Cowboys vs. Redskins Week 2 Highlights | NFL 2019

  • Published on Sep 15, 2019
  • The Dallas Cowboys take on the Washington Redskins during Week 2 of the 2019 NFL season.
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Comments • 2 894

  • Pedro Flores
    Pedro Flores 4 days ago +1

    Here after the Jets game wondering wtf happened, the injuries.

  • XXNawledgeXX
    XXNawledgeXX 20 days ago

    You guys are going to win the superbowl next year, it's all good.

  • David Hernandez
    David Hernandez 21 day ago +1

    Cowboys are 3-0 but every team they beat is 0-3. Beat the Saints & Packers that aint gonna happen.. Cowboys 3-2.

    • David Hernandez
      David Hernandez 12 days ago

      @The Sports Man so hear i am sunday after the cowboys lost to the Saints watching the Packers vs Cowboys 3rd quarter and the score is 24 to 0. The cowboys are not a playoff team this year. They may make it to the playoffs only because they have an easy schedule, not because they're a top tier team.

    • David Hernandez
      David Hernandez 18 days ago

      Hey, what was the score for the Saint Cowboys game?

    • David Hernandez
      David Hernandez 20 days ago

      @The Sports Man the Cowboys are 3-0 and every team they have beat are 0-3. How can you disagree with the facts. Every time they play a high caliber offense they get snuffed.

    • The Sports Man
      The Sports Man 20 days ago

      I highly disagree America's Team is one the best in the NFL

  • Travis Clements
    Travis Clements 23 days ago

    Everytime Dallas wins:
    "They played the easiest team in the league" just give credit to them

  • Seahawks Fan9000
    Seahawks Fan9000 24 days ago

    I miss Paul Richardson

  • laquinta myles
    laquinta myles 25 days ago


  • Andre Lucas
    Andre Lucas 25 days ago +1

    Go cowboys

  • laquinta myles
    laquinta myles 26 days ago


  • jesse Talbott
    jesse Talbott 26 days ago

    As Redskins fan I have to admit that Dallas just outplayed us. It's hard to blame anyone in particular when we made errors on both sides of the ball. Our pass defense is allowing big plays but our offense is not able to control the ball and time of possession. We got out coached and outplayed. Congratulations to the Cowboys for being more prepared and executing their game plan.

  • Ja'sean Mciver
    Ja'sean Mciver 26 days ago +1

    #DallasCowboys4Life 💙🌟✊🏾

  • Blobulous
    Blobulous 26 days ago

    fire jason garrett

  • Francisco Peralta
    Francisco Peralta 26 days ago +1

    Regardless!!!!! Cowboys didn't crumble and they look real good!!!! I love the chargers, but I got to give credit where credit is do..... on the other when Dallas meets a powerhouse franchise we will see if its lack of competition or are they for real!!!!!! be continued

  • Chris Daniels
    Chris Daniels 26 days ago

    I’m hoping Casey keenum plays the Vikings in the nfc championship. I’m a redskins fan now and I hope they make the postseason.

  • Jerdell Riley
    Jerdell Riley 27 days ago

    Wish I can compare comments from 6 months ago till now. Everybody was dropping sodium on the Cowboys🤨. Now we Positive now huh😏😏🤣🤣🤣

  • kornwhiskey95
    kornwhiskey95 27 days ago

    Where’s Josh Normal??

  • George Gutierrez
    George Gutierrez 27 days ago

    Let go cowboys 3_0

  • solodolo hobo
    solodolo hobo 27 days ago

    Witten deserves a ring.

  • Hunt Living
    Hunt Living 27 days ago

    Look at KERRIGAN at 0:42. SMDH!!! STIFF and SLOW no TWITCH

  • T6rubb 23
    T6rubb 23 27 days ago

    Dak or Zeke this week??

  • Islanders Spear23
    Islanders Spear23 27 days ago

    Well done guys good job 👍👍#DC4L

  • Jeremiah Santellan
    Jeremiah Santellan 27 days ago

    Dallas cowboys vs Washington red skins
    Same as McCollum cowboys vs harlandale indians

  • novato tornero
    novato tornero 27 days ago

    The Loser Redskins always manage to lose to the Cowboys twice.

  • Ricardo C
    Ricardo C 27 days ago

    The Redskins arent that bad actually.

  • James Sweeney
    James Sweeney 27 days ago

    Love watching Josh Norman get left in the dust. Happens every Sunday

  • Getting Instructions
    Getting Instructions 27 days ago

    I thought Whitten was retired wtf???

