Talking to Strangers

  • Published on Jun 7, 2019
  • I sure am glad I never have to talk to strangers :^)
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • m1lk tea
    m1lk tea 9 hours ago

    I’m disappointed James doesn’t like ANIME legit I thought he made a bunch of
    Anime references

  • hudson reagh
    hudson reagh 9 hours ago

    jamess x jaiden

  • Tree God
    Tree God 9 hours ago

    How much u wanna bet that everyone watching this video is socially awkward... CAUSE I KNOW I AM!

  • Yovana Hinostroza Cuadros

    very nice ^_^

  • Cooper Sinicki
    Cooper Sinicki 10 hours ago

    You should make a video about muffin time the song

  • Kathryn Day
    Kathryn Day 10 hours ago +1

    Love the odd1sout

  • Anne Sky
    Anne Sky 10 hours ago

    It is supossed i have to sleep...but there is a new video...1 hour later
    Me:*sees the hour* WOAH 11:56 HOW !?!?!

  • Kathryn Day
    Kathryn Day 10 hours ago +1

    Harry Potter fan anyone

  • Jazmyn Ruth
    Jazmyn Ruth 10 hours ago

    Were you at James. We miss you

  • Maiko Meraz
    Maiko Meraz 10 hours ago


  • Joo Beck
    Joo Beck 10 hours ago

    As far as store employees, many actually wish more people would ask for help, it gives them a reason not to do the other parts of their job that they dislike, like sweeping or restocking

  • Rodrigo Ibarra
    Rodrigo Ibarra 10 hours ago

    That is a JOJO reference :))) 3:44

  • Increasingly Irrelevant

    *H O W*

  • Gaming Lunala
    Gaming Lunala 10 hours ago

    0:34 You say: Sorry and then move

  • Lilly Ayman
    Lilly Ayman 10 hours ago

    He is a flat earth believer lol no hate ily

  • May Flower
    May Flower 10 hours ago

    same here B) may 12

  • God
    God 10 hours ago

    Stay confident James.

  • Jackson Kelley
    Jackson Kelley 10 hours ago


  • CreeperGaming13856 YT
    CreeperGaming13856 YT 10 hours ago

    Please sub to me

  • Bryce Dschuhan
    Bryce Dschuhan 10 hours ago

    Congrats on 11 mil subs and 111 vids

  • Chad Poulson
    Chad Poulson 10 hours ago

    MEH b-day is in may to...... but the 22. :^P

  • Capetillo family
    Capetillo family 10 hours ago

    I want to be a anamater like you ro u

  • kiki Roberts
    kiki Roberts 11 hours ago

    2:41 I was wearing an anime shirt while watching this part....... I feel attacked

  • Brayden Brown
    Brayden Brown 11 hours ago

    “Yes I am telling you to judge people off their appearance they’re the one who chose to wear a anime shirt” ( looks Down at the one punch man t shirt that your currently wearing)

  • Riviak Stockman
    Riviak Stockman 11 hours ago

    lol Move to Texas, people think you're rude if you don't make eye contact and say hi as your walking by lol

  • hurlingturtles
    hurlingturtles 11 hours ago

    "And yes, I'm telling you to judge people by their appearance. They're the ones who chose to wear anime shirts in public." ... WOW, feeling a bit attacked right now lol

  • Sy The Gamer
    Sy The Gamer 11 hours ago

    I saw your book at target.

  • FELITO 21
    FELITO 21 11 hours ago

    A stranger is a friend you dont know

  • samantha castro garcia
    samantha castro garcia 11 hours ago

    Why you can do video in Spanish ?

  • Mateolucapia Garbarino
    Mateolucapia Garbarino 11 hours ago

    James, did you make the mario maker level ryu's demise 1-1?

  • ella sheldon
    ella sheldon 11 hours ago

    H O W

  • Michael Brian
    Michael Brian 11 hours ago


  • Beastie H
    Beastie H 11 hours ago

    Wow. James brought back the duck song and I didn’t cringe. WHAT SORCERY IS THIS

  • EthanYAYO
    EthanYAYO 11 hours ago +1


  • Kylie McDonald
    Kylie McDonald 11 hours ago

    Please make a video about theatre stories or a vide with let me explain studios

    SAMURAI E 11 hours ago

    Still waiting on teachers part 2...

