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Jordan Smith - The Voice Journey

  • Published on Dec 21, 2015
  • Jordan Smith - The Voice 2015 Winner
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  • Marouane HM
    Marouane HM  2 years ago +1046

    0:00 - Chandelier
    1:45 - Like I Can
    3:57 - Set Fire to the Rain
    5:40 - Halo
    8:02 - Who You Are
    10:40 - Hallelujah
    (x:xx) - Somebody to Love (Missing due to DMCA Copyright)
    13:51 - Mary, Did you Know?

    • Yara Jamal
      Yara Jamal 4 months ago +1

      I was thinking about why “Somebody to love” is not here, since it was the best performance...

    • Dennis Odindo
      Dennis Odindo 11 months ago +1

      What a shame, somebody to love was my favorite

    • d brel
      d brel Year ago +4

      Zach Swartz They’re not “Classical”... They’re “classics”, as in “well known”.... big difference.

    • d brel
      d brel Year ago +2

      Also missing Climb Every Mountain where he accompanied himself on the piano. 😁

    • Jonathan Kaddu
      Jonathan Kaddu Year ago +3


  • Kyle Ferriter
    Kyle Ferriter 8 hours ago

    He might be the best winner the show has ever had, in my opinion of course.

  • Jamie Salko
    Jamie Salko 2 days ago

    Jordan reminds me so much of a kid I went to school with his name Jason he was in my chorus class and can hit every high note Just like Jordan does lol good job jordan..

  • Justine Taylor
    Justine Taylor 2 days ago

    He's A.M.A.Z.I.N.G

  • Joaldina Jean Philippe

    He's so talented.

  • Josiah Kusnadi
    Josiah Kusnadi 7 days ago +1

    blake has a big head...4:50

  • Khariana Hampton
    Khariana Hampton 8 days ago


  • Joseph Hodges
    Joseph Hodges 9 days ago

    Kind of built like Gru

  • Malik Bessent
    Malik Bessent 12 days ago

    If only Adam could bring jordan back this season

  • Ohana 831
    Ohana 831 12 days ago

    Beat part is he wrote Ashes and Celine Dion took it on and song is AMAZING 🙌🏼

  • Jeta Bekaj
    Jeta Bekaj 13 days ago

    i love this guy

  • Samuel Gray
    Samuel Gray 14 days ago +2

    Jordon Smith is the best Male vocalist of all time in #TheVoice history...i love you man🙌💪🙌

  • Craig Laycox
    Craig Laycox 15 days ago

    The battle duet he did with the lady soul singer was just amazing ....she was pretty f awesome as well.

  • Craig Laycox
    Craig Laycox 15 days ago

    Hard to conceive a season where there was a greater disparity in talent from first to...everyone else.This is still just awe inspiring.

  • Anthony DeHart
    Anthony DeHart 16 days ago

    2.6 K Dislikes ? WoW!!!!

    • Marouane HM
      Marouane HM  16 days ago +1

      Its because of the missing parts (blocked by TVclip)

  • rahma hadidi
    rahma hadidi 16 days ago

    Excellente voix

  • Rob
    Rob 19 days ago

    I still get chills

  • Endorill
    Endorill 20 days ago

    The man can sing anything!

  • Foysal Ahmed
    Foysal Ahmed 20 days ago

    This man can sing whatever he wants. Best singer I've seen on TV show. ❤

  • Uncle Monkey
    Uncle Monkey 23 days ago

    Damn that duet was amazing...

  • greencase
    greencase 26 days ago

    Pat can sing

  • Dj FBI
    Dj FBI Month ago


  • john doe
    john doe Month ago

    he destroyed a black woman..hes god

  • john doe
    john doe Month ago

    onl;y person in history you knew would win

    CYNTHIA FULLER Month ago +1

    Crying ...
    That was great.

  • Saikat Nandy
    Saikat Nandy Month ago

    He covered Chandelier by Sia, Like I Can by Sam Smith, Set Fire to the Rain by Adele, Halo by Beyonce in his first 4 performances.. did anyone even have a doubt that he was the big thing this season. In fact the only thing..

  • Alvaro Bagaz
    Alvaro Bagaz Month ago

    amazing shock,chandelier jordan smith, he's beautifull 15 april 2019 still watching

  • سلومه حسن
    سلومه حسن Month ago


  • Όλγα Κ.
    Όλγα Κ. Month ago


  • gladys lanz
    gladys lanz Month ago

    Greatest choice

  • gladys lanz
    gladys lanz Month ago


  • deere3321
    deere3321 Month ago +1

    I think he may be the best I've ever heard.

