• Published on Mar 23, 2018
  • ♡ DESIGNER DIARIES EP 4 ♡ Welcome to my new series where I take you along as I work towards my fashion design dreams! I'm moving out on my own to go to art school in 2018 and this is where you can join me on my journey. Whether it be vlogs, proper sit down videos, hauls, or follow me arounds, this is where everything related to my art school adventures will be ♡
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  • Voice of Reason
    Voice of Reason Month ago

    I want a pastel colored village

  • Min Min
    Min Min 4 months ago

    ok but your hair and the blue scrunchy is sO cute

  • Margarita Bloom
    Margarita Bloom 4 months ago

    I loooove everything. I would pretty much buy everything you got to be honest. I loooove those ducks and dude!! I wish I had a Flying Tiger near me! Every time I go out I always have to go out to Home Goods. lol..

  • Lexy Smith
    Lexy Smith 5 months ago

    im late, look behind her. can i get them all for christmas

  • z0000m
    z0000m 5 months ago

    does anyone know what breed her kitty is? 💕

  • 마리아코리아MariaKorea


  • 마리아코리아MariaKorea


  • Universeum
    Universeum 6 months ago

    You could put scrunchies in the shopping cart

  • Fallout 1337
    Fallout 1337 7 months ago +1

    I found someone who has the same interests as meeee. I just can’t afford it lmao

  • Bella Rose
    Bella Rose 7 months ago

    i think the first one would also could be umbrella holder.. but i love your idea too. :)

  • The Faceless Vlogger
    The Faceless Vlogger 7 months ago

    Dear Pixie... I would love it if you have a Michael’s shopping tour......

  • amellia carolineee
    amellia carolineee 7 months ago

    oh my god! I love these and your nails!

  • emma sksksk
    emma sksksk 8 months ago


  • Marilyn Diamandis
    Marilyn Diamandis 8 months ago

    Pixie is more dedicated to the aesthetic than I am to my future omg

  • Sophia Mortensen
    Sophia Mortensen 8 months ago

    So I just relaxed and I were kinda dozing off, idk I find your videos so relaxing and fun to watch!
    So it’s like 02:11 am rn so sorry for any spelling mistakes...
    I hear you saying Flying Tiger and I was like “wait who what?” And you continued to say it was danish and I was like omg!
    I got excited because I work at Flying Tiger in Denmark, and sometimes when I’m working I find the cutest things. For-example I found a cat tea holder, where you put loose tea in him and he hangs off of your mug. I love it so much🧚🏼‍♀️🐈🌈💕

  • hellokitty cheerio
    hellokitty cheerio 8 months ago

    Omg I love flying tiger

  • Anna Kazuberns
    Anna Kazuberns 9 months ago

    Half a duck
    A full duck
    I had to it's just so ducking ducky cute

  • Astro Bean Creations
    Astro Bean Creations 10 months ago

    Where im from its just called tiger 💜 I love the variety of it and how often they restock with different things. I cant wait to go back and shop for more things ^^

  • zoey wil
    zoey wil 10 months ago

    As a person who's trying to buy as little plastic as possible this just gave me a huge new pet-peeve of most super cute things being plastic... Yay environmental friendliness!!!

  • Channel For Music!
    Channel For Music! 10 months ago

    Your cat at 2:17 OMG so cuteee

  • Not Rainn Wilson
    Not Rainn Wilson 10 months ago

    " I wanna make some goddamn lasagna and now I _can_

    _in _*_style_* "

  • kelly Martin
    kelly Martin 11 months ago

    I have a couple of those metal lunchboxes to keep my nail polish in, but mine are smaller so that bigger size might be good for makeup storage. Also, even if you don't have a dining table, you can put your table cloth on a coffee table, tv unit or nightstand. Also, mugs are great as pencil pots, makeup brush holders, or maybe to hold cutlery?

  • Emily Spencer
    Emily Spencer 11 months ago +1

    Pixie you can hang earrings on the side of the shopping cart

  • ღ Milky Eғғec† ღ
    ღ Milky Eғғec† ღ 11 months ago

    Ok. We all know deep down inside we want to take her sweater.

  • Anya Higano
    Anya Higano 11 months ago +1

    PIXIE please start using new music il your vids but my ears are starting to bleed

  • Isabella Schonning
    Isabella Schonning 11 months ago

    Where did you get that amazing shirt!!!! :)

  • KittyPinky Pie
    KittyPinky Pie 11 months ago

    Can you do a kawai haul from wish?

