• Published on Jun 10, 2019
  • Teemo Top Gameplay! League of legends Temo Season 9 gameplay!
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    Season 9 Temmo runes guide League of Legends
    Dark Harvest - Cheap Shot - Poro - Ravenous Hunter
    Manaflow + Scorch
    10 AD - 10 AD - 6 Armor
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Comments • 201

  • SoloRenektonOnly
    SoloRenektonOnly  6 months ago +18

    BOOOOOOOOM WHAT UP! Hope you guys are having a great day!
    Check out yesterday's Atomic BOMB Rengar top here:

    • barahimo gaming
      barahimo gaming 6 months ago

      I dunno man, seems kinda gay to me

    • Wyatt Patterson
      Wyatt Patterson 6 months ago

      Have you tried glacial augment teemo? Going gunblade, nashors, liandries, botrk, sorc boots (or beserker greaves) and either rageblade, runaans, or morellonomicon?

      primary runes are glacial augment, magical footwear, biscuit delivery, approach velocity
      secondary runes are either nimbus cloak/celerity or cheap shot/ingenious hunter

      you will out kite almost every champion (except the very high mobility champs like master yi, leblanc, ekko, etc) in the game with your auto slows and active item slows and your shrooms

    • Brian S
      Brian S 6 months ago

      haha I love your teemo vids actually all your vids are awesome, ever since your dark harvest video I've had a 72% win rate with teemo. Also that lee was making some horrid plays maybe a bad game for him.

    • MegaPagliacci
      MegaPagliacci 6 months ago

      I was just watching one of your older teemo vids because I wanted to see some powerful mushroom and then suddenly a new teemo video. Yay.

    • Kekistani Necromemecer
      Kekistani Necromemecer 6 months ago

      If/when do you think the Teemo rework is going to make it live?

  • Lindsay Rodriguez
    Lindsay Rodriguez 25 days ago

    You play like a coward. Get your gains up, learn to stick to an actual kill then repost a vid

  • Zerg Hydralisk
    Zerg Hydralisk 2 months ago

    how to see this facking teemo mushroom?
    please how

  • Tai Tai
    Tai Tai 4 months ago

    Can your title be any more click baity?

  • jordan nope
    jordan nope 4 months ago

    don't mind little clickbait but, nuclear teemo..3/2.. second least dmg on the team... trust is fading in you mike.

  • Xr At
    Xr At 4 months ago

    You are too bad as teemo ! When you play teemo top you push the opponent all the time.. one hit on him as you farm It’s enough because you have the E

  • agnaaqq qosjsns
    agnaaqq qosjsns 4 months ago

    i love teeeeeeeemooooooo

  • LC White
    LC White 5 months ago

    Solo click bait only.....

  • F Gaming
    F Gaming 5 months ago

    solo renekton only:this champion is so cancer to play against

    while playing teemo

  • Aristotle Punzalan
    Aristotle Punzalan 5 months ago

    I got clickbaited thanks alot...

  • UnfairSouls
    UnfairSouls 5 months ago

    Trash build

  • Jamie Chen
    Jamie Chen 5 months ago

    that was so fun

  • pikzo123
    pikzo123 5 months ago

    max q against panth lol ...

  • KawaiiAppleProductions
    KawaiiAppleProductions 6 months ago

    fuck teemo and his scrawny ass

  • Philip Brown
    Philip Brown 6 months ago

    hey wait.. in the vid, you say you like "running double armor", but in the description you write AD, AD, armor for your runes

  • Philip Brown
    Philip Brown 6 months ago

    Always hated to go into a panth. Thanks for the new strat!
    OH wait. this is SRO...

    PUNISHERE989 6 months ago

    Bro whats up with the Hentai looking teemo thumbnail.

  • michael hogue
    michael hogue 6 months ago

    “I don’t think this is a smart play, there’s no way he kills me”
    1 millisecond later:

  • niko morales
    niko morales 6 months ago

    Teemo didnt change his abilities?

  • Mattias Bunn
    Mattias Bunn 6 months ago

    hey i got something for you to try. Yuumi and vlad. Just think about it. I hate it

  • Christopher R
    Christopher R 6 months ago +11


    Also SRO: 3/2/11

    • 09Drdray
      09Drdray 5 months ago

      Also Also SRO: only did more damage than the support

  • Joel French
    Joel French 6 months ago

    Not enough BOOM there Mike...not NEARLY enough of a Boom 😔

  • Vinny Lumpkin
    Vinny Lumpkin 6 months ago

    I own every champ in the game and have play all but one of them and that's teemo. I watched this purely to see the shit people are doing with him. So thanks for the inside scoop!

  • WVFM
    WVFM 6 months ago +1

    Mike: "Worst thing you can do after getting a pick, is giving the enemy a pick."
    Also Mike: Instantly gets caught out.
    Then Mike: "There's no way this guy kills me"
    Also Mike: Instantly Gets killed by that guy.
    Lol fun moment

  • Ws Tang
    Ws Tang 6 months ago

    The biggest problem for this build is insufficient mana to poke your q, no atk speed for your e

  • zehdarian81
    zehdarian81 6 months ago

    Boom support the Crock King

  • T D
    T D 6 months ago

    The Lee!!!