  • Mr.Raven L
    Mr.Raven L 11 hours ago

    When u finally stop laging

  • Reily Kratschman
    Reily Kratschman 11 hours ago

    Also one time I tried to say yes and no and the same time and said nigga in front of my mom😂😃

  • poketmonmatsir
    poketmonmatsir 11 hours ago +1


  • Reily Kratschman
    Reily Kratschman 11 hours ago

    Ok so one time I saw a TVclipr walking down the street. I didn't tell my sisters cause I knew they would go up to him. So I looked that way. He looked me in my eyes and waved. I waved back.
    Nice save

  • Alexander V
    Alexander V 11 hours ago

  • an airplane
    an airplane 11 hours ago


  • jlminecraftgaming
    jlminecraftgaming 11 hours ago +1

    6:08 OMG IM CRYING 🤣🤣🤣🤣 BEST STORY EVER 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • elian garland
    elian garland 11 hours ago

    Why you say "how"

  • unicorn can gacha
    unicorn can gacha 11 hours ago

    And i got you book

  • elian garland
    elian garland 11 hours ago

    I hate the bus and it worse when you're a girl

  • Zap Hill
    Zap Hill 12 hours ago

    Thanks to you, I try not to die while driving.
    -Wear your seat belt-

  • MikeBoy31
    MikeBoy31 12 hours ago

    I got the odd1sout book is cool I got it for my birthday!

  • unicorn can gacha
    unicorn can gacha 12 hours ago

    New video idea your family names and facts

  • Iveta Welborn
    Iveta Welborn 12 hours ago

    James: "They're the ones who chose to wear anime shirts in public, ok?!!!"
    Also James: " my tee shirt with a picture of a cartoon on it..."

  • Naruto
    Naruto 12 hours ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • YggR Clan!
    YggR Clan! 12 hours ago

    *I've spent too much time on the search for @The NBA Storyteller

  • Cillian Geary
    Cillian Geary 12 hours ago +1

    I don’t want James to get hurt like if you don’t either

  • Даниил Семенков


  • SuperDaFlo
    SuperDaFlo 12 hours ago

    james i know dis is the wrong vid to say but magic of the gathering is now a video game

  • WizardShark
    WizardShark 12 hours ago

    I just stand on the bus

  • Sr. Broly
    Sr. Broly 12 hours ago

    Do You Like Saiko?
    I know that you already participated in a video of him but liked it?

  • Julie Lemaster
    Julie Lemaster 12 hours ago +1


  • Shadow Predator29
    Shadow Predator29 12 hours ago +1

    Please do a video about the pinewood derby.

  • Erin De'Nis Liggins
    Erin De'Nis Liggins 12 hours ago

    post another video

  • Lila Hippen
    Lila Hippen 12 hours ago +1

    You’ve seen this right James...GG JAMES

  • andres goncalves
    andres goncalves 12 hours ago +1

    Eres muy negro marico jajajs

  • TheAppleboy
    TheAppleboy 12 hours ago


  • The cringy Dino
    The cringy Dino 12 hours ago

    I love dis

  • Tommy Tran
    Tommy Tran 12 hours ago

    I subscribed your video and liked it.

  • xboy90891
    xboy90891 12 hours ago +1

    Love these vids 😁

  • Jake Leslie
    Jake Leslie 12 hours ago

    Alex clark wants to fight you in Chess boxeing

    ZAMBOY YT ROBLOX 12 hours ago

    Soy el único hablando español :,v?
    James habla español en algún vídeo por favor ;-;

  • Banana Man785
    Banana Man785 12 hours ago

    If you were the person commenting on my video give me a shoutout and tell them to sub to my channel.

  • anthony gryczkowski
    anthony gryczkowski 12 hours ago

    I go through this using a public bathroom without buying something. But hey, let’s be honest, that’s all Mc Donald’s is good for now days.