  • vas17
    vas17 11 months ago

    ive been watching ur videos all day im addicted

  • RatchetCakez
    RatchetCakez 11 months ago

    AAAAHHAAHAHHHH I freaked out when I saw the CUTE LITTLE SHOPPING CART xD I love small things like that

  • Sawyer Phillips
    Sawyer Phillips Year ago

    For the shopping cart you can get some sort of liner and use it for plants

  • scaredcat _
    scaredcat _ Year ago

    flying tiger is great! we have it in Germany too, they have so much useful and fun stuff. it is from denmark, as far as i know! they sell amazing hard candy and baking supplies too

  • nickylawoozworld
    nickylawoozworld Year ago +1

    "No crumbs on my floor dude. No crumbs on the bottom of your frickin nakey feet dude. We're gonna be clean as hell. Nice. Good. Thanks." That was soooo adorable I love it

    • nickylawoozworld
      nickylawoozworld Year ago

      Also when I was a kid I had a birthday party every day and invited my parents to it, and I am now still obsessed with birthday aesthetics and it's SO NICE to see somebody else with the same obsession lol

  • kiki
    kiki Year ago

    HOMEGIRL referenced Gordon and Babish this is why she's PURE GOLD😭👌🏽💟

  • Sina Müller
    Sina Müller Year ago

    I looooove your sweater 😍😍😍

  • Faith
    Faith Year ago

    Anyone know where this jumper is from I LOVE IT

  • beinganonymontheinternet

    Oh goood i Love the Pullover where is it from?

  • Kosmic-Kid
    Kosmic-Kid Year ago

    You can use the shopping cart to hold your salt and pepper!!!

  • Brett
    Brett Year ago

    you could put maybe two spices in the shopping cart :3

  • um ok
    um ok Year ago

    we have lots of Tiger stores in the uk! Flying Tiger is a temporary one, i love it in there!

  • Clover Green
    Clover Green Year ago

    I love Burlington lol

  • Evie Livesey
    Evie Livesey Year ago

    I need tha5 jumper

  • Tionge Johnson
    Tionge Johnson Year ago

    Your videos always help me relax. I've really been struggling with anxiety, to the point where I've forgotten how to just relax and slow down, and watching your videos have really helped. I'm just so much more calm after watching your vids. You just have a really nice and genuine aura around you that makes me so happy.

  • Absinthia Venamortis

    The mini shopping trolley is everything! 🛒

  • Ena Kai
    Ena Kai Year ago

    OMG YOU CATS SO CUTE❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😂

  • Sara L
    Sara L Year ago

    Where’s your pullover from? I’d really like to know 🙏🏼😍😍😍

  • Iris Kelley
    Iris Kelley Year ago

    Please do a tutorial on how you do you intros and outros! They are super cute!

  • AB Make it Art Work

    Shopping cart as a coupon collector, maybe?

  • sammizilla
    sammizilla Year ago

    That is the cuuuutest sweater ever!

  • lalamoize
    lalamoize Year ago

    now i wanna go down too the tiger in town and see if they got that tiny shopping cart and then make a bunch of miniature food to put in it!!!

  • Vries Lango
    Vries Lango Year ago

    You should name the peep breezy.

  • Olivia Grace
    Olivia Grace Year ago

    hi just wanted to let you know i have watched this video multiple times and if you ever branched off into a channel solely about homeware hauls and reviews i would watch the shit out of it,

  • Avery Nelson
    Avery Nelson Year ago


  • Evelyn Deen
    Evelyn Deen Year ago

    "I just want to make some god damn lasagna" is the most relatable quote ever

  • gαввιє χ ѕσмєσиє


  • ashley e
    ashley e Year ago


  • Elliot Morales
    Elliot Morales Year ago +1

    When you talk about using the shot glass for measuring ingredients in drinks, all I can think of is the one Vine
    "Two shots of vodka" *as she pours a fourth of the bottle*

  • Short Cak3u
    Short Cak3u Year ago

    You should really keep tea in your peeps boxes!

  • dandelionromxnce
    dandelionromxnce Year ago

    Omg what cat breed is Serena i need one

  • Pichu_ Stat
    Pichu_ Stat Year ago

    I drink everything out of mugs

  • Ava Cyr
    Ava Cyr Year ago

    Pixie you are so adorable!! I can’t wait to see your own home!

  • spiritual strawberry

    "im so exited to toast a bagel" - pixie 2018

  • Boob Dylan
    Boob Dylan Year ago

    You could put garlic in the baby shopping cart, if you were going to put it in your kitchen!

