Can This Chef Recreate My Childhood Cookie? • Tasty

  • Published on Feb 10, 2019
  • "Maybe one day Rie, when you and I are eighty years old, we'll just make cookies together."
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Comments • 5 640

  • your friendly neighborhood spiderman ajshwhwhshsgw

    "Food-eu processor" she is so precious omg

  • Angle Sparkle118095
    Angle Sparkle118095 23 hours ago

    I was born in Singapore and i am still in Singapore.

  • Yunah Lee
    Yunah Lee Day ago

    she's like describing the cookie and then

    i don't know how to make them

  • Yunah Lee
    Yunah Lee Day ago

    rie seems very frustrated?

  • Arya Singh
    Arya Singh Day ago

    Rie could be a food scienctist

  • Tan Grace Lin
    Tan Grace Lin Day ago +1

    I’ll visit Niki from Singapore just to bring her ten boxes of pineapple tarts

  • Mahazz
    Mahazz Day ago +1

    Correction Malaysian Pineapple Tart

  • Selvi Tarcia
    Selvi Tarcia 2 days ago

    I think it is the same as nastar in Indonesia.. 😂

  • Onsyer
    Onsyer 2 days ago

    6:48 sounds interesting

  • Changer101
    Changer101 2 days ago +1

    Those family members who give red packets for oranges never have to buy oranges

  • Galaxy_ Gacha
    Galaxy_ Gacha 2 days ago

    Niki: "Teeeeaaaam worrrrrrrrrrr-"
    Rie :"Oyoyoyy"

  • RandomGachaLifeVideo Mhmm

    It's called pineapple tart

  • Amber edits
    Amber edits 3 days ago

    Make panadas

  • Malgorzata Charo
    Malgorzata Charo 3 days ago +2

    6:48 When you stub your toe in the middle of the night when you are going to the toilet and your not allowed to scream.

  • RandomGachaLifeVideo Mhmm

    Like Malaysia
    Hehehe 🇲🇾🇲🇾🌐

  • ¿ Confused_Møøn ?
    ¿ Confused_Møøn ? 5 days ago +1

    I want some of those cookies but I’m allergic to pineapples so that dream can go right out the window

  • Isa's Adventure
    Isa's Adventure 5 days ago

    Rie: Don't touch to muchhh
    Imidiently: *SORRY*

  • Rain Labiano
    Rain Labiano 6 days ago


  • Mysvie
    Mysvie 9 days ago

    When you’re a cook and not a food scientist
    “And enzymes.”
    “I think so”
    “Because of the acidity?!”
    “Uh.. lets not talk about it.”

  • L
    L 9 days ago

    Owh tart nenas

  • Ysabel Pamintuan
    Ysabel Pamintuan 9 days ago +1

    I hate Niki's face

  • A Person
    A Person 10 days ago

    Rie is so pure

  • Bangtan Flowers
    Bangtan Flowers 10 days ago +5

    Fact not opinion:

    Rie can make ANYTHING

  • Donajoy Gonzales
    Donajoy Gonzales 12 days ago

    6:54 did rie said "PWEDE NA YAN!"??????????

  • emily macmillan
    emily macmillan 12 days ago

    I’ve lived in Singapore for 9 years!!

  • 毛紫喬
    毛紫喬 14 days ago

    I’m from China but I had never heard of such thing but I would really like to try it
    We have pineapple bread in HK though

  • Cookie Monster
    Cookie Monster 14 days ago

    Please can you put the chef name which is RIE rather than ‘this chef’ in your title

  • GalaxyMeme9
    GalaxyMeme9 15 days ago

    Oh pineapple tarts? I love those.

