Host Jimmy Kimmel's Opening Monologue

  • Published on Apr 17, 2018
  • Host Jimmy Kimmel kicks off the 90th Oscars® on March 4, 2018.
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  • Kevin BL
    Kevin BL 14 hours ago

    Jimmy literally couldn’t have tried any harder to act like a white knight here lmfao

  • Danial Sheikh
    Danial Sheikh Day ago +3

    Somebody just tell me where the Matt damon joke is I can't watch Kimmel too long

  • baphotemere here
    baphotemere here Day ago +1

    Graham should host next or Conan o Brien

  • Iftekhar Sarkar
    Iftekhar Sarkar 4 days ago


  • latifa s
    latifa s 5 days ago

    They give the host 10 minutes to say all the bullshit on his mind but they can't give the WINNER'S enough time to say what they want

  • arrghgarry
    arrghgarry 7 days ago

    so who won the jet ski

  • John Smith
    John Smith 7 days ago

    jimmy kimmel is ass smh

  • Patrick Jones
    Patrick Jones 7 days ago

    Disliked for the terrible jokes about our President and Vice-President. Leave your politically bias shit out of the Oscars.

  • dwade
    dwade 8 days ago

    Kimmel has never been funny.

  • Michael S.
    Michael S. 10 days ago +1

    Jimmy is such a jewel.
    Great guy.

  • Rashed Fjdjd
    Rashed Fjdjd 11 days ago

    Jimmy looks nervous as fuck !

  • Elisa Maza
    Elisa Maza 11 days ago

    who won the jet ski?

  • Marwan Jz4
    Marwan Jz4 15 days ago

    Whey they say African Americans buy they can’t say European Americans??lol really it’s not fair

  • Dale Spencer
    Dale Spencer 15 days ago

    too political and nothing funny.

  • eversut1
    eversut1 15 days ago +3

    Ellen was far better.

  • memoranda1
    memoranda1 18 days ago +1

    if people are so disgusted by Harvey Weinstein...then they should give back all those Oscars he helped them win.....

  • Sıla Şahin
    Sıla Şahin 18 days ago +1

    The best moments of the whole video are 7:39-7:40 😌🤩

  • I live for suga's chop chop chop in Cyper 3

    who got the jet ski??

  • Gabriela Radeva
    Gabriela Radeva 21 day ago +5

    I love how Jlaw didn't just laugh...SHE POINTED AT EMMA LMAO

  • mester syrian
    mester syrian 22 days ago +2

    Margot robbie..
    .sexy like hill...and so so so beautiful

  • buddy bubba
    buddy bubba 22 days ago

    they should of played jimmy kimmel out!!

  • buddy bubba
    buddy bubba 22 days ago +3

    l love margot robbie!!

  • Andrew Hawkins
    Andrew Hawkins Month ago

    Jimmy Kimmel has stopped being funny and is just a preachy, self-righteous clown.

  • Andrew Hawkins
    Andrew Hawkins Month ago

    Yes, treat women with respect....says the guy who used to show off girls with big boobs jumping on trampolines in his show.

  • Uruba -
    Uruba - Month ago +1

    I want Jimmy Kimmel to host every year

  • Anggia aria
    Anggia aria Month ago


  • Nana Kwaku Abeiku
    Nana Kwaku Abeiku Month ago

    Tina and Amy should host next

  • Mark Glenn
    Mark Glenn Month ago

    Jimmy Kimmel, Fuck you 🖕🖕🖕🖕
    #TrumpPence2020 #Buildthewall #Draintheswamp

  • mOhamed Ouakrim
    mOhamed Ouakrim Month ago +3

    Ricky Gervais would be the perfect host for the Oscars next year

  • Jennifer Acrey
    Jennifer Acrey 2 months ago

    That is Dame Helen

  • Meir Wise
    Meir Wise 2 months ago +1

    Bring back Billy Crystal.

  • Abdi Ali
    Abdi Ali 2 months ago +5

    when comedians aren't political they can be fantastic

  • Mars Ailee
    Mars Ailee 2 months ago +2

    Ellen is still the Best!

  • the brave one
    the brave one 2 months ago +3

    No Matt Damon joke? ???😯

  • Atharv Rangari
    Atharv Rangari 3 months ago +31

    6.24 guys.THAT'S WHAT YOU CAME FOR!

  • Timati Atuba
    Timati Atuba 3 months ago +2

    Kimmel nailed it really

  • Akoni Ah Yat
    Akoni Ah Yat 3 months ago

    Bla bla bla who gives a fuck.

  • Joe
    Joe 3 months ago

    Most unfunny idiot in the world.

  • jedi1967
    jedi1967 3 months ago

    is that RHIANNA on 5:45????

    • Tresha Marque11
      Tresha Marque11 28 days ago

      No that's Andra Day, she has a hit song called, "Rise Up."

