Jordan Smith - The Voice Journey


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  • Marouane HM
    Marouane HM  9 months ago +43

    Check Out my #Latest Video of #TheVoice2017 #Winner: Chloe Kohanski - Wish i Didn't Love You 💔💔

    • Sarah Marie
      Sarah Marie 2 months ago

      What a treat to listen to hear him sing all of his songs on the voice. Thank you so much for this video. :)

    • Iris Dominguez
      Iris Dominguez 6 months ago

      Marouane HM iris

    • Jesus Ruiz
      Jesus Ruiz 8 months ago

      Marouane HM Thanks.

    • Jay Zee
      Jay Zee 9 months ago

      Drats--NBC blocked the video in my county :-(

  • John Logan
    John Logan Day ago

    This guy could out-sing any of those "chairs" any day of the week and they knew it at " chandelier".

  • Mara_Safari_ Lion-Lover


  • Angie T
    Angie T 3 days ago

    I live for him

  • Amanda Zander
    Amanda Zander 5 days ago

    They didn't put his performance of "somebody to love" and that's my favorite one from him.

  • Kris B
    Kris B 6 days ago

    Damn that dude can SING! Have watched this more times than I can count.

  • ridho rahman
    ridho rahman 7 days ago

    4:01 when he said 'my heart' .. i love that part

  • greenavelli
    greenavelli 7 days ago

    He's one of the guys that I have actually seen that can give female powerhouses a run for their money.

  • Elsha Beeta
    Elsha Beeta 7 days ago

    The last acting of pharrel is amazing 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Elsha Beeta
    Elsha Beeta 7 days ago

    I really love u from chandelier

  • April Storm
    April Storm 7 days ago

    Still the best artist to grace the Voice stage, hands down, period!!

  • darkrose light
    darkrose light 7 days ago

    Love him

  • Miki Reiko
    Miki Reiko 8 days ago +1

    Jordan is the voice!

  • TacRatt60
    TacRatt60 11 days ago

    Jordan made our hometown of Harlan Ky. Very proud, the best of the Voice yet!

  • Greg Man
    Greg Man 11 days ago

    Didn't know Jonah hill could sing that well.

  • Nav rt
    Nav rt 13 days ago

    How the heck someone can sing with this perfection?i'm out of words

  • Nefi Verguez
    Nefi Verguez 14 days ago

    Probably the best song he sang is missing, Somebody to love!

  • TheCrazygoodcuber
    TheCrazygoodcuber 14 days ago

    8:02 really needed that right know

  • Karl P
    Karl P 14 days ago

    Jordan smith and sam smith duet would be the best 👌👌👌👌

  • Bernard Mokami
    Bernard Mokami 14 days ago

    I’m still here

  • Jorge Almagro
    Jorge Almagro 14 days ago

    ese gordito es bueno domina bien la voz

  • Sam
    Sam 15 days ago +3

    He is hell of a singer....
    Always sings better than the original song....
    How can someone hav such a perfect voice😙😙😙😘😘😘😘😘😘😘.....hit it for him....

  • Riley Bauman
    Riley Bauman 15 days ago +1

    The guy who sang "Happy" seems like he has no idea what he's doing this entire time on the show, that he was a judge...

  • Gigi Marie
    Gigi Marie 15 days ago

    His version of hallelujah is so good makes me 😭every time

  • Catalina Cerdas
    Catalina Cerdas 16 days ago

    Wow!!! your are magical, I get goosebumps everytime I see him performing. wow!!!!!

  • Catalina Cerdas
    Catalina Cerdas 16 days ago

    Jordan Smith tryly makes me smile, he has a 'Yo no se que.' You are amazing man!!!!

  • Betty Mitchell
    Betty Mitchell 17 days ago


  • supermanlegen
    supermanlegen 18 days ago

    One of the most beautiful voices I've ever heard in my life. God given talent.

  • Galenti Gaming
    Galenti Gaming 18 days ago

    You can see every moment that all the other judges were like "alright adam you get this season"

  • Akshay pp
    Akshay pp 19 days ago

    He is better than all the judges there

  • Bảo Minh
    Bảo Minh 19 days ago

    He look like Gru in Despicable me , a beautiful Gru . Amazing !

  • Martial moscou
    Martial moscou 20 days ago

    Sûrement une des Plus Belle Voix de notre planète...... Merci !