  • Jimmy Tantra
    Jimmy Tantra 15 days ago +1

    In indonesia its called nastar

  • Samantha O'Neill
    Samantha O'Neill 15 days ago


  • Sunsun DKS
    Sunsun DKS 16 days ago

    "Hot hands"

  • Fares Bdh
    Fares Bdh 16 days ago +4

    Is it me or did I just hear a “hee hee” at 9:05

  • jaimee ;]
    jaimee ;] 17 days ago

    :o niki is from Singapore :o ah but she lost her singlish accent she doesnt sound anytg singaporean but :o

  • Popmosquito 131L
    Popmosquito 131L 17 days ago

    You realize ur using Philippines pineapples 🍍...

  • M. Satria Jannatan
    M. Satria Jannatan 17 days ago

    7:50 Isn't she is lesbian?

  • Mya Rasa
    Mya Rasa 17 days ago

    Those cookies look so good!

  • Solo Dimond
    Solo Dimond 18 days ago

    Who else got a tasty ad before this

  • RAAA
    RAAA 18 days ago +2

    I had these at home but instead of it being that shape, the dough incases the entire pineapple jam and in my country its called “nastar” and my grandma would make the best ones. If i would buy it outside it would always be too crumbly for my liking so i really love my grandma’s recipe

  • rizwana ahmed
    rizwana ahmed 18 days ago

    missing alix

  • Quek Ngee Woon
    Quek Ngee Woon 19 days ago

    0:07 Yeah, but all my money usually goes to the an account I can't use until I'm 18. So when I was a child, I liked Christmas more than Chinese new year
    0:56 Oh my uncle does! He makes them every Chinese New Year.
    3:32 Oh in FCE,(home economics), we have to kneed in the butter ourselves.

  • Misqueter
    Misqueter 19 days ago

    La la la la la la la. Making cookies, cookie time

  • Ria Angel Rodrigues
    Ria Angel Rodrigues 19 days ago


  • Melanie Gachaツ
    Melanie Gachaツ 20 days ago +1

    Ahhh!!! I'm from singapore!!!

  • april Guscott
    april Guscott 20 days ago

    YES! I love pineapple tarts from my time in Singapore :)

  • Dani The Krog
    Dani The Krog 20 days ago

    maple syrup

  • tHIs cHIcken
    tHIs cHIcken 20 days ago



  • cHaRmAiNe aSuELo
    cHaRmAiNe aSuELo 21 day ago

    9:17 “All Right”.... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Manca Petrič
    Manca Petrič 21 day ago +3

    The animated intro tho

  • The common guy
    The common guy 21 day ago

    Her eyebrows are annoying lol.

  • Phoe. Nix PH
    Phoe. Nix PH 22 days ago

    Bruh its a strainer not a colander

  • Jade Bayo Ba
    Jade Bayo Ba 22 days ago +1

    I like to eat Cheetos Flaming Hot while watching this video, i don't know XD, thats how i think is the texture and flavor (obviously not spicy xdd)

  • UK - 07BS - Allan A Martin PS (1223)

    Rie, nikki, Alvin and nathan:
    The Asian squad!

  • Diamundo Artz
    Diamundo Artz 22 days ago

    *hears singapore*

  • ღ chloe moons ღ
    ღ chloe moons ღ 22 days ago +1

    can rie be my cooking mama

  • ももも
    ももも 23 days ago


  • nitab0o
    nitab0o 23 days ago

    My mother makes these during holidays. Any other time, it would be a treat. Indonesians make it a little different though. The pineapple jam is inside a buttery rich dense dough & formed into a ball, egg washed & baked in the oven 😍😍😍. So so sooo delicious. It’s called kue nastar (coo-eh nas-tar), pineapple cookie

  • honeyvie K3JLB
    honeyvie K3JLB 24 days ago

    Where can i get the full recipe?

  • R M
    R M 24 days ago +1

    I just realized this but they wasted time because they strayed away from the original recipe, lesson learned

  • NJW Playz
    NJW Playz 24 days ago +1

    In Indonesia the cookie is called nastar and it's really good

  • Roal Arlo
    Roal Arlo 25 days ago +1

    First step totally wrong🤦‍♀️ Caned pineapple