  • Seller Man
    Seller Man 6 months ago

    I miss renekton :___(

  • Óňa
    Óňa 6 months ago

    2nd lowest damage NUTTY!

  • Chief Sparta
    Chief Sparta 6 months ago

    ur always flaming ur teammates ur really to toxic ...

  • Bobo Best
    Bobo Best 6 months ago +1

    If i had to go out for a beer with any TVclipr i would 100% pick you mike :D

  • ryan emigh
    ryan emigh 6 months ago

    I love your videos, but stop making Teemo content. The champion is fucking cancer.

  • Jacob Young
    Jacob Young 6 months ago

    wtf was that zac doing at 27:23 it looked so weird

  • Weegee
    Weegee 6 months ago


  • a113sabertooth
    a113sabertooth 6 months ago

    Thing is you don't use his passive. That's why you died so much.You should also use it to wave shove

  • Jared
    Jared 6 months ago

    I think you should start maxing W once you start splitpushing.

  • Lucifer sama
    Lucifer sama 6 months ago

    oh no didn't get to hear the boom

  • Asen
    Asen 6 months ago

    why u maxed e vs pantheon? q is a lot better, u can poke him and win lane

  • Ignacio Carril
    Ignacio Carril 6 months ago

    ew teemo

  • Mike Miller
    Mike Miller 6 months ago

    Only out-damaged your support, 3/2 score line, and wasn’t in most team fights. Why did you post this?

  • AsY Tippyy
    AsY Tippyy 6 months ago +8

    I know your titles are click bait, I get that and I don’t mind, but I honestly think that your content is getting lazier. It just feels like you have an “okay” game and happily upload it. I come out of a lot of your 2019 vids feeling like I’ve wasted my time.
    Just my 2 cents.

  • armyboy708
    armyboy708 6 months ago

    Cosplay as Mr.Clean

  • Stefan Law
    Stefan Law 6 months ago +5

    I unfollowed you last year cus of those clickbaits , and i gave you a chance again .
    Your videos are good , your knowledge of the game is fantastic , especially the wave manipulations , etc ,etc ,etc ...
    Nothing but compliments dude , but damn those CLICK BATES , i mean really ... cmon man you can do better than be pathetic just like that . So im callin it off

    • Joe Karim
      Joe Karim 6 months ago

      "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me"

  • Jared Scott
    Jared Scott 6 months ago

    I have watched your vids every day for like the past 2 months you are a great content creator I really appreciate the tips on champ and micro and macro game play they are really helpful keep it up

  • ekopuji santoso
    ekopuji santoso 6 months ago

    Sub SOR TWICH 🤣🤣

  • Vaping Fanatic
    Vaping Fanatic 6 months ago +2

    Really, this wasn't all that great, you weren't doing much damage, but still fun to watch!

    • Tito Cristobal
      Tito Cristobal 6 months ago

      My dude, the power of Teemo. You have no idea but you are dealing damage by more than the adc. That's how Teemo's win late game.

  • Reem
    Reem 6 months ago +1

    lol you should max q first vs Panth.

  • Frank Hall
    Frank Hall 6 months ago +8

    30 mins game for 3 kills ...bruh

  • RaventhortheWarrior
    RaventhortheWarrior 6 months ago

    Yeah pantheon in theory is a teemo counterpick, have picked pantheon or maokai into teemo every chance I get. But this was rough to watch 😂

  • コールドCold:
    コールドCold: 6 months ago

    I hate teemo lol

  • Believe Inyourself
    Believe Inyourself 6 months ago +6

    SRO: 100% nutty

    Also SRO: 3-2 .


  • Believe Inyourself
    Believe Inyourself 6 months ago +1

    teemo is the official fuckboy champion

  • ahegaofish
    ahegaofish 6 months ago

    teemo's AD scaling is shitstained for what damage he can do with ap. I would just build the ap side of gunblade first

  • Gregg Barr
    Gregg Barr 6 months ago +2

    at 21 mins in you should have just used teemo passive and juked them with flash and gunblade

  • Karl Perrott
    Karl Perrott 6 months ago

    ***Teemo tip***: you need to shroom more mike. You should never really have 3 up. Also, if you’re gonna back and you have shrooms you should place them, by the time you B and run back it’ll be off CD. Maximise the shrooms!!!
    Also, good build, definitely trying it.

  • Philippe Blake
    Philippe Blake 6 months ago


  • Firmin :]
    Firmin :] 6 months ago

    broken nuty 100% XD

  • Da5kone001
    Da5kone001 6 months ago

    Against pantheon not gettin a seekers early is pretty silly learn from his mistakes

  • Aeon
    Aeon 6 months ago

    No lichbane?

  • NanoPower
    NanoPower 6 months ago +2

    Where you at Oppie?