  • Ghosts Team
    Ghosts Team 21 day ago

    3:25 una rata !!

  • Ghosts Team
    Ghosts Team 21 day ago

    Que onda con esto culiau ,arriba Argentina!!

  • Ro Ma
    Ro Ma 21 day ago

    This kid is amazing!

  • Jacob Moe
    Jacob Moe 21 day ago

    I always when the crowds clap along and they are SO. OFF. BEAT

  • Tatiana Prieto
    Tatiana Prieto 22 days ago

    ¡Jordan!, amaría estar presente en un concierto tuyo. Tu talento es increíble.❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Canal do Helian
    Canal do Helian 22 days ago

    The GOAT of The Voice

  • edie sheridan
    edie sheridan 23 days ago

    Goodness me it's sooo difficult to sing under these competitive circumstances. Jordan is amazing! A musical natural!!!

  • paola geraci
    paola geraci 24 days ago

    Amazing!!!!! Jordan you are incredible stunning very very talented perfect!!!

  • martin deano
    martin deano 24 days ago

    That's a gift from God. No doubt

  • Abby Whitehead
    Abby Whitehead 25 days ago

    This dude is crazy talented

  • Dariush Asadi
    Dariush Asadi 27 days ago

    The first one was the best battles I've ever seen

  • glockumollie
    glockumollie 28 days ago

    You know how when you hear some fantastic singer the hair on your arms sizzles JORDAN made my arms and my whole body tickle so much I just sat there and laughed. It was a really cool experience.

  • Randy Zich
    Randy Zich 28 days ago

    Goes to show, you don't have to be pretty to climb the mountain. He is THE BEST I have ever heard... and I am not a kid. He has the best range I have heard since, Mariah, Elvis and Streisand. He blows them away.

  • Kathrine Walters
    Kathrine Walters 28 days ago

    Jordan Smith it is 2018 and I still love your voice. Bro g us more great tunes. We are waiting !!

  • Yara Jamal
    Yara Jamal Month ago

    He was the most predictable winner since his first audition! I watched him last year singing in Michael W Smith’s concert, he is absolutely amazing❣️

  • Mariaelo Castillo Padilla

    Hermoso! 😍

  • Karlis Vaza
    Karlis Vaza Month ago

    Que barbaro!! Que padrisimo

    • Karlis Vaza
      Karlis Vaza Month ago

      Is the best!!! are incredible!!!

  • luis silva
    luis silva Month ago



    Hello people. It is November 7th 2018. Is this amazing guy performing or recording!!?? Is Adam following up with him?
    He was the most amazing, wonderful, singer ever! I think a couple of judges other than Adam would be happy to record him and put him on the right path. What a waste if we do not get a chance to hear this young man on his path.

  • Sharp Shock
    Sharp Shock Month ago +1

    why is it that when I hear him sing I feel motivated

  • Julia S.
    Julia S. Month ago +1

    Top Peter Griffin :-)))

  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan Month ago +1

    Did he win the season?

  • Media Blitz
    Media Blitz Month ago


  • Media Blitz
    Media Blitz Month ago

    He is absolutely amazing! There are no words adequate enough to describe his voice. He sings so effortlessly at the drop of a dime. When he won, there was no hesitation, nervousness or shakiness to his voice. He just put that mic back up to his mouth, threw in that earpiece and let it rip again. He's a star!

  • Rick Williams
    Rick Williams Month ago

    Amazing voice!! Shit I'm jealous.

  • Zharth
    Zharth Month ago

    There were compilations of amazing singing performances and the first clip is what I saw and I was hooked. I immediately searched his name and of course he won that season. What an insane amount of control and melody. It's like everything stands still when hearing it, and the way he chose to cover it was a melodic masterpiece. This guy radiates when he's performing.

  • I T
    I T Month ago

    Jordan is genuinely the best singer I've ever heard

  • Jimm Kay
    Jimm Kay Month ago

    I would choose the same playlist , i instantly connected with this person plus his voice is crystal clear :D

  • The Open Stance Academy

    Gotta be one of the greatest duets I ever heard.

  • Alexis Javier
    Alexis Javier Month ago

    In the second song, james outfit looks so tight he looks like that guy from despicable me minus the long nose jajaja

  • Vu Tran
    Vu Tran Month ago

    Yup back here in 2018 for jordan wonder how hes doing. Wait wheres his duo with usher

  • And More
    And More Month ago +1

    The set
    fire was amazing i am addicted to that..