  • Zaheer A
    Zaheer A Month ago

    Where is his 'somebody to love' performance ?

  • michaeltricks 3style
    michaeltricks 3style Month ago +1

    Like for jordan Smith

  • Darren Kindig
    Darren Kindig Month ago +5

    Amazing! The Purity is second to None!! The Best the "Voice" has and probably will ever Uncover.
    Truly a great and Amazing Person.

  • Je sais pas quoi mettre Mdr

    He is just amazing!!!!!

  • Дарья Кучерова

    У меня от его голоса мурашки по коже. Это просто вышка👍👍👍

  • Stephen McGinn
    Stephen McGinn Month ago

    This guy could sing anything. Huge talent.

  • Frances Taylor
    Frances Taylor Month ago

    Here’s Somebody To Love
    From Semifinals

  • Lidiane Cruz
    Lidiane Cruz Month ago

    Esse rapaz é ÚNICO, NAO TEM IGUAL. Sou fã demais!!!!

  • Shania Euni
    Shania Euni Month ago

    Oh boy,I'm so moved👏👏👌

  • Kaoss!
    Kaoss! Month ago

    Aquí está el comentario en español que buscabas

  • Toon
    Toon Month ago

    Off topic, but he's kinda shaped like Gru from despicable me. I'm not hating I swear, I really like his voice.

  • Eliza Bowie
    Eliza Bowie Month ago

    He really has his own, peculiar and defined style for singing.

  • The Adventures of Jonathan Kranz

    Who would've known that Jonah Hill could sing

  • Kayden Candelario
    Kayden Candelario Month ago

    I just love this guy's voice, its so amazing!

  • Franciele Nazario
    Franciele Nazario Month ago

    Esse cara é fera

  • George Banks
    George Banks Month ago +1


  • Nikonic KoolPix
    Nikonic KoolPix Month ago

    He reminds me so much of Mitch from PTX

  • Cássia Gonçalves
    Cássia Gonçalves Month ago +4

    Beautiful Voice, 🎶🎼🎵

  • Cássia Gonçalves
    Cássia Gonçalves Month ago +1

    Perfect, ...

  • Bitcom Soft
    Bitcom Soft Month ago

    Потрясающий голос

  • Bella Misilagi Finau

    At 5:17 Pharrell was like " I'm done with this shit, all of us know adam gonna win why did i bother trying"

  • Hannah Arnett
    Hannah Arnett Month ago

    he has such an awesome voice .o.

  • tommy elijah007
    tommy elijah007 Month ago

    2.5k idiot's

  • Christopher Rives
    Christopher Rives Month ago

    You didn't put somebody to love in this and for that omission you get a thumbs down.

  • Mr. Hall
    Mr. Hall Month ago

    After not making past blinds he wins- great

  • Kookie
    Kookie Month ago +1

    I’m in the UK and I have only just seen/ heard Jordan. What an amazing voice...I have goosebumps. I love the Voice, it leaves American Idol and UK X Factor way behind. Well done young man 😊

  • rd zm
    rd zm Month ago +1

    what a voice, bravo Jordan well done.

  • Emily Yates
    Emily Yates Month ago +3

    Jordan for sure was one of the best contestants on the voice. His voice was very unique and was very controlled and he sang those runs like they were so easy and it seemed that his breathing was very controlled he was just so good

  • Ken B
    Ken B Month ago +1

    Jordan singing Halo brings a tear to my eye

  • TR Goohileshea
    TR Goohileshea Month ago +10

    It's amazing how people discount someone because they are a little overweight or not fitting the norm. This man just blew that stereotype completely out of the water! An amazing talent and one that I will seek out to hear because he is that great.

  • Rhys Aldhouse
    Rhys Aldhouse Month ago +1

    Seriously wanna see a battle between him and judah Kelly from voice Australia (I think)

  • Nate Gillette
    Nate Gillette Month ago +2

    He’s the big chungus of music

  • Amzar Haikal
    Amzar Haikal Month ago +2

    No one winner of the voice can beat him...Good Job Jordan.

  • Rachid Djelloul
    Rachid Djelloul Month ago

    Parfait!! Je suis un grand fan

  • Sdarms111 Doug
    Sdarms111 Doug 2 months ago +1

    Right up there with Adam Lambert's incredible range.