  • Gab1212 Gaming pug

    This is amazing the thumb nail makes pixie look like Cyndi Lauper #goals

  • ZoLexa
    ZoLexa Year ago

    If I were a little kid I’d want those gardening tools and shopping cart for my barbies oh my GOD I’d make a little store I’m SCREAMING

  • Ella Clawson
    Ella Clawson Year ago

    lol the tiny garden tools look like strawberry pocky

  • Moist Water
    Moist Water Year ago

    You know you're an adult if you get excited about buying a colander. Tbh that's gonna be me when I move out

  • Jade
    Jade Year ago


  • Kill Me
    Kill Me Year ago

    I actually went to a flying tiger store for the first time a while ago, and everything is sooo cute. I understand why you freaked out, I did too tbh.

  • rosie
    rosie Year ago +1

    looking like a snack

  • Maizy Izzabella
    Maizy Izzabella Year ago


  • Priscilla Liu
    Priscilla Liu Year ago

    Where did you get that sweater? It’s super cute

  • Paloma García
    Paloma García Year ago

    If you clean nonstick pans with a brush you will ruin them!!! It's too cute to ruin it!!!

  • iDiamonda
    iDiamonda Year ago

    Your hair color is horrible

  • Tigerlilycoconut
    Tigerlilycoconut Year ago

    Could put tea bags in it.🍵

  • Fruity Pebbles
    Fruity Pebbles Year ago

    I’m sorry honey but I don’t think hell is that cute

  • Unknown User
    Unknown User Year ago

    If you enjoy tea, put tea bags or something related to tea in the baby shopping cart. It would be super F&@#$!^ cute!!!

  • Pastel Cutie
    Pastel Cutie Year ago


  • Yazbak Moon
    Yazbak Moon Year ago


  • justpeachy
    justpeachy Year ago

    “I can make eggs AND bacon!!” 😂👌

  • Alex Mallia
    Alex Mallia Year ago

    I thought you said 'the bidet queen' ;u;

  • Kristen Schlicht
    Kristen Schlicht Year ago

    Girl your sweater is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!!! Where did you get it?? I need it in my life 💕

  • Celia van As
    Celia van As Year ago +1

    🍑😍😊🎀✨ 💖🌈💕

  • Fractured Rabbit
    Fractured Rabbit Year ago

    Ahhh I got the same bucket from Michael's and I'm gonna put it by the door to hold umbrellas 💕

  • Rachel Murphy
    Rachel Murphy Year ago

    I feel like you would like Trixie Mattel’s aesthetics

  • soft bunny
    soft bunny Year ago

    I have the shopping cart and I use it to hold makeup brushes or my toothbrush and toothpaste

  • Lorelei Villery
    Lorelei Villery Year ago

    Where did you buy your sweater ? :3

  • XxPink CookiexX
    XxPink CookiexX Year ago +2

    I can't stop watching you!!!!!!!!
    My mum is like STOP WATCHING TVclip AND CLEAN YOUR ROOM!!!!!!! But I can't Jillian you are the best and if you get hate comments tell me and I willl punch some sense into them

  • Baby Jordieboo
    Baby Jordieboo Year ago

    You could use the little shopping cart as salt and pepper shaker holders on your table :)) LOVE YOU!

  • Jade Scott-Jones
    Jade Scott-Jones Year ago

    At uni, we used to do a roast dinner each Sunday we would all help out cooking and getting the ingredients. And then afterwards play board games while watching tv shows from when we were kids. Best Sunday routine ever!!!!!

  • Gharaba Balhai
    Gharaba Balhai Year ago

    Omg so cute I love your video make more video

  • Nicky Sharp
    Nicky Sharp Year ago

    Honestly watching your videos is the most Relaxing and Uplifting thing, like I just feel so Soft when I watch you.

  • Candy Witch Fey
    Candy Witch Fey Year ago

    Okay but depending on what it's made of you could easily MAKE the dust pan a heart.

  • Jen Brown
    Jen Brown Year ago

    Thank you for reminding me to make toast! Gosh, I love toast!! Love ya lots Pixie!!

  • Annabelle Roome
    Annabelle Roome Year ago

    Yo I’m new here am can I say I the her so much

  • soft
    soft Year ago

    50,000 view yet again! ♡

  • kennedy michelle
    kennedy michelle Year ago

    Use the shopping chart to hold erasers!!!

  • human123
    human123 Year ago

    ive seen this sweater on 3 people by now, where did you all get it from?!?!?! I NEED IT

  • Melinda Mailloux
    Melinda Mailloux Year ago

    Spencer's gifts. Cutest cups and shot glasses

  • Sara Puff
    Sara Puff Year ago

    Hello, I'm a new subscriber and I just want to say your personality reminds me of colliscool and you are literally the pastel version of her and I think you guys would be best friends!

  • kiki moon
    kiki moon Year ago

    Where did you get that jumper is adorable