  • MagicSparklyNarwal
    MagicSparklyNarwal 13 hours ago

    I found the Dark Crystal on Netflix

  • Dewash Adhikari
    Dewash Adhikari 13 hours ago

    Hey james (this is a weird question) do you know about a thing called "painted plummet" (if you don't know plz look it up on youtube)

  • Lucas Thomas
    Lucas Thomas 13 hours ago

    Happy 23rd!!! Sorry it’s late but still.

  • Rosario Longoria
    Rosario Longoria 13 hours ago

    Hey James, let me explain channel was almost gonna make a bully out of your name

  • Downwind
    Downwind 13 hours ago +1

    I got the book in Barnes and Noble in california

  • Amaury Hernandez
    Amaury Hernandez 13 hours ago

    The odd 0s out

  • Rosie 114
    Rosie 114 13 hours ago

    Those captions... what?

  • Edpdrsnza Trujillo
    Edpdrsnza Trujillo 13 hours ago

    I like the odd1sout but i hate how it takes forever to upload a video

  • Victor Kowal
    Victor Kowal 13 hours ago


  • LAMANCH4 _____./
    LAMANCH4 _____./ 13 hours ago

    hello james I am from Chile and I speak Spanish, I only come to give you a "hello" (I really like your videos)

  • Daniel Hernandez
    Daniel Hernandez 13 hours ago

    Guys we should celebrate cause the james made a book

  • Fulty gamer
    Fulty gamer 13 hours ago

    James suscribes my chanel

  • Aaron Kerst
    Aaron Kerst 14 hours ago

    The book is awesome

  • Terence
    Terence 14 hours ago

    But Were All Strangers Watching This Video Cause You Dont Even Know Our Names

  • Bryan Skeleton
    Bryan Skeleton 14 hours ago

    i LOVE you so much james

  • x9Cloudy
    x9Cloudy 14 hours ago

    The duck walked up to the lemonade stand and he said to the man running the stand hey bom bom bom got any grapes

  • Shrek
    Shrek 14 hours ago +1

    Stranger Danger

  • Jude Shamali
    Jude Shamali 14 hours ago

    Omg James I got ur new book yeeeeeeeet
    Edit: my new fav book lol

  • Noah Wheaton
    Noah Wheaton 14 hours ago

    7:12 Wow, James, are you a.... flat earther?

  • WasabiPolarBear
    WasabiPolarBear 14 hours ago

    2:45 Im too tired to write this just look at the *”potential friend’s”* eyebrows

  • natalie dellobuono
    natalie dellobuono 14 hours ago

    6:24 did u really jump out the window James?

  • Zahieh darwish
    Zahieh darwish 15 hours ago

    No matter what

  • Zahieh darwish
    Zahieh darwish 15 hours ago

    I will never say James is a loser

  • Brillo senpi
    Brillo senpi 15 hours ago

    banana boy.

  • Curious Potato
    Curious Potato 15 hours ago

    James 1 year ago: I think the most wrong thing a person can do to judge someone by their clothing ( something like that )
    James now: “ and yes I’m telling you to judge people by their appearance. They’re the ones that chose to wear anime shirts in public “
    James has changed

  • Harry the moth That got eaten

    Same people that wear Hawaiin shirts to Trader Joe's.

    *that's what I thought*

  • Philip Leicht Klinke 8C Hedelyskolen

    Make a video about Denmark and how unfair it is to live there. Like college is free and all that

  • Alex Imig
    Alex Imig 15 hours ago

    HA! James, you like anime too! That was a blatant Sailor Moon reference!

  • Astor Drawin
    Astor Drawin 15 hours ago

    I want to get out there and show people what I have but Im so afirad no one will like anything I do or they will just dis owned me for it.. I just wanted to make people happy but I cant do that because of me and I never really talk to anyone, Im bad at talking to people and I have social anexity

  • Limit3d Infinity
    Limit3d Infinity 15 hours ago

    Did you say chess boxing ?