah Aquino 10 days ago +1

    3:01 so cute😂😅😁

  • Angel Tumb
    Angel Tumb 11 days ago

    Just buy them on wish their cheap and their pretty much the same

  • Turnin_N_Burnin_69
    Turnin_N_Burnin_69 11 days ago

    My phone froze at 10:11 and I died

  • TashaTheTabbyCat
    TashaTheTabbyCat 12 days ago

    The only thing I don't like about these eyelashes is that they're only on the end half of the eyelid

  • lia johnson
    lia johnson 13 days ago

    its hard to even see anything on her eyes with all that damn big black dark lines of eyeliner all over her damn eyes.. screw her.. im going to wacth someone else who looks normal.. 😡

  • Nikki King
    Nikki King 13 days ago

    I would never buy these lol every review I've seen they look like shit

  • Baygoesmoo
    Baygoesmoo 13 days ago

    WHY THE FUCK HAVE I NEVER SEEN THIS VIDEO and I’ve seen all your videos riddle me this????

  • lea rodriguez
    lea rodriguez 13 days ago

    Wow lol nice voice...

    ANVITA MISRA 14 days ago

    she is so pretty without makeup

  • Creating with Julie
    Creating with Julie 15 days ago

    Once on Halloween, I was 6 and I was a pumpkin. My mom. Bought eyelashes and she thought I should wear that(even tho I have really long eyelashes) my mom trying to put them on and I thought if I put on fake eyelashes, I wore able to take them off. Since then I haven’t put on fake eyelashes. I am 11

  • Britnie Husson
    Britnie Husson 16 days ago

    I wonder if you put mascara on first if they would grip better

  • Chloe Bagi
    Chloe Bagi 16 days ago

    Why are they so short

  • Heidi Stutzman
    Heidi Stutzman 16 days ago

    I love your teeth!!

  • Haylie Higgins
    Haylie Higgins 18 days ago

    I saw magnetic eyelashes at Walmart I didn’t look at the price but it wasn’t that brand and it looked the same as those ones

  • ACdova
    ACdova 18 days ago

    S Wentz you just made so many people dislike you for giving your opinion witch no one asked for. I wonder how this is in your everyday life. Haha. It is also a scientifically proven fact that calling people dumb actually states you as less intelligent.

  • Eternal Dragon
    Eternal Dragon 19 days ago

    Is that Bruce's father lip?

  • Barbie Dahmer
    Barbie Dahmer 19 days ago

    I know the point is tro not mess around with glue, but I feel if you used the tiniest bit of glue on the corners of the top ones and bend them to curve around your lid, that way they sit better on the upper lid and you can keep it there while you try to place the lower lash.

  • Sarah
    Sarah 19 days ago +1

    Have you sneezed with them on? 🤔

  • Vanessa Parenti
    Vanessa Parenti 19 days ago

    Can we take a minute to talk about how gorgeous Safiya is 😩😩😍😍😍

  • tintex aaliyah
    tintex aaliyah 19 days ago


  • azzyboy
    azzyboy 20 days ago

    I don't think they're curved enough to fit perfectly on the lash line tbh

  • rachael ruiz
    rachael ruiz 21 day ago

    Thank you for working so hard to get it! Others are just like it’s tooo hard, I’m done. You’re awesome

  • Commentator541
    Commentator541 21 day ago

    Ahahahah this is so funny hahaahaha

  • Jamie Thompson
    Jamie Thompson 22 days ago

    I just bought the Ardel version. $13.00. Blinky blink blink over here needs practice...hopefully. :-)

  • Haley Harper
    Haley Harper 23 days ago

    Try Jamsu!!!!

  • SB
    SB 24 days ago

    This was by far THE funniest review I have ever seen. The funny part was you guys were serious! LOL I have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. The struggle was real over there lol.

  • Fairy Tale Access
    Fairy Tale Access 25 days ago

    Thanks for the honest review - it isn't as simple as it appears! yikes.

  • Leah Shantz
    Leah Shantz 25 days ago

    Omg one of my cats looks exactly like Crusty

  • Abby Liu
    Abby Liu 27 days ago

    I bought a cheap dupe of this and it was so straight. I thought the one two lash kit would be curved to the eye so the corners don't hang out and have that problem of not being close enough, but apparently not. for a price difference of 60 bucks, they look just about the same functional wise. so I say yall better off getting a dupe

  • Angry Blonde
    Angry Blonde 27 days ago

    i got these for christmas, just a cheaper version but basically the same and i’m probably just going to take the magnets off and use glue lol

  • anjali bhatt
    anjali bhatt 28 days ago

    03:02 m laughing like a dying seal.. o god, saf.. i love you...

  • Megan Aviles
    Megan Aviles 28 days ago

    "I look like a muppet"😂😂

  • Jacqueline Perkins
    Jacqueline Perkins 28 days ago


  • lewislisa lewislisa
    lewislisa lewislisa 29 days ago

    Mom's spaghetti sauce?