  • The official Marko Mihajlovic

    Jordan smith actually came to my class at school it was so cool.

  • scollin
    scollin Month ago

    Like I can...two people in the moment singing their hearts out

  • bear in the woods
    bear in the woods Month ago

    Jordyn Smith god just called he wants his voice back

  • Sanne Houterman
    Sanne Houterman Month ago

    I loved his version of somebody to love

  • Ready for bed? I sure am

    The evolution of Jordan Smith's hair

    JRMCNEA Month ago

    Why does Adam look like a super villain? lol

  • wizZwazz
    wizZwazz Month ago

    This guy is so fucking amazing, no mather what song, even tho its not his best, he kills it...

  • Juan Pedro z
    Juan Pedro z Month ago

    Ese gordito es el puto el puto el puto amo

  • Deborah Dzierwa
    Deborah Dzierwa Month ago

    Soo Beautiful!

  • TWOVO1
    TWOVO1 Month ago

    Angels ceased to fly and gods were all on their feet smiling. Heavenly.

  • Enderson Castro
    Enderson Castro Month ago

    Me encanta la version de jordan

  • Julio Bompa
    Julio Bompa Month ago

    A pure talent !!!

  • Evan Monaghan
    Evan Monaghan Month ago


  • ron smith
    ron smith Month ago

    He sings like a angel! Truly a gift and hope he has great success showing the world his exceptional talent. We are all behind you.... Jordan

  • Jeremy McKay
    Jeremy McKay Month ago

    Coming from a nerdy fat guy, Jordan is living proof that nerdy fat guys can make something of themselves outside of video games and computer programming. I absolutely love his voice!

  • des
    des Month ago

    i met this guy, he’s is the nicest man alive, SWEAR!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Siacha1
    Siacha1 Month ago

    Ohh😍 love this voice, this guy 😍 greetings from Poland😊

  • susana4028
    susana4028 Month ago


  • Mike
    Mike Month ago

    the unicorn picked adam (meh).....and still the most shocking, impactful singer on the voice....ever

  • SnapSh0t
    SnapSh0t Month ago

    I wish we had people like this today but the only ones t are Charlie puth, Shawn mendes,and Sam smith are the last of this kind ):

  • Yulien Portillo
    Yulien Portillo Month ago

    God bless you Jordan, you have a beautiful voice

  • Grant Zaitchick
    Grant Zaitchick Month ago

    I'm sorry, but this video is completely missing his semifinal performance of "Somebody to Love". That was possibly one of his best moments, if not his best moment, on the show.

  • The Amateur Pianist

    Anyone else peg this guy as the winner during the blind auditions?

  • byusaranicole
    byusaranicole Month ago

    Jordan's voice is just so pure and powerful! I get goosebumps listening to him!

  • RandomNoah
    RandomNoah Month ago

    Better than the original.

  • Vivian Posadas
    Vivian Posadas Month ago

    My favorite voice

  • lz, lv,sfl;
    lz, lv,sfl; Month ago

    Doesn’t matter what this guy will sing, it will still sound awesome...

  • Michael Santa Maria
    Michael Santa Maria 2 months ago

    He should be known as this generations, modern day songbird

  • Stephen S
    Stephen S 2 months ago

    Thank you for putting this together. Jordan's voice is nothing short of magical.

  • ChromaticNitMR3
    ChromaticNitMR3 2 months ago

    Just wow. Speechless. No words can describe how good he is.

  • Chris Robare
    Chris Robare 2 months ago

    Jordan Smith is easily the best singer I have ever heard, it's a shame this show hasn't translated into long term success

  • Estimulado
    Estimulado 2 months ago

    This is not a criticism: his body makes me remember Groo. :D

  • Deither Garcia
    Deither Garcia 2 months ago +5

    The Voice of the Voice

  • Marina Johansen
    Marina Johansen 2 months ago

    so much btter than the original

  • John Roper
    John Roper 2 months ago +1

    2:52 and that ladies and gentlemen is the end of the battle lol

  • Mariana Nicocia
    Mariana Nicocia 2 months ago

    Jordan Smith, his voice belongs to another world. I really love his
    covers and his strength. From Argentina, all my admiration to such a
    wonderful talented singer.