  • Mike Ciaccio - Artist
    Mike Ciaccio - Artist 2 months ago

    You can tell the producers "nerded him up a bit" for the show. I mean common, flannel? seriously?

  • Suhani Dhungel
    Suhani Dhungel 2 months ago

    jordan needs to be more out there in the public everyone who has watched the voice knows him but i feel like more people need to hear him

  • Eric Garard
    Eric Garard 2 months ago +1

    I mean they had to know the rest of the show was just a formality from the start

  • Juan Febrian
    Juan Febrian 2 months ago +1

    i thought he a girl cause his voice kind like women 😂

    • zella waggoner
      zella waggoner Month ago

      His voice technically classified as "high tenor" and he possess over a 2 1/2 octave range....If he sang opera, he'd be ranked with Caruso or Mario Lanza or Pavoratti..... He chooses to interpret modern, contemporary and gospel music... His voice is perfect!!!!!

  • landlord23
    landlord23 2 months ago +4

    I listen to his music and Only Love gives me goosebumps and I deadass get so emotional every time I hear it

  • Marilyn Pagel
    Marilyn Pagel 2 months ago +6

    Throughout the seasons I have seen no one with such power. Every song he brings a powerful message so perfectly filled with Grace and Joy. I truly enjoy hearing and seeing hiim perform with the emotion to keep me wanting to hear more. What a Joy he is.

  • Bobby Bobby
    Bobby Bobby 2 months ago

    I have noticed that the last judge to buzz in, is often the one the contestants pick.

  • Loki Poketale
    Loki Poketale 2 months ago

    I still get shocked when they reveal Jordan

  • diego blencio
    diego blencio 2 months ago

    G E N I O ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  • Marie Muhairwe
    Marie Muhairwe 2 months ago

    Effortlessly Beautiful

  • doge droge
    doge droge 2 months ago

    like like like

  • Елена Сова
    Елена Сова 2 months ago

    Парень молодчик. Успехов ему!

  • Ali Ashor
    Ali Ashor 2 months ago

    2:25 gorilla booty hahahaha

  • alex amorino
    alex amorino 2 months ago

    I close my eyes and just listen to your voice, breath taken

  • FrontRow Fanatic
    FrontRow Fanatic 2 months ago

    please come to houston

  • Emilio Huisa
    Emilio Huisa 2 months ago

    Algún latino , que tmbn le guste como canta este joven

  • Edivaldo souza
    Edivaldo souza 2 months ago

    Brazil 2019 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • David Toledano
    David Toledano 2 months ago

    This is the Perfection

  • Crazy.Journey.Again
    Crazy.Journey.Again 2 months ago

    We see this chubby Apple didn't fall far from the chubby tree.

  • Nisa13
    Nisa13 2 months ago +35

    I've lost track of how many times I've seen this, easily the best the voice contestant of all time. His performance of chandelier gives me chills every time 😩❤️😍

  • Sandy Stamps
    Sandy Stamps 2 months ago +6

    The best VOICE ever! God’s blessing!

  • Ciel TheFangirl
    Ciel TheFangirl 2 months ago

    wait he choose adam? ew

  • Alpesh Sailor
    Alpesh Sailor 2 months ago

    Very nice Pake sur hai

  • bugalaman
    bugalaman 2 months ago +2

    There some seasons of the Voice where they should just stop after the blind auditions because you know who is going to win, without question.

  • Muhummed YOUSSEF
    Muhummed YOUSSEF 2 months ago

    We all know he was a winner when he first blew us away on his audition when he sang the Sia song.

  • DukeOfDC
    DukeOfDC 2 months ago +3

    20 minutes of goosebumps 😊

  • Mika
    Mika 2 months ago

    🙊😰😱 whaaaaat?

  • The final countdown
    The final countdown 2 months ago +2

    all this and he wrote beauty from ashes for celine dion.

  • Varun Malaviya
    Varun Malaviya 2 months ago

    Singing fat blob! He doesn't even have a neck, where is that voice coming from?

  • Annie
    Annie 2 months ago +1

    I love when the judges sit in disbelief and are so genuinely impressed. ❤️

  • garry taggart
    garry taggart 2 months ago +5

    Without question the most incredible singer on any talent show by a long long way for years. Well deserved. Jordan

  • turan aras
    turan aras 2 months ago

    Clark kent 🤔

  • Michael Baseball
    Michael Baseball 2 months ago

    That poor person battling him