  • Ashlyn Steerment
    Ashlyn Steerment 29 days ago

    4.5 is not four and a half hours and 1.5 isn’t ever 😂

  • Madeline Halvorson
    Madeline Halvorson 29 days ago

    would she do it again aka (my birthday December 22 2017)

  • Esmeralda Doll
    Esmeralda Doll Month ago

    Work d for me! Didn’t used a t ester

  • Nigel Thornberry
    Nigel Thornberry Month ago

    always thought that mirror was a circle and just on an angle. shook.

  • Sarah Snyder
    Sarah Snyder Month ago

    I have never subscribed to any youtube channels before but you are hilarious. I can't stop watching!!

  • Neely Hardie
    Neely Hardie Month ago

    Im good at doing normal falsies but I hated the magnetic lashes even trying to put them on someone else they were a pain and never looked right

  • Rosina Vaca Rivera
    Rosina Vaca Rivera Month ago

    Boldy copied in august

  • Josh n Liz Graff
    Josh n Liz Graff Month ago

    Apply the bottom lash with tweezers and then bring the top one down to meet the bottom one.

  • FluffiestKitty
    FluffiestKitty Month ago

    Omg the add for me on this vid was magnetic eyelashes

  • Abby Biegel
    Abby Biegel Month ago +1

    Love that lipstick on you!💕

  • Chloe L
    Chloe L Month ago

    Saf: "I'm gonna try and put these on you, okay?"
    Tyler: immediately replys "Let's do it!"
    He's the best boyfriend ever!

  • Zeoli123
    Zeoli123 Month ago

    Thanks for this. Just got my lashes and have been trying to get them on but I'm not sure it's worth poking my eyeballs, dropping and looking for the lashes, and so on. Wonder how much it will cost to return them.

  • Skylar Pugs
    Skylar Pugs Month ago

    At 6:32 she had lipstick on her teeth

  • glowbyjo
    glowbyjo Month ago

    I was uncontrollably laughing through the first few minutes😂😂

  • Sparkling_ _Unicorn

    You did wrong I use it all the time

  • Amber Romero
    Amber Romero Month ago

    Great review. Shitty product!!!!

  • Creepypasta Is Here

    For me eyelash glue glues eyeshadow or eyeliner to my eye then it takes 3 days to get it all off

  • Jewel Benn
    Jewel Benn Month ago

    $69?!?!?!?! HA HAHAHA FUCK THAT...I love disposies because if I have a drunken night and take them off/lose them at my boyfriend’s it doesn’t break the bank

  • Iara The Unicorn
    Iara The Unicorn Month ago


    AMANDADIER ZA Month ago

    This is def not an everyday thing.Aint nobody got time for that.Its a no on the magnetic falsies for me.Thanks for the vid.

  • Savannah Cortes
    Savannah Cortes Month ago

    3:45 he looks so scared

  • CC
    CC Month ago

    They look good on you though

  • Izzy _14
    Izzy _14 Month ago

    For a sec I thought I saw miranda sings with better lip stick when she was fixing the left lash in the bathroom 😂was that just me❓❓❓❓❓❓ (sorry safiya, ILY😍)

  • Melissa Thomas
    Melissa Thomas Month ago

    She shouldnt wear make-up. She looks softer without it. Plus, her eyes are prettier without eye makeup.

  • Becky Adams
    Becky Adams Month ago

    Really, why are your videos so much fun?

  • Audrey Hoo
    Audrey Hoo Month ago

    Only Saf can pull off lipstick colours like that ♥️✨👏

  • Autumn Nagel
    Autumn Nagel Month ago

    youtube recommended to me the magnetic eyelashes on this video

  • Skyler Sloan
    Skyler Sloan Month ago

    I just saw a website called pop emporium using your expert from this video to sell there magnetic lashes !! You should totally do something about it that's not okay .

  • Ellie Anderson
    Ellie Anderson Month ago +1

    Ur lips r goalz

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  • Meditation First
    Meditation First Month ago

    What is the music playing at 11:00 minute

  • Sydney Leston
    Sydney Leston Month ago

    The magnetic eyelashes ad played before the video for me

  • Gina D
    Gina D Month ago

    You were cracking me up, haha.

  • susu pink
    susu pink Month ago

    Bed of insects m dead 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Cheyenne
    Cheyenne Month ago

    How is she sooo beautiful with and without makeup, I have so much envy😭😭

  • JxsminesHere MSP
    JxsminesHere MSP Month ago

    i have some mag lashes (they were cheap versions lmao) and when i saw this i wanted to wear them again. When i tried to put on the bottom lash they connected a bit early so it jumped in my eye ;-;

  • Weedseed9of9
    Weedseed9of9 Month ago

    Thanks for sharing. I am thinking about purchasing these for my nieces. By the way, you look so much better without makeup.

  • Margiepoo2
    Margiepoo2 Month ago

    Awesome!!!! Have been debating on getting some of these!!!

  • Tara Frye
    Tara Frye Month ago

    Thank you for making this video. I always wanted to get one but, was hesitant now I don’t think I want the product.

  • Syd Nico
    Syd Nico Month ago

    The ad before this video was for magnetic eyelashes🤣🤣🤣😂

  • Jody Marie
    Jody Marie Month ago

    Super random .. but you are rediculously pretty

  • Deeksha Dinkar
    Deeksha Dinkar Month ago

    That lipstick 👄💄💄💄💄😍😍😍😍😍😍