  • Eze Cast
    Eze Cast 27 days ago

    That redskins DB room is terrible 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️😂

  • Gamer squad
    Gamer squad 28 days ago +1

    let's go cowboys🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈

  • Joel Hernandez
    Joel Hernandez 28 days ago

    On The Prescott Interception Pass, He should've Just Passed the Ball to Cooper on the under slant route And Gotten the First down And maybe even more but it wouldve kept the Chains Moving.
    All in All Prescott And The Cowboys Have showed nothing But Progress And Heart!!! #DC4L

  • Lucid
    Lucid 28 days ago +1


  • 23 Inthapatha
    23 Inthapatha 28 days ago

    Zeke and d Smith osu baby

  • Ty Make the World a better place

    Washington needs to go back to the basics. First off, learn how to wrap up and tackle. Gruden has to go. Norman needs to shut the hell up and play ball. Dude is always getting beat.

  • Keion Chase
    Keion Chase 28 days ago

    WTF happened to RG3?

  • DéVeon Winfree
    DéVeon Winfree 28 days ago

    3:36 false start no call on the cowboys

  • Andy Ouellette
    Andy Ouellette 28 days ago

    @3:46 gaping hole

  • Ninja Please
    Ninja Please 28 days ago

    dat boi gon gallup his ass all the way to the endzone! i love it!

  • Stetson Malchow
    Stetson Malchow 28 days ago

    Did Dak want to get tackled or why did go to the defender on the big run?

  • Matthew W
    Matthew W 29 days ago

    At 9:26 kennum says " star 54" ?? Jaylon Smith? I didn't play ball. Anyone help me?

  • Sparkle Specialist
    Sparkle Specialist 29 days ago


  • Juan De La Rosa
    Juan De La Rosa 29 days ago

    Man i know prescott slowed down on purpose cause Norman said all that yada yada and daks sayin im killin u in the pocket and in your fkn face running the ball NOW WHAT.....stiff thats fckn great im sorry an norman walks away like....yeah i should've kept my mouth shut

  • Connor Radle
    Connor Radle 29 days ago

    3:53 if he turned to the right a bit he could've made it

  • Connor Radle
    Connor Radle 29 days ago

    Elliot almost always comes through

  • Jack Azz
    Jack Azz 29 days ago

    Tyron Smith and La’el Collins will probably be both All Pros this year. No joke!

  • Anthony
    Anthony 29 days ago +1

    Redskins fans prepare to go 0-16

  • sam21skin
    sam21skin 29 days ago

    That defensive holding by Jimmy Moreland on 3rd and goal at the end of the first half was completely unacceptable. It gave the Cowboys a first and goal and cost the Redskins four points.

  • Enrico Lenes
    Enrico Lenes 29 days ago

    Why were the Redskins wearing white?

  • Eric Thomas
    Eric Thomas 29 days ago

    I'm literally excited about the cowboy again! Slap them pigs cowboys! Yehaw! Yahoo!

  • joshnels0n
    joshnels0n Month ago


  • Gerald W.
    Gerald W. Month ago

    @3:20 shows u that Heath isnt a ball hawk. His 1st instinct wasnt to track the ball or he wld hv adjusted to make the catch. He clearly got there before the ball as it hit him in the helmet. 🤦🏽‍♂️We definitely need a safety.

  • Aye Lou
    Aye Lou Month ago

    3:54 snap shot has officially ruined Josh Norman's career...

  • Joseph Peralta
    Joseph Peralta Month ago +1

    So we're just gonna ignore the hand that pops up at 2:00?

  • Brandon Ohara
    Brandon Ohara Month ago

    Keenum is below average. Anyone who has him as their starting quarterback is telling me that they don't care about making the playoffs. The Vikings D carried them when he was there.

  • Brandon Ohara
    Brandon Ohara Month ago

    Norman= most overrated corner of all time 😆

  • Brandon Ohara
    Brandon Ohara Month ago

    I never liked the Cowboys in my life but right now I kind of am digging this team lol
    Maybe it's because I didn't like em during the Tony Romo era or Jimmy Johnson era back in the day when he coached them but I like Dak Prescott and Zeke. I think they are a legitimate contender this season.

  • Andrew Rivera
    Andrew Rivera Month ago

    Cowboys dominate the lowly redskins. poor things

    • von just
      von just Month ago

      The fans are the Redskins lol

  • Van Charles
    Van Charles Month ago

    Them cowboys🤠

  • crocodile tiger
    crocodile tiger Month ago

    I like that the bottom stripe of this whole video is just spoilers for the other videos

  • Chris Nelson
    Chris Nelson Month ago

    Best Pass of the game 2:55 BY Dak Prescott #4

  • Chris Nelson
    Chris Nelson Month ago

    GO to 2:55 Dak Prescott shows off his Passing skills

  • Chris Nelson
    Chris Nelson Month ago

    Dak is a pocket Passer a better QB than he has ever been

  • Holden Deeznuts
    Holden Deeznuts Month ago

    0:43 Ezekiel Aliens.