    • Nikolai
      Nikolai 3 months ago

      I dont think so. Dont know who she is but not Rihanna i think

  • John Wickes
    John Wickes 3 months ago

    Guys don't waste your time this is just pure BS

  • sanskar bhavnani
    sanskar bhavnani 3 months ago

    Ricky needs to host!!!!!!!

  • Tristan Wolfe
    Tristan Wolfe 3 months ago

    4:10 you remember a time that did not exist. Supergirl. Blade. jesus people read a f'ing book some time instead of always relying on your truthiness.

    • Blitzblazer90009
      Blitzblazer90009 3 months ago

      @Tristan Wolfe sure, all I'm saying is we don't talk about supergirl we just act like it doesn't exist

    • Tristan Wolfe
      Tristan Wolfe 3 months ago

      @Blitzblazer90009 so were pretty much all superhero movies made at the time. Supergirl was no worse than Superman 3 or 4. The point is it's just flat out WRONG to say that Black Panther or Captain Marvel were groundbreaking in any way, or that Hollywood (and everything) is explicitly sexist and racist and we need to fight against it, but people have their heads so far up their own asses trying to smell their own farts they don't even care. Blade, Blade 2, Blade Trinity, Steel, Spawn, Blankman, Catwoman, hell for a while back in the 90s it seemed like ALL superhero movies had black leads. One even had a black woman lead. And yeah it sucked but that doesn't mean Hollywood didn't make it. There was also Elektra, and then fucking Wonder Woman which just came out the year before but people already forgot about it because when they made Captain Marvel it was time to pat themselves on the back AGAIN.

    • Blitzblazer90009
      Blitzblazer90009 3 months ago

      Supergirl was bad though, we don't like to talk about that movie

  • Ha Dang
    Ha Dang 3 months ago +3

    He was better last year. He looks tired but he did covered alot in this monologue

  • Mysterion
    Mysterion 3 months ago

    What's wrong with his voice, did he have a cold?

  • Hasan Amir
    Hasan Amir 3 months ago +11

    They are not African Americans. If you going that path. Maybe we should call you Italian American and call the people from the south. Scottish Americans and Irish Americans. .
    Mediate on that for a minute

  • John Bacon
    John Bacon 3 months ago

    That was close to awful.......... I do not for one minute condone the behavior of Weinstein and others, but I don't see the very same multi millionaire world famous women calling them out offering to give up their money fame and fortune or hand their oscars back.............. double standards..... those dealings should take place in a court of law, not on the Oscars stage...... then he goes and calls 'minorities' out, labeling them........ wrong choice of words.........

  • patricia tagliabue
    patricia tagliabue 3 months ago

    You will hear from me soon...this is disgusting..and i will expose all my mama belongs to YOU

  • patricia tagliabue
    patricia tagliabue 3 months ago

    Jimmy you got Paid K$$$$$ to say these bullshits you dick head

  • patricia tagliabue
    patricia tagliabue 3 months ago +1

    full of perverts and fakes juries
    so many PIGS out there still now on that stage Shalom .

  • SurfingKook
    SurfingKook 4 months ago +7

    Crazy how biased and left-wing Hollywood is. It's scary actually!

    • SurfingKook
      SurfingKook 4 months ago

      @abhishek bisht I don't know why either but I can guarantee you it has to do with money!

    • abhishek bisht
      abhishek bisht 4 months ago +1

      SurfingKook yeah...I’ve always wondered why?

  • Charles de Gaulle
    Charles de Gaulle 4 months ago +8

    We do not need a lecture from Jimmy and Oscar.

  • Charles de Gaulle
    Charles de Gaulle 4 months ago

    Jimmy Kimmel is a hypocrite pervert. Harvey Weinstein = Jimmy Kimmel

  • visho89
    visho89 4 months ago +1

    The second group of sickest people all jam packed into a room, after the Unites Nations...

  • Napier Nygma
    Napier Nygma 4 months ago +5

    it was not as funny as the year before that but it was still a solid opening

  • Tosere Ojeme
    Tosere Ojeme 5 months ago +1

    So who won the Jet ski?

  • Victor Dominguez
    Victor Dominguez 5 months ago +1

    He looked so tired and out the place

  • Dusan Kostic
    Dusan Kostic 5 months ago +1

    Ricky Gervais is rude, cocky and doesn't give a shit, he's pointing a finger at those who forbid free speech. Which is why he is one of the last comedians who are actually funny. Fuck you jimmy kimmel go kiss corporate asses, but do it behind the screen.

  • The Afterhours
    The Afterhours 5 months ago +1

    Yeah. You need more penisless men in Hollywood.

  • Raghu Seetharaman
    Raghu Seetharaman 5 months ago

    Liberal orgy.

  • Wei Jao
    Wei Jao 5 months ago +2

    He is insane, everyone leaves. Asian in the audience seat. Imagine he is in Red River Manga. Taipei subway station red line
    On Justin Timberlake Oscar 2017